Free Christmas and holiday assistance in Muscogee County

Free Christmas and holiday assistance in Muscogee County – Christmas is a time where everyone in Muscogee County gets together to celebrate and exchange gifts. No matter what your gift preferences, there’s a gift for you in our online store! We have everything from affordable presents to luxurious items, so you can find the perfect Christmas present for anyone in your family. Do you live in Muscogee County and are looking for some Christmas assistance this year? Here is a list of organizations that can assist you! Families in need can benefit from various gifts thanks to the Christmas and holiday aid programs in Muscogee County.

Free turkey dinners during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and free Christmas toys, gifts, and presents that can be put under the tree for a child. Meals, holiday food boxes, and donations to organizations like Toys for Tots are other ways the community helps out over the holidays (including Thanksgiving).

Get Free Christmas Gifts in Muscogee County, Georgia

Catholic church of St. Ann Adopt-A-Family program

During times of crisis, the Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta encourages low-income families to apply for the Adopt-A-Family program at the church. Families are provided with new items such as toys, books, clothing, food, and other modest presents that community members and organizations have purchased.  It offers vouchers to low-income families that may need temporary housing for a limited period. The program is a final stop for many homeless families and can be a critical source of assistance during hard times.

It distributes food vouchers and assistance in the form of gifts for children to local families and individuals throughout the year. The organization also provides holiday meals and food to thousands of families. The purpose is to help the poor, make them aware of the Catholic faith, and offer a chance for people to get back on their feet. Contact them for more information or to apply for assistance from the Christmas and holiday assistance program. They also provide school supplies to students in Muscogee County schools who qualify based on need. The program is done through a partnership with Walmart and other donors.

Toys for Tots program

Toys For Tots in Columbus is accepting applications for their toy giveaway program from low-income families with children between new-borns and 14. Families who are financially strapped during the holiday season are eligible to participate in this initiative, which provides their children with free Christmas items such as educational toys, games, books, and even bicycles.

The goal is to help them keep a roof over their heads, food in the kitchen, and toys under the Christmas tree. Local law enforcement agencies are also involved in this program. The goal of the Toys for Tots program, which is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November, and December of each year and then give those toys as Christmas gifts to children who are less fortunate in the community in which the campaign is being run. The program is called “Toys for Tots.”

Please keep in mind that submitting a request for assistance does NOT automatically approve the request. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation relies on the charitable contributions of the American people as well as the support of corporate sponsors to fulfill its mission of delivering toys to children each year.

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree 

Free Christmas gifts are provided by the Columbus organization Prison Fellowship to low-income children who have at least one parent serving time in a facility located inside the state of Georgia. Every eligible child receives a brand new present that has never been opened and was bought and given to them by volunteers in the name of their incarcerated parent. In addition, the volunteers provide words of encouragement and pray for the family as a whole so that everyone may have a more joyful holiday season.

They do not have a network of volunteers that deliver the gifts. Instead, Prison Fellowship relies on generous donations from individuals, groups, and organizations to help the organization meet its goals. For example, none of the gifts are bought with taxpayer dollars but come through private contributions by generous individuals and organizations who believe in helping those less fortunate.

The act of incarceration can put a significant strain on the bonds that bind families together. The Prison Fellowship Angel Tree makes it possible for local congregations to share the message of hope found in the Gospel with families who have loved ones incarcerated by sending children to summer camp, providing Christmas presents on behalf of incarcerated parents, sending children to summer camp, and hosting sports camps, among other activities.

In addition, Angel Tree extends an invitation to congregations and provides the resources necessary for them to include Angel Tree families in their activities throughout the year. This results in relationships that are beneficial to both parties and encourage growth, support, and encouragement.

Prison Fellowship® is an organization that strives to improve the criminal justice system in the United States and the lives of those impacted by it. They assist incarcerated males and females in breaking the cycle of brokenness that led to their incarceration. They promote the reform of the justice system and aim to activate grassroots networks to accomplish the same. They provide the equipment for wardens to bring about restorative change in their facilities.

They provide support for the families of incarcerated individuals and work to improve communication between children and their incarcerated parents. They are calling on the Church to take the initiative in providing care for people whose lives have been affected by the legal system. And we accomplish all of this while maintaining a biblical worldview.

Salvation Army Christmas Help

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army in Columbus makes its Angel Tree program available to low-income families that need assistance. They offer the Angel Tree program as well as the Adopt-A-Family program, both of which offer free Christmas presents to both the parents as well as their children. These presents are purchased by individuals of the community as well as organizations.

In addition, they provide free holiday dinner boxes that include all of the components necessary to prepare a typical holiday meal, as well as hot holiday dinners that are served to the general public on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These dinners are served in-house.

They provide free holiday dinners that include all the components necessary to prepare a typical holiday meal, as well as hot holiday dinners that are served to the general public on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (in-house), Also, for December, the Salvation Army offers two different programs to those in need.

First, they offer a collection of Christmas presents. Individuals and organizations throughout the community purchase these presents. They provide a festive holiday tree decorated with children’s handmade decorations and a bowl full of new toys they have collected through donations from friends, family, coworkers, and corporate sponsors.

They allow the children and their families to select one special gift. All other gifts are “adopted” by donors who wish to bless those less fortunate than themselves. This is not a state or federally-funded program.

Their second program is the Angel Tree collection in December. This program is also funded through donations from individuals and corporate sponsors. Individuals may sponsor a child for $20, which includes a hooded sweatshirt, a new toy, and a Christmas present for the child selected by the sponsor.

The Salvation Army provides affordable housing and programs such as job training, substance abuse prevention and education, employment assistance, continuing education, and after-school tutoring. They also provide counseling and family support services to those who need them. While the Salvation Army is not a government agency, all of the services it offers are free of charge to the public and its clients.

In need of holiday gifts, those who don’t have the means to shop for their children at the malls or cannot afford presents for the entire family may place a Christmas Angel Tree wish list in local newspapers. These wish lists are distributed throughout communities with various needs and desires. All children in need of Christmas presents receive gifts from this program. They offer gifts to those who are in need during the Christmas season.

These gifts are given to those families below the poverty level, children with special needs, and single parents or guardians who may not be able to afford presents for their children. Each family is allowed a one-time gift from this program and is limited to one boy and one girl.

Food programme warm at heart outreach and referral program

Warm At Heart Outreach and Referral in Columbus extends an invitation to low-income families in Muscogee County, the homeless, the sick, and those who are housebound, to apply for their assistance when they are in need. They provide various services, including referrals, support in obtaining furniture, free grocery bags, and refuge for those in need. Warm At Heart Outreach and Referral offers such services as a bus pass, emergency food, groceries, medicine, and other medical supplies.

The Warm At Heart Outreach and Referral staff picks up these gifts from donors throughout the community through various fundraising events. The gifts for these families are distributed to those in need during the Christmas season. Warm At Heart Outreach and Referral also invites those in need to their annual “Holiday Bazaar,” which is held every December. During the annual Holiday Bazaar, they allow those in need to shop for needed items and food items that their clients do not provide.

This organization also offers support to disadvantaged and homeless individuals with the intent of helping them achieve self-sufficiency. They provide transportation, clothing, food, and other necessary supplies (i.e., toiletries). Furthermore, they help these individuals find employment or assist them with finding resources such as housing if they are currently homeless and provide transportation if needed. Through various services such as the “Bus Pass Program” and the “Food Program,” Warm At Heart Outreach and Referral provides free transportation for those in need and free food for every meal.

The Columbus chapter of This is Our Land, Inc. is a non-profit, Veteran owned and operated charity that assists homeless and low-income people by providing them with food, hygiene supplies, clothing, furniture, computers, and other necessities to improve their lives tolerable.

Christmas gift baskets Columbus

Low-income families in the Columbus, Ohio, area are encouraged to apply for aid during the holiday season at the Columbus Dream Centre to get free Christmas toys for their children. Just before Christmas, families are sent various brand-new, unopened gifts for their children, including toys, books, clothing, games, and food. These gifts are given to the family.

The gifts are chosen by the families and are available for them to choose from. They also provide families with necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. The Columbus Dream Center also provides clothing and furniture to homeless people or those living in low-income apartments and houses. The Columbus Dream Center’s mission is to provide those in need with clothes for the holiday season, free food and housing for the winter months, and assist those who are disabled or homeless with resources to better their lives.

Since its founding in 2001, the CDC has positively affected the lives of more than 40,000 individuals in the Chattahoochee Valley region by providing them with free food and meals, clothing, haircuts, life skills, and other essential services. On the third Saturday of every month, from 11 am to 1 pm, the CDC will be available to the public. When you partner with The Columbus Dream Center, you become a part of a movement to transform not only the lives of individual people in severe need but also the lives of entire families, communities, and even the city as a whole.

They are looking for people with a passion for helping others and making a difference in their community to join their volunteer team. If this sounds like you, please get in touch with them. If you are interested in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others, serving others, and making a difference in the community, they would love for you to become a part of their volunteer team here at The Columbus Dream Center.

They would appreciate it if you could take a moment to tell us what you are interested in and when you would like to serve, and a member of their Volunteer Coordination Team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

This outreach organization offers a wide range of assistance programs to people and families struggling to make ends meet. Volunteers are required to help set up, register clients, assist with the delivery of food and clothing, and assist with the cleanup after the event. The entrance for volunteers is located on the side of the building facing Oates Avenue.

Christmas Program – Valley Rescue Mission

Over 1,500 low-income children residing in Muscogee County are eligible to receive Christmas toy baskets from the Valley Rescue Mission in Columbus, and another 800 families receive holiday baskets full of food throughout the holiday season. Families have the option to sign up to receive either a food or toy basket. The program is run in a partnership that serves a food program for children after school and has over 1,600 families on a monthly pantry food distribution. The program is open for enrollment from October through December.

The shelter’s holiday program provides homeless individuals with various resources to help them get back on their feet. The program’s main goal is to “provide one winter meal per day, one warm meal per day, and provide minor disaster relief efforts to those in need.”

The shelter provides each client with a warm meal one day per week and a variety of resources they can use to better their life. The shelter also offers food and clothes throughout December through the holiday program.

Get Free Food in Muscogee County, Georgia

Food pantry at St. Thomas episcopal church in Columbus

During the holiday season, families living on limited funds can take advantage of the food pantry at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Columbus. They may also be able to lend a helping hand during other periods of the year.

The pantry is open from 9 am to noon from November 5th to December 25th. The pantry offers a variety of food items, including canned goods, cereal, canned vegetables, baby formula and beverages, rolls of paper towels, pasta, and canned chicken. They also offer non-perishable food items such as peanut butter crackers, cooking oil, and baking supplies. Families with low-income children living in Muscogee County can apply for free groceries and other supplies by contacting them.

Omega Lambda Iota Social Action & Scholarship Foundation program

Omega Lambda Iota Social Action & Scholarship Foundation distribute free Christmas toys to children in partnership with charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, the United States Military Academy corps, and other organizations. You may be able to purchase things like video games, literature, fashion, footwear, gadgets, and more.

They also have a seasonal clothing store that sells sizes 6 and up. They coordinate volunteers who will go to drop-off centers, collect donations, and hand out gifts to children. Information is available on the organization’s Facebook page.

Address: 3824 Steam Mill Road Columbus, Georgia, 31907

Contact: 706-464-5275

st. luke’s church bulletin

The holiday help consists primarily of apparel and includes free socks, shoes, books, and sweaters, in addition to other items. Children can visit Santa Claus at the local church during the weeks leading up to Christmas and throughout the holiday season. There is also some programming available for children. This non-profit organization was established to help qualified families in Georgia with financial support for several expenses. They may be able to help with rent, utility bills, and medications and even offer free food.

They also offer one-time assistance with things like clothes, furniture, or baby supplies as funding allows (up to $200). They also accept applications for assistance throughout the year. This organization will offer free holiday food to families in need in the weeks before Christmas. This organization collects donations from people in Georgia and financially donates to an organization that supports the homeless or low-income populations. They provide people with food, diapers, clothing, and other things like baby formula.

Address: 1024 2nd Ave. Columbus, Georgia 31901

Christmas warm hearts open arms outreach centre

Christmas warm hearts open arms outreach centre provide referrals in addition to operating a free food pantry. Find out more information about the free Christmas and Thanksgiving food baskets, hot food, Turkey dinners, and groceries programs available in Muscogee County. Grants are available to eligible families with children meeting income guidelines. They often provide diapers, formula, food, and toys throughout the year.

People can also find out more information on other services they offer besides the food pantry, such as rent help and utility bills assistance. Some may be able to get free groceries from them too. There is often assistance for families that need transportation assistance as well. They may be able to help people with free Christmas food as well. They also have free toys, gifts, and other holiday items for kids. They offer some annual programs that provide holiday dinners, clothing, and other support. There are also many other services they offer, but they cannot post the list here due to confidentiality restrictions.

Address: 3645 Buena Vista Rd. Columbus, GA 31906

Contact: (706) 683-4477

Fort Benning Christmas ornament

Assistance is available to military troops currently serving on active duty, as well as their families (spouses). People who are going through tough times are eligible to receive free Christmas toys, clothes, and other holiday goodies.

Fort Benning Santa’s Castle will distribute Christmas food baskets to families this year. It offers services for people in Muscogee County, Georgia, that need assistance. This includes referrals, clothing, financial assistance, and more. They provide information on how to apply for help from them too. They operate a food pantry that distributes hundreds of pounds of holiday meals and snacks each month.

Address: Building 1710 PACOM Ave. Fort Benning, GA 31905

Contact: (706) 641-2092

Thanksgiving dinner columbus ohio

Only free Holiday Bike Helmets are available from them. People and students who drive in cars with bike helmets can receive a free bicycle helmet by calling their hotline or visiting any drop-off locations in the area. Volunteers are also needed to serve Thanksgiving dinner to families in need. They will also have an information booth available on December 3rd and 4th. Low-income families don’t have money to buy bike helmets. They can get one for free.

Address: 616 19th St. Midtown Medical Center West Campus Columbus, Georgia 31901

Contact: (706) 321-6720

Christmas giveaway Columbus ohio

They provide a variety of help initiatives, some of which include kits and other products geared toward children. There may be coats, shoes, sneakers, cash assistance, and a few modest toys or gifts for Christmas. They will also have volunteers and staff on hand to provide a warm meal to families needing assistance.

They promise free food, clothes, and toys for anyone who needs them during Christmas. They accept applications from people who live in Muscogee County and meet the income requirements. Families can apply for various items such as coats, shoes, toys for children, bikes, winter clothing items like hats and gloves, books, and school supplies.

There will be a free Christmas Party from 5:30–7:00 pm with food, snacks, games, and crafts for the children. They will also help children get their hair cut, or nails done for free. They offer free jackets for children ages 3 to 14 under 4 feet tall (toddler size).

Address: 3679 Steam Mill Road Columbus, Georgia 31906

Contact: 706-507-4672

Frequently asked Questions

What is the cut-off age for Toys for Tots in Muscogee County?

What age ranges are included in the Toys for Tots program? The majority of campaign locations can assist youngsters up to the age of 12, but the age limit may be extended in some local communities due to the level of local support in many of these towns.

Can you get Nerf guns for Toys for Tots in Muscogee County?

Donations of NEW toys that are still in their packaging are also welcome. Nerf guns, toy soldiers, dolls, baby toys, puzzles, and other toys that don’t appear like real weapons are some examples of these types of toys. Toys for Tots does not take donations of food, worn or opened toys, or liquid items at any of its drop-off locations.

What toys are most needed for Toys for Tots in Muscogee County?

The categories of sporting equipment, books, wallets, board games, remote-operated cars and trucks, hand-held devices, skateboards and helmets, and backpacks are among the most popular toys. Do not give children toys that mimic the appearance of actual weapons or food items.

Can you write off Toys for Tots donations in Muscogee County?

Please keep in mind that the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation qualifies for tax-deductible status thanks to its status as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The time for submitting applications will begin in the fall. Food or a meal might be provided for an entire family or home. Seniors, housebound people, and lonely people can all benefit from programs. However, when it comes to saying free Christmas gifts, this sort of support is only for children under a particular age, which would normally be 14, and there is a limit to the number of gifts that may be received. The Christmas gifts given to children in Muscogee County could include things like clothes, games, toys, or footwear, among other things. The primary organizations to contact for assistance over the holidays are listed above. Make sure that you register for any holiday programs in plenty of time.



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