Free food banks and groceries Fayette County Kentucky

Free food banks and groceries Fayette County Kentucky – Living in Fayette County and struggling to make ends meet? If yes then you don’t have to look any further as there are several organizations and churches in your community that are ready to help you with free food and groceries. In this guide you can learn everything about how to apply for assistance and the organizations offering free food and health. At times life can get tough. You might have lost your job have unexpected bills to pay or face a health issue. If you find yourself in a tough financial situation and need help putting food on the table then some organizations can help you.

Who can get help With Free christmas Food and Groceries in Fayette County Kentucky?

The organizations are here to help you if you fall in low income family. You need to meet some basic criteria for help. Basically they will ask you to show your income And it should be below a certain level. You need to provide some documentation to prove your situation.

Eligibility criteria For Free christmas Food and Groceries in Fayette County Kentucky

The specific criteria is likely to vary from one organization to another. 

  • If you want to qualify for the assistance then your income should be below certain level. This ensures that the help goes to the one who needs the most.
  • The size of your family or household might affect your eligibility criteria. You can qualify for the assistance if you come from a large family and have a higher income threshold to qualify for assistance.
  • You will also need to live in Fayette County To get help from the local organization.
  • You might be asked for identification to confirm your eligibility criteria.
  • Some organizations have programs specifically for seniors children or kids with special needs. If you fall in any of these categories there might be extra assistance available for you.
  • If you are facing any emergency like homelessness or certain crises then you might be eligible for more immediate assistance.

Free food banks and groceries Fayette County Kentucky

Organizations that help with Free food and groceries Fayette County Kentucky

Several organizations in the community have made it their mission to assist anyone in need, regardless of the nature of those individuals’ predicaments or their histories. At the very bottom of every agency, a phone number can be used to contact further free food programs.

Redeemed Christian Church of God

Help individuals in need by providing them with dry and canned goods, dairy products, bread, paper products, and personal hygiene. In addition, occasional warm meals are available, as well as feasts for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, for working poor or homeless people. Christianity is the foundation of corporate social responsibility, and the church, not businesses, is supposed to set an example for the rest of the world to follow rather than the other way around.

Redeemed Christian Church of God consider Christian Social Responsibility a conscious channel for Christians to make a visible impact in various crucial sectors of society, and they believe this is an important goal for the Christian community. Where many people view societal concerns and the scale they exist on all across the planet.

When they collaborate with individuals, communities, political leaders, and governments worldwide, they perceive an opportunity to make decisive efforts toward creating solutions.

SHEMBAGS are the eight distinct sub-parts that make up the CSR program. These sections have been given the acronym SHEMBAGS.

The meanings of each letter in the acronym are as follows: Social | Health | Education | Business | Arts and Culture | Government | Sports. These sections focus primarily on areas of activity that are shared by individuals and communities all around the world.

Working with individuals, business bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and governments to accomplish these objectives is part of the corporate social responsibility that the RCCG organization is committed to upholding.

Address: 2130 Trade Center Drive, Lexington, Kentucky, 40509

Contact: 859-405-5519

Lexington Share Center

Lexington Share Center A charitable organization providing a wide range of social services. Assistance is available throughout Fayette County in the form of financial aid, free groceries, fresh fruits, and whole grain pasta, as well as applications for WIC and SNAP food stamps. You could also learn about job programs, housing options, and more.

Each week, the pantry offers free groceries and food to needy families. The church might also have gently used shoes or school supplies for distribution.

A few other charities and non-profit organizations include the following. They operate across Fayette County, Kentucky, and Lexington and offer everything from food to clothing, utility bill assistance, counseling, transitional housing opportunities, and more; they even help needy children. This church is a faith-based junior high and senior high youth center that has been serving the Greater Lexington area for over 45 years.

Food banks and pantries in Lexington are located across the city, and you can call any of the following organizations to get more information on what is offered. Each food bank does its best to provide free food, groceries, and perishable items to those who need help, so they may also have additional resources not listed here.

Address: 572 Georgetown Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40508-0031

Call: 859-270-9402

Salvation Army of Central KY – Emergency Services

The following provides a list of the two primary offices that may be found in this region: They are in charge of running a variety of different programs, such as a soup kitchen, and thrift store, and garment closet. In addition, there are Thanksgiving dinners and free Christmas meals provided by an organization called Angel Tree. Angel Tree also provides gifts. There might be some limited financial assistance available for rent and utility costs.

They can also help with referrals to government or state of Kentucky assistance programs. The Salvation Army offers food, clothing, and other aid to anyone in Fayette County, Kentucky, including the working poor and families with children. They offer free Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts for kids, free summer meals for school children, and other support.

It may have limited financial aid for a small range of bills, from rent and energy costs to medications. The Lexington, KY, Salvation Army offers a wide variety of resources, including access to food pantries, thrift stores, and even power bill assistance. They also serve the entire county. The non-profit government agency partners with various other social service agencies in the city.

God’s Pantry – Central Christian Church

The free pantry provides several other helpful services in addition to the available foods. There might be some fresh produce or canned goods like cereal or beef, or there could be both. You might also inquire about baby formula, Ensure for senior citizens, or paper goods such as toilet paper or napkins.

The pantry may offer specialty items such as peanut butter. Crisis food may be offered for those below the poverty level with a short-term problem, and there might be information on programs such as food stamps, WIC applications, or free school lunches.

Finally, the free clothing closet can provide necessities like clothing or shoes for work. The goal is that no family goes without. The Lexington, KY, Christian food pantry may also have financial assistance for a broad range of needs, including prescription medications and housing.

The following organizations in Lexington provide some of the most extensive services. Each one is a non-profit organization that focuses on specific functions. Food sites and kitchens offer free food in Lexington, Kentucky, free groceries, or even boxes of non-perishable food to those who qualify at no charge; they may even have free diapers.

Address: 219 East Short Street, Lexington, KY 40507

Contact: (859) 255-6592

Fayette County Community Action

The charitable organization offers various aid initiatives. Food for immediate consumption is one. In addition, there are applications for grants, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Summer Meals, and several breakfast and lunch programs offered by the USDA, among other programs.

Grants for paying bills can be obtained. The non-profit may have money for utility and heating bill assistance, rent help, prescription medications, housing, and more. Lexington, Kentucky, community action agency may also offer clients access to job-finding services, government programs, and referrals. They also have a food pantry, and the Lexington, Kentucky, community action agency may have perishable foods and groceries to take home.

The government provides some of the most specialized assistance available to Kentuckians, including job training, energy assistance, and financial aid.

The organization provides information on applications that are available in this town. They may have federal cash assistance for rent or utility bill-paying assistance. Christmas Emergency food boxes could be provided too.

Northeast Christian Church

Help is available from the charity for anyone in need, including homeless people, single mothers, and people without jobs. There is a possibility that there are also some articles of clothing or hygiene supplies such as detergent, feminine products, or razors.

Finally, there may also be emergency energy bill help and case management. For emergency needs, the non-profit may have limited financial aid for rent, grocery aid, or a food pantry. The Senior Helping Programs provide free goods and services to senior citizens, disabled adults, and the economically disadvantaged. The non-profit organization looks after the needs of Kentuckians in Lexington, KY, who are 65 years old and older with one or more of five specific programs. Meals on Wheels is a service designed to assist the senior citizens that live in Lexington with daily assistance and care.

Northeast Christian Church non-profit provides a variety of items, such as cooking supplies and various food items, including perishable foods or holiday meals. In addition, they may have medications and prescriptions too. There might be limited financial aid for paying bills from rent or utility costs to medications. If a Kentuckian faces short-term needs, they could also be eligible for these funds.

The non-profit provides free food, clothing, and other goods to those in need. It is the only emergency shelter in Fayette County and can provide access to housing, meals, medical care, and other aid that could be useful to people in Lexington, KY. There are emergency meals available too.

Address: 990 Star Shoot Parkway, Lexington, KY 40509

Contact: 859-536-9176

Meals on wheels doylestown

Those who are housebound are eligible to receive the free service. Homebound individuals can receive free deliveries of frozen and, on occasion, fresh meals. We may be talking about the old or disabled here. In addition to that, a wellness check will be performed.

Some programs are available to those who are low-income and elderly. Meals on wheels doylestown non-profit can provide a range of services, including prescription medications. Emergency food boxes, case management, and budgeting classes help families with financial difficulties. Lexington, Kentucky, pantry may even have perishable foods like canned soup, canned fruits and vegetables, and other low-cost items.

The job training center of Fayette Country offers free employment services and computer lessons for job seekers at the Lexington, KY, Union Rescue Mission. They also have a food pantry.

The government programs that state and federal governments offer some services. They can provide things such as medical care, including prescription medications, food, housing, and even cash assistance for paying bills.

There are several free diaper programs in Fayette County. The non-profits can help low-income families with meeting the needs of their babies or toddlers, including free diapers. The pantries may carry baby formula and other supplies for children or infants.

Address: 460 East Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507

Contact: 859-252-5355

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church Macaroni that has been dried out, canned meats (tuna, ham, fish, and chicken), bread, vegetarian and liquid nutrition supplements, and other foods and items might be found in a free emergency food bank. During the summer, students who are not in school have access to refreshments.

The non-profit may have food and clothing available for the low-income, unemployed, and other individuals in need. Assistance is available to Kentuckians such as: Shelter of last resort is also offered in this program. Also, there may be financial aid from the government, such as WIC vouchers or food stamps.

There are several food pantries located in Kentucky, but the non-profit may be able to provide emergency food boxes too.

It can also help with food and heating bill aid. A financial aid program is also available to low-income families and the unemployed. There will also be utility bill assistance and rent and mortgage help.

Address: 811 Bryan Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky 40505

Contact: 859-252-1119

Greater New Hope Christian 

Greater New Hope Christian Organizes and manages the Angel Food program and referrals to other clothes closets and social support groups.

The non-profit may also have referrals to other local charities and food programs, including clothing closets. They can also help people apply for public aid such as social security or SNAP food stamps.

The charities may have the following items available. The non-profit provides free food, meals, case management, and referrals to government assistance programs in Fayette County, Kentucky, including state and federal resources.

There are several other churches, charities, and organizations to contact in Fayette County, Kentucky. The centers can help the low-income, unemployed, seniors, and people who need help with basic needs like food or rent.

Address: 1713 Jennifer Road Lexington, KY 40505

Contact: (859) 299-4673

God’s Pantry Food Bank

Walking in at any time is impossible. Anyone interested in receiving assistance is required to receive a recommendation. Some available resources are the Backpack Program, a Kid’s Cafe, and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

God’s Pantry Food Bank non-profit agency aims to provide food to Lexington families and individuals with limited resources in the community. They do this by being a food bank, pantry, and resource center. The mission of The Free Store is to enhance the quality of life in Lexington and Fayette County by providing the facility for individuals to store groceries and hence their own ability to make nutritional choices for themselves.

A networking organization that encourages and supports direct action against poverty. They also organize educational programs, anti-poverty art exhibits, performances, public forums, and advocacy opportunities.

They work to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to the underprivileged. They can also assist with bills such as rent and utilities. In addition, the non-profit can help individuals apply for housing programs, food stamps, and much more. This center provides free food for anyone in need that comes to their doors.

Address: 1685 Jaggie Fox Way Lexington, KY 40511

Contact: (859) 255-6592

Food banks that operate by referrals only

Food banks that can only help people who have been recommended to them. These three charitable organizations will support those families and give them a referral if necessary. You can acquire it by contacting a social assistance office in Fayette County, the county’s schools, or an intake center for food stamps.

The pantries can be found at the following locations: Broadway Christian Church, located at 187 North Broadway Street; Saint Luke United Methodist Church, which can be found at 2351 Alumni Drive; or the Cambridge Drive Food Pantry, which can only be accessed through referrals and is located at 1902 Cambridge Drive.

Some of these organizations provide additional resources, including a community kitchen, food pantry, and emergency food boxes. They have other programs as well. Lexington has several primary and secondary schools, the largest being LHS, the second largest being CMS, and WKU.

Lexington has several organizations that support children and youth in Fayette County. The community comprises many churches that provide a safe place for children to grow in Christ. These churches are a vital part of the child’s life in Lexington and are also part of the community’s safety net, which helps ensure that no child goes hungry.

In addition to churches, the following organizations serve children in need in Lexington. Each agency may offer different types of assistance, including food and nutrition services, legal aid for those who are homeless or facing eviction, housing programs for the homeless and low-income, job training, and education.

Some of the additional resources these non-profits include employment services, education and literacy assistance, school supplies, scholarships for kids, and financial assistance for bills such as rent or utilities. They also have other resources available such as clothing or household goods.

Tates Creek Christian Church

Bags of foodstuffs for emergencies and boxes of food for the holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas). It is a non-profit agency committed to helping children and youth in Fayette County, Kentucky. Programs like Kids Cafe, which can feed up to 50 children per day; the backpack program, which provides lunch to students who receive free or reduced-price lunches; and the after-school program are just a few examples of the services offered.

Tates Creek Christian Church non-profit organization in Lexington, KY, offers assistance programs for teens. Services such as the Boys & Girls Club, Computer Literacy program, and the Boys Talent Show are all offered.

It is a non-profit organization that provides groceries and emergency food relief to Lexington’s homeless and low-income families. The Food Shelf also helps provide individuals free access to local or neighborhood events where food may be served.

Address: 3150 Tates Creek Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40502-6448

Contact: 859-266-1621

The Rock United Methodist Church

Families in Fayette County who are working but not making enough money will have access to a food pantry that will stock everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to things such as baby formula.

The Rock United Methodist Church also has a holiday food basket program that provides food to families in need every year. There will be no appointment necessary to make an appointment for assistance. They will provide for families that need short-term food and financial aid.

Their services are provided based on their referrals, and self-screening may be needed to determine if a family qualifies for help. The Rock Church is part of the Sharing Center ministry, so they also have other resources that can assist.

Services offered by the Rock Church include a free clothing closet, free household items, free diapers, and more. A thrift store is also located at the Rock Church facility, and all proceeds will help people in need in Lexington or Fayette County.

Address: 1015 North Limestone Street Lexington, KY 40508

Contact: (859) 255-0712

Parish Church Of Christ

The food bank might be able to provide you with a box of food items. In addition, other hot meals are also distributed.

The non-profit organization is a faith-based charity located in Lexington, Kentucky. Parish Church Of Christ act as a bridge between the church and the community they serve, and they strive to help individuals and families struggling in one way or another. Restoring hope to those who have lost it can be done in several ways, including financial assistance.

The food bank has a wide range of assistance items it can provide to individuals within the community.

Address: 1923 South Main Street Paris, KY 40361

Contact: (859) 987-5623

Hannah’s Closet

There is a connection between this and the Light of Christ. People who meet the requirements are eligible to receive free food, gently worn clothing, furniture, cleaning materials, and personal items from the pantry.

Volunteers open the church at set times each week to individuals who can pick up a free bag of groceries and other supplies. They offer a food pantry and soup kitchen that is open to the public. Those in need of food, clothing, and household items are assisted.

The pantry is open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Hannah’s Closet non-profit organization is located in Lexington. Call them for details about eligibility requirements, hours, and location.

Address: 203 North Poplar Street Richmond, KY 40475

Contact: (859) 576-9721

River Of Life Ministries

Residents going through a difficult time may get assistance at a pantry. A volunteer could also deliver a meal to an older person’s home or to someone who is housebound.

River Of Life Ministries partner with the USDA to offer groceries and other food items at no cost to individuals and families who request them. They may have fresh produce, milk, bread, pasta, and other products that a family could need.

In addition to the food pantry, they also offer clothing and household goods. This church offers several social services. For example, the volunteers may visit people who are likely hospitalized or elderly. A social worker is available for those at risk of homelessness or facing other adversities.

They have a food pantry where individuals can pick up food once every seven days on one of these days, considered “Food Day” at the church.

Address: 829 Clintonville Road Paris, Kentucky 40361

Contact: (859) 987-5407

Blue Grass Community Foundation

The preeminent charitable organization serving the community. In addition to being an enrollment center for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), they provide working for poor and unemployed families with additional forms of assistance. Support around the holidays, assistance with school programs, and referrals to local food pantries are also provided.

Blue Grass Community Foundation partner with local charities and churches to distribute food and other emergency supplies to the poor. They also provide referrals to those in need. The organization focuses on providing aid to people in the Lexington area, but they also work with agencies across Kentucky and the country.

Address: 499 E High St #112 Lexington, Kentucky

Contact: (859) 225-3343

Bethel Harvest Church

There may be referrals to accommodation or shelters, in addition to free meals, throughout the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition to food, the food pantry might also include other supplies, such as clothing and blankets or even personal care items.

Offers free food, groceries, and meals. Bethel Harvest Church also have clothing and household goods for people in a crisis. The hours that the pantry is open may vary, so please call to find out the days and times when you can get assistance. A variety of services are offered. This church team provides food information, including summer food programs and back-to-school lunches.

The volunteers are ready to help the homeless, and free meals and emergency food boxes may be distributed too. It is an emergency assistance program for individuals and families needing food. Receive assistance once every thirty days, which can help them last until their next SNAP benefit cycle.

There are dozens of church partners working with this organization that the United States government created. The churches offer surplus food to help feed low-income families and individuals who need support.

Address: 3260 Lexington Road Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Contact: (859) 881-3939 x219

Gainesway Empowerment Center

The purpose is to assist families in becoming financially independent. Therefore, assistance on a more short-term basis, such as free food, meals, and cash aid from the pantry, may be provided. At the same time, clients will have access to services designed to help them over a longer period, such as job counseling, education, and learning how to budget their money.

Though the pantry is only open once a month, it could mean the difference between going hungry or not for some. Gainesway Empowerment Center distributed about one hundred thousand pounds of food in 2016.

This center can be a place for individuals and families to get the assistance they need. The center may have clothing, food, and other items to support local low-income families. Other assistance can include job counseling, education, and basic needs such as cash aid or even Thanksgiving meals.

Address: 1165 Centre Parkway, Suite 100 Lexington, Kentucky 40517

Contact: (859) 271-8800

How to apply for Free Christmas Assistance in Fayette County Kentucky?

Applying for assistance is really simple all you need to do is follow these steps

  • Firstly you need to get in touch with the organization that you would like to get help from. You can connect them or visit their office in person.
  • When you talk to them you can allow them to know that you are in need of food assistance. They will guide you through the application process.
  • You might be asked to provide some important information about your income family size or specific needs. This will help you determine the right kind of assistance.
  • You might also be required show some documents to prove the situation. Some common documents include proof of income identification and proof of residence. 
  • In some cases they might meet you to discuss your situation in more detail. Here you can get a chance to explain your needs in a better way and the organization can understand how they can help you.
  • Once the application is approved you can start receiving assistance. This might include getting groceries food packages or even hot meals depending on the organization.

Frequently asked Questions

What does the food pantry do to help Fayette County, the Kentucky community?

People who are going through difficult financial times might get assistance from the community food pantry. It’s possible they’ve been laid off from work, experienced a serious health problem, or had their car break down. People who are in need or who are financially disadvantaged and require assistance in obtaining food might receive assistance from the food pantry.

How does a food bank work in Fayette County, Kentucky?

The majority of food banks disperse their donations through a web of local groups that coordinate feeding programs for institutions. This category includes facilities such as homeless shelters, community kitchens, child care centers, homes for the elderly, schools, after-school programs, drug and alcohol treatment initiatives, orphanages, and so on.

What are the benefits of a food bank in Fayette County, Kentucky?

Food banks have the potential to form partnerships with local farmers to expand the availability of fresh, local, and nutritious food to families in need while simultaneously providing support to local farmers. Reduces
food waste, which means that more of the food that is produced might be used to feed the 41 million people in the United States who go hungry every day.

How to get a free food parcel in Fayette County, Kentucky?

To apply, you only need to fill out this application form from organizations, after which you will be required to verify your address and income. Then you should email all that information to the organization’s email address.

If you meet the requirements, they will provide you with one food bank weekly. Additionally, if you cannot collect your food bag at the center, they will do their best to have it brought to you if you cannot collect it there.


The county of Fayette provides access to a wide variety of other resources. A resident has access to not only additional free food pantries but also additional food pantries that may be more convenient for them. The kind of support that is offered varies depending on the locality. Many food banks and organizations in the vicinity of Lexington, Kentucky, conduct programs for low-income families, working for low-income families, and struggling homes. They are eligible to receive free groceries, personal hygiene products, baby formula, and other perishable items, as well as items whose price has been decreased. There are additional facilities in and around the Lexington area that will, on an as-needed basis, give low-income individuals with food, serve them a meal, or distribute free groceries.

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