FREE Christmas Gifts and Food Maricopa County,Phoenix, AZ

FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Maricopa County, AZ (including Phoenix) – Direct food aid, information on applying for federal programs like SNAP food stamps or WIC vouchers, and free groceries and personal necessities are all available from the open facilities. Get information on food banks that charities run in Phoenix, Arizona, and Maricopa County, as well as free pantries in the area that serve families who are struggling and in need of assistance, such as those who are unemployed, have low incomes, are immigrants or are otherwise disadvantaged. In addition, Maricopa County provides residents with various holiday-themed programs, such as free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and Easter hampers.

The level of interest in receiving any support is high. Because many of the pantries depend on contributions, the available supplies will be restricted. Most establishments will make an effort not to exclude anyone and assist Spanish speakers as well as Hispanics. Call one of the following centers in Maricopa County, Arizona, if you require assistance, including providing hot meals, baby formula, diapers, personal hygiene supplies, and canned goods.

Some may even have free clothing, furniture, and other items that can be used for cleaning the house, while others may help programs for the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. The area is serviced by several dozen primary centers, some of which focus on helping immigrants (legal or undocumented) and serving the local population. Call the closest food pantry in Maricopa County, even if there isn’t one in your immediate neighborhood.

They have locations all around the county. They might be able to point you in the direction of a church, charity, the Salvation Army, or some other non-profit organization in your neighborhood that can provide support. In addition, many of these facilities have on-site employees or volunteers who can assist clients in filling out applications for food assistance programs offered by the state of Arizona, the city of Phoenix, or the federal government.

Free Christmas Meal Assistance in Phoenix and Maricopa County, AZ

East Mesa Food Bank

In addition to the food distribution services that they give all year round, during the holiday season, the East Mesa Food Bank also distributes gifts that have been donated as Christmas presents for local children from members of the community.

The East Mesa Baptist Church is home to a charitable organization, the East Mesa Food Bank. To learn more about the church and its numerous outreach ministries, including chances to help at the food bank ministry, visit the church’s website by clicking on the link provided above.

The East Mesa Food Bank is grateful for any donations of clothes, furniture, or other items that can be used in the home. Donations can be dropped off at the food bank, or you can call the food bank’s donation hotline at (480) 986-9827 to arrange for them to pick them up from your home.

There are several ways to contribute to the East Mesa Food Bank’s charitable work. Due to the 501(c)3 tax-exempt status of East Mesa Baptist Church and the programs it supports, all donations are eligible for a full tax deduction. They are grateful for your thoughtful consideration in assisting them in feeding the needy and impoverished people in the east valley.

Presents in the form of cash or checks. Donations of money can be hand-delivered or mailed to the East Mesa Baptist Church, located at 752 S Ellsworth in Mesa, Arizona 85208.

Donating the internet. By clicking on the “Donate” button below, you can make a safe online contribution to the food bank ministry.

Giving away your old clothes, furniture, or other home goods. Donated items can be dropped off at their location during their open hours. Please call them at (480) 986-9827 to schedule a time to pick up any large furniture items or estate donations you may have.

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank

People struggling financially are given holiday food boxes from Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank. In addition to that, they provide everyday things for personal care when they have them accessible. All recipients must make a trip to the food bank and provide a valid form of identification.

The assistance provided is based on financial need, not religion or race. Individuals seeking assistance must also provide specific information about their situation and be prepared to discuss details about their plight. They will also provide personal hygiene items and baby supplies, including diapers. The food bank is open six days a week and serves all of Maricopa County.

A new program has been created by Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank designed to help those in need keep their jobs while they are working to secure a job. It is called the Critical Need Employment Program (CNE). Call them to learn more about this program and the other services that Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank offers.

Gift boxes are also issued from the food bank that can be given to anyone who needs food assistance in the community. When clients receive these gift boxes, they can also use them to help pay for medical or prescription expenses.

Along with that, they also distribute Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and special holiday boxes for children. All recipients must be located in Maricopa County unless they are seniors or disabled individuals who reside in another part of the state or country.

Gospel Rescue Mission

A Christmas feast will be held on Friday, December 22, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Gospel Rescue Mission, located in South Tucson on 28th Street between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue. Guests at the event will access prayer teams, social service employees, and local non-profit agencies as resources available to them.

In addition to the free food, gifts will be passed out, and Santa Claus will also have a special guest appearance. The event is free and open to the public, but donations are welcome.

The attendance at the Christmas meal at Gospel Rescue Mission is expected to grow substantially from last year, which had 200 individuals in attendance. The food served was prepared by volunteers who donated their time and talents to serve approximately 5,000 meals in November at the Gospel Rescue Mission.

Those interested in volunteering can also contact the mission through its website. Numerous food pantries and soup kitchens are operated by the Maricopa County Community Action Partnership of Arizona. This federally-funded program provides food assistance to those in need in the county.

It is responsible for coordinating and distributing assistance data to the 4,600 members of the community who provide and coordinate food assistance programs.

This organization also helps its members by providing training, technical assistance, and education to the public and advocating for greater public awareness about the services available to those in need.

Salvation Army Tucson

On Christmas Day (the 25th), between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., the Salvation Army in Tucson will provide a free Christmas supper. A free shuttle service can be accessed from the Ronstadt Transit Center, the Salvation Army Hospitality House, and South Tucson’s City Hall.

They conduct two annual fundraising events to keep the Salvation Army Tucson as a permanent resource in Indiana and the surrounding areas. One is a spring furniture sale, which took place last weekend in March.

The pantries operate separately, but both strive to provide healthy food options to the community. They also offer food during the holidays to those who need it most. The main goal of the salvation army is to provide much-needed assistance for needy people In Tucson.

Food boxes are also provided by the clients of the Salvation Army in Tucson. The distribution center is located in South Tucson and offers a variety of items, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. A thrift store also operates from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm every day but Monday.

Valley Assistance Services

During the holiday season, Valley Assistance Services and the Green Valley Salvation Army have been working to provide elders and children with gifts and food baskets. 

This partnership has been going strong for the past five years. In addition to that, they offer delivery options for older people who are confined to their homes. Those who are interested in taking part are required to apply.

In addition to that, they also provide holiday food baskets and volunteer opportunities, as well as an array of other services. They operate out of their South Tucson location in the early morning hours and offer food assistance to those in need in Arizona.

The program operates through donations and volunteers who help them provide food to those struggling financially during the holiday season. Some families and individuals will pick up donations every week from their site. This includes bread and fruits.

Every year, it collects hundreds of thousands of pounds of donated food and distributes it to more than 150 programs that help feed the hungry. They serve approximately 1,450,000 people in 18 metro Phoenix and Pinal counties.

They have programs that cover meals for seniors and children under 18 years old.

Crossroads Nogales Mission

A free Christmas supper will be provided this year by the Crossroads Nogales Mission. It will occur on Thursday, December 21, at 6 pm in the Crossroads Nogales Church.

The mission provides food and clothing to those experiencing poverty and homelessness in Maricopa County. In addition, they also provide a Chaplaincy for the area’s homeless population and deliver meals to seniors who are struggling with their daily needs.

They also offer recovery programs for individuals who are struggling with addiction. These include alcohol and drug abuse resources, long-term residential treatment, transitional housing, and prevention services. The center was founded in 1915 and provided many resources to those in need.

In addition, they have a pantry open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm that is free of charge and can be accessed by anyone in need of food or clothing assistance who resides in Maricopa County.

Family Food Centre

You can get more information on government assistance programs like food stamps, LIHEAP, and WIC, as well as the locations of food banks by calling the appropriate number. Referrals, counseling, and other forms of assistance are all available through the organization.

Food is distributed to those in need in the community and those struggling. Individuals will be referred to other programs for assistance if necessary. They also provide food, clothing, and shelter for individuals who are experiencing homelessness in their own homes. In addition to that, they provide counseling services.

Family Food Centre seek to help those in need and care for their children, seniors, and foster children by offering several resources to assist them in getting back on their feet. This includes providing food, clothing, and shelter.

They also offer a free Christmas dinner on the 25th at 11 am and a free Christmas Eve meal at 6 pm. In addition to two regular meals on Christmas day and the preceding night, there will also be a third one offered for people who are homeless as well as those who are experiencing poverty.

Address: 1903 N 2nd St, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Contact: (928) 526-2211

Community Action Agency and Community Services

The Maricopa Community Action Agency maintains relationships with many locations across the county.

They may be responsible for the operation of food pantries, the delivery of meals to the homebound or disabled, the assistance of immigrants in obtaining free or affordable food, and the coordination of classes on healthy eating. There is a large selection of resources available, including assistance with SNAP or WIC.

Several holiday meals are available at Community Action Agency and Community Services, and they accept walk-ins.

These meals are served to anyone who needs them, regardless of whether or not they are part of a church or other type of faith organization. You can call for specific hours and information or show up during operational hours to get this type of assistance.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing food, housing, and other services for the homeless in the state. In addition, they offer referrals to other agencies throughout the community that is available for people who may be experiencing homelessness.

This program is used by more than half a million people in Arizona yearly. The services provided can include case management, counseling, financial assistance, and health care referrals, as well as information on housing issues and other types of assistance.

Church on the Street

Helps those in the community who are homeless or have poor incomes by providing them with hot meals, information on local shelters, and other forms of assistance.

Provides services to the homeless and others struggling through such things as temporary housing, food, clothing, shower facilities, and transitional and permanent housing. They also run soup kitchens where they will provide food and hot drinks to those who are experiencing homelessness daily.

They also provide valuable resources like Thanksgiving meals, Christmas dinners, and other useful items for those in need throughout the year. This organization has been in operation for many years. They can serve the homeless and those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Through Church on the Street, they have several resources available for families and those experiencing homelessness. They offer laundry facilities as well as a hot meal each day.

Address: 902 E McKinley, Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: (602) 254-8302

Father Matters

There are many programs for people with low incomes, including ones for single fathers. Get free food, diapers, vouchers for food or glasses, legal assistance, and even vouchers for food shopping at local food banks.

This organization provides emergency food, including occasionally case management and hot meals, to individuals and families in the community experiencing homelessness or financial hardship. They also offer referrals to resources known as Life Connections. This program allows individuals to be referred to counseling, employment programs, and even support groups.

In addition to that, they also operate a food pantry that is open on Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. This allows individuals to come in and pick out food for themselves and others on the same day. In addition to that, they also provide other resources such as clothing, diapers, and infant formula.

In addition to food pantry hours, there are also times when hot meals are offered. They have a camping program that provides meals and showers for those who are experiencing homelessness. This is available Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm Meals are made available to individuals who are homeless and to those who are poor.

Father Matters also have a program for the elderly, which is referred to as Meals on Wheels. They have volunteers from churches and the community who will deliver meals to senior citizens in the area.

Address: 3146 E Wier Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040-2754

Contact: (602) 774-3298

Gila Bend CAP on Euclid

The community action organization in the area. Get applications for SNAP, USDA meals, or subsidies for paying your bills. In addition, infant formula, diapers, job training programs, and food for students or children who are hungry.

This non-profit agency provides social services to the community. Gila Bend CAP on Euclid work with individuals who are experiencing homelessness and provide food, clothing, and other essential items. Donations of food, clothing, toys, and gifts for Christmas for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. In addition, there will be a special meal on Christmas day for those who are homeless or hungry. This is also for needy kids.

This is where local churches, organizations, and individuals can find out about the services offered to the poor and homeless. There are resources available for some of the other holidays as well.

The agency provides emergency food, including occasionally case management. This is an organization that can be used in addition to emergency shelters.

Address: 202 N Euclid Ave, Gila Bend, AZ 85337

Contact: 928-683-2244

Government and USDA programs

The most important ones are the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), food stamps, and subsidized school lunches. Applications are reviewed and processed by Maricopa’s public assistance programs and social services.

Most assistance is directed toward low-income families, immigrants, senior citizens, and single mothers raising children on a limited budget. Government and USDA programs will be able to purchase food with assistance from the government.

Several resources are available for the low-income and struggling in the state. One of these is the Federal Food Stamp Program. This assistance program can be used to help pay for your groceries, especially if you have a limited income or financial hardship.

In addition to that, there are also programs for home-delivered meals and food stamps. The home-delivered meals can be provided by churches, local organizations, or Meals on Wheels. Food stamps can be used to purchase groceries, which can help your family not go hungry.

Meals on Wheels is available in the state and will deliver meals to seniors and other homebound individuals in their communities. This is done in conjunction with local churches or other organizations. In addition to that, they will also use volunteers.

Chicanos Por La Causa Senior Centre – Casa Primavera

Congregate meal sites are available for seniors, and those who are housebound have the option of having food and hot lunches or dinners delivered to their homes. Learn as much as possible about programs available to senior citizens, such as Medicare and assistance with medical bills.

This non-profit organization provides services to seniors in the area. Chicanos Por La Causa Senior Centre – Casa Primavera provide meals and transportation and also help locate programs for services.

This is dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals. They have information about programs that can be used to help those in need. Programs include child care assistance, employment training, and senior housing assistance. Learn about food storage, food pantry, emergency grants, emergency lodging, and other resources for those in need.

The agency provides emergency food, including occasionally case management. The services they provide include a food pantry and hot meals. This is an organization that can be used in addition to emergency shelters. They have programs for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other times as well.

This non-profit agency helps senior citizens, the elderly, and people with disabilities find resources to help with their needs, such as food, housing, and assistance to live on a steady income.

Address: 1617 N. 45th Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85035

Contact: 602-272-0054

Empty Bowl Free Pet Food Pantry

Free pet food for low-income people and those in need. Free food and treats for cats, dogs, and other supplies. Help is also available for senior citizens and veterans.

Empty Bowl Free Pet Food Pantry non-profit agency provides food and other resources to those in need. This can help those who are impoverished or at risk of becoming impoverished. The organization offers three main resources available.

It offers pet owners a food pantry for their pets. This food can be given in addition to the government-provided SNAP program. They also provide emergency resources such as emergency rental assistance, utility assistance, and other resources. Eviction prevention services, case management, and financial literacy training are also included.

If you are a senior citizen or an individual with disabilities and need help getting your life back on track so you can live independently or find opportunities to support yourself through employment or training programs, then they have several programs that they can offer as well. Click here to learn more.

They also provide referral services and connections to other organizations, state and local programs, and agencies in the community. Get food from pantries, help with emergency bills, or apply for other social services. If you are low-income, unemployed, or disabled, then help is available from government assistance programs such as unemployment benefits, food stamps, and Medicaid. Health care services may also be provided by Medicaid, in addition to SNAP food assistance.

Address: 610 E Bell Rd, Ste 2 PMB 271, Phoenix, AZ

Contact: (602) 909-7153

The Pentecostals of Phoenix

The non-profit provides a free food bank for the community. Everything from soap and detergent to dried beans, bread, and sandwiches, as well as free holiday food boxes for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These items are donated by local churches and organizations. Services are provided statewide, including Phoenix and all other cities in Arizona. All services, resources, and programs are provided to low-income families to help them meet their basic needs. Families can access food pantries, hot meals, or home-delivered meals.

If you are struggling financially or need help supplementing your family’s income, check out the resources provided by this agency. They have information on how to apply for assistance, food and nutrition programs, senior services, and assistance.

All services and resources are offered to people who are in need. The Pentecostals of Phoenix have emergency food and supplies for people who have lost their job or experienced a loss of income because of an emergency. They also provide free phone service, computer training, and other counseling services.

Address: 2341 W Royal Palm Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Contact: 602-944-7209

Vineyard Food & Clothing Bank

For older adults, the charity may offer dairy products, fruits, cereal, canned vegetables, meat, and nutritional supplements. Paper goods such as toilet paper and cereal may also be provided.

Meals on Wheels offers thousands of meals to hungry and older adults throughout Arizona. Donations of food can be made at these locations or online. Food and groceries are also needed by low-income, elderly, or disabled. You can find out how to donate food here.

The state of Arizona offers many government assistance programs available to the low-income, unemployed, disabled, and others who may not be able to afford their basic needs daily. These will provide food, shelter, medical care, and other resources. They are run by the state and also by non-profit agencies. Find information and details on these resources below.

The Arizona Food Banks Network provides food to many organizations listed above. Vineyard Food & Clothing Bank have a mobile food pantry or Meals on Wheels program, which provides meals to seniors in the community who may be homebound or unable to leave the house due to a disability or illness.

Address: 6250 W Peoria Ave Glendale, Arizona 85302-3827

Contact: (623) 934-4000

Cultural Cup Food Bank

Free meals that can be stored for an extended period, food that can be used in an emergency, and basic housekeeping goods like soap and detergent. Food items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta, bread, dairy products, meat, and possibly many more, could be there.

If you are interested in helping to prevent hunger in Arizona, then the best way to help is to find a food bank or pantry near you. In addition, there are also several resources for individuals who need help with their bills or other expenses.

Cultural Cup Food Bank is a statewide network of more than 300 non-profit, faith-based, and government organizations available across Arizona. Each agency will offer services as well as referrals for other groups that can assist as well.

In addition, the Arizona Food Banks Network partners with other federal government programs such as the USDA and SNAP to increase access to food resources. The network is part of the nationwide Feeding America network and works with the Second Harvest Food Bank Network.

Address: 342 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Contact: 602-266-8370

Iglesia Vida Christiana- Christian Life Church

The application process is solely Spanish. Receive free food and clothing, as well as dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as groceries throughout the year. In addition, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, low sodium foods, and meat and poultry products are donated by individuals in Maricopa County.

If you are interested in helping to prevent hunger in your community, there are several ways you can help.

Receive weekly baskets of food and groceries delivered to your door and emergency assistance with housing and other emergencies. This could be the perfect service for you if you are low-income, disabled, or elderly. Click here for more information about how to donate food or apply for services at a shelter.

Address: 3946 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Contact: 480-262-2255

Friendly House Emergency Support Services

Boxes of food for emergencies, referrals to local Meals on Wheels programs in Maricopa County, assistance with immigration paperwork, and other forms of assistance are also available. Get free advice on how to handle your utility bills and navigate the public assistance system in the area.

Poor housing may be the solution if you struggle to pay your bills or have a low income. The government and charities can offer assistance for several reasons, including being elderly or disabled. Individuals can receive food from this organization and other types of assistance. Age or disability-specific services may also be offered. All of the services will be based on income.

Many people in Maricopa County, Arizona, and throughout the state face many daily hardships. This can often lead to them living in poverty or on government assistance programs that cannot provide everything needed.

The Good Food Box provides free food and groceries to hundreds of families each month in Maricopa County. The food is distributed by local churches, charities, Friendly House Emergency Support Services non-profits, and organizations across Arizona.

Address: 723 S 1st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003-2548

Contact: (602) 416-7230

Valley Christian Centres, Inc

Help can be requested by anyone of any income level, background, or income level. Help is provided in the form of free holiday dinners (including Christmas and Thanksgiving), Easter hampers, groceries from the pantry, and other forms of assistance. In addition to that, they offer assistance with cultural dinners for migrant employees, Mexicans, and Spanish speakers.

The charity provides free or reduced-cost items such as food, clothing, and household items. These programs are available for the unemployed, disabled, and others who meet income guidelines. Valley Christian Centres, Inc is a program that offers clients food from various sources in the community. The supply is dependent on donations and the discretion of the agencies working with them.

Many children and families in Arizona live in poverty. In many cases, they rely on government programs to provide basic needs such as food, housing, and clothing. If you are interested in assisting those who may be struggling, there are several ways you can help.

Contact: 602-258-5163

Address: 1326 W. Hadley St. Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Whole Truth Community Development Organization

Due to the limited availability of resources, emergency food boxes are only distributed during certain times and a set number of times each month. You can also review your resume, information on employment services and programs that help people become self-sufficient, and more.

Whole Truth Community Development Organization often run assistance programs that provide free clothing to those in need. Your donations are greatly appreciated as they help many families to get back on their feet. Volunteering is always an option if you are interested in helping the community and have some extra time. The program offers various volunteer opportunities, such as writing grant proposals, providing childcare, and assisting clients with financial counseling.

They also work with other agencies to provide education, self-sufficiency, and personal enrichment programs. The organization works closely with students and parents on practical skills such as job training, self-sufficiency, and education.

Their services are based on need; however, for the most part, they only provide services for other organizations within the community. The food is distributed with donations, and if you need help, then they will put in a request. In addition, if you have had medical issues or are living at home with your parents and need assistance, that program can help.

Contact: 623-780-0727

Address: 4628 S 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Free Christmas Gifts in Phoenix and Maricopa County, AZ

Toys for tots program

Toys for Tots is an organization that collects and distributes toys to less fortunate children.

Toys for Tots is a program managed by the United States Marine Corps that seeks to collect new toys for children in need who are under the age of 12 (and, in some places, up to the age of 16).

October through December are the months in which registration is open. You can sign up by sending a fax, email, or giving us a call. Find the right place to register your account online by looking it up (multiple available in Maricopa County).

Each military service has a program to help sponsor and provide toys for children. The charity is not meant for any specific group but for all children who could benefit from a toy this holiday season. The Marines sponsor and operate several Christmas assistance programs to help local families. Toys for Tots is one of these programs that has been around for decades.

Mesa United Way

Gifts for the holiday season are distributed through JaKelle’s Christmas Box by Helen’s Hope Chest by the Mesa United Way to children living in foster families, group homes, or kinship families. You can contact the organizer, John Zielonka, by calling (480)834-2115 or emailing [email protected]. The event will take place on December 1.

There are several different things that your donations can be used for, such as rent payments or paying utility bills. Funds are also used to provide food for people in need, clothes, and other needs.

The charity can do several different things because it is run locally by volunteers and a group of business leaders. In addition to helping others in the community, they assist thousands yearly with food and other items through the holiday season. The donation is collected by volunteers who work with local businesses and non-profit groups. They also collect donations from the Tucson area.

Salvation Army programs

The Salvation Army in Phoenix offers assistance programs throughout the year, but during the holiday season, they have additional resources devoted to assisting individuals in need.

Through the Christmas Angel Toy Program, parents can register their children (aged 12 and younger) to receive gifts from community members. Depending on the client’s situation, they assist with holiday dinners, grocery shopping, and even utility bill payments.

During the holidays, the Salvation Army helps many families. Along with food and toys, the charity also helps with other basic needs.

The organization provides several services, including housing and emergency assistance, to those in need. In addition to shelter, they offer medical care and education assistance. You can donate furniture and household items, or if you have yard work that you would like to donate, we will bring them in for you at no charge.

The Salvation Army is one of the most trusted charities in the country, helping families each year. They also provide food, shelter, and clothing to those who need it most.

Family of God Ministry

On December 16, 2017, this charitable group will be accepting registrations for donations of Christmas toys at the Cesar Chavez High School (3921 W Baseline Rd). In addition, there will be free stockings given out to the first three hundred children who arrive. In addition, qualifying families can access a food pantry and receive gift cards to use at local supermarkets through the Family of God Ministry.

The organization is run by volunteers and has been active in the community for over twenty years. They also provide services and food to families who need assistance each year. The organization will accept toys and gift card donations at all of its shops across the city. You can also donate clothing, household supplies, and toys.

Non-perishable food donations will also be accepted. The organization will have a food pantry open from 9 am to 12:30 pm every Thursday in December and on Thanksgiving Day through January.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Its members run an extensive adoption program for families throughout the holiday season. Members visit each family to gather information about each individual, including their name, age, and requirements. Calling the Community Information and Referral hotline is the best way to find placement for needy families (211). No age restrictions are listed for children or other family members, unlike the case with several other programs.

The group has various resources available through its programs. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul also operate thrift stores and several other charitable initiatives. The organization is run entirely by volunteers and operates in all Maricopa County counties. They also have several different charitable events throughout the year.

The organization has various programs for those in need this holiday season. If you are unsure where the next family member will go, call them to register or visit one of their locations. Or, if you would like to donate items, you can always make a monetary donation and drop them off at one of the locations.

Arizona Helping Hands

Only during November does AHH accept requests submitted online. Toys, items of personal care, and other goods are some of the things that could be desired. Their goal is to assist those affiliated with hospitals, social care agencies, and educational institutions. In addition, they provide children in foster care presents for holidays and other significant occasions throughout the year.

Items will be collected for: The organization is run entirely by volunteers and helps to provide collection boxes throughout the year. You can always make a monetary donation and drop them off at one of the locations.

They accept applications for clients affiliated with schools, hospitals, and social service agencies. They also help to support foster children by providing a toy or some gift during the holiday season. In addition, they have a food pantry open in December. Have you been unemployed or have any special needs? If so, you can always contact Arizona Helping Hands to see if there is a program in your area, according to their website.

They also run several different services for members throughout the year. In addition to holiday meals and gifts, they provide emergency aid for gas and utility bills. They also assist with food in times of need and other essentials.

City of Scottsdale

The Adopt-a-Family program (480-312-0063) is offered throughout the holiday season through the Vista del Camino Community Center. There is also a service called “Adopt-a-Senior,” which delivers the items on their wish lists to elderly people who are homebound (480-312-5815). The Paiute Toy Program receives assistance from the Fire Department, and in addition, they have gift cards available for adolescents.

Program fees vary. The main goal of the City of Scottsdale is to provide a home for families in need and the homeless. They have numerous programs throughout the year, such as their Christmas boutique, that provides food, toys, clothing, and other necessary items. They also assist with utility bills, food, and any other basic needs you may have during this holiday season.

In addition, they operate several different services, including back-to-school clothing drives and holiday meals.

The Foothills Food Bank

It is formerly known as the Foothills Community Foundation Holiday Project and assists community members throughout the year. However, the Foothills Food Bank also hosts specific events where they hand out gifts as part of their adopt-a-family program. The events will occur on Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 12. For further information, please contact us at [email protected].

The Foothills Food Bank’s mission is to help the community meet food, health, and housing needs by providing resources, expertise, and creative ideas. The organization also operates several different services each year.

There will be Christmas-themed events throughout December and holiday meals for families. As part of their Adopt-a-Family program, you can participate in this event and receive things such as toys for children and meals for a family consisting of children under 18 years old. Other food items, such as canned goods donations and other necessities, will also be available.

ICM Food & Clothing Bank

The ICM Food & Clothing Bank helps families with food boxes and presents for their children. According to the organization’s Facebook page, registration was limited to the first 120 families in 2017, ending on October 15.

The organization no longer accepts applications, but donations are welcome. Many people do not know that dental services are available to families who meet the qualifications outlined by the organization. The county has these services available so that adults and children who qualify can get the necessary treatment done by dentists within the program.

Other Holiday Resources in Phoenix and Maricopa County, AZ 

Rise & Dream Foundation

The Rise & Dream Foundation provides a wide variety of services to children and families in Queen Creek, Arizona.

They supply youngsters with lunch boxes and backpacks to ensure that children have something to eat over the weekend and during school vacations. In addition, a program called adopt-a-family is run through the local school systems. This program involves the whole family (not just a child).

They will provide the organization with a list of names and addresses, and then officials will drop off gifts to the homes. The gifts include toys, clothes, and any other necessities that the family may need in their households.

This organization provides a wide variety of services, including backpacks to holiday meals. You should Contact Rise & Dream Foundation or visit their website to learn more about available services.

Positive Impact

Throughout the year, Positive Impact provides aid to families in Arizona. However, in December, there are particular initiatives designed to assist families.

They assist make it easier for people to give and receive gifts through the Adopt-a-Family program.

They also gather food that can be used to enhance the meals supplied by the school for families with low incomes while they are on vacation breaks. Call (480)899-7791 or apply by filling out the form on their website to submit your application.

Positive Impact also provides food and clothing to families in need throughout the year. However, during the holiday season, they have a particular initiative designed to benefit families in need. This helps to provide food and other necessities that are needed.

They have developed several programs for people to participate in. Several workshops are available for both adults and children that take place at various locations across the city. These workshops help people learn about running organizations such as shelters or caring for others. Specific programs that are offered include:

Other programs that are available from the organization include backpacks, holiday meals, and other needed things for children.

They have several events throughout the year, such as their Christmas boutique event on December 8 and 9th. There are also workshops to make it easier for people to participate in these events. In addition, there are services provided during the winter months.

Every Kid in a Park

Under the Every Kid in a Park initiative, children in fourth grade are granted free admission to national parks. This also entails a free Christmas tree permit for registered students, permitting them to cut their tree from within a National Forest. It is required that a parent or guardian be present.

The following organizations supply Christmas toys to children or families in need:

If you are looking for holiday meals, the organizations below help provide food to people in need directly or through restaurants and other venues.

They also provide services for both adults and children during this holiday season. They give out toys for children and also supply meals to families who may be struggling to make ends meet.

The Every Kid in a Park initiative grants fourth-grade children free admission to national parks. This also entails a free Christmas tree permit for registered students, permitting them to cut their tree from within a National Forest. It is required that a parent or guardian be present.

Glendale Fire Department

Toys and clothing are being accepted as donations by the Glendale Fire Department, which will be given to low-income individuals on Christmas Day.

Glendale Fire Department provides several holiday meals for families and individuals. They take place on select dates, so check their website for more information. To participate in the meals, you must register and bring your proof of benefits and photo ID.

You can register in person or over the phone. The main meal will take place from 11 am to 2 pm, and the second meal, which is also a holiday meal, will be from 2 to 4 pm.

Miracle on 31st St

Miracle on 31st Street is a free Christmas festival for children in Tucson, and it takes place on December 31. There will be face painting, balloon making, and visits with Santa Claus, among other activities. To be eligible to receive gifts, children must be present. The event will start at nine in the morning on Sunday, December 18, 2017, and it will take place.

The organizations below help provide food to people in need directly or through restaurants and other venues.

Miracle on 31st St is a free Christmas festival for children in Tucson, and it takes place on December 31. There will be face painting, balloon making, and visits with Santa Claus, among other activities. To be eligible to receive gifts, children must be present.

Where is the best place to donate presents and clothes in Maricopa County, AZ?

Regarding where it’s best to donate, we suggest calling the charity or religious organization in advance. This will help you ensure any necessary documentation is provided and allow you to ask questions about their specific needs and requirements.

Also, please note that some charities and organizations only accept specific items for distribution. If you have shirts or other clothing items for men or boys, call ahead and find out if they prefer those items over others (such as scarves, hats, etc.).

What charity can help you with Christmas in Maricopa County, AZ?

If you are wondering what organization might have Christmas gift and toy drives, you can find that information on our site by clicking on the link to the charity database.

This database contains information about charitable organizations and charities across the country, including Arizona. You can then find out if there is a charitable organization near you that has a Christmas wish list.

What charity organization do you recommend in Maricopa County, AZ?

The recommendation is to first find a charity in your area that may be able to assist you. In addition, many awesome readers have provided their recommendations of charities in Arizona that they think would be good for you and your family.

How do you apply to Maricopa County, AZ?

Some organizations require applications before they will accept your donation. However, some charities may ask for your name, address, and phone number so they can send a letter thanking you for your generous donation.

Once you have identified a charity you would like to donate to, you contact the charity and ask if they would like your gift. You can also refer friends and family that may need assistance. In addition, there are many ways recommended in our post on charitable donations to help spread the word about your gift.

What is a Christmas wish list in Maricopa County, AZ?

A Christmas wish list is a list of items that may be needed by your local charitable organization (such as food or toys). Still, not necessarily all recipients will receive everything on the list. It is an opportunity for you to ensure that those in need have items on their Christmas list.

For example, the organization may only have a limited number of gifts available, so they will select the best items available and mail them. If they cannot use your gift, or if they cannot use it all, they will return it to you at no cost.

How can you contact the charity Maricopa County, AZ?

You can contact the charitable organization directly by calling or emailing them with your questions, concerns, and special requests.


In summary, there are numerous opportunities to get assistance with Christmas gifts and meals in Arizona this holiday season. However, it is important to apply as early as possible.

While several options are given above, other organizations may have different program requirements and guidelines. You can find additional resources by looking at our list of Arizona charitable organizations.

In addition, you may want to consider applying for government assistance. Home heating aid and utility discounts are common programs run by the government. There may also be opportunities for low-income families to receive gifts for their children if they qualify.

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