FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM

FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM : Free Christmas toys, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and other forms of holiday assistance are all available to residents of Dona Ana County through various programs and resources.

Throughout the region, including Las Cruces, charitable organizations, churches, and non-profit organizations help families and children have a joyful holiday by holding parties, providing Christmas gifts or free presents, and various other activities. A wide variety of people, including immigrants (both legal and illegal), Spanish speakers, migrant farm workers, and others, are eligible to receive assistance. Anyone who requires assistance acquiring a Christmas toy for their child, a gift card, or another kind of gift to unwrap on Christmas morning is eligible.

In addition, there are holiday meal boxes available for Thanksgiving assistance program and other holidays. Find out more information about how to apply for free holiday assistance in Dona Ana County or another area, FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM, and any other relevant information.

The low-income residents of Las Cruces and the surrounding county can apply for assistance with Christmas shopping and other holiday preparations. Below are some details on the program, including applications, times and dates to contact, income eligibility, and more.

Applications for Christmas assistance may be submitted by phone or person at the Las Cruces office. The Christmas holiday can be expensive for low-income families and individuals in Dona Ana County. Local programs are available for those who require assistance in acquiring a Christmas toy for their child, a gift card, or another kind of gift to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Below are details about the program, including applications and contact information, income eligibility requirements, and more.

Why is there a focus on the well-being of children? It is because they are vulnerable and depend largely on their parents to have a safe, secure, and happy life. Christmas presents and other aid forms provide kids with the essentials they need to feel warm, happy, and joyful this holiday season.

Enjoy a delicious holiday meal with help from these Las Cruces, NM, agencies!

Roadrunner Food Bank

The Roadrunner Food Bank can provide food and other assistance to the community during the holidays. They do this by offering over a hundred items every month. Some of the things they offer are nutritious meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, and much more. To ensure that everyone who comes in gets quality products and there isn’t any waste, they carefully monitor inventory levels, like expiration dates.

The Roadrunner Food Bank has been around for many years, helping Las Cruces families. Over the years, they have become a non-profit community resource. The food bank has many hours available for people who need food. They can come by in the morning or evening or enroll in their ‘BackPack Program’, which provides less fortunate kids with the means to eat healthy during the school year.

The Roadrunner Food Bank can provide several available items through product donations and monetary contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations. Some of the things they provide include:

Casa de Peregrinos is a non-profit organization based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. One of the main goals of Casa de Peregrinos is to develop a center that helps families who are in need. The main way they do this is by offering free food and clothing to anyone who comes in. The food pantry provides meals and snacks for hungry people, and the clothing room provides shoes, coats, socks, toys, and other essentials.

Las Cruces Coats for Kids at Southern New Mexico Community Action: Donated coats and warm clothing for keeping children warm are why Southern New Mexico Community Action does this. The coat drive is held in November, and the winter is pretty cold in Las Cruces.

On the day of the coat drive, a team from Las Cruces Community Action drives around Las Cruces providing coats to anyone who comes into their programs that day. Many winter shelters and churches can provide this to people, but they do not want to create another form of homelessness by having to sleep outside without a warm coat.

The Las Cruces Coats for Kids Team provides the coat drive for children who may not otherwise have one. In some cases, this includes providing coats to families across Southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The coat drive is held in November each year, and all donated coats are distributed that day.

Las Cruces Coats for Kids will always accept new or gently used warm clothing items year-round. Each year, free winter coats, boots, hats, and other apparel will be distributed to thousands of children.

The Las Cruces Coats for Kids Team also does a coat drive during the fall and Winter. The Coats for Kids Team from Southern New Mexico Community Action and the Children’s Home Society of New Mexico provide coats to children in need. They provide coats to almost every child that comes through the door. Sometimes, they may even offer a new coat to homeless people. The Las Cruces Coats for Kids aims to help children keep warm and safe.

The Las Cruces Coats for Kids Team will collect coats to distribute to children again this coming Friday, November 13th, and Saturday, November 14th. This time, the Coats for Kids team hopes to provide at least 1000 new or gently used coats! The volunteers from the Las Cruces Coats for Kids Team come from local churches, communities, social service organizations, and people who sincerely desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Address: 3880 Foothills Rd Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011

Contact: (575) 527-8799

Casa de Peregrinos

The food your family consumes during the holidays can be provided by Casa de Peregrinos. They serve delicious, nutritious meals that give people the nutrients they need to have a healthy and happy holiday. It can come in the form of a full holiday meal, invitations to food baskets or boxes, or simply food donations.

The charitable organisation Casa de Peregrinos. serves those in need by providing groceries, meat packs, canned goods, and other non-perishable items. Casa de Peregrinos also gives away new and gently used clothing and food to those who need help during the holiday season. 

Families in need can come into the centre and refresh their pantry with healthy foods. People can also take advantage of the available clothing closet or have a meal on Christmas day with friends and family by volunteering. The provision of donated food has been, and will continue to be, the foundation upon which Casa de Peregrinos has been built to meet the ever-increasing demand in Southern New Mexico for high nutritional value. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a truckload of produce that has passed its sell-by date or a school-aged kid asking his friends for charitable contributions of canned goods instead of a birthday present; it all keeps adding up to millions of pounds of food being put into the hands of those who need it. Food drives in the community are an important part of Casa de Peregrinos’s work, and they are entirely organized by volunteers who just want to make the world a better place.

In addition to new and used clothing, food, and other goods, Casa de Peregrinos also offers goods for fundraising. Donors can set up a fund for college tuition or help their child’s school by replacing the playground equipment destroyed by the weather. They also have a ‘Gift Certificate Fund’ where donors get a certificate from Casa de Peregrinos that they can use as they please.

El Caldito Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen in Las Cruces, New Mexico, ensures that those hungry can get a healthy meal during the holidays. They provide delicious soups to anyone who would like to enjoy them, and they can also help struggling families celebrate the holidays. The El Caldito Soup Kitchen celebrates the holiday season by serving a meal there each year. It’s a holiday meal with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing, green beans, cornbread, and a dessert.

In addition to providing food and other holiday assistance to the Las Cruces area, El Caldito Soup Kitchen also provides those who eat their meals with entertainment. This can include live music, guest speakers, or even holiday movies. Volunteering at the soup kitchen is a great way for people to get some additional help with their holiday expenses. Volunteers get a discount on their lunch and help the centre by doing jobs that need to be done. Some may include serving food or drinks, cleaning dishes, stocking the pantry and refrigerator, and doing clerical work.

El Caldito Soup Kitchen also provides other services that help those in need. A major one is Immigration counseling and assistance with applying for citizenship if they are in the country illegally. They can also provide free Thanksgiving and Christmas meal boxes for families that might not be able to afford them.

Over 50% of Las Cruces, NM residents and even a majority of the children will go through some form of poverty throughout their lives. In addition, it’s estimated that over one-third of those people will struggle with hunger regularly. El Caldito Soup Kitchen’s main mission is to help the people that need it by providing a meal. In addition, they also provide other services such as immigration advice and assistance, job training, and general assistance.

Get FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM!

Gospel Rescue Mission

The Gospel Rescue Mission provides Christmas gifts to ensure that everyone in our community feels like they are the most important person. The mission is to provide bags of groceries, meals, and other items needed during the Christmas season.

The Gospel Rescue Mission also offers a service where they can help with gift wrapping and gift card delivery. They can offer this service to help those who may not have time but still want to give gifts. 

The homeless, including children, are the primary beneficiaries of the numerous holiday programs. There is a project called Christmas Shoe Boxes that kids can participate in. Most of the Christmas assistance consists of free food, meals, warm clothing, and coats. These are provided through the Las Cruces Food Bank.

Christmas is a time for giving, and it’s very important to remember those less fortunate. Las Cruces has many groups who get together, help feed the less fortunate, and ensure they have warm clothes to wear during the winter months. The winter months in Las Cruces can get pretty cold, and the Gospel Rescue Mission has volunteers who donate needed items.

In addition to food and clothing items, many Christmas gifts are available to those who are less fortunate. The Gospel Rescue Mission works with Angel Tree, which is set up to help provide Christmas Gifts for Kids. The Gospel Rescue Mission collects Angel Tree Orders which provides them with private information about the person that ordered the gift so they can purchase a gift for them.

These Angel Tree Orders are placed on a tree in the middle of the Gospel Rescue Mission building. There are names taped to each ornament on the Christmas tree, and when someone has a gift to give, they can select one. They go through and pick out who they would like to buy a gift for and then purchase that person’s Christmas gifts.

Volunteers, including community members, businesses, churches, and more run the Las Cruces Coats for Kids Program. The program was launched in 2007 by Southern New Mexico Community Action Inc.

Address: PO Box 386 Las Cruces, NM 88004

Contact: (575) 523-7727

Coats for Kids

The Las Cruces Coats for Kids Mission is to bridge the gap between families and resources in the Las Cruces community. The goal of the organization is to provide coats to children in need. Over 2,000 children have benefited from the generosity of individuals and corporations in this community.

The coats help these kids keep warm during cold weather, and at the same time, they help prevent frostbite, which could potentially happen with young children that are left out in cold weather without proper clothing on their backs. The US Bank and the Community Action Agency, along with other organizations, put on an annual Coats for Kids event. Since 1995, they have given away more than 48,000 coats to disadvantaged children who require them. The mission of Coats for Kids is to ensure that kids in Las Cruces don’t have to go without the basics.

Coats for Kids is a national winter clothing program that provides needy children with brand-new coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in communities across the US. The non-profit organization has been providing winter wear to children since 1979. They are a part of the National Network and are affiliated with the United Way Organizations.

St. Vincent de Paul of St. Genevieve Parish

To provide food and clothing by taking donations, St. Vincent de Paul of St. Genevieve Parish provides a service called the “Drop-Off Box.” This service is initiated on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and continues through December 23rd.

The parish set up a collection box, clothing, and food bags to collect all needed items for poor families in Las Cruces, NM. The items collected are then shared with individuals in need at the Las Cruces Family Resource Center and three other shelters throughout Southern New Mexico. The “Drop-Off Box” can be located around the city. The drop-off box is located at St. Vincent de Paul of St. Genevieve Parish, at 1620 Grand Ave. The drop-off box is open from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

The “Drop-Off Box” typically has a generous response from the public, and food will be available for families that cannot afford to buy food during that time. Most assistance is geared toward senior citizens living on a limited budget, but anyone can apply.

There is a possibility that free clothing, groceries for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, and many toys will be distributed. The elderly and working poor are given gifts, presents, and other forms of assistance during the holiday season thanks to the efforts of St. Vincent.

Address: 100 S. Espina St. Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001

Contact: 575-526-2656

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also has an Angel Tree program, where they hand out gifts to children who need them. There is also a free Christmas Dinner and a free Christmas Party. 

During the Christmas season, they have many other events, which include the “Adopt-A-Family” program that offers assistance to low-income families with food and toys during the holiday season. The Salvation Army Corps can collect Angel Tree Orders during their annual “Angel Tree Campaign”.

The Angel Tree is a way that individuals can volunteer and make a difference in their community. The Christmas Trees are usually located in various places in Las Cruces, NM. From December 1st – December 24th, there will be an Angel Tree at the Community Action Agency – in Las Cruces. 

They will have some Christmas trees available for people to adopt throughout the city of Las Cruces as well as other communities that are close by. The Salvation Army can help those in need during the holiday season through the Angel Tree program. Please contact them at the number (575) 524-1044. The Salvation Army can help with various needs, including food, clothing, and medication.

The most important social service organization and they provide the most assistance during the holidays. A church that is based on faith provides aid to anyone who is in need. Assistance in the form of free food, Christmas toys and gifts from Angel Tree, distribution of Thanksgiving turkeys, financial aid, clothing, and other forms of assistance are arranged. Other programs include the distribution of food, clothing, and toys at Christmas.

The Angel Tree program is a great way to send gifts to children who otherwise would not receive any presents during the holiday season. The Salvation Army provides donated toys, dolls, and other presents, which are hung on a Christmas tree in the lobby of various Salvation Army locations. 

The Salvation Army also has various Christmas toy drives, where toys can be donated at different locations around town during the winter holiday season. The Salvation Army Angel Tree campaign is one of the most important charity programs for poor children and those living in poverty in Las Cruces.

If you would like to donate to a local charity or non-profit organization, please call (575)524-1044 or visit their website. Many of these organizations offer assistance to deserving individuals and families who are struggling during the holiday season.

Toys for Tots

The U.S. Marines lead in assisting local women and their families living in poverty, as well as underprivileged children. Each military branch has a toy program for kids to receive presents during the holiday season. The program is called Toys for Tots and is one of the most popular charity programs during the holidays.

The U.S. Marines organize a two-week toy drive each year, collecting and storing toys to provide to underprivileged children during the winter holiday season. This is great for kids who might not receive any presents otherwise. If you would like to help, please contact the U.S. Marines on their website. Toys for Tots donation enrollment is available. To sign your child up for the program, the United Way of Southwest New Mexico suggests contacting the school counselor. Toys that are brand new and still in their packaging will be distributed to children under 16 who qualify. 

The items are categorized according to gender (so boys and girls). Dial 211 to locate an application site in your area. Gifts could include books, tablets, shoes, toy trucks, dolls, and a whole host of other things. Toys for Tots is a great way to help out those in your community who could be in need of assistance during the holiday season.

Please call them or visit their website if you would like to donate to a local charity or non-profit organization. Many of these organizations offer assistance to deserving individuals and families who are struggling during the holiday season.

Shop with a Cop

One of the best ways to help is by shopping with a cop. Several shops in Las Cruces are affiliated with United for Virgil, which provides free shopping bags to those in need. The Free Shopping Bags is a national program by United for Virgil, allowing shoppers who would otherwise go without presents to receive free shopping bags from participating stores in the community.

The store owners and employees work together to build community and provide assistance during the holiday season. Shop with a Cop is an event that takes place annually in December. 

The Las Cruces Fraternal Order of Police #8 is responsible for hosting this event. This Cop Shop and Toy Drive are held in a different store annually. It’s a great way to donate new toys, DVDs, clothes, or other items to those less fortunate kids that live in Las Cruces and surrounding communities. The Fraternal Order of Police #8 works with other organizations in Las Cruces to make this event a success each year. A donation not only assists the children but also helps bring the families together.

The Las Cruces Police Department also hosts a Toy Drive each year. In 2016, the theme was “Shop with a Cop.” The target audience was hundreds of underprivileged children and their families in Las Cruces, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. This event is great for people who want to make a difference during the holiday season. 

It’s an easy way to donate to local charities in the area. The Las Cruces Police Department is a great resource for those who want to volunteer their time and efforts during the holiday season. They also provide shopping bags to those in need who want to participate in the event.

One of the most important events that take place each year. The Salvation Army hosts a Christmas party each month on different nights, providing food, movies, crafts, and games for children in need during the holiday season. The families can come together and have fun while having quality time together. The Salvation Army also hosts a free Christmas Eve dinner, providing food and drinks to those in need.

Because so many people live on low incomes, it can be tough for them to provide for their kids during the holiday season. A place where parents can come in and get a fresh Christmas tree for their kids is very beneficial. It’s great for children to be able to decorate the Christmas tree at their house and make it feel like the holiday season. Remember to check out Ways to Get FREE Christmas Help in Albuquerque!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you donate to charity?

There are various websites and organizations that you can donate to during the holidays. If you know of a local charity or organization you would like to donate to, you can check their website or contact them via email or phone.

How to Donate to charities in your community during the holidays?

Suppose you are fortunate enough to live near a charity or organization that assists people in need during the holiday season. In that case, you can direct them toward your local homeless shelter or food bank. These organizations will be able to tell you about events during the holiday season and what they do for those in need. Please help out by volunteering your time during the holidays.

Is it a good idea to donate to homeless shelters during the holiday season?

Homeless shelters are often in need of donations during the holidays. They might be around your area collecting food and donations, or since many people struggle with giving this time of year, they might need toys. Please contact them via email or phone if you would like to donate to them. Please help out by volunteering your time during the holidays.

What if you don’t have money to donate?

There are many ways that you can help others during the holidays. If you can’t afford to give money, you can still help out by volunteering your time or donating food. Many local charities and organizations need support during the holiday season, and they are always grateful for any assistance they receive.

How do you know if you qualify to receive support?

Many local charities and non-profit organizations only assist those who live in a specific county or city. If you are struggling and in need of help, then we suggest contacting them or visiting their website. They will be able to see if you qualify for any assistance during the holiday season.


The holidays are a time when communities have the opportunity to come together and make a difference. Since the holidays can be stressful or challenging for many families, it’s important to remember that help is available when you need it the most. 

Many charities offer assistance to those in need to get FREE Christmas Gifts in Las Cruces, NM. If you know somebody who might need extra help this holiday, please direct them to these charities and organizations. If you’re feeling the need to give back, then consider donating to charities or non-profit organizations. These organizations help those in your community who might not be able to provide for their kids during the holiday season.

Christmas is not the same for everyone; some are blessed with a full fridge and a roof over their head to keep them warm and dry, while others are struggling, just like the people on this list. One of the biggest ways we can help our neighbors is donating money to local charities or organizations. Every dollar counts if it helps someone during the holidays.

There are also many ways you can help local families during Christmas time, such as donating food, toys, or other items. You can also volunteer your time to help others. If you have time, offer to babysit the neighbor kid or help them with a project. You might be surprised by how much you can do to help others during the holidays. Whatever you choose, remember that it’s not only about your happiness and celebrations during Christmas but also about helping those who need it most this holiday season.

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