Free Christmas Assistance Mecklenburg County Programs that help low income needy – Every year number of charity programs are held by different organizations and by many charities. Same as those charity programs there is one charity named Mecklenburg charities that help needy children with toy drives. Mecklenburg County free Christmas assistance programs are very popular to help people in their need and most on the Christmas time. If you are also one that needs help and you will live in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC, then you can contact us then we will tell you that from where and how you can get help and how can you can apply for help. And you can get toys for your child as well as you can get holiday assistance with bills. For every family Christmas is not a good time of the year, because many families have to face difficulties with their work, some have to do work for few hours, some does not get work and some of them have to left their work, that’s why charities come forward to help those needy families.

It may be possible that you feel too much pain that you cannot get your family what they want and at the same time you see that people have lots of toys and grocery items. But try to don’t get stress and encourage yourself for a one day holiday.

Never get too much stress and remember one thing always that it’s the of love and your family that you have to enjoy with them and make it memorized. And if you need then no worry because many programs can help you with many things such as toys, Christmas baskets, and clothes for your child. And with all these things they try to make your Christmas some brighter.

Mecklenburg County Christmas Assistance Programs

Several programs will help you and these are:

Salvation Army

Any family can get from the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. This program is held to help people with toys and other necessary things. They just do not give toys for the kids but also they provide gifts for the teens and seniors and make them happy. This program is going on successfully because of the donations that are given by the individuals, charities, and other community organizations and corporations, for helping the people who need help.

The Salvation Army held the five-week registration program for the Christmas assistance program. This registration program is open to families who need help on christmas for themselves and their families. Each year this five-week registration assistance program is held so the needy people get help on time before/ on Christmas. Anyone can come to make a registration such as parents or guardians, and when they come for registration they have to take some documents with them these are:

  • Food stamp letter
  • Current lease
  • Proof of current address
  • Recent utility bills
  • Social Security card
  • Present year tax return
  • Valid photo ID(Passport, Driver’s License, Matricula Consular ID)

And please come with preparation to stand in the line for hours.

The Salvation Army Christmas Bureau Mecklenburg County

The main address is 801E. Arrowood Blvd. (Corner of South Blvd & Arrowood. former Walmart)Call (704) 714-4708Angel Tree Registration

 Starting: From Monday, October 6th to Saturday, November 8th, Time: 10 AM- 5 PM.

Operation Homefront

This is a non-profit organization that mainly helps military families in their hard times. They provide many facilities to them that include auto repairs transportation, home repairs, moving assistance transitional housing, and vision care.

How to apply for Free Christmas assistance Operation Homefront

The Salvation Army Christmas Center is situated at 801E Arrowood Rd. Charlotte, NC, and the Phone Number is: (980) 224-9905.

Toys for Tots

Many programs are organized by US marine and from those programs Toys for Tots is one. This program’s main motto is to help disadvantaged families with the distribution of gifts, toys, and other things. They also collect things from the people who want to donate. Each year Toys for tots programs provide Mecklenburg County Christmas Assistance. If you are the one who wants to help needy people with your donation then you can donate, there are drop-off locations in the city. Toys for Tots Charlotte. If you want to get help and receive toy then you have to sign up with the Department of Social Services, Catholic Charities, or you can also call on 211 to know where to sign in.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is the program that is associated with Samaritan’s Purse in Boone, NC. Their famous work is to give children Christmas Shoebox all over the world. And in the U.S. these shoeboxes are very decorated and are filled with toys, gifts, school supplies, clothes, and many other things. If you also want to help the children in your community then you can contact Samaritan’s Purse.

The Cathedral of Saint Patrick

The Cathedral of Saint Patrick is a faith-based organization in the community that helps people during the holiday season, who are in need. They help with lots of things such as providing food, toys for kids, provides shelter to homeless people, Christmas dinner, adoption services, and facilitate Angel tree (free toys for kids), and many other things. 1621 Dilworth Rd. E. Charlotte, NC 28203, Main phone- (704) 334-2283

Lion’s Club International

This is the organization or charity that is famous for its work and service. They help people with food, vision, health, and disaster relief. They also help people at Christmas so they can make their day. The help is given to people according to available funds. One can contact Lion’s Club in October month. And they get help through the volunteers. The number for customer service: 1 (630) 571-5466.


Make-A-Wish is the organization that grants or fulfills the wishes of severely and chronically ill children every year. If you know any child who is suffering from any illness and he/ she has a special wish during this holiday season then please contact this organization for referring a child and make them happy by fulfilling their wish.

Who can make a referral- Anyone who knows a child who is suffering from medical illness can refer a child for a wish that includes any doctor, teacher, parent, guardian, family member. Make a wish N.C.

Who can make a wish: A wish can be made by the child who is between 2 ½ and 18 years old with a severe or life-threatening illness that is medical, or qualifies for a wish. Referral Form

Free Christmas Tree Charities

As we know that during the Christmas season lots of organizations come forward to help and they also help to give away Christmas trees. And this is too much $30 to $40 for such a thing that you will throw in the dustbin after a few days. So, one should search for the free Christmas tree near me and surprisingly they get the best results because several programs provide free trees for Christmas.

Charlotte Christmas Assistance with Food

Many charities every year come forward to help the needy people like, Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, Loaves and Fishes, Second Harvest, these are the locations that are always ready and also help the people with food, in the community. These are the churches and non-profit organizations that help the needy families and as well as individuals in their need. Even many of the Charlotte residents get help from these charities and make their lives a little easy to live. Behind the running of these organizations, the staff and volunteers play a vital role. With their help, fresh and canned food is donated by churches, individuals, businesses, and community food drives.

When more items are available then they are also given like meat, toiletries like shampoo, deodorant, soap, toilet paper. Even some of the food pantries also provide food for pets.

Salvation Army

  1. Food Baskets
  2. Holiday Dinner

Second Harvest

500 B Spratt St. Charlotte, NC 28206


Loaves and Fishes

648B Griffith Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217


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