How to Get Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Sacramento County, CA

How to Get Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Sacramento County, CA : Families with lower incomes can take advantage of free holiday programs throughout Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays in Sacramento County every year. There are a few different routes that one can take to acquire a free toy, Christmas present, dinner, or turkey for Thanksgiving.  Below is a list of the most prominent churches and charitable organizations to get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Sacramento County, CA, including organizations participating in Toys for Tots donation Program and Angel Tree. Even if a particular charity program does not have a gift that can be given to a child, it will frequently provide referrals to other programs.

In the Sacramento region, there are not many organizations that can assist low-income families or single mothers over the : holiday season. Most of the assistance can be obtained through programs such as Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family, and the Angel Tree. 

On the other hand, there is a significantly increased availability of meals and food baskets, notably during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It is strongly suggested that assistance requests be submitted as soon as possible due to the high volume of requests and the limited number of Christmas gifts that may be distributed.

Additionally, the holiday programs in Sacramento County work together to coordinate with one another. Therefore, an individual, a family, an elderly person, or a single parent cannot obtain free food or toys from various sources. They are only able to get aid from a single organization at a time. If an individual has already received a gift from a charity, then they cannot utilize the Angel Tree program for example.

In order to ensure that all individuals in need are able to receive assistance, and to prevent everyone from overwhelming the agencies with requests, it is imperative that an applicant does the following:

There are a number of organizations that offer Holiday Help for individuals, families, seniors over the holidays. Common clothing items include boots, socks, mittens, and jackets. Adopt a Family provides Christmas gift baskets to single parents in the Sacramento region. Under this program, families can receive gifts and food baskets from several different charitable organizations. These can range from toys to clothing, to school supplies and more.

The Angel Tree program has recently expanded by allowing individuals to give Christmas gifts and boxes of food for the holidays instead of just donating money or toys. All programs mentioned above will typically deliver the gifts to appropriate addresses in Sacramento County, CA, or provide a list of drop off locations for the delivery. Both Amazon and Walmart are also able to deliver orders directly to recipients. Although Amazon does not have a matching service for families, individuals can purchase items such as toys and books from the retailer.


The Salvation Army

This organization provides free food and toys to their community in addition to the usual holiday assistance. Angel Tree is an annual Christmas assistance program that is operated by the Salvation Army for families of all types, including those without children. Families have the opportunity to submit an application to get a holiday food basket, and children under the age of 12 are also entitled to receive some free, enjoyable Christmas items. A helpline is also available through the program to respond to any inquiries you may have regarding the service. For further information, please contact us at (916) 669-2302 thanks.

Families that are receiving aid for the holidays from the Salvation Army will also have the opportunity to acquire a free artificial Christmas tree that has been gently used through the California Backyard program. Inquire about the possibility of obtaining a Christmas tree as a gift to help make this holiday season a little bit brighter for your family.

The charitable organization will give away free toys and Christmas presents to children younger than 12 years old. It’s possible that there will be clothing, Legos, tablets, arts and crafts supplies, and even more for children. Food baskets are another option that may be found in Sacramento County. These food baskets can be given to families with children as well as single-person households. A meal or a little gift may also be provided to senior citizens.

In addition, Thanksgiving dinners are provided by the charitable organization. This price includes a turkey as well as all of the fixings. They are typically distributed to the general public on the day of Thanksgiving, and anyone who is in need is eligible to receive them. In Sacramento County, registering for the free Angel Tree program can frequently be done at a time that is convenient. Individuals can expect to be matched with a family that is in need of additional gifts and food baskets.

The Salvation Army offers programs for seniors. These are typically called the Meals on Wheels services, but they have been expanded over the years. The organization can provide meal deliveries to seniors that live in Sacramento as well as a hot meal during the holidays. They also provide Meals on Wheels for seniors that may be homebound or have mobility problems during the year.

Food assistance can be provided to all members of the family, including children and infants. Food can be delivered through the Sacramento, California Backyard program. This consists of several different items such as free, gently used Christmas trees, small refrigerators and microwaves as well as small toys and clothing. This is a comprehensive program that might provide pieced meals or something more substantial depending on the budget of the recipient.

This agency provides free toys and clothes to children in need and seniors over 60 years of age. They have a Christmas assistance program that is run in conjunction with the Salvation Army. This allows seniors to receive a free meal, as well as clothes and clothing for the children.

The program also provides items such as free holiday food for families that are living on a very low budget, or families that are homeless. The client may be able to receive extra food from the Salvation Army, in addition to other items such as clothes and toys.

The Sherrif’s Toy Project

This organization helped to provide toys to children from the Sacramento area. This was a local program that provided assistance through toy drives and events such as open houses and other events where families could visit and pick out a toy from the available stock. Santa Claus would also come to schools on occasion, as well as other locations for children to register for gifts, sign up for drawing, etc.

This is a non-profit organization that addresses the needs of the homeless, as well as others in the Sacramento area. It provides free food to anyone age 18 or above that has a referral from a social worker or community agency in need. This food is available for any low income family as well, and it allows them to feed their entire family for up to three days. During the holiday season, the Sherrif’s Toy Project proudly distributes toys to approximately 7,500 families who have children who are in need of assistance. The Toy Project also assists the community in other ways, such as by restoring outdated computers and donating them to educational institutions, as well as by fixing bicycles and donating them to families who are going through difficult circumstances throughout the year.

The foster care organization provides this type of assistance through the Holiday Care Program. It is a great way to give back to the community and make someone feel special. Families that are in need may be able to receive free food, clothing, toys, as well as meals for the entire family. This may be given in a grocery store or at other locations where families can pick up food and toys for free.

The Sherrif’s Toy Project also offers the Foster Care Assistance Program. This program provides toys to children that are living in foster care situations. It is a great way to connect with community members and provide a gift to those in need.

This organization helps people from Sacramento County and the nearby community. They will serve as many as 1,500 individuals during the holiday season and can provide more than 600 families with food baskets for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. There are not any income restrictions for these programs, and even homeless people can receive holiday programs from this organization.

The Sherrif’s Toy Project main aim is to help children from Sacramento County that are in need. It provides them with food and toys during the holiday season. They also provide gifts for children such as clothes, games, art supplies and much more. The organization also distributes free holiday food baskets to families that have a difficult time affording groceries throughout the year. This is often an easy way to help others during this time of the year, although there are a few different ways to apply for these programs through donations and other outreach programs.

It also provides a number of holiday assistance programs for families. The main program that is offered is the Angel Tree program. This allows people to receive a free Christmas tree and all of the decorations and ornaments that are needed for it to be decorated. In addition, families that are in need may receive other gifts such as clothing, toys and food baskets for their families during the holidays. They may also find themselves matched with an Angel Tree recipient who needs additional support or items this year.

This program is not available to anyone living in the city itself; rather, it is restricted to those living in the unincorporated portions of the county. Toys and Christmas presents have been made accessible because to the generosity of local companies, organizations that help those less fortunate, law enforcement officials, and volunteers. Toys are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to those who meet the requirements.

Marine Toys for Tots

This organization collects toys, as well as donations for the program. These are all donated to children in need living in Sacramento, California. Many of these children may not have a present from Santa Claus under the tree, and this is one way that programs can help to ensure that kids who need it most will receive a gift on Christmas morning. 

The Marine Corps Reserve is an active participant in the program, and many Marines will collect toys at events throughout the year. They can even accept toy donations at their offices or recruiting stations during regular business hours. Another excellent choice for families who could use some more assistance throughout the Christmas season is the Marine Toys for Tots program. You will be able to find out right away if you have been accepted for assistance after completing a short online application form. At Christmas, all children who will be under the age of 14 will be given the opportunity to receive a gift that is brand new and still in its original packaging.

This program is not available to anyone living in the city itself; rather, it is restricted to those living in the unincorporated portions of the county. Toys and Christmas presents have been made accessible because to the generosity of local companies, organizations that help those less fortunate, law enforcement officials, and volunteers.

Toys are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to those who meet the requirements. Applicants should be between the ages of six months and age 17. There are also special programs for kids who have families in need, and may not be able to give a present to their loved ones at Christmas.

The Homeless Family Christmas gives families that are in need of assistance a few gifts during the holiday season. The program provides them with food baskets, toys and other things that can make it possible for these families to focus on more important things rather than expensive groceries.

The Stanford Settlement

This organization provides for an entire community that has been affected by the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California. Families are able to access the organization so they can receive food and other forms of assistance. 

The Stanford Settlement is responsible for providing more than 1,400 families with meals and other support services that they would not have had access to otherwise.

This organization accepts applications from people who are at least 12 years of age but younger than 35 years old. The Stanford Settlement is helping less fortunate families celebrate the holiday season by distributing free Christmas baskets as part of a program they are running. 

The application period will remain open through the second week of December, however acceptance is contingent on there being available spots. The application process must be completed in person at 450 West El Camino Avenue for household heads, so make sure to bring all of the required papers with you.

Candidates are required to meet certain standards in order to ensure families are helped. These include being a resident of Yolo County, having applied for CalFresh or CalWORKs, and being older than 12 years old. 

Most important of all, they must have a demonstrated financial need. This means that their household has a documented income of less than 200% of the federal poverty level and will be unable to pay for their holiday meals without assistance.

The program requires you to bring a number of documents with you in order to be considered. These include proof of identity, proof of address, and a CalFresh ID card or Social Security card. Your application will then be processed and treated confidentially. You will receive approval within two weeks of your application, so that you and your family can spend the holiday season with plenty of peace in your minds.

Address: 450 West El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95833

The Sacramento Public Library

The library has a number of programs that can help you to learn more about finding out the best ways to give back during the holidays. Programs will not only help you to get involved in your community but also teach you important skills that will make your life easier in the long run. 

Volunteer shifts are available Monday through Sunday and on two different days at lunch time, so it is going to be possible for many people to find themselves comfortably filled with free time throughout the day. 

Those who are interested in working at the library can also participate in a special program where you will be able to cook for the homeless community. This is a great way to help others, and it also means that you get to pick up some new cooking skills.

The Sacramento Public Library provides a wide variety of free events for children, teenagers, and adults of all ages throughout the course of the full year. 

On November 18, 2017, there will be a festive craft activity available at the North Sacramento Hagginwood location, so be sure to stop by! Your child will walk away with a gorgeous creation that is suitable for either keeping or giving as a present, and there is no payment for any of the supplies. Have a peek at the event listing for the upcoming month to find more entertaining classes.

This organization serves to assist families and children that are in need. You can request assistance online or in person at the Holiday Station, which is open seven days per week. 

The staff there will ask you to fill out the application form and provide identification. There may also be some other forms that are required from you, so attend with all of your supporting documents if possible. The staff will then make sure that your paperwork is received and does not have any mistakes on it.

Carmichael Park

This is a facility that provides opportunities for families to participate in fun and inspirational activities. You can go to the park during recreation hours or participate in activities that are run by the library. 

The library will offer classes on all sorts of subjects, including family, parenting, and gardening. There are also many other resources that can be found on the website.

If you would like to know what resources are available for people in need at Christmas, there is also something that you should know about. On December 7th, 2017, Carmichael Park will hold its annual tree-lighting ceremony, and it will be a free event for all families to attend. A live performance by the River City Concert Band will be available for parents to enjoy as their children participate in a creative activity. 

At 6:15 o’clock in the evening, after children have had the opportunity to pay a visit to Santa Claus for the price of one canned good each, they can bask in the glow of the Christmas lights when they are turned on.

This year, guests will not only be greeted to a flurry of snowflakes, but also a flurry of snow! The City of Carmichael will be providing the snow so that everyone has a great time celebrating the wonderful holiday season.

This is a website that will help you to learn more about the many resources that are available in your region. There are also many people in your community who may need assistance, so it makes sense to go online and start helping them out.


Union Gospel Mission

This is a charitable organization that strives to help people living in poverty. It is a center of resources and knowledge that seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. 

The mission of this organization is to provide nutritious food, clothing, housing, education, job skills training, and health care through soup kitchens and emergency services. They provide this help within the boundaries of their community or immediate area.

One way they try to assist different people in need throughout the year is by hosting Thanksgiving meals. To individuals who are eligible, the Union Gospel Mission provides free food baskets throughout the entire year. Call them at the number (916) 447-3268 to find out how to sign up for a special Christmas food box and for any other information you might need.

The mission may also be able to help you with a place to stay. They provide shelter and food to people with no place else to go. For more information, contact them at the number above. The only things the charity provides are food and meals. There are gift basket programs for the holidays of Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. The elderly, the working poor, and the homeless are among those who will benefit from the meals.

Address: 400 Bannon St., Sacramento, California 95811.

Contact: (916) 447-3268

The Sacramento Food Bank

If you are facing a major crisis that makes it difficult for you to focus on other things, the Sacramento Food Bank can assist you by providing emergency food. 

There is no need to apply or make an appointment to visit them. They will be open throughout the month of December. It is possible for them to help with more than just food, however. The Food Bank can help with clothing, toiletries, and financial assistance as well.

Many other nonprofit organizations do similar services in order to assist their neighbors who are in need all year round. Sacramento offers many opportunities for people to volunteer and contribute to the welfare of their own communities.

In order to assist refugees, immigrants, and other families in need, the county offers a special refugee services program. This is a great way to be sure that you are able to get help with food vouchers and other aid if you need it. Visit their website to learn more.

There are also some opportunities available in your area if you need housing assistance. The Sacramento Food Bank is open 365 days a year to provide the local community with nutritious meals and fresh food to help people get through unpredictable days. In addition to this, they offer those in need an extensive variety of services, such as support with immigration and education for adults.

The Sacramento Food Bank is able to keep our community warm and safe during the winter months because to the generous gifts of clothing they receive. You are welcome to come pick up free articles of clothes once a month. There is no price for this service. Pay a visit in the days leading up to Christmas in order to pick up some presents for the people in your life.

There are many other organizations that can help you with food, housing, and working with professionals in your community. However, it is not necessary to join a group or seek out resources all by yourself. Instead, it is much better to get involved in a church or organization that has been doing this for years. 

It is also a good idea to visit the Sacramento Food Bank Christmas website for more information about their services and various resources that they provide throughout each year of the year.

Central Downtown Food Basket

This food bank serves individuals and families who live in the midtown area of Sacramento. They supply hot meals to those who need it most, and they can help you apply for a number of government programs. 

While you’ll only be able to get a hot meal once a month, there are many other resources that are offered. This is another resource provided by the Sacramento Food Bank in order to feed those who need it most. 

There is no cost for this service, and they can provide free food and other services including financial assistance. Since 1983, Central Downtown Food Basket has been providing service to Sacramento’s downtown and the communities immediately surrounding it. 

Those in need can get clothing and personal hygiene items from the CDFB in addition to food assistance from this organization. Midtown, Rosemont, and River Park are the three areas where you can pick up your order. 

In addition, special services are reserved for senior citizens who are members of the general public. If you are in need of financial assistance, the address is 3411 21st St.

River City Food Bank

The River City Food Bank serves those who live in the Central Valley area. There is a food pantry and soup kitchen, and resources are also offered to children, seniors, and veterans. They offer a food pantry every first and third Wednesday of every month. Volunteers are standing by if you need help with an online application as well. 

Every Saturday, clients can pick up their food orders at the River City Food Bank’s Midtown facility, which is located at 1800 28th Street. Not sure if you qualify? 

The staff at CalFresh is ready to assist you in filling out your application so that you can begin getting your benefits. You can choose a time that is convenient for you at one of their eight different screening locations by consulting their application assistance calendar and looking for available slots.

Most of these homeless shelters have free meals and other services to provide you with the help that you need to get through difficult times. They often offer other services like medical care, job training and education, and job placement assistance from organizations in Sacramento. 

The Central City Food Bank is one of the best options for those who need help or want to donate to the community. In addition, many food pantries will give non-perishable goods if you are unable to pay for food on your own. River City Food Bank also offers a clothing closet for families.

Sacramento County offers assistance to disabled or elderly people who need help with food. The Sacramento Food Bank and other similar organizations can help you apply for benefits or give you groceries directly. 

Whether you are already approved for aid or in the process of applying, the Food Bank can assist you with your needs. If you have no income, then it may be hard to buy healthy foods, but it is still possible due to government assistance.  River City Food Bank main goal is to help people who are down on their luck.

The Sacramento Food Bank is a great place to go if you need help with any preventative and dietary needs. All of the food that they distribute in the Sacramento region is donated from local grocery stores, and the meals and other assistance are offered at no cost. 

We may know that many people are struggling in their own ways, but much of it can be prevented by simple things like eating healthy foods or having nutritious snacks.

Daughters of Zion

The Daughters of Zion is a faith-based organization that serves the needs of women and children in need. If you are without shelter, it may be difficult to find help with your personal needs like food. This is where they come in, helping with both immediate and long-term housing concerns.

 They also help with food such as pantry boxes, hot meals and more through their services. They also offer a clothing closet that you can use to donate clothing items. There are two different branches, one serving Midtown and Rosemont, and another branch in the South area.

Part of the assistance that is offered here is a food pantry, which can come in handy if you are without any income. There are also other services that they offer such as medical care and financial assistance. The women here have been providing this type of work since their opening period in 1963. 

It is still going strong, and they always aim to provide as much help as possible through various programs. Every Thursday, the Daughters of Zion host food assistance programs for those in need. 

Food is available for pick-up once every 30 days for community members who are at risk of going hungry. In addition, Daughters of Zion maintains a clothing closet from which those in need can pick up gently used clothing on an as-needed basis at any time they choose. For further information, please contact us at (916) 422-4975.

Daughters of Zion also offers medical care. The medical staff aims to help women who are suffering from mental and physical concerns. They also offer housing assistance and work with people who need help with their utilities. 

There are many programs offered at the clinic, and referrals can be made to other organizations that may be able to help you further with your needs. Their main aim is to help you get back on your feet. The Daughters of Zion is only open on Thursdays, but they do offer many different services that you can use.

The Sacramento Pet Food Bank

The Sacramento Pet Food Bank (SPFB) is a program that was created to reduce pet overpopulation and animal cruelty in the greater metropolitan area of Sacramento, California. While the SPFB program is small and does not distribute large amounts of pet food every week, it provides a service that many people do not know about or have access to. 

If you live in the area, you can use the address and phone number below to contact this program directly. The Sacramento Pet Food Bank is concerned about the well-being of your four-legged companions over the winter holiday season and wants to help. 

It can be challenging to keep up with the additional mouths that need feeding, despite the fact that the companionship of a pet is something that cannot be put a price on. There is no proof of eligibility required to receive free food for your pet, but the amount available is extremely restricted.

The Sacramento Food Bank is a great way to get food to families who are down on their luck. They have the ability to provide food for those who need help, and it is not always about financial support. You can go in and meet with the staff members, who will be able to tell you how much you should receive for your family and direct you where to pick up the food items.

Adopt a Family

If you are looking to help families in your community, then you can volunteer with the Adopt a Family program. You will be able to assist them with gifts, meals, food and more during the holiday season. In addition, you can meet their needs year round as it is a continuous program. 

The Sacramento Food Bank is a great choice for those who want to help low income families who may be struggling with making ends meet during the holidays or throughout the whole year. There are a few additional churches and charitable organizations that provide assistance throughout the Christmas season. 

A significant number of them work along with the Salvation Army. However, these organizations might also have presents, clothing, toys, and other items that could be given to children living in low-income households. You can learn more about these programs by reading the Salvation Army and other locations section.

Emergency food service is a major focus for organizations like Feeding America. They provide free food for families and children in need, and they work with various social service agencies in the state of California. Financial help is one of the most common requests. 

Still, this assistance can be provided on an as-needed basis, including rental assistance donations and referrals to utility companies that provide discounted rates to low income households.

Address: 10370 Old Placerville Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827. 

Contact: (916) 563-3700.

Saint Ignatius Loyola Parish

Saint Ignatius Loyola Parish is a Catholic community that has been providing social services for several years. Many of the services are targeted at the lower income population in Sacramento and other surrounding cities, including Woodland, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Davis and others. 

Thanksgiving dinners, food hampers, and other types of holiday aid are provided by the organization. It’s possible that volunteers can also provide some limited assistance throughout the holiday season.

Many of the food banks in the area do an excellent job at providing families with a number of different items, including holiday dinner meals or other types of government surplus food. Saint Ignatius Loyola Parish is one of the largest in the area, and they also work with various pantries and soup kitchens to provide additional aid. 

Other support offered includes clothing, personal hygiene items, educational workshops on nutrition and money management, job placement services and more. Saint Ignatius Loyola Parish main aim is to help people in the community, no matter if they are part of a church or not. They offer a food pantry that is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Address: 3235 Arden Way, Sacramento, California, 95825. 

Contact: 916-482-9666

Now Faith Church of Deliverance

Now Faith Church of Deliverance is a non-profit and faith-based organization that provides assistance to thousands of people in Sacramento. It has a food pantry, clothing bank, or you can call the church for help. 

As part of its services, TfT provides a variety of help throughout the holidays. The organization for the less fortunate, the needy, and those with modest incomes are assisted by volunteers. Holiday presents, school supplies, groceries, festive fare, turkey dinners, and plenty more are all on the list. TfT provides enough support for anyone who applies for help.

It is based in Sacramento, and this is one of the largest local charities in the area. This organization tends to focus its efforts on helping senior citizens, low income families, and people with disabilities. A few of the different services offered include food item distribution, cash assistance, rent help and other housing programs, transportation aid and more.

Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center

Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center is a non-profit charity that has been in operation for over 100 years. It was established in 1901, and it is still operating to this day. 

This organization is one of the leading non-profits in the Sacramento area. The church also coordinates a food pantry that can be utilized by people who need help with their food supply or who are applying for emergency financial assistance or low cost items. 

There are only a few different zip codes: 95833, 95834, 95815, and 95835 in addition to 95838. The charitable organization provides assistance to people, families, and the elderly with limited incomes. Along with Christmas food and other essentials, there are gifts for children under the age of 15 years old. Call 916-927-1303.

It is dedicated to helping those struggling the most in Sacramento, including poor families and people with disabilities. The charity focus on providing emergency financial aid, food assistance, groceries from a pantry, clothing items, and other support.

Address: 721 N B St., Sacramento, CA 95811. 

Contact: (916) 444-1800

Holiday help from Catholic Charity churches

Catholic Charity Sacramento helps to provide holiday meals and food items. They have several services in the greater Sacramento area. 

Some programs offered include utility bill assistance, transportation, housing, senior services, and more. If you are faced with an emergency or short-term hardship, call one of these non-profits for help. 

Support is available over the holidays in the form of free meals, food, Christmas gifts, Adopt a Family, lunches on Thanksgiving day, and other forms of assistance. 

The amount of clothing, video games, and popular Christmas items that are distributed will depend on the number of donations received. Many churches assist with a wide range of people, including infants, senior citizens, youths, single mothers, migrant workers, and others.

During the holidays, many of these non-profits provide free meals and food hampers to those who need assistance. While most offer Thanksgiving meals, Easter baskets are also common.

This Is Pentecost (TIP) Fellowship Ministry

This Is Pentecost Fellowship Ministry is a non-profit Christian-based organization that assists in the entire Sacramento area. The organization is based out of Del Paso Heights, and they provide many different types of assistance to needy and struggling families. Some of the free services offered include clothing, personal items, food basics, and more.

A faith-based organization that provides free toys to children aged thirteen and under. They are collaborating with the Toys for Tots organization. Low-income families, working poor individuals, and poor families are eligible for free, unwrapped Christmas gifts in Sacramento County. Books, toys, games, apparel, and other items.

This organization runs the Christmas Gift Boxes of Money program. This program was started in 1992 when the bank stopped providing free money for needy families. 

They are still running it today with special holiday boxes that contain $25 each month for no more than two years. There will be eight boxes throughout December and January, which will help some families avoid eviction or increase their utility bills. 

The rent is free from one to pay from four months of rent to one year. This Is Pentecost (TIP) Fellowship Ministry’s main aim is to help local families, especially hard-working mothers, in the areas of basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

It helps to provide holiday meals and food items. They have several services in the greater Sacramento area. Some programs offered include utility bill assistance, transportation, housing, senior services, and more. If you are faced with an emergency or short-term hardship, call one of these non-profits for help.

Address: 6489 47th St., Sacramento, CA 95823.

Contact: (916) 422-4962

Love Action Int

Love Action Int is a nonprofit organization based in Sacramento. The church provides emergency financial assistance and other forms of aid. They have dozens of programs available, including emergency funds, food and groceries, rent help, utility bill assistance, and more. They have many volunteers who provide physical items like blankets and coats and financial support to families in need.

The goal of Love Action Int is to ensure that those struggling in Sacramento will not be left alone through the holidays. Their outreach team will be out in the field working with the needy to provide clothing and food items. They focus on those with limited income and in need of assistance.

Their holiday meals are available from November 24th to December 28th each year. They distribute gifts for kids aged 12 months old and under at Christmas and Easter. 

Free Thanksgiving or Christmas toys, including dolls and games for girls, action figures and games for boys, and other electrical devices and other free Christmas items. It is possible also to provide gift certificates to the parents.

Address: 5848 Santa Fe Way, North Highlands, CA 95660. 

Contact: (916) 796-9846

Twin Lakes Food Bank

The church runs a food pantry in Sacramento and serves the entire county. They distribute food and other forms of aid to the needy, including low-income seniors with no income, single mothers, homeless individuals, and more. 

The church only has two branches, one in northeast Sacramento at the Shasta Vista Community Center and one in south Sacramento at the Twin Lakes Community Center. The pantries are open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm. They have hot meals, free Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey, and other food items.

The church runs a large food pantry in north Sacramento and serves the entire Sacramento area. They distribute food and other forms of aid to the needy, including low-income seniors with no income, single mothers, homeless individuals, and more. 

They only have two branches, one in northeast Sacramento at the Shasta Vista Community Center and one in south Sacramento at the Twin Lakes Community Center. Only locals of Granite Bay, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills can receive a Christmas basket this year. Dial 916-985-6232 to speak with an intake specialist or for further information.

These centers also provide several ongoing programs and services. They include rent and housing assistance, childcare, career development, senior services, and many other programs targeting Sacramento’s most vulnerable families. The church also runs 13 food banks and distribution centers around the Sacramento area.

Address: 327 Montrose Dr, Folsom, CA 95630.

Neil Orchard Senior Activities Center

Three facilities serve the poor and disadvantaged in Sacramento. This non-profit, non-denominational organization provides senior services such as meal assistance, social services, and more.

This Church is a ministry to the underprivileged who require food and clothing in Sacramento. They provide giving boxes of clothes and food items. The holiday line is open from now until January 1st each year. 

The church also assists with Christmas meals, Thanksgiving dinners, and other events. They run twice a week from 10 am to 3 pm. If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance, call them!

This is a small non-denominational Christian ministry that operates out of its small building near the northeast corner of Curtis Park in Sacramento. For decades they have been providing food, clothes, and other basic needs to the needy. It is possible to provide senior adults with a free holiday supper to enjoy with their contemporaries regardless of their financial situation. This is an important part of the church’s outreach ministry, and they have served thousands of individuals from the Sacramento community.

This non-profit group works with a number of other local churches to provide free holiday meals and gifts to those who are in need. It is possible for low-income seniors to receive a free Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, even if they are unable to provide for themselves throughout the entire year. Volunteers will set up tables and pass out festive food boxes throughout Sacramento.

Address: 3480 Routier Rd, Sacramento, California 95827. 

Contact: (916) 366-3133


Sacramento Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is another organization that operates in Sacramento. This food charity program is based out of the Saint John’s Catholic Church, but it also has a location at the Del Paso Boulevard and Stockton Boulevard intersection. 

The main organization has been around for many years, serving thousands of individuals per month. They have an on-site soup kitchen where hot meals are given out daily to those who attend. In addition, they have a food pantry where people can come in and get non-perishable items, canned goods, and more.

The Loaves & Fishes social service program is available for people of all backgrounds and religions. There are financial assistance options for those who need help with their utility bills or rent. The social workers may also be able to refer individuals to other local aid programs in Sacramento. During the holidays, meals are typically served. 

There is a possibility that recommendations will be made to various gift-giving services. There will be no charge for the Thanksgiving lunches. There is also a possibility that some trivial prizes or presents will be distributed. They also provide breakfast and dinner during the entire month of December, including during the Christmas holiday season.

It is a great place for individuals who are struggling with poverty and who are in need of food assistance. They have been distributing millions of pounds of food each year, and they do their best to help as many people as possible. It provides many different services to support low-income and working families in the region. 

An annual Christmas dinner is provided to low-income citizens of Sacramento by the organization Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. This Christmas put some good old-fashioned cheer back into your celebrations by indulging in a supper that is both warm and satisfying. Don’t forget to check out Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near San Francisco CA!

Address: 1351 N C St, Sacramento, CA 95811. 

Phone: (916) 446-0874

Sharing God’s Bounty

This is a non-profit organization that was founded back in 1982 with the goal of helping the community. They focus their attention on aiding the underprivileged, especially children and seniors. You will find that they distribute food boxes, clothing, and other basic needs to local families who are struggling.

On the evening of December 19, 2017, Sharing God’s Bounty will provide a free Christmas lunch, which will begin at 5:45 p.m. The word on the street is that Santa may be making a special visit, so make sure to bring the kids along for an evening full of enjoyable activities since the evening will be loaded with fun.

This is a food bank that is operated by the Saint John’s Catholic Church, and it can best be described as an emergency food distribution service. There are various different services provided, including counseling services, rent help, holiday support, and more. This organization has been around since 1971.

This non-profit has been serving the community since 1969. They distribute free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to needy families in Sacramento. Several other local churches and nonprofits share in the work of providing Thanksgiving meals as well.


There are many different ways that people and families can receive FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Sacramento County, CA during the holidays. These are all great resources for seniors and low-income individuals, especially those that are in need of help with their financial troubles. 

Sacramento can be a good place to live, but it is always nice when others can come together to help those who may be struggling during the season. There are many different types of services that are provided by the various charities and churches in this area. The most important thing to remember is that these are all good people who are trying to do the right thing for the most part.

Their mission is that by providing this service, they hope to promote compassion, generosity and social cohesion. The program was started back in 1974 and it has been very popular with the local community from Sacramento. The event is hosted by the Christian Brothers Conference Center, and it will start at 5:30 in the afternoon.

The volunteer-based organization provides both emergency food aid as well as other forms of assistance to those who are struggling financially. It is necessary to schedule an appointment for all of their services, including their holiday meal programs. There is a possibility that during some holidays, there will be emergency hot meals available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the free holiday meals?

The program serves a wide range of low-income families, including those who are elderly, disabled, and those who are pregnant. The eligibility requirements have been established by the Federal government, so individuals that fit this criterion will be able to receive assistance. There are also special criteria for senior citizens. Those individuals who qualify will be able to receive free meals as well. Those that are receiving food stamps from the Federal government may also qualify for free meals from this charitable organization.

How many people are served?

The number of individuals that they help each year has increased substantially over the years. In the past decade alone, millions of pounds of food have been distributed to those in need by this Sacramento charity. The food is distributed free of cost, and the goal is to offer as much assistance as possible to all who qualify for support. This nonprofit helps thousands of people each month, including families and individuals from around the area.

Where are the holiday meals served?

The meals will be served at the Loaves and Fishes headquarters. The address is 619-683-1580. All programs are run by volunteers, so you can expect that there may be some changes from year to year. If possible, it is best to confirm with the charity before heading over for food on a certain day. This phone number can be used for further information about receiving holiday meals, including Christmas dinner and other items.

Are the meals free?

All of the food served is free, but it is not provided for free. Guests will be expected to pay a donation fee to help defray expenses. The generosity of others must also be recognized. Those that decide to participate in this Christmas event are asked to do so because it is important to them, so they should make their decision with a clear conscience.

What are the eligibility requirements for this program?

Anyone that resides in Sacramento County can qualify for this event. There are specific requirements that must be met, however. To receive a free Christmas meal from Loaves & Fishes, families must be eligible for low-income housing assistance from the government. They must also meet other criteria, so it is a good idea to check with the organization before making plans to go over to pick up food.

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