Free Christmas toys programs- Las Vegas – It is well known that the Christmas holidays are starting and in these holidays many people have to face the toughest time of the year because they don’t have money to celebrate Christmas with their family or gift them. But many assistance programs are conducted by Las Vegas for those needy families that need help with Christmas toys, food assistance and to pay their due bills. To know more to get help read to continue this article.

How to Get Free Christmas toys Las Vegas

If you are unemployed or you have no work or you are suffering from financial problems then Christmas time is the toughest time for you in a year. But we have good news for those people that there are lots of programs around them that helps them to put a toy under the Christmas tree to make their children happy. If you think that you need help then please continue reading and you maybe get a solution to your problem.

Where can I Get Free Christmas Toys in Las Vegas

If you are seeking free Christmas toys on the occasion of Christmas for your child and you cannot afford a gift for them- then you can look below for the organizations and charities that are conducted by Las Vegas. Here you can see many caring organizations that work all year so they can prepare for their much needed holiday derives. Donations are taken all the year and volunteers are ready for Christmas. It is also possible that you receive help from any government agency if something happens like this then it is also possible that they sign your family up to get help.

People who need most getting helped by the organization make sure by all charities screen applicants. Even many of the organizations, churches, groups, communities, and government agencies work together so they can help poor and needy people with lots of things that help them in their tough times. And these things include food assistance programs, bills, and Christmas toys for their kids.

Catholic Charities 

Catholic Charities is an organization that is faith-based and also a non-profit organization that served in the United States and also internationally for more than 100 years. In Las Vegas, they offer lots of supportive services that include helping the families who are going through the struggle to maintain their stability and also help in paying the past due-payments, rents, and their utility bills. This organization works with the community and government agencies and also helps the communities when they are referred by other screening organizations.

Las Vegas Catholic Charities

2900 Palomino Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Phone: 702-870-4430

Salvation Army Las Vegas Organizations

Every year, the Salvation Army Angel Tree program provides lots of gifts to needy children, individuals, and seniors on Christmas. This organization gets support with donations from many of the organizations, groups, businesses, and private gifts. You can contact The Salvation Army if you wish to have your child’s name on the Christmas Tree. And then someone will pick your child’s name and buy a gift for him or her that is especially suited to them.

The Salvation Army

Clark Country Command

2900 Palomino Lane

Las Vegas, Nevada 89107


Where to Get Free Christmas Tree From Charities

This is the organization that provides free Christmas trees on Christmas. It is known to all that holiday trees are too costly that range up to $30 to 40 and it is a lot to pay for the thing that will be gone in the trash after few days of Christmas. Do you search for the free Christmas trees nearby me and you will be surprised when you find lots of free Christmas programs that give free trees?

Toys for Tots

The United States Marine Corps Reserve started a program Toys for Tots so they can help children of those families who are poor and can’t afford gifts for their children on the occasion of Christmas. Every year, new and unwrapped gifts or toys are collected from October to early December, and then before Christmas, those toys or gifts are sorted, wrapped, and then delivered to the children.

With the help of Toys for Tots, the Marine Corps Reserve tries to bring the joy of Christmas to the needy children across the country. Toys for Tots also try to make together people of the community for the common cause of helping people in their need.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

The United States Marine Corps

Inspector Instructor Staff

5095 Range Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89115


Shop with a Cop

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department also takes part in the Shop with a Cop program so they can also help to provide Christmas gifts to the person or families who need help in Las Vegas. The program tries to pair a child who belongs to a needy family, with the police officer of Las Vegas.

And then the police officer takes the child with them to the departmental stores so they can purchase things for themselves or their family members. According to “Las Vegas Sun”, in 2009, the fund was raised more than $15,000 for the program and more than 120 needy children and their families in Las Vegas received gifts for Christmas.

In Las Vegas, the Metro Police department of Las Vegas also takes part in the Shop with a Cop program to give help to individuals or needy families by providing them Christmas gifts. The motto of the program is to pair a police officer with the child from each family who belongs to the needy family.

How Shop with a Cop works

In the program, children are nominated so they can participate and each child gets a gift card from their local departmental store. Police officers of their area take them shopping to the stores so they can use their gift card at the departmental stores, for buying Christmas presents for themselves and their family members.

The children who were participated in the program of the year 2009, each student received a gift card for Target department store that had a value of $130. The Shop with a Cop program is not just beneficial and helps the unfortunate people in Las Vegas but it also helps to increase the chances of help for the police department and the community.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department

3141 Sunrise Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

(702) 828-3111

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