How to Get Free Christmas Gifts, Food, Trees & More

How to Get Free Christmas Gifts, Food, Trees & More : Low-income families can’t afford to give their kids the same Christmas-season cheer that wealthier families enjoy. But many groups and organizations exist for those in need. Let’s discuss How to Get Free Christmas Gifts, Food, Trees & More!

Some offer free or subsidized holiday food, others provide an opportunity to have a home decorated for Christmas, and some offer trees with gifts attached! If you’re low-income and looking to make your child’s holidays brighter with some help from someone else, read this article to find out where you can go for assistance! Christmas is different for everyone. It is well known that many children in the U.S. are homeless, hungry, and without a roof over their heads during wintertime. Giving away free Christmas gifts is not feasible for low-income families who may need more money for presents for their children during Christmas time.

However, some organizations and charities provide free Christmas toys, food, and other necessities to low-income families so they can provide their kids with the same kind of Christmas cheer enjoyed by wealthier families. They may not be able to afford to buy themselves stuff, but at least they have somewhere to go if they need assistance.

For example, the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) has been helping needy children and their families since 1983. The organization has several programs that offer free Christmas gifts, toys, and other basic needs like food to low-income families. They have an adoption-related support program where low-income families can get vouchers for free food and Christmas gifts. They also offer an adoption education program so families adopting a child through legal means would have information about the process and requirements for adoption.

NCFA’s religious ministry offers professional counselling services to children, adults, couples, and families to help improve parenting skills and strengthen relationships. Caring professionals can assist with addiction, depression, and relationship problems.

The NCFA also offers other services to needy children and their families, including information and referral services, advocacy and legal assistance, medical care, and education. Another organization that goes out of its way to ensure that low-income and homeless or at-risk children have food on the table during Christmas is A Child’s Place.

Organizations that Provide Free Christmas Help for Low-Income Families

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is another charity organization that helps provide Christmas gifts or financial assistance during the holiday season. They are based out of the United States and provide support for low-income families and children in need throughout the year.

They also provide various other resources, such as food, clothing, and household items, to those who cannot afford them. It is also possible to donate money or goods directly to this charity to help support its mission. Operation Christmas Child has been delivering help locally in communities across the country for several years. They work closely with local partners to ensure that families can receive the assistance they need during the holiday season. There are a variety of different resources that can be used to assist different communities.

The Samaritan’s Purse is the organization that is responsible for the project known as “Operation Christmas Child.” This organization collects millions of gifts, places them in shoeboxes, and then ships them to underprivileged children in over 160 countries around the world. The presents are delivered to local churches, giving them to the children in the community.

However, this organization needs to create a shoe box and deliver it to the intended location. These boxes are full of interesting things for children in third-world countries, including clothes, school supplies, shoes, and other items that can help them every day. The Samaritan’s Purse is an evangelical Christian charity organization with a branch in the United States and several other locations worldwide. This charity organization was created by Franklin Graham of Billy Graham’s evangelistic organization.

The mission of this organization relies on the generous giving of individuals worldwide and does not have any other income source. Samaritan’s Purse also provides resources for families who may need assistance during the holiday season to ensure that they can afford to give Christmas presents to their family members.

Operation Christmas Child also offers various ways that individuals can support this charitable organization on their website. For example, you can donate money, new or used items that have value, and even volunteer at one of their partner organizations. You can also share their mission with others in your community by hosting or attending events that they provide and sharing photos on social media. This organization has a wide variety of charitable events, which are all held throughout the year. You can visit their website to learn more about Operation Christmas Child.


This charity drive is an extension of the Angel Tree program. Families can get “adopted” by sending in toys and other presents for their children to receive holiday gifts. Donations of toys, food, and other necessities are collected from local businesses, including Walmart and Target, and then delivered to youth-serving organizations. The Salvation Army in Canada also accepts donations for its Angel Tree program.

This is done to ensure that no child goes without gifts for Christmas. The Salvation Army can also provide families with gift cards, emergency food boxes, and basic household items such as bedding, towels, and cleaning supplies. They also provide other services like rent assistance, utility bill assistance, emergency shelter, and counselling to help families on their feet again.

The program known as “Adopt-a-Family” takes a slightly different approach. There won’t be any names strung up on a tree for this. Instead, an entire family is taken in and provided with support in the form of gifts, toys, food, cleaning supplies, and other household goods, among other things. The sponsors can even contribute gift cards!

If you visit their website, you can search for the Salvation Army chapter that serves your area. Because some local organizations start accepting registrations as early as October, you will want to ensure that you get in touch with your neighbourhood Corps Community Centre as soon as possible. Adopt-a-Family’s main mission is to ensure that no needy family goes without gifts this holiday season. This charity drive is aimed at organizations that serve the less fortunate, especially families with kids. They can provide families with toys, new clothes, and other necessities.

Through this program, you can also adopt an entire family to help them celebrate the holidays. Any donations made will be used to provide these families with toys and other presents for their children, as well as other essentials like essential household items, food, and cleaning supplies.

A Child’s Place is an organization that gives food to needy children in need. This organization is dedicated to the community and their families to ensure that no child goes without for Christmas dinner this year.

They provide various services such as health and nutrition care, medical care, after-school programs, and other support for children struggling with poverty. All these things are free of charge, and no registration is required. Remember to check out FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Michigan!

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities offers various services to low-income families, refugees, and individuals. Many families turn to Catholic Charities during the holiday season because they look forward to celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, and they should not have to feel like they are missing out on any part of this special event.

Catholic Charities provides various services, including counseling, clothing distribution, and a food pantry. This charity organization also manages two other charitable schemes that can be used by Americans who want to donate stuff.

This program allows donors to donate food, clothing, or other supplies directly to their local homeless shelters. The materials will be distributed by those in need and may be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. This charity drive provides families with food and other necessities such as diapers, toiletries, and Christmas gifts. Volunteers work locally to distribute the items they receive throughout the holiday season.

Catholic Charities is a faith-based organization that operates across the country and may be able to assist during the holidays. It has come to our attention that they provide free Christmas gifts and free holiday meals in several locations all over the country; however, there is no assurance that they provide these services in your region.

It’s also important to note that Catholic Charities does not support individuals but instead supports communities and families across the nation. However, they may be able to provide assistance and resources for families in your area. Catholic Charities is a national organization that relies on donations from individuals and other sources to provide for those in need. They run several programs each year where donors can contribute money or goods such as food, clothing, toiletries, and many more.

There are various ways in which individuals can contribute to this charity, and you can easily find the most convenient method for you in the link above.

It’s important to note that Catholic Charities do not assist any entitlement. Instead, they provide opportunities for families struggling financially to receive Christmas gifts or other necessities that may be needed during the busy holiday season. During the scheme, Catholic Charities will distribute food to struggling families to ensure they can enjoy special events like Christmas without worrying about missing out on any part of it.

This charity provides an important service that can help many families enjoy the holiday season without worrying about where their next meal comes from.

AmeriCorp Seniors

AmeriCorps Seniors is a relatively new program offered by the Corporation that allows senior citizens 55 years or older to request assistance from the organization.

They provide 4-month programs that give elderly individuals a chance to work with their local Salvation Army branches and other charities in their communities. Training is provided, but the organization covers all the costs associated with this training. AmeriCorp Seniors organizations will occasionally host Senior Angel Trees, designed to assist senior citizens with low incomes in receiving gifts.

AmeriCorp Seniors also has a unique partnership with the Corporation. The Corporation will reimburse up to $2,000 of the course costs, which may be used to pay for tuition, books, and other necessary items. The government will also cover up to $1,975 in course costs if the individual receives Social Security benefits or Medicaid coverage.

Individuals participating in this program can expect to work a minimum of 75 hours per 4-month period. The Corporation will provide a $14 per hour grant to cover the costs of this program’s training. Recipients are also entitled to receive $35 per day for food, which is intended to cover the cost of meals for Monday through Friday.

Salvation Army also offers various other charity schemes where you can donate stuff. One example is the Angel Tree charity scheme. It allows patrons to submit their wish lists anonymously during Christmas so that Salvation Army volunteers can buy gifts and deliver them in time for Christmas.

Angel Tree Program

The Angel Tree Program, sponsored by the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, was created to assist food-insecure families in the state. The families chosen to receive food will most likely go hungry during Christmas.

Donor-advised funds allow anyone to choose which charities they want their money to go to and have it go through a trust fund at Chase investment bank. The money is used for programs that help low-income families. Families with low incomes, including families of prisoners, can receive assistance from the Salvation Army in the form of holiday meals, toys, and clothing. They provide several holiday programs, including the well-known Angel Tree and Adopt-a-Family programs.

Through their annual Angel Tree program, the Salvation Army is teaming up with Walmart to “Rescue Christmas” for over 2.6 million underprivileged children this year as part of their #RescueChristmas initiative. By participating in the Angel Tree program, Walmart locations throughout the country decorate their stores with Christmas trees. Each tree is covered in tags that state the child’s age and the gifts they want. Customers can select a tag at the register, make their purchases, and then drop off their contributions before leaving the store.

To get assistance through this program, you must contact the Salvation Army location closest to you to find out what kinds of services are offered in your region. You can learn more about the Salvation Army in your area by searching their website using either your postal code or your city and state.

The organization has several financial aid programs that provide temporary assistance and other services to low-income families, the elderly, and individuals. Angel Tree’s main goal is to ensure that nobody goes hungry and sleeps on the streets this holiday season.

This can be achieved by providing a gift to a family with a young child who otherwise would not have received any gifts this holiday season. The “angel” may also give an additional gift to the child, which is intended to appeal to their interests.

You can help needy children have a better Christmas by participating in the Angel Tree program.

Lions Club

Another charitable organization that can help you during the holiday season is the Lions Club. This organization is available all over the United States and has provided various benefits.

The Lions Club is an international organization that assists several communities across the country, so they may be able to assist with your request. The Lions Clubs are known for their community service projects and acts of kindness around the world, as well as many charitable events. In addition to the things mentioned above, they also raise money to donate a wide variety of resources, such as lenses, for those who cannot see without them.

This charitable organization can help you receive free Christmas gifts or extra cash during the winter holidays.

Many people believe that the Lions Club only focuses on vision impairment. However, it’s important to note that this is far from the truth. The Lions Club International is a humanitarian organization with no political stance and chapters in many countries.

Many of their clubs provide financial assistance to low-income children and senior citizens during the holiday season. These programs spread holiday cheer by distributing free Christmas gifts, food, and companionship to those in need during the holiday season.

The Lions Club also provides an important service in several communities across the country where they can collect donations and provide them to those in need at no cost. This charitable organization partners with local charities and the government to help distribute food, clothing, and household items to individuals struggling financially during the winter holidays.

Whether you can donate your time or resources directly through the Lions Club is still being determined. However, donating goods or money in the collection bins, they have set up in several communities may be possible. Local clubs provide important programs that help those in need, so you may want to contact the Lions Club in your region to see if you can help. Lions Club also runs several different services and offers a variety of resources.

This charity does not take political stances and focuses on supporting families who may not have enough money for the holidays or celebrations. Lions Club’s main goal is to assist those in need by providing financial support and resources for families, supporting them during the holiday season. The Lions Club also assists several local communities with food, household items, and many more essential items.

If you are interested in learning what they offer your family during the holiday season, you can look at their website by clicking here. They carry a wide variety of resources that can be used to support families and individuals struggling financially during the holidays.

My Two Front Teeth

My Two Front Teeth is a charity organization offering financial assistance to needy families. They do this through donations and other resources provided directly by generous individuals and companies. This organization supports low-income families, senior citizens, and even children during the holiday season.

My Two Front Teeth is based in the United States, but it supports families across the country to ensure everyone has a happy holiday season. This organization works to connect potential sponsors with children who need financial support. They network with various community organizations providing services to low-income children.

You must be referred to them by one of their partner organizations to be eligible for one of their gifts. To be eligible to receive a gift from this program, you will first need to locate a partner organization in your local area. Once you have found a local partner organization, it may be possible to have them provide you with resources during the holiday season.

You will then need to follow their instructions on how to apply, and once done, My Two Front Teeth representatives will contact you to arrange an interview. If accepted, you will be provided the assistance your family needs for Christmas so everyone has a happy holiday season. It is unknown if any other charitable organizations or charities help families during the holiday season. However, many different resources can be used to help families find the assistance they need during the holidays to ensure they can have a happy season.

If you are struggling financially during this time of year and cannot afford Christmas gifts for your family, some organizations can help you out. Be sure to put any documents together and talk with your local partners about these programs for further assistance.

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is another charity organization that supports low-income families provide gifts, toys to ensure they can have a happy holiday season. This organization’s mission is to ensure that military families have the resources to afford a Christmas celebration without any stress. This organization has several different programs and services for those needing assistance during the holiday season.

Operation Homefront does not require you to donate money or goods directly to receive assistance from them. Operation Homefront provides financial assistance to military families during the holiday season. Together with a holiday toy drive, this organization serves holiday meals to military families during the holiday season. During November and December, local Dollar Tree locations act as collection points for charitable contributions, which are subsequently given to local military families.

This organization also has supporters who provide gifts for these families and their children. Additionally, Operation Homefront provides various other resources for families needing help during the holiday season, including food, clothing, and hygiene products.

The mission of the Operation Homefront organization is to assist military service members and their families. Specifically, they provide financial assistance to families struggling to make ends meet at this time of year. Operation Homefront works with several partners so military families can receive the assistance they need during the holiday season.

The mission of Operation Homefront is to assist military veterans and their families. This organization provides financial assistance to those struggling with limited resources at this time of year. Specifically, Operation Homefront will provide financial assistance to children whose parents are stationed at war zones or other areas where they may not receive regular pay checks.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a not-for-profit organization that provides low-income families and individuals with financial assistance such as food, clothing, diapers, and other general assistance during the holiday season.

Accepting donations is optional, but the organization may ask you to do so to help cover the cost of providing their services. St. Vincent de Paul also has volunteers willing to assist low-income families in need throughout the year.

St. Vincent de Paul collaborates with local parishes and synagogues to distribute their resources.

St. Vincent de Paul has been helping low-income families for over 150 years and operates in more than 60 countries, this includes the United States of America. Another faith-based organization across the United States to assist low-income families is the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

St. Vincent de Paul’s various organizations are known for assisting in a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to the following: payment of utility bills and moving expenses; provision of clothing, food, and other essentials; provision of baby supplies; assistance with Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations; and so on. Get in touch with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in your area to learn more about their assistance programs during the holiday season.

This site aims to provide low-income families with financial assistance during the holiday season. While you are a member of this community, you will be able to view the requests made in the forum by fellow members and can offer your help if you wish.

The donations given to this organization are sufficient to assist 1000 families during the holiday season; therefore, it is likely that you will be able to offer some assistance.

You will find a wide variety of members within this community who are willing to offer their help during the holiday season. If you request assistance, you will have to be a member to view the various requests made. Although you don’t have to become a member of this community before asking for help, an option will be available for those who wish to do so.

Toys for Tots program

A foundation formed by United States President Ronald Reagan, Toys for Tots is a charitable organization that provides Christmas presents for low-income children during the holiday season. This organization accepts donations from the general public and donates all those gifts to the neediest children in America. Toys for Tots has over 2,000 toy drop-off centres in America and Canada; you can find your nearest drop-off centre by visiting their website. The organization is currently estimated to be helping about 5 million kids annually.

Visit the Marine Toys for Tots page to register for the Toys for Tots program. You will be prompted to enter your state and choose a local area after clicking the “Continue” button. This will take you to the page for your local Toys for Tots organization, where you can get more specific directions.

It is best to be ready as early as the season because the application directions and opening dates for application areas may vary from state to state. Therefore, it is important to start making preparations as soon as possible. In the state of Washington, for instance, eligible families are told to apply for assistance by going to the local office of the Department of Social and Health Services.

Everyone else who is interested in applying is strongly encouraged to give a certain phone number a call to get in touch with their regional coordinator. The Department of Social and Health Services will be able to provide you with information about the eligibility requirements that need to be met to request assistance.

They will also be able to tell you what information is required during the application process. If you request on behalf of someone else, you should have a power of attorney signed by the potential beneficiary; this will allow them to accept any donation at their discretion.

You should be aware that you can request assistance no matter where you are located; however, you will be able to submit your application after speaking with the regional coordinator first. You can find the Department of Social and Health Services homepage here. Click on “Toys for Tots” from there to begin the application process.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Little Helpers is a charitable organization that assists families during the holiday season. They provide financial assistance to low-income families and free toys, food, and other necessary items. Santa Claus created this organization in response to an increasing number of requests for assistance from children suffering from poverty, unemployment, or food insecurity during the holiday season.

This organization provides financial assistance to families with young children who need assistance during the holiday season. This assistance is provided through gifts, food, and clothing distribution. The charity provides other assistance, such as babysitting and yard work, to needy families.

Another way that Santa’s Little Helpers also assists low-income families during the holiday season is by providing free toys. This organization gives preference to those unable to provide their children with gifts they would normally expect at this time of year.

It is said that this particular subreddit is “the Happiest Place on Reddit!” During the holiday season, this community of more than 28,000 people puts its collective resources to use to assist thousands of others. It’s a fantastic neighbourhood to live in.

To get help, you will, of course, have to act by the established protocols. Before requesting assistance in the Christmas forum, you must register yourself by clicking on this link. It is customary for registration to become available at the start of November each year; therefore, you should ensure that you check back for updates on or around November 1, 2021.

Remember that they will not provide you with cash or gift cards; they offer only non-monetary prizes. When you receive a donation, you must update your post so that others know who has been assisted.

When others ask for help, they may provide you with a name, address, and phone number. Alternatively, they may state that they do not want any assistance. If you are in receipt of a donation and can meet one of their criteria, feel free to post a request; however, you should ensure that you have read through the guidelines first.

Santa’s Little Helpers also provides gifts to low-income children who may otherwise not receive any gifts during the holiday season. If you are interested, you can visit their website.

United Way

The United Way Christmas program  is a charity organization that assists low-income families and individuals during the holiday season. The United Way accepts donations from the general public to provide food, clothes, and toys to disadvantaged families during the holiday season.

Although you can submit your request for assistance if you wish, this organization may ask you to donate to cover their costs considering that they are not part of the government. Referrals and a list of local Christmas assistance programs can be found at the United Way, an excellent resource. You can also find information about additional holiday assistance in your area by consulting our state-by-state lists below.

You can contact your local United Way by visiting their website or their telephone number. You can obtain a list of United Way offices in the country by clicking on their website or an online referral list. If you are unable to find any local assistance programs on this website, it is worth consulting the United Way online referral list; they will be able to provide you with specific contacts in your area.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a charity that provides gifts and toys to disadvantaged children worldwide during the holiday season.

The organization is non-denominational and does not provide assistance based on race, religious belief, or gender. This charity has been operating for over 15 years; it aims to provide as many children as possible with a gift on Christmas day. You can visit their website to see if there are any drop-off locations in your area.

USPS Operation Santa

The United States Postal Service has a program called Operation Santa, designed to assist low-income families during the holiday season. This program aims to give underprivileged children gifts for Christmas, and it does so by operating through its postal service.

You will have to contact the United States Postal Service before requesting assistance; you should know that they cannot assist during normal business hours. A volunteer will open and scan the letter that your child writes to Santa Claus and sends it to him via the United States Postal Service. They will be uploaded to the website, but the surnames and addresses of the families will be obscured.

Volunteers can print out the letter and an encoded address label. They go shopping for the items that have been requested, and once they have them, they send them out with an encoded label. On the website, you’ll find advice for writing persuasive letters, as well as some great information about the operation of this program run entirely by volunteers.

Visit the Operation Santa homepage to get some useful tips on how to make your letter stand out. You can also find some commonly-used letters and a list of frequently asked questions on this website. It would be best if you visited these pages before I mailed your letter, as they can answer any questions and help you write a better letter. The United States Postal Service has a page that focuses on services relating to children, which can be found here. You can also browse the alphabetical list of branches involved in Operation Santa via this website.

Around 7,000 communities in the United States have postal services operated by the United States Postal Service. There are also 3,500 communities located in Canada. To find a full list of all postal service branches, you should visit the USPS Directory of Post Offices website. You can get information about your nearest branch by calling their Customer Service team via their toll-free number or by visiting their website and clicking the “Contact Us” link.

As far as rules and regulations go, there are some important rules that you need to keep in mind regarding Operation Santa: The child must be under the age of 12. The child must live in a home affected by financial hardship (for example, the family might live on a low income or in poverty). The child must not be incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility.

The child must write the letter. You can write your letter if you wish, but you should write a good one! If the postmark contains any letters other than the three letters of the alphabet, they will lose their eligibility to receive gifts.

Ways to Get FREE Christmas Trees!

Christmas Tree Santa’s

Several individuals keep Christmas tree stands and donate them to needy people. These individuals will often go to the schools and libraries at the end of the year to collect and give away these donations. If you are located in any of these areas, you can look for local volunteers or contact your local community centre or library to see if anyone is looking for extra Christmas trees or if someone would like one given to them.

Several individuals keep Christmas tree stands and donate them to people in need. These individuals will often go to the schools and libraries at the end of the year to collect and give away these donations.

This organization provides a special kind of assistance during the Christmas season! Christmas Tree Santas collaborate with Home Depot to give Christmas trees to struggling families. To be eligible for this program’s gift of a free Christmas tree, you must first obtain a referral from one of the program’s partner organizations and then live in one of the participating states.

Christmas Tree Project

Requests can be sent in from all over the country, and the Christmas Tree Project will do everything in its power to fulfil every one of them. On the other hand, they cannot promise that they will be able to assist every family. Put in your request as soon as possible for the best chance of being granted it! If you cannot afford a real Christmas tree, this is an excellent opportunity to get one for free.

Requests can be sent in from all over the country, and the Christmas Tree Project will do everything in its power to fulfil every one of them. On the other hand, they cannot promise that they will be able to assist every family.

Put in your request as soon as possible for the best chance of being granted it! If you cannot afford a real Christmas tree, this is an excellent opportunity to get one for free.

Trees for Troops

This donation program allows military families to receive a Christmas tree while deployed worldwide. They are also accepting requests from civilians and all branches of the military.

The trees are grown by local growers (often farms or golf courses), then donated to you (or your family) by the Trees for Troops team to be sent out immediately. To ensure they receive enough trees, they will accept requests until a week before Christmas to allow them time to plan. Trees for Troops delivers farm-grown Christmas trees, free of charge, to the homes of military personnel and their families serving in the armed forces of the United States. The trees are distributed to seventy military bases across the United States and worldwide!

This organization has some very exciting news to share for the year 2021! They have successfully formed partnerships with several retail locations that have agreed to participate in the “Official Trees for Troops” program. These establishments encourage individuals to buy a tree and give it as a contribution to the program. That makes donating so much simpler, and it will help this organization make a bigger impact on families who could use some assistance during the holiday season.

They are also trying to ensure that the program has been sustainable and strong for many years, so they have partnered with The Plant Savers Foundation. This is an organization that helps commercial growers maintain their businesses and continue to be able to donate trees each year.

Regardless of whether you live in one of the locations mentioned above, you can still find cheap Christmas trees near you with a quick search on Google.

Get FREE Christmas Gifts & FREE Christmas Dinner in YOUR area!

Because hundreds of local organizations offer assistance during the holidays, we can only list some of them in a single post like this one. Because of this, we have separated this article into resource guides for each state and county, making it much simpler to use.

The number of requests for information we have received is literally in the thousands. We are making our way through them as fast as we possibly can. For your easiness, whenever we finish compiling a new resource list, it is immediately uploaded and linked to this series of posts. If you are still waiting to see your location on the list, please feel free to let us know, and rest assured that we will investigate the matter as soon as possible!

Please let us know if you can assist with the expenses required for any of these events by donating money or one of the items listed on the list! Better yet, take advantage of the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer to others. With your help and support, we can make sure that more individuals than ever before will be able to receive gifts and meals on Christmas day.

Last Minute Christmas Help Near You!

It has come to our attention throughout the past few years that this post experiences an extraordinary volume of web traffic in the week leading up to Christmas. It is extremely unusual for charitable organizations to still hand out gifts at this late stage of the holiday season.

If you’re looking for assistance at the last minute and we haven’t already written about your location, we hope that some of the last-minute Christmas gifts and resources listed here can be of assistance to you. To get you started, here are a few of the most popular requests for assistance we have received this season.

Buy Nothing

Buy Nothing is a local movement that encourages people to give away items they are no longer using to reduce the amount of waste produced. There are times when you can unearth some truly incredible treasures there. People have even been giving away Christmas presents and other items to low-income families in the Buy Nothing groups I participate in locally. Check out your neighbourhood’s Buy Nothing group to see what last-minute help might be available if you need assistance. Conduct a search for “Buy Nothing” on Facebook to see if a group is operating in your area.

Religious Ministry

Some several religious organizations and ministries help local families in need during the Christmas holiday. These have been some of the most popular requests for assistance, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, you can also try contacting your local church or another religious organization in your area. If all else fails, contact nearby charities and see if they know of any last-minute help in your area.

Food Bank

During the holiday season, local food banks also stock gifts for needy families. You can always contact the food bank in your area to find out if they have anything available (or know of any local agencies that do). Because food banks typically have strong ties to other community resources, visiting one may be an excellent option for locating assistance for your family.

However, there are many different types of organizations and charities that you can choose from. Some have been around for decades, while others are new to the community. 

Library of Things

At some libraries, you can borrow toys and drum sets, passes to local museums, and even GoPro cameras. If all else fails, you can get your child a library card and give them the gift of unending adventure without spending any money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get help at the last minute?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that you should feel free to immediately. For example, if you know that you need help and are preparing to be prepared for Christmas, why not take advantage of these resources available now? If a family is experiencing financial difficulties and has already been told by a local agency that they need “federal assistance,” there may be an opportunity to provide aid at this time.

What to do if you need help?

Once you have determined that you will require assistance during the Christmas season, don’t hesitate to contact your local Department of Social Services Office and ask if they can help with these expenses. If they cannot help, other options are available to you.

Where to get help for Christmas?

As we have mentioned, many organizations and charities offer aid and request donations at this time of year. The most popular among these are the ones you will find on this page.

How to find help with Christmas gifts?

Another extremely popular source for assistance is the Buy Nothing Facebook group. This has been a growing trend for years, and collectives have been set up all around the country. Each is completely local, and once you have joined your local group, you can see what people are giving away and requesting assistance. You can search on Facebook by typing “Buy Nothing” into the search bar


Though you may feel like you’re in a bit of a time crunch at this time of year, things can always be worse. We hope this post has been helpful for those who have nowhere to turn this Christmas. These organizations and groups are completely free, not to mention that they are committed to helping you out. In most cases, they will be there for you long after the holiday season has come and gone.

If you want a helping hand with your Christmas expenses this year, this list of resources has been helpful. Christmas differs every year but depends on each family’s financial situation. If you need assistance right now, please don’t hesitate to use the search bar at the top of this page to assist you in locating low-cost holiday solutions near you.

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