Free Christmas Assistance near Tucson, AZ and in Pima County

Free Christmas gifts and food near Tucson, AZ and in Pima County  – are you someone Need FREE Christmas Toys & Food assistance in Pima County, AZ? Everyone wants that they enjoy their festivals. They have new clothes, toys, they give gifts to others and also they receive gifts, they decorate their house and lots of more things. But it is not possible for everyone, because everyone does not have the same financial status. Lots of people are living in poverty or are low-income. They did not have enough income sources that they can afford to buy new clothes, food, and gifts for their family. However, sometimes they did not afford to buy food for their family on normal days. Then how they can afford to buy gifts and new clothes on the festival days. If you want to get free Christmas gifts and food then you can get it in various ways.

If you are from Pima County, AZ, and need the free food then you can get it. Along with this, one does not get the free food and Christmas gifts in Pima, but you can get free food and Christmas gifts in various locations as well. Such as Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, Arivaca, Charco, and also at nearby places. You can see that many resources come forward to help the low-income and needy families in the holidays, and provide them different things. So that, they can celebrate their holidays with their family without any worry about arrangements for food and gifts.

Although you want to have free Christmas gifts and food for you and your family then you can look for the resources that are mentioned below. So, you can apply with them and get the help on time with free Christmas gifts and food. Continue to read and see which resources provide help to the low-income and needy families in holidays for free Christmas gifts and food.

Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program

As there is numerous program that assists people who need their help, one of them is the temporary emergency food assistance program. They offer help on short terms for food, groceries, and other items. However, not only this, but they organize some special holidays and Christmas programs so that people will get help during holidays. To know more about them, you can contact them on: (520) 622-0525. You can also visit their place at: 3003 S Country Club Rd Tucson, AZ 85713

InterFaith Community Services

In Pima, there is an Interfaith Community Services program. Under this program, people adopt a low-income family that they want to adopt. Then those people provide various things and gifts to the adopted family from October to December. So that they can enjoy their holiday and get every type of help that they need. They provide the adopted families, toys, food, clothes, gift certificates, and lots of more things. If you want to get help from this program then you can apply for these adopt a family program. You can apply for this online as well as offline. So, you can get help during the Christmas holiday season and Thanksgiving and give something better to your family.

However, they provide their services at different locations, so you can go there as well. The locations where they offer their services are:

  • 2820 West Ina Road, Tucson, AZ 85741, and their contact number is: (520) 297-6049.
  • Their second address is: 8701 East Old Spanish Trail, Tucson, AZ 85710, and you can contact them on (520) 731-3076.
  • Another address from where you can get their services: 101 West Irvington Road Suite 2A, Tucson, AZ 85706. You can call them on: (520) 297-6049.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is the best organization that always comes forward to help needy families and provide them with every possible help that they need. They will make sure that everyone gets help on the time and they don’t lose hope that no one is for them. For this, they organize different assistance programs in the year and at different places so that everyone can get help. Same as they have their Christmas Angel Tree Distribution Program. They organize this program in Arizona at different locations and during the holiday seasons. So that parents can apply for the gift that their kids want and get it for free. As the Salvation Army is always ready to help people in their tough times, so you can go to their place at 1021 N 11th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, also, and direct contact with them on call: (520) 792-1629.

Also, you can go to their other location at 1001 N Richey Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716 or call them on (520) 792-1111.

Along with this, they provide help in various ways like they provide free vouchers to buy toys, clothing, shoes, free grocery store certificates for food, and small gifts. However, families who are low-income or working poor and also they have children of 12 years old or younger all are qualified for the assistance and they will get help from their program. People who are disabled, seniors, homebound can get their hot meal at their home as well. However, it may be possible that they provide transportation from South Tucson’s City hall to many other locations, for serving food to people. You can know about the Salvation Army holiday assistance in Pima County.

Some of the locations are given here where they provide the service of food:

  1. 260 S Church Ave, Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ 85701 and contact them on (520) 795-9671.
  2. The other location is in Green Valley, AZ 85614, and call them at (520) 625-3888.

The Marine Corps Toys For Tots

The Marine Corps Toys for Tots is the program that sets its donation boxes in Arizona and at different places. They collect the toys from various places and then they distribute those toys to the families who are in need during the holiday season. They make sure that every low-income family who needs the free toys will get toys from them and make their kid happy during the holiday season. So, if you also want to make happy your kid this holiday season then you can apply for free toys for tots by visiting the request toys link and apply there.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Pima County

As there are various churches, charities, and organizations, and government programs that offer assistance to needy people even they are low-income, seniors, migrants, kids, unemployed people, and more. But sometimes they will also get a referral to another place so that they can get aid in their need. They will get Assistance for finance, clothes, shoes, food, books, toys, and lots of more items. However, they will get free food on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well. If you want to know more about them or their program then you can look for Pima County Assistance Programs SVDP. From there you can get full info about the assistance programs and when you will get aid as well.

Toys for Tots of Pima County

This program is run by many churches and charities. They provide various things to kids like Christmas gifts, toys, books, video games, presents, and lots of more items. Even offer their help to the boys and girls who are migrants, belong to low-income families, or Spanish speakers, and others, they all can get help from them. They just need to dial 211, or they can use the link to apply for assistance during the holiday season.

Gospel Rescue Mission Community Street Banquet

The Gospel rescue mission community street banquet is the one that collects the donations from the community member and then distributes the donations to the needy people. They provide them donations according to their need and also according to their budget. Low-income families come to them via a mission and then they can help in various ways. Like, they can get free toys, meals, food, and many other items. So that they can enjoy their holidays without any difficulty. However, if someone is disabled or a seniors, in Pima County, then they will also get the items at their home. But the families or individuals who want to take advantage of the Gospel Rescue Services, have to meet their eligibility criteria, and for this, they have to fulfill their income requirements. If they fulfill their eligibility requirements then they are eligible to get help from this program.

You can connect with them by making a call to them on (520) 740-1501 and also visit their place if want to direct help from them. Their address is: 312 W 28th St Tucson, Arizona 85713

Pio Decimo Emergency and Basic Needs Program

This is the program that helps the different people, even they are low-income, migrants, from other cultures like Mexican, and Latino, they offer help to all. They provide them free meals, toys, clothes, meats, and free Christmas gift boxes, and also free Christmas gift certificates so that they can do shopping what they need on Christmas or during the holiday season. So that their holiday season and Christmas Eve will be blessed with happiness and they enjoy it with their families. You can contact them on their contact number: (520) 624-0551. Along with this, you can go to their clothing bank place and directly ask for help, their address is: 848 S 7th Ave Tucson, Arizona 85701.

Arizona Helping Hands Crisis Toy Distribution

During the holiday season, many programs are held by different organizations so that needy people and low-income families will get help. Arizona Helping Hand Crisis Toy Distribution is one of them. They also assist low-income families with free toys, games, clothing, and gifts to children. They help the low-income families who are the residence of Arizona. Along with this, those families must meet the income requirements to get help from them.

Churches that help for Christmas In Tucson, AZ and in Pima County

There are some addresses are given from where you can get help during the holiday season and on other days as well. Let’s check those addresses, so you can choose the one that is near to you and you will get help from there. The addresses are:

Caring ministries Low Income Christmas Help

Connect with them on the following address – 820 W Calle Sur, Tucson, Arizona 85705, and their contact number is (520) 882-2645.

Good Shepherd United Church of Christ Christmas food box

You can connect with them on the address either by mail or by personal visit : 17750 S La Canada Dr, Sahuarita, AZ 85629, Contact: (520) 625-1375

Saint Monica Catholic Church

Saint Monica Catholic Church can be found on the following address : 212 W Medina Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756 Phone: (520) 741-1230

Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Pascua Yaqui Tribe can be found in Tucson on following address : 7474 S Camino de Oeste, Tucson, Arizona 85746 Call on: (520) 879-564

Impact of Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona people can get help from here : 3535 E Hawser St, Tucson, AZ 85739 Call: (520) 825-0009

Primavera Works Community Action

Follow the address to reach them : 151 W 40th St Tucson, Arizona 85713 Phone: (520) 882-9668

Amado Community Food Bank

Get food assistance in Tucson from following address : 28720 S Nogales Hwy, Amado, AZ Contact: (520) 398-2942

Sahuarita Community Food Bank

They have two locations where they provide their services, so go to the place that is nearby to you.

  1. 250 E Continental Rd Green Valley, AZ 85614 Call them: (520) 625-5252
  1. 11734 W Grier Rd Marana, AZ 85653 Phone: (520) 682-3001

Canyon Del Oro Assembly of God

Canyon Del Oro Assembly of God can be found at : 2950 W Lambert Ln Tucson, AZ 85742 Dial: (520) 42-1168

Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church

Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church, 8051 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ Dial: (520) 296-1927

Tucson House

Tucson House, 1501 N Oracle Rd Tucson, AZ 85705 Dial: (520) 622-0525

All these are the locations from where you can get help with food boxes, clothes, toys, books, and lots of more items.

Miracle of 31st street

Another source from where low-income people get assistance for different things when they are in need. They can get assistance from Miracle of 31st street. They offer help to low-income people during the holiday season and make sure that they will get the assistance for that they are looking. Like free food, clothes, meals, small gifts for kids, food boxes, toy vouchers, and more. You can also contact them to know about them on their contact number: (520) 883-5805. Also, you can go to meet with them at their address: Tucson, AZ 85713 or can visit their Website

Grace St. Paul Church

Grace St. Paul offers its help the families who are suffering from a financial crisis. They provide them with free food boxes so that they will get proper food. During the holiday season, they will also provide them special Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner boxes, so at least in the holiday season they will get good food and feel good. Grace St. Paul Church offer free groceries, stocking stuffers, small gifts for kids, and more. They mostly give their services in Southern Arizona and help their low-income families. Along with this, the food pantry and clothing closet support Pima County, so one can get help from them with ease. You can talk with them on their contact number: (520) 327-6857. If you want to contact them in person then you can go to their place: 2331 E Adams St Tucson, Arizona 85719

TYLA Christmas Party

One can get help during the holiday season for the things that they need. One can visit their place as well to get direct help from them. Their address is: 1109 W Prince Rd, Ste 111 Tucson, AZ 85705 Also, you can contact them over call and their number is: (520) 887-2643.

Pima St. Baptist Church

Pima residents can also get help from the church. They can get assistance from the Pima St. Baptist Church. They help the residents who fulfill their income requirements. So, if any resident wants to get assistance then they have to meet their eligibility requirements then they will qualify for getting the Christmas boxes, presents, and food boxes from them.

Corner Stone Fellowship

Corner Stone Fellowship is the one that comes forward to help low-income and needy families. They will make sure that families who are facing financial crises will get proper help. Also, they help people who are migrants, immigrants, and poor. For this, Corner Stone Fellowship help them by providing food boxes, gas and clothing vouchers, free Christmas gifts for their children, toys, gift cards, and more. However, they offer Thanksgiving & Christmas meals, and Easter as well. They provide their service at different locations that include Tucson, Pima, and all of Southern Arizona. So, all the needy people and families will get help and get the reason for smiling during the holiday season. You can contact them at (520) 622-4626. Also, go to their place to meet with them in-person at: 2902 N Geronimo Ave Tucson, Arizona 85705

Christ Community Church

Not only do organizations or government programs help people during the holiday season, but churches also help people and families. The Christ Community Church always opens for the families who are facing the sad reality of life. They always offer them help in their needy time. During the holiday season, they welcome all the needy and low-income families, even they are seniors, unemployed or underemployed, single parents, and who need help. So they will enjoy their free food boxes. But for enjoying the free food boxes the low-income families have to meet their income requirements. They provide many things that include toys, Christmas gifts, meals, books, games, and many other items as well.

If you want to contact them first on-call, then you can dial the phone number: (520) 296-8501. They can visit their place direct and can ask for help. If you want to think to their place then the address is: 530 S Pantano Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85710

Miracle En El Barrio

This is the organization that offers help to kids who live in South Tucson Arizona area. They also organize Christmas parties for them so that they can enjoy Christmas Eve with full joy and happiness. Kids at the party will get many things such as food, snacks, and small gifts from Santa, and lots more. They provide all things free for the kids and brings a smile to their face. To know about their program, one can visit them: Tucson, Arizona 85713

Casa Maria Free Soup Kitchen

Casa Maria’s Free Soup Kitchen is very helpful for families who need help with food. Their soup kitchen is open all days 24 hours and 7 days a week. Casa Maria Free Soup Kitchen provide free food to families who need better food. Even during the holiday season, they offer a special holiday meal to the families so they will enjoy and get good quality and special food items to enjoy.


Now, you see that anyone can get help with the food boxes, clothes, toys, meals, presents during the holiday season, and from various programs. One just meets with the eligibility requirements then they can apply with the program to get assistance from the resources. So, you can look at any of the assistance programs during the holiday season and get the help that you want. Also, check which program is available in your area, and then apply with them.

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