How to help veterans during the holiday season – Around us, many of the people present need help in different ways. But it is our choice that how can we help them. From those needy people, veterans are also one of them. They also need help in the holiday season, because they come back from their duty and many of the veterans don’t have family or a good financial back. That’s why they look for help through many charities, organizations, and churches. If you want to help them, then contact to any of the organizations, charity or churches that help them. In this article, we are going to know that how one can help veterans with their donations. Read this article, continue.

As we know that holiday season does not bring happiness for everyone. This season brings for many of the people sadness and they have to face poverty as well. And veterans also need help in the holiday season. This time is very challenging for them and they need help however to live their life. So, in their difficult time, one can come forward to help them in many ways. You can help the veterans who serve, help, protect or honor their work, you can give them some time, donate something which will come in their use, or also help them by just giving them cash. It is all your choice that how you want to help them. Even here are many ways by which you can help them and brings some changes in their difficult life to make it easy to live.

How to help veterans during the holiday season

  1. You can help the veterans who are homeless, unemployed, injured, or disabled or have no family to live with them. Help this type of specific group and do a little good work for them.
  2. You can also give a blanket or other things that help them in this holiday season or also call them at your house to give them some surprise.
  3. For helping the veterans, you can call your local USO branch or area armed services recruiter. They will show you the list of the programs that they organized for donations to veterans.
  4. If you have a car that you don’t use then you can give it in a donation to someone for helping them.
  5. You can contact a local or federation Veterans Association residential home, or hospital. These are the place where many disable or injured, and older nurses live. They don’t have any family to care for them that’s why they live in the hospitals or the old-age homes, where they get free treatment for their illness or disabled, with the help of donations. You can find out those people and help them this holiday season and make them happy with your little effort. You can also contact the fundraisers who come forward to collect donations for those people, so you can check that how your donation works for the needy veteran’s people.
  6. You can also visit local military hospitals where disabled vets are in recovery. You can also see that there are many of the pre-determined donations lists which include many of the things, such as gloves, blankets, DVDs, cookies, and home-baked products, socks, and much more. All these are the ways from that you can help people.

So, if you want to help people this holiday season then pick up your phone and make a call to your local veteran’s organizations like the American Legion. You can ask them that what are their plans this holiday season and how you can help with your donations. An organization like Elks Lodge is not made for helping the veterans but this organization works a lot for them.

List of veterans charities and organizations for the holiday season

Here is the list of the organizations and charities that help in the holiday season. These are:

  • VA Search– you can find VA hospitals and more places.
  • USO – United service Organization help service man and deployed army with holiday assistance
  • Vets Christmas Ride – Run a help ride for veterans who has no family and in Va Hospital
  • Red Cross– Provides services for veterans.
  • VA Volunteer Services Volunteer or donate some of your time to the VA Volunteer Services.
  • Honor Flight
  • American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – The VFW offers a wide range of assistance programs to help the veterans.
  • Salvation Army – For the service, you can also contact your local area with the Salvation Army Holiday assistance.
  • Operation Home Front – it helps the families of the service members and warriors who are wounded.
  • Disabled American Veteran (DAV)– This helps the veterans, veterans’ families, wounded veterans, widows of the veterans, disabled veterans.
  • Cars for veterans– You will also do donations by giving your car, this helps the fund programs.
  • Elks Lodge– Volunteers of the Elks lodge give their efforts to serve the veterans. They do many things to help them through many veteran programs. These programs may include VA volunteer service, Adopt-a-veteran, Freedom grants, and many more programs.
  • National Coalition for Homeless Veterans– Assist the veterans who are in crisis.
  • Soldier Angels– This is the program that helps the veterans in the USA Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. They provide their support to the veterans from visiting patients to provide them comfort items like blankets and quilts. Apart from this, they offer clothes, sponsor special events like BBQs, or assisting VA facilities with large-scale efforts to help the veterans and to improve their quality of life.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America– This is the organization that leads with combating veteran suicide, it also helps to improve the support for the female veterans, ending the VA disability claims backlog, and also defending veterans’ education benefits.
  • Semper Fi Fund– The Semper Fi Fund, comes forward to help the veterans who are critically wounded in 9/11 and injured in that time. America’s fund program provides them immediate medical and financing help for the lifetime support. They help the veteran members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Force and their families. With this help, they try to make sure that their family is living a good life and get the resources during their recovery and transition back to their communities.

How to help soldiers during the holidays

  • Adopt-a-veteran. There is a program named Elks Lodge’s program, that comes forward to help the veterans who live in the shelters or are lonely or isolated. Veterans who are live in VA hospitals, retirement homes, assisted care homes, community living centers, homeless and transitional shelters, and hospital domiciliary programs are all eligible. Program called adopt a family for low income families also a in kind of program for needy families.
  • Combined Federal Campaign– Pledge is made by the federal civilian, postal and military donors. This is done in the season of September 1st to December 15th. They get support from many non-profit organizations, who provide human and health service benefits among the whole world, and for doing this work.
  • Corporate matching gifts – You can check that the donation you give to your employer, is he or she is eligible for the donation or not.  You can request a form to match your employee matching gift. Check for your human resources, employee benefits office, or community relations office. Then choose the veterans to whom you want to donate something, is eligible or not.

How to help veterans at christmas

  • Become a volunteer
  • Organize the fundraiser- this work you can do with the help of Facebook as well.
  • Give money
  • Offer freebies to veterans and military families
  • Planned giving- wills, gifts, trusts, charitable gifts annuities
  • You can also donate the following:
  • Cars
  • Clothes
  • Bonds or stocks
  • Entertainment tickets
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Airline/ Hotel and credit card points/ miles
  • Many household items
  • Volunteers with Wreaths Across America. Every year in December they organize wreath-laying ceremonies in the Arlington National Cemetery, in different locations nationwide, like in sea, and also abroad or in other countries. If you are not able to take part in the ceremony program then you can make some donations to help buy a wreath.

Other considerations

For offering christmas help any veterans you have to make contact with the organizations, charities and federal organizations, on time. If you make connections with them on time then you will help someone in their need on time. But never show the organization or charity that how much capable you are to help, just ask them that how can you make donations or help any needy people. Even these charities have many ways to help needy people, so you can choose any of them to help the people with your donations with If you want to donate to veterans charities this can also be a great option to choose.

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