Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Arapahoe County CO

How to Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Arapahoe County Colorado – Christmas is a time to be joyous and celebrate the holidays with family and friends. However, many people in Arapahoe County may not have the best holiday gifts. That’s why we want to help you out! Here are some of our favourite free Christmas gifts for people in Arapahoe County! If you Need free Christmas food or gifts in the area of Centennial, Englewood, Glendale, or Columbine Valley?  Collaborating for the Holidays provides local people and families in need with a memorable holiday season.

The program was developed by Arapahoe County Human Services staff and is a charity initiative of the Arapahoe County Foundation. Collaborating for the Holidays distributes holiday gifts to people of Arapahoe County who are clients of Arapahoe County Human Services. The initiative supports those who might otherwise go without during the festive season, such as children and people in crisis, abuse victims or negligence, and those enduring financial trouble.

A caseworker or program expert must refer families and individuals to Arapahoe County Human Services to be eligible for this event. People and families in Arapahoe County need free food, meals, information on government programs, or personal amenities to have access to emergency food pantries.

Below are the main centers; however, there may be others. For further information about the services offered, clients can contact one of the food banks or pantries listed below. Here you will find a list of agencies and a toll-free referral number.

What is the Christmas Season in Arapahoe County CO

Christmas is the time of year when families gather around the dinner table to celebrate their loved ones. In Arapahoe County, there are many different types of Christmas events that everyone can enjoy. From themed events like candy stores open on Christmas Eve, to classic carols like “The Christmas Song” performed at a local park, there is something for everyone.

What are the Best Free Christmas Gifts in Arapahoe County Colorado

There are a few things that always come in handy during the holiday season, and those are free gifts. Whether you’re looking for a presents for yourself or someone you love, there are plenty of great gifts to choose from. Here are five of our favorite free Christmas gifts in Arapahoe County:

  1. A gift card to a local restaurant or store
  2. Vacation rentals with discounts
  3. Tickets to a show or event
  4. Gift cards to popular tourist destinations
  5. Tickets to favorite sports teams

General Items on Wish Lists

Please consider the items listed below if you feel driven to purchase a physical item (it’s difficult to stick to gift cards alone). These are the basics for our families, kids, and adults.

Teens: Gift cards, gift cards, nail polish beauty kits, make-up, Hydro Flask water bottles, and many more.

Elementary:  Legos, puzzles, vehicles, dolls, books, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, learning how to dress Playskool dolls (representing all races), Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Princesses and SuperHeroes, dinosaurs, and everything Frozen.

Toddler: Anything Princess-related, Tonka vehicles, and board books.

Infants:  Teething rings, playing mats, Baby Einstein and Vtech toys, musical toys, rattles, soft-sided books, pram toys, Light-up toys (such as glow worms), soft trucks, and soft baby dolls are appropriate for infants (all races represented).

Moms and Dads:  Socks, warm, soft blankets for all ages and genders, family games, family puzzles, and family activities.

How to Get Free Food In Arapahoe County, Colorado

The aid is inconsistent. Some callers can receive information on the available food supplies or the phone numbers and addresses of a centre in their area.

Additionally, there are free Meals on Wheels services. Some food pantries may be operating today, despite the low resources and limited hours of the majority of them. Therefore, it is recommended to contact them beforehand. If a location cannot fulfil a request, they will provide referrals to other Arapahoe County possibilities.

Many food pantries limit their assistance to several times per month or year. However, they have assisted thousands of low-income individuals and families accessing immediate services.

In addition to providing free food, many organizations also give additional services, such as holiday meals, school lunches, and information on how to apply for government programs like food stamps.

A food bank in Arapahoe County, Colorado, can also provide recommendations to area pantries, which are made on an as-needed basis if a particular location cannot satisfy your needs.

Anyone seeking assistance can receive referrals to local food banks, clothing centres, school snack programs, Meals on Wheels for the elderly, and legal services.

Covenant Cupboard Food Pantry

The Covenant Cupboard Food Pantry welcomes low-income families, seniors, veterans, and the homeless. Families fill their bags with meat, dairy, fruit, carbs, and non-food things.

Address: 5400 S Yosemite St. ,Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80111

Contact no.: (303) 779-5400

GracePoint Church Community

GracePoint Community Church welcomes low-income individuals, senior citizens, the homeless, and vets to their food pantry. During these times, households receive multiple bags of non perishable and perishable food products from serving the entire household. In addition, there is a kids’ club where children can engage in creative activities while their parents purchase lunch.

Smoky Hill Vineyard Church Aurora Centennial

Smoky Hill Vineyard Church Aurora Centennial extends an invitation to its Hope Starts Here food bank to low-income families. Every month, families receive multiple bags of consumable and nonperishable food products.

New Life Community Church

A food aid pantry is included in low-income support programs. There may be dishes for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, tinned chicken or meat, dairy products, pasta, and other foods.

Address: 17690 E Iliff Ave ,Aurora, CO 80013

Contact: (303) 368-7567

Littleton Church Of Christ

Veggies, fruits, canned foods, marinated meats, flour, fruit juices, cereal, and possibly even free baby formula or diaper can be found in the emergency pantry. Other bag lunches may also be available.

Address: 6495 S Colorado Blvd ,Centennial, CO 80121

Contact: (303) 741-0265

Food Bank of the Rockies and Arapahoe County

This organization is the most prominent in the region. They provide recommendations, provide free mobile pantries, can assist with Meals on Wheels for the disabled or elderly, and provide further assistance. Emergency food aid may also be available.

Agape Christian Church

Agape Christian Church Offers various free community services, including a food bank, hot meals, clothing, and information upon request.

Address: 2501 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Contact: (303) 296-2454

Littleton Church Of Christ

The free pantry may contain tuna or fish in a can, dried beans, Similac, and Ensure for seniors and others. Contributions from Arapahoe County and businesses assist in maintaining the pantry’s accessibility.

Address: 495 S Colorado Blvd, Centennial, Colorado

Contact: (303) 741-0265

Colfax Community Network

The organization accepts applications for SNAP food stamps, public housing, and services, including Meals on Wheels for disabled or homebound individuals.

Address: 1585 Kingston St ,Aurora, CO, 80010

Contact: (303) 360-9175

Arapahoe County Human Services Department

It can offer food bank information and addresses. It also assists with applications for benefits such as WIC and SNAP food stamps. A fantastic resource for information on government aid, including free school lunches from the USDA, food stamps for emergencies, and more.

Address: 14980 E Alameda Dr ,Aurora, Colorado, 80012

Contact: (303) 636-1170

Get Free Christmas Gifts In Arapahoe County, Colorado

Arapahoe County

Partnering For The Holidays is a program offered by the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services to anyone in need.

Denver Rescue Mission

Through its Adopt-A-family program, Denver Rescue Mission brightens the holidays for numerous low-income households in Denver, Arapahoe County, and other nearby areas. This program provides families with toys for their children, little gifts for the parents, and a grocery store gift card to put food on the table.

Family Tree

Family Tree offers vouchers for access to their Treasure Trunk, which contains free apparel, toys, books, videogames, and DVDs.

Pius X Parish

Pius X Parish encourages low-income Arapahoe County families to apply for their Adopt-A-Family initiative. This organization connects needy families with volunteers who provide them with toys, clothing, food, gift coupons, and other items. They also provide 60 to 65 households with a Christmas dinner basket containing all the ingredients for a traditional holiday meal.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army invites all low-income families to participate in its Angel Tree initiative. Volunteers provide families with free toys, clothing, and other gifts through this program. In addition to hot holiday meals served at their soup kitchen, they provide complimentary holiday dinner hampers filled with turkey or ham and all the holiday trimmings.

To participate, applicants must provide:

  • A valid photo ID.
  • Birth records for all children in the household.
  • Social security cards for all adults.
  • Proof of Arapahoe County residency.
  • Proof of household income.

Please visit their website for additional information on their services.

One of the county’s top social service groups. Numerous locations provide free food pantries, Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners, and other meals. Access to a thrift store, food pantry, and wardrobe closet.

You might have limited finances for essentials such as rent or utility costs. Additionally, complimentary Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are provided. Low-income individuals, seniors, single parents, and others can receive assistance.

Address: 3900 E Arapahoe Rd., Centennial, Colorado, 80122

Phone number: (303) 290-9043

Toys For Tots

Gifts For Tots conducts an annual toy drive in Arapahoe County to collect toys for children from low-income households. A week before Christmas, these items are delivered to needy families, with some children receiving a new bicycle. Families must register each kid for the program via the link on their website titled “Request Toys.” In addition, they only serve families with a newborn to 14-year-old children. Families must present a valid photo ID, birth certificates for all eligible children, and evidence of domicile. Please visit their website for additional information on their services.

Free food or hot meal programs in Arapahoe County

As you see there are many contact numbers that can help you to get free meals, toys etc. Call these numbers for more information or recommendations to food banks in your area.  Or learn about public assistance programs such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). There may be additional free food Pantries, Commodity Supplemental Food Program applications, and soup kitchens in your area.

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for the Family in Arapahoe County CO

Gift giving can be a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. In addition to gifts, consider sending Christmas cards or flowers. Gift ideas for the girlfriend include things like jewellery, clothing, and cosmetics. For the boyfriend, consider gift options that are personalized and unique such as a guitar or a watch.


If you’re looking for a gift that will make the recipient smile, try out something fun and festive. Christmas is an excellent time to give children presents that are Age-appropriate and unique. Some good ideas include children’s books, plush animals, ornaments, or toys. If your child is a gamer, maybe they would love a new game system or some new games to play. And if they love spending time with their family and friends, why not consider giving them a gift card to one of the many local stores or restaurants that offer free Christmas gifts?

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for the Friends in Arapahoe County CO

If you want to go all out and get something specific for your friend(s), look no further! This year, what better way to celebrate than by gifting them something truly unique? From clothes and accessories to home decor and toys, there are plenty of options on offer just waiting for your giftee’s approval. So whether your friend is in need of some new clothing or wants some special toy from their favourite store, we have got you covered!

Frequently asked Questions

Does Arapahoe County still have a mask mandate?

The Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) presently has no mask or face covering orders for Arapahoe County.

Is Arapahoe County Open Carry?

Open carry is permitted in Colorado for those who are at least 18 years old and legally permitted to possess a firearm, except in the county of Denver and other specified places.

How long will the food stamp increase last in Colorado?

The food stamp benefits will continue until either one month after the federal public health emergency proclamation expires or one month after your state’s public health emergency declaration expires, whichever occurs first.

Where do you go to get food stamps in Arapahoe County?

Contact your local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) office to apply for food stamp benefits or more information about the program. On the USDA’s nationwide map, you may locate local offices and State applications. Local offices are also mentioned in the telephone directory’s State and local government sections.

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for the Boyfriend

A Christmas present for the boyfriend, A new guitar or other instrument

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for the Girlfriend

Christmas present for the girlfriend: A nice gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or store


In addition to the aid provided by these food banks, commodities supplied by the USDA are made accessible to local charities and soup kitchens in the region. These nonprofits will also operate as USDA-approved food banks, distributing food to those who qualify for help. Low-income families and the poor can access SNAP Food Stamps and WIC vouchers for longer-term assistance. Additionally, these programs can assist families and individuals with the monthly costs of buying groceries. Food stamp benefits are issued using Electronic Benefit Transfer/QUEST cards


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