How to Get Free Christmas Toys & Food Near San Jose

How to Get Free Christmas Toys & Food Near San Jose : Find charitable organizations, churches, and other non-profits in Santa Clara County and Get Free Christmas Toys & Food Near San Jose during the winter holidays. The various groups provide free toys, gifts, food, and meals to low-income families in the region this holiday season. Clients might even receive financial assistance, referrals, or case management from some of these organizations. Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, free Thanksgiving meals, and Adopt a Family are among the primary holiday programs that are offered in the county and region of San Jose. Other holiday activities include these. Every year, tens of thousands of local inhabitants, most of whom are either youngsters or elderly people, are typically given financial assistance of some kind for the holiday season.

You can get free Christmas gifts, gift cards, video games, clothes, Legos, and even more from charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree, the Toys for Tots program run by the United States Marine Corps, and Adopt a Family.

The county of Santa Clara hosts many Thanksgiving and Christmas programs each year. During the Christmas season, it can be difficult for families to buy presents or provide meals for their families.

Charitable organizations, food pantries, churches, or soup kitchens typically provide free meals for the holidays. No one shall be refused assistance so long as there is a supply of the necessary items.

Many organizations will also provide children’s toys, presents, and other items that have been a little worn or are brand new. They might run programs like “Adopt a Family” or “Toys for Tots,” or they might host fundraisers. The Greater San Jose area has a significant number of organizations that provide Christmas assistance for those in need.

The following is a listing of many of the most prominent charitable organizations. A variety of other items, such as gift baskets for the holidays, miniature toys, winter coats, caps, and boots, games, and a large assortment of toys may also be available for purchase.

Voted in 2005 as one of the best places to donate toys and other items on the National Pinterest Christmas Gift Guide. Sponsored by a local Non-Profit (San Francisco Chapters of Toys for Tots).

Gifts For Santa Program, sponsored by Toys For Tots, provides children’s toys and games for needy children in San Jose during the holiday season. Sponsored by the United States Marine Corps. This event runs from November 12-21 every year and is free to attend.

Adopt-a-Family is a program where local churches, businesses and organizations take groups of families and children under their wing to provide family dinners and presents between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Food baskets can be provided to seniors, disabled people, or single parents with young children. Some of the agencies will distribute toys throughout the holidays as well. Holiday meals will be served at many locations across Santa Clara County this year in addition to backpacks filled with school supplies for kids who show up at appropriate sites on designated days.

Get free toys in Santa Clara County, California

Family Giving Tree

Holiday Assistance for Elderly is a program brought to you by the United States Marine Corps. The program provides toys and other items to children and families in need in Santa Clara County during the holiday season.

The Holiday Wish Program was established by Family Giving Tree to grant the requests of disadvantaged children for the gift of gifts during the holiday season. Children get their hands on the gifts, which were donated by members of the community, just in time for the holiday season. More than 120,000 children and individuals in the Bay Area are assisted on an annual basis by the Family Giving Tree. However, we do not accomplish this on our own. The Family Giving Tree helps to coordinate the charitable efforts of others who are eager to contribute to our cause and want to be a part of making a difference. To be able to have a positive impact in the communities of the Bay Area, FGT is reliant on the generous donations given by our Donors and Partners. When you combine their efforts with those of around 1,500 Drive Leaders and 8,500 Volunteers, FGT is able to assist over 500 organizations and schools in the Bay Area.

Your generous contribution will be used to provide students with the essential school supplies they need to succeed in the classroom, and it will also assist us in fulfilling specific gift wishes during the holiday season, which will send the message “You matter” to those who are in the greatest need of hearing it.

Participating in a Drive as a Team Leader is an Exciting and Rewarding Way to Help Others and Involve Your Friends, Family, and/or Colleagues in Empowering, Uplifting, and Uniting the Community.

Join them in their efforts to support our Back-to-School Drive, Holiday Wish Drive, or both by becoming a Drive Leader. A Drive Leader is the primary point of contact for Family Giving Tree and is essential to the accomplishment of each Drive. Since the pandemic began, everyone has been forced to use their imagination. Therefore, in order to continue giving away tens of thousands of bags and presents through the Back-to-School and Holiday Wish Drives, we turned to the digital realm.

It is still possible for a Drive Leader to solicit donations and “collect” money on behalf of FGT by using the platform provided by Virtual Giving Tree. With the help of this individualized giving tool, you and your team will be able to keep track of your progress as you “shop” for products online and contribute to COVID’s delivery of learning tools and presents that offer delight in an environment that is constantly evolving.

There is still the opportunity to get or download, as well as printed backpack tags or wish cards, as well as other materials needed to operate a physical Drive; therefore, if this is the way in which you would like to contribute to the growth of your community, we are here for you as well. But, why should you register a Team or become a Drive Leader? There are many great reasons to do so. For example, consider the following points:

Everyone loves shopping online; therefore, instead of standing in long lines in order to get gifts and school supplies for your children and students, as well as others you support with your time, efforts and money, use the platform available through Virtual Giving Tree to accomplish this goal. Plus, your shopping is not limited to this site alone, as you are able to choose any retailer you wish and will be given a unique link for your team members or family and friends. You will be able to share this with them by using email or other platforms that allow social networking.

For example, if you would like to go shopping at Target, click the link provided by FGT in order to get there quickly. Your purchases will be added up automatically when you have completed your shopping at a given retailer.

The charitable organization provides a selection of free things. You can get free items for back-to-school, Christmas toys, gift certificates, apparel, games, and books, among other things. They might also have holiday good boxes available, which contain a variety of foods, including pork and turkey.

Address: 606 Valley Way

Milpitas, California 95035

Contact: (408) 946-3111

Salvation Army

Holiday Assistance is a program brought to you by the United States Marine Corps. The program provides toys and other items to children and families in need during the holiday season.

Students in the United States can get free school supplies at school supply drives organized by the Salvation Army. Students are given backpacks filled with things like notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, etc. It is an ongoing event organized by volunteers in big cities and small towns alike every year across America.

Food banks can offer help with groceries, including perishable items. A free pantry can also provide clothing, toiletries, and other forms of personal hygiene for low-income people and the homeless in Santa Clara County California.

School-aged children can get free backpacks filled with school supplies, clothes, and more at certain sites. Also find Christmas toys for children as well as personal hygiene items. Hundreds of volunteers work together to make this happen each year. Find details on locations that participate in the county.

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army gives away presents to children whose families are unable to afford to purchase them. Through the organization’s toy drive, individuals of the community as well as other organizations give toys for the benefit of children.

In addition to this, they provide meals at the shelter that are both hot and well-balanced, as well as food boxes for the holidays that contain everything necessary to prepare a holiday feast.

In order to be eligible for this program’s toy distribution, applicants need to demonstrate proof of residency, have proof of income to verify income eligibility, have at least one child in the age range of newborn to 14 years old, offer additional birth certificates for all eligible children, have a social security card for anyone in the home who is older than 18, and have a valid form of identification. Visit their website if you want more information about the services they provide.

Toys, gifts, free clothing, and other items are distributed by Christmas groups such as Angel Tree and others. In addition, meals are provided, with home delivery available for those who are unable to leave their homes. In addition, there will be complimentary Thanksgiving feasts with turkey.

Families living without homes in Santa Clara County can ask for assistance during the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s possible that you’ll be offered things like clothing, presents, gift certificates, and even useful things like petrol gift cards. Food, home health care, and other basic needs are offered to any Santa Clara County residents on a yearly basis. Any of the items they provide are provided by donations. The food pantry is located at Santa Clara County’s South City Community Center, and it offers them a wide variety of nutritious items that can be used for healthy meals, including canned goods such as tuna, corn, and green beans as well as peanut butter, canned milk, oatmeal and more.

The clothes being distributed include items such as clothing for babies, kids, and adults, coats, hats, and shoes as well as children’s bedding. Shoes may also be provided. In addition, the distribution centers can provide men’s and women’s hygiene items that include shampoo, soap, and more for all ages. The center will also provide a wide variety of personal hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and more for those who are living in a shelter setting.

Sunnyvale Community Services

This organization has a Family Resource Center that provides services to low-income families in addition to seniors, the disabled, and other at-risk people. Some of the things provided there include assistance for housing such as information on housing programs and vouchers, holiday assistance including toys and meals, help with taxes, distribution of baby formula, and more.

Other programs are run at the location, including an Adult Day Care Center. The center also has meals that are served daily, transportation services provided by volunteers as well as support groups.

Registered families in need are invited to the Holiday Cheer Center by Sunnyvale Community Services during the holiday season. There, the families can receive additional food for the holidays, choose toys for their children, and receive gifts for their homes.

  • Free food, meals, groceries, summer lunches, and other assistance are offered by the Salvation Army.
  • The non-profit also offers clothing vouchers to people who need them in addition to access to social services. This includes shelter and referrals.
  • The non-profit also runs a program known as Angel Tree, which gives gifts to children in families facing hardship during the holiday season.
  • There are multiple sites run by The Salvation Army in Santa Clara County CA. In addition to this, there are other locations in the region that provide similar services.
  • The organization runs a number of different holiday programs including Angel Tree, which provides gifts for children and families in need. Find out if the program is available for your family if you live in Santa Clara County California by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY or visiting the website.
  • Each year during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, The Salvation Army collects food and presents to distribute to communities that are experiencing difficulty during this time.

The organization specializes in providing assistance to the very neediest of families. They provide food, housing, financial support, medical care, and other services to those who are at risk of homelessness and to those who have experienced a loss of income.

Some of the aid that they provide is access to food for holiday meals for needy children and their families. A variety of goods will be provided at this time of year. Their organization runs something called the Community Christmas Center.

It will help families living on a low income as well as working poor households. They will be able to “shop” for gifts, clothing, and toys as well as other items for infants all the way up to teenagers as a result of this. Towels, basic kitchen supplies, and blankets are some examples of additional items.

A number of additional programs operate across Santa Clara County. While they may or may not provide toys, clothes, and other Christmas gifts, they can provide assistance to needy residents in the form of hot meals, food for the holiday season, diapers for low-income families with babies, and more. More information on social services in Santa Clara County is available from the community action agency. Don’t forget to check out Give Back this Holiday Season!

Address: 725 Kifer Road

Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Toys For Tots

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and Toys for Tots run a holiday toy program for kids. Each year during Christmas time, the Corps distributes toys, clothing, shoes, and other items to current servicemen or women and children in need. Find how you or your family can get help from Toys For Tots in California.

During the course of their yearly toy drive, Toys for Tots collects contributions from generous individuals. Toys that are brand new and have never been opened have been donated, and they will be given to disadvantaged children residing in Santa Clara County.

For their children to participate in the program, parents are required to register their children from birth until the age of 14. In order to verify their eligibility, parents are required to show proof of income, have photo identification, have birth certificates for all children who are eligible, have social security cards for all adults living in the home, and show that they currently reside in an area that is covered by the program.

Please visit their website if you want additional information regarding their services. There are many locations where donations can be made, as well as many charities that are involved. Toys that are brand new are provided to children that come from low-income families, such as those led by single mothers or immigrant families.

It’s also possible that there will be clothing, toys to open on Christmas morning, books, video games, and possibly even other services. There are many locations where donations can be made, as well as many charities that are involved.

Toys that are brand new are provided to children that come from low-income families, such as those led by single mothers or immigrant families. It’s also possible that there will be clothing, toys to open on Christmas morning, books, video games, and possibly even other services.

Operation Santa: This year’s Santa Claus program will be operated by Operation Santa, a holiday outreach program of Kids Against Hunger. How this works is that families are selected for the program Aug.

Open registration is run during the summer months, and applications will be accepted through October 31 for those living for those in need. During this time, the children will be screened and given a list of toys to choose from throughout November and December.

The non-profit organization operates the program, and they work with the Santa Clara County community to help children of low-income families. Every year, Operation Santa distributes toys to at least 50,000 children who are living in families of low income.

That’s about half of the kids in the county who will receive this gift from a generous donor. Each child that qualifies for the program will receive a list of 25 toys from a toy catalog with 8 different toy items. Each child will be able to select a toy including board games, dolls, kitchen toys, outdoor toys and more. The most popular toys are typically new bicycles and new video game systems.

Operation Santa is partnering with Toys R Us this year to collect the volunteer hours that a family needs to qualify for the program. Once they have obtained these required hours, they can then submit the application that allows them to participate in the program and receive help from Operation Santa.

Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ

This church, also known as the Mission Church of Christ, is a non-profit organization based in San Jose. They have been in operation for over 100 years, and their goal is to assist needy people throughout Santa Clara County, CA. There are several different programs that they offer to those who are experiencing difficulty along with those who are simply experiencing homelessness or poverty.

They offer donations of food to anyone who is experiencing hunger or is in need of assistance. Find out if they can assist you if you’re facing an emergency food crisis. This year, the organization is helping those that are low-income and have limited resources in Santa Clara County CA by offering free financial literacy sessions for families. This program addresses many different financial products and services such as debt management, budgeting, and education on the benefits that are offered by lifecycle investments. Santa Clara County provides access to a limited number of Christmas aid programs. Toys for kids, free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, food hampers, and other charitable donations.

The organization is also involved in helping with housing needs and in some cases, they can help families find affordable apartments to rent. Some of the services that are offered to low-income families through this outreach program include providing hygiene kits and food, clothes for kids and other items such as diapers for babies and those who have recently given birth. They may also offer additional medical items and household goods. Find additional ways that you or your family can get assistance from the Mission Church of Christ.

Address: 1620 Oakland Road Suite

San Jose, California, 95131

Contact: 510-676-9228

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley

Hundreds of desperate families and children get support. Free toys, gift cards to local grocery stores, and even a few dollars in cash may be given out during the holiday season. The charitable organization wishes for children and people in Santa Clara who are less fortunate to have a happy holiday season. They try to provide the best assistance they can, even if this means purchasing toys that aren’t brand new since most families do not have a lot of money to spare. They have various ways that you can participate in this program. This year, Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley has partnered with Toys for Tots in Santa Clara County to help as many children and families as possible.

As part of their Toy Donation Program, JFSV may be able to provide assistance for families that are registered with the agency. They will receive free toys and gifts for those who may not have any on their own.

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley delivers a range of social services to local residents, including the following:

Provides case management services to help individuals and their families access needed resources, with the goal of providing stability. When possible, they can even provide financial assistance to those in need. This is intended to help those in need get back on their feet again and live an independent lifestyle that they can be proud of.

Address: 14855 Oka Road, Suite 202

Los Gatos, CA

Sacred Heart Community Service

This charity organization has been around for about 45 years, and they work with the local community to provide assistance to those who are in need. The goal is to improve the quality of life for children and families, the elderly and the poor by providing them with a safety net that they need.

The donations that they pass out will be available on Thanksgiving day or after Christmas. Sacred Heart will also provide food vouchers, gift cards, toys and other goods to those in need. There are also other services and financial aid available through this program as well.

At both Christmas and Thanksgiving, aid is provided to tens of thousands of low-income families, senior citizens, and other individuals in need. There may be free bicycles and other toys for children to play with over the holiday season.

The foods and meals associated with the holidays (including Christmas and Thanksgiving) typically consist of a variety of meats, fruits, turkeys or hams, desserts, and all the toppings that go along with them.

Sacred Heart Community Service is running a special Christmas Project this year. The charity organization is trying to assist Santa Clara County families by providing turkey dinners to them on Thanksgiving Day.

Families that are facing poverty may need some assistance with their Christmas dinner and other presents that they need for their children this holiday season. You can learn more about their holiday assistance program or donate money or toys so they can help the less fortunate throughout the area.

Families living on a limited budget can receive a three-day supply of groceries from Sacred Heart. Food is available for families to pick up twice a month. In addition to this, they provide families with five articles of clothing, shoes, bedding, and books through the garment closet that they have available.

Address: 1381 South First St.

San José, CA 95110

Contact: (408) 278-2160

Caminar / Family and Children Services

The charity organization offers assistance to those who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, or financial crisis by providing clothing and food for families.

They also partner up with various agencies, offering them a place to stay at the shelter for a few days that they provide. In addition, the charity organization helps low-income families find affordable housing.

Helping to make sure families have a safe place to stay during the holiday season is one of the key reasons that Caminar provides assistance. They will have a shelter open during holiday periods. Caminar will also offer case management services to help families get back on their feet again and provide stability in their lives.

If you need free food, clothing, or other items for children, you can get assistance from the Family and Children Services program. They also partner with other agencies in the county to give clients vouchers for assistance. Some of the aid provided includes food assistance, clothing, or Christmas toys and gifts.

Caminar offers emergency financial help as well. They are a participant in the Toys for Tots program. The submission window for applications is in the fall. Free gifts including clothing, games, books, electronics, and new, unwrapped Christmas toys are distributed to children who meet the eligibility requirements.

They also have a food pantry program that helps those in need by providing free food and cooking supplies. At the end of the year, Caminar will close its non-profit organization and open up a thrift store for donations.

The charity organization offers assistance to residents throughout Santa Clara County who may be experiencing hunger, homelessness, or lack of housing. Find additional ways that you can give back to those in need this holiday season.

This charity organization will be providing free food, free shelter, assistance with food stamps, utility bills, tax assistance, and other social services to those in need. They will be giving out a variety of items including clothing for children.

However, if you are pregnant or a senior citizen or disabled person you can also get help from a charity organization as well. They may even offer free Thanksgiving meals to low-income seniors and the disabled either on Thanksgiving day or after Christmas.

Address: 950 W. Julian Street

San Jose, California, 95126

Contact: 408-410-1816

Midtown Family Services

Midtown Family Services offers both information and referral servic00es as well as cash assistance and grants to those who are in need. The non-profit organization will provide a variety of services to people of all ages. Some of the items that they may offer include food, clothing and diapers as well as shelter, support groups, education programs and other aid too. The thrift store that they operate is called the Hands That Help Store.

Case management and seasonal support might be provided at the same time. Toys, books, dolls, and vehicles for boys and girls, as well as other forms of assistance, are made available to children. There may be applications for monetary assistance, gift cards, free food or groceries (especially for holiday dinners), and other forms of assistance. They will be providing free Thanksgiving meals to people in need on Thanksgiving day or after Christmas.

The money that is donated to the organization will be used for various projects. In 2017, Midtown Family Services had a total of $74,000 in donations and this helped the organization provide a variety of assistance to low-income families and seniors.

Some of the services that they provide include food distribution, shelter, guidance or counseling programs as well as medical assistance for those in need.

Address: 3033 Moorpark Ave.

San Jose, California, 95128

Contact: 408-642-5852

Community Services Agency of Mountain View and Los Altos

This is a non-profit organization that has been helping individuals and families by providing them with financial aid or financial support. The non-profit also partners with other organizations to provide holiday gifts as well.

It will be taking applications for aid on November 25th and November 29th, 2017. There are free gifts that children can get including clothes, shoes, and toys. In addition to this, the agency will be giving away personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap.

They can also give out gift cards for free food. Last year, the agency gave away a total of $38,000 in holiday gifts to over 300 families in the local community. The money for these programs is raised through donations from foundations or from other people in the community.

The Community Services Agency is one of the leading non-profit organizations that help individuals or families who need assistance with medical bills or other expenses. The charitable organization provides a variety of social services.

Free Christmas dinners and gifts for children will be provided to families and people who are without homes. Mountain View, Los Altos Hills, neighboring towns, and the Los Altos region of the county are the primary focuses of this article.

The Community Services Agency of Mountain View and Los Altos is a non-profit charity organization. The primary focus is to help those families or individuals who need the most assistance.

They also provide resources for people in Los Altos, who are struggling to meet their basic needs. There are many items that may be made available, including free Christmas dinners, free gift cards, and even new toys for children in the community.

Address: 204 Stierlin Road

Mountain View, California, 94043

Contact: 650-968-0836

Asian-Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

They provide a variety of assistance programs to Asian-American families in the California community. Some of what may be provided include housing, medical and dental assistance, employment programs, food and nutrition services, assistance for veterans, and help for seniors.

Holiday gift assistance may be available for children and others in their care. Programs are offered for pregnant women, single moms, and the working poor. They offer a variety of services to low-income families including free food from their pantry. There may be Christmas dinners and other free meals for the needy. This free food is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There are also free gift cards for food and clothing from the charity organization.

A variety of social services are available to people at no cost. In addition to this, they will have opportunities to help single parents find employment as well as provide them with job training or other education programs. They have a gift program for victims of domestic violence over the holiday season. Children can choose from a variety of gifts, including gift cards to stores like Target or Wal-Mart, toys for the holiday season, sporting goods, and more.

These offices only exist in Nevada and San Mateo. The main goal of the non-profit agency is to help people earn self-sufficiency. In addition to this, they provide other aid, including assistance with housing problems, legal aid, government programs, and referrals.

They also focus on job training or education that is offered at low-cost to the community. There may be job training programs, education classes or other resources that are offered at little or no cost from the non-profit organization.

Address: 2400 Moorpark Ave

San Jose, CA 95128

Contact: (408) 975-2730

Day Worker Center of Mountain View

The non-profit charity organization is located in Mountain View, and it provides assistance to farm workers, immigrants and other people in the local community who need help. Farm workers can apply for housing, food and other needs. Other aid that they may provide includes free meals, bus tokens as well as clothing. This is a non-profit organization that helps low-income communities in the San Jose region of California. There is a possibility that holiday dinners, such as Thanksgiving or Easter food baskets, will be distributed.

There is a wide selection of both fresh and tinned foods accessible in Santa Clara County. These items are donated by local farmers and other food providers. In some cases, they will even have full Christmas meals that are delivered to families.

Community Services Agency of Mountain View and Los Altos Free Christmas Gift Drive: They offer a free gifts program for children who need help during the holidays. They can provide toys and clothing, including shoes and other necessary items. The non-profit organization will be giving away free Christmas clothing on December 1st and December 2nd at their Santa Clara County offices in San Jose or Mountain View.

Address: 113 Escuela Avenue

Mountain View, CA, 94040

Project WeHope

They provide the community with a variety of programs including housing, financial aid, and food. The non-profit organization is located in Los Altos Hills or Mountain View. They can help people apply for medical bill assistance programs, low cost prescription medications, housing and other resources. Clients of the office will have access to social workers or staff members as they work with them to get their needs met. Their main aim is to help low-income people or the working poor.

The services are available in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is a wide range of support from the non-profit based in Mountain View, California. Some of what they can offer includes food and clothing, job training and education programs, job placement assistance, energy bill help, heating and utility bill help, government benefits and housing assistance. They do not provide cash aid but try to work with clients so they can find a source of financial support for their circumstances.

Address: 1854 Bay Road

Palo Alto, California, 94303

Contact: 650-630-4790

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

This is another non-profit charity organization that can provide assistance for both the homeless and the low-income, such as seniors and individuals who are disabled. Other assistance may include free food, but this mostly occurs on a case-by-case basis.

There is no set amount of assistance that they provide to clients, and they will work with clients to find another source of help, if possible. More than one agency may be able to help people with their needs.

Monetary donations or fundraising events can be held by the non-profit organization. They also run holiday gift and toy drives for children, teens, and seniors that don’t have a place to sleep over the holidays.

Social workers will work with clients in finding other sources of aid for their needs. Some of what may be provided include clothing, gifts, or food.

This non-profit organization can provide assistance with basic needs and some financial aid. They operate in the greater Sacramento area, including the cities of Folsom, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills. A Christmas celebration, hot meals, and sometimes even some little gifts are provided for the elderly during this time of year.

Clients of the non-profit will have access to free food, health, and human services, job training or education programs, utility bill assistance and help in applying for government assistance. They also provide referrals to other local charities or government programs.

Address: 31 South Sunset Avenue

Sunnyvale, California

Contact: 94086-5938

Get free food in Santa Clara County, California


Santa Clara County residents who are homeless or whose families are in danger of becoming homeless are eligible to receive help from HomeFirst. Those in need have access to a variety of resources, including emergency bags of groceries, daily meals that are cooked to order, services for doing laundry, emergency shelter, employment training, and medical care.

They concentrate on helping people who are living on the streets and are very destitute. There will be no cost to the recipients of these Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, or meals. They provide assistance to the needy throughout the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There are a variety of goods available, including games, toys, and other gifts.

The non-profit organization will provide free Christmas meals and presents to low-income families. They are located in San Jose, California, but can also help those who live in the surrounding areas, including Campbell and Sunnyvale.

The center provides many other goods or services to the community. They have a food bank, clothing closet, thrift store, and financial aid programs that are available to struggling individuals or families.

Address: 2011 Little Orchard St

San Jose, CA 95125

Contact: (408) 294-2100

SPANISH Victory Outreach San Jose

This non-profit charitable organization provides assistance to low-income children and adults who are struggling with finances. They also provide free Christmas gifts for families who are working to raise children. Their services include free meals, free grocery bags, and groceries, as well as providing vouchers for clothing, toys, or food. Some of the aid they provide are medical care, food stamps, employment training, and job placement services.

The San Jose Center provides many other goods and services to low-income people in the area. Customers come from a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, and races. In addition, they assist migrant workers and immigrants over the holiday season, provide children with Christmas presents and toys, and do much more. Additionally, services and help are provided in the Spanish language.

The non-profit organization, based in San Jose and Los Gatos, California, provides free Christmas meals to needy residents. The agency’s mission is to provide the community with various services that serve the needy and low-income people.

Some of the assistance they provide includes food, groceries, or other goods. They also assist those who have lost their jobs and are searching for work, as well as all those affected by the economic downturn. Other assistance they offer includes utility bill credits and other financial aid programs.

Address: San Jose, California, 95153

Contact: 408-706-3428

Bill Wilson Center

This organization, which serves Santa Clara County residents and their families, has a number of offices throughout the area. They will work with clients to provide them with both assistance with financial aid for those in need and assistance for housing after they have been able to find employment.

The non-profit provides information or referrals to other local charities that can help clients find the resources they need. They also provide free Christmas gifts to children who cannot afford presents at this time of year. Clients may receive a variety of items, including clothing and toys.

The non-profit organization works with low-income, working poor and unemployed people. The non-profit provides government assistance, including food stamps, unemployment insurance for the unemployed, and Social Security benefits for seniors. They also provide clothing to needy individuals and can provide housing counseling and other support to clients. Some of the other aid provided includes job training, educational classes, or healthcare services.

Only foster children living in Santa Clara who has been acknowledged by the city’s social workers are eligible to participate in the Adopt a Family Holiday Giving program. Donations are put to use to help low-income families, working-poor families, and unemployed families who have foster children in their homes. A variety of needs are provided for, including free Christmas toys and gifts for children, clothing, meals, support, and help with applying for public aid programs to help with expenses.

First Place for Youth is a non-profit youth development organization in Santa Clara that offers a number of services to local young people. Some of the aid provided includes mentoring from trained adults, character development classes, tutoring, and educational support. Special holiday events are offered during the Christmas holiday season through this organization as well.

Address: 3490 The Alameda

Santa Clara, California 95050

Contact: (408) 850-6143

Antioch Ministerial Fellowship

This is a non-profit organization that offers support to low-income and working poor families in the city. They provide used clothing and gift items, as well as Christmas toys for needy children. They can do this through donations from local churches, communities, individuals, and non-profit organizations. This is a non-profit organization that provides counseling services, including psychiatric evaluations and therapy. They offer assistance to struggling people throughout Alameda County. They also provide free groceries, free food, clothing, and much more to those who are in need or struggling. They offer services in the English language as well as Spanish and other languages.

This organization is a partner of The Salvation Army’s North Bay Centers. They provide food and clothing to families with children in the San Jose area. Some of the resources that they provide include vouchers for diapers and formula for babies, plus holiday gifts for children, including toys, clothing, food items, as well as non-perishable goods.

Address: 2507 San Jose Drive,

Antioch, CA 94509

Contact: (925) 757-1672

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara and San Jose, California

This charity organization provides many services to low-income and struggling individuals. In addition to providing Christmas presents for children, they also provide them with toys and other aid.

They also provide food, clothing, access to healthcare services, help with housing problems, counseling for those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, and case management. Children who are in foster care may be eligible for free Christmas gifts.

The agency also provides assistance with housing vouchers and financial aid for paying rent, heating bills, and other expenses. Some of the aid that they provide is medical services and prescriptions. The organization has been providing aid in the city for over thirty years.

This organization offers assistance to those in need during the holiday season as well as during the year. They provide food, toys, or other items to needy children and clothing.

There are a variety of churches and charities that assist those who are less fortunate. Help is available for various people, including immigrants, single mothers, families living in poverty, and others.

Free aid over the holidays, including Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas support. Cooked meals, a variety of tiny toys for children, articles of clothing, and more Gift cards, Christmas presents, and other forms of assistance are distributed. Various services are offered, such as housing and security, food, legal aid, counseling, and emotional support.

The mission of this organization is to provide much-needed financial assistance to low-income families in California.

Loaves and Fishes

This organization provides food and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate in the area. Massages for clients who may be suffering from pain are also provided by this charity organization.

By providing free Christmas toys for children and other gifts, Loaves and Fishes can help those who are struggling during the holiday season. Clothing, food, toys as well as other items are given away by this charity organization.

This also includes support from staff who can counsel struggling families needing assistance over the holidays. It’s possible that people will give out free food, hot meals, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, little presents for Christmas for children, clothes, and other goods.

Those who are struggling financially are encouraged to stop by the Loaves and Fishes establishment to receive free bags of groceries. These grocery bags include a variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods like tuna and beans, milk and peanut butter, and more. In addition, individuals who are in need of additional assistance can get hot meals at their soup kitchen.

This charity organization provides toys and gifts to kids in the community. There are many other items, such as clothing, school supplies, and more, available for those living in poverty.

Assistance for children with special needs is also offered, including medical services and educational support. The charity organizes many events annually, including free Christmas toys for children.

Address: 1500 Berger Drive

San Jose, California 95112

Contact: 408-922-9085

St. Joseph’s Family Center

This charity organization offers support for low-income, seniors, and struggling families. A wide variety of programs are available for the public. In addition to free toys and gifts for children, clothing and food are distributed to needy individuals. Some of the aid is also provided as Christmas gifts for children in foster care.

This charity organization provides several services and resources to families living in poverty, seniors, and others who are less fortunate.

Every week, families struggling to make ends meet can receive food aid from the St. Joseph’s Family Center in the form of additional food baskets. In addition to that, once a week they provide fresh food.

The food pantry is a great resource for the community, and it can provide a variety of items depending on donation amounts. Some of the items include baby formula and diapers, as well as paper goods and personal hygiene products.

Free Christmas toys for kids and other holiday assistance is also offered throughout the year by this organization. Monthly food distribution programs are held where families receive free bags of groceries containing essential items. The St. Joseph’s Family Center has been helping those in need in San Jose for many years.

Address: 11 First Street

Gilroy, CA, 95020

Contact: 408-842-6662

River Of Life Foundation

Families living on a limited budget might get groceries from the River of Life Foundation. The grocery shopping service is available twice a month for families. In addition to that, once per month they give away free fresh food.

This charity organization provides several programs and resources to help those in need. Some of the services include free Christmas toys and gifts, food, clothing as well as other aid is provided.

This charity organization provides various forms of assistance to those in need. Affordable medical, dental and vision care is available to low income families. The charity also distributes free school supplies such as pencils, notebooks and more.

Campbell Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Campbell Seventh Day Adventist Church has a program that helps families throughout the year. In addition to providing assistance with basic needs, they also offer assistance with special events such as Christmas.

San Jose State University provides assistance with food, clothing and more. They are a non-profit organization that works to help those in need in San Jose. Help is available for students, low income families, the underemployed, and others.

There are resources for veterans and seniors as well as holiday aid like Christmas toys for children. Toy drives throughout the holiday season are held in Santa Clara County in collaboration with West Valley Christian School and Campbell SDA Church. This holiday program would not be possible without the help of volunteers and other individuals.

It offers several programs, resources, and services to families who need help. Some assistance is provided in clothing, food, and more.

Financial aid may be offered in many different forms, including one-time emergency assistance, grants for bills and other expenses, utility bill discounts, and more. The non-profit also helps people find employment so they can eventually become self-sufficient.

Address: 600 West Campbell Avenue

Campbell, CA, 95008

Contact: 408-364-2144

Martha’s Kitchen

This charity organization helps kids during the holiday season with holiday food baskets, toys, and gifts. Families living in poverty can get assistance from this leading charity organization. Various resources are available for low-income individuals, seniors, the disabled, and others.

Some of the aid provided includes help with paying rent or security deposits for housing, food, or energy bill assistance, as well as other care. Free Christmas toys and gifts may be distributed at some point during the year by this non-profit agency’s children. Those in need are provided with a complimentary supper over the holiday season.

It is a non-profit organization that provides help for families living in poverty. Some of the support provided includes help with paying utility bills, rent, medical bills, and more. They also provide food, clothing, and other forms of assistance.

This charity organization provides numerous resources to people who cannot afford to pay their utility bills. The non-profit can help pay rent, security deposits, and other expenses such as security deposits, medical bills, or even utility shut-offs.

Address: 311 Willow Street

San Jose, CA, 95110

Contact: 1-408-293-6111

Cityteam Ministries

This charity organization supports homeless and low-income families. The city of San Jose offers several different services.

Other non-profits in Santa Clara County also help with Christmas toys for kids, food, and more. More information on assistance programs is available from Saint Vincent De Paul, Family Service Agency, and a few other leading regional social service providers.

Numerous charities can provide information on how to apply for the local state of California or federal government assistance. Many of these programs also help with paying bills, housing and rent. So people who need help with paying their rent or utility bills can call the non-profit to apply.

Those who are currently living in poverty can learn about the range of services that are offered. The non-profit can help with medical bills, free short-term health insurance, dental care, and vision plans for children.

Address: 580 Charles Street

San Jose, CA, 95112

Contact: 408-288-2185

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen

This charity organization helps families with children living in poverty. They offer several support services to the community.

Many different non-profits assist Santa Clara County families. Some charities and non-profit agencies include St. Vincent De Paul, Catholic Charities, San Jose Community Service Agency, and many other leading agencies throughout the region. Call one of these leading agencies for more information on how you can apply for government aid such as food stamps or health care. In addition, the non-profits can also help with paying bills and rent.

This charity organization is a leading agency for disabled and senior citizens. They also provide other assistance to those in need throughout Santa Clara County. Many people also apply for federal government aid from this charity organization. This charity provides various forms of support and food and clothing throughout the year for low-income families, seniors, the homeless, and others in need. Take note that they do not offer a holiday gift program any longer.

On the other hand, they have expanded the total number of food and meals provided. There is support in meals, canned food, and other forms available. The unhoused children and parents raising their children alone are some of the primary beneficiaries, along with any other needy families in Santa Clara. The non-profit has a large pantry on site where the homeless and low-income can receive food and other forms of help. The charity organization also helps with utility bills, rent, medical bills, and more. The non-profit works with students, seniors, and families facing a difficult time through their services.

Address: 2150 Alum Rock Avenue

San Jose, CA, 95127

Contact: 408-998-1500

Church of The Chimes

The Father Serra Food Pantry provides family resources at Christmas. The non-profit agency may also have a food bank Other services offered by this charity organization include free short-term health insurance and grants.

In addition, they can help pay bills, rent, medical bills, and more for low-income individuals. The resource center is in San Jose on South 10th Street between Santa Clara St and South Second Street. There is a possibility that free meals will be given on Thanksgiving or Christmas, complete with turkeys and all the fixings.

The non-profit agency assists families in Santa Clara County through free food, clothing, and other forms of support. Remember that they do not assist with toys or gifts this holiday season.

However, some families may have received help from them in the past. The charity organization has several different programs that they work with, including a food pantry and a thrift store.

Santa Clara County is home to many charities and non-profits that can assist people struggling with paying their bills or receiving medical care.

Address: 1447 Bryan Avenue

San Jose, California, 95118

Contact: 1-(408) 723-3600

Sunday Friends

This charity organization assists children and families in need. They can help with paying bills, rent, medical bills, and more. Many other non-profit agencies are located throughout the county as well. They may distribute Christmas toys for children as part of their gift programs during the holiday season.

More information on government aid in Santa Clara County is available from Saint Vincent De Paul, Catholic Charities, Cityteam Ministries, and others. Many social service providers offer free short-term health insurance to low-income families or senior citizens in need.

In San Jose, this organization provides a “Working Alternative to Charity” service to the community. They work to assist families with incomes that are quite meager. During Christmas, brand-new holiday presents, toys, coupons, and other goodies are made available for youngsters and their parents. The charity organization assists in the form of food and clothing options as well.

This leading non-profit charity helps families and children in Santa Clara County. In addition to providing free Christmas toys for kids, their holiday gift program is another benefit. They may also have free meals for children and families during the holiday season.

The non-profit serves low-income families throughout Santa Clara County with donated goods from local businesses, churches and other charitable organizations.

Address: 730 Story Road Suite 3

San Jose, CA, 95122


With so many different charities and non-profits to Get FREE Christmas Toys & Food Near San Jose, there is a good chance that you will be able to find the help you need. The people who live in this community have a few options.

The low-income may have access to free food from organizations like St. Vincent De Paul’s Pantries, Loaves & Fishes, or the Salvation Army. Families with children can receive assistance from Sunday Friends and others. Senior citizens can apply for government assistance, food, Christmas toys, and gifts as well.

For example, the Saint Vincent De Paul Society has a Santa Clara County Social Services program. This charity organization may have funds for paying rent or utilities. Other resources include free food from the pantry, help with medical bills, and many other support services available from them.

Call one of these leading organizations to learn more about what you need to do next to get assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Christmas donation?

Donating to a Christmas charity is one way of helping people who are less fortunate than you are. Every year, millions of Americans donate food and gifts during the holiday season to shelters and other local non-profit organizations. Those who donate toys, money, or other goods to the needy can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Is there free food in Sa Jose?

Many churches offer free food aid to families and senior citizens in need throughout San Jose. There are very few non-profit agencies in San Jose that can help with paying bills, rent, medical bills, and more.

How to find a food pantry near me?

You can search for hunger relief programs in your community by typing in your zip code at the top of the page. This will narrow down the results to only match those within your local area. The leading charity organizations are listed above for individuals who need food assistance in Santa Clara County.

What is an emergency food pantry?

Those who are faced with a short-term hardship may be able to receive immediate food preservation services from an emergency food pantry. The charity organizations are located in San Jose and serve low-income families throughout the region. In addition to that, some local non-profits may provide access to free food for children, such as during the summer months or other times of the year when school lunches do not operate.

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