Organizations That Offers Free Christmas Gifts

Free Christmas gifts for low-income families from organizations and programs – Today in this article we are going to share information on Free Christmas gifts for low income families. As you know, Christmas shopping can be really hectic because of inflation. Price of everything is skyrocketing these days and therefore the low income families struggle a lot. There are supply chain issues all over the world that have increased the prices of commodities. But do not lose hope as there are many organizations that are offering free christmas gifts to the kids of low income families. Christmas is a grand festival that every family wants to celebrate joyfully. But the reality is that the spending on Christmas is quite high and the low income families struggle a lot to even put food on their table. We will be providing information about all the organizations and charities that provide Christmas support to the families that are struggling so that you can enjoy your Christmas.

How can i get free christmas gifts for low income families

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and loved ones. However, for many low-income families, Christmas can be difficult to come by. By making the Christmas gift of choice for your family, you can make sure that everyone has an enjoyable holiday season. Additionally, gifts are available for low-income families which makes it easy to choose the perfect present for someone special. Here are few organizations and programs we are adding below that can help you to get various free stuffs on this christmas.

The holiday season is ideally a time of joy and celebration but it can also be difficult for you if you are facing any financial difficulties thankfully you can rely on some organizations and programs that offer assistance to ensure that every person can enjoy a special holiday.

Eligibllity Criteria for receiving free Christmas gifts

Income level

There are several programs and organizations that provide you with free Christmas gifts but they focus on the low income families. Your family’s income must generally fall below a certain threshold to qualify. The income limit is likely to vary from one program to another. You need to check the specific guidelines.


Some assistance programs would require families to live in a specific area. At the same time others would require you to live somewhere else.

Age of children

There are several Christmas gifts programs that just focus on providing gifts to kids. Depending on the organization the age range for eligible children would vary. It is pretty common for all the programs to cater to the children from infants to teenagers.

No duplication

In some cases you will be just encouraged to apply for one assistance program to ensure that several families receive one support. Applying to multiple programs simultaneously would disqualify you from receiving assistance.

Deadlines and application procedures

To secure the free Christmas gifts for your loved ones it is important for you to be aware about the application deadlines. Deadlines and procedures are likely to vary among all the organizations so you need to read through and understand the requirements.

Research and planning

You need to start your preparation by researching about the local programs and organizations that offer the Christmas assistance. You need to make a list of the programs that you would like to apply for and take note of the deadlines and application procedures.

The early bird catches the worm so many programs open their application processes even before the holiday season. It would begin around September or October. To increase your chances of receiving assistance you can apply in early as programs work on first come first serve basis.

You have to be ready to provide specific documents to support your application. These documents might include proof of income identification information about your kids age and needs. You have to prepare the documents in advance to streamline your application process.

If you’re unsure about the application process or you have any queries about the eligibility criteria you have to connect with the program directly. They can guide you with the process and provide you the clarification on any doubts.

Some programs might still use paper applications. These applications can usually be found at the local community centers or other programs. You need to complete the form as instructed and return it to the designated location

Local community organizations churches schools and social service agencies can help you with the application process. You can reach out to the resources for guidance and support.

After submitting your application there might be some waiting time while the organization reviews your request. During this time you have to be patient and also be prepared to provide any extra information if needed.

You will receive a notification if your application is approved. They will typically inform you about the time date and the location where you can collect your Christmas gifts.

List of Organizations That Offers Free Christmas Gifts

Luckily there are Organizations that offer free Christmas Gifts to the low income families so that they can have a good Christmas. Check out the organization that has been listed below:

The Salvation Army (Angel Tree)

I hope you are already familiar with the name The Salvation Army as they have always come forward to help the low income people with almost everything. So, if you are looking for help during the holidays then the Salvation Army can help you with the resources they have. You can find them with ringing bells and collection tins in most of the places where you are shopping for holiday gifts.

You can find soup kitchens and food pantries just outside the Salvation Army. But remember that they have limited resources and therefore it is not possible for them to help everyone out there. There are many people waiting to get some food. So, if you want free toys for your kid you can contact the Salvation Army center and ask for help.

There are some best programs that are run by the Salvation Army that offers free gifts, meals and other basic needs to the low income and needy families. The programs have been listed below:

Holiday Events

The Salvation Army runs various Christmas events to offer parties for the children and they also visit children’s hospitals so that everyone can enjoy the holiday.

Angel Tree Program

Angel Tree Program is another program that is run by the Salvation Army that offers Christmas gifts to the children who are less privileged. They offer them free clothes and toys so that they can enjoy Christmas.

Qualification Required for free gifts from Angel Tree

The families with low and moderate income can apply for free gifts from Angel Tree. But remember once you apply for this program you cannot enroll in any other programs.

Deadline of Angle Tree to sign up for free gifts

The time to sign up for free is between the months of September and November. However, it is highly recommended  to sign up earlier as it will increase your chances to get free toys.

Application Procedure for Angel Tree

You can register your child online or you can also use the local Salvation Army Corps Community Center. First of all you need to provide all the information about the wishes of your child. After that the organizers take those lists of wishes and then make paper angles that are displayed in high traffic areas. So, there are many people who will purchase items and drop those things at the Salvation Army center. Then the volunteers of Salvation Army will arrange it and further distribute it to the children’s.

Bill-Pay Assistance

The Salvation Army also helps the families with bill assistance so that they can enjoy their holidays without worrying about the bills.

Grocery and Food Assistance

They also provide grocery and food assistance where the meals are delivered to the struggling families. However, the service is offered the whole year, not just during the holidays.

Make A Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is another well known charitable foundation that helps children. Their main aim is to grant the Christmas wishes of the children, they also run their programs throughout the year. There are many kids who have faced life-threatening medical conditions from 2 to 18 years old by providing them with the required help.

Make-A Wish Foundation also wants to make a child’s holiday special that they have never experienced in their life. So, if you miss the holidays then there is nothing much to worry as the foundation grants the wishes throughout the year. If you know any child in the age bracket who is looking for help then share this information with them. You can also fill up their referral inquiry form and make a wish.

Qualification For Free Toys from Make A Wish Foundation

The kids that are aged between 2 1.2 to 18 years and suffering from life-threatening illness. However, they do not have any specific holiday program for the kids and they might offer Christmas gifts to the kids if they wish.

The Deadline to Sign Up for Free Toys From Make a Wish Foundation

There is no specific deadline and therefore you can grant wishes whenever you want to.

Application Procedure of Make a Wish Foundation

The friends and family can refer a child online and then they will be contacted by a member of Make a Wish Foundation.

Marine Corps Toys for Tots

When you are a Marine, you already know the important of serving the community. Toys for Tots is a popular community charity, a program that is organized by the US marine corps, whose main motive is to serve the community, and helps in collecting toys for donations from the community to provide those toys to the needy children in local communities. Various charities and community groups cooperate with the Marines to stockpile the toys that were passed down as gifts.

Christmas being one of the prime and magical recess time for the children across the world is usually the best time to provide charities like Toys for Tots that makes people feel good about contributing to something worthwhile.

Qualification for Free Gifts from Toys for Tots

Generally there are no specific criteria; however the charity mainly collaborates with other local organizations that help them in locating families having kids under 12 and are really in need of help. They have received immense support in some areas and therefore they are able to serve children for more than 12 years.

What is the deadline for signing up for free gifts from Toys for Tots?

Remember that each state follows a different deadline for Toys for Tots. However to know the exact dates and deadlines you can try the Toys for Tots campaign search.

The Application Procedure for Toys for Tots

When you are looking for help from Toys for Toys, it is important for you to visit their website. You can click on “donate or request a toy” and use the search feature to find a local campaign that is currently serving in the current area.

You need to fill up the application online within the deadline. However, there are some campaigns that start in early October. You have to provide the names and ages of your kids along with a proof of residency. You also need to explain why you need help with toys. You will find a coordinator who will guide you through the whole process.

Free christmas gifts for low income families
Free christmas gifts for low income families

Prison Fellowship Christmas assistance

Prison Fellowship is another popular Christmas charity but most of the people would not prefer it is the Angel Tree Christmas Program that is on Prison Fellowship. When you are thinking of helping your kids the two parents have to work hard but still they are unable to meet their needs.

Have you ever thought of those kids whose parents are in prison? These kids did nothing wrong to deserve this kind of situation. So, holidays can be really hard for them when their parents are in prison. The Prison Fellowship offers the children free gifts all over the world so they will feel good and will know that someone is there to care for them.

United Way Christmas help 

United Way is another well known charity that offers help to the families throughout the year.  During holidays, United Way works relentlessly to help out the low income families. The best thing is that they have collaborated with various charities to offer Gift Tree Initiatives and other Christmas assistance to the families that are struggling.

So, if you are looking for help during the holidays then United Way christmas assistance program is the best place from where you can get help. The organization has various connections with other charities in the community. It does not matter about what situation you are in as United Way is likely to help you during the holiday season. You can also visit the official website of United Way and get more information about their programs.

Christmas Spirit Foundation

When you want to get into the Christmas spirit then you can try to donate to charities like the Christmas Spirit Foundation. It is hard to imagine being a soldier overseas, very far from your loved ones. The Christmas Spirit Foundation mainly organizes a program named “Trees  for Troops” that packages and ships Christmas trees to the troops who are stationed overseas. The service is applicable worldwide so there is nothing to worry about.

During Christmas time a Christmas tree will make all the differences and you will be able to feel the spirits of Christmas. Yes, it is true that you cannot be with your loved ones during the holiday, but a Christmas tree can bring out the memory of your home.

Samaritan’s : Operation Christmas Child

The Samaritan’s Purse is operated by the Christian relief organization. This charity has already collaborated with various charities all over the world providing shoeboxes that are filled with goodies, school supplies and toys for the less privileged children. There are a lot of people who donate different types of goodies and the shoe boxes are filled with those things. However, it does not require a lot to fill a shoebox but it can surely make a child happy during the Christmas time.

Apart from that the organization also offers shoeboxes to the communities in various countries all around the world. There are many communities that are highly affected because of war, disease, famine and many more. When you do not have any items to donate, you can also make cash donations so that they can purchase the items and also cover the shipping cost.

Be an Elf

Be an Elf has collaborated with the USPS Operation Santa and it aims to help out the needy kids with toys during Christmas. The volunteers also adopt a letter written to Santa Online and purchase gifts for that particular family.

What are the qualifications for free toys from Be an Elf ?

Anyone can write a letter to Santa, but remember that Be an Elf prioritizes and posts only those letters that belong to USPS of families that are struggling financially.

What is the deadline to sign up for free toys under Be an Elf?

The deadline to sign up for free toys under Be an Elf is around late October. However, the participants can apply for it until 28th of November.

How to apply for toys from Be an Elf?

First of all you need to qualify for getting a toy from Be an Elf, you need to write a letter and mail it to Santa using the USPS Operation Santa. However, if you are facing any problems and unable to provide gifts to your children then you can write them at:

Santa Claus

123 Elf Road

North Pole 88888

When your family is not going through any financial issues and the child still wants to write a letter to Santa then you can use:

Santa Claus

North Pole

However, there is no assurance that you are going to get the assistance. Be an Elf mainly prioritizes the less privileged children. There are some tips from Be an Elf so that you can easily get noticed. They generally recommend mainly family letters in one envelope so the volunteers will be able to know that you are in one unit.

It is also important to write the exact reasons why you are looking for financial assistance. After that you can ask your kids to write a letter to thank the volunteer and also listing the type of gift he or she wants for Christmas. It is recommended to ask for simple things like toys and clothes from Be an Elf. However, you can also ask for gift cards so that you can use them to purchase gifts of your choice.

Dream Foundation

The Dream Toy Program by Dream Foundation offers free toys for the children that are under the age of 18. Those children are offered toys who live with or have lost their loved ones. These children’s parents or guardians are terminally suffering from illness or end-of-life care.

The Dream Foundation has also partnered with Hasbro and Ty, Inc (Toy companies) to offer hundreds of children with toys. The volunteers of Dream Foundation are also  working relentlessly and they pack boxes for the child filled with toys and games so that they can enjoy their Christmas.

Qualification for free gifts from Dream Foundation

When you want to receive from Dream Foundation, you must be a dependent child who is living the household of a Dream Program or Dreams for Veterans recipient.

  • Living in the United States ( includes Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska)
  • Has already applied and the application has been approved for Dream Program
  • You do not have resources to fulfill the Dream Request.
  • You are suffering from terminal diagnosis and having a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

What is the deadline to submit the application to receive free gifts from Dream Foundation?

Generally, there is no deadline to submit the application. The Dream application is always available no matter what time it is. Once you are approved for the Dream program, your children are eligible for free toys.

Family Tree

Family Giving Tree is another program that is designed for low income families. They have a Holiday Wish Drive Program that mainly operates in the California Bay Area.

Qualification for free toys from Family Giving Tree?

The best thing about Family Giving Tree is that they have collaborated with more than 300 service agencies that are 501 (c ) (3) organizations. The organization has served more than 120,000 children and also helped many individuals in the Bay Area.  The agencies have reached out to many people to fulfill their holiday wishes in the month of August.

The wishes of the people are placed on Virtual Giving Tree (VGT) on their website in the month of November. As state in their website “ they serve those who without their services would go without basic necessities or services”

What is the deadline to sign up for free toys from Family Giving Tree?

The agencies started to get their wishes from families from the starting of August.

What is the application procedure to get free toys from Family Giving Tree Agencies?

When you are living in the Bay Area you can ask for help from a local agency or non profit organization.  It is important for you to contact your local organization and participate in the Family Giving Tree Program. When you want to receive help you can also try contacting any Family Giving Tree partnered organization.

Christmas Cops

There are many local police departments and police organizations that have partnered with local businesses, causes, charities and citizens to help out those people who are in need during the Christmas. The Rancho Cordova Police Department’s Youth Service United has helped more than 350 families with Christmas gifts.

The registration generally begins in the month of October at the Kilgore Station at 2897 Kilgore Road in Rancho Cordova, CA.. The registered parents will be getting toys and gift wrap from the children to celebrate Christmas.

The Application Procedure:

  • You need to show proof of address.
  • You need a valid identification like a passport or a driver’s license.
  • Also, proof of that child who attends Sacramento City Unified School District School in Rancho Cordova city limits, Elk Grove Unified School District and Folsom Cordova Unified School District.

If you have any questions you can call at 916-875-9627 and contact Christmas in Cordova

The programs are available all over the nation:

  • The Port Orange Police Department launched Cops for Christmas in the year 2020. It generally operates in Florida. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Sanford, FL operates a Christmas Village and provides the under privileged children with toys.
  • The Plano Police Association Christmas Cops program is another non-profit that is maintained by local police, volunteers and the community members. It generally operates in Texas and was started in 1984. They offer non-perishable food, coats, toys and other basic requirements every year to the low income families.

So, when you are in love with a Christmas present you can directly contact the local police department and ask about the events that are coming in the holiday season.

USPS Operation Santa

Operation Santa has been running for more than 100 years, it allows the kids to write letters to Santa and share their Christmas wishes. USPS Operation Santa has also collaborated with Be an Elf, and there is a network of volunteers who are ready to fulfill the wishes of the children all over the United States.

Qualification for free Toys from USPS Operation Santa

The people who are living in the United States can directly write a letter to them. Your age, income or religion does not matter thus anyone can write a letter to them.

The Deadline To Sign Up For Free Toys from USPS Operation Santa

The last date to sign up for free toys from Operation Santa is November 28th. You can send them a letter and ask for further assistance.

Application Procedure For USPS Operation Santa

When you need any kind of assistance you can directly write a letter to Santa Claus with your kid’s wishes at 123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888.  Operation Santa will post the letter online and other organizations can also share the letters.

There are also volunteers who can also adopt families on the USPS website and further send gifts. When your family needs any financial help then your child can directly write to them. The mailing address is Santa Claus, North Pole.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Little Helpers is an online Reddit Community that mainly offers help to the families so that they can enjoy their Christmas.

Qualification for help from Santa’s Little Helpers

Anyone is open to register and get help from Santa’s Little Helpers. High priority is given to those families who are unable to buy gifts for their children at Christmas.

When is the deadline for help from Santa’s Little Helpers

You can start signing up for help from Santa’s Little Helpers from the month of October.

What is the application procedure cure for help from Santa’s Little Helpers?

When the registration procedure opens the families can get free toys by visiting the Reddit thread to start the application process. After that you need to create an Amazon wishlist describing yourself and your needs. Then you need to pick out the toys and clothes for your kids. So, the online Reddit users will be able to purchase chosen gifts from your Amazon wishlist on behalf of you.

The importance of giving back For Christmas

The holiday season is synonymous with giving And the act of giving back holds profound significance. It goes way beyond material gifts and donations. It includes the spirit of generosity kindness and empathy.

Fostering empathy and compassion

Giving back will teach you to understand and care for the struggles and needs of people around you. It will encourage you to quote in somebody else’s shoes fostering empathy and compassion.

Strengthening communities

When you come together to support each other you create a network of strength and resilience. The act of kindness generosity can help you improve the bonds within a community.

Spreading joy and happiness

Acts of giving bring joy to people who receive and also to the people who Give. When you see the happiness and gratitude and the pieces of those you help it can be a rewarding experience for you.

Countering materialism

The holiday season is basically linked with materialism. Giving back will help you counter this trend by focusing on the value of intangible gifts like love care and support.

Building a sense of purpose

Contributing to the well-being of others can provide you a profound sense of purpose. It will remind you that you have the power to make a positive difference in this world.

Teaching values to your children

When you encourage your children to participate in giving back activities it will instill important values in them like generosity empathy and social responsibility.

Creating a ripple effect

You must know that the act of kindness and giving can create a ripple effect. When you give it inspires people around to do the same and you can create a chain reaction of generosity.

Other Help Available During Christmas

There are also other organizations that offer help during Christmas. The organization has been discussed below:

Catholic Charities

I hope you already know about Catholic Charities as they have always come forward to help the low income and needy people with almost everything. It is one of the most faith based organizations that has been operating for more than 100 years.

They run various types of programs to help the families and one of the programs is the “Christmas Food Basket” program. Under this program people donated various things like canned goods, turkeys and other food to families for Christmas dinner. Apart from that they also run programs for Easter and Thanksgiving.  They also run an adopt-a-family program where they help needy people with free clothes, toys and other needy things during Christmas.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America offers after-school programs to the kids that are living around the county. However, it mainly depends on the chapter and they might host some holiday programs. Sometimes they offer holiday toy drivers and meals to those families who are financially struggling.

Assistance League

The Assistance League is another place where you can get help during the holiday season. But it mainly depends on the location where you are residing. The organization runs various programs where the members can adopt any family for holidays, offer food baskets and gifts. There are also some places that host “Santa’s Closet” where the needy people can get gift cards from local retailers and from supermarkets.

Lions Club

The Lions Club chapters are another well known that host different types of events for the needy families so that they can enjoy their holidays. They generally collect items like toys and Christmas trees so that the family can vibe and feel the Christmas. Apart from that they also host holiday parties and offer meals to the people. There are also local businesses who have collaborated to collect toys and Christmas trees and distribute the items to the local families so that they can enjoy their holiday.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Society of St. Vincent de Paul is another best place where you can get Christmas Assistance to the needy people. They collect and then distribute the toys to the kids during holidays. However, you should note that the program varies from one state to another. So, it is important for you to visit their website and get the right information.

Local Schools

As you know, your child’s school guidance counselor is very important and one of the best sources to get help with food and gifts during holidays. There are many community programs that offer gifts during holidays. You can also reach out to the school district office to get more information about the programs.

Try To Donate What You Can During Holidays

It is important for all nations to teach their children that during the holiday season everyone should try to donate something even if they are struggling .There are many children in different parts of the world who don’t even have food and they starve daily. It can be really hard during the holidays with no present but it is important for the kids to understand that they are lucky as they have a roof over their heads and good food to eat. But there are many children who are unable to fulfill the basic needs.


I hope the article has provided you with all the information on Free Christmas gifts for low income families. As you already know now that during Christmas your expenses rise a lot. There are many low income families that are unable to enjoy their Christmas because they are already struggling to cover up their basic needs. But there is nothing to worry as you have already got every detail in the article about the Christmas Assistance Programs along with the eligibility and application procedure. It is important for you to research a bit and apply for the right program. If you know any low income families who are looking for Christmas assistance please share this article with them.

Frequently Asked Question

We are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on Christmas Assistance Programs. Go through the question and answer to gain additional information on the programs.

Are there any other organizations that offer help during holidays?

Yes, there are also many other organizations like Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul, Lions Club, Assistance League and many other that offer help to the needy people during holidays.

What are the programs that offer free toys and gifts?

There are many programs that offer free toys and gifts to the children of low income or needy families. You can search for organizations like Make-A-Wish foundation, the Salvation Army, Christmas Cops, Family Tree and Dream Foundation.

Can I qualify for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program?

To qualify for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, one has to belong from low or moderate income families. However, you should also note that you will not be able to enroll yourself in any other program once you apply for the Angel Tree program.

Are there any Christmas Assistance programs for low income families?

Yes, there are Christmas Assistance Programs for the low income families. The program offers free food, free toys and Christmas trees to the needy families so that they can enjoy their Christmas.

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