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What to give my boss for Christmas Christmas Gift ideas to please without doing the ball – We have bosses… how difficult is it to deal with them! No matter how well or how poorly we get along, maintaining a normal relationship is difficult. Let’s say you have a bad relationship with your boss. After all, you must work with him every day, and – like it or not – he is your superior, so you must rely on him to some extent (or totally).

Meanwhile, if we get along well, we may work in a comfortable environment we never wish to leave, but we must remember that despite the fact that he is just another colleague, he is our boss (or boss). Therefore, it is imperative that we are always clear about our relationship with them.

With Christmas fast approaching, surely you have thought of having a detail with him or her, and a question arises: What to give my boss? How should we choose the details to please him, while not overdoing it?

Let’s put ourselves in the other position to answer this question. How would you feel if you received a picture of your workers for Christmas, or would you think that they are just making you money? That depends on the relationship you have with them. You may get along with some employees even if you are considered an employer, and you may know that they are doing it out of interest. Thus, if you put yourself in the first group, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Additionally, you always have the option of bringing colleagues together so that the Christmas gift is joint, that is, not going alone to have a conversation with your superior but to go with a group of those who have decided to do so. There will be no doubt that you are part of a group that has a detail.

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After that, we wondered what would be a suitable gift to give a boss? How to get them right? Here are some of the most common ideas found in Christmas assistance help, but which are usually the most successful as well. Let’s go!

Christmas Gift Idea for Boss and  Female Boss On Christmas

Wine bottle of good quality

Christmas presents with alcohol are usually one of the most helpful details, and, without a doubt, a sure hit (even for people who don’t drink alcohol). What’s the reason? Whenever you have family and friends over, you feel compelled to have a drink, even if you don’t normally drink. This is because there are guests who do drink. The fact that they provide you with a good bottle of wine to enjoy in solitude or to share is great! I wouldn’t want to give away the $3 wine and look worse here, but here it is worth going overboard.

Drink pack with glass

If your superior enjoys the after-meal beverage and the bottle of wine is clearly visible, you might consider something “stronger”. How about a gin or rum ? At the moment there are plenty of promotions or packages that include a bottle with a glass or a funny mixture.

Selection of delicatessen

It is therefore better to have little and good than many and regular. It is possible that we will cross the shabby line if we have a gourmet detail with our boss that is extremely rich and delicate or if we do not. The perfect balance between a gastronomic detail and a Christmas detail is to look good without putting too much effort into it. Everyone seems to like it, which is a good thing.

If you smoke …

Tobacco accessories can be a great Christmas gift for a boss who smokes. Perhaps an engraved lighter or a funny but good lighter, if you want a hooligan point.

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A book never fails

We can always find a perfect book for whatever type of person we are giving a book to! For example, self-help, history, comics, crime novels… It would also be great if you went a little further and gave him an ebook if you know that he likes to read and doesn’t care about anything else.

A decoration for the office

Elegant detail in which you can spend what you want because budgets are available for all tastes. It might be nice to have a leather journal to write in as well as a set of different stationery accessories : paper clips, post-it notes, pens … If you don’t already have one, you could throw in a coffee maker. It is easy to find inspiration in this sense in a number of stores.

Time to give him something functional

As an example, let’s say your team leader gets up to drink water every two or three minutes since he doesn’t have a bottle. Well now, you can have a wide selection of cute bottles in the office and they all come in different capacities. I think some of them will be appreciated. From now on, what if you can see what is missing to get the gift right?

An excellent pen

Regardless of which pen we use, it never hurts to sign important documents with a good one. It is also usually a great gift to give your boss at Christmas if this is not the case. How about that?

What does your boss always wear?

For example, we don’t often see bosses in ties and bosses in handkerchiefs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While our bosses don’t necessarily have to wear suits, they will repeat some patterns that we can observe. Is a shirt usually worn with your suit? How does it affect your accessories? If you give him something else to write in that work journal, you will succeed.

Christmas gift ideas for Boss – Never Give to boss

You’ll find ideas here to inspire you when it comes to gifting your boss, but you should also be aware of prohibited items to avoid. Among them:


Keep in mind that he is your boss and respect should be present no matter how much trust exists. The subject of underwear should not be discussed. Rather, he or she doesn’t take the gift in the same way as you do, and you don’t know in which direction the gift is going.

Lotions, creams, colognes …

Your wife / husband should be the one to handle this. It is quite personal (you’d have to know their tastes quite well) and, in addition, you don’t want them to take it as an indication that they have wrinkles or smell bad, do you?

Some hint

Is the best way to make your superior change something that you give it to him or her? Definitely not! If you have a detail with him, it is not because you want to change his habits, but because you really want to have it or thank him for something. This may not go over well with him.


The same is true of gifts that can be jokes, unless the person is extremely joking and expects anything, since he or she has done the same.

How about you? What are you going to give your boss this Christmas ? What other Christmas gift ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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