Free Christmas Assistance in Des Moines And Polk County IA

Get FREE Christmas Holiday assistance Programs Offer Free Gifts and Free Food in Des Moines And Polk County IA – If you’re looking for a free holiday gift, Des Moines and Polk County IA have plenty to offer. From food to Christmas presents, Christmasassistancehelp have got a selection that’s sure to please. Whether you’re looking for something fun or practical, we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone! So don’t wait—begin creating those amazing memories today! Do you require assistance for Christmas in Polk County, Iowa? The holidays are expensive, and their added costs can easily bust budgets already stretched thin. During this time of year, you will find assistance for your family right here! Several charitable organizations and churches can provide free help to low-income families through food baskets and meals for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

In addition, there will be free Christmas gifts available for children, such as Toys for Tots, clothing, and a variety of other things. It’s possible that senior adults in Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa, will be able to receive a meal delivered to their homes. Due to a lack of available resources, charitable organizations may only be able to offer referrals over the holiday season if they cannot provide direct assistance.

The terms and circumstances of each organization can be different, although most of them solicit financial contributions from the local community and accept contributions from volunteers. Based on this, the things that might be given to those less fortunate might include free toys, games, clothes, gift certificates, games, books, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, and more. The application season will typically run from late summer to early winter.

What is the Christmas Season in Polk County, Iowa?

Christmas is a time to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy some good cheer. In Des Moines, there are a number of great gifts to choose from, including Christmas cookies, candy canes, and other small treats. In Polk County, we have a variety of food options that make for a festive and delicious Christmas dinner. From traditional German Christmas baking to ethnic Indian food, we’ve got you covered!

What is the Christmas Season in Des Moines and Polk County IA?

The Christmas season in Des Moines and Polk County IA typically lasts around two weeks. This means that between mid-November and early December, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy some festive activities and good eats. The biggest events during this period include the Christmastime parade in downtown Des Moines, the lighting of tree lights in various neighborhoods throughout the city, and the family-friendly Nativity scene at Keystone Park. In addition, many businesses offer free or discounted meals during this time period. So whether you’re looking for something specific to enjoy while spending time with your family or just want something to help get your holiday shopping under way, check out our list of des Moines Christmas gift ideas!

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Programs offer Free Food in Polk County, Iowa

Caring Hands Outreach Center Polk County, Lowa

During difficult times, families in Polk County can turn to the Altoona location of the Caring Hands Outreach Center to receive assistance from one of the many offered programs. They could provide ingredients for festive foods during the holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. A free food pantry offers holiday food baskets for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

There may be meats, turkeys, and much more. Toys and other little gifts, such as stocking stuffers, may also be given to children. It provides the families in Polk County with the primary goal of helping them obtain self-sufficiency. They could help low-income, unemployed, and working for low-income families by providing food to children under the age of 18 who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. They may also be able to provide groceries to elderly adults as well.

Free food may also be available to low-income Polk County families to cover the cost of healthy meals at home. Of course, holiday assistance is not limited to Christmas. You can also get help for Thanksgiving, Easter, and other annual special events in Iowa, such as Mother’s Day.

Bethel Mission Polk County, Lowa

This is one of the organizations in Des Moines that will be providing a free hot supper to the community. People of all faiths are welcome to participate, and those who are elderly or disabled may qualify to have a meal brought to them at no cost.

Assistance is available during the holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; nevertheless, there are strict ordering deadlines. For example, it may be possible to get a Thanksgiving meal if you apply early. It’s also important to note that there is proof of address and citizenship requirements. Bethel Mission provides several other services throughout the year, such as Mobile Meals, food boxes, Eviction Prevention, and Clothing.

Address: 1310 Sixth Avenue ,Des Moines, Iowa 50314

Phone number: (515) 244-5445

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Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Des Moines And Polk County IA

Organizations that offer Free Christmas Gifts in Polk County, Iowa

Salvation Army in Polk County, Iowa

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army in Des Moines invites low-income families to apply for the Adopt-A-Family program. Through this initiative, community members are connected with low-income families, giving them Christmas gifts to be opened on the big day. In addition, they also have a program called Angel Tree, designed for children of low-income families between the ages of 0 and 14 years old. Generous community members have provided these youngsters with the toys they had requested on their wish list.

The Salvation Army will also provide food to families who need it this holiday season. They may also offer gift vouchers to help low-income families cover other expenses over the holidays, such as gas and utility bills. This organization offers Christmas assistance to Polk County families during the holiday season and additional programs throughout the year. You can receive Thanksgiving turkeys and meals during this time of year too.

The Salvation Army provides food, shelter, and other support to thousands of Iowans annually. The non-profit provides many other services, such as home energy bill assistance. Don’t forget to check Free Christmas Toys and Food in Orange County, CA.

Toys For Tots Polk County, Iowa

Toys for Tots in Des Moines extends an invitation to families living on a low income who have children between the ages of newborn and 14 years old to apply for their holiday aid program during times of need.

Children participate in a program that gives them brand-new, unwrapped presents to receive on Christmas morning. These presents may include board games, books, toys, and even the chance of a bicycle and a helmet.

Of course, this may only be an option for children in Polk County. In addition, parents who get free toys receive gift certificates they can use later on. The parents will be able to use the certificates later to pay for school supplies, clothing, or even extracurricular activities.

Due to the limited resources and volunteers available, Polk County may have a waiting list for these Christmas gifts. Before making your request, don’t wait until Christmas is right around the corner! You may need to apply as early as possible, so you don’t miss your chance at getting help from Toys for Tots Iowa.

Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance is not the only thing that Toys for Tots will offer in Polk County, Iowa. They also have programs like the Holiday Quality Gift program and Christmas Angels Toy Program, which serve as a back-up for families who may not have been able to get on their Adopt-A-Family list.

St. Joseph Catholic Church, at Eastside Cluster of Churches

There are some instances in which delivered is an option. On the other hand, they primarily provide free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the working poor and those in need. At Christmas, children may also get a token present or gift.

The program provides many free items to residents who need food or other necessities. They offer hygiene products such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, extra-large t-shirts, and leggings for men and women, as well as diapers and baby wipes.

In addition to all of the mentioned things, they also supply non-perishable food items for families on a tight budget who need groceries. Each family can receive groceries from The Storehouse once per month.

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Address: 3300 Easton Boulevard ,Des Moines, IA 50317

Contact: (515) 266-2226

St. Vincent De Paul Society – Des Moines

The name of the program that they administer is “Operation Santa Claus.” Toys, gifts, and other fun activities could be provided without cost to the children. In addition to serving the entirety of Polk County, they collaborate with various other organizations and charitable organizations in the surrounding area.

This organization will help families who are down on their luck and who otherwise may not be able to afford the gift they have on their wish list.

Every year, they assist thousands of Iowans with assistance such as food, clothing, household items, and much more. They assist throughout the year, including free food boxes during summer. In addition to that, they also have several other programs in place throughout this region.

Address: 1426 Sixth Avenue ,Des Moines, IA 50314-2801

Phone: (515) 282-8327

Urbandale Food Pantry

Urbandale and Windsor Heights residents might receive gift baskets filled with holiday treats and presents from the community. Charitable organizations give only those fields attention.

Applicants must show proof of residence and income. The pantry serves single mothers and other families that are less fortunate. All of them may receive food assistance through this organization as well. They have more than one type of assistance available in addition to the holiday baskets and meal boxes, including clothing, toys, and other essentials for their children and families.

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Urbandale Food Pantry will offer Thanksgiving baskets for those who qualify for assistance. Each family may receive a turkey, stuffing, and all the sides. In addition to that, each family will also receive non-perishable food items as well if needed during this time of year.

Address: 7611 Douglas Avenue, Suite 34 ,Urbandale, Iowa 50322

Phone: (515) 251-6688

West Des Moines Human Services

There is a possibility that children will receive free toys and games for Christmas. Meals, visits to people who are homebound or confined to nursing homes, and other forms of assistance also fall under other services.

West Des Moines Human Services always looks for volunteers and donations. There are many other programs offered by this non-profit that may be helpful to families. Parents can apply for government grants, food assistance, housing assistance, and more.

Address: 318 Fifth Street ,West Des Moines, IA 50265

Call: (515) 222-3660

Des Moines Community Action

They oversee various low-income programs, some of which might include referrals to seasonal assistance programs. You can apply for holiday assistance if you need help paying for Christmas expenses. You may also be able to find help for Thanksgiving and other forms of free food as well. You may also find assistance with paying for gas, rent or utilities, and other assistance.

The organization offers several programs in addition to the holiday programs they provide each year. They may assist families with paying utility bills, providing fuel or heating expenses, or offering food and other necessities to those in need.

There will be several other helpful things available too. You need to ask for them once you know about eligibility for these free items.

Address: 100 Euclid Ave ,Des Moines, IA 50313

Contact:(515) 323-8950

Bidwell Riverside Center

They run a campaign to collect holiday toys. Registration must be completed well in advance. It is a service component in which a family can be adopted. Free items such as clothing, shoes, entertainment, books, dolls, trucks, and other Christmas toys may be made available. These items will depend on donations made by members of the Polk County community.

The program offers toys and presents to those families that need a little bit of assistance during the holidays. It is a great way for people to give back to their local community while making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The organization is in charge of providing holiday assistance for families. Many other things will be available to them as well. They also run an adoption program that is similar to the one mentioned above as well.

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To help families in need, monetary and non-monetary gifts may be given through this center. The Wish list includes toys, food, clothing, household goods, and more. Items may be offered during the holidays or other times of need.

Address: 1203 Hartford Ave ,Des Moines, IA 50315

Contact: (515) 244-6251

Urbandale Community Action Network

They assist low-income families, as well as those who are disabled, aged, or both in Polk and Dallas Counties. The “Adopt a Family” support program is currently being run. A family receives everything from necessities to a Christmas shoebox for each child. In addition to the gifts, a family also receives Christmas cards, health care referrals, and other assistance as needed.

Residents of these areas may also receive free food through this program. Different types of assistance can be made available during the holidays as well. You need to fill out an application to receive help.

The agency runs several different programs in addition to its holiday services. They assist people with paying utility bills, providing fuel or heating expenses, offering food and other necessities to those in need, and offering other assistance that should be helpful during the holidays.

Address: 4103 72nd St ,Urbandale, IA 50322

Phone: (515) 278-3936

Other ways to get discounted or free gifts and toys for low income families

How to get free or Discounted Gifts from

If you’re looking for a gift for the whole family, look no further than The online store offers a wide range of gifts- from children’s toys to home decor. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start. One popular option is the AmazonBasics Gift Card, which can be used to purchase a variety of Christmas gifts. This card comes with a number of benefits, including free shipping on orders over $50 and access to Amazon Prime memberships.

Social media can help you with free gifts and food

Another great way to find gift ideas for your friends and family is through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. These websites offer great opportunities to share your loved ones’ favorite holiday products and services with other followers. Additionally, many businesses offer discounts or free samples when customers post pictures of their upcoming holidays party or event on social media. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find unique and affordable gift ideas that will please everyone in your life!

Local stores offering Magic Hours with great sale

If you want to get your Christmas shopping done in style, head to a local store. Many stores offer free or discounted CHRISTMAS GIFTS when you visit them during regular business hours. Plus, many stores also sell holiday-themed merchandise that can be fun and festive! Try looking for deals on things like hot cocoa and cookies, holiday decorations, or even Christmas presents!

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Frequently asked Questions

Is there a 211 in Iowa?

211 Iowa is available to anyone in the state who needs assistance or is experiencing a crisis. Get in touch with 211 using one of the following methods: Simply dialing 2-1-1 on your phone will connect you to a real, local operator ready to assist you. Send a text message with your zip code to 898211 from your smartphone at any time to speak live with a 211 operator.

How can you get free food for Christmas in Polka County, IA?

The Salvation Army provides a wide range of feeding programs throughout the year. In addition to that, they provide unique meal programs over the holidays. Most Salvation Army sites provide grocery and food aid in some form or another. This is completely free food, and it can even be delivered straight to your front door.

How many toys do you get from Toys for Tots in Polka County, IA?

Each child receives two gifts thanks to Toys for Tots. As part of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, each participant will get two books in addition to one toy, provided that sufficient supplies of books are available. Toys cannot be auctioned off, sold, or changed into other items that can bring in money.

What does in lieu of gifts mean in Polka County, IA?

Instead of sending presents, you would consider donating.” You are free to use this “in lieu of gifts” phrase if the individual who passed away was a lifelong supporter of a particular nonprofit organization. (Here’s a helpful hint: if you’re trying to think of the perfect gifts to give a mourning friend but have no idea what to get them, consider donating instead.)


Another responsibility is to provide meals to the small pay and homeless in Polk County, Iowa. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, community members might stop by a soup kitchen or site for food. There may be baskets distributed out or a cooked dinner served, such as a Turkey with all the topping. If you want free food and gifts, you can contact or register by dialing the above numbers.

Other assistance available includes clothing, furniture, household goods, and many others. You need to be in a situation where the need for food or shelter exists. These are some ways to help you ensure you can furnish your family this Christmas without much cost or strain. Whatever you decide to do, you must make the most of your time and energy this holiday season!

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