Flagstaff and Coconino County free food pantries

Flagstaff and Coconino County free food pantries – People who go through the application procedure can get a free box of goods, free food in the event of an emergency, or possibly a warm dinner over the holidays of Christmas or Thanksgiving. Signing up for a Meals on Wheels program is an additional option for seniors living in Coconino County.

Find free and non-profit food banks, organizations that run soup kitchens or pantries, and other resources available to families in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area in an emergency. The food pantries listed below and located reasonably far from you offer comprehensive resources.

You can also find additional resources for preventing hunger in Coconino County by calling the number listed at the bottom of this page. Another possibility will be for requirements of a more fundamental nature. This implies that a pantry that provides free food to low-income people may also provide a clothing closet on the premises or distribute free personal hygiene goods or educational supplies.

The key sites are listed below; anyone who needs assistance should phone a place that is local to them to obtain more information on any forms of aid that might be available. In addition, some locations, such as soup kitchens, provide free meals daily or consistently throughout the year.

What documents are Requeired To Participate in Flagstaff and Coconino County Salvation Army assistance programs?

When you are seeking food assistance from these organizations you might be required to provide some documentation for identification. The specific documents can vary but there are some common types of documentation which might be requested.

  • You need to demonstrate that you live in this area served by the organization. It can be in the form of utility bill lease agreement or any other official documents.
  • Some organizations might also ask you to provide a proof of your income or financial situation first up this can include your unemployment documents or benefit statements.
  • You need to provide a valid ID proof to verify your identity.
  • At times you need to do the details about the number of people in your household including their ages might be requested to determine the amount of assistance that you need. If you have an ebt card then it can be a valuable tool for accessing special assistance.
  • If you or your family member have special diet needs you need to inform the organization in advance.

Special dietary considerations

As every individual is different the diet needs might also be different for everyone and some might require specific considerations because of health or personal preferences. The best part is that there are several food assistance programs in Flagstaff and coconino county which are sensitive to the needs of people and also look forward to provide options for everyone.

  • Some food assistance programs offer vegetarian and vegan friendly options.
  • If you or your family member have any disease or you require a gluten free diet then you can ask about the availability of gluten free food items.
  • Organizations today are completely aware about the food allergies. If you have any specific food allergy communicate the information the staff so that they can help you accordingly.
  • Food assistance programs look forward to provide a lot of nutritious food to support your overall health. This can include fresh fruits and vegetables and other staples.
  • Accessing holiday assistance and lot more in Flagstaff and Coconino county
  • In Flagstaff and coconino county there are several communities that come together during Thanksgiving and Christmas but also throughout the year to provide you assistance if you are in need.

Holiday programs and events

No doubt Thanksgiving and Christmas are very important holidays with special assistance program but you need to know that there are other community events and programs which can bring joy and support during different holidays for

  • Easter assistance is given some churches and it includes distribution of food Easter basket giveaways for kids and lot more.
  • For people celebrating Hanukkah the community events and programs might be available to provide you support including traditional holiday food and festivities.
  • Before the school year begins there are several programs that offer school supplies, backpacks and even food assistance to ensure kids are well prepared for the studies.
  • During the summer months when school is out some organizations end up running meal programs to ensure children have access to nutritious food.

Donations and volunteer opportunities

  • There are several organizations that accept donations of non perishable food items. The items can include canned goods pasta rice and other shelf stable foods. You can check with your local food organization to see what items they need the most.
  • Donating funds to food assistance programs can make it very easy for them to purchase essential items and expand the services.
  • If you have time to spare you can consider volunteering. Organizations generally need helping hands to sort and distribute food so you can help them.

Throughout the year there are different drives organized by schools and community programs. You can participate by donating food items during these drives

The County of Coconino may also have some financial or rent help for families with an immediate crisis, such as a fire, foreclosure notice, or eviction notice on their property. Anyone who needs advice on how to deal with a crisis can call anytime.

Free Food Bank or Food Pantries that help with free Christmas and Thanksgiving Food 

These organizations typically increase the number of services they provide during the holiday season; however, in addition to feeding youngsters on summer break, they can also serve seniors a meal in a group setting.

Sedona Community Food Bank

Catholic Charities works with other organizations to manage the pantry. Working poor people can benefit from providing job programs and clothing, meats, frozen foods, emergency linen, and blankets. Sedona Community Food Bank offers the following services. Provides warm meals and emergency food. Vouchers for other local pantries, clothing closets, educational supplies, and medical referrals are also offered.

Sedona Community Food Bank provides the ability to get food with an EBT card. This would be a tool for families with limited incomes, unemployed recipients of social security benefits, and anybody who cannot afford their monthly grocery bill. Sedona Community Food Bank can provide free clothing for those in need during the holiday season by offering sizes and styles they no longer have time to shop for or buy at thrift stores. This service works well for seniors who can no longer get to the church or places they usually go. The food will be prepared in the kitchen and served in a quiet environment.

Many of these pantries also have job programs that teach people how to work with their hands or offer computer services or other work. It can be very welcome for those who do not have transportation, home care, and senior services that are offered for free. Several older people will not eat well if they do not get enough nourishment. The food pantries also provide meals that are better for their health.

Many of these organizations also offer free programs for children and teenagers, including after-school meal programs and free basic household supplies such as garbage bags or soap. Many branches get together with the schools and provide lunch boxes with various items. These may be given to temporary people without a home, clients with no heat in the winter, and the general public.

Address: 680 Sunset Dr Sedona, Arizona 86336

Contact: (928) 204-2808

Coconino County FoodPlus

Feeding low-income senior citizens, women, and children is the primary concern. Free food, non-perishable commodities, and other items the USDA has approved are distributed. Another pantry can be found at 467 Vista Ave, Page, Arizona 86040; the phone number for that location is (928) 608-6108.

Free food for senior citizens and their guests are also available. The Food Bank may provide bags of food that local churches or other groups have donated.

Coconino County FoodPlus distribute free groceries, food stamps, and nutritional meals. The Coconino County Health Department has numerous resources for the area. Coconino County FoodPlus’s main goal is to help prevent malnutrition in the area and provide meals for senior citizens, pregnant women, and children. The Health Department can also provide nutritional education for families and children.

Coconino County FoodPlus is a coalition of churches, charities, and community groups that distribute food to the needy. They try to reduce hunger by preventing food waste and increasing access to food for those who need it most. They will also collect perishable grocery items from local churches or other groups at no cost. They serve the entire county. The food bank is open Monday through Friday. You can get a voucher to use at any other location in the county. Clothing, shoes and new or gently used toys are available free of charge. Coconino County FoodPlus distribute the following aid:

Bags of food, including pizza, salads, and cookies, are provided for groups who gather for events or special occasions and people in need who ask for assistance.

Address: 2625 N King St Flagstaff, AZ 86004-1884

Contact: (928) 679-7250

NACA Emergency Supportive Services Program

Help can take many forms, such as providing a place to sleep, food, and even vouchers for gas. A particular emphasis is placed on Navajo Nation citizens. The government program helps people in need. They provide many services, including food, information on housing, and community programs; more details are below.

The NACA Emergency Supportive Services Program  help senior citizens remain independent and age in place. Meals are available at over 50 locations in the community, including assisted living centers, adult day care centers, and some schools. A full range of options is provided for seniors seeking part-time or full-time care. The information below shows their food bank and other services that the NACA Emergency Supportive Services Program provides. Discuss your situation and needs with the caseworker, as they may have referrals to other services that can help you.

Address: 2717 N Steves Blvd Flagstaff, AZ 86004-3959

Contact: (928) 526-2968

Central Arizona Food Bank

This may be the largest center in the entire region. In addition to providing free food boxes, they also operate a program known as the Care Club, which offers families discounts on purchasing nutritious food products.

Get details on the Central Arizona Food Bank. Central Arizona Food Bank provides many services to clients. This includes food vouchers, clothing, emergency items, and other things a needy person needs. Clients can get help applying for SNAP benefits, School Breakfast and Lunch, WIC, and other programs they qualify for based on household size and income.

In addition, food and furnishings may be provided based on need, both short and long-term. Clients can receive referrals to programs they may qualify for, including SNAP benefits. The agency follows four principles: human dignity, necessity, charity, and alms. You must visit the site to get the information you need and put in your request. Food packets or boxes will be provided.

Clients can also get help applying for SNAP benefits, School Breakfast and Lunch, WIC, and other programs they qualify for based on household size and income. In addition, short and long-term food and furnishings may be provided based on need. For example, homeless people may get help in obtaining emergency shelters. Senior citizens can get help applying for the Department of Aging’s senior services program (this is for residents in Maricopa County).

Address: 654 N Main St Cottonwood, Arizona 86326-3713

Contact: (928) 634-7447

Navajo Area Agency on Aging Senior Citizen Center Program

Seniors are eligible for transportation. Navajo Area Agency on Aging Senior Citizen Center Program also manage the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers meals to low-income households that meet the requirements. The agency locates senior citizens needing help and provides home-delivered meals. The location may also be used for community events. If you are at the mercy of a broken skillet or stove, it’s no fun thinking about how you’ll cook the next meal.

Address: Window Rock, Arizona 86515

Contact: (928) 674-2369

Coconino County Community Services Department Senior Services

This site can also assist locals in submitting their applications for SNAP food assistance. There are many other senior programs in the county. The county website shows all of the available options. The agency helps clients receive help from Arizona’s Department of Economic Security (DHS). They may be able to help you find government housing or even assist in paying utility bills and rent. DHS can also provide other programs, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), an income supplementation program that helps adults meet their basic needs.

Food can be sent to you from the following agencies if you apply for SNAP food assistance. This is a new program implemented by the Department of Economic Security. It helps provide people with temporary financial assistance for rent and energy bills.

The NACA Emergency Supportive Services Program provides free housing to low-income families. This may be for very short periods; you must visit their site to see if you qualify and what options are available.

Address: 2625 N King St Flagstaff, AZ 86004-1884

Contact: (928) 679-7425

Fredonia Senior Citizen Center

Meals are provided for the elderly and persons with disabilities who live in Coconino County and can either congregate or have their meals delivered to their homes.

The senior meal program is funded by the USDA and the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Seniors are served two meals each day. Fredonia Senior Citizen Center may also receive nutritional information about the meals they eat. The meals include three daily breakfast choices, with two daily lunch and dinner options, which consist of low-fat, low-sodium, high-fiber foods rich in vitamins and nutrients; there are plenty of choices to meet any dietary needs.

People who need food assistance can fill out an application to the state. A caseworker will contact the applicant after their application is received.

The programs for which you may apply include medical assistance, cash assistance, food benefits, child care, and other services the state provides. Qualified individuals may be able to receive SNAP benefits. Although this program has a waiting period, it is usually not very long (usually around a week or two).

Address: 80 N 100 W Fredonia, Arizona 86022

Contact: (928) 643-7278

The Salvation Army Pantry at Flagstaff

Free food, a Angel Tree program that provides gifts and Christmas feasts, as well as school materials, are distributed. The charitable organization provides holiday food baskets to low-income households in time for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The organization provides free food banks and food pantries for those needing immediate assistance related to their income level and assets. The food bank also provides no-cost food for senior citizens and information about other services that can be provided for any other needs.

Free food is available to qualified seniors and disabled people. The Salvation Army Pantry at Flagstaff provides meals, groceries, or fuel to low-income individuals and families. The elderly and people with disabilities can also receive food from this location.

This program provides emergency supplies to the needy living in Navajo County. In addition, they may be able to provide low-cost dental insurance in addition to nutritional care, advice on healthy eating, and assistance with prescription medications.

Address: 507 N Humphreys St Flagstaff, AZ 86001-3055

Contact: (928) 774-1403

Additional free emergency food programs in Coconino County

Dial (928) 526-2211 for additional referrals, including to soup kitchens in the region or other free food distributions from pantries, if you need assistance. Other charitable organizations and volunteer groups can give cleaning, hygiene, or food distribution materials. Or customers have the option of inquiring about USDA commodities or federal programs such as the benefits of SNAP or school lunches.

Coconino County residents can reach out to the organizations that provide aid to local families that may need support or information on basic resources like groceries, food stamps, and other services.

What is the Salvation Army?

At its core, the Salvation Army is a religious organization. However, it includes other religions and organizations that identify with this charitable ministry. Some people believe in the Christian teachings of Jesus Christ; others identify with other traditions. Regardless of your faith or personal beliefs, they are all welcome to support programs, including food and shelter.

Is the Salvation Army completely a religious organization?

The Salvation Army is also a secular organization. The people involved in the variety of programs this organization provides have no connection to the Religious Society of Friends. They care about many other social issues, such as hunger and homelessness, but they do not see those concerns as merely religious; they see them as having wide-ranging relevance to life.

What services does the Salvation Army provide?

The program area that this agency provides is broad. It ranges from housing and shelter services for adults and veterans to federal aid for needy families with children and medical care for those who are uninsured or underinsured. They also help people become self-sufficient by providing them with education and training, job placement services, and other opportunities to gain employment and become economically independent.

Who qualifies for assistance from the Salvation Army?

Many factors are considered when the Salvation Army determines who can receive assistance. They want to ensure that you can maintain your housing situation or find employment without this help. This has led them to limit the aid they provide to those who may not be able to afford necessities or live in a stable housing situation without any outside help or support.


Whether it is a box of food, a bag of groceries, or a home-delivered meal, you can get help. If you need the address of any agency in Flagstaff, Arizona, dial (928) 526-2211.

If you have a low income and are in danger of not having enough to eat, it is important to apply for SNAP food stamps immediately. It is available across Arizona, especially in Coconino County, under the Food Assistance Program, as it provides nutritionally balanced boxes of food each month.

Particular programs, including Meals on Wheels, can help children and seniors with their nutritional needs. For example, the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs can give out food to the needy. Many food pantries in Flagstaff, Arizona, can help those who have fallen in hard times. However, if you have additional needs such as medical or dental care, these organizations probably can’t help you with those.

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