How to Get Free Christmas Gifts & Food in San Diego, California

How to Get Free Christmas Gifts & Food in San Diego, California : Non-profit groups, churches, and charitable organizations in San Diego County, California, can provide free Christmas aid to local families. This support may take the form of toys or gifts. Toys for Tots is the most well-known holiday program that is offered, but there are several more services that can also supply children with presents, clothing, meals, food boxes for Thanksgiving or FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in San Diego, California, and other forms of assistance.

In addition, the Salvation Army maintains an Angel Tree, provides free Thanksgiving dinners in San Diego, and offers assistance to low-income families through the Adopt a Family program during the holiday season.

Although the majority of help is dispersed during the holiday of Christmas, there are other initiatives that are also active during the holidays of Easter and Thanksgiving. Children, newborns, and teenagers from low-income households, as well as houses governed by a single mother or father, are the major beneficiaries of these programs; however, seniors and other individuals may also benefit.

All applications for holiday assistance are made available in Spanish, both to immigrants and to native speakers of the language. There is a possibility that free Thanksgiving meals, including turkeys and all the fixings, will be delivered to various locations throughout San Diego County and find free Christmas Gifts in Riverside County, CA .

Call one of the centers listed below in San Diego to get more information on where you may take your child to obtain a free toy or gift for low income in Christmas. They might be able to make referrals to other local resources in San Diego County if a certain site is not conveniently located for you or if you are not eligible for their services. So why not call one of the non-profit organizations below today?

A number of charitable organizations and non-profits in the San Diego County, California area are offering free aid to local families over the holiday season. Toys for Tots is the most well-known of the programs that are offered, but there are a number of other services that can also provide presents, clothing, meals, and other forms of assistance.

Although the majority of help is dispersed during the holiday of Christmas, there are other initiatives that are also active during the holidays of Easter and Thanksgiving. The primary beneficiaries of these programs are children, infants, and adolescents who come from households with poor incomes; however, seniors and others may also benefit from them. There is a possibility that free Thanksgiving meals, including turkeys and all the fixings, will be delivered to various locations throughout San Diego County.

Call any of the following centers if you want additional information on where you can find free Christmas toys or gifts for your children. They might be able to make referrals to other local resources in San Diego County if a certain site is not conveniently located for you or you are not eligible for their services. So why not call one of the non-profit organizations below today?

A number of charitable organizations and non-profits in the San Diego County, California area are offering free aid to local families over the holiday season. Toys for Tots is the most well-known of the programs that are offered, but there are a number of other services that can also provide presents, clothing, meals, and other forms of assistance.

Although the majority of help is distributed during Christmas, there are several other services that provide aid throughout the year. The primary beneficiaries of these programs are children, infants, and adolescents from low-income households; however, seniors and others may also be eligible for their services. There is a possibility that free Thanksgiving meals, including turkeys and all the fixings, will be distributed to various locations throughout San Diego County.

Call the Salvation Army in San Diego or your local Salvation Army center to get more information on where you may obtain food or a free turkey for Christmas. This program is offered in no cost to low-income senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and all residents of San Diego County who are referred by social service agencies at no charge.

Get Free Toys In San Diego, California

Salvation Army

The San Diego branch of the Salvation Army has a number of programs to offer the less fortunate people in the area. Their goal is to help families in a difficult situation in order to enable them to make it through the next holiday and throughout the entire year.

All applicants are carefully screened by their social workers, who will determine their eligibility for assistance. In order to receive help, families must be under various financial hardships and have experienced a severe change in their circumstances. The Salvation Army does provide assistance to military families who are experiencing significant financial hardship over the holidays as well for the entire year.

This can also include food aid on Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as clothing donations and overnight shelter. There are also opportunities to get furnishings like beds, chairs, and blankets if you need them during the holidays. These donations are offered by the Salvation Army San Diego, Salvation Army National Capital Area, and other Salvation Army chapters across the country.

They are essential partners in Toys for Tots, as was previously mentioned. However, they also provide a variety of different forms of financial assistance and holiday activities.

There are a lot of places that provide free Thanksgiving dinners with turkey, as well as other meals, to people who are low-income, lonely, or immigrants. In addition, they set up Angel Trees throughout the county and distribute Christmas gifts, toys, and even gift certificates to anyone who is in need (to the extent that donations allow).

During the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, families can apply for supplemental financial support in addition to other forms of assistance. Only qualified low-income homes are eligible for this, and the Salvation Army can also provide help to these households to ensure that they spend the holidays together and have access to free toys, Adopt a Family services, and other forms of support.

Presbyterian Urban Ministries

This organization is a local charity that provides assistance to the poor, homeless, and low-income families in the San Diego area. They offer a number of different programs including hot meals and also clothing. The Presbyterian Urban Ministries is a wonderful organization that helps low-income households get back on their feet.

One of the main services provided by this program is free toys for children in an effort to help lift their spirits during the holidays. The program will distribute toys to children in need as well as aid parents with present choices. The area that they serve is San Diego County, which includes Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, and all surrounding areas. More than 600 children will be served for Christmas in the county this year.

Parents will also be given information about additional resources and services that are available within the community. The Presbyterian Urban Ministries is a charity that works with other local charities to help individuals struggling through difficult times. Other programs include financial aid for rent and utility bills, food aid for families, job placement services and more.

Those who are struggling to make ends meet in the city of San Diego, California can receive assistance through Presbyterian Urban Ministries. They provide a toy program in which families with low incomes and children who are in need can sign their child up for free toys (via Toys for Tots) and a back pack loaded with school necessities.

In addition, they provide a grocery program where family members can receive a semiannual bag of groceries and nutritious snack bags every week, as well as a free clothing store that the homeless can visit each month and others in need can visit every three months. The homeless can also visit the free clothes shop every three months.

The food pantry can be visited every week and the clothes shop is open every three months to low income families and those on the brink of eviction. This is a charity that can provide various services to help individuals through difficult times. If you are in San Diego County, California, contact the Presbyterian Urban Ministries for help with rent, food and other aid.

Address: 2459 Market Street, San Diego, California, 92102.

Contact: 619-232-2753

Operation Help A Hero

Members of the armed forces who are either already parents or who are expecting children can take use of the resources provided by Operation Help A Hero. In order to help families get through challenging times, their initiative is called Operation Help A Hero. Through this program, they give gift certificates, gas and grocery gift cards, as well as gifts for the children.

Active-duty service members who have been medically separated from their unit due to a service-related illness or injury within the preceding year are also eligible for this program. Operation Help also provides clothing, food, and other items depending on what the family needs.

Operation Help main goal is to give parents a way to focus on the health and wellbeing of their children during the holiday season.It is a charity that works with military service members who have been injured or taken ill while serving overseas in order to help them get back on their feet.

 This organization provides financial support to the families so they can get through difficult times and focuses on helping when the military cannot assist families directly. The aim of the Operation Enduring Support initiative, which is run by Operation Help a Hero, is to provide immediate assistance to military families who are going through difficult times.

This donation form is dedicated to our efforts under Operation Enduring Support to assist individuals impacted by recent events in Afghanistan, including surviving family members and injured service members.

In this part of the world, there is a sizable military population. The spirit of the holidays is brought to service members, their families, and veterans by organizations that support charitable causes. Operation Help a Hero provides a variety of free items, including food baskets, games, books, and toys for both boys and girls appropriate for the holiday season.

Rock Church San Diego

The guidance of the Rock Church San Diego is to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. This group can provide assistance with everything from financial aid and clothing to job placement services, food and more. In these times of economic hardship, they believe that it is important to reach out to those who need help and give out resources that will allow them to get back on their feet again by the end of the year.

The rock church San Diego provides a great program for families who are struggling to make ends meet. The people in this organization are actively involved in their community, including the Rock Church San Diego.

Some of their programs include, but are not limited to: Emergency Assistance, Food Pantry Assistance and Back Packs For Kids program. If you live in the area of the Rock Church San Diego and need help with anything, contact them right away. Families with modest incomes and children who have at least one parent serving time in prison are eligible to participate in the Angel Tree program that is offered by Rock Church San Diego.

The Angel Tree program is the largest Christmas program in San Diego County, California. The organization provides toys, clothing and personal care items to all qualifying families.

Some of the items that are distributed for free include: baby clothes and essentials, gifts for older children, toys and books for toddlers/preschoolers, books for teens and other types of clothing, shoes and more. All of these goods are provided at no cost to those who are in need. Families can apply online or call if they want to participate in the Angel Tree program this year.

Toys For Joy

This organization helps needy and foster kids all over the United States during the holiday season through toys and other resources. Toys for Joy provide hundreds of disadvantaged children with toys and clothing each year. If you want to donate, then contact this charity for information on how to help.

To bring you the Toys for Joy event, Toys for Joy collaborates with the schools and businesses in the surrounding area. During the ceremony, each child will be given a gift, and their families will also be provided with food. They also have a program that provides toys to low-income families in the San Diego area.

Qualified residents can use these vouchers to pay their rent at any location within the city or county of San Diego. The goal of this program is to provide assistance to those who are most vulnerable, including seniors and disabled individuals.

They provide aid during the Christmas season depending on contributions and collaborations. Donations come from individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations like Feeding America. Children from low-income families in San Diego County can get freebies, Christmas gifts, basic needs, educational software, gift cards, and more for their children as young as 0 and as old as around 15 years old.

Address: 2277 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106.

Contact: 619-226-7625

Toys For Tots

This program works to provide holiday gifts for low-income children in the United States. During the Christmas season, this charity works with schools and churches to distribute toys in an effort to provide holiday joy for needy children.

If you are interested in donating presents or other items, you can use this link from Toys For Tots. You can also donate by going directly to their website at In order to assist low-income families during the Christmas season, Toys For Tots organizes donation program annual toy drives and places donation bins for toys in various locations throughout San Diego.

Through the use of these boxes and toy drives, they are able to collect brand-new, unopened toys from members of the community and then provide them to families who are less fortunate in the surrounding area. One week before Christmas, families receive their gifts of toys that they ordered online. Families are required to register their children by clicking the “request toys” link on the organization’s website.

They must also give a valid form of identification and evidence of domicile, as well as meet the income requirements that correspond to the size of their family. For example, a family of 3 will receive toys if their annual income is less than $35,000.

The charity can provide multiple types of assistance to individuals and families in San Diego County who need help. Some of the services they offer include: food support, rent help and other financial aid. They also have community stores where program participants can shop at no cost for work clothing, holiday gifts, furniture and more.

Toys for Tots is regarded as one of the most important Christmas activities in San Diego. It is provided by the Salvation Army in collaboration with community organizations, the United States Marine Corps, churches, and other charitable organizations.

As will be seen in the following list, the program can be obtained at a number of distinct locations. However, in some cases, the sites are also able to provide referrals in addition to serving the area immediately surrounding the office. It’s possible that people will hand out free things like toys, gifts, food, video or board games, bicycles, Legos, and even more.

Trees For Troops

This non-profit charity was founded in 2008, but they have been contributing to the community ever since they started. Trees For Troops believes that everyone deserves a home at Christmas even if they do not have one or if their current home is damaged.

Every year at Christmas time, this organization provides families with a tree and holiday items so that they can enjoy the holidays in a nice, warm home. There are many wonderful charities in San Diego County and all of them can help low-income individuals and families over the holidays.

A few of the best organizations include Goodwill San Diego, who gives families with children clothing, toys and even furniture for free. If you live in San Diego and need help this holiday season, contact one of the listed charities for assistance. The Christmas Spirit Foundation runs a program called “Trees For Troops,” which delivers farm-grown Christmas trees to members of the United States Armed Forces during the holiday season.

This program makes its services available to all branches of the military, both active and inactive, regardless of whether or not they are currently serving. This means that any servicemember who served in the past, is currently serving now or will serve in the future qualifies for a tree.

Low-income families and individuals can access a number of resources from the Salvation Army, including food pantries, utility bill assistance and more. While many of these services are offered year-round, many locations have dedicated holiday programs as well. For example, the Salvation Army San Diego provides free gifts to low-income children during Christmas time.

Home for the Holidays; This program, which was created by the greater San Diego community in 2005 and is supported by the Rotary Club, has grown over the years as more and more groups are getting on board. The program consists of two different components: a food give-away event that occurs on Thanksgiving Day and a Christmas party for low-income kids and their families.

This non-profit organization can provide financial assistance to any family or individual in need that resides in San Diego County. Families are eligible to receive financial support as well as other forms of assistance throughout the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

This is only for members of the military, and it can provide aid so that families can spend the holidays together. This assistance may include assistance with paying for airfare or other transportation-related costs. For further information, please call us at 877-330-0077.

Earthsavers, a charity that runs from December 1st through January 31st, is one of the many organizations in San Diego that helps provide assistance to families and individuals. This organization provides several amazing programs throughout the year, including Christmas presents for children and helping families with utility bills. These programs do not exist solely during the holiday season; they are occurring all year long!

Many large and small organizations provide assistance to the community throughout the holiday season. Some of the best resource for free Christmas gifts and meals in San Diego are listed below. This is only a portion of all the great organizations that can help individuals and families afford their holiday celebrations.

Spirit of Sharing

This organization is an interfaith organization that provides gifts for low-income children and their families during the holidays. They also help senior citizens obtain holiday meals and gifts as well. There are many wonderful programs in San Diego, including the one provided by Spirit of Sharing.

During the holidays, there are many non-profit organizations in San Diego that provide help to needy families and individuals. Some of these resources include clothes, toys and food for Christmas dinner. These are only a few of the many charity organizations that help families and the community during this time of need.

If you live in San Diego and want to join a nonprofit organization that is providing great services and programs, then we invite you to browse our listings. Many of these non-profit organizations provide financial aid, food and clothing to members of the community as well as other forms of support.

During the holiday season, our community’s active duty military personnel and their families are given assistance from Spirit of Sharing, a charitable organization that falls under the 501(c)(3) tax exemption category. Every year, our season for fundraising and volunteering kicks up after Thanksgiving and continues all the way through the Christmas holiday!

To ensure that our local military population and their families have a Christmas holiday that is full with amazing memories and a lot of joy, SOS needs your financial contributions as well as gifts of school supplies, clothes, toys, gift cards, and food, among other things.

Heavens Windows

The San Diego children’s medical center has a program called “Heavens Windows” that provides care for children who have cancer and for children in the military. They provide free clothes, coats and toys to kids during the holidays, plus assistance with holiday dinners. This is another great non-profit organization that provides assistance to families in need. There are many different ways that they can help you over the holidays.

This organization provides holiday assistance and meals to families in need. They run the “Operation Christmas Angel” program, which delivers presents and Christmas dinners to United States armed forces members and their families. There are many non-profit organizations in San Diego that help provide assistance to those who need it during the holidays, including Operation Care and Comfort.

The goal of this program is to bring joy, happiness and hope to low-income children who are affected by cancer. For those in San Diego County who are in need and have a low income, the charitable organization distributes free turkey, lunches, and other types of food on a “first come, first serve” basis. There is also the possibility of giving out token presents or toys. The Salvation Army provides support throughout the entire year, but some of their best services are at Christmas time. This is when they provide free toys and meals to children in need.

Address: 2820 Via Orange Way Ste. W, Spring Valley, CA 91978

Contact: 619-303-7806

Second Chances Bread of Life

Bread of Life is a non-profit organization that provides many services and relief to individuals throughout the San Diego County area. Their main focus is on assisting students who are living in poverty, providing Christmas stuffed stockings, along with toys and food for children at Christmas time. Bread of Life provides aid to families and their children throughout the year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This organization runs the “Winter Wish Fund” program through December 31st each year. As part of this program, the Salvation Army provides assistance to needy families and individuals. They provide toys for children and meals for the entire family. The Salvation Army operates many different outreach programs, including ones that occur at Christmas time.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department provides presents to children from a wish list provided by clients living in the county of San Diego. They have three locations: located in El Cajon, Vista, and Oceanside.

Second Chances and Bread of Life will serve eligible people and families with a Thanksgiving meal on the holiday for free. They also provide toys and clothing during the Christmas holiday. There are many organizations in San Diego County that provide support to those in need, including the Sheriff’s Department.

The police department of Lakeside provides presents to low-income families who have children living in their household. They accept new unwrapped toys and food items. At this time, there is no income requirement for those who are trying to get free Christmas toys from the police department of Lakeside.

Address: 2083 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, San Diego, California, 92107

Contact: 619-886-4275

Alpine Community Center

On Thanksgiving, staff and volunteers will provide a free supper that will be brought to your home. It is an alternative for elderly people in the Alpine region who are unable to leave their homes and other persons who meet the requirements.

The Orange County government provides free Christmas presents to families in need. Alpine Community Center also provides a free Thanksgiving meal, too.

They provide Christmas gifts to individuals who are living in poverty and cannot afford new presents. They also visit nursing homes and hospitals in San Diego offering food and toys to those who are living in limited funds. This organization is another great place to find help during the holiday season. Alpine Community Center main aim is to provide support to needy families and individuals.

The United Way of San Diego County also provides Christmas presents for those who are living in poverty during the holidays. They also help San Diego families that are in need by providing food at Thanksgiving, too.

A group from this organization will visit nursing homes in Oceanside and La Mesa every year to make sure that there is a Thanksgiving meal served. The United Way has provided assistance to thousands of people over the years, including families and children throughout San Diego county.

The free presents program that Oceanside police offers is only for low-income families who are located in Oceanside. This service makes sure that there is a present under the Christmas tree for children who would not otherwise get one because of their economical status. This service is provided to children up to the age of 12 years old. They take a list of everything that a child wants on his or her wish list, and then they provide it. Each year, they provide toys and new presents for thousands of children in need.

Address: 1830 Alpine Boulevard, Alpine, California, 91901.

Contact: 619-445-7330

Get Free Food In San Diego, California

Lemon Grove Lutheran Church

The church provides free Christmas dinner for families that are low-income or who are otherwise in need of assistance. They also provide free Thanksgiving dinner to the families too. This is offered to those who meet the requirements and have a family member who will be able to receive the food.

The church also provides Christmas gifts for needy children, along with gifts for adults and teens as well. The Lemon Grove Lutheran Church offers free meals on the second and fourth Sundays of every month. In addition, they provide a warm lunch to over a hundred people who attend their “Soup’s On!” event each week. This food pantry is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

This church provides a free Christmas dinner to families who are in need throughout the county of San Diego. They provide a free community dinner, as well as food boxes each year during the holidays.

They also deliver food boxes around Thanksgiving and Christmas time too, including for veterans in Bonsall, Otay Ranch and Spring Valley area. Open every Tuesday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm for lunch with drinks and desserts. Lemon Grove Lutheran Church offers food boxes that are available during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, too.

They have been a member of the community for over 100 years. Their goal is to make sure that San Diego families have enough to eat over the holidays. They also offer Christmas toys for children who live in low-income homes. The congregation partners with Samaritan’s Purse each year at Christmas time, by providing toys and gifts to those who may not otherwise receive them.

San Diego Food Bank

The San Diego Food Bank is a non-profit organization that can supply food and support to those who need the most. They provide meals of fresh produce, fruits, proteins, grains, and dairy. They also provide beverages at their distribution center in Kearny Mesa. In addition, they partner with other organizations to help clients with transportation and other monetary needs for those who have nothing but the clothes on their back.

They offer free Thanksgiving dinners for many families throughout San Diego. The residents must be low-income and cannot receive food stamps in order to get a Saint Patrick’s Day meal. This is also available on special occasions like Diwali, too.

You can find the Saint Patrick’s Day meals at the following churches: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, San Diego Chinese United Church of Christ, El Viento de Maria Baptist Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and St. Philip Neri Catholic Church.

The San Diego Food Bank provides assistance with food through a wide number of different initiatives. These include food distribution in neighborhoods, emergency food services, a meal program for older citizens, hunger relief programs in educational institutions, and many more! No matter where the need is, the Food Bank will be there.

Working towards a hunger-free future, it includes food distribution in neighborhoods, emergency food services, a meal program for older citizens and hunger relief programs in educational institutions.

This organization is partnered with Feeding America and distributes safe and nutritious food to every county throughout San Diego. It provides schools with fresh produce and meals during the school year. Families throughout San Diego county can benefit from the Harvest of Hope program each year too.

They are the primary organization working to combat hunger in San Diego County. Free food and groceries, including holiday meal boxes, turkey dinners on Thanksgiving, bread and toppings, and additional products. They also provide assistance to children and seniors over the holiday season.


Meals-On-Wheels provides meals to those who do not have access to healthy food, as well as offering free food baskets for Christmas. It has a number of locations throughout San Diego, and it also provides food to senior citizens and those who are ill too. Meals on Wheels is committed to the mission of feeding hungry seniors who can no longer cook for themselves.

Senior Link does a great deal of work in San Diego county for those seniors who would not otherwise be able to afford their own meals. The Home Delivered Meals program is one that the organization offers to those who are homebound, aged, or senior people. During the holiday season, this may entail providing complimentary food baskets or frozen dinners to senior citizens living in San Diego.

The agency also helps senior citizens with their daily activities, such as bathing and dressing, along with providing transportation to doctor appointments. The organization can also provide referrals to other services in San Diego county too.

This is a program for children under the age of 18 years old who live in San Diego County. They offer free lunches and food snacks between the hours of 12 noon and 1 pm at participating public schools and community organizations. Meals on Wheels also provides free lunches to senior citizens who live in San Diego county, too.

It provides sack lunches and meals to low-income individuals and families throughout the county of San Diego. This includes a Holiday Meal Program that is available during Thanksgiving and Christmas time, along with Easter and other special holidays throughout the year.

Address: 2254 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110.

Contact: (619) 260-6110

Churches churches in San Diego County

Local churches in San Diego County offer no-cost aid during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as Easter and Thanksgiving. Those who are less fortunate, be they of any religion, immigrants (legal or illegal), or anybody else, can typically receive assistance.

Christmas gifts could include money, warm dinners, toys or stocking stuffers for children, or even just money. It is possible to receive clothes, food ingredients, and even more.

The donation bin at the entrance of the church or temple typically contains many items. In addition, churches may also have clothing closets where people can donate clothes and household goods. The San Diego Housing Commission also provides grants for housing assistance throughout the county. They can do this for legal immigrants, too.

If you are homeless, you may be eligible for some aid from the local community service providers in San Diego county. In particular, there are a few organizations that provide free stuff to the poor and homeless. They will distribute food, blankets, and more. These services are available to non-citizens in San Diego county as well.

There are several charities throughout San Diego County that offer free turkeys, supplies and other aid on Thanksgiving Day. The food may include a turkey dinner with all of the fixings or just a meal with sides from local restaurants.

South Bay Recreation Center

This organization provides free Thanksgiving meals to the homeless in Chula Vista every year. The city sponsors the meal, and over 1,000 homeless residents enjoy a turkey dinner.

There are a few organizations that provide free turkeys to veterans and those who are currently homeless. A number of non-profit agencies throughout San Diego and Chula Vista also give out free food on Thanksgiving Day, including a lot of local food banks as well as churches. Children, adolescents, and even infants may receive free toys, gifts, clothing, and other items during the Christmas holiday season. Whether it is a toy or a gift, there are many other programs that provide meals, toys, and clothing to low-income families.

This is a great non-profit organization that can help San Diego families during the holidays. It helps low to moderate-income families with their needs at Christmas time.

Some of the programs they offer focus on children’s needs such as toys and blankets, while others assist the whole family such as energy assistance. They help people with children of all ages, not just babies and toddlers. South Bay Recreation Center also has many special holiday services and events going on in San Diego county.

The organization provides month-to-month housing assistance to low-income families, seniors, and disabled adults. South Bay’s staff also has information on where to apply for food stamps, can help people apply for Medi-Cal, or provide financial support for applications for CalFresh Food Stamps.

The community center also provides bilingual assistance with all of these services as well as other county and state public assistance programs. South Bay Recreation Center’s main goal is to help those who need it most during the holidays.

The county of San Diego and The City of San Diego took a vote in the November 2017 elections to approve funding for a new housing development, which will create 1,500 new homes. It is located in Imperial Beach. These new houses will be built by local companies (they don’t just build these homes for money) and should help at least 6,000 households who are currently in homelessness or on the verge of being homeless.

Address: 1885 Coronado Avenue, San Diego, California, 92154.

Contact: 619-424-0470

Shiloh Church of God In Christ

Shiloh Church of God In Christ is an affordable housing organization that provides many affordable homes to low-income families in San Diego county. They will also provide some help to seniors and the disabled.

This organization runs a 24-hour emergency shelter and provides rental assistance to low income families, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and others in need. They concentrate on offering free holiday activities in the Oceanside region and the northern part of San Diego County.

Free Christmas gifts for kids and teenagers, applications for Toys for Tots, and additional support are all available. In addition, they help people apply for different county and state of California assistance programs such as Medi-Cal, CalFresh Food Stamps, and more.

It is focused on offering assistance to legal immigrants, seniors, the disabled, low-income families with children under age 18 as well as veterans. While there are many separate divisions of The Salvation Army in San Diego County, all can provide food assistance or money for rent or utilities. There are several locations throughout the county including a few churches and other buildings.

Address: 1517 Dubuque St, Oceanside, CA 92058.

Contact: (760) 967-9733

Catholic Charities Holiday Programs

Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization that provides food, clothing, and meals during the Christmas holiday season.

This organization helps low-income families and seniors as well as people with disabilities or other hardships during the holidays. There are several locations throughout San Diego county including local churches and stores. Call for an appointment or apply online. In addition, there are also many programs for seniors that include free meals and assistance with utilities such as heat and hot water.

This organization provides assistance to low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, and others in the northern part of San Diego County. They work with several local food pantries and other non-profits. Some of the programs focus on senior citizens or children under age of 18 years old, while others are designed for people to provide general aid to anyone in need.

Some of the holiday programs that provide free Christmas gifts for youth focus on children under the age 12 years old. The organization is run by Catholic Charities Inc, which has been helping people for decades. A number of churches in San Diego County provide assistance to people in need, including unemployed people, undocumented immigrants, and the impoverished. Even on Mexican and immigrant holidays, they provide free lunches of traditional cuisine.

There is a wide variety of items available, ranging from inexpensive Christmas presents or toys to gift coupons for grocery stores, Thanksgiving food baskets, and more. Free activities, literature, toys, and food are available for children of all ages, from teenagers down to infants. This organization also provides information on other assistance programs in the county.

St. Vincent de Paul – SVDP Village

This is a non-profit organization that provides food and other financial aid to families in San Diego County. They help the low-income and seniors and even offer free Christmas toys.

There are distribution centers located in several different San Diego towns. A free holiday program for children is provided for those who are under the age 18 years old and a traditional Christmas dinner is offered on Thanksgiving Day. There is a wide range of free necessities to choose from.

They make an effort to step it up a notch during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Free food, clothing, and other necessities (including those for the homeless), as well as modest toys and party favors for children’s birthdays and Christmas celebrations. There are locations throughout the county and they rely on volunteers, donations, and the generosity of others.

In addition to providing a few thousand dollars in rent help every year to San Diego families in need, Catholic Charities Family Center provides holiday meals and gifts. The charity has an annual Christmas dinner that is open to everyone, including children of all ages. Don’t forget to check out Free Christmas and holiday assistance programs in San Bernardino County!

Address: 1501 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.

Contact: (619) 233-8500

Southcrest Recreation Center

This county and city of San Diego sponsored agency provides holiday help as well as referrals. There are a number of other organizations that they can refer people to. There are also a few different facilities in the area.

They have a focus on helping children and their families, but there is also some aid for seniors, immigrants, refugees, the disabled and others. It’s possible that people will hand out presents, clothes, and toys. Many of these are provided during the months of December and January.

There is no official government website for this organization, which is run by a non-profit community service organization. They are based in San Diego, but they provide assistance throughout the county and even in other areas.

The focus is primarily on people with issues related to food or housing assistance. But they also offer money for lost wages or medical bills. There are several locations throughout San Diego County. Call for an appointment or to make an appointment online at their website . This organization is not the only one in the county that helps people during the holidays.

There are several different community service organizations that provide assistance during the holidays. Call for more information or visit their website . They have a wide range of different services, from providing free Christmas gifts for children to money for medical bills and other things. Some focus on adults, but there are also programs for senior citizens as well as families with children under age 18 years old. They are all based in San Diego County.

This city government run program provides a number of different services to lower income, homeless and other needy families throughout the county. If someone doesn’t qualify for the CalFresh food stamps, then the government may still provide them with cash assistance.

They can also provide help with housing costs including rent or energy bills. The city is supported by donations from charities and individuals as well as volunteers.

The Church of the Nazarene at Mid-City

Call for an appointment or apply online. This organization provides a number of services throughout San Diego County and other areas in the state. The main focus is on homeless and homeless veterans, but they also provide free Christmas gifts, food, clothing and support with utilities such as rent or energy bills. They have locations throughout the county including several churches and a few other locations like a school or hospital.

Vast numbers of families struggle to pay their bills during the holiday season. The government and many non-profits in San Diego provide help. The agencies are non-profit, non-governmental organizations that either rely on donations or government grants. Some may even offer free Christmas gifts. Find more holiday help in San Diego California.

Food assistance and groceries is available from a leading source of free food programs in San Diego County California. The Church of the Nazarene at Mid-City is able to provide free food to families living on a low income because they receive contributions of food from local companies and neighborhood food banks. This allows them to do so throughout the entire month.

The county government offers many different emergency resources for people who are facing a crisis during the holidays. In addition to government emergency funds, such as funds from CalFresh, there are also several non-profit agencies that provide emergency assistance. This can include money for bills, rent, utilities and anything else that may be difficult to pay. Read more information here .

The city of San Diego is offering a number of different programs and services in an effort to help families get through the holiday season.


If you or your family need help, whether it is a free Christmas presents, housing, or money to pay bills, they can offer many resources including referrals. Find more information on financial assistance from San Diego county.

One of the leading service providers in the county is Catholic Charities Family Center for FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in San Diego, California. They provide everything from food and holiday meals, to rent assistance and transportation. The charity will also help people apply for CalFresh benefits and get furniture for their home as well as clothes (such as coats).

Another leading non-profit organization is the Salvation Army. They offer everything from free Christmas gifts, to meals, and maybe even a rental assistance program.

There are many other non-profit organizations that offer various forms of assistance including help with rent and utilities, clothing, food and more. Find additional ways to get financial aid in San Diego California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the county offer?

The county offers an array of different services for people looking for help during the holidays. For example, there is a government hotline that can help with a variety of things such as housing, food, health care, and more. The county also has several non-profit agencies that provide money for bills, rent, and even Christmas presents.

How many of these agencies do they have in San Diego County?

There are over 150 different agencies located throughout the county that can provide financial aid during the holidays. Many of them will assist people in applying for benefits such as government programs. They also provide other assistance to those who may be struggling with their bills or basic needs.

Are these resources just for people that live in San Diego?

No, people from the surrounding areas can qualify for assistance as well. They do provide resources to those who live in San Diego, but there are also hundreds of other non-profit agencies located throughout the county that offer similar services.

Does the county provide a way to apply for assistance?

Whether someone meets all of the criteria provided by the agency will determine if they qualify for help. If they live in San Diego, they can go to any one of the many different agencies that are located throughout all areas of the county, even Riverside County. They can also apply online using their website.

Are there any other ways to get help with paying bills?

Yes. There are also several non-profit agencies that provide financial assistance to San Diego County residents. Some may offer temporary housing, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, rent assistance as well as other goods and services. People can find additional non-profits in San Diego California.

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