Free Christmas And Holiday Programs Essex & Newark County NJ

Free Christmas And Holiday Programs Essex & Newark County NJ – During the holiday season, residents of Essex County and the city of Newark in the state of New Jersey have the opportunity to receive free Christmas presents, toys, and clothing. Additionally, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, hot meals are served to guests.

People and businesses can give back to their communities through programs such as Adopt a Family, Angel Tree, which the Salvation Army runs, and Toys for Tots, which local charitable organizations run. Find anything from dolls and toy trucks to Legos and computers, video games, gift cards, and FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near Essex and Newark, NJ!

Every single one of these programs depends on financial contributions from the local community, and they also require the assistance of volunteers. Therefore, please do so if you can contribute financially or by donating clothing and other items. Families with low incomes, children, and older adults living on a fixed income are some of the primary beneficiaries of the holiday programs these mostly Newark-based organizations offer.

Each location will have its application procedure and conditions that must be satisfied before being considered. The assistance is provided individually, and the programs typically begin accepting applicants in the autumn months. Get in touch with any of these organizations for more information if you or a member of your family requires assistance during the holiday season in the form of a warm meal, free presents for your child or other loved ones, clothing, or anything else these lines.

Christmas is not the same for all communities the world over. It is different in every country and culture. Different cultures have different traditions associated with Christmas. Local customs and traditions play an important role in the celebration of Christmas.

The interesting thing about these festivals is that they are celebrated at varying times throughout the year, depending on the religion they follow. Christmas has celebrated by the Christian community. The Christian community considers Christmas as the birthday of Jesus.

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year. The Christians celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm and joy. On this special occasion, they decorate their homes and churches with colourful paper strips, flowers, candles, and lights to create an air of festivity and enjoyment.

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Free Food in Essex County And Newark County, New Jersey

Goodwill Rescue Mission Essex County, New Jersey

Goodwill Rescue Mission provides emergency shelters, food and clothing assistance, work readiness training, and other programs for those in need. More than 60 residents of the shelter reside each night at its facilities.

In addition to assisting individuals and families in temporary need, Goodwill Rescue Mission is a senior services program that assists seniors 55 years or older. During the holiday season, this organization hosts a variety of donation drives and events to bring a little extra joy into the lives of those less fortunate.

The community with low income is served by Community Outreach and Family Services, which strives to spread the love of God and the spirit of the holiday season to those in need. Bread of Life is a program that runs continuously throughout the year. Senior citizens and children in the Newark, East Orange, and Irvington areas of New Jersey may be eligible to receive free food, personal care items, and household items from the charitable organization.

Additionally, the name Holiday Blessings serves as an umbrella for several different programs. These include Operation Drumstick at Thanksgiving, Sharing Hope at Christmas, and other special events for big holidays such as Easter, Independence Day, and Labour Day.

Goodwill Rescue Mission is an organization that was established to empower low and moderate-income families while providing them with access to food, clothing, basic needs, and other aid. Various opportunities are available throughout the year for people who need assistance. Still, there are a variety of events, including Easter baskets for families in need as well.

Address: 79 University Ave Newark, NJ, 07102

Contact: (973) 621 – 9560

Interfaith Food Pantry of The Oranges Essex County, New Jersey

This organization is located in South Orange and assists low-income and working-poor people in New Jersey, Essex County. The food pantry strives to ensure that no one has to go hungry or have an empty stomach when they walk away from the food pantry with their items. Some volunteers work with clients so that they can receive food, toiletries, hygiene kits, and other items used by those who are facing financial difficulties.

Families in Orange and East Orange who are struggling financially can take advantage of the services provided by the Interfaith Food Pantry of The Oranges in Orange. Every person who comes to the pantry is given several bags of groceries that include both perishable and non-perishable food items, such as meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, food that is either boxed or canned, and basic food items.

This organization is located in the Essex County area. The programs and services offered are designed to assist low-income and poor Essex families struggling with housing or utilities.

The service can provide emergency assistance to help families and individuals when they have an unexpected emergency that requires a significant amount of money to pay for. This program also helps address other long-term housing problems, including eviction prevention, foreclosure prevention, utility bill assistance, and eviction prevention programs. This organization is located in downtown Newark and assists very low-income families. This charity organization can provide nutritious food, including bread, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

A goal of the Essex County Food Bank is to ensure that people have access to food daily. The services offered include providing food boxes, perishable items, and baby formula to Essex County families who do not have access to sufficient amounts of groceries.

Helping Hands Food Bank Essex County, New Jersey

Serving the community with food supplies, clothing, and financial assistance. The primary holiday programs consist of distributing Thanksgiving baskets and coats in December and providing free Christmas gifts to the children based on the number of donations received.

Other resources that are made available include the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and the Food Stamp Program (FSP). These are just two examples. Additionally, there is the distribution of free clothing offered. Helping Hands Food Bank is supported through donations and volunteers.

The organization has been serving the Newark community since 1980 with the help of the public and its volunteers. They distribute food to individuals who are in need throughout Essex County. Other forms of assistance are provided; these include food and clothing. Donations from individuals, churches, grants, and fundraisers support this organization.

Contact: (201) 798 – 0642

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Gifts in Essex County and Newark County, New Jersey

Franciscan Charities Inc.

To assist low-income families in Newark who is having trouble making ends meet, Franciscan Charities Inc. provides various services, including financial assistance, counselling services, referral services, and emergency accommodation. In addition, during the Christmas season, they give away free Christmas toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them themselves.

Each child who registers for the program will be sent a variety of brand-new gifts, including toys, books, games, and clothing, just in time for Christmas. After registering, choose a toy you want to receive. This information will be kept confidential, and they will not share it with anyone outside the organization.

By applying for this program, you provide them with valuable information so they can provide you with the gifts you wish to receive. The transfer of funds is accomplished through direct deposit and credit card payments for clients who cannot have cash in their bank account at all times.

Franciscan Charities Inc.’s main goal is to ensure that every child abused or neglected in the county has a warm, safe home where they can grow and thrive. The state of New Jersey runs a holiday Toy Drive program that ensures every child in Essex County receives a toy at Christmas. They also provide toys, clothing, and meals to children.

By making this simple donation, you are helping children in your area receive a Christmas gift, along with other support services. Those less fortunate, including the poor, single mothers with children, and others, can receive assistance. The charity assists in the form of financial aid, free groceries, free Christmas toys, presents, and gifts.

Address: 355 S 6th St Newark, NJ 07103

Contact: (973) 732-4736

Salvation Army program Newark County, New Jersey

Salvation Army Newark County Christmas Programs offers helps the poor and those suffering from a serious illness during Christmas. They offer food and gifts to children, families, and seniors in need during this time.

Salvation Army Newark program also provide emotional support for individuals affected by the loss of a loved one. In addition to this distribution of food, toys, and other items, child care is provided for those who would like to come into their facility during the holiday season. Children from low-income families are eligible to participate in the Angel Tree program by the Salvation Army in Newark. Each child eligible for the program is allowed to compile a wish list, which is then given to a community member.

In addition, during the holiday season, they provide hot holiday dinners in their soup kitchen on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, in addition to holiday dinner bags containing ham or turkey and all the trimmings. These options are available during the holiday season.

The Salvation Army will provide free food and gifts to senior citizens participating in their Meals on Wheels program. This organization is the oldest and most established charity in Essex County and was founded more than 130 years ago. The organization has a wide variety of services that are provided to help those who are suffering from poverty or other hardships. More than 5 million hot meals are served by the Salvation Army each year.

Address: 45 Central Ave Newark, NJ, 07102

Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of Newark

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of When families in Essex County and the surrounding areas are going through a difficult time, the Archdiocese of Newark in Newark assists them.

During the holiday season, they will provide free Christmas gifts to families who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children. Toys and other small gifts for the children, items for the household, food, and other necessities will be distributed to every eligible family. For example, a single mother and her 4 children in Essex County received gift cards, toys, and food from Catholic Charities. Another family received $500 to help pay their bills and buy groceries. Within the Archdiocese of Newark, the Emergency Food and Nutrition Network (EFNN) is responsible for coordinating the collection and distribution of bulk food items.

This is done through a network of fifty faith-based food pantries and shelters. A distributed network of food pantries receives instruction and assistance as part of this program. A total of eighty Catholic Charities families who need assistance receive nutritious food packages from the Community Food Connections project every month. These packages include fresh fruit and vegetables.

In addition, the EFNN is responsible for administering federal emergency funds for food pantries located in Bergen, Hudson, Union, and Essex counties. Throughout the course of the year, this program also finances a variety of other excellent initiatives and projects that support the mission of Christ to provide food for the hungry.

During the holiday season, they have two wonderful projects for you to choose from: During the season of Lent, Operation Rice Bowl lends its support to Catholic Relief Services in its efforts to alleviate hunger worldwide. It includes the directives to pray, fast, and give charity. During the months leading up to Christmas, they coordinate the Help a Family at Christmas project. Through this initiative, charitable individuals are connected with low-income families who are unable to celebrate the holiday without additional assistance.

The EFNN Program assists the food pantries with other goods besides food, including personal care products, school supplies, and toiletries. This is made possible by the efficient networking system. Client advocacy, participation on regional and local boards dealing with hunger issues, and community education regarding hunger-related issues are three additional essential functions of the Emergency Food Network (EFNN).

There are many resources pertaining to holidays that can be found. The Archdiocese of Newark is home to several organizations that these people volunteer with, including soup kitchens, food banks, and emergency shelters. Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of Newark see enough holiday feasts, turkeys, and toppings to choose from. Another one of their primary initiatives is called the Help a Family at Christmas project.

Through this program, donors to Catholic Charities are connected with needy and low-income families who, without assistance from outside sources, would not be able to celebrate Christmas or the holiday season.

Toys For Tots program Essex County, New Jersey

Toys for Tots is a program of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve that works in conjunction with the United States Marine Corps and provides new toys to children during Christmas. Volunteers provide the toys and can donate a brand-new toy to a child through this organization.

Toys for Tots in Mount Laurel holds its annual toy drive to collect toys for children of families in Essex County who are unable to afford to purchase toys for their children. Every child who is eligible receives a basket full of brand-new, never-before-opened toys, and some of the children may also receive brand-new bicycles. Over 10,000 toys are given out every year through this program. This is a wonderful program for children and their families.

Free Toys for Kids in Newark provides gifts to low-income children from the ages of six months to 15 years. During the holiday season, each child is given two toy vouchers along with each gift that is provided. Each child can choose an exchange one toy, and a gift that they select must be exchanged in order to receive toys and games a second time. This organization works with the Newark City Mission, which assists those struggling during hard times.

The governmental organization is helping to collect new toys that have been donated but have yet to be wrapped. After that, the items are given to organizations that work to benefit families struggling financially. The Toys for Tots Christmas program in Essex County and Newark is supported by dozens of organizations, including businesses, charities, and non-profit organizations. Purchase gift cards, clothing, jeans, Lego or Matchbox toys, sporting equipment, and more.

Address: Picatinny Arsenal 25th Marines Co G, MCRTC Bldg 3306 Dover, New Jersey, 07801

Contact: (973) 724 – 4700

Saint James Social Services Newark County, New Jersey

Saint James Social Services is a non-profit organization focused on helping the poor and those at risk of becoming impoverished. The organization is located in Newark, New Jersey, serving the entire county.

The mission of this group specifically is to provide a wide range of services to needy individuals in Essex County, including but not limited to housing services, food grants, medical services, employment support, family counselling, and other types of assistance programs. This organization has been active for more than forty years. In Newark, the Saint James Social Services organization runs various programs for families, including a soup kitchen, a food pantry, a drive to collect school supplies, and referral services.

Furthermore, during the Christmas season, they provide free Christmas gifts to families that have used any of the other services they provide throughout the year.

The lunch service at the Soul food Café Soup Kitchen is available Monday through Friday from 12 to 2 pm, and the restaurant is open for dinner on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The soup kitchen is operated entirely by devoted volunteers and provides meals to an average of 175 individuals per day.

Although it is a “soup” kitchen, the chefs prepare comforting, wholesome, and well-balanced meals. The Soul food Café was highlighted on an episode of Restaurant Impossible that aired on the Food Network. During the episode, celebrity Chef Robert Irvin and his team renovated the kitchen and dining room. They brought attention to their Chef Emeriti, the late Georgianna Lonely-Wilson, who had just turned 80.

Volunteers are responsible for keeping the Emergency Food Pantry open from Monday through Friday during business hours. Registration is between 3–3:30 pm. People struggling financially may be eligible to receive groceries sufficient for four to five meals per family size once every month.

In most cases, the package will contain frozen meat, canned goods, dry staple items, baby food, and milk, if required. More than 10,000 families are provided with emergency supplies on an annual basis. The food pantry is one of the largest suppliers of food in Essex County and provides more than 120,000 meals each year to those in need.

Diapers are made available to low-income women and men who are caring for children through the St. James Diaper Bank and Feminine Hygiene Project, which works in conjunction with the Community Foodbank of New Jersey (CFBNJ).

Diapers designed for adults are also offered to those who need their use. In addition to providing diapers, the CFBNJ donates feminine hygiene products to the SJSSC to assist women who cannot afford to purchase these items independently. Diapers and feminine hygiene products can be obtained between 11 am and 2 pm, Tuesday through Thursday.

Be a Blessing to Others Holiday Distribution is a program that takes place every year during the holiday season. This program is run in conjunction with Saint James AME Church. More than 500 families will receive, for each holiday, a meal consisting of a turkey and all the fixings necessary to prepare a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

This meal will be distributed to them in advance. The day after Thanksgiving, those in need are provided with a warm meal; on Christmas day, more than 1,500 toys are given out to children living in difficult circumstances.

Abiding Peace Lutheran Church Essex County, New Jersey

Abiding Peace Lutheran Church offers free meals and groceries to all in dire need throughout the year. They have a soup kitchen for those experiencing poverty during the holiday season. At both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the church, which functions as a charitable organization, gives away free holiday gift baskets and food baskets to those in need. Adults, people without jobs, and children residing in the parish’s immediate community can receive the items and assistance offered.

Galilee Mission is an organization that was established in 1893 by John H. Todd. The mission has provided services and charitable assistance to the homeless and the hungry since then. Each year the organization runs a holiday meal program called “Food for Friends,” through which food is distributed each Christmas to local people suffering from poverty, despair, hunger, or any other hardship they may be experiencing.

Abiding Peace Lutheran Church’s main church at 1259 Veterans Highway in Mount Laurel offers food and groceries to anyone who needs these items. This program will operate throughout December and is available Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm, except on Thanksgiving Day, when they will be open from 11 am until 4 pm to serve breakfast and lunch only during that period.

Address: 305 – 311 Route 46 Budd Lake, New Jersey, 07828

Contact: (973) 691 – 939)

Newark Now Newark County, New Jersey

Newark Now is a charitable organization started in 2004 to provide aid to people in need throughout New Jersey. Holiday shopping bags are distributed by volunteers throughout Essex County every holiday season.

The organization also sponsors events such as the annual Toy and Coat Drive, which helps fill numerous backpacks with toys, school supplies, and other items. This charitable organization delivers meals and donates food to families and individuals in the Newark area who are facing poverty or hunger.

In addition, they provide clothing, referrals to local food pantries and charities, financial aid for paying rent and bills, shelter, holiday toys and clothing from the annual Toy & Coat Drive, and other forms of assistance. The organization is supported through donations from businesses and community members in Newark. Newark Now is an organization that strives to serve impoverished people with necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. The charity staff members are also available to assist those who need assistance throughout the year.

During the festive season, the Brighter Holiday Campaign gives those in need free toys, clothing, food, and other items. Assistance is for the most vulnerable citizens within the city of Newark.

In addition, the organization collaborates with a large number of other churches, charitable organizations, and non-profit organizations located all over the city. Other resources include the Annual Winter Holiday Drive, the Thanksgiving Community Food Drive, and the Annual Holiday Party for children.

All of these events take place every year. The objective is to give away free assistance to several hundred families each year.

This organization provides emergency grants and rental assistance, other forms of financial aid such as emergency rental assistance, utility and rent payments, back rent payment assistance, and information on health care programs. The services provided to individuals include low-interest loans for home repairs or roof repairs on homes in need. These types of programs are available to the residents of Essex County who are struggling with homelessness.

Address: 89 James St, Newark, NJ, 07102

Contact: (973) 733 – 3460

Riverside Cares Essex County, New Jersey

The charity’s main objective is to provide vulnerable people with aid such as food and clothing. They also provide financial aid to help pay basic needs such as rent, medical, and utility bills. The holiday season is an important time for the organization because they use it to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for needy families.

Additionally, the organization organizes one-night shelters for those who have experienced domestic violence or are otherwise homeless throughout Essex County. The charity also runs the Holiday Shops program, which provides those in need with basic clothing, including coats, toys, and hygiene products.

Riverside Cares is an organization focused on helping people experiencing homelessness in Essex County throughout the year. They distribute food to those in need at various locations throughout the city. The Christmas baskets are designed based on several requirements set by each volunteer, including family members’ sizes and personal preferences.

Address: 317 3rd St, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302

East Orange Community Development Corporation

East Orange Community Development Corporation is an organization that operates in the East Orange area and provides services to low-income families in Essex County. During the holiday season, this organization has hosted a “Holiday Gift Initiative” for many years, which helps to ensure that children throughout the community have presents to open on Christmas morning.

To qualify for gifts through this initiative, individuals must be willing to provide their information to be matched with a sponsored family who will help them select toys and other gifts. Provides referrals to food banks, feeding stations, and other resources throughout the holidays. The charitable organization is also responsible for coordinating various Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas toy drives distributed to needy families. In addition, there are social professionals available on-site for those who are less fortunate.

East Orange Community Development Corporation is a food pantry of the United Church of Christ. The organization relies on volunteers throughout the year to operate the food pantry. Still, they have provided hot meals for hundreds of homeless people and families in need during the holiday season. In addition, there are several soup kitchens that volunteers operate in various neighbourhoods throughout Essex County that regularly provide hot meals to those struggling financially.

Address: 490 Main St. East Orange, New Jersey, 07017

Contact: (973) 266 – 5315

Irvington Neighbourhood Improvement Consortium

The Irvington Neighbourhood Improvement Consortium operates a Holiday Basket Program to provide necessities to those struggling during the holiday season. This program is available to those living within the East Orange neighbourhood. The holiday basket comprises necessities such as toiletries, socks, clothing, and other items that people of all ages need.

Irvington Neighbourhood Improvement Consortium is one of the oldest organizations in Essex County. It was founded in 1936 and provided services to people struggling with basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. The organization is a non-profit association that volunteers run. At the same time, members of staff are available to assist those who need assistance throughout the year.

The Irvington Neighbourhood Improvement Consortium provides Meals on Wheels for individuals who have a disability or seniors in need of assistance. During the holiday season, they provide hot meals, shelter, referrals to food pantries, advocacy, and case management.

During the winter and the most important holiday months, resources and referral services involve counselling and other forms of support in addition to holiday food and toy shopping bags, clothing, emergency federal aid for bills (including rent and heating), and other forms of assistance. The Irvington Neighbourhood Improvement Consortium is an organization that provides hot meals to individuals who are elderly or individuals with a disability throughout Essex County.

Meals for seniors, which volunteers deliver, are provided to those who reside in their service area. Additionally, the organization provides Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to families and senior citizens living in poverty.

Address: 346 16th Ave. Irvington, NJ, 07111

United Deliverance Tabernacle

This organization was created in the year 2002. The charity is based on biblical principles and strives to help those in need. They aim to offer a helping hand and demonstrate love, respect, and compassion toward everyone. United Deliverance Tabernacle is recognized as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the federal government.

Some of the United Deliverance Tabernacle’s programs are free school supplies to children during the summer holidays. This free local food pantry provides other types of assistance, including free clothing, Christmas gifts, toys, shoes, and winter gear. In addition, there is also a back-to-school program that provides scholarships.

The organization holds an annual Thanksgiving event where it provides more than 400 residents with a turkey and other food items. The charity also has an annual Christmas event where they give out toys and gift cards to more than 500 families each year.

See the additional Essex County grants and resources guide for additional social and financial challenges.

Charity organizations in Essex County can assist you with food, clothing, and, if need be, financial aid. If you are struggling to make ends meet or have trouble paying your rent/mortgage or your utilities, then there may be resources offered to you in Essex County. Those who are homeless can receive one-time assistance at local shelters. Volunteers and social workers will help people apply for federal government-funded programs such as TANF and SNAP food stamps.

Address: 202 Hawthorne Ave, Newark, NJ 07112

Contact: (973) 297-0081

Tri-City Peoples Corporation Essex County

This organization serves individuals who are homeless and in need. In addition, Tri-City Peoples Corporation helps people who are suffering from various forms of poverty, with the intention of uplifting their lives. Donations from the public fund the charity. Volunteers that reside in Newark and residents who are vulnerable benefit from this organization.

The Tri-City People’s Corporation provides food, clothing, and clothing vouchers to those experiencing poverty or homelessness throughout Essex County. They are responsible for administering various social services and emergency assistance programs, some of which are carried out during the most important holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Help is made available in the form of food, meals, miniature Christmas presents for children, and gift certificates for the parents. In addition, the organization has a program to provide monetary funds for paying utility bills, rent, and deposits. Most of these services are provided by volunteers and other church groups.

This organization performs various communities related activities and outreach programs that focus on helping people in need throughout Essex County who are HIV positive, victims of abuse, substance abusers, homeless individuals, and those who have been diagnosed with mental health issues. The charity serves families both in Newark and elsewhere.

Address: 60 Evergreen PlaceSuite 505 East Orange, New Jersey, 07018

Contact: 973-675-4484

St James Social Service Corporation Essex County

St James Social Service Corporation provides food and clothing to individuals and families in need throughout Essex County. Other services include financial assistance, daycare/preschool, housing, and health care, as well as a legal services program and a job placement program.

St James Social Service Corporation is made up of several organizations that all assist families struggling in the area; this includes renting housing and meeting the needs of children. In addition, there are programs for those who are struggling with employment. The charity’s programs include a food pantry, clothing closet, and thrift shop.

The food pantry serves people of every age. This is where residents may receive up to 3 days’ worth of groceries if they are in crisis or need it. Other services include clothing and items for new-borns and children up to 12 years old. Various distributed items include baby formula, toys, and baby supplies.

Donations from the community support St James Social Service Corporation. Volunteers provide a large part of the assistance that is provided.

The organization also provides mental health counselling. Dallas Social Centre on Barrow Street provides social services, including an emergency shelter for the homeless.

Address: 588 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Newark, New Jersey 07102

Contact: (973) 624-4007

United Way of Bloomfield

This charity organization is located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The organization assists low-income and homeless families. The programs available at the charity include:

  • Free diapers and other items for babies.
  • Job training and placement.
  • Free clothing vouchers.
  • Monthly food pantry distribution.
  • Utility bill assistance.

This charity organization assists residents with financial support. In addition, there are programs available for those who are single parents that are struggling with poverty or low income. During the festive season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will provide free food to the less fortunate and direct those who require assistance to other non-profit organizations that can assist them in meeting their needs.

Volunteers are on hand to help those who need assistance with their financial situation and other social/emotional issues that they may be facing. The clothing closet is open to anyone who needs clothing items such as warm coats and sweatshirts. United Way of Somerset provides home goods, furniture, and other items that can be used to set up a new apartment or house.

In addition to the holiday assistance programs, low-income families can receive assistance with their utility bills. Food pantry services include free groceries and food boxes and applications for the SNAP food pantry program. For those facing housing issues, free vouchers are provided to those who need rent assistance.

Address: 385 Broad St. Bloomfield, NJ, 07003

Contact: (973) 748 – 1732

First Zion Hill Baptist Church

The purpose of this organization is to help those in need and crisis throughout Essex County. They provide food and clothing, and they also provide referrals to other resources that can assist people. There are case managers that are available to all those who call the center.

The charity offers financial assistance, disaster relief (including support following hurricanes), education, health care, housing, and referrals to federal government programs such as TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and others such as necessary.

First Zion Hill Baptist Church is a church-based charity in Newark, New Jersey, that assists low-income people struggling with poverty. Some volunteers assist those in need with their financial situation by offering free tax help. This includes free filing of taxes and preparation of state tax return forms. The charity also offers counselling, which is done by licensed professionals, for those who are going through a divorce or are experiencing job loss/layoff.

The assistance programs consist of a free food pantry that provides holiday meals or groceries and a clothing closet for those who need those services. Children as young as infants may receive stocking stuffers as miniature toys. The charity also has a free life insurance program that pays off funeral expenses for those in need. In addition, there are numerous programs for children, including after-school care, college scholarship resources, and full tuition or up to $1,000 toward college.

There is also a program that provides financial assistance to Newark residents who can qualify, and proof of eligibility may be requested by the charity.

Address: 15 Leslie Street Newark, New Jersey, 07108

Contact: 973-444-5906

Here are other programs that might help during the holidays.

Better Tomorrows

This organization provides financial assistance to Newark families and individuals at least 18 years of age. The charity’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those in need by helping them attain employment and housing and providing access to educational opportunities through college scholarships.

This charity organization assists at-risk children, including those who are 8 years old or younger. The organization’s goals are to increase educational attainment throughout the community and provide financial support.

They have been involved in the Toys for Tots program and the Adopt a Family program. Get free food boxes or Christmas gifts depending on the donations received. You could also look for gift cards, games, and other items. All items will be provided to needy families during the holiday season.

This organization is located in Somerset and provides financial support to families and individuals in need. The charity assists those who may be struggling financially, as well as utility bill assistance for those struggling with their energy bills.

Donors choose which charity receives their tax refund and how they wish to use it. They can donate directly to the charity or use the money for their expenses. Other options are available, such as donating to a local charity, donating a portion of their tax refund to the charity, and making an online donation.

The response time for a tax credit can take up to several weeks, but organizations will ensure that they have your information so that you receive your tax credit amount. After issues with Hurricane Sandy made people realize how important it is for them to help others during this time, more charities have been popping up. Remember to check out Patterson and Passaic County Salvation Army assistance programs!

Address: 220 Irvine Turner Boulevard Newark, New Jersey, 07108

Contact: 347-951-3671

Operation Warm

If a family or individual needs help during the holiday season, Operation Warm will provide coats and other warm clothing items for the winter. You can donate new or gently used coats. They provide clothes for children, teens, and adults. All donated items must be in good condition with no tears or stains.

Many organizations hold special Christmas gifts and food drives to help families who are struggling financially over the holiday season. Low-income families in Essex County and throughout New Jersey can take advantage of Operation Warm’s services, which are provided in Moorestown.

During the winter months, the mission of this charitable organization is to provide children and adults with warm outerwear. Every member of the family eligible for assistance is given a brand-new winter coat, a hat, a scarf, and gloves. There are also matching boots and boots or shoes given to children.

The charity can provide food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities to the county’s homeless and those on welfare. Some volunteers will help the homeless, others who are struggling to find affordable housing and other assistance needed by a family or individual.

Human Needs Food Pantry

This organization is located in Kearny and provides food, clothing, toiletries, and other items to low-income families.

There are also other services that they can provide, such as limited medical needs, WIC vouchers, and housing assistance. The Human Needs Food Pantry will provide food to children who don’t have access to school lunch programs and individuals who are elderly or disabled.

The soup kitchen will also serve adults who are homeless. In addition to the food typically provided by the Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair, they may provide holiday meal essentials.

During the holiday season, the charity can provide Christmas gifts such as toys, school supplies, and other items needed by a family who has everything and then needs to supplement their income.

This organization provides emergency assistance and referrals for struggling families in New Jersey. There is a safety net within the Essex County Emergency Assistance Group (ECA), a group of volunteers that assist clients with rent on an emergency basis when they cannot pay their full rent. Human Needs Food Pantry’s main goal is to ensure that families and individuals do not go hungry, so there are food pantries that serve hot meals or sack lunches.

Some donations are collected throughout the year to help those who need a helping hand. There is also a possibility of these charities offering holiday meal programs.

Genesis Missionary Baptist Church

This charity organization is a multi-service centre that assists Newark residents. The charity provides resources and support, including clothing, food, and financial aid. There are also opportunities for individuals to train for employment through the job training program.

The charity provides case management for all families with children and individuals at least 18 years old. Counselors work with participants to obtain employment, housing, education, and other social services that may be needed by community members who are struggling financially or socially.

The goal of this charity organization is to assist the underserved population in Essex County with their financial needs and social interactions. In addition, people are encouraged to seek help from a crisis hotline if they need mental health or substance abuse assistance.

In addition, there is a legal services program that provides free advice and representation for those who do not have access to the legal system. Thanksgiving dinners, Toys for Tots packages for children under the age of 15, and free books, games, and clothing are all part of the assistance programs offered.

Genesis Missionary Baptist Church organization provides a variety of services for people who are 55 years old or older. The programs include housing, case management, a food pantry, and job training/financial literacy.

Address: 333 13th Avenue Newark, New Jersey 07103

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What is a rent payment assistance program that helps with housing costs?

This can be helpful for individuals who are struggling to pay their rent each month. It is usually paid in the form of grants which can help clients with most of their rent and security deposits owed by landlords.

Who can get help from this program?

This program is open to anyone who qualifies to depend on the deductions made by landlords or social security benefits you may have received.

What is a program to assist with securing temporary housing?

There are programs that can help locate temporary housing for those who do not qualify for public housing. This can be helpful for families and individuals who are about to lose their homes. The application process can be stressful, but if the client is accepted into the program, they will be provided with assistance in finding a place to live.

What debt counselling options are available?

Debt counselling is available for individuals and families who have debt. The service is offered for free by the agency.

How much in grants can be received from this program?

Grants can be up to three hundred dollars from this program, as well as a focus on helping clients with their rent on an emergency basis.


Many organizations assist in getting FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near Newark, NJ. This means most people will find assistance from one of these agencies or charities, regardless of their income status. Other charities in the county assist as well. The key is to get help at the right time so assistance can be provided before a family’s finances become depleted.

Charities and other assistance programs provide food, clothing, and shelter for those who need help. The pantries will also provide holiday meals and gift items to families who cannot afford to buy gifts for their children during Christmas or the holidays. There are many social service agencies in Essex County, so if one is ineffective, the client can move on to another organization that can offer assistance.

Several Essex County, NJ organizations help immigrants with legal aid and other support, including food and housing assistance. The focus is on helping immigrants obtain equality through social services and financial assistance.

The following organizations and charities are located in Newark but may provide services to the entire county. Find help with rent and other services that can assist you. Essex County Community Action Program is a non-profit agency that helps individuals who need emergency assistance through this program. This can include help with rent, home repairs, emergency food, and shelter. The homeless can also learn about job training and employment opportunities from this organization.

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