Alameda County Firefighters Local 55 Toy Program There are many organizations and government programs that come forward to help needy people during holidays and on Christmas to fill their lives with happiness. They come intending to help needy families and families who are facing a financial crisis. They offer them help with food, clothes, books, financial assistance, and lots of more things. Along with this, they also offer toys for their kids. For this, they have to look for the assistance program, and then apply for the toy that their kids want. So that they will get it for free from the assistance program with that they apply for the free toy.

Same as there is a toy program in Alameda county that offers free toys for needy and poor family’s children. This program is named as Alameda County Firefighters Local 55 toy program. This program is wide offered free toys that are new or used or donated toys. These toys are first collected from the donors and various places and then they will be distributed to families who apply for the toy. They distribute the toys in the holiday season till Christmas. So that when the kids wake up in the morning then they will feel joy and they have a blissful smile on their face by seeing the toy that they desired.

ACFD and ACFFA have now launched a toy drive to distribute toys for the kids in the holiday season. For this blissful work, the Alameda County community is encouraged to spread happiness by providing toys to needy family’s children and cheering them. Though many of the people don’t know about the Alameda County Firefighters toy program, let them know about them and their toy program.

What is Alameda County Firefighters Holiday Program (ACFD) toy program

Alameda County Firefighters Holiday Program is a program that works with the association of Alameda County Fire Department and Alameda County Firefighters Association Local 55. They combine the resources and provide every possible help to the communities during the holiday season. They support the Holiday Program mission to collect and distribute donations to needy people. For this, they support donations and also place their bins at different places.

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Although they collect donated toys in various ways such as by hosting events, donating money, fundraising, volunteering time, gathering toy donations, and with the support of various non-profits organizations. Then they directly distribute the toys to the needy families or the families who apply for the free toys.

This program is different from others because they work with the collaboration of many organizations and businesses. This program works with many of the businesses and organizations for many years that give their support to the toy donation program. The community outreach division requests for the toys the whole year from various resources so that they can donate and help other needy people.

Alameda county fire department toy drive firefighter

As it is known to all that ACFD provides help b donating toys to needy families each year and for this, they organize a toy distribution program. But this year, they make a little change in their program. They ask for money more than toy donations. Because Covid affected the low-income families on a big level. That’s why they want to help them by providing them with gift vouchers. So that they can use those gift vouchers to buy the things that they need.

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They hope that they will raise the amount to $50,000. So that they can help the families and individuals with the gift vouchers, those who signed up with them for having the donated toys. However, it is good for donors as well to make cash donations for needy families. They will get a tax deduction receipt when they donate. For this, you have to make a check payable to: Alameda Firefighters Toy Program  PO Box 6523 Alameda, CA 94501

Make a Toy donation to Almeda Fire fighter Program

However, you can donate also to bring a smile to a kid’s face this holiday season. You can donate new or used toys to the ACFD program and give a reason to a needy kid to smile with joy. Because many of the low-income families did not afford to buy toys for their kids. In their hard time, you can donate and help them to bring a toy to their home and make happy their kid. You can see that there are various contactless options are also available to donate toys and you don’t feel any hardship in the donation process.

How to Donate Toy To Almeda Fire fighter Program

You can donate toys in various ways that are suitable for you. You just have to choose the way to donate toys and then proceed according to guidelines. Let’s see some ways to donate toys:

Buy a Toy

When you want to donate then you can buy a toy from the online website ALCO Toy Program On the website, you found a wish list from there you can choose the toy to buy and then donate it. After this, the toys will be shipped to Alameda County Firefighters, so that they can distribute the toys to the families who apply for them.

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Donate a Toy

You can donate toys for the kids during the holiday season so that they will be happy to get the toy on Christmas morning and feel good. For this, newly and unwrapped toys are dropped off outside of the Alameda County Fire Stations. You have to choose the toys that are listed. The toys are dropped off between 8 am to 5 pm. But make sure that donate the toys before 24 December, because donated toys will be collected through 24 December. That’s why make sure you donate a toy by 24 December and bring a smile to at least one kid’s face.

Donate Toys Online to Almeda Fire fighter Program

However, if you don’t decide which toy you have to donate then no worry because the program also accepted cash donations for toys. You just need to scan your payment method’s QR code for making a safer online donation.

Donate Almeda Fire fighter Toys Program Offline

When you are donating a toy offline, then it is important to mail a check. It is requested you make a check payable to the given below information:

ACFFA Local 55

Memo: Charity Toy Drive

Address: 20336 San Miguel Avenue

Castro Valley, CA 94546

From the community to the community

When you open your heart and show your kindness to help needy people, then it shows that how you are worried about other people as well. You want to help them and also offer them help with your generous donations. You can help the needy and low-income families during the holiday by providing them with toys that they need for their kids. With your donation, you can show what a holiday meant and how it is blissful.

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Almeda Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

there are lots of collection locations for the donated toys, although they are new or used. The donated toys will be picked up from 8 am to 5 pm, at the Alameda County Fire facilities. The locations from where donated toys are collected:

DUBLIN Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

For collecting toys from the collection stations in Dublin, various stations are available. You can look for them below:

Station #16

7494 Donohue Drive

Dublin, CA 94568

Station #17

6200 Madigan Road

Dublin, CA 94568

Station #18

4800 Fallon Road

Dublin, CA 94568

ACFD Administration

6363 Clark avenue

Dublin, CA 94568

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EMERYVILLE Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

Station #34

2333 Powell Street

Emeryville, CA 94608

Station #35

6303 Hollis Street

Emeryville, CA 94608

NEWARK Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

Various toy collection stations in Newark are:

Station #27

39039 Cherry Street

Newark, CA 94560

Station #28

7550 Thornton Avenue

Newark, CA 94560

Station #29

35775 Ruschin Drive

Newark, CA 94560

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SAN LEANDRO Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

In San Leandro, numerous toy collect stations are situated:

Station #9

450 Estudillo Avenue

San Leandro, CA 94577

Station #10

2194 Williams Street

San Leandro, CA 94577

Station #11

14903 Catalina Street

San Leandro, CA 94577

Station #12

1065 143rd Avenue

San Leandro, CA 94577

Station #13

637 Fargo Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577

UNION CITY Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

In union city, numerous places are from where toys are collected. Those places are:

Station #31

33555 Central Avenue

Union City, CA 94587

Station #32

31600 Alvarado Blvd

Union City, CA 94587

Station #33

33942 7th Street

Union City, CA 94587

UNINCORPORATED AREA Fire fighter Toys Program Drop Off Locations

There are various places from where toys are collected:

Station #6

19780 Cull Canyon Road

Castro Valley, CA 94552

Station #7

6901 Villareal Avenue

Castro Valley, CA 94552

Station #22

427 Paseo Grande

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Station #23

109 Grove Way

Hayward, CA 94541

Station #24

1430 164th Avenue

San Leandro, CA 94578

Station #25

20336 San Miguel Avenue

Castro Valley, CA 94546

Station #26

18770 Lake Chabot Road

Castro Valley, CA 94546

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are numerous frequently asked questions are mentioned below. Those questions are mostly asked by the donors and receivers, to donate and to get donated toys. Let’s look at those questions and answers:

Where do the donations go Donated to Alameda County Firefighters?

All the toys are collected by the Alameda County Firefighters. They collect all the donated toys from the community-based organization for their toy distribution program. So, you can donate toys to any of the organizations in the community and all toys will be collected by Alameda County Firefighters for their toy distribution program.

What ages are supported by the toy program By Alameda County Firefighters?

The toy program supports all ages of kids from infants to 18 years old kids. Such as newborns, kids, youths, teenagers, and young adults. So, you can donate toys for anyone you want.

How can I make a cash donation to Alameda County Firefighters ?

When you want to make a cash donation for toys then you have to make a check payable to:

Oakland ACFFA Charity Fund Local 55

Memo: Holiday Toy Drive ACFD

Send the check to the address:

369 15th Street Oakland

CA 94612

Is there a list of toys available to guide me with my donation?

Yes, you can find a list, but the list has limited toys or toys type. To know more, you can click here.

Where can I get toys for my family?

You can see that this toy program works with many of the organizations and businesses that host toy distributions every year. Also, you can look for local non-profits to get toys. To know more, click here.

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