How to Get free Christmas Gifts in Riverside County, CA

How to Get free Christmas Gifts in Riverside County, CA : Find places in Riverside County where low-income families can go to receive free assistance during the holiday season. This assistance may take the form of Christmas gifts or meals, as well as Thanksgiving dinners with turkey. Other initiatives are geared toward assisting those with disabilities, senior persons, and single mothers. Find out where and how to Get FREE Christmas Gifts in Riverside County, CA, as well as meals for the homeless and other things.

Find organizations like charities and non-profits that are dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate or who are financially disadvantaged while resources are still limited. Customers, particularly children, and teenagers can get free Christmas items to open thanks to donations made by others.

Families also have the option of receiving free holiday food boxes, gifts, gift cards for shopping, and other goodies. The primary philanthropic organizations operating in Riverside County are free Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, and Adopt a Family, in addition to a number of additional organizations that focus on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Charitable organizations are dependent on financial donations and contributions from members of the general public as well as local companies. On a first-come, first-served basis, eligible families and the children in those families may get assistance.

Some centers and programs may provide their customers with the opportunity to “shop” for exactly what they require, allowing children to select the games, dolls, computer games, Legos, and other things that they want. The products will also be distributed to those in need at many other places around Riverside County such as Free Christmas Gifts & Food in San Diego, California.

The children are always the primary focus of these organizations in Riverside, and the agencies want to make sure that children who come from households with modest incomes have some toys and gifts to open on Christmas morning.

The enrollment sessions are typically held from the beginning of fall through the end of November. Apply as soon as possible. If you live in the county, call one of the following organizations to get more information. Another option is to look for Christmas assistance programs in your local community.

Adopt A Family organization provides low-income families with children (under the age of 18) a bag full of toys, clothing, and food as part of their Adopt-A-Family program. The Christmas gift bags are filled with clothing for fall and winter and will be a great help to those who struggle financially.

Many organizations and agencies take part in Adopt-A-Family, and some of the locations include Community Action Partnership Of San Bernardino County (CAP), Jewish Family Service / Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Salvation Army Center of Hope, Inland Valley Hope Partners (IVHP), United Way of the Inland Valleys.

Holiday meals and gifts are offered by Adopt a Family. They are part of the holiday season and provide joy and happiness to families in need. There is also a Christmas program for children as well as adults. It will help them become more independent and give them the skills to have a healthy life in the future. This can be provided to people at any time of year.

Get free Christmas gifts in Riverside County, California

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

The Rescue Mission helps individuals who are recovering and struggling with various addictions. They provide a residential program as well as other resources to assist in the recovery process.

There is also a free food bank, clothing closet, and thrift store on site. In addition, the center provides worship services, Bible studies, and another programming, including training classes that can lead to employment or full-time employment placement programs.

The organization serves all of Riverside County, California, and all cities in this area. Each year, the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission holds a toy giveaway event for the community. Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance and help hand out more than 15,000 toys to children who are less fortunate.

Find a way to provide the community with access to two hot meals per day, and residents should have access to three hot meals per day. The organization also provides clothing, through online donation boxes to families who need help.

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission also focuses on providing housing and a safe living environment for those who are recovering. Many of the apartments are located at the Riverside County Courthouse, which is located in Indio, California.

Applicants undergo a thorough application process and must have a diagnosed mental illness. All residents have to adhere to some rules that can help make their time at the facility more enjoyable because people typically have to make choices about choosing to go outside or stay within the community building.

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are served, and they include turkeys along with all of the other fixings. Residents with low incomes, people who are homeless, and those who are poor may all be eligible.

Address: 47470 Van Buren Street, Indio, CA, 92201.

Contact: 760- 347-3512

BARCS Victim Assistance Services

The mission of the Victim Assistance Service is to provide safety and healing for individuals in crisis by providing services that address post-trauma issues.

They have a number of programs and opportunities for people who have been victims of crime, including the following: Emergency support services such as food, gasoline vouchers, and vouchers for day care. They also offer help for mental health or legal issues. These services are available in the following areas: Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

This agency also provides emergency-free Christmas programs to low-income families in need including toys, gifts, and more. The organization is also looking for volunteers to donate their time to the holiday programs and they will provide meals while they are volunteering at the centers. Many of the families that BARCS works with have children who live in shelters or on their own.

BARCS Victim Assistance Services also provides education programs and other help for senior citizens. This includes teaching seniors how to better manage their finances, and improve computer skills and money management programs. The center also provides one-on-one counseling and a broad range of educational programs to assist seniors in Riverside County.

They offer referrals to local organizations that provide help with various issues including getting help with utility bills, rent assistance, and much more. BARCS Victim Assistance Services’ main aim is to pair victims of crime with qualified, licensed therapists in the area.

Casa Blanca Home Of Neighborly Service

The Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service provides financial support to families throughout the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition to that, they provide a computer café, a human services program, free food distribution days, and emergency food assistance.

The center assists local as well as out-of-town families, including those in need from throughout the region. This non-profit organization helps individuals and families in need.

Casa Blanca Home Of Neighborly Service also operates a toy store for low-income families. The toys are distributed in the local community, and it is as part of the Angel Tree Program that helps provide gifts to children and teens.

Assistance is available for senior citizens in Riverside County, California. Many of these elderly residents live on their own or with family members or loved ones. There are many assistance programs designed for older adults including Meals On Wheels and other resources that can help the senior in your life even if they do not qualify for government assistance programs.

Casa Blanca Home Of Neighborly Service’s main goal is to assist families and individuals who live in the Inland Empire. Casa Blanca Home Of Neighborly Service provides monetary assistance, food, and other resources. Assistance is available for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and other holidays including birthdays.

The agency provides a number of services to help low-income families in Riverside County. The programs are run by volunteers as well as many community partners and organizations. The warehouse is filled with toys, clothing, and gifts that are distributed to those in need throughout the region.

Many of the families that receive assistance are recently released from prison, living in shelters, or struggling to find employment. They may also be low-income families with children of school age. Everyone is welcome and typically there is no paperwork or applications to be completed by any applicant. The gift pick-up sessions are held monthly on the first Thursday of each month at Casa Blanca Home Of Neighborly Service.

Emergency assistance and Christmas programs are available for seniors and the elderly in Riverside County. The Santa Rosa Center provides residents with clothing, food baskets, financial assistance, free meals, and special holiday programs.

The senior center also provides holiday baskets to county seniors as well as those who live in Murrieta. In the Casa Blanca neighborhood of Riverside, families with modest incomes can receive food and gift baskets for the holidays of Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.

They celebrate the various holidays with celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Free dinners, holiday food boxes, Christmas tree decorations, games, and presents that are geared specifically at one gender or the other are supplied. Everything from dolls to matchbox vehicles and other items of a similar nature.

Address:7680 Casa Blanca Street, Riverside, California, 92504.

Contact: 951-688-3043

Community Settlement Association

They are a non-profit organization meant to provide support, information, and resources for low-income families and individuals in Riverside County. They have a number of programs that can help people with rent and utility bills, furniture, clothing, and other resource needs.

The mission of this organization is to help those in need through volunteer commitment. They provide housing solutions to low-income families in the Moreno Valley area of Riverside County as well as the Coachella Valley area.

During give back the holiday season, Community Settlement Association extends an invitation to low-income families to make use of the organization’s various services. They provide gift baskets filled with food and toys for the children to open on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Visit the office and sign up in person if you would want assistance with Thanksgiving preparations. The month of December will see the release of information regarding the Christmas toy giveaway.

It provides legal assistance, shelter for victims of Domestic Violence, and Immigration Services. They have a number of locations throughout Riverside County including Banning, Menifee, Palm Springs, San Diego, and many others.

The organization also offers domestic violence services to children ages 6-17 in all areas of the county. They offer support groups that are specifically tailored to provide victims of domestic violence with the information they need to reach out for help when they are ready.

Community Settlement Association has also partnered with the Women’s Center to create a low-cost crisis shelter in Eastvale. The agency provides a safe space for women, children, and pets to know.

They also provide an onsite case management program that can help victims of domestic violence find housing and other resources to move forward. Riverside County residents with low incomes and those who are unemployed will receive Christmas food baskets and toys.

Address: 4366 Bermuda Avenue, Riverside, CA, 92507

Contact: 951-686-6266

Jurupa Valley Adopt A Family

They provide support, information, and resources for seniors and low-income families in the area. They offer a number of programs that are designed to provide financial, emotional, and informational support to those who need it in Riverside County.

The organization has a program called Adopt A Family. This program is for families who live in the Rio Grande area of Jurupa Valley. The program provides Christmas gifts for children, including toys and clothing at no cost.

In order to participate in the adopt a family program, low-income Jurupa Valley families are encouraged to submit an application to Jurupa Valley Adopt A Family. One hundred families will each get gifts including food for two weeks, a festive Christmas meal, toys for their children, school supplies, and items for personal hygiene.

In addition to this, they extend an invitation to low-income families that are in need to visit their toy distribution facility, where an additional 7,500 children will get new toys that have never been used over the holiday season.

A family that wishes to adopt a child from the organization will have to undergo background checks and a home visit. Parents who are interested in adopting should also schedule an appointment with one of their social workers.

There will be a training session for parents who want to learn more about Adopt A Family and the importance of providing resources to those in need. Jurupa Valley Adopt A Family works collaboratively with the Rady Children’s Hospital, which offers adoption services, as well as referrals to other agencies and resources.

In addition to Adopt A Family, Jurupa Valley Adopt A Family also provides other assistance including clothing and holiday assistance. They also have a program where they provide emotional support and information on medical assistance (Medi-Cal) for seniors who meet the income criteria.

There are many resources that are available for families in Riverside County. The Riverside County Department of Health and Human Services offers a wide range of resources and support in the county.

This includes many services like child care, adult day care, foster care, and adoption. They also provide information for senior citizens on homes for sale that is affordable.

Riverside Community College offers financial aid to low-income families as well as information on what individual classes are available. CA Scholarshiplinkis an organization that can provide help finding scholarships and grants in the area.

They exclusively help out people who live in the Jurupa Valley. Santa Express Routes and Adopt a Family are two of the programs that are offered, in addition to scholarships, instructional activities, free gift cards for toys, and plenty more. The people living in the Jurupa Valley will receive assistance for both Christmas and the rest of the year.

Address: 6109 Camino Real, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509.

Contact: (951) 530-1693

Lutheran Social Services Of Southern California

This organization provides various resources to those who are experiencing crisis situations. Most of their services are focused on assisting individuals who have been victims of sexual assault.

The agency also works with a number of agencies to offer out-of-home placement for children and families that are in the process of transitioning from foster care into independent living. Other services include family preservation, adoption, and being a resource center for it.

Riverside County Regional Medical Center provides healthcare to low-income families as well as a number of other partners across the area. This includes outpatient services for children living in foster care or who have been victims of child abuse or neglect.

The hospital also offers substance abuse treatment, GED classes, vocational training, and more. Families in need that live in Riverside County and the surrounding areas are eligible for any one of the hundreds of programs that Lutheran Social Services of Southern California has to offer.

During the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they distribute free holiday dinner boxes along with free toys, gifts, and clothing. In addition, they provide services such as food pantries, grocery packs, school supply drives, and transportation, among other things.

A social service organization with many facets. It is possible to receive assistance with anything from housing to transportation to receiving free groceries, programs for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, games, books, tablets, and more.

The non-profit organization can be helpful to a variety of people, including elderly people, teenagers, immigrants, and veterans.

Riverside County Community Services: They provide a number of programs to those who are in need. It is a non-profit organization that provides more than 50,000 meals per month.

Children under the age of 18 who live in Riverside County and attend school in the community are also eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch during the school year. The program is designed to ensure that every student has access to healthy food every day. In addition to this, they also offer free meals during summer break.

The Riverside County Department of Health and Human Services is one of the largest local health departments. They have services that are tailored to those who live in the area. They have a number of programs that are designed to help those who are in need.

This includes assistance for medical assistance and financial assistance. The agency also runs a number of county health clinics, which are open all year round and offer services for low-income families such as access to immunization, nutrition services, and more.

They have an enrollment center that can accept applications for Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program), CalFresh (California’s Food Stamp Program), and free breast milk every day from 10–3 pm. The Riverside County Department of Health and Human Services also has a dental clinic that is open every day from 8:30am-3 pm.

The center is focused on providing emergency dental services to low-income families with children who have special medical needs. In addition, the center also provides free dental services to low-income children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) has various resources for those who are struggling financially or are in need of help. The agency strives to provide a wide range of support and assistance to families, children, and the elderly in Riverside County.

They offer services like food stamps, medical care, adoption assistance, and more. The organization also has various benefits for veterans. People who are eligible for social security disability benefits may be able to receive additional financial support from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Address: 4162 Rubidoux Ave, Riverside, CA 92506.

Contact: (951) 689-7847

Salvation Army

The Riverside County Salvation Army provides resources and community programs that are designed to meet the needs of needy families. This includes holiday assistance, clothing, and food packs, among other things. Proceeds from their annual Christmas Angel Tree program benefit the organization as well.

The program provides presents for children between the ages of 3–10 who have been living in a foster home or have been placed in a local shelter by DHS but are not yet wards of the court. This year’s generous donations include gifts for 1,100 children. The Christmas Angel Tree is held at various Riverside County locations throughout the year.

The Angel Tree Program was established by the Salvation Army in order to provide underprivileged children with gifts during the holiday season. In addition to this, during the holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), they hand out free holiday dinner boxes, and their soup kitchen serves hot meals on a daily basis.

Participants are required to provide proof of domicile, a social security card for themselves and any other adults living in the home, proof of household expenses, and birth certificates for any children under the age of 18. Please visit their website if you would want more information about the services that they provide.

They also offer services for people who have low vision or vision loss due to aging and/or because of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. More than one place can be found in the vicinity of Moreno Valley, Hemet, and Riverside.

They give out gifts like toys and games as well as Christmas baskets and other items to families with children under the age of 12 who have lower incomes and are in need. In addition, the Salvation Army offers it’s free to Adopt a Family Program to residents of Riverside County.

The AARP Foundation

The AARP Foundation provides resources for seniors who are living in the county. The California affiliate of the organization offers information and programs to help empower older adults and caregivers.

They have active volunteer programs, online resources, and community events that are designed to provide help to all generations that live in Southern California. They also offer educational workshops on topics like retirement planning, money management, credit repair, health insurance, Medicare enrollment, and Social Security benefits.

Riverside County offers various resources for veterans. There are programs that are designed to provide financial assistance and job training. In addition, there is medical care that is provided.

The County of Riverside Veterans Services Division helps veterans navigate the federal, state, and local benefits they are eligible for. They provide information on veteran benefits and education, employment services, military documents, claims assistance, and more.

Santa Claus Inc.

Santa Claus Inc. provides holiday assistance and support to children who are struggling financially during the holidays. The agency’s holiday assistance program is a network of volunteers across the county that is designed to provide gifts to needy children who live in the community.

The organization also operates a Children’s Development Center in Riverside County that serves children between the ages of 18–24 who live with their mothers and/or are at risk of being removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.

Applications for free presents are distributed throughout the school districts of Colton Unified, Rialto, San Bernardino city truly united, and Redlands/Highlands by Santa Claus Inc.

Families who are struggling financially can pick up an application, fill it out on their own, and then bring it back to the school to be processed. On a predetermined date, parents who are eligible will be given the opportunity to shop for their children’s free toys, clothing, and books.

In addition, there are other resources available for parents who are having trouble paying their bills. There is the Financial Independence Program (FIP), which can provide assistance to low-income families in Riverside County.

The FIP is a one-time emergency distribution that provides furniture, beds, clothing, and food to needy families and people who have lost their job or have been affected by a crisis such as a fire. Santa Clause Inc also offers emergency housing help and utility assistance, including free clothing, food, and holiday gifts.

The Salvation Army offers holiday assistance and support to children who are struggling financially during the holidays. Their annual Angel Tree program is a network of volunteers across the county that is designed to provide gifts to needy children who live in the community. They also provide various resources for seniors and people with disabilities.

Spark Of Love Toy Drive

The Spark of Love Toy Drive is a local non-profit that offers gifts and toys to children who are in foster care and/or are wards of the court. The organization also provides toys and clothing to children who are living in group homes, shelters, or group homes.

Through the Spark Of Love Toy Drive, ABC7 and the firefighters of Southern California provide underprivileged families in Southern California with gifts of toys. The months of November and December are set aside annually for this organization’s Spark of Love Toy Drive.

The veteran center provides various support services to military veterans and their families. The services that they provide include employment services, medical care, education (including GED classes), financial assistance, housing assistance, and social/recreational activities for veterans. Spark Of Love Toy Drive also assists low-income families by providing the children in their homes with the toys that they really want.

The Riverside Veterans Service Center is a federally funded program that assists veterans who may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing them with information and assistance to help them find housing as well as assistance obtaining health care benefits.

In addition, there are also referrals to other programs, resources, and organizations that provide careers advice, job placement and training, home ownership assistance, and other financial aid that includes low-cost loans. Spark Of Love Toy Drive’s main aim is to help the kids in their community by providing them with presents at no cost.

The organization also has two other programs. The first is an emergency shelter that provides overnight assistance and transitional housing.

In addition, there is the Homeless Veterans Educational Assistance Program (HVEAP), which is designed for veterans who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless. HVEAP aims to prevent homelessness among California’s over 400,000 homeless veterans by providing education and employment services and basic health care.

Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots is a program that is designed to help children who are in desperate need of toys, clothing, and gifts during the holidays. The local organization also aims to raise awareness about child abuse, lending a helping hand to those who are suffering.

This annual campaign provides enough toys and gifts to over 1,000 impoverished families in nine training sites throughout the city of Riverside, CA. The goal is to distribute between 350 – 450 toys per site and up to 3,000 gifts per site.

Toys for Tots is a charity that distributes new toys to children of low-income families in exchange for donations from members of the community and organizations.

In order to submit an application for the purpose of receiving presents, parents are required to provide a birth certificate for each kid residing in the household, a social security card for each adult residing in the household, proof of residency, and proof of expenses incurred by the family.

To get started, parents need to register each of their children for the program through the “request toys” link found on the organization’s website. Please visit their website if you require any further information.

The Veterans Of Foreign Wars makes an effort to provide food, clothing, and toys to homeless veterans in Riverside, CA. The organization educates the community about the causes of veteran homelessness and helps vets obtain affordable housing and local government benefits. They can also help veterans in applying for VA services.

Another charity that is available for low-income families is the Community Action Partnership Of Riverside County. The organization works to increase employment opportunities for people throughout Riverside County by offering free training programs. They also offer other services, such as emergency assistance. Spark Of Love Toy Drive mainly focuses on providing toys to disadvantaged children.

In addition to the Salvation Army and Spark Of Love Toy Drive, there are numerous other charities across the city of Riverside, California that offers help and support to low-income families during the holidays. The Social Services department can also provide assistance to people who have no money.

These organizations have a variety of programs and resources that are designed to help people who are living in poverty or who are facing a crisis situation.

This summer program is open to participants who are under the age of 13 years old. It is possible for low-income working families to get gifts for their children, provided that they apply on time and complete the requirements.

There are brand-new items that have never been opened before, including books, games, trucks or dolls, Legos, board or video games, sport goods, and other toys. It’s possible that some of the parents will get free Christmas gift certificates, too. Online is where you may find additional details on how to apply in Riverside County.

Water Of Life Community Church

Water of Life Community Church is a non-profit, non-denominational church that provides various resources to people who are facing great difficulties in their lives. The church offers free clothing as well as food to people who are in need.

They also offer financial aid to people when they cannot pay bills or if they have trouble paying for food. They are a Christian organization that provides help and support until there is a positive change in the life of the individual. They also offer services to the homeless, people in the juvenile system, and victims of domestic violence. They are involved in numerous activities in Riverside County.

The local government is very actively involved in providing various resources for low-income families that are facing a crisis situation. The government provides financial aid to low-income families as well as children who live in poverty.

The Water Of Life Community Church extends an invitation to all low-income families, asking them to sign up at CityLink for their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Families that register for the program are eligible to receive holiday food hampers and shopping privileges at the Christmas store. Every year during the holiday season, the Christmas store donates more than 4,000 toys to families who are struggling financially.

The project is designed to help low-income families. The participating agencies include the Water Of Life Community Church, Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, and the Riverside County Department of Social Services. The agencies mix their resources, offering food, clothing, and toys to families who are in dire need.

Churches and local non-profits all over Riverside provide donations for low-income families that are having a hard time during the holiday season. Many local churches collect toys, clothing, and food that are distributed to low-income families. The government also provides aid to kids who are living in poverty.

There are also numerous sites in Riverside that provide information on organizations that offer help to families with no money. There are many resources available for those who need assistance during the holidays. These include organizations such as the Salvation Army, Spark Of Love Toy Drive and the Community Action Partnership Of Riverside County.

A “client choice” center is what you’ll find at Christmas Store. This allows qualified parents, including single mothers, the opportunity to “shop” for the specific toys, gifts, and clothes that their child or children require for the holiday season.

Due to a lack of resources, only a select number of eligible families are able to participate in the holiday program. Products and provisions include but are not limited to apparel, nourishment, and items for infants and young children. During the Easter and Christmas seasons, a large number of items are sent as a kind of support to those in need.

Address:7625 East Ave, Fontana, CA 92336.

Contact: (909) 463-0103

Arlington Temporary Services

Arlington Temporary Services offers self-sufficiency packages for the homeless. The agency work with the Arlington County Department Of Public Health and Human Services to provide basic health services and food to homeless people. They also provide medical, dental, vision, and mental health care.

It offers a variety of services that are designed to help low-income families who are facing a crisis. They offer a number of resources such as food, clothing, and housing assistance through six programs.

They also provide a variety of services such as life skills classes, addiction services, and referral to health care programs. Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift baskets, clothing, and other baby supplies, as well as additional assistance over the holiday season.

The organization serves the following counties in Northern Virginia: Arlington County and Alexandria. The charity provides help to the following states: North Carolina, Rhode Island, Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma.

They are committed to becoming the largest community service organization ever in Arlington County. The charity started its operation with four locations and opened its sixth location in January 2018.

It is a non-profit charitable health organization that specializes in providing services to low-income people within its community.

Address: 10495 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92505.

Contact: 951-689-5620

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is an agency that offers a variety of services and resources to people who have low incomes. Services include employment, education, financial assistance, medical aid, and personal care.

The organization works with the government and other aid organizations to distribute food, clothing, and other resources. Catholic Charities was founded to assist the poor during the holiday season. The organization started in Buffalo as a soup kitchen for needy people within the Catholic community.

The charitable organization has multiple locations throughout the region, and its services extend to all of the aforementioned fields as well as others. There are unique Christmas meals, cuisine, free presents, and other holiday-themed programs available.

Free assistance is offered throughout the holidays to a variety of people, including working poor people, single moms, and immigrants. It is possible to purchase Christmas decorations, presents, instructional games, and a great deal more.

These programs are designed to serve low-income families, the elderly, and individuals that are having a really hard time during the holiday season. A special call center is opened on Christmas Day, providing help with government assistance.

During the holiday season, Catholic Charities distributes more than 27 million meals to people in need. The organization has two major offices in Brooklyn and Staten Island, as well as one other location in Staten Island.

The charity provides assistance to seniors over 60 years old or anyone with a disability who qualifies for public assistance. During the holiday season, more than 10,000 people receive assistance through Catholic Charities.

The charity also offers a special Christmas food and gift program for children. The meals are provided to children through a number of holiday programs that aid low-income families.

In addition to this, there are a variety of other services that are offered throughout the year, such as job training and placement services. Catholic Charities helps with housing issues in New York City in addition to providing food, health care, and more.

It is a non-profit organization that provides multiple resources, including aid for the holiday season, to people living in Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

They help families with rent and utility bills, provide food assistance and offer information on government programs such as SNAP benefits or Medicaid.

They assist families who are struggling to make ends meet in addition to people who are having difficulty finding housing and shelter. As part of its mission, they also help immigrants become some with the process of citizenship.

Contact: (951) 689-1803 or 909-763-4970

Community Assistance Program of Moreno Valley

This organization was created to provide low-income people access to the resources and aid that they need. The Community Assistance Program Of Moreno Valley has been around for a long time and is a very effective agency.

They offer counseling and assistance with food, rent, gas bills, utility bills, and more. There are several other services that are provided as well such as case management services and help with child care expenses.

The Community Assistance Program Of Moreno Valley also has a program for special needs children. This program is meant to improve the lives of special needs children by improving the quality of their education and developing their independence. The organization also provides support to seniors who are in need.

The Community Assistance Program Of Moreno Valley offers free tax preparation services throughout the year as well as other assistance programs.

All of these services are offered in several languages. The agency provides people with a variety of different aid including home repairs, food, clothing, and more to families who have fallen on hard times during the holiday season. The agency also sends out information on government assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC.

The organization was created to provide people with work and career resources in addition to the support that they need. Their main focus is on providing a variety of services to families in Riverside County and San Bernardino County who are having a really hard time. They offer more than 200 services to low-income families, seniors, disabled individuals, and new immigrants each month.

Address: 24594 Sunnymead Boulevard, Suite W, Moreno Valley, CA, 92553.

Contact: 951-485-7792

Survival Ministries – Lighthouse Church

The elderly, the disabled, and other families who are having difficulty making ends meet are eligible to receive food, dinners, and food, and it is hoped that they will be able to celebrate the holidays and the Christmas season.

The organization is run by volunteers who are committed to helping others. The Lighthouse Church of God works with local organizations and churches in the region to collect and distribute food, toys, and other forms of basic aid to those people who are struggling during the holidays.

The church served more than 500 families with Thanksgiving dinners. They were also able to distribute Christmas gifts for children, collected donations for Salvation Army bell ringers, and more.

Lighthouse Church also provided emergency assistance to hurricane victims in Houston, Texas in addition to providing emergency housing for families. The organization also distributed food, clothing, and other resources to the homeless.

The Lighthouse Church is a faith-based non-profit organization with the goal of helping families and others in need. The church has been able to provide over 4 million meals in the last 5 years.

The Lighthouse Church of God receives support from local churches and organizations as well as volunteers throughout the holidays. Lighthouse Church’s main aim is to serve as a bridge between people in poverty and service providers.

The church has been providing assistance for more than 40 years. Volunteers who are part of the church provide food baskets each year to needy families, including seniors and the disabled. They also provide clothing, blankets, cribs, and beds for children who are homeless or those who are living in shelters with their families.

The organization offers school supplies to students with financial needs to ensure that all students have what they need for school. They distribute more than 100,000 children’s books each year to children in need.

It is a program that includes the following: food, clothing, toys, and other basic necessities for the holiday season. The bridge is provided to families who are having difficulty with their finances due to loss of employment or other problems within their homes. This helps them during this difficult time.

Address: 23100 Betty Road, Perris, CA, 92570.

Contact: 951-657-8810

Get free food in Riverside County, California

Carol’s Kitchen

Families in Riverside can stop by Carol’s Kitchen on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for a hot lunch. Meals include protein, salads, sweets, etc. As an alternative option, some kitchens may provide youngsters with sandwiches and a snack.

Congregate meals are served to low-income individuals and families either at no cost or at a reduced rate. During the holiday season, families with low incomes have access to clothing that they can purchase.

Those who are having difficulty making ends meet may receive meals for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Easter. The services are offered at no cost to those who are eligible. The Congregate Meal Program is a service that is provided by the California Department of Aging.

The federal government and the USDA offer food assistance for low-income families and individuals who need help with groceries. The program mostly helps seniors, disabled persons, children, and other people who are struggling with food insecurity in California.

Low-income seniors can also apply for Meals on Wheels that are provided by the community and distributed by partnering non-profit organizations. Find additional details on Riverside California Meals on Wheels.

An alternative meal program is available for the homebound elderly in Moreno Valley and Perris.

Address: 789 North San Gorgonio Avenue, Banning, CA, 92220.

Contact: 951-849-6077

Circle of Care Ministry

Volunteers in the Moreno Valley and Perris area can donate food and toys to children, the elderly, and others who are struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season. The ministry provides food baskets, food boxes, and holiday gifts as well as other cash assistance programs for families in need.

The organization is a faith-based non-profit organization that provides material support for families who are having difficulty making ends meet during the holidays.

They also provide community service projects for all ages. They also have volunteer opportunities in addition to other ways to get involved. The Circle of Care Ministry organizes a community service project for volunteers and neighborhood groups.

Clothing and food baskets are provided to low-income families during the holiday season at no cost to those who are eligible. During the winter months, children may receive school supplies including backpacks, clothing, shoes, and coats in addition to holiday gifts for children with their families for Christmas.

Senior citizens may receive clothing donations as well as assistance with food costs. In Riverside County, there are programs available, such as food pantries and soup kitchens, for those with low incomes, those who are disabled, and those who are otherwise struggling.

It’s possible that there will be some miniature toys or decorations for Christmas, as well as clothes and other items. There are also Thanksgiving turkey meals and food packs available for purchase.

Services are provided for those who are homeless, families who are struggling with food insecurity, seniors, and the general public.

No one can reasonably call them needy – they have money. But they’re not doing well financially. Their contribution is to get together around the holidays and provide food baskets to those in need right here in Riverside. They might also have a few toys or other items that would be appreciated as gifts back home at Christmas time.

Address: 26090 Ynez Rd, Temecula, California 92590

Contact: (951) 973-3582

Greenhouse Family Services

The Greenhouse Family Services Network provides a variety of resources and programs to families in need in Riverside County. The organization can be reached during the holiday season at 661-244-7977.

The Greenhouse Family Services is a faith-based non-profit organization that serves individuals, families, and seniors with various needs through an array of programs and services. The services include emergency housing for the homeless, food insecure families, and other support for those who are struggling with needs including health, education, and employment.

During the holiday season, they provide assistance to people with low incomes, families living in poverty, those who are lonely, and those who are underemployed. Help is available in a variety of forms, including applications for Toys for Tots, counseling, free clothing, and holiday food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There are several non-profit organizations in Riverside, California that focus on helping people pay their rent and housing expenses. If you need help making your monthly payments there can be assistance, even if you live in another state.

Some of the locations are the following. Your local branch may also offer financial aid, up to certain amounts. The resources are available as a one-time payment or they can extend to a comprehensive support program that offers multiple services over a period of time. They are a faith-based non-profit that helps families who are in a crisis situation.

The store operates at 5105 Business Center Drive in Riverside and is open from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday through Saturday, and noon to 5 pm on Sundays. Find additional information and resources for the homeless and poverty-line folks in Riverside.

Address: 2038 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507.

Contact: (951) 788-0322

Church of God of Prophecy, Riverside (COGOP)

The Church of God of Prophecy is a faith-based non-profit organization that serves the homeless, people who are struggling financially, and other needs. They provide a variety of services for seniors, the unemployed, job seekers, and those with low incomes. They also provide food assistance programs for low-income families in Riverside County.

COGOP offers shelter from the cold weather during the winter months as well as clothing and other items for Christmas. They also provide food assistance during the holiday season to seniors, families with children and other individuals in need. A free food pantry may have things suitable for holiday dinners, such as meats, turkey, bread, and other foods.

With locations in both Riverside and San Bernardino County, they also operate several food pantries and thrift stores that may have holiday gifts, toys and other items. Some of the locations they support are in Murrieta, Hemet, Corona, and Victorville.

Address: 7442 Diamond St, Riverside, California 92504.

Contact: (951) 687-1001

Heart Changing Deliverance Ministries

The Heart Changing Deliverance is a faith-based non-profit organization that serves people who are homeless and have low incomes throughout Riverside County. They also provide other assistance to people with HIV/AIDS and also offer education, job training, and housing services.

During the holiday season, they will have food baskets and boxes of food as well as clothing items for those in need. Other items may include toys, blankets, or other personal care items and gift certificates. They may have free Christmas dinners for the needy, community projects during the holiday season, clothing and other items for seniors, and toys for children.

In addition to the food boxes and meals, they may also provide a gift box of healthy snacks. Help is available for anyone in need, including those who are impoverished, homeless, or migrant laborers. More on Riverside homeless assistance.

It provides assistance to families and individuals in need. One way they offer support is through their food pantry, which may have holiday foods, dinner and gift certificates as well as snacks and meals.

Another focus is on free clothing distribution to children in need as well as senior citizens and others who have low incomes or are struggling financially. Holiday gifts will be distributed for Hanukkah and Christmas to the needy in Riverside County California.

Address: 24210 Postal Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92553.

Contact: (442) 400-2489

Hope Outreach Ministries

The Hope Outreach Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organization that serves those with low incomes throughout Riverside County. They also provide assistance to seniors, families with children, the working poor, and those who are homeless who are in need.

The non-profit will provide holiday food baskets and Christmas baskets to Riverside County residents during the holidays. They may also have toys, clothing, and other items such as household goods.

Hope Outreach is a faith-based organization that offers assistance in a number of ways, including food, clothing, and holiday help. They also help people apply for social service programs, such as WIC and food stamps. Some of the locations they operate at include Lake Elsinore, Norco, Palm Springs, and Hemet.

City Of Riverside – Community Assistance & Human Relations (CAHR)

The City of Riverside provides aid to low and fixed-income households in the region. They provide emergency financial aid for rent, security deposit payments, water bills, and other expenses. Applications are taken from families that have experienced a loss in income due to illness or job loss for example.

There may also be helpful for families who are experiencing homelessness or those who are referred by another agency. Applicants of the City of Riverside may be eligible for rent assistance and grants. Learn more on Riverside Public Works programs.

In addition to public aid, the county also runs a food stamp program and other resources for families living in poverty or that have no income. Social service organizations across Riverside County will help people apply for food stamps from this program, including CalFresh.

St. Martha’s Thrift Store and Community Food Pantry of Murrieta

The St. Martha’s Thrift Store and Community Food Pantry of Murrieta offer low-income and low-income families food, clothing, furniture, and other items.

These supplies are provided through donations from other churches and non-profit agencies. They may have holiday items as well as Christmas baskets for people in need who may need assistance during the holidays. The thrift store can also provide assistance with clothing, furniture, and food vouchers. The non-profit organization also operates a food pantry that provides for those living in poverty or who are struggling to make ends meet with groceries.

Get information on additional pantries in Riverside, California, and find more details on free Christmas programs. Residents of Murrieta who have limited financial means might benefit from the distribution of healthful meals and goods thanks to assistance programs.

Any person who wants to apply for this program must be unable to effectively provide for themselves and their family. There is a possibility that hundreds of food baskets may be distributed on Thanksgiving and Easter.

It offers low-income and struggling families several programs. These programs include emergency financial assistance, help for families that are facing eviction, and other aid. In addition to this material help, the charity also provides counseling and other resources to those who need support. Some of what may be offered include free food from their pantry or free diapers and baby formula among others.

Address: 39493 Los Alamos Rd suite a, Murrieta, CA 92563.

Contact: 951-677-6347

The Mead Valley Community Center

The Mead Valley Community Center offers assistance, including food and clothing, to families and individuals in need. The organization partners with local churches in Riverside County CA, who donate most of the items that they distribute.

People living in poverty or struggling financially can stop by to apply for a box of canned goods, rice, and other groceries. They also have free Christmas baskets for children as well as other holiday programs. In addition to their distribution center near Hemet, they have a thrift store where low-income families can shop for gently used goods at low prices.

The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services will have information on additional assistance programs for the holidays. They administer several social service programs in the region, and most of these services are for the low-income population. Many people who live in Riverside can apply for help from the CalFresh food stamps program or other aid.

Another service that is offered is energy bill assistance from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Everything from groceries (even during the holidays), clothing, sneakers, and even miniature holiday decorations may be found here.

The county also offers the Crisis Assistance Program (CAP). It can provide assistance to families that are facing a financial crisis. What kind of assistance can be offered? There may be free food or help in paying rent and utilities. They also work with regional non-profit organizations to try and find qualified applicants for employment opportunities.

Address: 21091 Rider Street, Perris, CA 92570.

Contact: (951) 210-1580

Spark of Live

This non-profit organization operates a number of assistance programs in the region. The primary program offered is the Riverside County Christmas Assistance Program.

It allows families to apply for Christmas gifts for their children and low-income families can get free toys, clothing, and other holiday assistance. They also have programs that can help the less fortunate in Riverside California apply for government aid from Snap benefits or Medi-Cal among others.

Clothing closets are another option in Riverside County. This event is a free Christmas toy drive and giveaway, and participants can get free gifts. Donations of vehicles, toys, clothes, video games, and other items come from both individuals and businesses. The eligible families in need, including immigrants and migrant workers, as well as parents, are eligible to receive the Christmas toys. Dial 211.

The Riverside Community Center offers food and Christmas services to those in need. Dial 211 for more information.

In the summer, a free summer program is offered at the Riverside Community Center. It is called the Summer Kitchen Program. Families in need can stop by to collect items such as fruits and vegetables, baby formula, and other healthcare items that are available for free.

Menifee Valley Community Cupboard

The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard is a food and toys program that operates in Riverside County. These low-income families can get free Christmas assistance.

In addition to its other activities, the food bank will provide vouchers for groceries to those who need them. “The vouchers have to be presented to one of the participating food pantries or soup kitchens in the county where the individual can exchange them for food. This is a great program for people who do not qualify for CalFresh and need assistance.

Another option is free frozen meals. The organization offers free meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas to hundreds of families in the region. They can provide more than 100,000 meals and they are delivered by volunteers who will take them door-to-door to local households in need.

Families and people with modest incomes, as well as senior citizens and the elderly, may be eligible for free food and meals through a program that offers home delivery. This may include the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once the applicant is approved, they will receive a voucher to go to their local store and they can pick up food.

They offer two types of holiday programs or events. One is the canned food drive that happens in the fall and winter times. Many of the donated items will be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The other program is called their “Place at the Table” meals program where people can come by to receive free meals from their pantry or school partners every Tuesday in December (except for December 20th).

Address: 26808 Cherry Hill Boulevard, Menifee, CA, 92586.

Contact: 951-301-4414

The Olive Branch Development and Empowerment Services

They offer a food pantry, clothing distribution, and holiday assistance.

The non-profit organization helps people of Riverside California apply for government food assistance such as CalFresh or they may offer other aid. Find more information on free holiday programs in the region.

There are some churches and religious organizations that provide free Christmas assistance in the county. Some examples include Catholic Charities, First Lutheran Church as well as several others. Only local citizens who are in need can receive assistance from the Olive Branch Development and Empowerment Services.

18400 Jurupa Avenue, Bloomington, California 92316 is the location in question. To the extent that donations allow it, free Christmas toys will be distributed. Call (909) 572-4348

Jordan Outreach Ministries International

This organization provides free holiday assistance. People can receive free food, clothing, and other goods from various low-income families for the holidays. This non-profit organization operates a variety of programs that can help people in need in the region.

This organization offers food assistance to families or others who may be in need of low-income Christmas assistance. Jordan Outreach Ministries International’s main aim is to help the less fortunate in the region and provide free Christmas toys for those children that are in poverty.

A variety of services are available at no cost. They offer an array of assistance programs including food, clothing, shelter, and more. One such program is the holiday toy drive where they provide gifts to low-income families that may otherwise spend a Christmas without gifts for their children. They also run another program called The Olive Branches Learning Center where families can get tutoring and mentoring services from volunteers and staff members at this school.

Feeding America: Riverside and San Bernardino

This non-profit organization provides Christmas food box programs to adults, children, and seniors. Food is provided through various locations in the region. Find more free food distribution sites in San Bernardino County California

They offer several opportunities for low-income families including free Christmas items such as gifts, clothing, and more.

Families can receive plastic bags and other supplies so they can make their own meals or buy food when they are short on funds. A mobile pantry is made available around Riverside County by Feeding America: Riverside and San Bernardino.

This pantry provides perishable, non-perishable, and non-food products to individuals in the community who are in need. In addition, they provide emergency food aid, which gives families free groceries each month, and a kid’s produce market, which enables students to pick up fresh produce for their family once a month. Both of these services are provided free of charge.

This church offers various assistance programs including free food, clothing, and gifts. They also have a community pantry where families can get free nutritious food in the form of canned goods, bread, pasta, and other items unavailable at other churches or pantry services.

Helping Hands Food Pantry

As its name implies, the non-profit operates a food pantry that can help people in the region. The charity helps those struggling with poverty and low income in Riverside, California. More on free holiday programs in the region.

They focus on helping senior citizens, single parents, and working poor families who may be out of work or have little income. Helping Hands Food Pantry can provide free meals and groceries to these individuals during the holidays (or throughout the rest of the year).

Families living in Riverside and the surrounding areas who are struggling financially are encouraged to visit the food pantry run by Helping Hands. Once a week, they provide families with grocery bags full with food. In addition, they can provide food boxes to children who may be living in poverty in the region.

This charity offers a mobile pantry that provides food and non-food items to those of Riverside, California who are struggling with poverty or low income. Food is also provided through the school. More on free holiday programs in the region.

Several churches offer various charitable services, including free Christmas assistance, hot meals, and others.

Martha’s Village and Kitchen

A Pantry, Clothing Room, and More: They provide clothing, food, and meals to low-income families.

Martha’s Village and Kitchen is a charity that helps those in need in the region. They provide free Christmas assistance to Riverside County families, seniors, and those of low income. More on free holiday programs in San Bernardino county.

In addition to providing food for their clients, they also offer a number of other services including help with housing repairs, financial assistance as well as counseling services. Over 6,000 underprivileged youngsters receive nourishment yearly through Martha’s Village and Kitchen. In addition, they provide classic holiday meals, such as Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner, in a pleasant setting on those respective holidays. They also have a variety of different programs that provide services for low-income families as well as seniors.

Riverside County also offers charities and non-profit organizations that provide holiday meals and gifts to those in need. The holiday assistance is offered to families who otherwise can’t afford to buy gifts, toys, and clothes for their children during the Christmas season. In addition, they may help seniors, low-income families, or others in the community.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

Christmas Dinner: They provide hot meals each month to single parents and their children. They provide a free Christmas Dinner every December.

This church assists families during the holidays and offers various other services such as help with housing and financial assistance.

Food Pantry and Clothing to Low-Income Families: This charity provides more than just food assistance during the holidays. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church extends an invitation to their community food pantry to all of the families in Riverside County with low incomes.

Those struggling financially are provided with a grocery bag filled with essential goods. Clothing is also provided; much of it which generous community members and local businesses in the region donated. The church will also help with several other needs, including housing repair, financial assistance, and referral to resources.

Riverside County has thousands of children in need, and this charity works to ensure that all students have food, school supplies, and clothing throughout the year. They focus their efforts on the senior population as well. More on free holiday programs in San Bernardino County.

All of the items are provided through a mobile pantry that can be visited at various locations in the region. Families must bring some form of identification and a picture ID to get food. In addition, they also provide Thanksgiving dinners during November and Christmas assistance from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve at their Riverside County food pantry.

Riverside Rescue Mission

Thanksgiving Dinner: They provide a hot Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

This charity provides food, clothing, and medical services to the elderly in Riverside County. One of their main goals is to “provide a hand up, not a handout.” They believe it is important for them to help with whatever resources they have. As well as meals, they offer various services, including free holiday programs for seniors. More on free holiday programs in Riverside County.

This organization provides food assistance and meals to underprivileged families in Riverside and the surrounding region. They also help with housing, employment assistance, and other resources that people may need. More on free holiday programs in San Bernardino County.

Food is provided through a mobile pantry that comes to different locations, such as senior centers, schools, community centers, or other locations throughout the year. Families can sign up for assistance at the distribution site (with proof of residency) each month.

Riverside’s Sunshine Outreach is another source of holiday assistance during December and throughout the year. They provide free food, shelter, and clothing to low-income families in the region. More on free holiday programs in San Bernardino County.

During the festive season, Riverside Rescue Mission provides a special Christmas food box to low-income families, the homeless, senior residents, and shut-ins who need assistance.

In addition to this, they provide old clothing, hot meals regularly, food boxes for families, and emergency food bags. They also provide a food pantry, among other support services, for Riverside County families. Our Agency provides weekend meals to the homeless population of Riverside County to provide them with food, clothing, and personal hygiene items.

This organization provides free holiday meals and clothing during December, January, and February for underprivileged families in the region. They also offer free Christmas assistance throughout December and January throughout the entire year. They believe that elderly people in need should not have to go without any basic needs during the festive season.

Kingdom Way Community Center

Free Christmas Meals: They provide free Christmas dinners to underprivileged children and their families. They provide a free holiday dinner to active military and their families. In addition, they also offer a mobile pantry, clothing, and financial assistance to low-income families.

Food banks in the region can also be used for other needs during the holidays. Food is provided for the elderly, children, single parents, and jobless families in Riverside County.

Recovery is another charitable organization that provides food and clothing for the needy. They provide free holiday assistance in December through January and February to underprivileged families in Riverside County.

Address: 22700 Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92501.

Contact: 909 676.9393

Fruit Of Our Hands Ministries

They provide a free holiday meal to needy families. They also offer a hot summer meal program and low-cost clothing.

They offer free clothing, food, shelter, and more to the region’s low-income population. They provide clothing and other resources to the homeless in Riverside County. In addition, they may offer transportation assistance, medical care and prescription medications, budget counseling, diapers for working mothers who cannot afford them, and much more.

Address: 7000 Indiana Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506.

Contact: (951) 289-9808

Allen Chapel Riverside

Christmas Assistance: They provide a Christmas supper, toys, and gift baskets.

It is another organization that provides holiday assistance to the low-income families of Riverside County. They also provide new clothing, prescription medications, and food vouchers to the needy in the region. The non-profit charity will be able to assist with rent, utility bills, transportation needs, and more. In addition, they are a great location for referrals to other social services that may be offered in Riverside County, California, where people can receive help from. Don’t forget to check out FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Sacramento County, CA!

Address: 4009 Locust Street, Riverside, CA.

Contact: (951) 686-9406

Riverside Christian Assembly

Christmas Assistance: They provide a hot Christmas meal for underprivileged families in Riverside County.

It is yet another organization that provides free meals, clothing, and other resources to the needy in Riverside County. The food pantry can provide families with groceries or assist them during the holiday season. free Thanksgiving Meals and Giving Back Program: They provide free Thanksgiving dinners to those in need and will also be able to help jobless individuals find work.

Address: 4075 Twining St, Riverside, CA 92509.

Contact: (951) 288-2393


There are many ways that you can help out during the holidays in Riverside County. If you would like to donate cash or volunteer, there is a great list of charities in the region that can be found by clicking here.

If you cannot donate money to give back, there are other ways to help. You can donate food items or toys that people can use for Christmas gifts, holiday food, and meals.

When it comes to the holidays and Get FREE Christmas Gifts in Riverside County, CA, we should share with our neighbors, especially those in need. If you can donate or volunteer during the festive season, it will be greatly appreciated and may just help someone out during the tough time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are charities in Riverside County?

There are dozens of great non-profit organizations in the region. Some of those are listed above. You can find dozens more through the United Ways annual campaign or other locations on the website.

Do you qualify for assistance?

Most people can get help from a local non-profit charity, but it depends on your situation and income level. In addition, you will need to apply for assistance and prove that you are low-income in the county. Some organizations will also need proof of residency to help with distribution.

Are gifts needed at all?

Yes, the holiday season is when many people give gifts and items to others in need. This can help them out a lot and make their Christmas much better. If you would like to donate cash or presents, there are plenty of places to do so in Riverside County.

Do you qualify for free food, clothing, or gifts?

Many low-income families in the Riverside County region will be able to receive help and support from local non-profits. You can use the services below to find a location for assistance, but dozens more may also be offered. Some locations may offer emergency shelter, meals, and other support services.

What do you need to get help from charities in Riverside County?

Most organizations will need proof of your income level and residency. For those that do not provide free food, clothing, or other resources, you may still be able to get help. You can find dozens of locations on the website that provide various types of assistance.

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