Ouachita Parish free food Pantries

Ouachita Parish free food Pantries : Ouachita Parish is the home of many people who don’t know where their next meal may come from. They may be working but can’t make ends meet. They may get sick and are not able to work for a while. Their spouse or child’s income may be inconsistent or nonexistent, and they find themselves without food.

This resource guide will help you find assistance in your neighborhood through Ouachita Parish free food pantries. Most of the food pantries and soup kitchens in Ouachita Parish are run by local churches.

A few of them are only open a couple of days per week or even certain months, such as during the summer, so they can provide food for the children who are not attending school. The underemployed and families dealing with temporary crises are typically the other types of people who seek assistance from these food pantries in Ouachita Parish. There are ten to fifteen organizations that are not-for-profit and offer assistance to residents who are in need. Even though most of the distribution centers can be found in Monroe, there are also facilities located in other parts of the parish.

Another option is for the volunteers who work at these pantries to direct the person applying for assistance to a location that is more convenient to their home. These centres only provide a limited amount of food assistance to their clients. On the other hand, the homeless may receive anything from a free box of groceries to holiday meals, small Christmas gifts, clothing, and personal hygiene items. Case management and applications for SNAP food stamps or other forms of assistance will also be made available at several locations.

Other supply centres provide support to the residents in the parish by providing clothes, toys, new items for the home, baby food and formula, household items such as dishes or pots and pans, and office supplies. All of these items are dependent upon donations received from various sources.

Although you can find several government agencies with resources available to help you secure emergency food assistance in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Social services agencies such as welfare departments may offer this assistance if you meet particular eligibility requirements.

They may also have information on how to receive emergency food assistance if you need it. This can be found at their offices in Monroe or other parts of the parish. You may also find government resources that offer low-cost or free food, such as the USDA’s Food Distribution Program, California’s Emergency Food Assistance Program, and Health and Human Services Department, which provide National School Lunch for children who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals.

There are also several charities in the area that provide food for people who are in need. Among them are food banks such as the Louisiana Food Bank, Grace Kitchen, and the Central Louisiana Food Bank Coalition. They help to raise money from different sources and then distribute emergency food to residents of Ouachita Parish who live below the poverty line.

Calvary Missionary Baptist

This is where to go for groceries or other food assistance. They also offer emergency groceries once a month and will distribute them at their location on North Clay Street in Monroe. The food bank is open to the public on the third Saturday of every month. Free meals, groceries, and other items, including perishables and Christmas meals, are provided.

The shelter and food bank can also offer information on where to apply for government benefits such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). These are two main programs providing food assistance in Ouachita Parish. They will also be able to refer you to other agencies that can offer help with paying rent, utility bills, or even a mortgage. Calvary Missionary Baptist also provides referrals to other non-profit and government agencies, charities, and social service centres.

This is a charity that helps low-income and working-poor families. They can provide them with food assistance, housing, and an employment program for those who need it. The employment centre will help those who want to find jobs or fill out free applications for the TANF or other public assistance programs. Calvary Missionary Baptist’s main goal is to help people provide for their families and save money to help pay for rent, utilities, school supplies, and more.

Address: 201 S. 9th West Monroe, LA 71292

Contact: 318-323-0238

City of West Monroe

This is where anyone can get free food. They offer three food pantries, a clothing closet, and a food bank. All three services are offered weekly at their location on South Ouachita Avenue. The clothing closet can provide women with clothing, household items, and personal care items such as toothpaste or soap. And they will also hand out shoes and toys for children who need them.

A hot meal or boxes of food are also distributed weekly. In addition, the food pantry offers monthly food baskets for children and families who qualify for the USDA’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. If you live in West Monroe, Louisiana, you can come by every Monday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm to get one.

The West Monroe food bank will distribute perishable and non-perishable items once a month. Residents living on a low income have access to applications for housing, food stamps, WIC vouchers, and assistance with their utility bills. The city of West Monroe also serves people in surrounding parishes, including Ouachita, Newton, and Richland.

Help is also offered to people who are in need. This charity offers free food as well as non-perishable items. They also have a clothing closet and help people with furniture or other household items such as mattresses or sheets for those who need them.

In addition to the help available from this charitable organization, all residents may apply for emergency assistance from Catholic Charities. The city of West Monroe’s main aim is to offer families with children, the elderly, and those who are disabled support. This includes food, housing, oral health care, and assistance with aging in place. Everything is offered on a sliding scale based on your income and ability to pay.

Anyone who is faced with a crisis or emergency may be able to receive help from this church. They provide financial help to people who need to pay utilities, rent, or transportation. They also work to fight hunger and offer weekly food baskets to families.

This non-profit agency has a few locations around the country offering free food for people who need it most. It will help families with dependent children, and their goal is to provide nutritious food assistance. They will also work with clients on self-sufficiency through support services, referrals, and, when necessary financial assistance.

Address: 1800 N. 7th St. West Monroe, Louisiana 71292

Contact: 318-324-1280

Jackson House Image

The Jackson House is a non-profit soup kitchen for the low-income and homeless in West Monroe, Louisiana. They offer free hot meals, food boxes, and perishable goods. The meals are nutritious and healthy if families have been referred to the agency by WIC or TANF.

The non-profit agency can provide food and other assistance for families in need. Services include help with bills, rent, utility bills, free school supplies, and more. Grants from government agencies or donations from partners will distribute household items such as bedding and furniture. The agency has a soup kitchen serving hot meals and food boxes.

This pantry is open daily, all seven days a week. Anyone who needs food can drop by their location on West Broadway in West Monroe, Louisiana, to receive free groceries. They are provided to people who are low-income and meet certain eligibility standards.

The pantry is also open to anyone who has an emergency. Assistance is available for people with a referral from WIC or TANF, and applicants can also apply for financial aid such as fuel assistance, rent, or utility assistance. Other resources include clothing, personal hygiene items, fruits, vegetables, and fresh eggs. Jackson House Image also helps applicants apply for government benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, and food stamps.

The clothing closet is one of the services offered by Catholic Charities West Monroe. They distribute household items, toiletries, bedding, and furniture on a case-by-case basis. Clients are assigned a personal volunteer who assists them in finding resources that can help with paying bills and rent and free food vouchers.

This non-profit offers free or reduced-cost lunches to children in Ouachita Parish during the school year. Jackson House Image’s main mission is to assist people in need and currently receiving public assistance. These include WIC, TANF, food stamps, or Medi-Cal. They will also help those who are homeless and meet income guidelines. They can provide food assistance, shelter programs, clothing, employment assistance, and financial aid to pay bills or rent.

The non-profit organization has a clothing closet offering to clothe people in need. They also have a free food pantry, free meals for children, and more. Anyone who needs assistance or is in poverty may qualify for help from these non-profit programs.

This non-profit organization assists low-income, disabled seniors and families with children in West Monroe, Louisiana. They offer one-time assistance and ongoing support to people who have a referral from TANF or WIC. Resources include food, clothing, and financial aid for rent or utility bills.

This is the main location of Catholic Charities of Ouachita Parish. They focus on helping those in need with basic needs such as food, clothing, employment, and housing assistance. They can assist families with children and the disabled. They also work with seniors and provide case managers who help applicants find resources they need, such as utility bill assistance, housing, or food assistance programs.

Only some low-income people who apply for assistance will receive it. The agency has strict guidelines, and anyone can apply for help. All applicants need to meet specific guidelines, and the main requirements are that you have a needs assessment. To apply for financial aid, you need to be a parish resident and have an income less than what the government sets each year.

WIC is one of the public programs that will help families with children in Ouachita Parish. Families will be helped with food vouchers to purchase fruits, vegetables, juice, and milk. WIC’s main focus is nutrition education, covering health services. Another service provided is a monthly check to women who are breastfeeding. This money can be used to purchase formula for their child.

TANF is the main program that helps families struggling with finances and living below the poverty line in Louisiana. The assistance is for those in need who meet income and resource eligibility guidelines. Through TANF, a family can receive financial aid or help to pay bills or rent. Other programs are food or cash assistance, job training, work education, and more.

This is another program that helps low-income people in the parish with their basic needs and prevents them from having to turn to public assistance such as public assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, and free school meals.

Address: 820 Jackson St. Monroe 71201

Contact: 318-410-1751

Calhoun Church of Christ

On-site at the charitable organization is both a soup kitchen and a free food pantry. Food items are provided to the needy in Calhoun, Louisiana, and Richland, Louisiana.

Come by between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for a hot meal. Or get in touch with them at 318-645-3707 to speak with someone who can offer advice or details on how to get free food or financial assistance from other agencies.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this is the choice place to go if you need food. Calhoun Church of Christ offers everyone free groceries, basic utilities, and clothing.

In addition to the hot meal program available, you can apply for assistance from this charitable organization. The services offered include food assistance, fuel bill assistance, free groceries (varying from one to three per week), free clothing and school supplies for kids, and more.

All are provided on a first-come, first-served basis as people fill out an application or are directed to do so by a case worker. Calhoun Church of Christ’s main goal is also to help people in need meet their basic needs to get back on their feet. This includes job searching and helping get a new place to live, paying the rent, utility bills, car repairs, and more.

Anyone who comes by may get a box of food. And many of the people who do so will also receive gift cards to use at nearby shops for clothes, furniture, and other things. There is no income requirement and no questions asked.

Monroe’s non-profit food bank and clothing closet can provide food vouchers, meals, or clothes to anyone who needs them. They offer several monthly services, including pantry boxes delivered to homes in the area and food pantry services offered once a week at their location on South Ouachita Avenue.

The clothes closet cany family with clothing and household items they may need. And if you need some financial assistance, they can provide funds to pay bills, rent, or other expenses.

Address: 1288 Hwy 151 Calhoun, Louisiana 71225

Contact: 318-644-2216

Macedonia SDA Church

This local church assists those in need in Ouachita Parish. They offer assistance with applying for food stamps, rent, and utility bills help. This agency offers assistance to people without government funding, such as benefits or financial aid. They also work with people who get public assistance, and they will help them apply for food stamps or Medicaid.

Catholic Charities can also help families apply for financial aid such as paying bills, rent, or gas vouchers. Macedonia SDA Church provides assistance with clothing, free food, utility assistance, and more. Macedonia SDA Church’s main goal is to provide resources to the low-income people of West Monroe, Louisiana.

The agency can provide clients with a list of food pantries, shelters, and other community organizations they can contact for help. The non-profit also provides referrals to non-profits or government programs. Clients may be able to apply for services such as Medicaid or food stamps by contacting Catholic Charities. They will also assist clients in applying for public assistance programs such as WIC, TANF, and SNAP benefits.

Address: 2300 Lee Ave. Monroe, LA 71202

Contact: 318-323-3239

Mt. Pleasant Community Development

This non-profit provides various goods to the needy. They have free food boxes, work clothing and toiletries, household products, and more.

Ouachita Parish has several non-profits that provide rent help, utility bill assistance, and more to people struggling with paying their bills. Read more on Louisiana rental assistance. West Monroe Louisiana programs and agencies that cover every aspect of basic needs such as food aid, health care, rental help, and job training are below. Children, senior citizens, and families in need make up the population of this location in Ouachita Parish, which provides food assistance.

This local church in Monroe, Louisiana, can provide people with food, clothing, financial aid, and other assistance.

West Monroe, Louisiana, and Ouachita Parish, LA. These are the main cities that this community service program serves. The staff and resources from the agency can provide the needy with utility bill assistance, medications, food stamps, and more. Read more on Louisiana government programs for bills.

The non-profit can help Monroe Parish families apply for and receive government assistance such as food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid. The agency can also provide other basic needs such as free food pantry items, free clothing from thrift stores, utility bill help, and school supplies.

West Monroe Louisiana programs and resources that cover a wide range of services, including job training, housing assistance, employment services, and support for the children of low-income families, are below. Mt. Pleasant Community Development’s main aim is to help people in low-income communities and families improve their quality of life.

The agency offers assistance with rent, heating bills, and medical assistance. The non-profit also has resources and programs for needy people, such as a medical clinic, diaper bank, and more. They also offer immediate aid to people without food due to an emergency or natural disaster.

Address: 105 Bernice Dr. Monroe, Louisiana 71201

Contact: 318-323-3632

Ouachita Multi-Purpose

This non-profit offers assistance with paying bills, housing assistance, and job training.

The agency can provide free food, clothing, and other resources to low-income families in Ouachita Parish. They also have a food pantry program that can help with other basic needs such as baby formula, diapers, and more.

West Monroe, Louisiana, and Ouachita Parish, LA. Includes such cities as Monroe, El Dorado, and West Monroe. The Salvation Army’s services include employment assistance for the unemployed, food assistance for the hungry, and help to apply for government assistance programs.

Ouachita Multi-Purpose non-profit has a case management program that assists with paying rent, utilities, and other basic needs. They also provide free food from a pantry and offer job training, GED classes, and computer access to all clients of the non-profit. Meals on Wheels, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food stamps, government aid, and applications for free school lunches for students are all included in the services that are provided.

West Monroe, Louisiana, and Ouachita Parish, LA. Includes such cities as West Monroe, Richwood, Starr, and more are supported by this non-profit community action agency. They can provide the low-income with assistance with utility bills, rent help, food stamps, and more.

The non-profit also helps people apply for government assistance, such as TANF cash assistance or Medicaid health insurance. The agency also provides rental assistance, food boxes from a pantry, a work clothing closet, and access to community service programs.

West Monroe, Louisiana, and Ouachita Parish, LA. Includes such cities as West Monroe, Richwood, Starr, and more are supported by this non-profit community action agency. They can provide the low-income with assistance with utility bills, rent help, food stamps, and more.

The non-profit also helps people apply for government assistance, such as TANF cash assistance or Medicaid health insurance. The agency also provides rental assistance, food boxes from a pantry, a work clothing closet, and access to community service programs.

Address: 315 Plum St. Yvonne Marsh

Contact: 318-322-7151

Ray of Hope Ministries

This non-profit provides food, clothing, and household items to the needy.

The non-profit also helps people apply for government assistance, such as TANF cash assistance or Medicaid health insurance. There could be anything, from warm meals to new clothes and supplies for children’s education. Ray of Hope Ministries also has a food pantry, job training programs, and adult education classes. For the less fortunate in the community, they help with utility bills, rental assistance, and financial help.

Ray of Hope Ministries also runs several other ministries, including Meals on Wheels, emergency food assistance, and support for the elderly. The agency is located in West Monroe, Louisiana, and assists people with paying bills, rent help, and more. The non-profit also helps with eligibility for government assistance programs such as utility bill help, food stamps, free transportation, and more.

West Monroe Louisiana programs include rent help, food pantry items, job training, and more. The service is located in West Monroe, LA, and can assist with utility bill help, rent assistance, food pantry, and more.

This organization aims to meet the basic needs of adults, children, and families with financial difficulties. Assistance can be given to paying bills, renting homes or apartments, finding permanent housing options for homeless people and senior citizens, and more.

Address: 1935 Winnsboro Rd. Monroe, Louisiana 71202

Contact: 318-322-9244

Monroe Area Guidance Centre

The agency offers assistance to those in West Monroe, Louisiana, with utility bill assistance, gas bill help, and food assistance. Those with a referral from TANF or WIC can also apply for resources such as food stamps and clothing.

This local church provides free food pantries, clothing closets, and more to people who need help in Ouachita Parish. They provide case managers who can assist clients with finding basic needs such as free groceries, free food boxes, and other resources provided by government programs. The food pantry is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm for those needing immediate assistance.

This is one of the local churches that offer assistance to the needy with resources such as food and utility bill assistance. The non-profit can also help pay their client’s rent or utility bills.

This agency offers free food boxes and other food pantry items to the needy by appointment. They do not provide services on a walk-in basis due to limited resources. Monroe Area Guidance Centre’s main mission is to provide the poor with food and other basic needs.

A thrift store that offers low-cost clothing, furniture, and other household items to the low-income. Monroe Area Guidance Centre also have fixed monthly rates for water, gas, and electricity bills. The thrift store can also help people apply for government aid or assistance such as temporary cash grants, free food, and more.

The agency has a food bank that provides free groceries and meals to people who live in poverty. The non-profit also has a food box program that can provide free food boxes to children and families every week. The agency also assists with fuel assistance and prescription cards.

Free, low-cost prescriptions; gas assistance; rent and utility bill help; WIC; SNAP; and more.

A non-profit that offers free clothing, food, health care services, groceries, and financial aid with utility bills to people in need of assistance in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Address: 1900 Garrett Road Monroe, LA 71202

Contact: 318-343-9200

Rays of Sonshine

The non-profit organization provides food assistance, clothing, household items, and other support to families or individuals in need.

They will also be able to direct you to services that may help those who are struggling with other financial obligations or who need money for rent and utility bills. There is no income requirement and no questions asked. The non-profit will partner with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure that those who need help can get it. The USDA administers the federal Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations and other similar programs.

Those who don’t qualify for SNAP food stamps may still qualify for other government assistance programs. Rays of Sonshine also has a clothing closet and thrift store where people can find free clothing, household goods, and other items. This pantry distributes food to residents of Ouachita Parish through a network of over 140 food pantries, soup kitchens, and emergency shelters that are located in the region. Five member agencies are located in the parish as well.

Address: 411 S. 1st St. Monroe, LA 71202

Contact: 318-323-0502

The Assembly South

This non-profit organization will provide food and other assistance to those who need it in the South Monroe area. Based on donations from the community, they can provide clients with a box of food or help them pay their rent or utility bills.

The non-profit actively participates in fundraising and accepts donations and gifts from community members. They are available to residents of Ouachita Parish. They offer canned goods, groceries, household goods, personal hygiene products, serving-size foods (I. e., cereal, soups, etc.), fresh fruits and vegetables, paper products (i.e., toilet paper), and much more.

The non-profit aims to help those in need of assistance with basic needs to improve their quality of life. The Assembly South offer food pantry services every Tuesday to anyone who needs them while also providing clothing closet services. On the third Saturday of every month, the food bank is open for business.

They offer a food assistance program for women, infants, and young children. The service is also available to pregnant women, children, and senior citizens. It is based on income and resources, but applicants do not have to be citizens if they apply for WIC vouchers.

The non-profit counsel the members about healthy eating and offers help with diabetes, hypertension, and other similar health conditions. The WIC service providers will also help pregnant women with their prenatal care, including wellness checks, baby checkups, nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, and more.

This non-profit will assist the homeless and those who need assistance caring for a sick relative or close friend. The services include food deliveries, clothing and housewares donations, utility bill assistance, and more. They also run a senior center, a daycare center, and the Free Storage Program in Monroe based on donations from the community.

Address: 713 South 8th St. Monroe, LA

Contact: 318-342-8000

True Vine Baptist Church

This non-profit organization will bring groceries to clients for their families and individuals who need help. They may also use donations from the community to supply food as well as offer other assistance such as clothing, housewares, and more.

The non-profit aims to provide free food and other items to those in need in Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas. The pantry service is available regularly as well. True Vine Baptist Church also runs several other programs, including a food bank, a clothing closet, and a senior center.

This non-profit organization provides free meals to people who need them in Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas. The hot meal service is available every Wednesday at noon. They also provide utility bill assistance, clothing and housewares donations, and referrals to other area agencies to which they can refer their clients if needed. True Vine Baptist Church’s main aim is to help clients get back on their feet.

The non-profit works with the community to provide food, clothing, and other items for those who need them. People needing assistance are referred to the pantry services, which may include fresh produce, canned goods, household items, pet food, and much more. They also operate a soup kitchen on Thursdays and Saturdays that is open to anyone who needs it. At the same time, they also run an employment center based on donations from the community.

The non-profit provides food, clothing, and other items to families in need in Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas. It is an emergency service that is available on a walk-in basis.

This non-profit organization will provide food and other assistance for the elderly and people with disabilities in Monroe. Together with the people of St. Jude Baptist Church, they will provide them with free meals three times per month and assist them with financial grants such as utility bill help.

Address: 1400 Dilling St. Monroe, Louisiana

Contact: 318-547-1235

Salvation Army

The non-profit provides free meals, groceries, and other assistance to those in need in Monroe, LA. The clients are provided with emergency assistance and help with financial grants as well. The non-profit partners with the above non-profit to provide food and other items in Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas. They also offer free clothing to everyone regardless of income, religion, or qualification.

They will also provide community financial sponsorship, such as food pantries, utility bill help, and much more. Applicants need to meet certain qualifications to be eligible for financial help. This centre provides free meals, groceries, a food pantry, clothing, and other items for people in need in Ouachita Parish. The location serves seniors and families with children regularly. The Angel Tree program provides gifts and free holiday meals to those in need.

In addition, there is support in the form of emergency financial assistance, a thrift store stocked with used clothing and furniture, food, and other types of assistance.

Ouachita Parish offers assistance as well through the Community Services Board. The non-profit was created to help people who are struggling. They offer assistance with utility bills, rent and mortgage payments, water bills, food, and more. They also operate a food pantry available for the low-income and working poor in Monroe.

The Salvation Army in Ouachita Parish provides the community with several services0, including employment and career counseling, food pantry services, and emergency financial assistance. They also operate other assistance programs for the needy.

They offer a food pantry and soup kitchen for low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and families in need. The non-profit will also help with the development of plans to achieve self-sufficiency. Clothing is offered from a thrift store. There is financial assistance for utilities, rent, and an emergency fund that can be used to provide groceries or other necessities.

The non-profit is located in Monroe and supports residents from Ouachita Parish. They offer basic needs and information on government assistance programs such as SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, and public aid. The center will provide people with applications and other forms needed to apply for these government assistance programs.

There are also volunteers available to help people apply for government benefits, manage their resources better, and provide other support.

The non-profit operates a thrift store that provides charity items directly to the needy. They also run a food bank, a clothing drive, and an employment program. The organization’s purpose is to assist people struggling financially in Ouachita Parish.

This non-profit organization offers emergency financial assistance and food pantry services to Monroe residents in need, as well as referrals from the person seeking assistance and their providers. Don’t forget to check out Get FREE Christmas Toys & Food in Louisiana!

Address: 105 Hart St Monroe, LA 71201

Contact: (318) 325-1755

West Ouachita Senior Center

The non-profit offers affordable meals, a computer lab, and a food pantry to seniors in Ouachita Parish. The organization also provides transportation and other services for seniors. LA Supportive Housing offers non-profit emergency housing for the homeless in Ouachita Parish. They help families at risk of homelessness or those who have recently become homeless.

The non-profit’s goal is to help people get back on their feet as soon as possible and find affordable, safe, and secure permanent housing solutions.

The hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 4:30. The elderly and the disabled can take advantage of various services, including low-cost meals served in a communal setting and recreational activities. Workshops also assist with applications to the USDA for food, Medicare, and other government programs.

This non-profit offers emergency financial assistance and other social services to people in Ouachita Parish. The organization provides transportation, advocacy, food pantry, job training, and other basic needs such as utility bills and rent. Services include employment counseling, job referrals, crisis support, housing opportunities, and more.

West Ouachita Senior Center non-profit community organization provides several services, including a food pantry, clothing bank, and emergency financial assistance. They also run a thrift store for the low-income that sells items at reduced rates. The non-profit will help clients in need with utility bills and other types of financial aid.

This non-profit in Monroe offers free meals, a computer lab, and other necessities. The location also assists with utility bill help and other financial grants to needy residents. This non-profit is located in Monroe and offers various services such as computer access, a food pantry, healthcare assistance, employment, and more.

Address: 1800 N. 7th St. West Monroe, LA 71291

Contact: 318-324-1280

St. Jude Baptist Church

The food pantry and other programs from this non-profit organization include help with paying bills, rent assistance, utility bill assistance, and more.

The supplies are provided at St. Jude Baptist Church on North Smith Street in Monroe, a caring and compassionate community that will provide food to those struggling with hunger or who may need further assistance from other agencies. The non-profit also partners with various government relief agencies to provide free food, clothing, and necessities to those whose applications are processed.

Serves households in the Ouachita Parish area. They may offer a box of food or even direct people to other government assistance programs they may qualify for. Several of their programs focus on senior citizens and the disabled, so call them for more information on what is offered, when, and how to get help with food or other expenses. Customers who make donations are eligible to receive a free holiday meal or a small gift for their child to open on Christmas.

Provides residents of Ouachita Parish with food boxes, vouchers, and much more. They are open to everyone, including the working poor, senior citizens, and families. Family members who receive SNAP benefits can apply for the free meals for children program, which is available to children between the ages of one and four.

The non-profit also has information on other resources such as utility bill financial assistance programs, housing programs (including rent assistance), clothing pantries, free household items (i.e., toiletries, etc.), and more. Many other services are available, including food pantry programs, utility bill help, and preventative health care services. There is no income requirement and no questions asked. If you need immediate help, they offer a hot meal.

The non-profit provides clothing and household items to those who need them in Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas. They may also direct people to other agencies that can help them with housing, food, or other assistance they may need. St. Jude Baptist Church also offers several other services, including senior services, a food pantry, and other assistance.

The non-profit operates two programs, “the Meal Ministry” and “the Free Clothing Closet,” which people can use for food or clothing. The hot meals are served to all regardless of income, religion, or other qualifications. They also work with churches to get volunteers that may be able to provide the service urgently. Families who need help with their bills may also be referred to counseling.

Address: 5301 Blanks St. Monroe, LA 71202

Contact: 318-345-2956

White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ

This church is located in Monroe, LA, and provides several services to the community, including free meals and a clothing bank. Clients receive food, clothes, and other necessities through this location.

White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ provides several services, including adult day care, meals, and other essentials. Mission Services also helps with utility bill assistance which can be used for electric bills or natural gas. White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ also provides food, clothing, and other services. On Mondays, this church serves a free meal to needy people.

The non-profit runs a thrift store that accepts donations of gently used and new clothing, shoes, or household items. They provide these to the community through the organization’s thrift store location in Monroe. Other assistance includes financial grants for cash or food and assistance with paying bills. White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ’s main aim is to assist those in need and their families.

This non-profit is located in Monroe and is the largest of Ouachita Parish’s network of food pantries. The location offers various services, including food, clothing, financial assistance, and other basic needs such as utility bills, rent, and more. The organization holds special events where they purchase new clothing for the needy. They also give away toys and other items at Christmas. Special events are also held to raise money for various causes, such as medical bills or assistance with rent.

The non-profit is located in Monroe, LA, and runs a soup kitchen, food pantry, and clothing bank for the needy. They also offer meals to the public from time to time. The center serves hot meals and groceries to hungry families in Ouachita Parish who need help with food. They also provide bags of groceries for families who have an immediate emergency.

Address: 3201 N. 7th St. West Monroe, Louisiana 71291

Contact: 318-343-3319

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get help with medical bills in Louisiana?

Yes, you can get assistance with medical bills in Louisiana. The state has a great network of non-profit and government agencies that provide free or low-cost medical care. Organizations offer services for children, the working poor, and the disabled through numerous programs and services. There are also other non-profit and government-funded clinics across the state. Find more information on Louisiana health care programs.

Are there food banks in Louisiana?

The state has a great network of non-profit and community-based food banks serving urban and rural communities. These non-profits support local pantries and soup kitchens and distribute meals to the hungry. You can get more information on Louisiana food banks or find a listing of Louisiana food pantries.

Where can you get help with paying bills in Louisiana?

Various agencies and non-profit organizations offer assistance with paying bills. Louisiana food stamps offer nutrition assistance to children and work for low-income families. Free medical care, medical bill help, and other health care programs exist. You can contact your local community action agency to get help with utility bills or rent in your area. Find more information on programs that provide free energy bill assistance.

Does Louisiana have free childcare in public?

Yes, the state provides free childcare to low-income families through Head Start. These centers provide a wide range of services to help children attend school and be well-adjusted. Contact your local Head Start location for more information on government programs that cover childcare costs for parents who are working poor or need assistance with employment.


Many non-profit organizations in Ouachita Parish free food pantries and other parishes across the state offer assistance to low-income people, free food, meals, and other essentials. If you have limited or no income, feel free to call one of the non-profits or even your local church for assistance. Various social services are available from each organization, and they all provide help in some form.

The main goal of the non-profit agencies is to halt hunger and poverty in our community. They aim to break the cycle of poverty that many families fall into, which can lead to homelessness. They provide immediate financial assistance and basic needs such as food, clothing, or utilities. The non-profit agencies are there to help you in any way they can and need volunteers who can work regularly or help out one day a month or once in a while. Call your local non-profit agency and see if they need volunteers.

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