Fun DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season

10 Fun DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season – Christmas is one of the most busiest time for all the people. Some are busy decorating, some are busy making feast, and some are busy shopping and buying the gifts and much more. But there are some beautiful gifts that you can prepare at home and gift to your loved ones. One of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones is the gift basket. Another reason why gift baskets are good is that you can assemble the things and give gifts to your loved ones. One of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones is the gift baskets. And, it is very common for people to ask the question that what should you put up in the basket to make it look unique. But for that, you will need to add something creative, and also some that is of the interest of the recipient. The baskets are easy to make.

Trim-the-Tree Gift Basket

You can also do the trimming of the Christmas trees for people who are having their first Christmas tree. Apart from that, you can also assist a friend in making good collections for the ornaments of the Christmas trees, recipe cards.  You can also give some good small Christmas trees trimmed properly in the basket. Make sure that you choose a good wrapping material, don’t go much for fancy colors like bright blue, or green, you can choose the sack cloth material of brown color.

You can also use some good antique holiday ornaments for giving Christmas gift basket to your close ones like a family member. Apart from that, you know very well that kids are excited for so many things during Christmas seasons and if you are having kids and they see you preparing the ornament baskets they will sure shot, ask you and assist you. So, make sure that you choose cloth ones instead of any ornaments that is breakable.

You can make extra additions also to make your own Christmas ornaments, but also be sure that the recipient of the gift would enjoy the same. Plus, make sure that in your Christmas tree basket gift you include the extra things like lights, candles, and tree skirts also.

Wine Mulling Kit Gift Basket

Another wonderful and some of the best Christmas ideas that you can think of is mulled wine bottle in the basket. So, the first thing that you will have to do is simply choose your favorite mulled wine recipe and after that gather the items in a small packet. Let me list some of the items that you might need like sweetener, some spices like cinnamon sticks, then you will need fruit and honey, etc. You can also add in the basket a bottle of red wine.

But make sure that you choose some good pretty boxes with thermacol inside to keep the bottle, deluxe version, or crate. Plus, you can also add a stock pot which might be required for making the wine. Now, that’s not enough you will also have to place some good glasses or mugs that completes the Gift basket.

If you plan to give this special wine basket to a family, then make sure that you add some sweet drinks for little kids also, if they have any. You can add like hot cocoa pouches etc. Then, the most important is that you have to tie this with a nice colored ribbon, most probably red colored. And don’t forget to use tissue papers that specially comes for Christmas to give a Christmas feeling.

DIY Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Basket

Making a gingerbread house will be one of the best Christmas basket gift ideas for the near and dear ones. But for this type of gift i.e. basket you will have to include everything and also decorate the ginger bread house. You can also place candies, to make it look super special and sui generis. Now, for this you will need a special holiday theme basket. Plus, the most important don’t forget to make a cute bow in the handle of the basket to give a Christmas festive season look.

Do not forget to make the basket look pretty and fancier, you can add paintbrushes, and some creative decoration like icing paints etc. Also, add some candies and cookies of chocolate and much more. You will also require a gingerbread house pattern to make the pieces by yourself.

Apart from that, if you have baskets that have an arch shaped long handles, then you can tie a bow on both the ends and on the center, you can hang small silver or golden color stars and ornaments to give the basket a perfect Christmas look.

Fun DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season

Basket of Wreath-Making Supplies

To make your own Christmas wreath it is very simple and easy. You can give in the basket wreath making supplies if you are planning something for friends. All you need is tools and handy supplies. Apart from that, you can fill the basket with nature’s items like pinecones which are the best ones, berries and flowers. However, there are many people who give dried flowers, but I would recommend that you give fresh flowers. Fresh flowers makes the basket look vibrant and lively. You can also some jingle bells, Christmas tree ornaments and along with that, you can add some candy canes. This will make your wreath perfect. If you want, you can include some floral wires too.

Some of the do-it-yourself ideas for the same are as follows –

You can include some tools like pruning sheers, pliers, and wire cutters if it’s a deluxe version. Add some good wreaths like dried citrus, winter birds etc. So, if you give all of these items then the recipient of the gift would have a good time creating a wreath and will not need to create it from a scratch.

Apart from the wreath and other types of Christmas basket gifts, you can also create a fruit basket with cakes and fresh fruits and including dry fruits and give it your family and friends. Kids in the family love  to eat all these items.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Crate

It is another important aspect in Christmas i.e. gift wrapping. So, if you are using the ideas like a Christmas basket or crate, then you would require the wrapping materials and supplies. Apart from that, you can choose a DIY basket in which you can assemble and collect the supplies. Choose the gift embellishments and don’t forget to add pinecones, and some natural elements like branches etc. Plethora’s of ways are there in which you can make this basket look special.  

You can add scissors, then tape, and other items like glue, etc. which a person would require in wrapping gifts. Do not forget to add ribbons and twines, including gift tags, and please choose some colorful items. Also, you can Make your own bows and don’t forget to add these in the crate….

Springtime at Christmas Gift Basket

One of the best types of Christmas gift basket that you can give to the people is by simply adding flower bulbs and some good holiday ornaments in the basket. But for this kind of Christmas gift basket, you will have to make sure that you don’t plant the flowers or the seeds inside a separate pot and keep that pot in the basket. I will come to this point later. You simply take a basket, fill it with soil, and plant the plants or seeds, make sure you take a basket that has an arched shaped handle. Since the plant will be small (always choose small variety of flowering plants) it will look much neat, then if you have space then you can decorate with pines (small ones) and Christmas balls and green trees cuttings.

The other thing, that you can do is choose a small beautiful pot for the baskets that fits in the basket, not like loose then you can plant in that and wait for it to grow, then if you get space at the sides you can decorate it with pines, small flowers etc. The main idea behind this is that the basket should look appealing and beautiful. Plus, make sure in the first case you use less soil in the basket, so that its not too heavy.

Handmade Holiday Soap and Lotion Gift Basket

Making your own soap is another best way of giving a Christmas basket gift., You can also add lotions and gift it, but again I would suggest a sensible thing, that is buy from the market, because many people cannot reach up to the standards of the market. So, shop around, choose some good and unique soap and lotion collections, and gift it to the your near and dear ones.

If you still like to DIY then choose some good Christmas soap recipes, like using scented oils, etc. You can even use a good candles fragrant. Use a good crane or weave basket for the same. The basket can also have bows on the arch handles and apart from that, if you are giving this soap and lotions basket to some one special then it is suggested that you also place some small Christmas cards, which is another best way of expressing the festive season.

Apart from that, to give a deluxe feeling you can add sugar scrubs, bath salts, and other products like a loofah. If you are making a DIY soap, then make sure that you make a liquid soap that will be easy to use with the loofah. You can also decorate the basket even more with Christmas ribbons, holly, and other important items. You can also give bath toys and bubble bath for the kids. One of the reasons why this is a good gift for the ladies because ladies work in the kitchen and they require soaps of various kinds and lotions to apply, so this is one of the choicest gifts that you can give to anyone.

Sweet Christmas Cookie Gift Basket

Apart from that, one of the best things that you can do is baking many different kinds of Christmas cookies and special brownies and collecting them in a Christmas basket and giving that gift. You can also add other items also, but before that make sure that you decorate the cookies pretty nicely. If you want, you can also gift in the basket cooking making recipes, too. Don’t forget to tie a bow in the basket and around the handle. Traditional baskets are way much better than the other baskets.

Christmas Dinner (or Breakfast) in a Gift Basket 

This is also one kind of a ideal gift that you can bring in and give to a family or friends. Include everything in the basket that is required for a dinner by a person or family. There are two ways you can decorate this basket. One is to decorate it before you are going to visit a family, by creating a fresh meal and then, juxtaposing it in the basket, but you will need good crockeries, so make sure that you use good bowls with tight lids etc.,. so that if you are carrying a bowl of soups, then you will need a good bowl for it. If its breadcrumbs and bread then you can wrap it in sackcloth and keep, then you can do some decorations also like on the handles, and also cover the basket with a white towel or Christmas tissues etc.

If you don’t want to give cooked food, then you can give the recipes or packets like soup packets with some bakery items like small cakes and candies and so much more, also don’t forget to keep a small bottle of wine, if the food recipe is non-vegetarian etc. is different. In addition, do not forget the beautiful Christmas ribbons and bows in the handle of the basket.

Christmas Fire Starter Gift Basket

In cool winters, you can also bestow Christmas fire starter upon your loved ones, in which you can include candles, barks and twigs, pine cones, and include some greenery and ribbons and, make it look festive. You can collect all these items like barks and pine cones etc. when you are out on a walk. Plus, for a better option, you can also add some warm knitted blankets and mugs for wine or hot chocolate. Red candles are the most beautiful ones, so you can add that also to the basket.

Taking the Time Makes It Special

If you are making a family gift basket or you are gifting your friends, make sure that you take time and assemble all the items carefully. You have to make a special kind of gift basket. So, make sure that you decorate it well. When it is Christmas presents that you are gifting people with, they will always think about your thoughtfulness.

Conclusion –

There are various many types of Christmas basket gifts that are mentioned above. You can choose anyone from them. One of the easiest one is the Christmas basket with plants, which is a unique one. Then, fire starter is also one of the most thoughtful ones, because most of the time people run out of the fire starter materials and other woods etc. Apart from that, gifting a blanket is another beautiful added touch to the gift basket. So, choose the unique gift baskets for Christmas and make your Christmas gifts giving special.

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