Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Baton Rouge LA

FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Baton Rouge Louisiana – Baton Rouge, LA, offers several assistance programs aimed at helping kids and teens escape the cold and hungry. Toys, clothing, groceries, and other gifts are delivered to low-income children on Christmas morning. Christmas gifts can often be delivered to residents working or living below poverty lines in Louisiana. When this happens, the gift recipient will generally receive an envelope with instructions on how to use the gift at a later date. There are many different types of Christmas gifts for Low Income Families to choose from. Some examples include: clothes, candy bars, toys, and homespun items like quilts and afghans.

The cost of Celebrating Christmas in Baton Rouge LA can vary depending on the date, time, and location. Families with low incomes in East Baton Rouge Parish and residents facing a crisis can request support at Christmas and other holidays. Several charity and government groups, including first responders as part of the Christmas Crusade, aim to offer children free toys or clothing. The complimentary presents sometimes include a holiday lunch or food box for the entire family.

Much of the Christmas help is targeted toward needy residents. This means that youngsters may be given tiny Christmas toys or holiday goodies. In some circumstances, a gift card may be presented. But another purpose of the East Baton Rouge Parish programs is to serve seniors and the disabled. Many do without during Christmas or Thanksgiving, and charities and churches strive to bring them a free dinner or modest gift. Contact an agency below for additional information about how to apply and where to go for info.

How can you apply for assistance programs in Baton Rouge LA?

If you are in need of any assistance during the holiday season there are different organizational programs that can provide you support. But to apply for these assistance programs you need to follow some steps.

  • Firstly you need to look out for the organizations and the programs in your area that provide you assistance during the holiday seasons. You also need to check the eligibility criteria to ensure that you align with the eligibility requirements.
  • You need to reach out to the organization through the website or in person visits. You can inquire about the application process ask about the documents required and others.
  • You can fill out the application form accurately provide all the important details and ensure to include any supporting documents required to verify your eligibility criteria.
  • Once everything is completed the application should be submitted to the organization either online by mail or in person. It will all depend on the specific procedure.
  • If you have not heard back within the responsible time frame then you need to follow up with the organization to inquire about the status of your application.

Required documents and eligibility criteria

Every program has its own specific requirement and documentation needed for the application process.

  • Proof of residency is a major document that will verify your address in this area.
  • You need to provide some documents like tax returns are the government assistance documentation that would be required to understand your financial need.
  • You need to provide the details about the size of your household like the number of children and their dependents.
  • You have to provide the proof of crisis or need and this documentation will highlight the specific crisis or the needs that you are experiencing like the eviction notice medical bill and other relevant document.
  •  You must know that the criteria is likely to vary depending on the specific program so you need to review the requirements of every organization before applying.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering during the holiday season can make a world of difference in people’s life if they are in need. There are different ways you can contribute and support the organization.

  • You can help the organization in distributing food to the families in need during the holiday season.
  • You can participate in collecting and wrapping gifts for kids and families who Require assistance.
  • You can volunteer at community events organized by the local authorities helping with setup coordination and providing support to the attendees.
  • Furthermore you can offer administrative assistance like data entry phone calls or organizing documents to help the organizations run smoothly during the busy season.
  • You can contribute to the fundraising efforts by organizing events reaching out to the potential donors and spreading awareness about the mission of the organization.

The impact of volunteering

Volunteering can have a major impact on the community in Baton Rouge. It fosters a sense of togetherness and also support during the holiday season. Your contribution no matter how small or big can make a world of a difference in somebody’s lives when they’re in need it provides them with all the essential resources and support during the challenging times.

It allows you to bring joy and happiness to people and family would be facing some hardship during the holidays creating a memorable experience and fostering a sense of community spirit. Volunteering can also provide an opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds creating meaningful relationships and building a strong sense of community and support.

By actively participating in the voluntary activities you can inspire people to join in and contribute towards the betterment of the community creating a great impact on kindness and compassion. Volunteering during the season can create amazing memories for volunteers and the people receiving support it fosters a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the spirit of giving back to the community.

Top 6 Organizations that help with Free Christmas Gifts and Food in Baton Rouge LA

Organization Gifts/Food Eligibility Requirements Website
Salvation Army Toys, food, clothing Must be a Baton Rouge resident in need Website:
Toys for Tots Toys Must be a Baton Rouge resident with children under the age of 18 Website:
Angel Tree Toys, clothing, gifts Must be a Baton Rouge resident with children under the age of 18 Website:
Catholic Charities Food, clothing, gifts Must be a Baton Rouge resident in need Website:
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Food Must be a Baton Rouge resident in need Website:
St. Vincent de Paul Food, clothing, gifts Must be a Baton Rouge resident in need Website:


Get Free Food in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Free assistance from southeast ministries association inc Houston

Families in the Baton Rouge area struggling to put food on the table can receive free assistance from Southeast Ministries Association Inc. You could even be able to acquire holiday food for free during the week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They can accomplish this with the assistance of 15 charitable church congregations belonging to nine different religions. These congregations give us volunteers, Board members, food drives, and funds used to purchase most of the food.

In addition, they get financial aid from private individuals and organizations and donations from local groups and corporations. The cost of providing clients with food and other benefits totals around $70,000 annually for Southeast Ministries. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, which they are an agency, supplies us with approximately fifty percent of our food. This food comes from city-wide donations to the food bank and USDA-provided commodities.

The Ministry is run by a group of volunteers committed to positively impacting the lives of those in our neighborhood. These volunteers are responsible for unloading delivery trucks, stocking shelves, conducting client interviews, assembling food orders, and entering client information into the computer.

Every volunteer is essential to ensuring that the Ministry operates well and that each client receives both physical and spiritual nourishment and the meals they receive. More than 80 individuals from the congregations with which they work each year donate more than 10,000 hours of their time. There are no positions that pay money. Our volunteers do all of the labor, and they do it without getting paid.

City of Central Food Bank 

Once a month, individuals and families with low incomes, working poor people, and anybody else in need of food are encouraged to visit the food pantry maintained by the City of Central Food Bank in Baton Rouge. Whenever a family comes to the pantry, they are given many bags filled with perishable and non-perishable food products to feed their household. In contrast to standard food pantries, this food pantry is organized similarly to a grocery store, enabling families to select the food items that best suit their needs. Baton Rouge has no shortage of community food resources in the area, but many low-income families and senior citizens struggle to get enough food each month. That’s why the local government offered food assistance to those in need.

The Baton Rouge Free Community Food Program operates on some Saturdays and Sundays when families are invited to come to visit the pantry. During the holiday season, the pantry will open on certain Saturdays just before Christmas to offer holiday food boxes to needy area families.

Families in danger of being evicted because they have fallen behind on their monthly payments can go through Child and Adult Protective Services for aid. The agency will help them pay rent and bills to stay in their homes. For this reason, they can prevent homelessness that could strike a child or an older adult without any warning.

Get Free Christmas Gifts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Christmas gifts often come in the form of packages that are sent to specific addresses within Low Income families’ households. For example, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) may send holiday gifts directly to families’ doors. alternatively, agencies like SNAP (formerly known as Food stamps) may provide gift baskets or boxes filled with various foods and items related to the holiday season such as candy, cupcakes, and cookies.

Toys for tots program Baton Rouge

Gifts for Tots holds its annual toy drive in Baton Rouge to collect toys for underprivileged children to give them during Christmas. Families that register for the program are eligible to receive a variety of new, unopened toys, including those that promote learning and interaction, as well as books, games, and even brand-new bicycles and helmets for some children. Additionally, applicants are often supplied with toys that can serve as presents, such as stuffed animals, dolls, and ride-on-type toys.

The holidays will bring some of our most cherished memories to life. But they can also be a time of hardship for people who struggle financially and face hunger and shelter needs. Some people turn to organizations like Toys for Tots and the City of Central Food Bank for help.

Many families must deal with the stress of a natural disaster or an extended holiday illness. Unsurprisingly, they turn to assistance from charities, government agencies, and churches that are open and willing to help them. While assistance programs for Baton Rouge low-income families may be limited during the holiday season, you should be able to find nearby community resources for food and other support at Christmas time. That’s why it’s a great idea to always look for such organizations in your community.

East baton rouge sheriff’s Community Services Division of the Baton Rouge City

They oversee a project commonly referred to as the Christmas Crusade. Only one application per parent will be accepted. They head to the Community Services Division of the Baton Rouge City Constable’s Office or a station in their neighbourhood to pick up an application. On Christmas morning, thousands of children are often given various presents, including toys, candy, clothing, and other items. We need donations.

Listed below are some of the organizations that are partners with Christmas Crusade. However, applications must be submitted using the contact information found above. Even if a household does not meet the requirements, other organizations can advise on acquiring financial assistance for the holidays. They hope you find a community resource you can rely on during the holidays. Call them today to learn more about free or low-income housing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and throughout East Baton Rouge Parish.

Salvation army Christmas help Baton Rouge

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army in Baton Rouge extends an invitation to low-income families with children ranging in age from new-born to 14 years old to apply for assistance through either their Angel Tree program or their Adopt-A-family program. This organization welcomes everyone in need to stop by the food pantry on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the year, as well as during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, for meals that are served hot, cold, or frozen. It offers a program commonly referred to as the Christmas Crusade.

The Adopt-A-Family program involves a gift of food and financial support during the holidays. The charity is recognized nationwide for its outstanding efforts in helping those in need. Families who qualify for this program may be eligible to receive other gifts and presents, such as toys, clothes, and books for children. However, families must visit their local Salvation Army branch to learn more about this opportunity.

St. george catholic church bulletin East Baton Rouge

Families in need who are residing in East Baton Rouge and the neighboring areas can make use of the charitable services provided by the St. George Catholic Church in Baton Rouge. They provide support throughout the year, including emergency food services, coupons for clothing, counseling, referrals, and cash assistance. In addition, throughout the holiday season, they have something called an Advent Giving Tree that gives away free Christmas gift items to youngsters ranging in age from baby to 14 years old.

It is a non-profit organization that offers emergency assistance to low-income families, the unemployed, and people in crises throughout Monroe County. They also provide support to elderly individuals who are 60 years of age or older. They offer several services that may benefit families throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, including forms of financial support and even referrals to other agencies that can assist people in need. They also offer emergency shelter to homeless families with children and long-term transitional housing units.

Live 2 server program for Christmas

Their Christmas Giveaway program extends to East Baton Rouge Parish. There is participation from various institutions, including places of worship and educational institutions, including Southern University and Louisiana State University. live 2 server program for Christmas hand away various Christmas presents such as dolls, books, and electrical goods. In addition to the traditional Christmas lunches, several churches also host Thanksgiving dinners.

They provide several services, including counseling and referrals to other programs and agencies. Assistance from this organization is also available to low-income individuals throughout the year. Locations are open during the week from 10 a.m. until noon and on weekends for adults only at locations throughout East Baton Rouge Parish.

Address: 1735 Thomas H. Delpit Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Contact: (225)-344-6775

Our lady of mercy catholic church bulletin Baton Rouge

During the holiday season, Our Lady of Mercy in Baton Rouge extends an invitation to children from low-income families to apply for their Giving Tree program. Within this initiative, volunteers are responsible for acquiring and distributing toys for children from new-borns to 16 years old. There are several ways that you can volunteer during the holiday season, including helping with toy drives, serving as a gift wrapper during the Christmas period, and participating in other events. They welcome volunteers to take part in the activities held throughout the year.

Regardless of age or background, you can serve the less fortunate in Baton Rouge Parish by volunteering at Our Lady of Mercy. They may be able to assist those who need it most through financial support and other services. It is one of several services that they provide throughout the year. The YMCA in Baton Rouge will provide temporary housing and meals to low-income families during the holidays. They also use volunteers to help distribute toys at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

However, individuals must complete an application for assistance before applying for this program. About utility assistance, you can inquire with local utility companies throughout East Baton Rouge Parish on how their programs can help you or your family during the holiday shopping season.

Catholic diocese of baton rouge

This collaboration between many Christian denominations. One of the available resources is a thrift store that sells second-hand things at reduced prices and sometimes has holiday-themed items. Help is available over the holidays, including financial assistance, access to a food pantry and clothes closet, and Christmas meals for families living in poverty.

Assistance is available for job-seeking individuals and the disabled. Other resources include transportation and immigration services, among others. It offers assistance to individuals and families in need. Through organizations such as Catholic Charities, Dream Wrights, Good Cheer of Baton Rouge, and Louisiana Second Chance, Catholic diocese of baton rouge guide people trying to get back on track with their lives.

Address: 1900 S Acadian Thru Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

Contact: 225 336-8708

St Vincent de Paul society donations

A Christmas Toy Program is run by a charitable organization. It is dependent not only on volunteers but also on monetary donations. In addition, there is a dining area on the premises that provides holiday feasts, including turkeys, for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It is possible to obtain free articles of clothes, presents for children or adolescents, and other stuff. St Vincent de Paul society donations is also a pantry and clothes closet. A charitable organization runs a Christmas Toy Program. It is dependent not only on volunteers but also on monetary donations.

In addition, there is a dining area on the premises that provides holiday feasts, including turkeys, for Easter and Thanksgiving. It is possible to obtain free articles of clothes, presents for children or adolescents, and other stuff.

Address: 220 St Vincent De Paul Pl Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Contact: (225) 383-7837

Frequently asked Questions

How to get gifts for Christmas in Baton Rouge LA?

Many Baton Rouge, LA organizations give away free toys and other gifts to children who might not otherwise have a merry Christmas. Nonprofit organizations, churches, and charities in Baton Rouge offer free Christmas toys to needy children. Organizations participating in the Christmas Toy Giveaway program give away thousands of toys each year.

How to get free Christmas meals in Baton Rouge LA?

Charity organizations, churches, and pantries are providing free Christmas meals for those who can’t make it on their own this holiday season.

How to get financial assistance for the holidays in Baton Rouge LA?

Some organizations in Baton Rouge, LA, can provide you with loans or grants to pay for your bills and gifts this holiday season – even if you have no credit or have a bad credit history!

Who gives away gifts for Christmas in Baton Rouge LA?

Thousands of charities in Baton Rouge, LA, provide families with toys and gifts for their children.

How to find an angel tree near you?

By visiting the Salvation Army website, you can get a list of Angel Trees locations in Baton Rouge, LA.

How to get free Christmas toys for your child in Baton Rouge LA?

Register for Christmas toys near you and apply for food stamps and cash assistance! If you’re approved for grants, loans, or other aid, you should have no problem getting Christmas presents for your child this year.


The holiday season is a time for getting together and spending time with family. Sometimes, the holidays can be tough for many families in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This article includes a list of organizations in your area that offer assistance this holiday season. Many people don’t know where to turn to when they need help, but doing some research can make all the difference in the world. Registering for assistance as soon as possible is advised so you don’t run out of time.

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