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Fun Christmas Games For Kids and Adults – One of these games is sure to become a family favorite Every year kids waiting for Christmas. This is the eve when they fully enjoy their holidays and want some interesting and their favorite gifts from their parents. And they also get their favorite gifts from them. For making your kid’s holiday more wonderful, you can play some interesting games with them in the Christmas holidays. During this time you can choose some of the 6 interesting and funny games to play with your kids. In this article, you are going to know about the games that you can play with them and also enjoy with them. Let us see which games you can play with your kids, continue to read the article.

Christmas is an occasion for people to start shopping and decorating their house, workplace, office, shops, or the place which is important for them. Everywhere you can see wonderful lighting work is done and in the night whole city or state looks very beautiful in the colorful light and decoration. Even you are also doing the same, you are also crazy about Christmas and start shopping and decorating your home. When you do the shopping and decoration your house, your children repeatedly ask you: “How much more days until Christmas?” It shows their curiosity about Christmas and more about having a gift on Christmas. They are feeling too much excitement for the annual gift-giving extravaganza which simple Christmas games and the tradition will be lost with the ease in the shuffle. For enjoying the Christmas holiday with your kids, you can choose to play simple and analog games, so, the week which is leading to Christmas will spend with full of joy and happiness and your children will also enjoy it.

Candy Cane Hunt

You don’t need to wait for Easter to find out the eggs or for playing egg hunt. You can also hide the candy canes in your house in the place of eggs and enjoy this game with your kids. You can hide 5 or more candy canes in the house. Then tell your kid to hold the stockings in their hand, in which they collect the candy canes. After that, tell them to find out the one specific color of the candy cane. This game is more enjoyable and loving by the kids. Because in this game, in the end, every player is the winner. The reason is that they get tasty and juicy candies to eat and enjoy them. So, you can also choose this game to play with your kids in the holidays.

Pass the ornament

Pass the ornament is the game same as the hot potato. In this game, you will choose an ornament that is strong and unbreakable (this is most important). Then sit with your children in a circle, and start the music. When the music starts, you have to pass the ornament and when the music stops and the child or you have the ornament, that means who have the ornament has to do any activity whichever others say. And the one who sits in the game till the end is the winner of the game. This game is very interesting and full of joy that your children can enjoy and you also.

Going to the North Pole

There are lots of games to play but if your child plays the game “Going on a Picnic”, they will love this game on Christmas for your kids as well. Now, start the game by sitting in a circle. Now, each player has to think about the item that they want to bring to the North Pole. It is the time to start the game, each player has to begin his or her turn by saying, “I’m going to the North Pole and I will bring….”

The rule of the game is that the first player has to think about the item that starts from alphabet A, and the next player has to think about the item which starts from the letter B, and so on. If we talk about the toughest part of the game, then it is that every player has to tell the name of all the things that they previously mentioned. For example, a child has to say, “ I am going to the North Pole and I will bring Antler, Bags of toys, Christmas tree”, etc. And when the child forgets any name, then he or she will be out of the game. And simply who remembers all the names of the items, will be the winner of the game. This game is much interesting, but also hard to play because children have to remember all item’s names or if they forget anyone then they will be out of the game.

Christmas Word Scramble

We see parents look for games that are funny and also educational for their kids. So, their kid will learn something with joy. If you are also looking for the same type of game then the scramble game is perfect for your kid. You can choose any ten or more scramble words that you think that your kid will catch or make them. After that, scramble up the letters. The main aim of this is to find out that your kid will find out the words with the letters and they will also enjoy it.

You can also use it to make some drawings on the paper or also use to type or print the letters on the paper, you can also include pictures on the paper to make it more enjoyable and easy for your kid. Apart from this, if you have a scramble board or you can buy the scramble board of the wooden then it is more enjoyable. You can scramble the letters on the board and give some words to make out to your kid. For making that moment more awesome you can also give them a hot mug of cocoa and also play an interesting song about Christmas that your kid likes. With that awesome environment, your kid likes to play the scramble game with more interest and enjoy it as well.

Secret Santa

When the holiday starts, you will start to play a game named Secret Santa.  You have to give every child a Secret Santa recipient. And each secret Santa has to make or craft one or more crafts for their assigned person. When you assign recipients, you have to write the name of each child on a small piece of paper.

When you complete this work, then fold all the papers and put them into the Santa Hat. Now, tell your child to pick one piece of paper from the hat without looking. But keep one thing in your mind that the child does not take out the slip of their name. After that, give instructions to your child to keep a secret till Christmas. If the child spills their secret then they will spoil all the game.

Even game becomes more interesting when a child gets a gift once per week during the three to four weeks before Christmas. You can put the gifts on the dining table, under the Christmas tree or other tree in the house, or wrapped or unwrapped them. The person who gives the gifts can also reveal their name at the end when children open the gifts.

Guess what’s in the stocking

This game is very exciting and has a different craze among the children. Because this game gives them the challenge to find out the treasure or the things that you hide for them. This game is more enjoyable because your children have to use their four senses to know and find out their hidden gift or surprise, in the Christmas stocking. You can hide many of the things in the stockings such as a candy cane, Santa Hat, or ornament, or many other things that are related to Christmas. After that, you have to say your child to close their eyes or wear blindfolds. Then tell them to touch, smell or shake the object, and let them know what is that thing, by touching the object. And the child who gives the correct answer is the winner and wins that thing. This game is too interesting because your children have to do the things that give you enjoyment.

Final verdict

All the above-mentioned games are very interesting and full of fun. And, surely, your children will also enjoy these games and like to play them with their full interest. When you play with your children, they also feel good and your bond also gets more strong with them. The Christmas holiday season is the best season to spend some good time with your family or children. This is the time when you show your love to your children and make them happy by giving them your time and attention. And when playing games with your children, you can also see that your children also love you more.

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