Christmas Charities that help children at Christmas Time – Every holiday season, many families and children look for help. Many of the Christmas Charities organizations that help children at Christmas Time, Organizations work, and also many people work as a volunteer to help the people with their service. You can help the people through the different organizations and choose a family or children to help them out. Here are many of the organizations that work for needy families, and children. You can look for the organization, which gives you the details of the offers and help you to choose a gift or a toy for the person that you want to help. In this article, you will get information about the six organizations that help needy people every year in the holiday season.

List of Charities that Help Kids For Christmas

We all know that children do the same thing that they see in their house. They always want to do the work that their parents do. So, give your children a lesson to help others. You can choose any organization to give donations there, and also appreciate your child to make donations to the children who are the same age as theirs. With this, they learn that how much it is important to help the people and always come forward to help the needy people. You can look for national charities or local organizations or the organizations in your nearest location.

Toys for Tots Free help for Children

Toys for Tots is a program which is run by the U.S. Marine Corp. This program accepts the donations or gifts that are new, unopened, or wrapped, and gives them to children in the holiday season, from 1947 they do this work. Even you can see multiple ways to donate the gift or money and helps the Toys for Tots mission. You can make a donation by purchasing a toy and donate it at the local toy drop location, you can shop for a toy to donate it with the help of the Toys for Tots program. You can make donations by visiting the official website, and also donate money online. Mostly the children who are of 12 years and younger from this age, get toys and gifts. But many other organizations and programs provide toys and gifts to children who are the age of 16 years.

Operation Christmas Shoebox Child Help

All over the world, the big things have come into the small size and those things make their way to reach into the small hands of the children and make them happy. The package of the box is a shoebox. Operation Christmas Child is the program that runs by the Christian  Operation Christmas Child. They collect the shoebox which is filled with toys, gifts, hygiene supplies, school items, candy, apparel, and lots of other things, and with a personal note. You can select the child’s age group and donate a shoebox for him or her which is filled with toys and gifts, and the necessary things that are important for that age group child.  With this, to cover the shipping cost, a small is needed. In any case, if you donate online, then you will get the special label, which is fixed on the shoebox. With that label, you can track the location of the shoebox till it does not reach the final destination.

Make-a-wish Foundation Christmas Assistance for kids

Make-a-wish foundation is work for the children to give them gift and toys all year, even they also collect the money in the holiday season Assistance for the needy family. If you drop a letter to Santa at any Macy’s location, the store will donate $1 per letter to Make-a-Wish. If you want then you can make a fundraiser collect the money for the Make-a-Wish by browsing the list of current promotions. If you see something that catches your eyes, then you can use the link and shop and the partnered company will donate the Make-a-Wish when you make a purchase.

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

The Christian Charity Prison Fellowship organization offers an Angel tree program that helps a family or children whose one parent is in the prison. With this program, volunteers help to deliver the toys, gifts, and a message from both Gospel and the child’s incarcerated parent. Every family also gets an English or Spanish Bible.

Salvation Army Angel tree

The Salvation Army also has a program with Walmart named Salvation army Angel tree For Needy. On the stores, you can see that they have Christmas trees, and on that trees, they have tags on them. You can see that every tag has a wishlist of a specific child. For becoming a donor, you can choose any of the tags, shop for gifts, and drops of the gift for the Salvation Army to distribute to the person to whom you want to send the gift or the toy.

Operation Christmas Spirit

With this organization, you can help out the children in a military family and give them toys and gifts. If you are a donor then you can adopt a family and give them gifts and gift cards. With the Operation Christmas Spirit program, donors are also allowed to “adopt” a service member, who is not married. You can also donate money to the families online and tell the volunteers to do the shopping for you, and help out the Low income needy families families.


As you see that above-mentioned 6 charities come forward for helping the children and make them happy on the occasion of Christmas. So, you can also come forward and make someone happy with your Christmas donation. You can do donations through these charities and organizations. For donation, you can contact these charities, and ask them how you can help. Because in the holiday season, many families look for help and donations, you can help them and make someone’s day with your small donation.

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