Personalized Christmas gifts for Business & Corporate

Personalized Christmas gifts for Corporate & Business Here are some gifts you can give this year in order to get this Christmas off on the right foot. The holiday season is the perfect time to give gifts. These holidays are a time for families to exchange gifts and companies to give their customers or employees small promotional gifts that have a special meaning for them. Our 30 Christmas gift ideas are sure to be a success if you are running out of ideas.

Personalized Calendar for Christmas

Desktop calendars make excellent Christmas gifts for any company, as well as one of their most effective marketing tools. The classic cardboard calendar and spiral paper calendar are available, as well as more sophisticated electronic calendars on which to imprint your logo or message.

Personalized Gifts of pastries on Christmas

To bring out your sweeter side! Your customers will think of you every time they decide to spend their free time in the kitchen when you offer them these products. In recent years, molds for baking cupcakes, cakes, and other types of cupcakes or muffins with fun decorations have become extremely fashionable. With a fun personalized apron, your pastry set will be the talk of the holiday season.

Personalized digital photo frames

It’s nice to remember the best memories, isn’t it? Photographs in digital format have become very popular since the advent of this type of article. There is no limit to how many photos you can put in a frame and let them rotate as a presentation. You can share your best memories with your loved ones forever using this beautiful and modern method.

Traditionalists who like to present beautiful photos or photomontages on paper will use wooden or aluminum frames with original shapes. You may even find photo frames in the shape of trees on which to put the photos of your children as they grow. You can include your message on frames like these by using services such as What a great idea!

Personalized Christmas gifts Box and Baskets for Boyfriend, children and kids

There are a thousand different things to do at home, from watching a movie to taking a bath. There is a big trend among travelers to buy travel packs that include various coupons and discounts on restaurants. Make a weekend out of a spa getaway with your family and friends. The gift you give them will stick with them for a lifetime. Kids’ gift packs with discounts on movies and games or activities at their favorite theme parks make for a great gift for the whole family. You can also give your best employees cheap Christmas baskets filled with all kinds of food if you are the head of a large company.

Personalized gardening gifts

More and more small urban gardens and orchards are found on the balconies of the busy lives in the cities. The best gift we can give to horticulturists and florists is therefore a set of gardening tools that include tools for raking the soil, shovels, gloves, pruning shears, a vaporizer, and a bag to keep everything in. Furthermore, if you personalize the bag with the name of the person, it will be a truly unique and non-transferable gift and extremely useful.

A gardening apron with tools such as a planter shovel, scissors to cut twigs and arrange flowers would also be an option. The design of the apron can also be customized.

Best Christmas gift ideas for athletes

Who these days doesn’t participate in sports or go on excursions? You may think of making some bottles with a motivating phrase to give to your friends who are athletes or to your teammates as a gift that is really useful. By doing so, they can always remember how important sport is and be encouraged to continue working toward the goal.

As protein shakes become even more popular with all sorts of fruits and cereals, so beneficial for physical performance, you could also give away customized cans: there are bottles with mixers, which enable you to take the smoothie anywhere without spilling a drop, and even mix all the ingredients together. You can also use the classic bottles for your bike with an extendable cap or the metal cans with coolant, so that your drink stays cold.

Personalized Cup For Christmas

In our homes we use cups every single day, whether they are for coffee, breakfast, and there are even those who drink water from them, for this reason they make a great gift for everyone.

There are a number of brands that have launched their own line of mugs with motivational and philosophical text, but there are also unique models, such as mugs that have a slate finish so you can write a message on it. It is possible to buy mugs that say good morning to your loved one every day; mugs with Christmas designs; mugs in bright colors for children; and teapot cups that are always a classic and a complete gift.
To prevent your kids from burning their hands and getting hot at the same time, cover the cups with fun crochet or wool covers. The kids will love the detail and the cups will also be very fashionable.

Personalize shirts or sweaters with Christmas motifs

You can customize this Christmas gift to suit any taste. You can surprise your family or friends with a personalized t-shirt with a special message or with the design of their favorite fictional character. The best choice for these dates would be a model of long-sleeved cotton t-shirt that they can wear without becoming cold. Wearing them under your ski gear and spending a day in the snow adds a fun touch to the occasion. You can also combine a nice sweater embroidered with your name in Christmas red with a Santa hat to celebrate the holiday season.

Travel sewing set For Christmas

Every house should have a small sewing kit for sewing buttons, even if you are not very crafty. This is another practical gift for your clients. You will also find it very useful if you can carry it around in your toiletry bag. Fortunately, there are practical travel sewing sets that include everything you need for a last-minute emergency: needles, multi-colored threads, scissors, clasps, and safety pins.

In addition, if you buy them from an advertising gift company, you can personalize each of these sets with the name of the company , organization or brand that gives them as gifts.

Personalized Christmas Tree

Christmas trees and corners are decorated in all companies during these dates. By giving them your logo-branded accessories and ornaments, you will leave them with a fond memory of your company.
Keep in mind that the decorations must be appealing to the eye and not simply carry the logo – this will ensure that they will be reused the following year. Leave a good impression.

Personalized Ornaments for Christmas

You can find ornaments as diverse as glitter Christmas balls to which you can add a beautiful card, balls that open to reveal a message, figurines that can be marked, headbands with lights, ant stress in the shape of Santa Claus, etc.

There are many details available to customize an ornament so that they can put it on your office desk, such as small trees that glow, glass paperweights, Christmas candles, or pens with Christmas figures.

Personalized Bottle Bags

It would be great if we could give them away during these dates. The wine and cava lovers will find a wide variety of Christmas baskets and packs. Two glasses for celebrating that special occasion, and a briefcase with a saber to open the bottle of champagne. You’ll also find a large selection of cold cuts, wine, and decanters.
This is one of the most valuable gifts, and remember that they can always be accompanied by a box of chocolates or an elegant basket with ornaments. The bottles can also be held in special boxes or bags so that they won’t break. These bags can also be customized with your brand or signature, making them a very suitable corporate gift.

Personalized Pens with Signatures

A good Christmas gift is one that is elegant and makes you look good; it is also a product that customers will use every day for many years to come. Giving away a complete set of ballpoint pen, pen, and mechanical pencil, of excellent quality, designed by major brands, is a great idea.

So long as you do not wish to mark the logo on the same pen, make sure the set comes in a presentation box, so that the promotional gift company can mark it, and so the logo will be visible once the gift is received, but will be less visible when it is used. Alternatively, if you want your logo on the pen to be remembered, we recommend that the logo be legible at a small size and not have very small details, so it will be readable when stamping it on the small surface of the pen or mechanical pencil. You should consult a professional if you are unsure. Some thicker pen models may work better with your design.

Personalized Warm and Winter Accessories

Wear gloves, hats, and scarves to stay warm in the winter. Why not personalize them? You can have them branded with your name or logo and give them away at an event in the middle of December. It would be greatly appreciated.
Here’s a question: Is your brand going to be part of events or congresses outdoors? If you want to give them something useful, give them some tactile gloves with which they can keep their hands warm and use their mobile devices. Accessories, such as gloves, hats, and scarves, are available for extremely low prices and include printing.

Personalized Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for scrapbookers

It is always a good idea to use a notebook made of recycled paper when scrapbooking. Your clients will be delighted if you make a kit for them with this notebook and these accessories so they can carry out these crafts and they can develop their creativity. You can choose from notebooks to folders, recyclable diaries, pens made from recycled cardboard, all kinds of covers and filing cabinets made from craft paper, which you can fill with photos and decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized Funny Pajamas for christmas

The number of accessories and clothing of all kinds dedicated to the Christmas holidays is growing. Go out of the ordinary by customizing your own Christmas pajamas. Is it tiring to look at everyone wearing the same pajamas and T-shirts with the classic Christmas motifs? You can also print your own design on long-sleeved cotton t-shirts and thermal tights that are suitable for mountain outings. You just need to consult your customized clothing specialist to guide you through the process because these types of garments are already made to be screen-printed or embroidered.

Personalized natural handmade soap

We recommend giving this type of article to establishments that offer personal care, such as spas, physical therapy clinics, and health care facilities, as well as to accommodation facilities, such as hotels and hostels.

Give a few bars of soap and a set of promotional towels that bear the logo of your establishment if it seems a bit incomplete. You can decorate them in a box and accompany them with the soap. If you would like, you can also include some soft mitts so they can massage themselves after a stressful day at work while they enjoy a relaxing bath. In fact, bathroom sets are one of the most sought-after gifts by relaxation centers and hotels, because they serve both lifelong clients and new customers.

Personalized portable barbecue kit For Christmas

There’s nothing better than meeting friends and family for a barbacoa when the good weather approaches? When we go on vacations or to the countryside, we are used to seeing traditional construction barbecues or large metal barbecues that are somewhat cumbersome.

What if you gave them a portable barbecue so they can make a snack in the middle of the morning? Portable barbecues have gained popularity in recent years. It stands out from the rest due to its spherical shape, which can conserve heat and prevent ashes from escaping. It was designed by the renowned chef Jamie Oliver. A perfect gift for any occasion. You can also customize it with your brand.

Cheap Personalized Christmas Key Chains

This is a great and practical Christmas gift, since we all carry keys to our homes, garages, cars, etc., so your customers will always remember the name of your company. Another option would be to choose a personalized bag hanger with your logo, or to decorate the bag with different types of key rings.

Personalized Puzzles for Christmas

You would have to go to a business specializing in wooden puzzles or cardboard puzzles to manufacture a custom puzzle since it can be very expensive to stamp a custom design onto a large puzzle.

It is always possible to find a cheaper option to suit all kinds of budgets. We recommend that if what you want is to create a small gift that will catch the eye, pick a type of puzzle like the one you see in the picture below, made of plastic and with a small frame that allows the pieces to slide and not fall off. Additionally, you can stamp the puzzle with your company logo much more easily, so you will have a personalized puzzle within no time.

Personalized Chocolate bonbons and Christmas assortments

When we get together with friends and family for lunch or dinner, sweets are always a welcome gift, and who does not enjoy them? Offering a sweet Christmas basket that has chocolates, nougats, marzipan, and liqueurs is the best choice for companies and teams. Is this basket with all kinds of chocolates and a variety of beers original enough for you?

Personalized Umbrellas for christmas

This is a beautiful and very practical business gift for Christmas, since it is a time of year when it can be used, and you can also have your brand take you throughout the streets so that not only your client sees it, but everyone who crosses paths with you.

Rain umbrellas are not the only type of umbrella available. During the summer months, umbrellas are more and more popular as a way to protect oneself from the sun. Often used for sports such as golf, which need good accessories to protect itself from long hours in the sunlight, they are umbrellas that have a larger wingspan to offer a greater shade and disperse the sun’s rays.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Picnic

You can be sure that your clients will take advantage of this gift for years to come if they enjoy nature getaways.
There are a number of utensils to have your aperitif or eat outside: from plastic cutlery, with matching glasses and plates, to bottles to keep your drink cool and fresh, to backpacks with thermal insulation so you can take your sandwiches with you. We can talk about facts all day.

A picnic basket or backpack with all the utensils you need for making snacks has proven to be the most popular item, due to its aesthetics and functionality. Using these backpacks has the advantage of allowing you to put a discreet signature in a place where people will remember your company without being too overt. Many of these backpacks include blankets and even refrigerator compartments, in which you can store fresh food and fruit.

Personalized Christmas Wine Baskets

There can never be a bad time to give a good bottle of wine. If you want to look good with your customers and guests, you don’t have to spend a fortune. It is possible to purchase Christmas baskets and batches that are full of all kinds of products for a very reasonable price without having to invest a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on just one bottle.

Don’t try to wow someone with a specific high-end product, but rather focus on giving a complete gift. This kind of gift is sometimes viewed as nothing more than a show, and this can play a trick on us. We also recommend selecting wines or liqueurs that balance in quality with one another, such as if the bottle of wine is not from a very reputable brand, compensating for that with Iberian sausages or an offering of a practical flower pot or decoration box. Wine lovers will also enjoy accessories such as decanters and electric bottle openers, which will be a delightful experience to have at the dinner table with everyone.

Personalized Electronics Gifts For Christmas

New smartphones, computers, and electronic accessories are released every year that become fashionable. It is a good idea to keep track of the merchandising news that are going on sale, since you can be the first to give away an original device and leave a lasting impression with that event that you have attended.
This year, for example, new document folders with mobile power banks included, which are extremely useful for all types of conferences and events, went on sale.
A virtual reality headset is another of the most popular electronic gifts this Christmas, with models ranging from the cheapest to the most complex.
Other new technological products that promotion agencies are most interested in include portable mobile speakers, protective bags for tablets, and smartwatches that can be customized. Being the first is no simple task, so be attentive!

Personalized Scented candles with phrases

The product is suitable for all types of environments: the home, the office, the restaurant. By lighting a candle, you always create a relaxing atmosphere and a scent that helps you unwind. You can get your scented candles and incense personalized with your logo or message that you want to leave with your followers and clients through the printing companies. There is always a new model of decorated candle launched at Christmas, so the possibilities are endless. Besides stress balls, bath sets and scents, massage products, etc., you can combine them with all kinds of relaxing products.

Personalized kitchen magnets

It is a great idea to give a classic corporate gift like a kitchen magnet as a corporate Christmas gift. Magnetic boards that include a small notepad and a pen are currently available in addition to the classic refrigerator magnets.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Tea Lovers

In recent years, tea has become increasingly popular. Because of its many varieties and properties, it has become an extremely popular natural product. A gift of tea accessories will be an instant hit.
Making tea has its own ritual, so you can take advantage of that by giving a tea set as a special gift. You can choose a classic teapot and cup or a practical box to store the different kinds of tea.

Personalized photo book full of memories

Your favorite memories can be preserved in this magnificent Christmas gift, which never goes out of style. The most common photo albums are cabinet-type albums, but a digital photo frame with a pass-through facility is also available.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Children’s

In our business, we are always more concerned with giving gifts to our clients and forgetting about their loved ones.
How about giving them gifts that they can use at home? We are confident that they will be even more thrilled than if they received a technological or higher value product themselves.

These types of gifts for children need to be carefully considered depending on the event they are expected to be presented at, since it may not be very convenient, for example, to give personalized blankets or stuffed animals at a conference of senior entrepreneurs. However, if your company takes part in a charity event, this type of gift may make the public see a side to your brand that they did not know about.

It is possible to customize them according to your liking, or to the needs of your client, choosing items such as stuffed animals, blankets, sweet containers … you can do so much with them!

Personalized Christmas Gift For Offices

Your clients will return to their offices after the Christmas holidays, and what better way to remember you than with a gift from you? They’ll love your staplers, cello holders, clip holders, and goblets… just one more reason for them to remember you! This type of office accessory will help them get back to work quickly. After reading this list of Christmas gifts, you will have no doubts about what to choose this year and in the future. These gifts are timeless and useful for every occasion. There are an incredible number of items that can be branded with your logo, including diary covers, sticky notes, calendars of the new year, etc.

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