Birmingham free Christmas and holiday assistance programs

Birmingham area free Christmas and holiday assistance programs – With the holidays fast approaching and the winter chill now on its way, many people will be seeking some help. There are many different ways to get assistance this time of year. To find the right resources, we’ve put together a list of Birmingham area free Christmas and holiday assistance programs that you might be able to use this season. The list includes information about each program and how many people have applied for them so far. Several charitable organizations and religious institutions in Birmingham offer free Christmas and holiday activities. The charitable organizations will direct most of their efforts and resources toward assisting senior residents and children who come from households with limited financial means.

The agencies may be able to provide hot meals (especially on Thanksgiving), free Christmas gifts, Toys for Tots applications, Adopt a Family application, and other goods such as clothing, thanks to donations from the wider Jefferson County, Alabama community.

The Salvation Army and YMCA offer most of the Christmas assistance in Birmingham, Alabama, and Jefferson County, although residents can seek assistance from various churches and groups in the area.

These organizations run various programs, including Toys for Tots and Angel Tree. They run their business by collecting toys and other items from the community, which they then give away for free to various people, including children and teenagers.

The mission is to assist residents so they can enjoy the holiday season. Therefore, they try to help in any way they can, such as by providing a free lunch or food basket, children’s toys, or parents’ gift cards. If you can, we ask that you make a donation to the charities or give your time. Local volunteer opportunities are also available during this time of year.

How can you apply for Birmingham area free Christmas and holiday seasons programs?

If you look forward to get assistance during the holiday season in Birmingham area then you need to apply for help from different programs provided by the charitable organizations churches and community groups.

  • Firstly you to identify which programs you would like to apply for. There are several programs in Birmingham area that offers holiday assistance like the Salvation Army the local churches and a lot more. You need to make a list of the programs that you are interested in.
  • Before you apply you have to gather the important document. Some programs have income eligibility requirements so you need to e provide documentations like your tax returns approve of government assistance. You also need to show that you live in the Birmingham area so you can prove that by providing your utility bills lease agreements or a drivers license you need to bring identification for all your family members like birth certificates or social identity cards.
  • You need to reach out to the programs that you would like to apply for. You can find out when you need to apply to receive assistance during the holiday season. You can also ask how to apply as some programs might require you to complete the application form while others might ask you for specific information.
  • If the program requires you to offer the application form then you need to complete it accurately and honestly. You must provide all the requested information and attach any important documents. You can mail it to a specific address or drop it off at it as you can add location. You can also send it electronically if the program offers the online application option.
  • After you have submitted the application the program will review it and they might contact you to confirm the eligibility criteria.
  • Once your application is approved you will be informed about the distribution dates and locations where you can collect your holiday assistance.

The eligibility criteria Of Birmingham free Christmas Programs

The eligibility criteria are the specific requirements or conditions that you must meet to qualify for assistance from Birmingham area.

  • Some programs might have income limits meaning that your household income must be below a certain threshold to qualify for the program. These limits are likely to vary from one program to another so you need to check with each organization for the specific income requirement
  • There are several programs that require you to be a resident of the Birmingham area. They might ask you to offer some proof of residency like utility bill or lease agreement with your name and address.
  • Some programs might just focus on assisting specific age groups like the kids seniors or families with young children. Their electricity might be determined by the age of the household members.
  • Some programs might consider the size of your household when determining the eligibility criteria. The eligibility might be determined by the age of the threshold members. Next line in some cases programs might consider special circumstances which might impact their ability to provide your family during the holiday season. This includes factors like recent job loss ailments or other hardships
  • You might be required to provide documentation to verify your eligibility. This can include your documentations like pay stubs tax returns and proof of government assistance.

Organizations Offers Birmingham free Christmas and holiday assistance programs

The Salvation Army has separate offices for the Birmingham, Alabama, area and the Jefferson County, Alabama, area, which assist people needing food, shelter, and financial support. Toys For Tots helps provide Christmas gifts while also assisting children and teens in getting back on their feet once they’ve been able to get out of a difficult situation that landed them in need of this program.

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church

Children are eligible to receive free clothing, school materials, and either gifts or toys for the holiday season from the faith-based charity. You may be able to get complimentary food boxes, along with books, games, and gift stuffers.

The main goal is to help less fortunate families. The church will provide many gifts to families that need them the most, including holiday and Christmas gifts, clothing, food baskets, toys, and medical and dental care. Families with children from low-income households may be eligible for free food for Thanksgiving dinner (if desired) or other support. There is also a free meal program and a free Christmas dinner program.

This is a local church, and it is committed to helping needy families in the Birmingham area, including the suburbs. Sixth Avenue Baptist Church work with other groups to provide support for less fortunate people. The volunteers are always looking to offer assistance and support to anyone who needs it. If you can, please consider donating or volunteering at the church to help them continue their mission of giving back over this holiday season.

Address: 1101 Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Birmingham, AL 35211

Contact: (205) 251-5173

Positive Maturity

They deliver baskets to housebound people, such as older adults and people with disabilities. There will be food, groceries, and more than enough materials to put together a meal for a special occasion. When the food basket is delivered to those who are homebound, the companionship of another person is also provided.

Assistance is available to pregnant women and families with children. For example, the volunteers will provide diapers and formula for every baby.

Positive Maturity will provide an assortment of baskets for free, including a Thanksgiving and Christmas basket. For Thanksgiving, you can expect to receive turkey or chicken, ham or a roast beef platter, potatoes or stuffing, desserts, and fruits. The Christmas basket will contain many gifts for the kids, including clothes, toys, books, and other fun items. The non-perishable food baskets are also available in Spanish and other languages.

Call the office to get on their waiting list, or you can pick up a brochure to receive information about the service.

The Ministry Center At Green Springs

The site offers several forms of support, including referrals and other assistance. The Ministry Center At Green Springs can direct those in need and struggle with various initiatives, such as Adopt a Family, Thanksgiving turkeys, toy services, and more.

These Christmas and holiday assistance programs may also provide some financial and emergency help.

For example, the charity provides help for those in need and struggling with low income or high costs. The programs can also serve families with children and medical needs.

The aim is to aid the poor, including those struggling to afford groceries or medical care. For example, people going through a divorce may be able to get assistance for their children and clothes, and other items they need.

Address: 2230 Green Springs Highway, Birmingham, Alabama, 35205

Contact: (205) 326-1211

Catholic Charities and other faith-based affiliated churches

In Jefferson County, many of them exist. They may run everything from low-cost thrift stores to holiday assistance programs, such as providing free toys for children at Christmas, community meals, food boxes for low-income or single parents, and other services.

This is a faith-based organization that is also a non-profit. A portion of the funds they raise go to provide children with Christmas presents, as well as other items when it comes to food and clothing.

Catholic Charities and other faith-based affiliated churches also assist families struggling to make ends meet, including single moms needing clothes and other goods, such as toys and school supplies. The non-perishable food baskets are also available in Spanish and other languages.

It provides many services for the community. They run various programs, including holiday assistance for families during the holiday season, such as food and clothing. You can also help by donating or volunteering at one of their shelters or offices. There are different times during the year when they run their various programs throughout the area.

Address: 2121 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Contact: (205) 838-8316

YMCA of Birmingham and Toys for Tots

There are also many locations to visit. Several other charitable organizations and the United States Marine Corps run the Toys for Tots program. Within Jefferson County, these locations are used not only for delivering items but also for collecting them.

YMCA of Birmingham and Toys for Tots is one of the most important Christmas initiatives the United States offers for low-income families with children. There is a large selection of merchandise, including board games, clothing, footwear, books, video games, and other items suitable for Christmas. There may be Legos, sneakers, games (video or board), books, and a wide variety of other free Christmas gifts for children ages 0 to 14.

There is no need to show proof of income, but the major goal is to assist those who have fallen hard. For example, they do not want people to donate old toys their children outgrew. Please only donate items suitable for this program and will be fun for kids in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

The group may also offer resources such as furniture, clothing (new or gently used), food assistance, and more when clients request. There are also referrals, job training, and other support offered to adults in the community. The group also has a special program for seniors.

The goal of this program is to give back and help those struggling to get by with their daily expenses. There are no income restrictions for adults or children, but the goal is to assist those who can’t afford it due to high medical bills or low-income reasons.

The Salvation Army locations

The charitable organization operates multiple locations around Jefferson County. The primary locations are detailed down below. The county’s senior residents are also eligible to receive support, providing Christmas assistance to families with modest incomes.

The Angel Tree program is an important service that is made available, and it may contain presents, presents, gifts, toys, hygiene products, and far more. In addition, volunteers cook meals for the working poor and the homeless, including Thanksgiving dinners, and serve them to those in need.

In addition to the tools offered during the holidays, case management may also be made available to assist with resolving long-term issues. Because of this, it will be much easier for the family to get back on track following the holiday season. The main focus is to help families in need and struggling financially. The goal of this program is to provide much-needed assistance and support for those who may be dealing with serious issues, such as homelessness and hunger.

The program provides food baskets for those in need, including families that have a child under the age of 18. The Salvation Army locations can also provide vulnerable adults with assistance at Christmas time. Thanksgiving meals are also made available for single parents or others that may be going through tough financial times.

  • Bessemer Corps can be reached at (205) 425-4303 or 525 13th Street, Bessemer, Alabama 35020.
  • 2015 26th Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35234 is the location of the command center for Jefferson County. Dial (205) 328-2420
  • The Social Service office is located at 2130 11th Avenue North, and its phone number is 205-328-5656. You can reach them there.

Christian Outreach Ministries

On-site, residents of Jefferson County, have access to a free wardrobe closet. There may also be holiday-themed things, such as free Christmas presents, Easter baskets, or gift vouchers for children. During the holiday season, clients ranging from working poor to single mothers might receive products such as games, shoes, and sneakers, among other things.

A limited number of items may be available for families with children in the area. The emphasis is primarily on families or single mothers that may not have enough resources to provide their children with gifts during the season. Still, Christian Outreach Ministries are otherwise in good financial standing.

The goal of this program is to help clients who are struggling to get by, and it will provide a basket full of groceries and other necessities. The goal is to help those that live in poverty or are on the brink of losing their homes.

Address: 8 Roebuck Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35215.

Contact: (205) 833-7712

Greater Birmingham Ministries

In the Birmingham, Alabama area, those with low incomes, working poor people, children, and single mothers can receive free food and clothing. In addition, there are free food baskets for the holidays, toys for birthdays or Christmas, Easter baskets, and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The goal is to provide food to those in need, but the meals may also be used for Thanksgiving dinner. This location is open Easter and Thanksgiving, as well as another location that provides food assistance throughout Jefferson County.

Along with Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are other free Christmas toys, baskets, food assistance, and more.

The charity is made available to those in need who may struggle due to a natural disaster or an unforeseen circumstance. Those that visit the location may receive free Christmas gifts, turkeys for Thanksgiving (providing meals for 4 people), and surprise birthday presents from their children (if they have any). There are also resources to assist with job training.

Address: 2304 12th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234

Contact: 205-326-6821

Family Services

A faith-based organization with a church-like structure can be found in the Birmingham area. It is possible to purchase food baskets, toys, gifts, presents during Christmas, and other items. You can purchase gift vouchers, novels, video games, dolls or trucks for boys, video games for females, tablets, and more.

The charity is available to the poor and homeless in Jefferson County. In partnership with others, the Salvation Army will coordinate Christmas programs for low-income families, including holiday-themed items for their children.

The organization may also provide emergency assistance in the form of food banks, clothes, and Christmas gifts. Many people look to this charity to help them after a natural disaster or something similar.

The organization focuses on helping the poor, lower-income families in Jefferson County, operating through several locations. The number of services and resources provided at each location will be limited based on funding.

However, all consultations are free of charge. Examples of the services offered include energy bill assistance, shelter, and other support, as lead case managers can guide qualified applicants and others interested in obtaining help.

The Birmingham Dream Center

They assist during the Christmas season throughout the region, which includes Auburn, Alabama, and Jefferson County. When the initiative in question is referred to as Giving Hope. Someone may give away free Christmas gifts, including food baskets and toys. There is also an application that must be completed, which offers information about the charity. The process may take a few weeks for assistance to be issued to those in need. Those that are interested should apply before December 24th.

The Birmingham Dream Center assist throughout the region’s Christmas season, including Auburn, Alabama, and Jefferson County. When the initiative in question is referred to as Giving Hope. Someone may give away free Christmas gifts, including food baskets and toys. There is also an application that must be completed, which offers information about the charity.

Address: 5705 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35212

Contact: (205) 591-1700

Woodlawn Christian Centre – Food pantry

Only a soup kitchen and a food pantry that is free to use. Someone may hand out free turkeys for Thanksgiving, food hampers for Christmas or Easter, meals on wheels for the elderly, and even groceries.

There are other locations around Birmingham, and more details can be found on their website. It is a food pantry that assists those in need.

The number of reviewed referrals varies depending on staffing needs, but it might be possible for someone to walk in for assistance and receive food and other items. Eligibility is based on income, clothing size, and household size. Once a client is given an appointment, they may be given food from the pantry.

A non-profit that helps individuals of Jefferson County. Woodlawn Christian Centre – Food pantry offer assistance for those in need regarding the rent or housing expenses, utility bills, and medications. This program may also provide financial assistance for car repairs, Christmas presents, and food hampers to families with children during the holiday season.

Address: 139 N 54th Street, Birmingham, AL 35212

Contact: 205-595-3776

Assistance League of Birmingham

Free educational supplies are being distributed, some of which would make suitable gifts for the holiday. A thrift store in the area sells items at reduced prices or even gives them away for free, including Christmas toys, games, books, and more. You may be offered a mix of recommendations and some free stuff.

In the Birmingham area, low-income families can obtain free food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables and a hot breakfast. The organization aims to provide nutritious meals to those in need from around Jefferson County.

Those who qualify for an HEC food box may receive an assortment of items each month, including fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables.

Address: 1755 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209

Contact: (205) 870-5555

How much does the Salvation Army Angel Tree cost?

Most donors spend between $50 and $100 for every Angel. The Salvation Army promoted the adoption process using “Angel trees,” which are large Christmas trees covered in paper Angel tags. Each tag is meticulously labeled with a child’s name, age, clothing, shoe sizes, and desires and requirements.

How does the giving tree work?

Customers and employees choose one or more desire cards, make the purchase, and then send back the gift with the wish card. The presents are then collected, sorted, and distributed by volunteers to the organizations that will benefit from them.

What is a Christmas giving tree?

A Giving Tree is a Christmas tree with decorations that charitable people can choose from to purchase Christmas presents for less fortunate children. These ornaments include the following information engraved on them: the gender and age of the child. Donation options for children, including but not limited to: types of toys, clothing and shoe sizes, personal care goods, etc.

What is so special about the Angel Oak?

It is believed that the Angel Oak tree is one of the oldest trees and living things, in general, found east of the Mississippi River. Angel Oak has a long history, which has allowed it to grow outwards and upwards, in contrast, to live oaks, which are only known to grow laterally and never upwards.

Is Toys for Tots a good charity?

Your contribution will help us fulfill our aim to give books, games, and other items to less fortunate children, who will receive 97% of them. The 3% spent on support is mostly used to cover fundraising expenses; not a single dollar donated is used to pay for salaries or any other costs related to the workforce.


Birmingham is a fantastic place for finding free toys and gift ideas. The cities below have Christmas assistance programs that could be used for those in need. There are also opportunities to receive free toys, books, clothes, and backpacks with school supplies. Many other assistance programs are provided by the Christian Outreach Ministry and other charitable organizations throughout Jefferson County during the holiday season.

The Salvation Army provides gifts of food baskets, clothing and blankets, toys, food boxes, socks, and more when necessary. The resources can be distributed and help families with children, single mothers, senior citizens, and others.

The non-profit organization helps those in need and may make toys available at locations throughout the region. They are staffed by volunteers who work during the holidays when needed. You will not find a specific location to fulfill this need within Jefferson County; however, this information should give you an idea of where you can go for free holiday gifts.


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