Free Food Bank and Food pantries Baton Rouge Louisiana

Free food From food Banks, food pantries, soup kitchens and groceries Baton Rouge Louisiana area – In and around the parish of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one can find a diverse selection of food distribution centres of various kinds. The food banks are responsible for the procurement of food, the acceptance of donations of said food, the organization of said food, and the free distribution of said food to local charities, churches, pantries, and other non-profit organizations.

The following is a list of the most important venues in the region where individuals can go to receive aid, such as free meals, food, groceries, support from kitchens, and more. Discover free food pantries that are open today in your area, shelter and different meal venues, and information about government assistance programs.

Pantries in Baton Rouge provide families of all income levels with meals and free hygiene and housekeeping goods at no cost or a very low cost. The items that are given to them are for their personal use. On the other side, soup kitchens in the area provide people who need food, support, or a place to get assistance with at least one nutrient-rich meal.

These establishments are open to anyone. Families in Baton Rouge have access to surplus food from the government, including bread, meats, rice, and other goods, through Commodity Distribution Sites.

The final choice, meal sites, may be found all across the city of Baton Rouge. These meal sites are considered any non-profit organization in the community that serves either warm or cold meals on location. They also provide complimentary dinners for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving holidays.

In addition, various food banks are located in the surrounding area. These facilities serve both as warehouses and distribution hubs.

These places, in the end, are responsible for distributing the products to families in the neighborhood. Food pantries, in general, can only assist people who reside in the immediate area or in the community where the food pantry is located. However, the specific kind of services that are provided can vary.

People who cannot meet the organization’s needs in any other way and do not have any other choices or resources accessible to them are eligible for assistance.

A typical requirement states that for a family to qualify for free groceries or food, they must submit a new application after receiving a free order or basket of goods or food every two weeks for two months. In rare instances, emergency relief may be offered, or some limits may be relaxed.

Food banks are operated by the government and serve people who need food. The main purpose of said food banks is to provide relief to the community during crises and times when food prices or domestic agriculture are affected by weather and other factors.

For a person to benefit from the services of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, food bank, they must apply and meet all eligibility requirements. Once approved, beneficiaries may receive free food through the distribution centre.

Food banks and Food Pantries Baton Rouge Louisiana

Alsen Coalition for Community Action Baton Rouge

A food pantry is one of the services provided by the community action organization, along with information and applications for other types of assistance, such as rent assistance, LIHEAP, and public aid programs like WIC and food stamps. Case managers try to address the underlying reasons for poverty and may also be responsible for administering job programs and training. The case management service’s location depends on the assistance provided to people.

In the United States, food banks are largely run by non-profit organizations. The essential role of food banks is to supply local consumers with emergency food. Most food banks do not primarily focus on providing emergency aid. Rather, they operate on a model designed to transform the crisis into a lasting and long-term solution.

Several charity programs also provide free food to people in need and are available to everyone in the area. There are also emergency and emergency relief sites, which offer free food and other supplies even amid such situations. These centres do not usually provide food for more than a month at any given time and will depend on donations from others to keep their operations running. Food pantries in the area will also coordinate their efforts with other non-profit or government agencies to ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently.

Alsen Coalition for Community Action organization works with a partner agency network that provides local families with shoes, clothing, medical care, and other basic needs. In addition to providing free meals, they also provide referrals to more comprehensive social services.

Address: 610 Old Rafe Mayer Rd Baton Rouge, LA 70807

Centre for Christian Unity Baton Rouge

In addition to providing a pantry, the community of East Baton Rouge also provides free lunches, Christmas gifts, and food boxes. The network of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other non-profit organizations across the city is available for residents looking for help. The Baton Rouge Food Bank is the main facility with a mission of providing food to hungry people in Baton Rouge and the surrounding community. The food bank is located at:

Eligibility requirements for applicants seeking assistance from Centre for Christian Unity Baton Rouge pantry may include evidence that they need more resources, living wages, or social security disability. They may also be required to show proof of income, such as pay stubs, to determine eligibility.

The pantry also creates new partnerships to manage the food resource more effectively. Centre for Christian Unity may work with other organizations like churches, hospitals, clinics, and other charitable agencies to help clients with more than just food. They may also provide referrals to financial aid and other organizations that provide long-term solutions for clients.

Address: 3006 Fuqua Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Baton Rouge Catholic Charities

Churches affiliated with Baton Rouge Catholic Charities assist those in need, including the disadvantaged, immigrants, and the needy. Items, including furniture, are typically sold at thrift stores. 

Additionally, there are food aid programs, either preserved or perishable food, and additional provisions that can be obtained from an emergency pantry. Workers also assist customers in locating available benefits and assist Latinos, immigrants, and other groups of people.

This organization provides a food pantry to those in the community who are low-income or need help. They want everyone to be able to access the food pantry and focus on providing people with healthy meals and nutrition. The mission statement of this ministry is to offer spiritual guidance and physical help to those in need. This includes helping people help themselves. They offer a food pantry, clothing and thrift store, and job training. This organization provides an emergency food pantry for Baton Rouge families who are struggling with their finances or other resources for paying for food.

Allen Chapel AME Church

There is a free food pantry, a soup kitchen, clothes, and other basic requirements available for those with poor incomes and less fortunate circumstances. Food is always in short supply, so this organization is one of the best places to look for free Christmas gifts and meals for the holidays. This local non-profit works to improve lives in Baton Rouge by serving as a food, clothing, and job training resource. Allen Chapel AME Church provide a food pantry that provides bags of groceries or bargains per household each month.

Address: 6175 Scenic Highway Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805

Delmont Service Centre

Food, groceries, aid from the government, clothing, Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, food baskets, and a great deal more are all included in the services.

Services are available for people in need. The food pantry is open to the public, low-income families, and senior citizens. Delmont Service Centre offer other assistance, including clothing and meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hours are limited so call first.

The group is dedicated to helping the community’s poor and homeless. That includes collecting donations of money, food, and clothing that can help people during difficult times in their lives.

Address: 3535 Riley Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805

East Baton Rouge Council on Aging

A significant emphasis is placed on senior citizens, the aged, and the disabled. People who cannot leave their homes will receive free, hot meals delivered by volunteers. They also organize outings, offer meals during gatherings, and provide assistance to those who are vulnerable.

The goal of this organization is to help others and provide food, clothing, and other provisions to struggling families. East Baton Rouge Council on Aging offer several services, referrals for social services, and information about other public sources for financial relief and resources.

A family center is available from this non-profit organization. The food pantry is also open to the general public in the Baton Rouge community who need help paying for their groceries.

Address: 5790 Florida Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Douglas Avenue Baptist Church

On-site amenities include a soup kitchen and a thrift store. Families with very low incomes and the homeless are welcome to visit. Senior citizens and people with working modest incomes are among the location’s clientele. Help in the form of food boxes, applications for SNAP food stamps, and other types of assistance are made available.

The mission of this organization is to provide food, clothing, and support to those in need. The pantry includes staples and perishable items such as vegetables, fruits, and other grocery items. Other resources include financial aid, employment training, and job placement. Douglas Avenue Baptist Church offer a variety of programs, including medical care, case management services, and education.

Residents of all ages receive necessities and loans to buy furniture and appliances. Additional services include organizing holiday parties for the elderly. This location provides food to the needy, families, and senior citizens. Resources are available for anyone in need living within the Baton Rouge region.

The non-profit organization offers food pantries, clothing assistance, and job placement services. They work to help people get back on their feet and provide the tools they need to become independent again.

Contact: (225) 355-4418

Bible World Christian Centre

The organization sells various goods, from fresh fruit to infant formula and even apparel. Baby formula and diapers are available to families with single mothers or poor incomes. Some fresh vegetables or supplies for cleaning the house may be distributed depending on the donations received.

Emergency food assistance can be provided to those in need. Each month, a bag of groceries or personal care products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and more, are available at low or no cost. The center provides food and even clothing and shoes for children. Applicants must meet the guidelines to qualify for these particular services.

The location also distributes free fresh produce to the needy. Bible World Christian Centre accept donations from the community or other agencies that provide agriculture and farm products.

Address: 2156 Wooddale Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Contact: (225) 932-9533

Hope Ministries

A prominent food bank and soup kitchen serve the surrounding area. In addition, there are no costs associated with providing holiday meals, personal hygiene items, or feminine products. In Baton Rouge, one can get anything from breakfast cereal to baby formula, paper goods, meals for senior citizens or immigrants, and more.

Resources are in place to help people in crisis. The non-profit organization may also have information on public aid, programs, and other forms of assistance. Case managers can even assist with finding food banks and having someone contact their utility company if they need help paying their bills. Call today or get more information on financial assistance from Hope Ministries.

The location works to bring together communities and provide training or resources to those in need. These include food pantries, clothing assistance, financial aid, and employment training services.

Address: 4643 Winbourne Ave Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Contact: (225) 355-0702

Mary’s House of Bread

Seniors can also use the Meals on Wheels service. Meals are also available to the homeless and families facing a housing crisis. The organization helps people turn their lives around. They supply necessities, food, or even housing to those in need and work with other charities or government assistance programs to solve problems. The goal is to help people become self-sufficient rather than rely on food pantries for their meals.

Several other resources are available, including clothing for children and adults, personal hygiene items, baby formula and pediatrics, groceries, and more. Food banks in Baton Rouge also offer applications for SNAP food stamps or WIC.

The non-profit organization also organizes special events to celebrate the holidays. Several locations are open, including Christmas Eve dinner for senior citizens, Easter celebration meals for kids, and Thanksgiving meals for the hungry in the community. More information is available on programs at Mary’s House of Bread website.

Address: 11558 Plank Road Baton Rouge, LA 70811

Contact: (225) 774-4506

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

To protect their privacy, members of the general public only receive referrals. Food is provided by the group to local churches, food banks, and soup kitchens so that it can be distributed around the region. There are several other resources, including programs to help with employment, job training, or placement. The organization may also help with moving costs, utilities, and other expenses to get back on their feet.

This location is designed to give the needy access to mobile pantry food boxes. Food can be collected by simply contacting the office. A visit is not required, and there is no long waiting list. Food items, including meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bread, and other essential household items, are provided.

An on-site clothing closet provides outfits for work or school. Some gently used items may be available to people with low incomes or in a financial crisis. Families with children can also receive aid from the food bank. There may be canned foods, baby formula, and even meals for infants and students who rely on these services during the holidays.

Address: 10600 S Choctaw Dr Baton Rouge, LA

Contact: (225) 359-9940

North Baton Rouge Community Centre

Meals, baby formula, and a great deal more are some of the services provided by the North Baton Rouge Community Center. There are also individualized case management services, employment assistance, and training for people who need help. The center also provides several other resources, including prescription medications or medical supplies, family counseling, and financial aid for those in need.

The location can even provide Christmas emergency food boxes for residents that qualify. These items are available to anyone in the region of Baton Rouge, regardless of income or other means of support. The non-profit organization is open eight days a week during business hours.

Office of Social Services for Baton Rouge

People who need assistance applying for SNAP food stamps, government commodities, or any other type of public assistance can get it from the Office of Social Services for Baton Rouge. This building houses the government’s center for low-income families. Additionally, cash assistance is provided.

The non-profit also helps people apply for other benefits that can be used in a crisis, such as energy bill assistance from EEAP, LIHEAP, or weatherization. The location also offers referrals to programs for water bills and rent.

Employment and training are available from different agencies. This may include help finding a job or locating free training or education classes in Louisiana.

Saint Isidore Catholic Church

People of different religions and economic backgrounds can receive food, support, and assistance from this organization. Saint Isidore Catholic Church also provides services to the needy. The location may have canned goods and groceries, meals, and even offer information on government resources such as food stamps or WIC in Baton Rouge. 

The church works to help people regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity. It has been helping people since 1987, meeting emergency needs with emergency services or financial assistance when funding is available.

Address: 5657 Thomas Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70811

Contact: (225) 775-9959

O’Brien House Baton Rouge

Clients in Baton Rouge may have access to non-perishable items, rice, dairy products, and even infant formula if there is an emergency food bank in the area. There are also clothing, furniture, and household goods. Some of the items are even provided by local churches and other charities. All clients have access to the same items and can pick up what they need at a convenient time.

A food pantry is also available to help people in the region with healthy meals. The non-profit organization is open for two meals every day from Thanksgiving through Christmas and daily through March. There are also other times when clients can get food from this location.

A pantry is open to the general public once a month. People can visit the location at any time they need food or meals. O’Brien House can get non-perishable goods and other emergency items, including infant formula and baby food. Another resource is clothing for men, women, and children. The organization may also offer seasonal programs, such as Christmas baskets and other presents for children. Debt assistance is also available from this non-profit agency that serves Baton Rouge families in need.

Address: 1231 Laurel Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Contact: (225) 344-6345

Saint Joseph Cathedral Food Pantry

Saint Joseph Cathedral Food Pantry in addition to the food bank, we also provide holiday meals on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, in addition to giving out little gifts.

There are also children’s clothes, toys, and housing assistance. If you need assistance from the pantry or general assistance, please call them. 

Address: 412 North Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Contact: (225) 387-5928

Saint James Episcopal Church

Dial the number (225) 387-5141 for information on opening hours and counseling on spiritual matters, soup kitchens, and shelters. It may also be able to refer you to a community agency for such issues. Call the church for more details. Saint James Episcopal Church non-profit organization provides emergency food boxes and vouchers for special foods, like rice and cheese. Other items may also be provided, like baby formula and other items for infants or young children.

The youth school is open from 8 am-6 pm Monday through Thursday and 8 am-5 pm on Fridays in Baton Rouge. There are hot breakfasts available each day of the week.

Address: 205 North 4th Stree Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

Salvation Army program Baton Rouge

There are many different types of social services available, including cash assistance for things like rent, medication, and food. In addition, there is a program called Angel Tree that provides free gifts for children, food and meals, and advice and case management for families across Baton Rouge. In addition, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, they provide food for families living on modest incomes.

The social services staff is available to provide help or referrals to public or government aid. The Salvation Army may offer food, vouchers for groceries, a thrift store with good clothing, and help with energy bills. There are other services, such as thrift stores, furniture items, and educational programs for children.

There are several other locations in Baton Rouge. The non-profit serves the entire state of Louisiana, including several other parts of the region. The locations also offer funds for utility bills and housing expenses. State and federal government agencies, including the Social Security Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs, offer several services to people in the area who need assistance.

Address: 4025 West Brookstown Driv Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Contact: (225) 357-3267

Saint Paul Catholic Church

The available resources comprise a variety of food items such as Peanut Butte, bread, spaghetti, pantry staples, canned veggies, and tomato sauce, among other things. Donations and volunteers are essential to the operation of the church pantry. The food bank may give vouchers for fresh vegetables, fruits, and other foods. Baton Rouge has several United Way agencies and community action agencies that offer referrals to local charities, churches, non-profits, and other organizations in the region and across the city.

Saint Paul Catholic Church non-profit is open several days weekly and offers hot meals, daycare, and other support to the less fortunate. Some of the assistance programs may include free food pantry items, clothing, and holiday assistance during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, with meals that include free turkeys.

Address: 3912 Gus Young Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Contact: (225) 383-2537

United Methodist HOPE Ministries

A free food pantry is available here. Meals can also be delivered to people who are homebound or disabled by volunteer groups. Outreach programs may also be provided, including Christmas assistance. The food pantry may provide several items, such as soup, cereal, pasta, rice, canned goods, and other daily staples. Assistance with utility bills is one of the main services offered. There are also some financial assistance and transportation assistance available.

United Methodist HOPE Ministries may be several other assistance programs, such as free housing, holiday meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and free turkey on Christmas Day.

Address: 4643 Winbourne Avenue Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805

Contact: (225) 355-0702

Sixty Aid Baptist Church

The charitable organization may provide, among other things, articles of clothing, hygienic supplies, and paper goods. Food may be distributed too. Sixty Aid Baptist Church location provides a food bank, soup kitchen to the region, and a few other types of assistance.

The staff can help people apply for government aid, such as Medicaid or food stamps. The staff offers referrals to local charities and non-profits in Baton Rouge to low-income families, seniors, and the less fortunate.

Address: 655 Gardere Ln Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70820

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Baton Rogue 

The charitable organization in Baton Rogue offers a wide variety of services. This entails the provision of a free food bank. A soup kitchen is open in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Volunteers can provide meals or food to people who are unwell or old. 

You could also obtain personal toiletries, meals for students throughout the summer, financial aid, and referrals to the Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. Other aid may include financial assistance with gas, heating fuel, electric bills, rent, or mortgage payments.

Many social services are also available to people looking for assistance with health care expenses and utility bills. The non-profit also offers short-term homeless housing at its Main Street West apartments.

The Shepherd’s Market Baton Rogue 

Free breakfast in the form of grab-and-go items and additional nutritional support is also available to children and students. Free groceries, like cereals, pasta, canned goods, and other staples, are also available. Various types of aid can be provided to people in the area. Basic food needs can be provided by this non-profit organization, as well as utility bill assistance.

Financial aid is available to people who need help making ends meet with clothing and other items. There are also other services, such as a food pantry, clothing closet, and housing assistance. Volunteers can help with the distribution of food as well.

The community centers offer free meals and other support to children, seniors, and the working poor. Group homes for the disabled may be available as well. The Shepherd’s Market non-profit also offers information on region-wide organizations that may help people in need of basic needs or aid.

Address: 230 Renee Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Streams of Life Baton Rogue 

The free pantry might offer things like flour, macaroni, tuna, juices, beans, chili, and Ensure for older citizens, among other things. There is also some financial assistance. The non-profit may be able to help with applications for Medicaid and food stamps. A case management program and senior care are also available.

Streams of Life non-profit organization offers several programs, resources, and services to Baton Rouge and the region’s homeless individuals.

Address: 8852 Greenwell Springs Rd Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70814

Additional free food assistance in the Baton Rogue area

Dial 225.359.9940 for more referrals, including those to food pantries or soup kitchens that may be closer to a family’s location. Or, callers can obtain information about federal USDA programs, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or surplus commodities, and homebound individuals can register for various services, including Meals on Wheels.

How does an angel tree work in Baton Rogue, Louisiana?

Angel trees are associated with a multitude of charities and religious organizations. The most common way the program works is that an angel tree is set up in a public place, like a mall or church foyer, and families with children are allowed to select one or more names of children in need. Families may select as many names as they wish. When the holidays arrive, angels will offer gifts to each child on their list who is otherwise not receiving gifts that year because they lack family support.

Who is Angel Tree for in Baton Rogue, Louisiana?

The Angel Tree Program gives Christmas presents to children under the age of 12 and elders aged 65 and over who, in the absence of this initiative, would go without any gifts during the holiday season. In 1979, it started in Lynchburg, Virginia, and swiftly expanded to other parts of the country.

What is Angel Tree for in Baton Rogue, Louisiana?

While the essential purpose of the program is to give gifts to those who need them, there are other goals as well. First and foremost, it is a charity. It is also an exciting mission project for churches and other organizations. Thirdly, it serves as a way to remember those less fortunate than others during the season of giving.

How do you get involved in Angel Tree Baton Rogue, Louisiana?

There are many different ways you can participate in the program. Again, the essential goal is to help needy children and the elderly. You may purchase a tree for your community, or you can work with a local entity to develop an angel tree program. You could participate by donating gifts to be distributed on behalf of those in need. You may also set up an angel tree yourself with ornaments and trees that people can purchase at the checkout counter of your local department store or grocery store.

How do you set up an online giving tree in Baton Rogue, Louisiana?

Create your Giving Tree SignUp by adding your list of families to buy gifts for and gift ideas, and then invite your supporters to sign up for the Giving Tree. A child or family in need is selected randomly by benefactors from a list you provide. Signing up is as simple as just a few clicks on any device, and there is no requirement to download an app or register an account.


The high cost of living in Baton Rouge can make it difficult to put food on the table, but some places can help. Local pantries offer food and meals for families who need assistance. There are also emergency boxes filled with non-perishable goods.

While these services will never completely resolve a family’s hunger issues, they provide the helping hand many people need. The social service agencies listed above will help those with limited income or the elderly to find emergency food assistance, among other resources that may be available in the community.


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