How to get California free Christmas Toys and Food in LA County, CA : During the holiday seasons of Christmas and Thanksgiving, charitable groups, churches, and other types of organizations might provide assistance to low-income families in Los Angeles. Find holiday programs that provide free FREE Christmas Toys and Food in LA County, CA, including toys, gifts, games, clothes, food, and meals.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the resources, such as Toys for Tots and Angel Tree, are geared toward assisting children, students, and senior citizens who live in the Los Angeles County area. These events take place in both November and December. Although there are income requirements that must be met, the groups do their best to guarantee that all families and children experience some type of holiday joy. Additionally, Christmas assistance is available for Spanish speakers as well as immigrants.

Charitable organizations are dependent on the financial contributions made by members of the community, as well as the contributions of time made by volunteers to the many activities. Therefore, the specific kind of Christmas products that are delivered as well as the total number of those items will differ depending on those criteria. 

Free meals, toys, gifts, clothing, or Thanksgiving turkeys, as well as vouchers for basic necessities, are some of the examples of what can be supplied around Los Angeles County. Other examples include vouchers for basic needs. There is a possibility that some of the organizations have staff members and volunteer drivers who are able to deliver goods to elderly people who are housebound. 

If you do not have access to a centre in your area or the centre is unable to assist you, then a large number of charitable organizations in your area can also be a useful resource for referrals and information. The point is not to let the holidays get you down and out, but to focus on all of the fun and joy that they should provide. Christmas is a favourite holiday for many young children. Both parents and children alike delight in the thought of getting presents, staying up late, or not going to school for a few days. 

Children open presents on Christmas Eve or early that morning on Christmas Day. Sometimes it is Santa Claus who surprises them with these gifts, but usually, it is the parents who have purchased presents from the local store or from an online retailer after thinking long and hard about what they would like.

Free Christmas Toys and Food from Churches

Hope Chapel Hawthorne

The organization’s mission is to help those in need who live in California and its neighbours. Hope Chapel has supported people in need for many years, including daily meals, counselling services, clothing, and more. A significant amount of food is donated by Hope Chapel Hawthorne every month, and they also throw a Harvest Party on October 31 that includes both food and games. During the winter vacations, the chapel is also responsible for sponsoring outreach events.

The church will also provide other sources of assistance to those in need, such as qualifying family members who are the primary caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. The centre may be eligible to provide limited child care and related services for developmentally disabled children under three.

Hope Chapel Hawthorne provides holiday meals and gifts to the community. Holiday meals are served by volunteers, who visit people’s homes and deliver a fully-cooked turkey dinner to them. Children at Hope Chapel Hawthorne participate in special holiday events such as a Harvest Festival and Halloween party.

The centre also provides monetary assistance from donations and the sale of the items they distribute to people in need who still need help during the holidays. Volunteers engage with people who live in the surrounding area. They also aim to connect not only their members but also those new to the community during the holiday season.

Cornerstone Christian Antioch

A couple of emergency assistance programs are run by the charity. They have a Christmas program, which is only open to people that live in the zip code 95021 area. To apply for assistance, you can go to the Antioch campus of Cornerstone Christian Antioch church. 

You will need proof of identification and any other applicable documents that can help establish proof of residency in Los Angeles County. No referral is needed to get free food from this charity. 

Emergency food is provided to low-income families living in the San Fernando Valley by Cornerstone Christian Antioch. This assistance takes the form of sacks of bread, veggies, canned items, and perishable goods. In addition, there are bags of rice, beans, and pasta. Hot meals can be provided to families in need by visiting the charity’s food pantry.

Food assistance is available for the elderly at Cornerstone Christian Antioch. They have a Thanksgiving food program that is open to anyone living in Los Angeles County who has provided proof of residency and income. The charity also runs a Christmas food program, which is open to all people regardless of age or gender. Proof of income and residence is needed to apply for food assistance. Also, the person applying has to meet the low-income guidelines that are set by the Federal Government.

In total, there are around 200 sites around Southern California that distribute food from this charity. The charity also works with other non-profits and organizations in Los Angeles County. Free items, including clothing, baby formula, diapers, and other goods can be passed out all year long.

This charity can also provide free food to low-income families in need. The charity has a few locations that are open to the public. They not only assist those that are in need with free food all year, but they also provide counseling for those who need it all year long.

Grace Resources Centre

The program is run by the Grace Reformed Church in Los Angeles, California. Assistance is available throughout the entire region of California.

The Grace Resources Centre is a Los Angeles-based charity that provides support to people in need, including free food and meals. The centre serves as a central distribution point for food and clothing, which may be provided to eligible families and individuals by referral. The church also offers clothing for men, women, and children as well as medical supplies to anyone who needs them. In addition to providing aid to those in need, the centre also makes referrals to social services and other non-profit organizations that may be able to provide additional help. All of the clothing and food is donated by people who live in the local region.

The charity provides assistance to children, families, and single parents in need who live in San Gabriel California. No referral is needed by any family or individual to receive free meals, clothes, or other resources. The Grace Resources Centre is the representative body for more than 30 congregations in and around Los Angeles County. The centre provides a food pantry and meals, gifts, diapers, and free Christmas items throughout the year.

Grace Reformed Church is an outreach ministry to the community and local region. The centre supports anyone who needs it, including food, clothing, and other essential items. The charity also acts as a central distribution point for many goods. Donations are accepted, which are then distributed accordingly in the community. Their main mission is to help the community and those in need.

The church has been distributing food and provisions to the needy in the area since 1959. Grace Resources Centre  is run by volunteers, who provide emergency assistance to those in need during times of difficult times. This charity is open to anyone who needs emergency help during the holidays. 

This holiday program receives support and contributions from more than 30 churches throughout the Antelope Valley and around Los Angeles County. Additionally, a large number of volunteers are required. Help in the form of meals, presents, toys, diapers, and other items is available.

Address: 45134 N. Sierra Hwy., Lancaster, California, 93534. 

Contact: (661) 940-5272 for intake.

Catholic Charities in Los Angeles County

At Christmas and Thanksgiving, families living on a low budget might receive assistance from Catholic Charities of Los Angeles County in the form of holiday baskets.

In addition, they give away free groceries all during the year, and they might also offer assistance with other things or direct people to other holiday programs. St. Vincent de Paul is one of these organizations, and they hand away free clothing, toys, and shoes during the Christmas season. A large percentage of families living in Los Angeles County depends on food stamps, and other types of social services, during the holidays. 

Food banks, such as Catholic Charities , provide meals and other forms of assistance all year long. However, they do gear up heavily during the holiday season to assist people with a free Thanksgiving meal or even a Christmas gift card. Find additional information on financial aid from L.A. County food banks. Catholic Charities also help out with other programs during the Christmas season, including the Salvation Army.

Catholic Charities does not have a specific Christmas program, but their senior citizens centre is open for socialization and services all year long. Catholic Charities in Los Angeles County do offer a check on a monthly basis throughout the year, but they will also provide this if there is an emergency situation.  

During the holidays they might also be able to give aid to those who find themselves in financial distress. Catholic Charities main aim is to make sure that their clients are able to eat and clothe themselves, and the charity does not have specific wait times for aid. However, the charity does state on its website that they do not run a food pantry or conference center that is open during the holidays.

Catholic Charities also has a holiday program in place to provide assistance to families at Easter . It is similar to Christmas but focuses specifically around helping people with food and clothes for Easter. It also  has a free Thanksgiving dinner program, which is open to all people regardless of religion. They also have a Christmas dinner program, which is used primarily by Jews. 

The organization also has an Angel Tree, where the person will nominate someone and their name will be put on an angel tree in the house or apartment they live in. The person that they have named will get a gift if they come to visit during the holidays.

Food coupons, free groceries, and holiday hampers for both Christmas and Thanksgiving are some of the emergency services that are provided to those with low incomes and also to those who are working poor. In addition, the charity and its associated churches might be able to provide referrals to and information on additional holiday initiatives.

A number of Catholic charity organizations in Southern California, such as those located in Santa Monica, Pasadena, eastern Los Angeles, and other areas, are open during the holiday season to provide assistance to those in need. The humanitarian organization includes participation from several churches located in the immediate area.

Address: 1531 James M. Wood Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90015. 

Contact: (213) 251-3400 

Hollywood United Methodist Church

This charity organization seeks to find, feed and clothe the hungry living in the community from all walks of life. They are committed to feeding the poor and providing them with daily and seasonal holiday meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

The charity provides help to anyone who meets their criteria for eligibility. Families, singles, and jobless individuals may all be eligible for their aid at any time of the year. The church has provided free food and other essentials to those in need.

The list is not limited to these organizations. You can also reach out to your local government departments, such as the county health department or state social services department, which may provide additional assistance during the holidays. The Hollywood United Methodist Church, in collaboration with Temple Israel of Hollywood and the ILM Foundation, will provide one thousand people in need with dinners consisting of hot roast turkey. Toys will be given out to children who come, while adult attendees will receive products for personal care.

Homeward Bound is a charity organization providing holiday meals and other provisions to the needy in Los Angeles County since 1952. The holiday meal is served annually on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, which are observed annually by the church’s member congregation.

The meal is prepared daily by volunteers at the church’s facility. Monetary donations are also accepted during this time of year to help pay for the food to be distributed among those who need it. The church is a recognized non-profit organization by the state of California. The food pantry is open to all members of the community who need help during the holidays.

People in need can also donate money to the organization and use this money to pay for Christmas gifts, groceries, and other necessities that they need throughout the year. Homeward Bound will also accept monetary donations during this time of year.

Address: 6817 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028.

Contact: (323) 874-2104

Interfaith Services, Inc

Interfaith Services is known for providing never-ending support to families, children, and single parents in need of help. The charity has been assisting these groups for so many years. 

Anyone needs no referral to receive food or other items at the centre. Interfaith Services also helps people in need by offering various social services that benefit them, such as employment and training services, housing assistance, and other essential programs.

This charity gives away clothing to those in need who come to their offices. Interfaith Services, Inc. and its partners assist low-income families with children as their primary focus. The Fish Emergency Centre, Urban Harvester Partner, and Harbour Interfaith Shelter are just some of the charitable organizations that are a part of this network. Toys, food baskets, and hot meals are among the items included in the gifts for children younger than 18 years old.

This organization helps cover necessary expenses for families struggling with their current financial situation. The charity is open to anyone who needs help, whether living in a homeless shelter or staying in long-term housing. They also help families with children who require care at home and mental health services. Serving those in need during the holidays is a part of Interfaith Services, Inc.’s mission.

The mission of this charity is to serve people in need and promote social justice throughout Los Angeles County. The charity has been supporting this mission since 1965 and is always looking for volunteers and donations to help them continue their efforts. 

The council does so by providing emergency food assistance and volunteer services for those who need help finding jobs or obtaining training programs.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

The holiday theme for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will be “Come a-Wassailing.” The Wassail is one of the most popular drinks in England, drunk by people while they collected and distributed food to the poor. The term “wassail” is derived from Old English and means to drink health or prosperity to someone or something.

The church has hosted this event for over fifty years now. The center is known for its home delivery of Thanksgiving meal, which includes a turkey dinner for the needy in the community. The meal is prepared and delivered by volunteers who help them prepare it and bring it to people’s homes. After that, they return to the church to share their meals with others at the church.

This church has been providing Christmas gifts for many years as well. They visit elderly people and disabled children throughout Los Angeles County at their homes during Christmas. Families living in the areas surrounding Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley can access the food bank run out of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which is located on-site. 

When it is in stock, they provide non-perishable packaged items, canned foods, bread, meat, fresh foods, and fresh fruit. All families who are struggling financially are encouraged to come, but they need to present proper identification and evidence of residency. They also provide gifts for unemployed workers and those out of work.

First United Methodist Church Of Compton

The charitable organization provides assistance to all of Los Angeles County. Anyone who meets the criteria based on their income and other aspects may be eligible for no-cost assistance during the holidays. In addition, the programs may supply Thanksgiving dinners, complete with turkeys, fixings, and baskets.

The First United Methodist Church of Compton is committed to serving the entirety of Los Angeles County. Holiday meals, turkeys, side dishes, and gift baskets are available to anyone who meets the requirements to receive them based on certain income levels and other considerations.

There are a few churches spread throughout the county that run programs, but one of the largest is Grace Reformed Church. There is a soup kitchen and clothing room that are open to all who need it. Volunteers are also available to provide counselling and referrals to those in need.

Finding a church or charity in Los Angeles County that is open all year long can be difficult during the holiday season because people may be working long hours or traveling away from home during this time of year. However, there is hope for those that are in need.

There are many other Catholic charity organizations throughout the state of California. In addition to the ones listed above, you can learn about more Southern California churches that operate food banks and other assistance programs by contacting your local government offices.

Churches also partner with local food banks and non-profit organizations to distribute food boxes annually. If you need holiday assistance, one of your best options may be to apply for food stamps. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is jointly run by the Federal Government and the State of California. If you are a senior citizen and have no money on-hand to buy gifts or purchase a Christmas meal, then you should contact your county social services department. You can also contact church-based non-profits in your area for other forms of assistance.

Address: 1025 S Long Beach Blvd, Compton, CA 90221. 

Contact: (310) 639-0775

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides food and other services to the needy throughout Los Angeles County. The charity helps people in need by providing holiday meals, including Thanksgiving meals and Christmas dinners, to families that have high needs, have young children, or who have disabilities that require special care. 

The organization also provides gift baskets and toys to children in shelters in the area and afterschool care for their students. More than 250,000 children are attended to by the Salvation Army every year. The Salvation Army helps those in need to get back on their feet and into a home. They provide one of the largest sources of rental assistance and housing support in Los Angeles County. 

This network is also the leading agency for offering low-income energy bill assistance that is available in Los Angeles County. They have helped over 11,000 people in getting their power bills reduced or eliminated each year.

The Salvation Army runs several different projects in the county of Los Angeles, including food banks that offer food or meals during the holidays, an Angel Tree Program, and a project called Adopt a Family. During October, households can register to make requests for presents for children who are younger than 12 years old.

There are many centers located all around the county of Los Angeles. They run food pantries that might provide ready-made holiday dinners and common goods. Other possibilities for Christmas celebrations include “Adopt a Family” and “Angel Tree.” The bottom line is that during the holiday season, case managers and volunteers work together to ensure that every child receives a present (whether it be clothing or toys) to open. 

Therefore, they give away free products to people who meet the requirements. The Salvation Army centres offer a program called “Food for Families,” which has provided more than 20 million pounds of food to people in need throughout Los Angeles County.

Another project offered by the Salvation Army is their Angel Tree Program, and it is a good way to come out of the holiday season with gifts that will help parents prepare for the following year. To receive one of these gifts, families should register at an Angel Tree center and request presents. They will then search through the Angel Tree catalo and find out if anyone wants to donate gifts they can give to the child they picked. Angel Tree gift-givers will try their best to ensure that every child receives at least one present before Christmas Day. The program’s distribution goal is 100,000 Angel Tree gifts per year.

The Salvation Army offers a wide range of services that aim to improve people’s lives throughout the holiday season and all year. They have about 30,000 volunteers who provide help to ensure that the community stays together, and they present tens of thousands of children with toys, clothes, and school supplies. The organization’s goal is to try to end every family’s struggles and make sure that people have a happy holiday.

The Salvation Army Los Angeles Area Command has worked since 1891 to help families in need throughout Los Angeles County during the holiday season and all year. They aim to ensure that every family has a happy holiday, and they are also committed to helping people who need emergency aid. They have been serving the people of Los Angeles for a long time.

The Salvation Army offers various services for women and children, like adult education classes and nutrition education. They also offer job training programs that help people develop skills that might help them find a decent job in the future.

St. Marks United Methodist Church

It was designed by architect George O. Madden who also designed The Lincoln Memorial. St. Mark’s was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1984 and is usually referred to as “St Mark’s Chapel.

St. Marks United Methodist Church provides holiday meals for needy families during the winter season. All that is needed for the holiday meals is an address, voucher, or application form. Many people come to St. Mark’s who are unemployed and cannot afford to buy food or pay bills, so they receive support from the Salvation Army on Christmas Day and throughout the year as well.

St. Mark’s offers adult education classes and other programs where adults can go if they do not have any information about their job prospects. Families and individuals in St. Marks who are in immediate or continuous need of food assistance are assisted by the United Methodist Church of St. Marks. The San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Pedro are the only places that will accept recipients for this award. In addition to that, they are required to present a legitimate form of identity. The quantity of food required is proportional to the number of people living in the household.

They are open during the week, so it is easy to come by even if there is not enough time to shop at the market or a grocery store. Many have a location where people can leave donations, but others do not. They are all paid for by the money from the donations and food they receive every year.

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

St. Stephen’s is located in Downtown Los Angeles. It was established by a group of German immigrants, who called the church “Zion’s Church.” The church started in 1854, and it was built on land that had been gifted to them by the city of Los Angeles, California. St Stephen’s eventually became a Lutheran Church, even though it began as an Evangelical Protestant Church.

No of their age, religion, or ethnicity, anyone from low-income families in and around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley can receive assistance from St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church. The church provides free school supplies and lunches, food for those in need during times of crisis, and gift baskets for the holidays that include food, toys, and gifts. St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church also provides free Christmas dinners to families unable to afford one, as well as free meals every month during the year. 

The church also assists in times of crisis and supports people suffering from physical and mental illness to help them recover. In addition, St. Stephen’s offers a variety of education and training programs for people who do not have the knowledge or experience necessary for a career change.

St. Stephen’s assists residents of low-income and homeless communities within Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. They assist families experiencing a crisis, including food, clothing, and gift baskets for Christmas. They also provide financial assistance to people who need help paying their rent or bills. St Stephen’s also provides various services that help people with housing issues, help families in poverty find jobs, and teach people how to live with dignity and respect.

St. Stephen’s assists residents of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. They assist families experiencing a crisis, including food, clothing, and gift baskets for Christmas. They also provide financial assistance to people who need help paying their rent or bills.

The Giving Spirit Winter Outreach

The Giving Spirit Winter Outreach is a non-profit organization founded to help individuals and families during the holiday season. Along with spreading a message of hope, they also provide peace of mind and the opportunity to give back. This helps to keep people’s spirits up during a very trying time.

Families who are now living on the streets in Los Angeles and the surrounding regions are provided with survival kits as part of a program run by the Brentwood Presbyterian Church called the Giving Spirit Winter Outreach. Approximately seventy things are included in each package. These items include clothing, toiletries, and other items that are needed daily.

The Giving Spirit Winter Outreach also offers assistance for families affected by the Los Angeles homeless epidemic. These families are provided with food, clothing, and necessities. They also provide blankets and sleeping bags when the weather outdoors is too harsh to endure. There is also a food bank, which provides healthy meals every Tuesday and Wednesday at this location.

This organization services women and men struggling with domestic abuse problems in Los Angeles and other regions. The Giving Spirit Winter Outreach’s main goal is to assist those experiencing a crisis, either with no power and heat, a serious illness, or those suffering from an addiction that is crippling their lives.

This organization ensures the needs of children and families in the Inglewood and surrounding regions are met to keep them safe from danger. This program provides them warmth, protection, clothing, healthy food, and valuable educational resources. This is also done to ensure they can keep a positive outlook on life as they grow older.

The Giving Spirit Winter Outreach assists families affected by the Los Angeles homeless epidemic. These families are provided with food, clothing, and necessities. They also provide blankets and sleeping bags when the weather outdoors is too harsh to endure. There is also a food bank, which provides healthy meals every Tuesday and Wednesday at this location.

Wayside United Methodist Church

Wayside United Methodist Church began in the early 1800s and became a part of the First Congregationalist Society after the merger with a Methodist Church. This church was established by a group of people who were devoted to Christianity, and they wanted a place to worship without fear of persecution.

Families in Lomita with low to moderate incomes can receive emergency food and groceries from the Wayside United Methodist Church, which is located there. In addition, throughout the holiday season, they hand out free gift certificates, as well as free toys, games, and Christmas decorations (while supplies last).

The church also provides shelter and a warm meals for those who are homeless or in need of assistance in Lomita. In addition, they provide referrals to other non-profit organizations that can help people with their financial needs. Wayside United Methodist Church also provides many other resources for struggling people in the surrounding areas. There is a clothing closet where people can receive free items and food boxes that help families pay their bills and buy groceries.

The Church Council serves as the organization’s memberships. At the same time, the Community Development Team is responsible for outreach and feeding the hungry, which they do with an event called ‘Table of Plenty. Its main aim is to provide food, resources, and an outlet to meet with other people struggling with life.

Another support service they offer is the ‘Circle of Care,’ which provides medical, dental, and counselling services for people who cannot afford them on their own. They also have a program that offers legal aid for those in need. This is especially helpful for people who are having problems with immigration.

Harbour Interfaith Services Inc

Harbour Interfaith Services Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1974. This helpful non-profit organization is responsible for helping families, seniors, and other individuals who are experiencing a crisis. The goal of Harbour Interfaith Services Inc. is to provide food and groceries to the people who need them most while also ensuring they have all the resources they need to get back on their feet and become independent. 

This charity collaborates with several other organizations and operates under several different names, such as the Fish Emergency Centre, Harbour Interfaith Shelter, and Urban Harvester Partner. Free aid throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is offered, with a particular focus on children in the county of Los Angeles. 

There are wicker baskets full of food and steaming lunches provided. Additionally, they could include toys for youngsters under the age of 18 in some cases. Most of these services are accessible to anyone living in Torrance, Harbour City, Lomita, and San Pedro in California. Some food items provided include fresh fruits and vegetables, soups, frozen entrees, non-perishable packaged foods, and other items.

It is a non-profit organization known for helping those experiencing a crisis and providing them with food, clothing, and basic necessities. This organization works with several other organizations, including the ASPCA, providing free vet services to homeless animals.

Address: 670 W. 9th St., San Pedro, CA, 90731. 

Contact: (310) 831-0603

L.A. County DPSS

The Department of Public Social Services is a large county service which has been in existence for over 40 years. The main goal of this organization is to help those experiencing high levels of poverty and the residents who live in L.A. County and the surrounding region.

The Department of Public Social Services receives funding from the United States government, mainly via the Federal TANF Cash Assistance Program. This organization was created to help those who were unemployed or disabled or who were experiencing a crisis in their life. A program called “Adopt a Family” is intended for families with low incomes or those living in poverty and receiving government subsidies. 

Toys and games are gathered through the collaborative efforts of the Department of Social Services and local charitable organizations, then distributed to the county’s children who are involved with the system. Clients of the holiday program frequently include single mothers, immigrants, and people who are under-employed in some capacity.

L.A. County DPSS also offers emergency financial assistance to those experiencing a crisis. This organization provides clients with money that can be utilized for bills, rent or daycare expenses, transportation costs, or other necessities. Clients may also receive aid through rental assistance or temporary housing while looking for a home of their own. L.A. County DPSS’s main aim is to help the county’s low-income residents and the people in the greatest need.

This non-profit organization was founded to provide medical care and other resources to people living with HIV/AIDS. They also provide resources to their children and family members. The Metropolitan HIV/AIDS Interfaith Network provides medical care through its health care centres, where qualified staff members will provide information on accessing proper medical care and treatments.

Address: 2615 South Grand Avenue, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90007-2608. Contact:  (213) 744-4348

Cornerstone Christian Centre

This non-profit organization is one of the leading faith-based charities in Los Angeles county. These are just a few resources that Cornerstone Christian Centre provides to its community members: food pantries, free clothing, and household product distribution. They also offer family support services, case management, and health care.

The Homeless Clinic is designed to provide people who are homeless with free access to medical care and health services. The majority of the help consists of free food over the holidays. 

Therefore, you may be given some miniature toys or stocking stuffers. Holiday meals will be served to the community regardless of their current faith, race, ethnicity, or religion. The non-profit organization serves over 250,000 people each year. The clients that this charity helps range from the homeless to senior citizens and those in between. 

They provide the following services: affordable health care services, case management support, HIV prevention care and treatment services, family support services (including assistance with adoption), housing, and shelter options for families and individuals who are not currently housed or who have a history of homelessness.

Cornerstone Christian Centre also offers help to those who are experiencing a crisis. Their holiday help program is designed to provide food, clothing, toys, and other items to children and families. These charities are run by volunteers who want to help make some of the most vulnerable in the community better off and happier this holiday season. Cornerstone Christian Centre’s main aim is to create a pathway to self-sufficiency for families and individuals experiencing homelessness. They also provide additional resources to families in the local community.

These programs are available to all those living in Los Angeles county, including immigrants and non-citizens. If someone needs help or assistance, they can call 3-1-1 on any given day. This will enable you to receive information about the services offered through the government system.

Address: 1745 E 18th St, Antioch, CA 94509. 

Contact: (925) 779-2010

Los Angeles SVDP

It is an organization that aims to prevent waste and promote recycling. This organization also allows people to dispose of used items in bins throughout the county.

To obtain services from this charity, you must have a referral from a family member or friend who is currently receiving help. If you do not have anyone, you will be referred to the County’s social services centre based on your telephone number. 

The local churches and community members who give their time make up the Society of Saint Vincent. Los Angeles SVDP assist with basic requirements for those who are less fortunate, homeless, immigrants, and others, notably during the holidays. It is possible to receive free food boxes, turkey dinners, little gifts or toys for children, as well as access to a second-hand store with reduced prices. 

It’s possible that some mothers, especially single mothers, will get gift cards for Christmas. This organization also serves its clients with resources, including housing, job placement, and financial assistance. Many of the members of this organization are part of a local church community. They will be on hand with gift bags (with the help of donors), giving out toys and other little gifts to those in need.

Free Christmas Toys and Food From Non-profits

Connections for Children

Connections For Children provides assistance and support to Bellflower families facing various life challenges. Their holiday programs are focused on the needs of children up to 18, but they also provide services for families and assist with holiday meals.

The organization operates under a philosophy that every person has something to contribute to their community. They aim to provide necessities, such as diapers, formula, and gifts, during the holidays. Children and their families who participate in Connections for Children’s subsidy programs are invited to participate in the Holiday Angels Program, which the organization sponsors. The charitable organization hosts an event once a year at which they give away presents and provide entertainment for a large number of children.

The Holiday Angels Program is an outreach program that aims to make Christmas less stressful for Bellflower residents. The program provides gifts to children and their families living in poverty as they anticipate Christmas. They also present holiday dinners and presents at the day-care center free of charge.

Connections For Children’s family support center offers numerous services in the area, such as soap-making classes for single mothers, help with utility bills for low-income families, and babysitting services for those with children under six years old. Their holiday assistance program is run in conjunction with the Angel Tree Program. Angel trees are often put up around Bellflower, and kids can put their ornaments on them. They are provided with toys, clothes, and other items on Christmas morning and a full meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

Families will be invited to the Connections for Children’s facility holiday party on December 23rd from 5 pm to 8 pm. People who are unable to make it to the event will still be able to receive presents, as volunteers may deliver them to the residence. Parents are asked to prove they are low-income and can bring their children.

Families who have faced challenges during the year and need help during the holidays may be eligible for their services. They operate under a philosophy that every person has something that they can give back to their community.

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza

It is a community-based organization that provides supplemental and emergency assistance to families in the Crenshaw and Baldwin Hills area. The program primarily serves people who live on the west side of the San Fernando Valley.

It provides Christmas assistance programs, including gifts for children, baskets of food and toys, Christmas meals, and other services to poor families throughout Los Angeles County. Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza provides free Christmas gifts to infants, children, and teenagers who hail from low-income households and live in the Crenshaw neighborhood. At their yearly Winter Wonderland Celebration, attendees can enjoy sledding, snacks, and various forms of entertainment.

The community meal is provided on the first Saturday of each month. They give out vouchers for a whole holiday meal at any local restaurant and if you need to pick up your food. The meals can be exchanged anytime during the next year at no cost to the recipient.

They also run several other food aid programs in addition to their free lunch program, including Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals. The organization works to bring families together during the holidays and provide them with aid and services throughout the year. 

There is assistance available in the form of holiday gifts, the Anchors for Tots toy drive program, and other avenues of assistance. Donations of Christmas presents are always welcome and necessary for the run programs. Children, infants, and adolescents with modest incomes are all eligible to get all of the commodities.

By providing free food and other necessities, the organization does its part to ensure that families can thrive through the winter months. Christmas gifts are available for children and infants, as well as family Christmas meals. The organization also provides toys for children in their toy drive, held on December 4th in Crenshaw, between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. The organization hosts a huge Christmas parade that gives those who live in this area a chance to enjoy themselves over the holidays.

Address: 3650 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90008. Contact: (323) 290-6636

Bellflower Volunteer Centre

If you live in Los Angeles County, help a family in need by volunteering at the Bellflower Volunteer Centre. This holiday charity organization’s mission is to provide free food and gifts to families who are experiencing poverty. They also help pay bills, rent, mortgage, and utilities for those who need it every year.

The organization has an ongoing holiday assistance program that provides food for children for the entire month of December. Support is exclusively provided to Bellflower residents. Free holiday baskets are supplied to those less fortunate during the Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter holidays as part of the service that is provided to them. They’ll have things like food, groceries, toys, and clothing for kids of all ages.

During the holidays of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, the Bellflower Volunteer Centre delivers food baskets to low-income members of the community. The contents will likely consist of food for families and presents of clothing and toys for children of varying ages. You will need to bring an ID and proof of residency.

Although the organization doesn’t run a holiday assistance program, they have everything you need to help your family get through the season. The centre has programs available for residents of Bellflower who face job loss, homelessness, or need to pay their bills. They also cover utilities and food as needed.

Address: 16610 S. Clark Ave., Bellflower, CA, 90706

Contact: (562) 925-9003

Big Sunday

The Big Sunday presents a variety of Christmas toys and gifts to children from low-income households. The organization aims to provide them necessities, such as clothing, food, toys, and furniture. They are also involved in the Anchors for Tots toy drive and holiday meal programs.

The Christmas meal is available for all individuals who need help during the holiday season. The dinner provides meals for the community and includes a full meal and even a toy. The organization also gives out gifts that include clothing, toys, food, and other supplies. If you want to volunteer for them, you will be tasked with driving families to the holiday meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

If you are interested in donating your time, know that Big Sunday seeks volunteers to help with their toy drive program during November and December. Big Sunday is an organization that operates under the principle that every person has something to contribute to the world. 

Every year, in addition to hosting holiday parties and sing-alongs, they provide needy families, children, teenage mothers, and senior people with truckloads of essentials, gift baskets, and other items. They also assist battered women, people in hospice care, disturbed adolescents, and anybody else who could benefit from their assistance.

Big Sunday’s holiday Christmas party is held on December 23rd after dinner. This party allows children and their parents to meet Santa Claus, play games and eat cookies. It is also possible that they will provide food and presents. The organization wants to give back to its community by providing everything families need to prosper throughout the year.

Ascension Food Pantry

During the winter holidays, families living on a low income can receive food and Christmas feasts from the Ascension Food Pantry. In addition to that, they provide free hot meals and little toys whenever they have any available. To qualify, you need to produce an ID that verifies your address in either Los Angeles or San Fernando. The organization has a few criteria that people have to fulfill to be able to receive food and assistance. They also have a large range of assistance that can be taken advantage of during the holiday season.

In Los Angeles, Ascension Food Pantry charity organization is open all year round, but they do have a couple of programs in place during the Christmas season.

Several churches within their network have Christmas dinners that local supermarkets and pantries donate. Ascension Food Pantry also works with the Blessed Sacrament Church. They provide a food pantry there but are not open to the public during normal hours. They only give their help out to people who have been referred through the church.

Ascension Food Pantry is one of the favorite organizations for those who want to receive assistance during the holidays without having to pay a fee or visit a government office. The charity helps thousands of people every year and has helped more than half a million people since it was founded in 1985. 

Ascension Food Pantry’s main goal is to provide access to food, as well as some other essential items that are purchased. The organization also offers assistance to those with a low income, even if they have been turned away by other organizations. Another feature is the Thrift Shop. The Thrift Shop is open every Tuesday and Thursday during November and December. It also features its events called “Fridays in December.

Exceptional Children’s Foundation

The Exceptional Children’s Foundation helps low-income children in Los Angeles to have a fun, safe, and festive holiday season. Their programs include game nights and food banks, but they also provide gifts at the Christmas party. The organization also provides Santa Claus with presents to distribute as well.

The Christmas party held by the Exceptional Children’s Foundation is staffed by volunteers who are essential in ensuring that families have a merry holiday season while also keeping their program running all year long. The Exceptional Children’s Foundation connects families with children with exceptional needs to individuals or organizations that can assist. Send an email to Lisa at [email protected] for further information.

The Christmas party is offered in partnership with the Los Angeles City Council. However, they are currently not accepting applications for it. It provides a wide array of services to people in Los Angeles, including health care and social services, so people living in poverty can access these resources at no cost. They run a Holiday Angels Program, which consists of toys and gifts distributed to low-income children between the ages of three and eighteen.

Family Rescue Center of LA

The Family Rescue Centre of LA provides temporary shelter, support, and resources to Los Angeles, California residents. They host an annual Christmas party at the end of each year for children in the foster care system. They also have a gift closet available to the community during the holidays. Organizations who wish to participate in the program can sign up through their website.

Family Rescue Center of LA offer foster care and placement, home-based services, family support programs and education, employability training, and counselling. The Family Rescue Centre in Los Angeles assists with food, clothing, and other aid forms throughout the year. Additionally, it provides individuals in need with free Thanksgiving meals and free Christmas toys; however, other activities and assistance may also be available. Canoga Park is where the majority of the center’s work is done in the city of Los Angeles.

The organization’s mission is to help people in need, particularly those struggling to put food on their table. They distribute food and other aid to low-income residents across Southern California weekly. They also have a holiday assistance program, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah meals and toys for children.

Food on Foot

Food on Foot is a non-profit organization that provides grocery assistance to those in need in Los Angeles, California. They also provide emergency food for children and counselling and crisis intervention for youth. They also provide emergency food for adults during the holidays. They operate their program in conjunction with the Food Bank. 

Individuals who are interested in community service can participate by volunteering or by donating items of clothing, toiletries, and baby supplies regularly. Food on Foot is a non-profit organization that supports the needy and homeless population of Los Angeles by giving them nutritious meals, clothing, possibilities for work, and transitional assistance. Food on Foot is a community of friends whose vision is to create a world where everyone can access nutritious food and the skills they need to thrive.

It is a program that collects and distributes clothing, toys, and gifts for children, who require necessities. The program also includes resource coordination for parents to find information regarding housing and medical services.

L.A. County Department of Social Services

The L.A. County Department of Social Services provides food vouchers, which are provided to individuals in need of benefits due to their low income. They also have a holiday assistance program called the Angel Tree Program which provides families with food vouchers and toys for children under six. The Angel tree program is another initiative run by the Department of Social Services in conjunction with Connections for Children, Family Home Support Services, and the Los Angeles County Office of Re-entry.

It provides an annual Christmas party for low-income children in the community. They also provide a toy distribution event on Christmas and Hanukkah. Additionally, they offer clothing, food baskets, and a food pantry.  Through its Adopt-A-Family Program, the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services assists low-income families. During the holiday season, the organization donates new toys and games for Christmas, food, and clothing. Registration for the program is open to families.

While in the county of Los Angeles, the Department of Social Services provides information and support to local families. It also helps individuals connect with the most appropriate resources. The Angels of Christmas offers a program to help low-income families make ends meet during the holiday season. They provide food, clothing, and other types of aid to families and reindeer-themed gifts for children. Families can access their services at an emergency shelter from December 1 until New Year’s Day.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Volunteers of Boys & Girls Clubs work to ensure every child in the Los Angeles area gets a present for Christmas. They provide toys, clothes, and necessities to children of all ages. In addition, they also run a program called Reach Out and Read. This is where they provide books to low-income parents to promote literacy within the community.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America provides holiday assistance with their toy drive program, which is how they get the items offered at their Christmas party. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is a charity that assists children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Additionally, assistance during the holidays is provided in certain cities. Help is provided for children up to 18, but the parents often need to present proof that their income is 150 percent or more below the U.S. poverty threshold. It is strongly suggested that applications be submitted early.

Although Santa Claus cannot make it to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, he has sent gifts anyway. Volunteers collect toys at the organization’s holiday party on Christmas Eve and bring them to children, who they can distribute in the days following. This is how they provide food, clothing, and toys for children who will otherwise go without during the year.

The Christmas Party provides boys with a way to celebrate their holidays at the end of a difficult year. The holiday party gives them something to look forward to during the season. The Christmas party allows boys to sit down and enjoy their dinner. It also gives them access to holiday gifts and a visit from Santa Claus.

The holiday party takes place on Christmas Eve. It provides gifts for all the boys who are residents at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America facility. In addition, it also features free dinners and games for the boys so that they can enjoy their holiday season.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

The Los Angeles County District Attorney assists individuals who are homeless and in need of assistance for the holidays. They assist the homeless and low-income families by providing them with food, clothing, and other aid forms. Additionally, they have a Toy Giveaway program that distributes toys to low-income families in the community in a jointly organized effort with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, which provides medical services.

The organization also provides emergency food for children and counselling and crisis intervention for youth. It also operates its holiday toy distribution program, which is open to needy families.

The LADCP has several programs focusing on distributing toys to low-income families during the holidays. Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office provide toys and gifts to children who are between the ages of three and eighteen years of age. The organization also has a holiday assistance program that includes toys, food baskets, and clothing. 

The District Attorney’s Office for the County of Los Angeles maintains a victims’ assistance fund that spreads holiday cheer to hundreds of victims of crime every year. The Los Angeles Homeless Services provides information and referral services and some forms of aid for families in need living in the Los Angeles area. They operate their holiday assistance program with the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services, which provides necessities, including toys, food, and clothing.

This organization also runs its toy distribution program, open to low-income individuals and families. The homeless services organization collaborates with other non-profit organizations to provide additional help during the holidays.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation assists children who are in the process of fulfilling their wishes with the help of volunteers. The organization is a registered charity that volunteers operate. It is funded entirely by donations. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has several holiday events in partnership with hospitals, community centers, and schools across the country, from which it distributes toys and gifts to children. 

The organization serves over 45,000 children each year. In addition, they assist children who have lost a family member, or need help. This organization has donated toys to children in the military, support groups, and caregivers raising children with life-threatening illnesses.

“The Christmas Stocking Drive” is an annual drive coordinated by the Salvation Army that provides holiday gifts to children living in poverty and/or homeless. Volunteers distribute the toys at Salvation Army locations across the country. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a charitable organization that grants the wishes and wishes for presents of children who are battling serious diseases. 

Even though the service is available throughout the year, eligible children can express their desire to receive Christmas presents. The child, a parent, a guardian, a family member, or a medical professional can submit online applications. It is a registered charity that operates through donations and volunteers. There are several programs provided by this charity that focus on helping families who are in need during the holidays. 

During the holiday season, all children living below the poverty level or individuals who are homeless will receive presents from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is celebrated every year on Christmas Eve and is designed to give families in need food, clothing, and gifts during the holidays.

MEND Poverty

This program runs a “Poverty Holiday Program” that provides presents to low-income families who are in need during the holidays. The organization also has a “Poverty Wish Book Service” that provides books to impoverished children. 

MEND has distributed over 30 million pounds of toys since its founding in 1988. These programs are offered at locations throughout the country and provide toys, food, clothing, and other gifts to impoverished families. MEND Poverty works to connect families in need with individuals who can assist. Food for a full Christmas supper is provided to households registered for the program. 

Children get one article of clothing and two toys, while adults get a sweatshirt and a small household item to take home. To be eligible, you need to have a kid under 18 and live in either the San Fernando Valley or the Los Angeles area of California. There is a hotline for parents who are in need during the holidays.

It has several holiday events in partnership with hospitals, community centres, and schools across the country, from which it distributes toys to children below the poverty line. The agency also assists families with completing Christmas dinners, including food, clothing, and gifts. It is open year-round, but they double their efforts during the holidays. This charity grant wishes to children who are battling serious diseases.

Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission provides the homeless and low-income individuals with clothing, food, and other forms of assistance. This organization is another option for individuals in the Los Angeles area who are struggling without a home or simply need assistance. They provide information to the community regarding services that are available to them and ways in which they can earn money to afford basic necessities.

The Los Angeles Mission is a non-profit organization that operates shelters for the homeless in Los Angeles County, California. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the Los Angeles Mission provides those in need with free hot meals. In addition, it offers families living on Skid Row a Christmas supper. Each year, the events, which include healthcare and footwear, resulting in a significant increase in the length of the lines.

The organization runs several other community programs, including its Toy Distribution Program, which distributes toys and books to needy children. They also have a holiday assistance program for low-income families with children. This program provides low-income families with food, clothing, coats, and toys. It is open year-round, but the organization can give out more toys during the holidays.

It helps those struggling economically and needing resources and assistance during the holiday season. This organization focuses on helping homeless people during the holidays and assists those in need. The organization also offers a family holiday party each year, providing toys and gifts to low-income families.

In addition to providing necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance, this organization has a holiday assistance program that includes toys and books for children. It is open year-round but doubles its efforts during the holidays.

Midnight Mission

This charity is a registered charitable organization run by volunteers who provide food, clothing, and gifts to children living below the poverty line each year. If you are in need during the holiday season, you can contact this charity, and they will help you get presents for your kids.

National Adopt-A-Family Christmas is an annual program that provides families living in poverty with holiday assistance. The organization serves several cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In the Skid Row neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Midnight Mission hosts an annual Christmas dinner for around 2,000 homeless people of all ages, including women, children, and men. 

Santa’s Village allows the attendees’ children to select free toys. Over more than a century, the mission has supplied the homeless with essentials and encouraged them to lead better lives. Their extensive services include a postal office, a barber shop, job preparation training, referrals to local hospitals, educational opportunities, and transitional housing. Visit their online events calendar to learn about all of their upcoming activities.

Hand Up is an annual program founded by former NFL player Howie Long. The charity assists families living below the poverty line in need during the holiday season. Hand Up has distributed over 10 million pounds of gifts to children below the income level since its founding in 1988. They also provide children with toys and food during their holiday events. Over the past ten years, 180 volunteers have served more than 18,000 people through their services.

My Friend’s Place

This charity organization is located in Santa Monica and offers the bulk of its services, including food, clothing, and household goods, to homeless teenagers. 

It serves both boys and girls with an emphasis on helping to transition people from becoming homeless back into the mainstream. In addition to graduating from high school and job training programs are other forms of aid offered by My Friend’s Place. During the holidays, they participate in lending a hand at Christmas time in Los Angeles County by giving away toys and clothing to less fortunate families with kids. Homeless adolescents in Los Angeles have access to My Friend’s Place throughout the year for daytime shelter, clothing, and hygiene services, including meals and showers. 

Aside from that, they provide opportunities to participate in creative and artistic workshops, as well as seminars on survival skills, a job search program, homework and GED tutoring, substance abuse prevention instruction, and violence prevention classes. In addition to that, they might host seasonal activities or give away prizes. Read more on My Friends’ Place.

This charity organization offers shelters and other social services to the less fortunate members of Los Angeles County households. The shelter is part of the Union Rescue Mission, and it also includes a food bank program, thrift store, clothing closet, medical care, and counselling services. People in need can also find help with rent payments and financial advice in addition to this. During the holidays, they participate in giving away toys to children- both boys and girls.

No Kid Hungry

This charity organization is a part of the No Kid Hungry Campaign and works to end childhood hunger. It could assist in the form of free school lunches or breakfasts to low-income families during the holiday season. The gifts are available for students in grades K 12, but they can also offer assistance with basic needs, such as toiletries or clothing, if their funds have been depleted. Government grants help pay for the programs this Los Angeles, County-based charity organization provides. 

No Kid Hungry is a charitable organization that supports the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank by selling Holiday Tribute Cards and organizing Stock the Pantry events throughout the county. No Kid Hungry is an organization that works throughout the year to end childhood hunger. They may also host unique events during the Christmas season. Holiday Tribute Cards are sold, and the proceeds from their sale will support emergency food boxes for local food banks in Los Angeles, which includes the LA Regional Food Bank.

Free holiday gifts for kids – Each year, No Kid Hungry works with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to purchase games, books, and toys for 95,000 children who are hungry throughout Los Angeles County. Gifts are distributed yearly at local schools through a Holiday Giving Tree distribution program.

One Simple Wish

This charity organization is located in Santa Monica, California. They operate in conjunction and are available to assist those who are going through medical treatment or need emergency care. It also provides meals and other social services to those who need assistance during the holiday season.

There are several ways to find help from this charity organization that has been in operation for more than four decades.  One of the main services this charity organization provides includes food delivery. For people who have cancer and need help with meals, they offer meal service for a minimum of two days a week, and for children twelve or younger, the meals are delivered five days a week. 

One Simple Wish is a service that allows foster children to post their requests on the internet. Holiday-specific, age-specific, gender-specific, price range-specific, and location-specific gift categories are available throughout the year. The holiday wish list has toys, travel, and healing suggestions for sick children. There is a wish list for children going through difficult times. 

This organization aims to help with the holidays and make them more enjoyable for children with terminal illnesses. Their gifts will include games, books, and toys. One Simple Wish was created due to the appearance of terminal illnesses among Santa Claus elves.

Mothers Club Pasadena

This organization has partnered with the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots to provide toys in the Pasadena community. You can contact them directly or participate in their annual Christmas toy drive. They provide toys, clothing, and food to hundreds of families and children annually.

Since its founding, the organization has been dedicated to helping less fortunate people. During Christmas time, they distribute gifts to families that live below the poverty level or are homeless. Through its Family Learning Centre, Mothers Club Pasadena runs a program that allows local families to be “adopted.” Families are connected with individuals who can assist. Parents and guardians are also given information about local institutions that help in areas such as clothing, food, and housing. Adoption can help children with clothing, school supplies, and other things, depending on the situation.

The charity has several programs designed to help children below the poverty line. Special events held throughout the year provide clothing and toys to children who do not have a lot at home. This charity run is also one of the most traditional when it comes to gift giving during Christmas time.

One Voice Holiday Food Program

This service helps low-income Los Angeles families during the holiday season. Food banks assist with holiday meals and financial assistance, while job training programs are also provided. This charity organization provides services to those less fortunate in the following locations of Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Anaheim, Glendale, Pasadena, San Bernardino, and other parts of California. They also have a location in Ventura County.

During the winter months of December and January, food is distributed to the needy from One Voice. Each holiday season, a total of 750,000 pounds of food is available for distribution. In addition, educational workshops and special events, including the Angel Tree Program, are provided for children.

The programs offered by One Voice are designed to help people find a job, receive training, or receive other forms of assistance in finding permanent housing. They also provide other services, such as medical care and transportation assistance. At the same time every year, the One Voice Holiday Food Program throws a party at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. The Holiday Food Program provides roughly 2,500 families with holiday food baskets, toys, and literature for their children every year.

This charity organization offers this program in cooperation with schools, churches, and local fire stations. It is designed to provide gifts to those who need help. Their program connects children with One Voice and other community partners that support them. The Angel Tree Program helps provide Christmas gifts for kids living in foster care who would not otherwise receive a gift for Christmas.

Operation Youth Education Services

This charity organization serves less fortunate individuals in the areas of Los Angeles: South LA, Central LA, and West LA. Their services include various programs, including health and wellness, education, employment, and housing. In addition, their services help children from low-income families by providing gifts such as Christmas for underprivileged children.

Operation Christmas Spirit has assisted for over 25 years to families facing difficult financial situations during the holiday season. No matter where they are located, families with children are eligible to receive free bags of food from Operation Youth Education Services. 

To qualify, families need to provide evidence that they either have a low income or are working poor. Cans of food, meat, beans, bread, pasta, and rice are all included in the individual bags of food being distributed. In addition to providing food, Operation Youth Education Services provides job training and education services in the following areas: Los Angeles, Compton, and Inglewood. 

In some cases, they can provide families with transportation services that will allow them to access job training and other resources. The children’s programs provided by Operation Youth Education Services include after-school activities, summer camp programs, and academic tutoring. Other services include school supply drives, clothing drives, and holiday parties.

Police Activity League Youth Centre in Devonshire

This charity organization assists children with their basic needs. They also provide resources that help them prepare for adulthood, including housing, employment, education, and health care. This charity organization is where children can learn the necessary life skills to succeed. At the same time, they provide a safe environment along with positive role models so that kids can have a bright future.

Throughout the community, PAL works with police officers and partner employees to ensure every child has access to this safety net of support and guidance. Children who are enrolled in the PALS program at the Police Activity League Youth Centre in Devonshire are eligible to receive free Christmas presents, including gifts of toys, books, and gift cards.

This charity organization gives families a chance to own their Christmas wish list, a fully cooked meal, and a warm coat. The organization also provides free Christmas gifts to provide Christmas joy for underprivileged children. The “Brightest Christmas” event is held twice yearly, from November 14 – 20 to December 5 – 9. The Brightest Christmas event occurs at one of their partner locations, including the Salvation Army, Operation Santa Claus Inc.


This charity organization focuses on helping families in need. SantaCAN has provided toys and presents to needy children for over 25 years. SantaCAN provides Christmas toys for kids ages 0-13 and gifts for underprivileged children. They also provide picnics, backpacks, and school supplies.

This charity organization provides more than 4,000 families with Christmas food baskets from Thanksgiving until December 20th every year. SantaCAN allows children in foster care in Los Angeles County to post their Christmas wish lists online. Through the Children’s Action Network, benefactors can select a present and arrange for its delivery. Thousands of Christmas gifts and toys are given to needy children every year.

This charity organization has been helping families in need for years. Each year, it provides thousands of children in Los Angeles with free Christmas presents they can enjoy during their holiday season. They also provide Thanksgiving food baskets to those who qualify. This is a great opportunity for families to be thankful for everything they have.

This charity organization provides basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare services to people across Southern California.

Sova Community Food and Resource Program

Feeding America has recognized this charity organization as a unique program. It provides food bank services to the greater Los Angeles area. This charity organization provides care and education to children in need. It aims to provide clothing, shelter, food, medical care, and educational opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children. 

Residents of West Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Hollywood living on a low income can receive assistance from the Sova Community Food and Resource Program. Children under 18 can get free grocery bags once a month in addition to special assistance during the holiday season, which may include clothing, games, and toys. This charity organization works with the community residents to provide food and support. It aims to provide those in need access to healthy, nutritious foods and a chance to engage in life-skills training programs. 

Their services also help provide kids with their school supplies and winter coats. Many of their members also participate in holiday support programs, a great way to share your love for others during this stressful season. 

Operation Christmas Spirit

This charity organization assists those who are ill and who have limited income. They also assist with basic needs, such as shoes and healthcare. Operation Christmas Spirit’s mission is to bring joy to children, seniors, the homeless, and the disabled during the holiday season. They aim to help as many people as possible by providing them with gifts, food baskets, meals, and toys.

This charity organization offers three kinds of services. Operation Christmas Spirit provides free assistance to military families through Christmas presents, food, and other necessities during the holiday season and the rest of the year. The organization also takes wish lists from military families that are struggling financially. In addition, the organization can also provide their children’s warm coats, hats, and gloves.

Founded in 1989, Operation Christmas Spirit had its inaugural mission of ending child hunger by providing gifts for toddlers. During the holiday and throughout the year, Operation Christmas Spirit gives resources to seniors and families in need. It also provides services such as dining on wheels and other medical and social services.

The Laugh Factory

This organization works with celebrities such as Wayne Brady and Jeff Bridges to help kids in need.

This organization is dedicated to providing children in need with the presents they deserve during the holidays. It provides families with toys, food baskets, picnics, backpacks, and school supplies for children. Each year, the LA Waterkeeper organizes a holiday campaign called Fill-the-Truck. 

An annual Christmas Day Feast is hosted by The Laugh Factory for anyone who is away from home, lonely, or homeless and in need of a warm meal, company, or fun on Christmas Day. Adults who need a little Christmas cheer are served and entertained by well-known comedians and celebrities.

This organization provides food and clothing to those who need support.  The Los Angeles Mission is the largest provider of groceries, food, and clothing in the San Fernando Valley. They provide these services to nearly 20,000 people every year. This group also helps families in need by providing them with basic needs such as food and shelter and support by providing medical care and educational opportunities.

Toys for Tots

This charity organization provides necessities such as clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare services to people in the greater Los Angeles area. It also provides toys for children in need during the holiday season. Through the LAHSA’s Outreach Program, families residing in the greater Los Angeles (LA) area who experience homelessness can receive assistance within one week of application. The LAHSA Outreach Program also provides a mobile medical clinic, vocational classes, and family counselling to help families get back on their feet.

The United States Marine Corps is the organization in charge of running the Toys for Tots program. Help may be requested from either parents or friends. Most services focus on children younger than 12; however, some places also assist adolescents. The cut-off dates differ for each department, but it is best to register as soon as possible.

The programs are run out of multiple locations throughout the county. During the holiday season, donations of presents, clothes, and toys are gathered from the general public and then given to individuals and organizations. Most of the products gathered are for children under the age of 14, and they are distributed to children who come from households with little financial resources or without jobs. 

You can get free Legos, clothes, video games, matchbox cars, and a wide variety of other gifts for your children from low-income families. It is possible for immigrants in LA to apply, and the applications themselves are also available in Spanish. 

This organization focuses on the acquisition of dogs and cats. Dogs are placed into foster homes, and cats are adopted out. The program works with over 100 shelters in the county to raise people’s awareness about these animals. The dogs and cats that live in the shelters are donated to other organizations, such as Meals on Wheels, which helps feed seniors in need throughout Southern California.

Union Station Homeless Services

This charity organization provides necessities such as clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare services to people in Los Angeles. 

The LA region is home to a variety of animal-welfare organizations.  Throughout the Christmas season, Union Station Homeless Services intends to provide more than 500 individuals, families, senior citizens, and those who are unable to buy a holiday meal or alone with no one to share it with. 

The Union Station Adult Centre in Pasadena is the location of the annual Holiday at the Station event. Volunteers come in to provide free holiday meals and gifts for the children. The Union Station Child Development Centre serves 120 low-income children, ages 3 months to 5 years old. During the Christmas season, there are also dozens of Union Station Child Development Centre events that occur as well. This group aims to help people who need support and assistance by providing them with various basic needs such as food, shelter, healthcare services, and educational opportunities.

Spark of Love

This charity organization provides basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare services to people in Los Angeles. This charity organization aims to provide support so families can prepare for the holidays. They work with other charities and non-profit organizations to provide these charitable gifts to children around Los Angeles who need them during the holiday season.

The Christmas Wish program provides families with food baskets, toys, and presents they can enjoy during their holiday season. The Southern California Firefighters have organized a toy drive under the banner of “Spark of Love.” You can submit a request for holiday assistance by filling out the form on their website. The organization distributes more than 500,000 items donated during the holiday season each year. 

This organization works tirelessly to help individuals across Los Angeles. It is a great charity to donate to if you want assistance in your local community or want to help support a worthy cause. This organization helps children in need during the holiday season by providing them with clothing, toys, and gifts year-round. They also offer programs and events that provide children with educational opportunities, medical care, and basic needs such as food, shelter, and transportation.

United Way

Provides assistance to residents of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties, CA. 

This includes information on financial aid programs, as well as government assistance that is available in December and January. In addition to the Christmas assistance program, they can also provide assistance with rent help and energy bill bills assistance. 

The United Way connects families in need with charitable organizations that can provide them with gifts over the holiday season. Call them at 211 or check out their website. Although each municipality has its own system, parents typically have the opportunity to choose gifts that have been given to their children. There may be some variation in the guidelines, but the majority need parents to register. The United Way will subsequently get in touch with the organizations that have been accepted. The typical upper age limit is 16 years old. 

There are sometimes after-school programs open, and they might also have day-care programs as well, but do not be surprised if the better ones are full. As with all of the other food banks in Los Angeles County, Catholic Charities does not have an official program for Christmas or Thanksgiving but will provide assistance with other programs during the holidays. 

The collection service is open from December 13 through the 24th. The United Way provides free food boxes to those who can’t afford Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. These food boxes usually contain a turkey, along with some other items. 

Urban Harvester Partner

Families with children who have a low income and less fortunate circumstances can receive assistance. Citizens of El Monte and South El Monte in California are eligible for assistance, which includes gift baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, the resources are limited.

The food that cannot be used by grocery stores and other companies is collected by Urban Harvester Partners and recycled. In El Monte and South El Monte, the charitable group assists low-income families by distributing holiday baskets around Thanksgiving and Christmas, in addition to other donations made throughout the year. The charity serves around 2,500 households a year. The free baskets are typically full of all sorts of food, including turkey and ham.

 The organization operates the largest Christmas toy distribution program in the city. It is called Operation Santa Claus and provides gifts for children whose families normally would not be able to afford them. Every year around 20,000 toys are distributed during Christmas through Operation Santa Claus.

Address: 9251 Garvey Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733. 

Contact: (626) 444-7269

USPS Operation Santa

It is a program that helps needy children and their families in the Los Angeles area by delivering free Christmas gifts to them. The program is operated by the United States Postal Service. In partnership with the Salvation Army, Operation Santa gives poor children free toys and clothes for Christmas. Over the course of more than a century, the United States Postal Service has been running a program called Operation Santa under the name USPS Operation Santa. 

Postal workers read the letters that are sent to Santa and make copies of those that are written by children who are less fortunate, deleting any identifying information. After that, they make an effort to grant the children’s requests. Anyone can write a letter on behalf of a child, even if there is no assurance that the child’s requests would be granted. The post office aims to grant their requests through direct assistance, family support, and other support programs.

West Angeles Community Development Corporation

Provides holiday support to needy children, clothing, and toys. The West Angeles Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that supports low-income, homeless and working-poor families in South Los Angeles. 

The group works with the community in order to serve the most vulnerable residents. The non-profit is administered by pastors of nearby churches, one such location being West Angeles Church of God in Christ. They offer free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for those who don’t have any other place to go. These are some of the free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that are offered in Los Angeles County, California. 

There are dozens of programs ranging from canned goods drives to hot meals offered by churches, community centers, and other organizations. Church groups and other religious organizations often provide assistance to needy families around the holidays. 

The Los Angeles county Area Agency on Aging can assist seniors living on their own with transportation costs for this event. Thousands of people attend these free holiday dinners every year as there is an ongoing need for assistance during this time of year. West Angeles Community Development Corporation provides its services to inhabitants of West Los Angeles who have low incomes or who are working poor. However, they also provide assistance to residents who are struggling in neighboring counties. 

Gifts include assistance from the organization’s food bank and soup kitchen, as well as gift coupons and free Christmas items when they are available. Applicants are required to give a list of their expenses, as well as a valid form of identity, proof of domicile, and evidence of income. The non-profit also offers free clothing, household items, and furniture. The agency serves around 5,000 low-income families every year, with 41% of those recipients being children under the age of 18.

This holiday program is another one that can help you meet your Christmas need. Services to seniors are available via the Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) which is provided by a network of non-profit organizations and public agencies.

Address: 3045 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles California, 90016. 

Contact: (323) 733-8300 or 323-751-3440


The YMCA runs a holiday meal program for low-income families in Los Angeles County. Holiday meals are served in Burbank, as well as the Westwood area of L.A. The majority of the recipients have young children, and seniors also use these services.

It can send meals to homebound senior citizens in Los Angeles County each day through its holiday dinner program known as Season’s Greeting’s Care. A large number of YMCA locations may be found in and around the San Fernando and Los Angeles areas. 

There are free Christmas toys distributed by some or all of them. Recipients are typically required to provide evidence of financial hardship, and eligibility requirements and age limits might vary widely depending on locality. Many are also available for applications for the foreseeable future.

Serving about 1,800 elderly and needy families each month, the non-profit helps with food, clothing, and other gifts. After three consecutive years of hunger and homelessness — a first in Los Angeles history — Covenant House is never afraid to reach out to the community. The non-profit organization distributes holiday baskets in many locations throughout L.A. County, including Bell.

It Is a non-profit organization that provides social services to people who need help. The centre gives gifts to children in need and provides free Christmas meals, and holiday gift-giving is also offered by Will Rogers Memorial Centre. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department provides some free Christmas presents for kids who belong to low-income families or have been abandoned by their parents. This agency works closely with the Salvation Army which has a program called Angel Tree.

World Harvest Food Bank

The non-profit provides assistance to those who need it most, including those who are low on funds for food as well as liquid food items such as baby formula and juice. It is a non-profit organization that has many community outreach programs. They provide free Christmas toys to children from low-income families in Los Angeles County.

World Harvest Food Bank is a Christian organization that aims to give back to the community through charity work. Girls and boys under the age of 13 are eligible to receive free Christmas gifts, including toys, books, and games, among other things. You could also receive free gift vouchers for toys, free holiday food boxes in Los Angeles County, as well as free Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

There are a number of community centers and organizations in Los Angeles County which run holiday food drive programs. Many organizations also participate in the United Way’s Angel Tree program, which distributes Christmas gifts to children in poor families. Organizations such as the YMCA, Tattered Angels, and the United Way are also involved in this event. This is a day when many non-profits serve free holiday meals to people who have low incomes or who are homeless.

Address: 3100 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. 

Contact: (213) 746-2227

Hollywood Food Coalition

The non-profit provides charitable support for individuals who have had a hard time finding consistent employment, as well as families and seniors in the greater Los Angeles area. This organization assists families with the holiday dinner at Inglewood.

The charity is a privately owned non-profit agency that has many different programs. Hollywood Food Coalition provide assistance to those who need it most, including those who are low on funds for food as well as liquid food items such as baby formula and juice. Free holiday meals are provided for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, among other occasions.

It’s a non-profit organization that provides many services, including free Christmas gifts to families who cannot afford to purchase gifts for their children.

It is a non-profit organization that has many community outreach programs. They provide free Christmas toys to children from low-income families in Los Angeles County. They also provide free summer camps and field trips for needy students. Remember to check out FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM!

Address: 5939 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. 

Contact: (323) 462-2032

Catholic Charities LA County holiday programs

The non-profit provides assistance to children, families, and senior citizens.

The non-profit assists low-income families with free holiday gifts and groceries. It’s a non-profit organization, part of the Los Angeles Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, that provides a free holiday party at Hollywood Centre for Family Services. They also provide Christmas meals in various locations across Los Angeles county. The Christmas baskets are distributed at the City of Hope. 

There are many services available, including financial support during the holidays. Catholic Charities LA County holiday programs assist refugees, immigrants, women who are victims of domestic violence, and other individuals in obtaining cash assistance and Christmas present for their children.

In Los Angeles, Catholic Charities is made up of a number of different parishes; the one that serves as the primary customer service and intake location is the one that is listed above. Get free Christmas gift baskets filled with food, tiny toys, stocking stuffers, jackets, and a lot of other great stuff. 

The non-profit wants to help low-income families, especially during the holiday season. Some basic needs are provided by Catholic Charities in Los Angeles. Saving Henman is the location that provides food for both children and adults.

Christmas dinner and hot meals are served on different days of December. All you need to do is show a photo ID, have a copy of your utility bill or pay stub in your pocket, as well as proof of address, such as a lease or property tax bill.

Address: 1531 James M Wood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015. 

Contact: (213) 251-3400

Referral hotline

The non-profit assists individuals in obtaining services. The non-profit provides many services, including a Christmas party for children who need help.

The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program is a community outreach initiative by the Salvation Army in Los Angeles that provides free holiday gifts to children who are in low-income families, as well as homeless children and families. In addition, Referral hotline can also receive free gifts from the Angel Tree, on top of financial support such as food and meals. 

A great number of other local churches, charities, and non-profit organizations throughout LA County also give free toys over the Christmas season. Or, they may distribute free gift vouchers, articles of clothing, games, books, wrapped presents, and other items to children of varying ages who are either immigrants or citizens of the United States. Simply dialing 211 will get you referrals to locations all across the city of Los Angeles.

LA County Fire Departments

The non-profit provides assistance, including holiday gifts. They also provide emergency and disaster relief to those in need.

It’s a non-profit organization that has many community outreach programs. LA County Fire Departments provide free Christmas toys to children from low-income families in Los Angeles County. Nearly all of them amass monetary funds, presents for Christmas, various articles of clothing, and other items. 

After that, the fire brigade hands them out to children in time for the holidays. Free Christmas assistance is available to children living in homes governed by a single parent, including those immigrants and those who are homeless. The Sparks of Love program gives away a wide variety of items, including Legos, shoes, sneakers, electronics, iPads, and much more. 

The non-profit offers assistance to families in need, including those who are low on money for food. The non-profit helps homeless individuals, as well as other impoverished families. They distribute meals to people who need them at certain times during the year, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Salvation Army also participates in the Angel Tree program.

VOA – Volunteers of America

The non-profit provides free Christmas dinners to children, as well as seniors and needy families.

The non-profit is a leading provider of social services to immigrants and refugees in Los Angeles. The charity serves people who are in need, with different programs for immigrants, women, children, homeless veterans, the poor, and the disadvantaged. They offer access to many resources including immigration legal services and more. 

One of the biggest events that happen during the Christmas season is their annual fundraiser gala called Rose Ball. It’s possible that free personal items will be given away. VOA – Volunteers of America may include toys for a birthday or Christmas gift, hygiene products or cleaning products for the house, food or groceries, detergent, or other necessities. This can also be considered a form of assistance over the holidays. Free toys and necessities can be distributed at Christmas time by The Salvation Army.

The non-profit is a non-profit organization that assists older women with housing, financial support, and groceries. LA County Immigrant Women’s Centre provides companionship for widowed or divorced senior women. They also help families move into assisted living facilities. Get free meals from the Angel Tree program for underprivileged children during Christmas time in Los Angeles County.

Other Ways to Save During the Holidays

Explore some of the websites where individuals give away the goods they no longer require. You might be able to get some Christmas gifts for free or you could have to pay a small fee for them, but you will be responsible for picking them up. For reasons related to public safety, law enforcement authorities suggest holding gatherings in public spaces. 

Local pages of and are available in most major cities. There is also a section on Craigslist dedicated to giving away things. gives parents the opportunity to trade their children’s toys either online or in person; however, the cost of shipping might be quite high.

Call your local One-Stop Career Centres to ask about job-searching services for the holidays. Job counsellors will provide you with details on how to enter the job market and obtain a position. You can also inquire about particular courses that are offered by non-profit groups or religious institutions near you. They will be able to provide you with information to pursue a career in order for you to earn more money in the future.


Each of the locations that staffs the Angel Tree program in LA County provide a variety of different types of assistance. They provide assistance to poor, disadvantaged, and low-income families. 

In addition, FREE Christmas Toys and Food in LA County, CA organizations provide assistance to special needs individuals, which include senior citizens and those who need gifts for their children’s birthdays. The non-profit also assist those who are homeless or trying to become homeowners. Christmas is not the same for everyone. Some people do not celebrate the holiday while others go all out. For those who are in need of help, you can get free Christmas toys from the Angel Tree program and other sources.

Many organizations and charities provide free Christmas gifts including toys and food among other items. The non-profit, as well as other non-government organizations, provide assistance over the holiday season. The non-profit works as an independent organization that operates independently from the government and is responsible for distributing aid to those in need. If you are interested in applying for assistance or looking at their list of locations, you can do so by visiting their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for Angel Tree?

The Los Angeles County website has a list of locations that you can contact. The Salvation Army is a great place to start. You can sign up at the location in your area and get a gift for Christmas.

What if you do not have children? Can you sign up for Angel Tree?

Yes, there are many programs that you may be eligible to receive help from including birthday gifts and donations during the holiday season. You can get
help from the Angel Tree program or referrals to various other charities and non-profits. You do not have to have children in order to sign up for the Angel Tree program.

How is it possible that you are able to receive Christmas gifts?

It is possible that you will receive gifts during the Christmas season including toys, food, and other items such as a coat or a pair of shoes. Angel Tree is competitive and they try to give gifts to as many children as they can.

Do you have to be a citizen in order to receive the gift?

You have to be a citizen of the United States in order to get help from Angel Tree or the Salvation Army. Many immigrants and undocumented families are currently receiving gifts and other needs based on the Angel Tree program.


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