Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Allen County IN

FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Allen County IN – Are you a resident of Allen County, Indiana and looking for FREE Christmas gifts and food?  Christmas is a time when people all over the United States celebrate the holiday with free food. In Allen County, there are several places where you can get free or discounted food. Churches in the county offer food vouchers that can be used at local restaurants and cafes. The Allen County Christmas Tree Festival is a free event that happens every year in December. This festival has many different activities and provides a great opportunity to meet new people and taste some of the best food in Allen County during holiday season. Allen County christmas tree festival is another great opportunity to get some free Christmas gifts. This event happens every year in December and offers a variety of different activities for all ages. There are also various giveaways throughout the day, so make sure to come out and join in on the fun!

Well! Since the holidays may be particularly challenging for families with low incomes and finances, you have been looking for holiday assistance throughout the United States. This is what you need to know about your region!

Find a collection of food banks and care and emergency pantries in the Allen County area of Indiana, as well as in the city of Fort Wayne. The facilities offer reduced-cost or no-cost food, meals, and groceries, as well as various forms of assistance to those in the community who are in need and have low incomes. In Fort Wayne, the food pantry list includes items like groceries, canned goods, and snacks. There are also several free or discounted food events that take place throughout the year. For example, the Christmas bureau offers free gifts and discounts on Christmas-related items to residents in Allen County.

Bread, fruits, vegetables, canned goods, meat, milk, baby formula, and a great deal more are just a few examples of the kinds of things that individuals in today’s society can get from pantries close to them.

There are programs available for senior citizens, such as having meals sent to their homes and other forms of support, such as having emergency food boxes provided. At the very bottom of the website is a phone number that can be used to contact several different aid services.

Get Free Food in Allen County, Indiana

Christmas is a time to celebrate and get the most out of your food. Whether you’re looking for free food giveaways, food baskets, or anything else related to Christmas, there are many places to find it. In addition, the Allen County IN Christmas Bureau offers a variety of different services that can help you get the most out of your Christmas gifts.

Beacon Heights Church of The Brethren

Once a month, individuals with low incomes, veterans, the working poor, the homeless, and senior citizens are invited to the food pantry at the Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren in Fort Wayne for a free supply of food that will last them for five days. Over 35 households are provided for each week by the Beacon Heights Food Bank, a component of the Associated Churches Food Bank System located in the neighborhood surrounding the church.  The service area for the food bank extends from the St. Joe River on the west to Interstate 469 on the east and from Trier Road on the north to the Maumee River on the south. Wednesday mornings, from 9:30 until 11:30, the Food Bank is open to the public. 

Clients are permitted to visit the pantry once per month and will take home enough food for an average of five days. Volunteers are needed to fill the positions of two servers and a receptionist at the Food Bank. In addition to this, a shopper is responsible for purchasing non-donated food items. The Beacon Heights community and churches in the surrounding region provide both money and food to the Food Bank, which helps ensure its continued operation.

A good number of the people who are a part of Beacon Heights like lending a hand with the housing program run by the Interfaith Hospitality Network. Volunteers from our church spend three weeks out of the year assisting homeless families in many capacities, including serving dinners, spending the evening with children and playing games, staying the night with guests, and transporting families in the church van. That God may be served in such a great way in our community is a blessing.

The Church of the Brethren tries to alleviate suffering, whether it be the result of war, unrest, or natural disasters, in response to the challenge presented in Galatians 6:2 to “bear each other’s burdens.” In response to this invitation, Beacon Heights organizes a disaster service trip that lasts one full week each year, inviting members of the congregation and friends of the community to join them.  They make the trip together to the area that was affected by the catastrophe, and once there, they assist the people trying to rebuild their lives. This may entail everything from reconstructing homes after a hurricane or tornado to simply cleaning up after a flood.

In 1991, Beacon Heights established contact with the Second Congregation of Misión Cristiana, a small church in Managua, Nicaragua. This relationship is one of mutual support.  All of our congregations strongly focus on urban ministry, particularly in offering young people educational opportunities. Since we first connected, Second Congregation has grown from giving only a preschool program to providing education from pre-kindergarten through high school. 

Because of the generosity of the people who are a part of the Beacon Heights community, we have been able to provide financial assistance to our partner church so that they can purchase a facility for their school, provide scholarships, and establish a nutrition program for the students. 

By sending multiple delegations to and from Managua, the members and pastors of Second Congregation have provided us with new insights and possibilities for trying to spread God’s love and message of hope. They have also shared with us the power of their religion in living out God’s call to minister in an economic and cultural atmosphere that is very different from ours.

Miss Virginia’s Mission House

The pantry of Miss Virginia’s Mission House in Fort Wayne is open to those with low incomes, those who are working while impoverished, those who are homeless, older citizens, and veterans. Additionally, there is a possibility that they will provide free meals with a Thanksgiving or Christmas theme.

The Mission House provides great assistance to the elderly and disabled, as well as to women and children in dire straits. The facility also sponsors a food pantry open a few times each week. The meals provided include canned foods, rice, and non-perishable food items and can be distributed to those with low incomes at the Mission House or brought to the homes of those seeking support. This food pantry is only open by arrangement.

It will provide emergency food boxes to anyone who demonstrates serious need and presents a case that could be made in front of a case worker. The following criteria will be used as the deciding factors for eligibility: male/female, children under the age of 18, jobless and no income, or pregnant/parenting. Program participants can also receive services such as Christmas assistance programs, Thanksgiving meals, and more.

Adventist Community Services

A food bank is one of the services provided. Find out about other local services, charities, and non-profit organizations you can call for assistance with. This charity provides thousands of food bags to hundreds of families at no cost, as well as giving them food, blankets, and warm clothing. They have a tremendous amount of support from local governments and corporations. It gives financial assistance to school children from families who cannot afford their tuition. It also offers scholarships for gifted students and both disabled and blind children. It is open only once per year on the day after Thanksgiving.

There are also several job programs that the charity runs. It will help people prepare for job interviews, teach them how to write a resume and cover letter, and offer career counseling. They also provide information on employment agencies that will match a potential employer with the right candidate.

Address: 228 West Lexington Avenue

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

Main phone number – (260) 745-1594

Wellspring Interfaith Social Services

Wellspring comprises several churches, charitable organizations, and non-profit organizations. Help is available for people in need, such as those who are old, single mothers, or needy. Get information on cash aid, SNAP food stamps, EBT cards, cereal, vitamins, other ingredients, and welfare care. Get food stamps and EBT cards. Serves clients in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana, metro area. Information on food assistance programs such as EBT cards, food stamps, daycare assistance, and low-income housing.

The mission of Wellspring is to promote understanding and relationships among the diverse population of the Fort Wayne area through programs that foster compassion, dignity, and respect for all persons. The goal is to offer opportunities for personal growth, responsible living, and lifelong service. Wellspring provides various social services, outreach programs, and well-being activities to accomplish this goal.

Wellspring Community Development Corp. is a United Way of Allen County member and provides charitable assistance to over 600 low-income persons in Allen and Owen counties each year. The main focus is immediate needs such as rent, utilities, and food. Assistance is also given to help people find jobs and cash assistance for paying bills. It also assists in buying new or used cars, furniture, and appliances.

Salvation Army – Emergency Assistance Food Pantry and Financial Help

Aid in an emergency can take many forms, including food, shelter, thrift stores, and more. Meals and gifts for the holidays, such as those from the Angel Tree, are also provided as an additional service. The charitable organization may also provide limited assistance with paying rent, utility bills, other social services, and financial aid. A wealth of services is accessible, including assistance in applying for food stamps.

The Salvation Army also offers emergency assistance to those in need, such as emergency food pantries and holiday meals. All services are provided without cost. It also helps people with housing needs and helps with paying a security deposit on a new home or apartment. Some clients also receive free furniture, free clothing, free food, and more. Salvation Army assistance programs are only for those with low income and financial need guidelines.

The non-profit also has an Angel Tree Program. This program provides help with paying the cost of gifts that have been selected from the Angel Tree by children. People can purchase an Angel Gift at Christmas to give kids in need a gift. All gifts are purchased with money from local people and organizations throughout Allen County. The Angel Tree Program is open to all Allen and Owen County children. Include adults, too! This assistance is provided without cost.

Address: 2901 North Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805.

Contact: (260) 744-2311

Associated Churches Of Fort Wayne And Allen County

These charitable organizations collaborated to develop the Food Bank System. All of the churches listed below are Allen County Association of Churches members. This organization serves as a resource for community residents needing food, meals, and groceries.

Possibly, there are personal toiletries, items such as washing detergent and clothes, and even infant formula or diapers. This church serves as a referral point for those needing food, meals, and assistance with paying bills. It also assists clients, including the elderly, disabled, single parents, and working poor. The church also assists with housing needs for people without a place to live. Provides food shelves, pantry boxes, holiday programs, and lunches for children at schools and shelters in Allen County.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

There is a free food pantry that has groceries, products that need to be refrigerated, and a variety of snacks for students. Free home and personal hygiene materials may also be supplied, such as detergent, soap, and possibly other items. These items can be used by clients in need of such needs. The church serves the poor, is a supply distributor, and has its distribution center in Fort Wayne. They also serve as a local resource for food, medicine, and other needs, including credit counseling. A food pantry is also available at this location.

This organization runs several different programs to assist families and individuals. The church has a thrift store that is open Tuesdays and Thursdays. The store provides clothes, household items, furniture, toys for kids, and other items. Free donations are also accepted during these specific days. The thrift store is located at the Fort Wayne Mall. The church also runs a food pantry for adults and children every Wednesday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm at St. Paul’s Church located at 3445 E. Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46803.

Meals provided are a light lunch, provided if possible. Also provided is nutrition education for adults and children. If there is no center near you, the agency will send someone to your home to provide food assistance and nutritional education services.

Address: 518 E Dewald St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 4680

Contact: (260) 744-2765

Crossroads Foodbank

It is possible to get canned groceries, food suitable for shelter, meat that is either canned or frozen, and plenty more. There are vacations available that are appropriate for elderly people. Crossroads Food bank program is also for children and the less fortunate. Crossroads Foodbank non-profit organization provides free food baskets and canned goods to qualified people who need immediate food or assistance. These food supplies are only distributed by appointment at a warehouse and a distribution center in Fort Wayne.

Crossroads Foodbank organization provides free food to the less fortunate. This is done by distributing refillable cans and other soft drinks, meats, vegetables, and other products. These products may also include soup, pasta, and similar items. These services are provided each Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Address: 207 S State St, South Whitley, IN 46787

Contact: (260) 723-5127

Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA

Free soup food service pantry for the elderly and disabled. Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA Food and nutrition services are offered through the Allen County Welfare Department, which can be reached at: The USDA provides farmers’ markets throughout the area where customers can purchase fresh produce, meat, and other items. Farmers’ markets are held on Tuesdays in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis on Thursday mornings. There is also one on Friday mornings in New Haven and one on Saturday mornings. Special events are held on July 4 and in the fall.

There is an information office that provides help with the following: food pantry information, employment referrals, finance programs, children’s programs, and more. The Allen County Child Support Department also offers a program that assists clients with paying their child support payments.

The food stamp program offers various services which qualified applicants can utilize. The program provides food to as many people as possible through various resources at its distribution centers throughout Allen County.

Address: 5680 YMCA Park Drive West, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835

Contact: (260) 755-4949

Lifehouse Forest Park Campus

Those in need have access to a free pantry stocked with dry and canned foods, paper products, Christmas boxes, birthday goodies, and other personal amenities. The non-profit organization provides food assistance and distributes other items to the needy. Food pantries are located at many churches in Allen County. These pantries can provide food, clothing, household goods, and more to people who are in need. Churches mainly distribute food among individuals and families but may assist with prescription medication, baby formula, and other goods. The hours of operation will vary by location.

The non-profit organization can provide many types of goods to people that are in need. These include clothing, household goods, and more. The list of goods provided is long and varied.

The food distribution centers are open to anyone who comes by the location and registers with the program as a self-certified client. They can also be visited by appointment only if needed. They also have a cafeteria at each location open to anyone with a requirement that requires them to eat three or four meals per day.

Address: 2100 Kentucky Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN, 46805

Contact: 260-637-3798

Faith and Light Food Pantry

Filling, rack foods, dry rice, pasta, and box dinners, goods are given away daily at times, snacks for students and other types of assistance are also available. The city of Fort Wayne provides resources for the poor and homeless. A network of shelters can provide the homeless with a safe place to stay through the night. Some of the services provided by these shelters include:

Various other organizations Like Faith and Light Food Pantry in Allen County offer free food to people in difficult situations with limited income. This usually includes households that consist of senior citizens, disabled persons, or other similar individuals.

Address: 1700 East Pettit Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN, 46806

Contact: 260-745-2565

Saint Therese Catholic Church

Free food that does not need to be refrigerated is available to low-income households. All food pantries listed above are Non-profit organizations paid for by donations from the community. The USDA also provides other programs, including:

Saint Therese Catholic Church The non-profit organization can provide many types of goods to people that are in need. These include clothing, household goods, and more. The list of goods provided is long and varied. Several programs offer financial assistance to those facing low-income or high medical bills.

It can provide rent and utility assistance through the HAP Housing program. The agency also offers food pantries and other resources to people in the area. Free applications for Food Stamps, Medicaid, and other aid is available from the agency. They also offer Family Development services to those at risk of losing their children due to abuse or neglect.

Address: 2304 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne, IN, 46819.

Contact: 260-747-9139

New Hope Worship Center

The food bank is open one day every week. It can provide those families who are going through a difficult time with support in the form of groceries, things for personal hygiene, and other assistance. It is also a safe space for children to attend kindergarten before they start school. Several other food pantries in Allen County can provide goods to the needy. It is important to call any of these pantries to ask about the services they offer and what goods are available.

The New Hope Worship Center food bank will assist those who need assistance with both food and non-food items. They have a limited amount of food each month and usually only give out a certain number of bags. They do not accept government payments for their services and only take cash or checks at this time.

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815-4458

Contact: (260) 441-8685

Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Allen County IN
Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Allen County IN for low income families

Avalon Food Pantry

Volunteers are handing people boxes of food and other necessities. They might include infant formula, nonperishable food, and other things. This food bank also provides food to churches, schools, and other organizations through its partnerships. Food pantries are located at various locations throughout Allen County. These pantries will assist those who do not have access to enough food for their family due to low income or lack of resources. It can also provide emergency food boxes if needed.

Avalon Food Pantry The non-profit organization provides many services to those in need, including food assistance. The goods provided at this location will be different than others offered by other food pantries. It is a donation-based distribution center where the client must fill out an application and register with the program.

Address: 1500 Lower Huntington Road

Contact: (260) 747-1531

Queen of Angels St Vincent de Paul Society

This charity in Allen County is responsible for the operation of many social services. On-site amenities include a free food pantry, a charity shop, and a clothing bank. The disadvantaged, such as the disabled and the elderly, are provided with food and other necessities thanks to the efforts of volunteers. Assistance can include clothing, furniture, holiday meals, food boxes, baby formula, diapers, and other items. Other aid may also be provided. Case managers are on-site to help assess the needs of applicants. 

It is a real blessing to many in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the surrounding communities. It is where clothes and household items can be purchased at reasonable prices so that those in need can afford to keep warm during the cold winter months or get some new work or school clothes.

Food is also distributed to residents in need in Allen County, Indiana. There is a food pantry for seniors on the premises of Queen of Angels and a thrift shop that offers thousands of items. They also provide educational classes to learn how to prepare healthy meals.

Address: 1500 W State Blvd

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Contact: (260) 482-9411

Community Harvest Food Bank Of Northeast

This food bank serves the working poor as a component of a larger organization that includes other similar locations. Local charities, non-profit organizations, churches, and other community centers can get food from the pantry. The sites where they assist are given to those who need it. On the other hand, Community Harvest is a fantastic resource to call if you need information or recommendations.

Community Harvest Food Bank Of Northeast also include information on the surplus of USDA goods or programs run by the state of Indiana, such as the SNAP food assistance program. They are available to provide helpful information and refer you as needed. They can also help you apply for any assistance that may be needed. The Foundation’s mission is to improve residents’ lives by providing funding for the community’s worthy causes while safeguarding the financial future of our families, businesses, and communities.

Address: 999 East Tillman Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46816

Contact: (260) 447-3696

Franciscan Center, St. Anthony’s Food Pantry

In Allen County, the services provide free groceries, hygiene items, and holiday meals (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners). They are available to the low-income, working poor, unemployed and underemployed, and others with financial difficulties. The non-profit also runs other assistance programs for Allen County residents. They include help for rent payments for residents facing eviction, bill paying, and transportation assistance. Case managers will focus on addressing the needs of families with children, seniors, and others with special requirements or needs.

Franciscan Center, St. Anthony’s Food Pantry also provide a food program for seniors in Allen County, Indiana, Meals On Wheels. They hand out free meals, which are available three days a week to over a hundred residents. The recipient needs only to call, and they can pick up their food and eat at home within the hour.

Assistance is given to people who need it in Allen County, Indiana. The clients of this charity generally pay nothing for the things they may receive but must arrive at their appointments with their utility and other bills to be paid.

Address: 4643 Gaywood Drive

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806

Contact: (260) 744-3977

East Wayne Street Center

At this time, a food pantry is available, and it is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 3 p.m. There are free adult education classes, and depending on the availability of resources and donations, there may also be free clothing.

East Wayne Street Center Others in the community are given referrals for financial literacy classes and may get help with utility bills and prescriptions. A doctor’s appointment may also provide free medical care for women and children. The agency may also have additional services, depending on the availability of funds. Donations can be made to the organization’s Christmas campaign through December 17. The food pantry is open from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, and the clothes bank is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Almost any time, hungry people in Allen County, Indiana, can show up at the free pantry to receive food products from the organization’s partners. There are six times per year that donations of groceries are given at no charge to those who are in need. In addition to these daily distributions, food distribution for seniors is also made at an annual event called “Soup for Seniors.” The free food can last a week or longer.

Address: 801 East Wayne Street

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803

Contact: (260) 422-6502

Community action Christmas help

The Community Action Agency of Allen County and Northeast Indiana is here to lend a helping hand. This covers applications for work programs, food stamps, WIC vouchers, and USDA applications, as well as other forms of government assistance. They assist low-income families with both their immediate need and their long-term support needs. Several resources are offered to the community, including information on other resources, free food from connections with Meals on Wheels, and senior services. Hundreds of thousands of people have been served by their programs since they opened their doors some 50 years ago.

This is a place where one can go to apply for food stamps or other financial aid programs. It is also possible to meet with a student loan consultant who will help them apply for loans. Another service offered is the Head Start preschool program.

Free dog food distribution drive thru

They distribute meals for free or at a very minimal cost, as suggested by the organization’s name. Kibble, biscuits, bones, and other leftover or donated products could be given to dogs and cats. The vast majority of them are geared toward older citizens or the elderly.

Free dog food distribution drive thru is also a great place to get pet food when an owner cannot afford it. Several federal government and state of Indiana assistance programs, such a as birth certificates and Medicaid, are offered to families in Allen County. There are also charities in Allen County that will help qualified families. Indiana Legal Services provides a wide variety of services to those who qualify. This can include representation for having unpaid wages from an employer, county or state income tax refunds, food stamps, counseling for consumers on debt matters and utilities, etc.

Address: 2502 Church St.

Fort Wayne, IN 46809

Contact: (260) 478-4851

Broadway Christian church Wichita KS

You should get soup, cereal, peanut butter or jelly, tuna, and other food products.

In addition, they provide free holiday dinners to residents of Allen County, transport certain meals to senior citizens, and deliver kitchen goods, including maybe pots and pans. Food and meals for the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are also provided.

Broadway Christian church Wichita KS charity organization provides food, holiday assistance, rental assistance, and utility bill assistance. More information can be found about services for the year 2011 on their website. Here items are sold at affordable prices to individuals and families who need clothing for work or school. Many of the other items being given away are of good quality. The store also has regular hours by appointment, during which clothing can be picked up from when it is offered on specific dates.

Address: 910 Broadway Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Contact: (260) 422-3498

Churches near me that help with food

People may be granted free dinners in addition to a box of food. Groceries, fruits, vegetables, and other food items (such as bread, cereals, meats, and more), as well as fruits, may be offered. They also offer to clothe. Adult beverage consumers and senior citizens are also provided free beverages, including milk, juice, and other liquids. An individual may also get a free shower or some laundry service. Food boxes of various kinds are available as well. 

Address: 2322 Hobson Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Contact: (260) 444-4071

Food and clothing banks near me

Can give persons with modest incomes gently worn clothing, food, and other forms of assistance. Families in Allen County, in addition to students and senior residents, are eligible for aid. It is great when our neighbors and friends take care of their fellow man, especially during the holidays. It is wonderful to see them all doing this together, whether they are members of the same church or not. All volunteers run the pantry to offer more aid than state regulations allow. The volunteers also have some financial support.

food and clothing banks near me are a group of people hungry for God to lead them and use them to help the poor within our community. Here volunteers meet at various times of the week. Meals are available for the elderly, homebound, and those in the community with low incomes.

Address: 1222 E. Wayne Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Contact: (260) 580-1570

Harvester Missionary Church

There will be hot meals served. There is a possibility that the pantry contains some free food items, either canned or fresh. It is important to note that money may need to be donated to get a hot meal. Many small household items needed are only free items, such as clothing, toiletries, and school supplies.

If you are an Allen County resident, you may want to check out Harvester Missionary Church pantry. It provides emergency aid to those in need throughout the year. It is a great place to shop for new clothing, shoes, toys, and other care packages that will be sent out to family members in need from time to time.

This is a great place that offers holiday packages for all. The pantry provides many different kinds of free food, holiday meals, gifts, and other forms of support. Even if you are not a member of this church, you can still stop by and apply for limited amounts of money to pay your rent. A massive amount of clothing will be distributed at no cost.

Address: Fort Wayne, IN 46803-3824

Contact: (260) 424-5533

Springfield township trustee candidates

This town in Allen County, Indiana, is served by this organization’s general aid. Food and other forms of assistance, such as medical, financial, career, and many other types of counseling, may be offered. The town assists its residents unrelated to food. This may include clothes, appliances, furniture, and other forms of support.

Pantry items may be offered, such as some food and clothes for the needy in Allen County. The pantry is a great place to get fresh produce and other food items, such as canned goods, rice, beans, fruits, and vegetables. They also have free bags of groceries every week.

Springfield township trustee candidates church offers free meals and food regularly. There is a soup kitchen and food pantry on site that is available to the community during normal business hours. They would appreciate it if you could bring your bag or box for the fresh produce they will receive.

Address: 11021 Roberts Road

Harlan, Indiana 46743

Address: (260) 657-3422

The Church On Fire, Tabitha’s House Clothing And Food Bank

It is supplied either for no cost or at a nominal fee. It’s also possible that there may be free winter coats, boots, and several other articles of apparel, in addition to back-to-school supplies and other clothing items. The church also runs a thrift shop and provides various other forms of assistance, such as Christmas gifts and other items. Free coats and backpacks may be available for the needy in Allen County.

The Church On Fire, Tabitha’s House Clothing And Food Bank, food pantry is available to anyone in need and unable to afford to feed themselves or their family during January. They also regularly provide food for seniors and Christmas baskets for needy families.
They have been distributing free food assistance every Monday from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. The average amount of clothing and toiletries distributed per month is approximately 200-300 pounds per distro. Food is also provided monthly to those in the community, such as rice, rice cakes, and other food items. The clothing bank is open every day from 8 am to 12 pm. It is a good place to stop by and get help if you are in need.

For even more places where you can get free groceries in Allen County, Indiana, and the surrounding area, or if you need help paying your rent or utilities, please call 2-1-1 for referrals.

Address: 9019 Stellhorn Road

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Contact: (260) 485-6084

Eel River Township Trustee

Applications for food stamps and in-store vouchers for various groceries are both available at the various town offices located around Allen County. On-site social workers are available to assist working low-income families and individuals and families currently living in poverty.

The pantry is open to anyone experiencing a food crisis. Nutrition classes are also offered to those in need and struggling with mental illness. Eel River Township Trustee will be happy to help you and give you a fresh meal.

Address: 3925 Mccomb Road

Huntertown, IN 46748

Contact: (260) 637-0238

Get Free Christmas Gifts in Allen County, Indiana

Allen County Christmas Bureau

The Allen County Christmas Bureau in Fort Wayne has set a goal to give free Christmas presents to every kid living in Allen County throughout this year’s holiday season. Families registered with this organization are eligible to receive brand new, untouched toys from community members and other organizations. Through this initiative, families are connected with community people who purchase various presents for the family. These presents include toys, clothing, gift cards, food, home items, and other modest gifts. After being wrapped in gift wrap, these items are given to the families in the days leading up to Christmas.

All individuals and groups are welcome to participate in the program. It can be hard for families with children to afford Christmas gifts for their kids, and this is why this event and organization exist. The program’s purpose is to ensure that every child can have free toys and free food for their holiday meal. The Allen County Christmas Bureau aims to provide the greatest number of families in Allen County with the best possible help. The bureau supports numerous families throughout Fort Wayne, Indiana, each year. It assists so that all kids know they are loved and cared for during this holiday season.

Salvation army fort Wayne pickup

The Salvation Army in Fort Wayne runs several holiday assistance programs for low-income families in the area who cannot afford to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. They provide a program called Angel Tree that gives away toys and clothing to children between newborn and 14. Additionally, they have a program called Card-A-Teen that gives away gift cards to children between the ages of 15 and 18 years old.

In addition, they have a program called “Adopt-A-Family,” which provides items such as toys, clothing, books, and games for the children, as well as smaller presents, gift cards, and food for other people in the home. This program also helps to pay for their rent, food, utility bills, and other expenses. The Salvation Army in Fort Wayne will provide holiday assistance addresses to the families so that people know where they live. If a family’s home is missing presents or gifts during the holidays, they can be provided by neighbors or community members participating in this program.

The Adopt-A-Family program by Fort Wayne’s Salvation Army is a great way for individuals to help families in Allen County, Indiana. People can choose the family unit they’d like to help, and the family can receive assistance with rent, utility bills, clothing, toys, and even food during this time of year. Families have also received donated presents and other items through this program.

Others can show their support through gifts of food, clothing, and other necessities for the family. These items can be handed directly over to the family as needed. The program is organized into several different areas. It serves families living in Allen County with a child between the ages of newborn and 18 years old or families with a child who is 15 or older. Felonies will not be eligible to participate in this program, nor will people who have lost their driver’s licenses due to drinking or driving under the influence.

Toys for tots Christmas sign up

They also provide free holiday dinner kits that include all of the necessary components for preparing a traditional holiday meal, as well as hot holiday meals that are served in the facility on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Toys for tots services are available to families who need additional assistance. Please contact them via the “contact us” button on their website if you want more information about the available programs or if you want to sign up for free Christmas presents. Every year during the holiday season, Toys For Tots in Fort Wayne holds their annual gift drive to collect toys for children of low-income families with children ranging in age from newborn to 14 years old.

Every qualified child receives a gift basket full of free Christmas presents, including games, books, and plush animals. In addition, some children receive a brand-new bicycle along with a helmet. To ensure that each of their children is eligible to get gifts, families are required to register their children for toys through the “request toys” link that can be found on their website. Please visit their website if you want more information about their services or if you want to sign up for this program.

Adopt a family for Christmas NH

Low-income families in the Fort Wayne area who use or have previously used any other service provided by Lutheran Social Services within the preceding year are eligible to participate in the Adopt-A-Family Christmas program offered by that organization.

These families will receive food, clothing, and toys for their children during the holidays. The program is open to all applicants willing to provide gifts for the kids for six months during the year. They will also be able to help pay rent, bills, or utility bills that may be a problem for the family. You can receive more information about Lutherans Social Services through this website.

Frequently asked Questions

How many toys do you get from Toys for Tots?

Each child receives two gifts thanks to Toys for Tots. As part of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, each participant will get two books in addition to one toy, provided that sufficient supplies of books are available. Toys cannot be auctioned off, sold, or changed into other items that can bring in money.

What toys are most needed for Toys for Tots in Allen County, IN?

The categories of sporting equipment, books, wallets, board games, radio control cars and trucks, hand-held devices, skateboards and helmets, and backpacks are among the most popular toys. Do not give children toys that appear as weapons or edible objects.

Do Toys for Tots stay local?

Local campaigns are run every year in more than 800 towns across all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

What do Toys for Tots do?

The Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program has as its primary objective the collection and distribution of new, unopened toys throughout the holiday season to children who are less fortunate than others.


Pantries that churches or charities maintain typically provide nonperishable and surplus food from the government. However, many of these facilities can also provide other forms of assistance, such as holiday dinners on Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as gifts and clothing for the season.

Food banks around Allen County can inform older citizens, those without jobs, and working poor individuals about various local resources and aid programs that may support them as they struggle to make ends meet during difficult times. Find other local establishments that give away food for free in the area. Dial 260-447-3696 to get referrals to programs run by non-profit organizations and the government in Allen County. For more information on either type of organization, go here.

A local network may be able to provide you with referrals to free food pantries or food banks in the surrounding area.

Or, consumers can learn more about the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, SNAP government food intake locations, or the Meals on Wheels program, which is available at a reduced rate. Other services are available for children, such as meals during the summer and other activities.



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