How to Celebrate Christmas holidays taking care of the elderly  What other ideas can you come up with to get them involved in these celebrations? They are grateful for any opinions that our elders contribute, which makes them feel valuable and shows them that their ideas are valued by all.
This holiday season offers many leisure opportunities, but often our personal circumstances or family circumstances do not allow us to devote as much time as we would like to our elders during the holidays. Do you need to hire a senior caregiver for your elderly family members? Would you prefer an in-house senior caregiver or a part-time senior caregiver? Elderly people have many options to spend a wonderful Christmas; they can also be the protagonists.  Making new memories from past experiences is something we cannot stop doing.
  • Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere

The arrival of Christmas means a whole display of lights and colors in towns and cities in preparation for the new year. The most relaxing, simplest and enjoyable activity that we can do with our elders during these days is going for a walk to admire the Christmas decorations. As a caregiver, you’ll also be performing these kinds of accompanying tasks, so you can experience this magical setting at first hand. 

  • Recover the illusion of childhood

During these dates, one thing is sure: leisure activities are plentiful: Christmas markets, family shows, ice skating rinks… This season brings with it a whole rosary of events for all ages, which are added to the traditional celebrations of days such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve.
What’s wrong with picturing yourself as a child watching Their Majesties’ great parade? Older people may find the experience unforgettable, though it is best to avoid large crowds or prolonged standing in the cold. Family members or caregivers must adjust the intensity and duration of the activity according to the elderly’s particular needs.

  • Parties, in company

Aside from the extensive entertainment programs available during these holidays, there are also some special dates on the calendar: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are days when being away from family can be especially difficult. Being with others can help you live these emotionally challenging moments in a more positive way.
Having Christmas dinner with a caregiver can be a great opportunity to share memories, tell old stories and share family news. Moreover, no matter our age, there is always reason to celebrate and express gratitude, and this is the best time of year to do so!

  • Stories to share

Humans have enjoyed telling stories since the beginning of time, and who better to tell them than our grandparents? Surely everyone remembers the stories their grandparents told to them when they were young. A tradition of telling stories to grandchildren reinforces family ties, sharing a magical experience between different generations. A comfortable place to sit and a quiet environment are the only things we need to immerse ourselves in words.

  • Activities for children and adults

We need another more exciting option for children when we receive the visit of grandchildren, even though telling and hearing stories is very interesting to adults. Adapting the activities to the pace of the elderly means controlling intensity and taking as many breaks as necessary.
Children and adults alike will enjoy visiting Christmas markets or living nativity scenes, for instance. Family-friendly street theater activities and outdoor shows are also common during this period.

  • Celebrate friendship … or create new ones!

We are more likely to host events, meetings and banquets during the holidays due to the Christmas spirit. Seniors can also take advantage of this occasion to celebrate with their friends, reconnect with old friends, or, why not, create new bonds.
Having large gatherings at home can make older people uncomfortable depending on their health, so we should try to adapt these activities. What about getting together with your neighbors for a vermouth or a coffee? A shared laugh can have a much greater impact than you imagine, even if it does not cure diseases!

  • Christmas on the stove

Additionally, cooking can be very relaxing and rewarding, and this season there are many delicious recipes to choose from. A Christmas cake or cookies can be a perfect activity for the family to do together or even with the help of the home caregiver – it can be done even by the smallest members of the family. In addition to its preparation, food serves as an occasion for meeting, talking, and sharing these special dates. However tempting these Christmas treats may be, remember to keep them in moderation!

  • Show your solidarity

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration, but it is also a time when solidarity is especially important in order to ensure that the most in need also get to enjoy these dates. It is during this time when many volunteer activities take place, including food or toy collections that involve the elderly. As well as being a great way for older people to socialize, participating in these campaigns will increase their self-esteem and make them feel more useful and connected to the community.

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Christmas is the moment when you want everyone to smile. Maddison Rowe Has been working with people that has low income. They are active member of various Charitable Organization, Religious Welfare organizations to spread happiness on christmas.

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