How to make a charity donations in Lieu of Christmas gift

How to make a charity donation in Lieu of Christmas gift – Every year many people look for assistance and they depend on the organizations and churches and agencies that come forward in every holiday season. These churches and organizations also depend on donors to help the people. So, if you want help from the organization then you can ask for help from them, so they will tell or write your wish or need in their data and send it to donors. If they feel bad for you then they will donate to you what you want.

Even you can also write a letter to the organization asking for help from them. But if you don’t know how to write a letter then you can use the PDF format letters that are provided by the organization on their website. You can also write a thank you letter to the organization and the donor to show your feelings towards their support that they make for you. You will get help for writing a letter in this article. Therefore, to know more about writing a letter read this article continues. Also, you will get the info that how you can donate apart to give a gift to someone and how your donation brings changes in someone’s life.

Make a charity donations in lieu of christmas gift

This Christmas if you want to donate instead of a Christmas gift then you can donate the Free gift in a way, that the recipient can understand that why you choose the specific gift for them. When you are thinking about this, at that moment you have to keep some important tips in your mind to choose the organization That loves to help the recipient.

How to make a donation in someone else’s name

You have to keep some important tips in your mind while you are thinking to donate instead of a gift. So, the recipient will understand your intention to give them such type of a gift.

Donation on behalf of someone as a gift

If you are thinking about that how to give a donation, as a gift, then you can look upon some points that are mentioned below:

  • You have to make sure that the give you are going to donate, the recipient will be happy and feel comfortable to receive that gift.
  • Choose the charity or a gift that helps them and also meaningful for them.
  • Also, you can write a letter or a note to them, which tells them why you chose that specific gift for them.
  • You can also ask them that what type of donation they want as a gift, even it will ruin the surprise completely.
  • You can donate also a traditional gift as well.

Some of the organizations, give you the facility to fill in the name of the recipient to whom you want to help. You can fill in the details of the donation with the name of the recipient and help them in their need. Even you can mention the reason for the gift.

How do you ask for donations instead of Gifts on christmas?

If you do not want to give any gift and want to donate instead of the gift, then you can say:

  • This year I would like to donate to this charity or organization (insert name of the charity), instead of giving any gift.
  • This year if you are thinking about gifting something to your family, but instead of gifting to them, you make a donation made out to (insert name of charity). This charity feels special and will be close to our heart. And it is very important and has lots of mean to us that you decide to make a donation instead of gifting.

Finding the right Charity To donate christmas gift 

To find a charity, to make help to the recipient is much important which love to help the needy people, so they will receive the gift or assistance that they want. It also helps them to understand why a donor gives them that specific gift. Even choose a random charity is more meaningful for needy people because they get help adequately, especially when they don’t have any sort of emotional ties. When you choose a charity for donation and help the recipient, you have to check for some things about them such as:

  • You have to look for the past details of the recipient that means their volunteer
  • You have to think about the talk about that they told for being passionate.
  • Think about the issues that irritate them or make problems for them or impact their family or loved ones.

Give the gift of giving Making a Christmas gift donation to charity

If you are thinking about or sure that you want to donate this year, then you have to make sure that the charity is you choose for donation, the recipient is happy with that charity or not. Or the charity will help them or not.  If you have any doubt or you are not sure that the recipient will be happy after getting that type of gift, then before donating the gift you can talk with the recipient and know their need or you can give them an additional or an extra gift as well.

What do you say when you Make a Donation?

You can write a letter or a card that the donation is on the behalf of someone other’s side.  You can put in a card, this type of wording:

  • In the holiday season, I donate a gift for you and in your name.
  • I understand that how much important is for you to give back, that’s why I make a donation for you and mention your name to honor your generous nature.
  • I have donated your name to the charity (mention name of the charity), so you can enjoy the eve of Christmas. I can understand very well that how much you care about (insert charity’s main about) and you want to support your passion or dreams (insert recipient’s passion).

Does the recipient want a donation made in their name?

When you are thinking about donating in someone’s name, your gift doesn’t need to be liked by them. In that situation, this is better for you to know about the recipient and their need. If you think that you can donate this type of gift to children or teenagers, then it will be a bad idea, they may not be like to receive this type of gift. So, it is good that you leave that type of gift for an adult person.

Christmas Donation Letter Templates

If you are a person who belongs to a low-income family and you need help then the holiday season is the best time to write a letter and send it out to the organization. From where you will hope that you get help in your need. In that time, your request will reach the people who are thinking about donating something to the organizations or churches or charities, at the end of the year. In the holiday season, you will write a letter, which is well-crafted. Write the letter in such a way which opens their heart and also their wallets. So, they will try to fundraising to help you, which gives a big impact on your need or condition.

Two printable samples Christmas Fundraising

If you want to write a letter requesting donations on Christmas, but you don’t know how to start the letter or craft it, then you have the option to choose one of the printable letters that are provided here to help you. On the website, you can find the printed letters that you can also edit according to your need. These letters are in pdf format. So, you can download the PDF file, edit it, and then print it. You can also find the letters which are fully printed according to your need and you don’t need to edit anything, except your basic info. When you open the PDF file, you have to click in the text area anywhere for editing and after that use the menu bar commands to save it and print it. It is more easy and helpful for people who don’t know how to write and craft a letter.

If you don’t how to print or find printable letters then you can check out some of the helpful tips on the website as well.

Christmas gift letter

This Christmas letter is ideal for the non-profit, which wants to ask for donations. They can ask for donations from the old donors, so they can donate to someone else this holiday season. They can donate with the name of someone other or donate in memory of their loved ones. So, they will make someone’s day and give them a reason to smile.

Seasonal Financing support request

The seasonal financing support letter is designed to ask for financing support from the donors. This is helpful for the non-profits to support them financially with the support of donors, so they will make their Christmas season.

Letter-writing tips

If you don’t know how to start the letter or write the letter, then you can take the help of Christmas assistance help. They have printable letters that help you to start the letter, and you will just need to customize the final version of the letter according to the organization’s specific needs. In the letter, you will find the tips that help you to craft a letter. The letter helps you to speak your condition for getting assistance from the donor, and you will get the chance to know their generosity when your letter encourages them to donate.

Make yours stand out

We know that the holiday season is the best time to send letters to the organization that helps the people in their need. This is the best time to ask for a donation that supports your bad condition. So, if you want to get help then you have to write the letter in a different style and wording from others. That means a unique letter that shows your condition and encourages the donor for donating to you. You can choose the way to write the letter in a story of yours, which makes the donor emotional and compel them to donate to your organization for you. You can also write a letter with the point of view of the organization. This type of letter helps you to get assistance from the organization that helps the people, families, seniors in their bad condition. The organization helps the children, families who belong to low-income families, help families with food, shelter, clothes, and other gifts, will help you during the holiday season. If you write the letter properly with the use of good wording then you will get help from the organization at the right time.

Appeal to the heart

When you need help in your need, and you are thinking about writing a letter to the donor, so they can donate, you have to keep one thing in your mind while writing the letter. In the letter, you have t use the words which encourage the donor to donate to your organization which means with the organization you applied or write the letter for getting assistance. You can describe in the letter that how it makes changes in your life, it will be the best element to mention in your letter and encourage the donor to help you. If it is possible then someone comes forward to help you through your organization That support you financially or as they will. In your letter, if you mention something that tugs their heart then it is sure that they will support you in your condition or become the cause of donating you.

Proofread carefully

At the time of writing a letter, you have to keep in mind that your letter will be well-written and visually appealing. The wording of the letter is clear and easy to read, which makes the reader comfortable and feel that you need their support. Also, you have to check for the proofread such as check for the tone and content of the letter. As well as you have to check for grammatical and typographical mistakes, and make sure your letter does not contain any of this mistake. Before submit or send the letter to the organization, it is a good idea that if your letter will be read by two to three people so they can tell you if there is any mistake in the letter. So, you can make changes in the letter according to them, and your letter will give the best impact on the donor and the organization as well.

Mention benefits

When you write a letter you can mention the benefits of the donations the letter, so the recipient can understand the value of the donation as well as the organization. In the letter, you can also include emphasizing year-end-tax deductions, as well the benefits of the donation that you make for the organization or to support needy people. You can even encourage your friends, loved ones, or family members to donate to the organization, so the needy people get assistance on time.

Make it seasonal

If you are going to write a letter, then you have to choose the seasonal words for it. That means you have to write a letter with the wording that contains the holiday cheer, season greetings, or Christmas giving and others that shows the value of the season. If you are writing a letter to an organization and that organization is a church or a faith-based organization then you have to use the wording of faith. It gives a positive impact on the organization as well as on the donor and encourages them to support you.

Personalized Gifts for christmas

When you write the letter, try to make it as more personal as possible. Along with this, try to address the letter to a particular person apart from “whom it may concern.” You have to write a letter to the people who make donations in the past for you, to thank them and give them the feeling that they are too precious for you and what a pleasant work they have made for you.

Add a Special touch To your donated gifts

There are many unique ways to make a card with a special touch. You can use the holiday-themed card or a printed card that makes your letter full of feelings, and there is no reason to use plain paper and pen to write a letter. You can also use the printed paper which shows contains the logo and name of the organization from that you want help. This adds another special touch to your letter for the organization. Even the holiday season is the best time for needy people to ask for donations or assistance to support them. In this time, you can also write a letter to those organizations and people who help you in the past and show your humbleness towards their generosity.

Other ways to Donate to charities in Lieu

Writing a letter is much typical but also easy for fundraising or ask for donations. If you want to add some fundraising theme in the letter or want a letter which helps you ask for fundraising for you then you can look for those type of letters and look for the Sample Letter Asking for Donations. Even these types of letters are not designed for the holiday season, but one can use these types of letters for Christmas day and ask for help through these letters.


So, you have to look for the many things when you are thinking about writing a letter to the organization. If you want to get support in the holiday season, for supporting your financial situation then you have to give focus on many above-mentioned points. The main point you have to keep in your mind is the wording of the letter. If the wording of the letter is readable and emotional then your letter encourages the donor to support your organization with the donations. Also, you can use all other options for making your letter more appreciative towards the donors and organizations who help you in the past.

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