Give Back this Holiday Season

Give Back this Holiday Season : Christmas is a time for giving, which means more than just exchanging gifts. If you want to make the world a better place this December, here are some ways you can get involved:

-Eat dinner at home with friends and family instead of going out to eat. You’ll spend less money and help the environment at the same time!

-Give handmade gifts or donate to charity in someone else’s name.

-Help people in need by giving your time, a ride, or simply offering a hand up.

-Look out for someone less fortunate than you so they can have the same things you enjoy.

-Send a holiday card to someone less fortunate than you.

-Remember family traditions like walking around the neighborhood or watching the Christmas tree lights go on. These things help families connect and become closer as a unit.

-Buy local crafts, food, and other items at holiday bazaars.

-Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, make sure to get enough sleep!

Give Back this Holiday Season and help

Eating right and getting enough sleep will help you function at your best. If you can Give Back this Holiday Season and help someone else this winter season, you’ll be helping yourself as well! Being kind is the best way to show people that you love them this time of year.

Women’s Center Youth & Family Services

There are more ways to help your friends and family than just getting them a gift. You can give the gift of time by volunteering your services to community organizations. During the holiday season, WCYFS, a non-profit organization based in Stockton, provides people in the community with two opportunities to assist them in furthering their mission to Get Free Christmas Help near San Joaquin County, CA.

The first option is to adopt a person or family currently residing in a local shelter. Through this “adoption,” individuals are matched with a family for whom they can buy Christmas presents. The other change is the holiday toy drive, in which WCYFS collects toys and other items such as socks, underwear, and other personal care items.

Giving back to the community is a great gift and a way to get yourself into the spirit of Christmas. If you’re looking for ways to help this holiday season, consider donating time to one of AHA’s programs.  Currently, volunteers are needed in two locations: New York City, where they are seeking volunteers to help with the installation of holiday decorations in Central Park, and San Francisco, where there will be an effort to plant more trees.

You can bring your money to the center or give it online by clicking the “contribute” option on the website. If you are interested in volunteering, click the “volunteer” option on the website and contact them.

Address: 620 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton

Contact: (209) 941-2611

Fox 40s Toy Drive

Fox 40, the local news station, is hosting its annual toy drive throughout December. Families can drop off their gently used toys at any FedEx location in Sacramento. All items are then gathered and distributed to the needy throughout the community. The toy drive started a few years ago to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Hospital Sacramento.

Fox 40 wants to remind the community that every child deserves a happy holiday. Fox40 organizes a toy drive annually to provide the patients and children at Shriners Hospital with brand-new Christmas presents. Afterward, the presents are given out while the actions are documented live on television. To encourage people to make donations, Big O provides a service at no cost to those who do so.

Bring your gently used toys to any FedEx location throughout December. You can also drop off your toys at any Fox 40 stations in Sacramento, Stockton, Chico, Redding, or Modesto. To find a location near you, check out the Fox 40  Chico website.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm will donate 10% of the proceeds made on its website to the Sacramento region. Customers who purchase at least one bed and four additional bed items will be eligible for a donation.

The donation will be sent through in-store coupons, but online shoppers can also create an account and add their items to a “purchase” list, which acts as their donation record. Those who purchase $150 or more can designate each item as a different gift. For example, the customer can designate each item as a different gift.

For example, the customer can designate one bed as the “Mom” gift and the other three as the “daughter” gift. The online shoppers must have everything shipped to a Sacramento region address. Donations will be accepted at local sleep train sites to benefit the company’s holiday drive, an event during which anybody can contribute clothing, toys, shoes, and coats to foster children growing up in the foster system. The efforts taken by the company helped more than 60,000 children in the state of California.

Donations can be dropped off at any of the locations listed below. Donations during the holiday season will be received up to December 10. Items donated beyond the 10th of the month will still be put to use helping kids who are in foster care because all gifts are received and distributed every week.

Address: 2272 Daniels St., Manteca

Goodwill for training and employment

Good Will helps people who need job training and employment opportunities. They provide job training support, help individuals hold jobs, and assist those who face barriers to employment.

If you are looking for a job, Good Will provides assistance, which is an opportunity for people who need to learn how to get one. You may think you know how to get a job and have all the qualifications, but Good Will will assist you in finding a good-paying job.

Good Will also offers other resources to help people with various needs. They offer Computer Training, Learning Assistance, and Job Readiness services. All these programs are available to the public at low cost and make it possible for people to learn how to use the computer or the internet.

Good Will is an organization that helps individuals with job training, employment assistance, housing, and other services. They provide job training support, help individuals hold jobs, and assist those who face barriers to employment. If you are looking for a job, Good Will provides assistance, which is an opportunity for people who need to learn how to get one. You may think you know how to get a job and have all the qualifications, but Good Will will assist you in finding a good-paying job.

Good Will also offers other resources to help people with various needs. They offer Computer Training, Learning Assistance, and Job Readiness services. All these programs are available to the public at low cost and make it possible for people to learn how to use the computer or the internet.

Stockton Heat Coat Drive

The Stockton Heat will host its annual toy drive in December. We are asking everyone to bring gently used toys they don’t need anymore. The toys will be donated to the Children’s Center for Homeless and Prevention, Inc. (CHAP).

Stockton Heat, who play in the American Hockey League, needs winter weather items for its community partners directing homeless families and children from the streets into permanent housing. They will be collecting items such as socks, gloves, hats, and scarves. All the donations can be dropped off at your local Stockton Heat Ice Arena during December.

Every year they rally kids in need of new clothes, toys, and winter boots to help keep them warm during their drive. Every week during the holiday season from October to Christmas Eve (December 25), homeless children from Foster Care spend a night at the Ronald McDonald House.

For one night only, fans can trade in their game tickets for brand-new or lightly used coats at the Stockton Heat arena. On December 7, everyone who donates a jacket of any size will be eligible for a complimentary game ticket.

The members of the community who are most in need are then allowed to select a coat from the stack. This activity is a component of the Stockton Coat, Blanket, and Sock Drive, which assists the neighborhood community.

If you would like to receive a game night ticket in return for a new or lightly used coat, please bring it to the Stockton Arena Ticket Office. All the coats will be given to the people in need at Ronald McDonald House during their coat drive night.

The Sacramento SPCA is hosting its winter coat and blanket drive until January 15, 2019. To participate in the drive, you can donate supplies directly to one of their many centers or find a designated drop-off location near you.

Address: 248 W. Fremont St., Stockton

Brighter Christmas

Brighter Christmas is a new program where more than 5,000 kids need clothing to participate in a Christmas event every year. During this event, the kids in need of clothing and their families will be able to fill a bag with brand-new clothes at no cost.

Then the families will receive toys, coats, and even shoes if they need them. All those who are in need are welcome to this program.

If you live in the Sacramento area, you can donate your gently used clothes to Brighter Christmas. When you donate, you can choose which non-profit organization the clothes will be donated to.

The clothes that are donated will then be sold in their thrift stores or online. You can also earn a gift card for each bag of clothes you bring in. The underprivileged population of Tracy is helped throughout the Christmas season by Brighter Christmas, which gathers, arranges, and distributes gifts and food throughout the city.

Over more than 40 years, the organization has relied on the efforts of volunteers to not only present many people with gifts but also to feed families during the Christmas season. More than 520 families, including more than 1,250 children, received assistance from the program in 2018.

Stop by the West Valley Mall’s Angel Tree to lend a helping hand. Each card contains information regarding the age and gender of a child who needs a holiday gift. Between November 29 and December 21, you can drop off your gifts. To volunteer, email [email protected].

Salvation Army Lodi Corps

The Salvation Army Lodi Corps hosts its annual Basket Raffle and Toy Parade in springtime. The raffle is held at the Lodi Fire Department on the day before Thanksgiving, and the toy parade is held on December 1. Both events are open to individuals and organizations that want to help needy families with their needs. The events raise approximately $30,000 for local families during this time.

All toys must be in new/unused condition except batteries (if applicable). If you want to donate a toy (or basket), please call the kettle captains or drop off your donation at Lodi Corps.

In 2006, an annual Christmas light show began in downtown Stockton. A group called the “Spirit of Light” began decorating the homes along their neighborhood streets with Christmas lights and decorations. Eventually, the group decided to make it an annual event, which has become a popular Christmas tradition for many residents and visitors of Stockton. The Salvation Army in Lodi gathers products annually to distribute them to those struggling financially.

During the holiday season, specific efforts were made, including the collection of money and the donation of gifts, as well as the continuation of efforts to make food boxes for families in need and personal hygiene care packages for Lodi’s homeless population. During the holiday season of just the previous year, red kettles donated to the Salvation Army Lodi Corps raised a total of $75,000.

Between now and December 24, you can sign up to be a volunteer bell ringer (you can do so online), you can participate in an angel tag exchange and choose a child to buy Christmas presents for, or can donate personal hygiene goods. The most urgent requirement is for non-perishable food items to contribute to assembling three hundred weekly meal boxes for families.

San Joaquin County OES Disaster Services provides disaster relief, financial assistance, rent payments, and education. Between August and November, they provide assistance with utility bills, will pay to rent trailers and motel rooms during disasters, and offer three available programs to the general public. To qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), you must have an income below 150% of the poverty level.

Address: 525 W. Lockeford St., (209) 369-5896

Emergency Food Bank

The Emergency Food Bank of San Joaquin County provides individuals and families with food, nutritional support, and educational resources for those in crisis.

The organization’s goal is to provide food to individuals who have lost their income due to a life-changing event like illness or death of an immediate family member. In 2018, over 11,000 people were served by this program.

In 2016 they provided over 150,000 meals to the hungry in the region, and in 2017 they provided the same amount. The Emergency Food Bank of San Joaquin County is a private non-profit organization serving needy individuals in Stockton and others in that region since 1939.

The organization is an affiliate of the Food Bank For Central and North California, which serves the needs of city life and other areas of Los Angeles, Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. Throughout the year, special projects are planned to feed the needy with food from their warehouse or through donations from the community.

The Winter Child Program provides children in crisis with a hot meal, toys, and educational materials. The toys are distributed by United Way of San Joaquin County, a consortium of 13 non-profit community service agencies, including churches and government organizations.

In 2017 they partnered with emergency feeding programs from across the nation and donated 2,000 meals to the hungry in California. The Emergency Food Bank is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of food insecurity in Stockton and the surrounding area by collecting and distributing food throughout the year.

During the Christmas season, there is typically an increase in demand for food, meaning that the program requires a greater quantity of food and an increased number of volunteers.

The food bank’s operation depends on having people who can drive trucks, operate in warehouses, and handle and sort food donations. If you want to volunteer, sign up as an individual or in a group at The food bank also accepts donations of non-perishable food items, which can be dropped off there.

Address: 7 W. Scotts Ave., Stockton

Contact: (209) 464-7369

Child Abuse Prevention Council

During March and April, Stockton Police Department (SPD) and Stockton Fire Department (SFFD) celebrate their annual “Stockholm Syndrome” event. This annual event raises funds to help support the families of those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty or are struggling with a serious medical condition.

On the evening of April 7, Stockton Police Officers and SFFD personnel are honored with a parade through town. The event begins at 5:30 pm. After the parade, Officers and firefighters will spend time with families sharing their experiences and support systems as they cope with these painful circumstances.

On December 1, the Stockton Police Officers’ Foundation (SPOF) hosts its annual Toy Parade, in which everything is made by volunteers and donated through donations throughout the year. The parade starts at 9:30 am, and all proceeds go to help a child, as well as the family of an Officer or another emergency responder, who have been affected by a serious illness or life-threatening situation.

The Stockton Police Officers’ Foundation was founded in 1995 by its president and current Chief of Police, Eric Jones. The foundation organized its first Toys for Tots drive that year after receiving a request from Marines stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana. CAPC, an organization whose mission is to safeguard children and improve families through outcome-driven programming, recognizes that compassion is the most important factor in determining its level of success. During the winter holidays, community members are encouraged to adopt a struggling family by providing them with Christmas gifts based on a wish list.

You can offer your time by emailing [email protected], or you can give your time by contacting the CAPC to be paired with a family.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office provides training and support for healthcare professionals and law enforcement officials regarding child sexual abuse cases. The DA’s office also collaborates with social service agencies to develop a protocol to guide how child sexual abuse is handled.

Address: 540 N. California St., Stockton

Contact: (209) 464-4524

Mary Graham Children’s Shelter

Mary Graham Children’s Shelter offers a home for children who have been removed from their homes due to child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. This year Mary Graham is celebrating 20 years of providing refuge and healing to children at risk of entering the foster care system.

In 2014, Mary Graham celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting “Celebration for Hope,” an event that was a tribute to all the people and organizations who helped it succeed during the past five decades. On August 5, the day of the event, Mary Graham was filled with volunteers and supporters who provided a day of fellowship to the families it serves.

In 2016 Mary Graham committed to begin a program called “Open Arms,” which its Coordinator, Gail Jackson, said “will provide more consistent supervision of children and their families” because there is no one assigned specifically to this task.

The shelter is open throughout the year to fill the gaps in resources and care for children who are part of the foster care system. San Joaquin County has roughly 1,400 children in foster care at any time. As part of these efforts, it will be given to many youngsters throughout Christmas.

These presents will either be purchased using the money that has been donated or will be given by members of the community. Donations of Christmas presents can be dropped off at the facility, which is open around the clock. Although there is a demand for products for children of all ages, the shelter has a specific request for gifts for teenagers because these are less frequently provided than gifts for younger children.

At Mary Graham, there are other programs the community can participate in and helps to fund. The “Emergency Care Fund” is an account in which those who wish to can donate money that the organization can use as funds are needed. All monies collected from donations go directly toward caring for children at Mary Graham Children’s Shelter.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office also provides training for law enforcement officials and professionals who work with children and young adults who may have been victims of child sexual abuse. Don’t forget to check out FREE Christmas Help near San Joaquin County, CA!

Address: 6861 Mary Graham Ln., French Camp

Contact: (209) 468-6966

The case for Kids

This program was established by the Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) in 1998. This is a community outreach program that pays for psychological counseling services. A child who receives services can stay at the case for Kids facility until they are ready to reunite with their family.

When a child has been removed from their home due to substantiated allegations of child abuse and neglect, they are placed in foster care or with a relative or an adoptive family. The case for Kids program helps ensure that the child’s educational needs are met.

The “Peer Court” is a vital justice program created by SUSD students at Lincoln and Franklin High Schools. This program is used as an alternative to prosecuting juveniles who commit crimes. This program provides an understanding of the harm caused by juvenile crimes and helps these individuals learn from their mistakes.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office also offers training for professionals who work with these young adults. Case for Kids assists youths entering foster care for the first time throughout the year.

Every child in Tracy’s foster care system is provided with a plastic tote with age-appropriate clothing and a few other personal items. This ensures the children have something to call their own as they adjust to living in a new household. Simply visiting the organization’s Facebook page at is the most effective approach to becoming engaged with the cause. Followers can select a child they want to advocate for by putting together a case for them here, where all donation requests are made.

The United States District Court, Northern District of California, has announced that it will be hosting a “Call to Care” event in April 2017. This one-day event encourages the entire community to engage in the foster care system by donating time or funding. This event will be held on Saturday, April 22, at the San Joaquin County Rodeo Grounds in Stockton.

Address: 1852 W. 11th St., #134, Tracy


When there is a need, every community acts to help. In Stockton to Give Back this Holiday Season, the community has come together to create a movement of support for those who have been abused and neglected in the foster care system.

The United States District Court, Northern District of California, has announced that it will be hosting a “Call to Care” event in April 2017.

This one-day event encourages the entire community to engage in the foster care system by donating time or funding. The organization, Mary Graham Children’s Shelter, has risen from the ashes to become a pillar of support in the foster care system.

San Joaquin County has approximately 1,400 children in foster care at any time. The organization helps these youths by providing opportunities for personal growth through educational enrichment programs and workshops which teach better money management skills.


 Do you need to donate?

Yes, this is a community-funded organization, so we need funding from the community! We don’t receive any government funding. Donations are tax-deductible and will be applied to individual cases at Mary Graham Children’s Shelter.

 Do you have a wish list for the children?

Yes, we do have wish lists for the children in our care. You can request a wish list of items by clicking here.

How are the children chosen? Who selects the child?

San Joaquin County Children and Family Services (JCFS) makes referrals to Mary Graham Children’s Shelter. JCFS chooses which children they want to place in Mary Graham’s care based on their ability to thrive in our community. Their placement is based on need, safety, and ability to thrive in our community.

Are children placed in foster homes?

No, the shelter is our home. Our goal is for the children to transition back into their biological family or be adopted into a loving, safe, nurturing home.

 Are the children separated by age?

No, all ages are in one building. Their individual needs will determine their living arrangements (room size).

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