FREE Christmas Assitance in Passaic County NJ

FREE Christmas Gifts in Passaic County NJ – Christmas is not the same for everyone, mainly for low-income families. It can become a stressful, expensive, and trying time. Many charitable organizations offer FREE Christmas Gifts in Passaic County NJ for children and seniors. Local Churches and Charitable organizations are providing Christmas gifts for low-income families and seniors.

The children will be gifted with toys and clothing. Some of the organizations providing free Christmas gifts include the Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, Operation Santa Claus, Passaic County Shelter for Women & Children, etc. These organizations provide clothing such as pajamas, toys, hygiene supplies, and other physical needs for children. This is to give them a better Christmas.

Organizations Offer Free Food in Passaic County, New Jersey

Father English Centre

When families, seniors, veterans, and seniors in Passaic County need assistance, the Father English Centre in Paterson is there to provide it for them. Families can get assistance with food for the holidays. More information on how to get assistance can be found below.

Everyone who is working to support and help the needy in Passaic County can receive assistance from a variety of charitable organizations. These organizations include the Passaic County Community Foodbank, a New Jersey food bank that provides food to over 80,000 people each year, including low-income families in Wayne.

In the middle of Paterson is where you’ll find the Father English Food Pantry, which assists those who are struggling the most. Along with being one of the first food pantries to do so, Father English was also among the first to restore clients’ dignity by assigning them a certain number of “Shopping Points” based on the size of their household, after which they were free to shop for the items that best met their requirements and preferences, just as they would in a regular grocery store.

Clients are allowed to visit the consumer-choice food pantries as frequently as they deem necessary; patrons typically take home enough food to feed their family for one full week after visiting the food pantries.

To ensure that the food bank’s resources are distributed to those who are in need and so that they can be accountable for the funding that they receive from the government and other agencies that support the Food Pantries, clients are required to provide some basic information on the registration form. This information includes information about the income of the household.

Additionally, the Father English Food Pantry helps local food pantries in parishes and diocesan associates by filling in the gaps; when there are requirements in the local pantries, the Father English Food Pantry tries to meet those needs.

A collaborative effort between the Father English Centre, the Catholic Charities Hope House in Dover, and the Partnership for Social Services Food Pantry in Franklin, the Father English Centre can offer assistance and instil a sense of hope in residents of all three counties.

United Passaic Organization

United Passaic Organization provides much-needed food, clothing, and household items to individuals, families, and senior citizens. United Passaic Organization also offers the services of a food pantry, clothing and household product distribution, and community education. The services are provided on an equal opportunity basis.

Since 1967, the United Food Bank has been a part of United Way’s efforts to reduce hunger in our community. The mission of the United Food Bank is to be an integral part of the community’s efforts to end hunger by distributing safe and healthy food for people in need through area social service agencies.

United Passaic Organization’s main goal is to provide “Coordinated Services” to its members. They are the ongoing place where Passaic County families can find help with a variety of services in one location. United Passaic Organization offers programs such as Adult Education, GED, Employment Readiness, and Literacy. They are a great place for individuals and families to get information about available resources in their community.

United Passaic Organization is primarily concerned with the education, financial stability on christmas, and well-being of every member of our community. The United Way of Morris County’s primary mission is to organize, develop and implement united action toward community improvement. It is an umbrella organization that has included over 150 organizations (including businesses, faith-based groups, and government) representing over 45,000 people from across Morris County.

New Hope Community Ministries

The Community Food Pantry and the Soup Kitchen combine to provide the needy with food, clothing, and other essentials each week. In addition, they offer food on holidays and after special events. Families in Passaic County and the surrounding areas who are struggling financially can take advantage of the services provided by New Hope Community Ministries in Prospect Park.

The organization assists residents to help them in their time of need. While the two main programs offered by New Hope are the Food Pantry and the Soup Kitchen, there are other programs and resources available from New Hope that can help low-income families get back on their feet.

Within the areas of Prospect Park and Haledon, New Jersey, New Hope Community Ministries is the only organization of its kind. Residents of Prospect Park and Haledon, which are located on the outskirts of Paterson, have a higher-than-average incidence of living below the federal poverty line.

Since 2005, they have provided professional counselling, mentoring, parenting classes, couples’ enrichment, immigration clinics and aid, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, an emotional support group called “Women of Hope” that has grown to include forty women, as well as social groups for children and teenagers.

Program participants are invited to a Back-to-School Supply Depot as well as a Christmas Market, both of which are offered at reduced prices. More than one thousand members of the community each receive an additional five meals every month from their food pantry. The food pantry is typically the first place that individuals and families who are experiencing difficult times visit. It is essential to have a pantry so that they can save money on the cost of food so they can pay their other bills.

The participants, mentors, and volunteers all greet one another and converse over cups of coffee, which contributes to the upbeat mood that permeates the space during a food distribution day. Their participants are allowed to “shop” for their food rather than receiving pre-sorted bags of it. The number of people living in a home determines the number of points that are distributed to that home. Participants can apply these points toward the purchase of food from their communal pantry.

In addition, a volunteer mentor is assigned to each participant so that they can discuss the highs and lows of adulthood with someone who understands. Through these relationships, they work hard to not only provide material sustenance, but also emotional support and spiritual sustenance for one another. There are currently 978 people being served by the food pantry.

The Christmas Market and the School Supply Depot are the two events that make up this program, which takes place throughout the year. The participants can give their children the gift of choice while maintaining their dignity by purchasing toys and school supplies for less than five dollars each. The toys are intended as Christmas presents for the children.

The New Hope Christmas Market is held every December in New Hope. Toys and gift cards are generously donated so that they can be sold to members of their community at prices that are significantly reduced.

The program has been designed in such a way that it allows parents to take an active part in picking out and purchasing presents for their children. On Christmas morning, these children will open presents from their parents, even though they have purchased the presents. When the bills start piling up, it can be difficult for parents to find the money to cover all of the back-to-school costs.

At New Hope, they make it their mission to ensure that every child who takes part in one of many programs is well prepared for the upcoming academic year. Every year, they give approximately 150 children backpacks that are stocked with various school supplies.

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Assistance in Passaic County

Salvation Army program

The Salvation Army provides services to those in need in Paterson, New Jersey, and Passaic County. It has been around since 1865 and is a major force for good that works tirelessly to help those in urgent need. The good that the Salvation Army does involves distributing food and providing clothing, financial assistance, and more to people who fall in hard times.

They also operate a seasonal shelter that provides shelter to homeless men when the temperatures drop below sixty degrees. Children from low-income families are eligible to participate in the Angel Tree program run by the Salvation Army in Paterson. The program may offer assistance to children, such as free toys for Christmas. In addition to that, they provide holiday dinner bags.

The Salvation Army program also operates several soup kitchens, where they provide meals to anyone who needs them. The men and women of The Salvation Army also play an important role in the community by providing many different things, such as baby clothes and other toiletries.

They even reach out to those who are suffering. They can help people with mental health issues that originate at the root of physical ailments. With their help, a person may find the confidence and motivation needed to get on with life again.

Salvation Army’s main goal is to improve the lives of people throughout the world, whether it is right around the corner or across the ocean.

United Way Of Passaic County

During the holiday season, the United Way of Passaic County in Paterson extends an invitation to all low-income families residing in Passaic County to apply for their Winter Wishes program. Through this program, members of the community are introduced to low-income families who are then offered the opportunity to receive free Christmas gifts for their children.

The United Way of Passaic County provides these gifts to children from low-income families. The gifts and the funds that are used to purchase them are obtained through donations that come from corporations, civic and religious groups, as well as other donors. Once the families receive their gifts, they can have a wonderful Christmas Day that is filled with joy for everyone.

In addition to assisting with the holiday season for low-income families, the organization also assists in times of need throughout the year. They provide housing and financial support to those who need it. They can help many people with food, clothing, utilities, and more.

The United Way’s main mission is to assist people who are in need throughout the world. Through their Winter Wishes program, The United Way helps low-income families with their Christmas shopping by taking them out to a local store where they can select the gifts they desire. The women and children who have selected receive gifts that they can afford and that they will enjoy. The United Way also provides home weatherization assistance, which helps combat the effects of rising energy costs.

The United Way offers low-income families a financial assistance program to help them make ends meet. The program is especially helpful during the holiday season when more money is needed as gifts are being purchased for children. During the year, families can pay their utility bills in full and receive assistance with other basic needs that may be a struggle for them to afford.

CASA Holiday Wish Drive

CASA of Passaic County is a non-profit organization that helps with abuse and gives abused children a chance for a better future. It wishes to give every child in the county a chance to have a happy holiday season. They do this by collecting new toys, clothing, food, and other items from members of the community.

CASA then distributes these gifts to children in need. Additionally, they distribute them to those who are unable to afford Thanksgiving or any other holiday meals. Foster families in Passaic County and the surrounding areas are assisted during difficult times by the CASA Holiday Wish Drive in Wayne. Only children who are in foster care receive gifts, food, and clothing from this organization during the holiday season.

CASA Holiday Wish Drive has a wide range of services that it provides to those in need, and one of them is free Christmas gifts. They also provide holiday meals and toys. The food pantry is open to everyone who needs it. They benefit hundreds of people each year in need.

The Holiday Basket Program works together with the Food Pantry to provide community members with a food basket during the holiday season. Anyone who needs help throughout the year can receive food through the program. They also provide fresh fruits and vegetables for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

The Holiday Basket Program partners with other organizations to collect as many gifts as possible. They also collect toys, jackets, clothing, and more. Volunteers distribute all of these items throughout Passaic County during the holiday season.

Children who are placed in foster care, just like any other children, each have their likes and dislikes, as well as specific wishes for the upcoming holiday season. During their annual holiday wish drive, Passaic County CASA believes it is important to recognize the uniqueness of each of the more than 300 children they help in Passaic County and the surrounding area by giving them gifts that are personalized to their interests.

Without your assistance, they will not be successful! Help them grant a wish to a child who is currently living in foster care by doing one of the following:

  • Shopping from their wishlist on Amazon
  • Getting in touch with their office to find out which products are most in demand (973-832-4002)

Gift cards for well-known stores including Target, Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Old Navy, and Sephora can be made available to customers (please be sure the card has the value written on it)

Each present must be BRAND NEW and presented UNWRAPPED. In the context of the child welfare system, Passaic County CASA is a non-profit organization that advocates for what is considered to be in the children’s best interests. Volunteer advocates are recruited, screened, trained, and supervised by Passaic County CASA. These advocates work to ensure that children involved in child welfare and court systems are kept safe and are provided with the necessary services.

These advocates keep the child’s best interests in mind at all times and fight for those interests throughout the entire legal and social services process involving the child. Advocates commit to working with a child until he or she is placed in a loving, stable, and secure home.

Toys For Tots program

Toys For Tots is a charitable organization that provides toys to children in need throughout New Jersey and across the United States.

They distribute millions of toys each year, and they do so by collecting new and gently used items. Children who have lost their toys can also donate new ones.

Supplies are distributed in Paterson through the Toys for Tots program, which takes place during the holiday season when it is needed most. They also operate holiday dinner bags, which are given to families who are struggling financially during the holidays.

Toys for Tots in Red Bank holds its annual toy drive to collect toys for children of low-income families living in Passaic County. These families have children who need assistance. Every eligible child receives a basket full of brand-new, never-before-opened toys, and some of the children may also receive brand-new bicycles.

To collect those items, volunteers may be going door-to-door. The families that are in need will be provided with them at no cost. They will be given to children aged four and under, but they can also be given to older children in situations when they are needed most.

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Gifts in Passaic County, New Jersey


Cumac in Paterson provides low-income families who are having trouble making ends meet with a variety of services and programs, including a food depot, a community closet, referral services, and a drive to collect school supplies.

It’s possible that during the holiday season, they will give away free Christmas toys to children whose parents are unable to afford to buy them themselves. The Passaic County NJ Residents Assistance Bureau also runs several holiday programs throughout the year. They provide toys, food, and clothing to families.

Passaic County residents can get free food, clothing, and holiday assistance from many resources in the county. CUMAC provides a large, trauma-informed choice marketplace in which visitors can select the foods they require while being assisted by a volunteer who has attended an instruction on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and resilience that was conducted by CUMAC.

Guests can visit the Marketplace every month by scheduling appointments through a system that is based on appointments. Over 3,000 people visit CUMAC every month. The facility that CUMAC possesses, which is 28,000 square feet in size, is used for securing, storing, and distributing fresh, healthy food as well as high-quality shelf-stable products.

The results of guest surveys and analyses of data on food insecurity are used to decide where food comes from and how it is distributed. Through CUMAC’s programs and those of its partner organizations, food is provided to the centre’s guests.

CUMAC provides Trauma-Informed Conversations to non-profit organizations, schools, and community members to have discussions about Adverse Childhood Experiences and Building Resilience.

Their mission is to educate people about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and toxic stress, and how they can collaborate with families to create an environment in which all individuals have access to the resources necessary to lead lives that are both healthy and whole.

It is simple to create a fundraising page; all you need to do is select an image for your page and compose a message that will be displayed to your network. Start raising money for CUMAC by telling your family, friends, and anyone else who will listen about your page through text, email, social networks, and other means.

The Passaic County NJ Residents Assistance Bureau (RCAB) is a county-wide assistance program. RCAB assists all residents of Passaic County regardless of their political boundaries. It is a county-wide program that provides emergency assistance to those who are caught in financial hardship because of unemployment, disability, illness, death in the family, or other hardships that occur in life.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church

People in Passaic County, New Jersey who want to ensure that a needy child will get a Christmas present may be able to contact St. Matthews Episcopal Church.

They provide free Thanksgiving and Christmas presents for kids in the community who can’t afford them. They are also a great resource for everything from household goods to furniture. In Passaic County and throughout the state of New Jersey, families with low incomes can take advantage of the services provided by the St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Paramus.

They provide counselling services, as well as food and clothing from the clothing closet and a dry pantry for friends. In addition, the organization provides referral services for people who need help during the holidays. At St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, our mission is to serve Christ by providing aid to those in need, both locally and internationally, through both volunteer work and monetary contributions.

They do this in the name of Christ. They provide financial assistance to a wide variety of programs, all of which are designed to alleviate the conditions of those who are afflicted. By helping those who are less fortunate and reaching out to them, they are doing the will of God and working to make the world a better place.

They are always open to suggestions on how our parishioners can help others most effectively, and they encourage our congregants to participate in these efforts by donating their time, talents, and energies. Donations of non-perishable food items can be made to the Food Pantry at St. Paul’s in Paterson, New Jersey, which is part of the “Food for Friends” program.

Those who need emergency food assistance can get it at the Food Pantry, which is the second-largest food pantry in Passaic County. The contents are delivered every month and include turkeys that can be given to less fortunate families for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Within the Anglican provinces, dioceses, and companion dioceses, the United Thank Offering provides financial support to initiatives that work to alleviate poverty on a local as well as a global scale. These initiatives can be found in the United States as well as in other countries.

On the Sunday known as “Blanket Sunday,” parishioners donate $5.00 to the Church World Service to purchase new blankets. The Church World Service then gives these blankets to people who are in need, both locally and internationally.

Goodie bags for Halloween and Christmas, as well as Easter candies, are made possible by the generous contributions of a friend of the St. Matthew’s Family, with additional contributions coming from the congregation.

The Holley Centre for Children, which is situated in Hackensack, New Jersey, receives gifts in the form of hats, mittens, scarves, and toys that are donated. The Holley Centre gives housing and mental health services to a total of 48 children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Our parishioners, the Women’s Club of Paramus, and the Koenig Family all contribute items such as hats, mittens, and scarves to the Christmas Tree that is displayed in our church during December. The North Porch, the Holley Centre, and St. Paul’s Shelter are the three organizations that receive donations from the Mitten Tree. Find the tree that is located in the back of the church.

They remain committed to fulfilling our promise to support St. Paul’s Church in Paterson, New Jersey, which offers emergency shelter, clothing, and food to as many as fifty men who are homeless on any given night. St. Paul’s Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and on each of those days, they prepare and serve a full, hot meal to the homeless men who stay there.

Donations of food (including hams and turkeys) and sweets have been made by generous parishioners. They are grateful to the hardworking individuals who organize the meals, prepare the meals, and serve the meals. This program is extremely successful, and they would not be able to carry it out without your help.

The Seamen’s Church Institute is dedicated to ministering to the emotional, practical, and spiritual requirements of seamen all over the world.

It has been around since 1834 and has grown to become the most important mariner’s service agency in all of North America. Put your contributions in the basket that is located in the narthex, and they will make sure they are given to the sailors.

The second Sunday of every month at St. Matthew’s is set aside as “Loose Plate Collection for Outreach” day. In addition to the regular offerings that are placed in the collection plate, parishioners also make financial contributions to support various outreach programs that have been pre-determined by the Vestry. In the past, loose plate collections have been put to use to help fund organ transplants, assist with medical bills, and supplement programs that help the hungry and the homeless in addition to other local and global ministries.

There is no more important diocesan ministry than the Alleluia Fund for Outreach. Your financial contribution to the Alleluia Fund will allow you to join Episcopalians from all over the Diocese who are responding to the plight of our sisters and brothers in need with compassion and generosity.

They can accomplish things that, if they tried to do them as individual Christians, would likely become impossible for us to do. This is because they are donors to the Alleluia Fund for Outreach.

The vital ministries that our Alleluia Fund partners provide include food pantries, after-school programs, shelters for those who are the most vulnerable, and critically needed international programs. Don’t forget to check out Free Christmas assistance and holiday help in Hudson County New Jersey!

Eva’s Village

Those who are struggling with homelessness, hunger, or poverty, as well as those who are battling an addiction, are encouraged to apply for the holiday assistance program at Eva’s Village in Paterson.

This program has many aspects to it, but the primary focus of it is on a community kitchen where local families can come to get a free holiday meal and relate with other local families in the area. Eva’s is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping families and individuals in transition. They also provide services to adults and children who are battling an addiction, as well as individuals who have other medical or psychological challenges. The program is open to all Passaic County residents.

Eva’s Village provides social services and programs for behavioural health that enable people struggling with issues such as hunger, poverty, homelessness, and addiction to take control of their lives and lead lives that are healthy, stable, and financially secure.

They assist tens of thousands of adults, children, and families every year by addressing not only the fundamental requirements of food and shelter, but also the complex issues surrounding addiction, mental illness, and long-term homelessness.

A community of supportive services, such as food, shelter, treatment for addiction and mental illness, job training, medical care, and housing are provided as part of their innovative and comprehensive approach. These services are included in their community. Eva’s Village’s main goal is to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and homelessness through a continuum of care. Through this program, people can live healthy, productive lives which leads to employment and long-term self-sufficiency.

To apply for this program please visit their website. Eva’s Village is a project that assists the homeless and those who are being abused. Eva’s Village runs a program that serves over 500 individuals each year.

The program offers people with no permanent address a chance to enjoy the holiday season and have a change of scenery as well. They provide food, clothing, hygiene products, toys, blankets, and warmth to those in need at no cost to them. Eva’s Village is 100% volunteer driven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find out more information about a particular organization or service?

Just visit the organization’s website. If you can’t find their site, contact them by telephone or email.

Why is there such a large number of programs?

Because everyone needs assistance at one time or another, and everyone helps everyone else in some way or another!

Who funds all of the programs?

All of the services are funded by local, county, and state government grants. Federal funding also plays a significant role in helping to fund some of these services.

Why do so many organizations receive free equipment or supplies?

Because there is always a need for something! Some organizations may be run by volunteers, and you can donate your time as well to help them with whatever they need.


It is clear that with the dedication of many individuals and organizations to get FREE Christmas Gifts in Passaic County NJ, there is no longer a lack of resources in our community. Resources are now available to dependably and effectively solve the complex problems that face us as a society.

The government provides each citizen with free education, and free healthcare at all levels including emergency care, subsidized food stamps, and subsidized housing. The result of these programs is that there are very few who need to do without necessities. There are also innumerable resources available to help those who truly need them.

The social welfare system that is in place to help those who need assistance has provided many of our underserved citizens with opportunities for a better life. The government is doing the best that it can to assist those who are truly in need and to teach them how to provide for themselves once again. Although these resources do exist, many people choose not to use them because of a lack of knowledge or pride. This can make for a very difficult life, but there is still hope for our community.

The government does not have all the answers to our many complex problems. It is up to each of us to solve problems with our energy and involvement in our communities.

The government cannot continue to solve all of our problems because they are too big and too many. Next time you see someone sitting on the corner or noticed a friend who seems depressed or neglected, perhaps you can offer them your help in solving their problems. You can contact any of the above-mentioned organizations for assistance.

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