FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

(Alabama) FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – These four key organizations assist persons with low incomes, those working poor, and those going through a crisis. Three primary organizations in the vicinity of Tuscaloosa County are open to the public during the holiday season and assist. This program offers toys, food, and groceries and the Northport Baptist Church provides clothing, shoes, and some necessities. There are three locations in the Tuscaloosa area where you can stop by to get these items. The programs include free Christmas gifts and toys for children, meals, food, or turkey dinners for families, visits to elderly or homebound individuals, and holiday parties. Find out where you may go to obtain assistance throughout the important holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, and local churches that are a part of Catholic Services are some organizations that can receive donations of toys and other items. Free presents, books, games, and toys for children may be among the items that are distributed during this event. That may Adopt a Family will provide free food, including turkeys and all of the necessary components, in addition to gift coupons.

There are numerous additional sources of information available. It is important to note that all these holiday help programs depend on donations of toys, clothes, or food from the community. Without the support of businesses and individuals in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, no assistance would be provided. Every program operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

The United States Marine Corps supervises each region’s Toys for Tots program. Residents of Tuscaloosa, Hale, Greene, or Pickens County in Alabama who have a low income (including disabled individuals or single parents living on a fixed income) are eligible for this program. The free items that could be given to children include, but are not limited to, video games, books, toys, electronics, dolls, vehicles, clothing, and much more.

There are also other seasonal food distribution programs. However, recipients of government assistance such as (SNAP) or free school lunches/breakfast may already be aware of what is available since they receive similar services throughout the year.

Eligibility criteria for holiday And Christmas assistance in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Holiday assistance programs are basically designed to help people and families who are facing financial hardships. The eligibility criteria might include the following


You might reside in the designated service area or community where the program operates. Here it is Alabama or the surrounding counties.

Income level

Eligibility is generally based on income, and you need to demonstrate that your household income falls below a certain threshold. You must know that the threshold can vary depending on the specific program or the funding.

Household composition

Some programs just focus on households with kids’ seniors or individuals with disabilities. Others might aid anybody in need.


You need to provide documentation like identification proof of address Social Security cards and income verification to confirm your eligibility.

First come first serve

There are several programs that work on a first come first serve basis. It means that assistance is provided to eligible people and families until all the resources available are exhausted.

The specific eligibility criteria

Toys for tots

You can apply for this program if you are a resident of hale, Greene or Pickens County in Alabama. You should be coming from a low-income household including disabled people or single parents on a fixed income. Your kids can receive items like video games, toys, electronics, dolls vehicles and others.

Temporary emergency service

It is available for you if you are coming from a low-income family. You can expect monthly food baskets assistance with prescriptions utility payments and baby goods.

University of Christ

The residents of the West Circle community in North Port facing financial struggles can apply for. You can expect food, clothing, emergency lodging, education opportunities, and a lot more.

Catholic social services

Only the low-income families in the area can apply for this program University of Christ. The services Offered here include food with perishable and non perishable groceries every three months emergency financial aid for rent utilities and prescription medicines.

Love Inc gap ministry

The residents can apply for love INC gap ministry program. The different services include physiotherapy Christmas decorations shoes toys baby supplies furniture and transport.

Get free food in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Canterbury Chapel Episcopal Church and Student Centre

On Tuesday mornings at 7:30 a.m., Canterbury Chapel Episcopal Church and Student Centre open its doors to low-income families in need of a nutritious meal to serve them breakfast at the Deacon’s Deli.

In addition, they offer the Food Ministry, which, during the growing season at the Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market, gives families free bags of goods and coupons that can be redeemed for free food at the market.

No prerequisites or paperwork must be completed to make use of their services. The main goal of the Food Ministry is to provide food for the hungry in need of assistance. It is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

This program is for low-income families, including single parents and the elderly. Qualified applicants can get help from a non-profit agency that provides monthly food baskets. The free food may be given out on the last Wednesday of each month. The materials will only be distributed to people who live in Tuscaloosa or any other nearby counties.

The Center takes applications from individuals who qualify for the program from May through August.

Contact: (205) 345-9590

Temporary Emergency Services

All low-income families living in Tuscaloosa County are eligible to receive services from Temporary Emergency Services, which the organization provides.

They provide free grocery bags once a month stocked with non-perishable food items, assistance filling prescriptions, teeth extractions, money for utility payments, baby goods, clothing, and more. Applicants must provide proof of residency in Tuscaloosa County to be considered for their services.

They must also provide a valid form of identification, birth certificates, and social security cards for every member of the household, as well as proof of income and the expenses incurred by the household.

The Center takes applications from individuals who qualify for the program from December through January.

It has a food distribution program in Tuscaloosa County. It will serve those who are looking for assistance. The program is available to families with children under the age of 18. In addition, it offers services to the elderly and disabled adults who live in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, and need assistance.

Applicants can get help from a non-profit agency that provides monthly food baskets. The free food may be given out on the last Wednesday of each month. The materials will only be distributed to people who live in Tuscaloosa or any other nearby counties.

It also has many social service programs for eligible low-income residents of Alabama, including such things as prescription medication, dental services, and utilities.

Contact: (205) 758-5535

University Church Of Christ

Residents of the West Circle Community in Northport who are struggling financially and in need of assistance are welcomed at the Brown House by the University Church of Christ.

Boxes of food, clothing, emergency lodging, educational opportunities, and transportation are all provided to families at no cost by The Brown House.

To be eligible for their services, applicants need to demonstrate that they are residents of the West Circle Community, provide proof that they have a current address, have social security cards for all members of their household, have a form of identification that is not expired, and demonstrate that they have sufficient income to cover their monthly expenses.

The agencies that are non-profits may have a limited amount of resources available to them, so it is advisable that anyone seeking aid apply for assistance as soon as possible. Also, note that some programs may provide limited support, whether it be shelter or food. So call the non-profit organizations above for any help.

Contact: (205) 553-3001

Catholic Social Services

Every three months, low-income families residing in Tuscaloosa County are eligible to receive food aid from Catholic Social Services in the form of free bags of groceries that include both perishable and non-perishable food items.

Additionally, they provide financial support annually to help pay rent or utilities. To participate in their services, applicants are required to provide evidence that they have a current address; have a legal form of proof; have social security cards for all members of the household, and provide evidence of income and household expenses to verify that they meet the requirements for receiving assistance based on their income level. To make an appointment, please phone (205) 759-1268 between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

In addition, Catholic Social Services will also offer emergency financial aid, such as money for rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and prescription medications.

Several other community action agencies operate across Tuscaloosa County and the state of Alabama. The federal government funds each of these non-profit organizations, so the low-income can get help paying bills and getting financial assistance. Find how to apply for assistance from community action agencies in Tuscaloosa County.

Another option for residents of Tuscaloosa County who need a helping hand is to contact non-profit credit and credit counseling organizations that may be able to provide qualified individuals with access to financial resources, debt reduction programs, housing services, and free legal aid. Find how to get help with paying bills.

Get Free Christmas Gifts In Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Toys for tots program

One week before Christmas, Toys for Tots distributes toys to youngsters who are members of low-income households. Community members or local organizations donated all the toys during the annual toy drive.

For parents to take advantage of their services, each of their children must first be registered for the program by tapping the request toys link that can be located on their website.

In addition, parents are required to present a valid form of identification, show that they reside in Tuscaloosa County, have birth records for all eligible children, have social security cards for all adults living in the household, and have income verification and household expenses to verify their eligibility for financial assistance. Please visit their website if you would want more details about the services that they provide.

Beginning in October, those interested in participating in the free Toys for Tots Christmas assistance program can begin the application process.

In most cases, local nonprofit organizations or other community organizations, such as the McDonald Hughes Community Center, are in charge of organizing and running the event; however, this may change from year to year. The application process for free toys and other products is open to parents with children up to 12 years old.

The child’s date of birth must have been written on their birth certificate, and parents must provide the following: their name, address, phone number, and email address; proof that each child is a resident of Tuscaloosa County; copies of all forms of identification for each member of their family; proof that each family has enough money to cover their monthly expenses; proof that all children under 12 years old are registered with the Toys for Tots program in Tuscaloosa County.

Parents will receive a notice by mail the week before Christmas if approved. If they are denied, the reasons will be clearly stated. Parents who were not chosen must wait the following year to apply again.

In addition, low-income individuals may also contact Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, community action agencies to request free toys or gifts for their family at Christmas or throughout the year. Find how to apply for assistance from community action agencies in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Daystar Family Church

Daystar Family Church extends an invitation to their holiday toy sale to all families living on a low budget who need assistance.

The toy shop is made possible via the kind donations of churchgoers. Families who need assistance will be given gift certificates that can be redeemed at a toy store, where they can select items for each of their children.

Parents who want their children to participate in their services must fill out an application, which can be obtained at either their campuses during Sunday services or by going to their Northport Campus during office hours.

At the beginning of October, applications will be made available. You must present a photo ID and evidence that you are the children’s legal guardian.

Apply for assistance at their website. Tuscaloosa County has several community action programs that will provide low-income families with financial aid to extend benefits and services to those in need.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, is a discretionary program, which means it is funded annually. The program aims to help lower-income families and individuals pay their monthly utility bills. The program is offered by the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources.

LIHEAP can help lower-income families by providing them with a monthly cash benefit to help them pay their heating bills. However, the assistance available is limited based on funding. This program could provide up to one month’s assistance, depending on the amount of funding.

Alabama One Credit Union

Through their annual Operation Credit Union Christmas event, the Alabama One Credit Union assists hundreds of children who are members of low-income homes in the areas of Tuscaloosa, Mt. Vernon, and Pickens.

A few days before Christmas, individuals of the community and organizations in the community donate items such as clothing, games, toys, and bicycles. These items are then distributed to families who have registered with the program.

To be eligible for their services, applicants are required to fill out the assistance application, provide proof that they live in their service area, have birth certification courses for all of the children living in their home, and have identification cards for all of the adults living in their home, declare their income and household bills, and have a good type of identification.

The application will be made available in October, and the deadline to apply is in November. Please visit the Alabama One Credit Union website if you would like to get more information about the program.

Alabama assists with its social services when it comes to helping families and individuals in need. They offer low-income individuals assistance programs, including free Christmas gifts for children and seniors, food and meals, clothing vouchers, and grants for paying utility bills.

Contact: (205) 759-1595

Love INC

The Gap Ministry is a service provided by Love INC to disadvantaged families to bridge the financial and emotional gaps that these families experience during difficult times. They provide various services, including psychotherapy, Christmas decorations, shoes, toys, baby supplies, furniture, and transportation.

To be eligible for their services, applicants are required to provide photo identification, provide proof that they currently reside in Tuscaloosa County, possess social security cards for all adults residing in the household, possess birth certificates for all children residing in the household, and declare their household’s income as well as its expenses.

The application will be made available in October, and the deadline to apply is in November. Please visit the Love INC website if you would like to get more information about their services.

Christmas may come a little early for some low-income families in Tuscaloosa County due to several charities and government agencies that assist at Christmas time, including public and private schools that distribute school supplies at reduced prices and Love INC.

Contact: (205) 614-2849

Church Of The Highlands 

Through the Giving Hope initiative, Church Of The Highlands collaborates with The Birmingham Dream Center to provide Christmas gifts to needy individuals during the holiday season.

Midway through December, they host a shopping event in the mall for low-income families, during which the parents are matched with a sponsor and allowed to select free presents for their children. The event allows children to listen to music, snack, and hear a Christmas story while participating.

Families in need that want to participate in this experience must have proof of income and household expenses to verify income eligibility, a valid identifier, birth certificates for everyone living in the home, and proof of residency in Tuscaloosa County.

Other requirements include having a valid form of identification, birth certificates for everyone who lives in the home, and evidence that they live in Tuscaloosa County.

The form will be provided in October, and the application deadline is in November. The coalition provides assistance programs to help families overcome financial difficulties, such as utility bill assistance, food stamps, and housing assistance.

Applications will be made available in October, and the application deadline is November. Please visit the Alabama Coalition for the Homeless website if you would like to get more information about their services.

Salvation army angel tree

The Salvation Army runs an annual Angel Tree initiative, which allows donors to purchase presents for low-income families.

Toys, games, books, clothing, and shoes, as well as gift cards and coupons for use at grocery stores, are distributed as presents to families.

In addition, they provide free holiday dinners in the form of heated holiday dinners at their soup kitchen and holiday dinner boxes containing turkey or ham and all the customary holiday fixings.

This is consistently a premier organization for both social service and holiday help. Each year, assistance may be provided to thousands of families with modest incomes.

A free food pantry, an Angel Tree that gives away free items at Christmas, financial aid, lodging, and hot meals are all part of the assistance services available. They helped the neighborhood get in the holiday spirit by spreading Thanksgiving and Christmas enthusiasm.

To be eligible for assistance, applicants need to meet the following requirements: have at least one child under the age of 12 living in the household full-time; have birth certificates for all kids living in the home; have a social security card for all adults living in the home; give evidence of their current address, and catalog their income and household bills to verify their eligibility based on their household’s income level. Please contact Brenda Shafer at (205) 553-1600 extension 101 if you want additional information regarding the Angel Tree initiative.

The main Christmas functions of the Salvation Army are open to all families. The Salvation Army is a non-denominational Christian organization that serves the needs of people facing financial problems. It may also provide referrals for utility bill assistance, financial counseling, or even help individuals with rent or mortgage payment assistance.

Application process For Tuscaloosa, Alabama Christmas and Holiday Assistance Programs

The holiday season can be challenging time for you if you have limited resources. But there are several organizations in Alabama that provide you assistance to ensure that you can enjoy the holidays.

Identify the programs

Before you apply for the holiday assistance you need to identify the programs that align with your needs. You can use the information available in the community resources or do an online research. You can also get some recommendations from the local organizations.

Review the eligibility criteria

Once you have identified the programs you need to check the criteria. Some of the major factors include your income level residency requirements and household composition. You need to ensure that you meet all the criteria before proceeding.

Get the required documents

Most of the programs will require some documents to verify your eligibility. Some of the common documents that you need to provide include the folder identification like a valid photo ID including your drivers license or state ID. Some programs might require you to give a proof of your current address which can be a utility bill or a lease agreement. You need to provide Social Security cards for all the members of your house. If you have kids you need to provide their birth certificates to prove the age. Some programs use income as a determining factor so you need to provide a recent pay stub benefit statement or even tax documents.

Contact the program

Once you have identified the eligibility criteria and also gathered all the documents you can connect the program. You can find the document information on the website or through the community resources. You can reach out to the staff or volunteers by phone or e-mail. They will guide you through the application process and provide you with extra information if needed.

Complete your application

You need to complete the application process by providing all the required information and attach the documents.

Application review

After submitting your application the program staff will review it to ensure that you align with the criteria they might contact you for extra information or clarification. You should be prepared to respond instantly to any requests.

Approval notification

Once the application is reviewed and approved you can receive a notification from the program. The notification will be available by mail e-mail or just a phone call. If the application is denied the notification should include some reasons for the denial you might be provided with information on how to appeal the decision.

Receive assistance

If your application is approved you will receive the holiday assistance as specified in the program. This includes toys foods gift cards or others. You just need to follow the instructions provided by the program for picking up the assistance or having it delivered if it is applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Angel Oak Tree?

It is believed to be the oldest and largest Live Oak Tree located east of the Mississippi River, with an estimated age between 300 and 400 years.

What is a giving tree fundraiser in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

Everyone is aware of the idea behind a Giving Tree: to hang ornaments with different needs on a Christmas tree, ask donors to choose one ornament, and then have them go shopping and bring back the gift.

How to start an online toy drive in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and many families face the toughest time of year alone. Sometimes, even though the lights and joy of Christmas warm them, their children’s smiles conceal an empty stomach or a broken heart.

How to get toys for kids in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

There are plenty of ways you can give toys to kids. You can easily collect them from your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Most people have some old toys in the attic that they no longer need, so feel free to take a couple of them. You can put them in a bin or basket, sit on the front porch or driveway, and ask your children and their friends to pass by with their old stuff and drop it off at your house.

What is a toy drive near me?

Some businesses hold a toy drive for second-hand holiday donations that their employees contribute toward a local organization that distributes them among needy families in the community during Christmas time.

How to organize a toy drive in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

Organizing a toy drive with your friends, family, or neighbors is a good and productive way to help those less fortunate than you and your loved ones in the local community. 

There are several ways you can organize your toy drive: pick a date of your choice, ask everyone to bring their unwanted toys by the day of the event, divide into teams and collect as many toys as possible from every household in the neighborhood.


If you or your low-income family wish to take advantage of any of the organizations mentioned above, please be sure to do so as soon as possible because many of these organizations have limited help available. For more information regarding these resources, please get in touch with the organizations directly.

The holiday season can be difficult for families living on a lower budget. Still, if you and your family need assistance because your income is insufficient or you need additional financial aid to purchase Christmas presents for your kids, then all you need to do is contact the local charity organizations in Tuscaloosa.

They will be able to point you toward public and private organizations that may provide financial aid or direct you towards their version of Santa Claus, who may give presents away free.


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