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How to get free christmas money – Christmas Hardship Assistance

Ways to Get Free Money At Christmas – We understand how important is the money for christmas celebration, not every one is lucky enough to get christmas assistance, Free money at christmas can help you to celebrate a wonderful christmas this year. The end of year celebrations are quickly approaching and are an opportunity to enrich yourself considerably, as long as you do it well. Don’t we all wish to spend extra on Christmas? But you need extra Money to spend on additional stuff. But do not worry as free money Christmas Is possible with these Programs and online apps that we recorded in this report. The end of the year celebrations are coming and we have to admit, it is often a large budget hole. But even in these painful times for our piggy banks, it’s still possible to make money, or save it.
Adulthood, occasionally, can be bothersome. With its enamor of liberty and practicality, getting older takes away the majority of the charm from vacation seasons. Following is a list of sites or programs that I use to regularly make some additional income. My regular readers know that I’m a big believer in the value of side hustles. You can not support yourself with the actions below. Now, rather than dreaming about getting presents from Santa, you have to be worried about how you are going to manage to buy gifts for everyone else. Not only that, combined with costs for parties, house decorations, and dining, you will be lucky if any of your savings are abandoned from the end of the month. Well, you are not alone. We have been there too.

People who give away money at Christmas

It is the biggest surprise for you to know that there are several agencies provide money to people on the occasion of Christmas Through christmas assistance programs. All type of financial assistance is given by companies, agencies or individuals. If you are looking for financial need, then contact such type of help providers. These are various valuable options that will help you a lot when you are struggling with money and want money to fulfill your needs. 

In this post, we are focusing on the individuals, agencies, and companies who are ready to help needy people with money. You don’t need to get money for making your Christmas in the form of a donation, you may also get another type of help such as food, clothes, etc. Different types of donations will help you to make the difference between a good Christmas and a bad Christmas celebration. 

Millionaires who Help With free money To low income

As you want to celebrate Christmas as you want and looking for financial help from any donator, then there are many people which will help you to get money for free. If no one is ready to give money for Christmas, then you can also go for having a loan. When you do not find it useful to get money in the form of a loan, then try to talk to millionaires and ask for money. 

One donor named Oprah Winfrey donates approx $ 50 million to her fans and needy people. Another donator Ellen DeGeneres also donated many things to her fans such as free houses and free cars. She donated her house and cars to the people who want help and facing many problems related to money. If you are looking for getting help, then contact both celebrities through their webpage. 

Children’s Christmas charity

If you are the one who has many problems related to money and not able to celebrate Christmas, then you can try to find out one of the best organizations which will provide you free money. All big retailers and small local business firms have created several agencies so that they can help the poor and needy families during the occasion of Christmas. Their main aim for providing money and help to the poor people is to promote their business. 

When your mind allows you to get help from big business retailers, then make a list of such retailers and talk to them one by one. You should talk to the customer relation department and ask all queries related to helping provided by them on the occasion of Christmas. Such businessmen not only provide money, but they also provide gifts Learn here How to apply for free christmas gifts for low income families, food, and other required things so that their Christmas will be much better. So, for getting such help, keep in touch with such businessmen and do not disappoint them by asking more queries. 

Charities that give away Free Money

Several charity organizations are available here that provide free money to poor families for various occasions and also for Christmas. If you are looking for seeking money help to enjoy Christmas, then you can contact charity organizations for help. 

Salvation Army Free Money For Christmas

For many last years, Salvation Army is helping all people who are in need and not able to fulfill their basic needs. This organization is providing all types of help such as shelter, clothes, food, gifts, Free christmas Tree Through Angle tree Programs and money. Salvation Army has listed all needy people and provides help every month till they get back on track. This is one of worth kind of charity and you can also contact this charity. 

Get the contact number of The Salvation Army from The Salvation Army Website and call their volunteers. During conservation, explain your condition that even you are not able to afford one-time food. Try to ask them what kind of help they will provide during Christmas occasion and you will know that they are helping with food, free toys for christmas help near me, gifts, and clothes. One of the best suggestions is to contact Salvation Army as soon as possible otherwise the list of needy people will large and the chance is that you will not get help. 

Make a Wish Free Money For Christmas

A child has special thinking and dream to celebrate Christmas, but he or she is not able to celebrate the occasion because of a lack of finances. Then, you should contact to Make a Wish foundation which helps all children for accomplishing all their dreams. If you are the child having a physical problem or other problems, then volunteers of Make a Wish Foundation will give you the highest priority. 

On the website of Make a Wish, you can check that they have made special Christmas for many children. Some children have been visited Disneyland and also got surprise gifts from this foundation. Visit the website of Make a Wish and check that either you are in the eligibility criteria of Make a Wish for having financial help or not. 

Prison Fellowship Free Money For Christmas

Many people find occasions very helpful while some people take stress when an occasion arrives. Their main reason for getting stressed is not having enough money for the celebration of Christmas. This stress is compounded when one of the family members is in the prison. The Prison Fellowship organization can help families that fulfill the terms and conditions of prison fellowship. Help with money is also done during the holidays, so you can contact this organization when you are in need and want help in all aspects. 

Friends and Families

You should also be in contact with your family and friends so that you can ask for help when you are in need. When you have a lot of problems with money issues, then ask for money from friends and family and it is not wrong at all. With passing time, everyone faces different issues and everyone understands the pain of other people. Then it is good to communicate with such people and tell them about all problems. There is at least one chance that you will get help from any corner. Listening to your problem or giving you a suggestion also reflects that friends and family members are taking an interest to solve your problems. 

Saving for the Future

You are earning for fulfilling your daily need, but you take stress when an occasion like Christmas is coming. Then, the time has come to start saving money to celebrate Christmas. Saving a little amount of money every month is one of the best ideas. This way, do not any need to ask for money from anyone and live life with a head up. You can start your savings daily basis or weekly basis. 

People who give away money  at Christmas

Christmas is the occasion that comes with stress for most people. It is the most crucial time of the year for the people who are in need and looking for money and other kinds of help. Do not struggle silently and try to find out agencies, organizations, families, rich people, large business organizations, and other sources so that you can get help in the form of money or another form. In this way, Christmas will be an occasion for you, not stress. Do not be ashamed of for asking money because such people want to help you. 

How Can I get Free Money For Christmas 

Do not think that you are alone and nobody will help you to fulfill your needs. You should have to believe that there are various ways for getting free money to celebrate Christmas. 

Best ways to earn quick money for Christmas gifts

But, how will you get free money for the Christmas occasion? A list of donator is listed here and read this list carefully. 

Get Free Money Christmas Shopping

When a special festival or occasion is about to come, people start to think about shopping. In such season, new variations are available in every store with different offers and deals. Many discount offers are also available in every store.  Wait for some time and things will go better.

It is a good idea to buy some new collections when it is available in the store and also pay with this shopping for your Christmas shopping. 

One of the things you have to do is to shop through more famous online cashback apps. First, you have to add items to your cart and will start getting free money for shopping on the occasion of Christmas. But, you will only get cashback offers when you purchase items from an online shopping store. 

Such online platforms have unique and different cashback offers all the year. In the festive season and holiday season, there is a huge increment in the number of customers from online shopping stores. So, shop from such online stores for brand partner products. 

You do not need to visit the store. A customer for an online store will get many amazing things as rewards. Such amazing things will include free toys, coupons, and others. 

You should also know about the great deals for getting amazing cashback offers from InboxDollars. There is also a chance that you will receive a $5 bonus just for signing up

Get Free Money For Christmas Online Paid Surveys

Make money with InboxDollars 

One of the best ways to earn and save money online is Inbox Dollars. Here, you just have to earn money by accessing this website where you can do a different activity such as watching videos, searching the webpage, shopping and there is also an option to play games. $5 is the amount which is given to every customer as bonus money. Earning money from Inbox Dollars can be converted into cash using a visa gift card. 

Make money with Survey Junkie

As the name suggests, Survey Junkie is the survey that pays money to the clients. If you are the one who is ready to complete the survey and want to earn money by this, then Survey Junkie is one of the best platforms for you. More than 10 million members are available here and people from Canada, the US, and Australia are open to register on this platform. This survey completion website is an ideal choice for people who are strong enough. 

GPT has various tasks for earning money, but Survey Junkie members have to answer all questions which are available in the survey. This is one of best platforms which has its benefits and client will get paid surveys. 

Every survey has to complete a specific number of the targeted market. No one should think that providing wrong answers is not so difficult. Every client must qualify for the survey otherwise the client will not get any money for completing this task. No one is becoming too rich by completing many surveys. But, as a client, you should know that how to become more productive in all ways. 

Each point earned by completing questions will be equal to one cent. You should have at least 500 points in your account to redeem points into cash. PayPal is used worldwide for the redemption of points into cash. An electronic gift option is also available to members who are residents of the US. 

Make money with Swag bucks

Many offers are available on Swag bucks to earn money. It is the official Swag bucks website which is premier Get Paid To (GPT). Customers will get more and more money by completing simple tasks such as watch videos, play games, searching on the internet, giving answers to polling questions and you may also refer Swag bucks to your friends and family members. 

On this platform, you will get different ways to earn money like holiday gifts and even regular purchases. A buy in-store will also give you several options to earn money. You will receive printed coupons from the shop vendors in return for your purchase.

A unique virtual currency is earned by the Swag bucks members which are known as Swag Bucks (SB). This Swag Bucks currency is easily redeemed using PayPal cash and may also use varieties of electronic cards. One SB is equal to one cent. A customer can redeem approx. $5 to 500 SB which is the threshold amount on Swag bucks. If you have a $3 amount in your Swag bucks account, then you can redeem gift cards without having any penalty. 

Many rewarding ways are available which will give you different things. One of the best ways to earn money is to complete the surveys on time which are provided by famous product providers. On the other hand, engaging opportunities with exciting offers are also available. 

One of the lowest threshold amounts is $1 and you can check the cash amount conversion easily. There are no long delays when you are about to convert your threshold amount. There should be a remaining approx $ 25 to $ 30 in your account when you are about to change points into cash. 

There are two types of reward winning activities. One is getting cash in your account and the other is to earn proprietary points. There is also a way to convert cash to points and points to cash. In the conversion, one point will give you one cent. PayPal is one of the best conversion platforms for points into cash. 

Take Surveys to get Free Money at Christmas

If you are thinking to get the best gifts for your children on the occasion of Christmas, then register on a website that provides paid surveys. This is one of the easiest money-making tasks and when you start to complete a survey, we are sure that you would love it. All survey sites are freely available for everyone. 

The first thing that you have to do is to provide your information and the survey platform will give you a survey that is best suited to you as per your personality. 

As saved your location in the survey website, you will receive notification from time to time when new surveys will be available. You will get money for the completion of a survey based on the policies of the survey website. it may be seen that you are earning from $0.5 to $2 for one day. 

In the holiday season, you will find out many surveys which pay you more amount of money as compared to normal days. If you talk more to survey providers, then it is sure that you will earn about $25 to $50 a day. 

Some of the best and great options of survey sites are listed below. Take a look at all such sites and know about such websites before registering here:

  • Vindale Research

Complete Micro- Tasks in Your Free Time

A month which is full of holidays is loved by everyone. People indeed love to have free time so that they can enjoy festivals. When all festivals will over, people come back to their work so that they can earn more and more money. They want to earn more money because they have spent a lot of money during festivals. 

For getting money, a person can take an interest to complete micro tasks and it will be more productive and interesting. This extra money can be used as a celebration for Christmas – a holiday again!!!

Online micro-tasks include form filling options, giving reviews on the products, and watching videos. Playing games is also part of online tasks. 

Such online tasks are fun-loving tasks and people find it useful and interesting to complete such tasks. There is no need for having any kind of special skills. You should know about the websites which will provide earning options to you and you can do extra shopping for Christmas. 

Best online micro-tasks sites are:

  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks

Refinance Debt With Credible

During the special occasion, loan companies provide special concession on your current loan. It is a wonder for you to get some extra benefits. When anyone in your family is studying by having a study loan, then try to refinance your loan and you will get free money for buying gifts, toys, and clothes for Christmas. 

You will find it very easy and surprising for you. When you are thinking to get a loan, know about refinance companies such as Credible. These are the platforms that will help you to provide loans at the lowest rate and also how you all types of fund. 

It is a very surprising thing that many people are available here to give you the loan at a lower rate of interest and will save you a large amount of money. 

By having a loan from this site, you can save up to $100 to $1000 in the longest period. One of the best parts of this loan providing website is that free quotations are given to all clients. 

You can easily check to refinance your student loans. If you have other personal loans, then you can check refinancing here to know about the different rates of interest. 

Search for unclaimed money

There are several seasons when you get multiple times to earn money so that you can do the shopping for your Christmas. Micro task options and cashback options are on the top and millions of people are using such types of options for earning more and more money. In this way, you can get extra money for Christmas. Now, after earning money in your account, you should start the search for the ways so that you can know how to get unclaimed money. 

Yes, you are right. The unclaimed money is one of the best gifts for all on the occasion of Christmas. 

Various organizations and agencies have provided a huge amount of funds and we are sure that you did not know about such fund. To get detailed information about this type of fund, you can spend some time looking at US Unclaimed Money Search

As per the government statement, you can know about the unclaimed property in the state where you live in. You will also know about unclaimed pension money, tax refunds, and bank failure funds. 

If you qualify for unclaimed money, it is sure that you will get money from here which is free. Now, use this money for the Christmas celebration. 

Rent out your space

Holidays are the free time with family without having any stress. It is a fun time when you feel comfortable. If you are not able to afford a vacation with your family in the coming festivals, you can get different rooms and spaces from other travelers. 

When you are thinking to travel for celebrating Christmas, you can spend extra money on this purpose. Just signup and get rent for your space

If you are the one who is living in cities where new and old tourist attractions are present, you can make money easily in such cities. It is a great way to earn money so that you can enjoy your Christmas festival. In a single week, you can earn around $500. 

Use below given sites for this purpose:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO

For knowing about detailed information, you should also compare Airbnb vs VRBO. In this way, you will know which is best for you. 

Deliver Food

Now, the question is that what you are doing during holidays. You should utilize your free time so that you can get extra money. By deliver food, you will receive money and use it for shopping for the Christmas festival. 

During festive holidays, food delivery is best because all people go out for dinner. During the festive and holiday season, it is very difficult to find out the riders to deliver food. 

Different food delivery apps are here so that you can earn extra money. It is also sure that you will get amazing tips during this season and will be beneficial for you.

For single delivery of food, delivery charges will be double or high at this time which is about $ 30 to $ 50. 

Empty your bookshelves

When you are free during your festive holidays, then start thinking to clean your almirah or bookshelves. Yes, do not depend on your mother to remove old books from bookshelves. To clean up the house during the festive season, it is your responsibility also. This task can be profitable for you.

There are many sites available on the internet which give you money in return for old books. One of those sites is Bookscouter that flip your old books. Textbooks are costly and will provide you a huge amount of money so that you can enjoy your Christmas festival. 

Do not think that such books are college memories. You can get rid of such old books and will get free space for new books. You can also use the money for Christmas shopping. 

Take up a seasonable job

Everyone knows that there is the superb decoration in the malls, stores and other crowded places during the festive season. There is a need for many people so that decoration can be done most easily. Organizers are looking for more and more people for part-time and it may call a reasonable job. The main aim of hiring such part-time people is to make a crowded place more attractive. 

So, do not take stress on your mind to think that from where you will get more money for the Christmas celebration. This seasonable job is an amazing idea for having free money. If you want, you can also look for different jobs in your nearby area using gig economy sites. This nearby job includes plumbing, fixing, furniture, cleaning, and home decoration also during the Christmas season.

You should find out many sites so that you will know about the people who are looking for help during such holidays or festive season.

Make extra money writing

This is a really lucrative job if you prefer to learn, write and research. In case you have knowledge in a technical area such as private finance or healthcare, you can write for sites or blogs. They’ll pay you for every article you write and you’ll have the ability to collect money for Christmas gifts.

Look for a job this Christmas writing on these sites:

  2. FlexJobs
  3. Freelancer
  4. UpWork

Start your own blog

Perhaps this idea won’t let you make money in time for this Christmas, but it might be very PROFITABLE for next year. Possibly more rewarding than you ever imagined. Bloggers usually make a good deal of cash this time of year, and you will find a growing number of ways to earn money out of a blog. Getting started is very simple: you simply have to take your site away with a company such as Bluehost or Siteground and use our guide to make a WordPress site easily. Start your own blog, and begin making money passively!

Receive free money when opening a bank account

In this year, many banks will provide you with money to start an account with them. By way of instance, Capital One 360 provides you a $25 bonus when you open a new savings or checking accounts. This is a really simple and easy way to earn a little additional money which you can use to get Christmas gifts.

Deliver Groceries

During holidays, more and more groceries are needed because all members of the family are staying at home and want to enjoy their holidays with yummy and delicious food. There is a chance that there is a shortage of grocery delivery boys. You should benefit from this season so that you can have extra money. 

Some of the grocery shopping apps will let you earn more money. Shopping sites will give you a percentage of the total grocery item bill. 

Complete your task to deliver the grocery and get credited your money into your account. Many sites will give you this option on the occasion of Christmas so that you can buy gifts for your family and yourself. 

Drive people around

Sometimes, a crowded area will be profitable for you. In the festive season, you can take advantage of such an area and earn money. Drive people around here and there for the money. Only one thing is required for this purpose which is car and registration on the best popular driving apps. 

You can also provide a lift option to the travelers. In the Christmas parties and festive season, you will see that more people are traveling in the city and also looking for a cab to go back home and you can get extra money. So, use such days and earn money for the Christmas celebration. 

Many best options are here for you to try out:

You can check other driving options if you want to enjoy the drive. Check driving options on Uber alternatives to make money

Play Games Online to Get Free Money

A game player is a love to play games all the time. In the festive season or holiday season, the gamer just wants to spend his all time in front of a PC by playing his games. Playing games is also the best option for you because many sites are providing money based games. 

Have you heard about one of the top-rated gaming app Mistplay because it pays for playing any kind of game? 

New games are developed on daily basis and developers want top players as testers so that they can find out operational and interface errors. 

By testing several games in a week, you will earn a large amount of money which will be enough for your Christmas shopping and celebration. 

Rent your car to others

When a festival like Christmas is around to come, it may be profitable for a large number of people. If you are looking for earning money, then why do not you give your car on rent to someone? For covering Christmas expenses, you will get enough money. 

Many people are available here who do not have cars and ready to get the car on rent. In the festive season, get the car on the rent and move here and there with your family. Use the reliable applications for getting customers around you.  

Take up transcription jobs

People wait for the holiday season so that they can get relaxed. The holiday season is itself hazy and lazy. For such people, one of the best jobs is the transcription job. With this job, you will earn more and more money. During Christmas, we know that you are looking for money and it is an excellent option for you. 

Only fewer skills are required for this type of job. Even, you can complete your tasks by lying down in bed. For this job, your listening skill must be the best. 

Try Pet-sitting

Furry friends or pets are found in every home. It is very difficult for pet owners when they have to visit shopping malls, parties, and other types of events. In your holiday season, you can start a pet sitting at your home and earn money. Do not hesitate because you need money. 

Do not waste your time by sitting freely at your home. Just start to spend time for productivity level. Rover is one of the best application which gives you options to connect with the owners who are looking for pet sitters. 

Learn something New

If you want to learn something new, then utilize your free time in your holidays. You can enhance your skills up to a high level. Start enhancing your skills by paying a little amount of money and work as a freelancer. Working as a freelancer, you will earn more and more money.  

Some of the courses like web development, coding, and social media marketing will give you the best option to earn money. Even, this option is based on future earnings also. 

During this Christmas season, you can go for having a passive income stream. Multiple websites provide you several courses:

Create artworks and sell them

If you love to do some art-related things, then you should focus on the things so that your inner craftsperson will come out. Spend some time on your passion and try to draw the best art pieces and sell such art pieces during the festive season. In this Christmas season, you will earn more money with your art. 

You can give your best to your home walls and other home walls. Many online platforms are also here to sell art pieces and one such platform is Etsy. So, sell your art and earn money for enjoying your Christmas. 

Earn Passive Income with Real Estate crowdfunding

If you are looking for an extra passive income stream on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, then you should try to come in contact with real estate crowdfunding for your well-being. 

Crowdfunding is one of the best websites which help you to invest in many real estate projects. In this way, you can get money in your hands. You can invest less amount of money and will get a huge amount of money in return. 

Earn in dollars with Fiverr

Fiverr connects you with people and companies that pay you to perform simple tasks. By way of example, you can make money doing graphic design or transcribing audio files . Usually the work includes simple tasks that anybody can do.

Work As Copywriter

Can you speak another language? Then it is possible to translate content, This doesn’t require creativity, because it’s something far more mechanical than working as a copywriter. The requirement is to have a fantastic degree in a language, which lets you make this knowledge profitable by offering online translation services. There are many businesses that must translate texts from their sites, blogs or posts on social networks, and that are looking for native speakers to perform this work.

Create your YouTube channel

Double-sided purchasing of YouTube and the spectacular growth in movie content consumption have led many to make a enormous fortune overnight. True, the stations on this platform as well as the influencers is a world where there’s a terrific competition, but we should remember that YouTube is the second biggest Internet search engine, surpassed only by Google. In actuality, it’s anticipated that in a short time it will become the most important one, so its economic potential is flourishing at the moment. Getting to make a living through YouTube isn’t simple, but making extra cash with this medium is. It’s sufficient to be able to bring awareness or a little bit of fun to users, and have some elegance in the front of the camera. This way you can generate additional cash with a YouTube channel.

Be an online teacher

Experts in a variety of fields can turn to the community to talk about their knowledge. This can be achieved in two unique ways. The first is to make online classes and upload them into a stage. The other is to give courses at a distance, via a platform where videoconferences could be made. In the latter case, tools can be used to discuss display and documents throughout the video call. This creates the class especially interactive, which is what it is all about.

Be an Investor

Have you got money and know how to invest? And what exactly are you waiting to do? This isn’t a company as such, but the reality is it can earn money with little effort if done properly. Whoever would like to invest can do this with some form of cryptocurrency or a franchise. Obviously this isn’t a good alternative if the budget is tight enough or if you do not have sufficient knowledge.

Take care of children or pets

People travel Through the Christmas holidays. You can make a little extra cash taking care of children or pets. Find out who of your friends or acquaintances will travel soon and offer them your babysitting services. So you can earn additional money to pay for Christmas gifts.

Work as a social media administrator

Companies need people to be responsible for managing their presence on the world wide web, so they hire network administrators or community managers. This is a slightly more technical job, but it will have a well-paid wages. You’ll need some training or experience to start, but it’s relatively easy to begin. Additionally, it will help you in the event that you understand how to use social networks and have a very deep understanding of how these programs operate. You may look for businesses that need these services on a work site like Indeed. This way you can make money for Christmas presents without leaving home.

Cleaning work at Christmas

Try cleaning work this holiday season. It’s a fantastic way to generate money and since people frequently have guests during Christmas parties and so on, there’s a demand for this particular job. If you’re searching for a way to earn easy money, try cleaning tasks. Places to find cleaning tasks:


Cut your expenses

If you do not have an option to earn money, you can trim your expenses and save money for future purposes. Several apps will let you know about how to trim your expenses. By having Trim in your hands, you will learn to cut out your luxurious expenses and understand your responsibility. This app will remove other paid applications from your phone so that you can save money for festivals. 

Earning Extra Money For Christmas Gifts

There are several ways to earn money to pay for Christmas gifts, the important thing is to start with these ideas with enough time to buy gifts for your family and friends. If you want to make money quickly before Christmas, there are many different ways to do it. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and a bit of haste to make this happen.

Whether you start out selling items online or find employment at Amazon or other local stores, you definitely have plenty of time before Christmas to earn money and do your shopping. Do you need more ideas to earn extra money? Tell us about your situation and we will help you find a good way to earn money for Christmas gifts.

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