Where can I get free Christmas gifts for my child

Free Christmas Presents for Needy Kids – Where can I get free Christmas gifts for my child? – Christmas is one of the season’s busiest times, and there are many people out there who want to know ways to make a DIY personal Christmas gifts, or people who are looking for making extra money and so much more. But in the midst of all these we forget that there are needy kids also, who need good Christmas presents too. Plus, there are many parents who cannot afford a gift for their child, but are in search of the free Christmas gifts for their kids, so that they can keep their heart. It means that the child will not be discouraged. So, there are many steps given in this article which elucidates about various ways from where one can get a Christmas gift for the needy.

For many families and people, Christmas is a challenging time especially when they do not have the money or are out on earning to make extra income. Now, it is possible to make extra income by pet sitting or baby-sitting or gifts of service etc. and others from where you can earn extra income. Luckily, there are many charity programs that help the child get gifts and also Santa Claus visits. So, if you know a child who is need of such a gift, then you can contact such organizations that can help the child.

Top 8 Organizations Offer Free Gifts to Needy Kids and Childrens

Many NPOs and government agencies work to bring the donations to use for some good and charitable works. One of the best things that you will know about these organizations is that they help millions of families in every Christmas. Area wise families are also helped where small organization creates a community on a local level and helps the people. Anyways you can find the programs for Christmas that can make any child happy. But before you know about the organizations that helps children, you should also know about Rover – A Great Way To Make Money And Play With Animals, a blog post that will help you to know about various jobs related to pet sitting.

USPS Operation Santa

For many years, one organization has been working to help the children get toys and other Christmas benefits and that organization is United States Postal Service Operation Santa program. As per the program employees of post office, give all the letters to Santa Claus and they sort out and give gifts to Children in need. Apart from that, from the letter personal information or details is removed and even the members of the community can get the letters from the post office and fulfill the wishes of children.

Apart from that, there is no such qualification for the program. Writing a letter doesn’t guarantee that community members will take into consideration, because there are already so many letters that they get. But one of the best ideas is writing a letter, because you never know when your letter gets responded.

Salvation Army Angel Tree

There are red donation buckets by Salvation Army and this is a non-profit organization that also runs a Angel Tree Program. The families who are in need of gifts for children send their request to the Salvation Army and after which the community org. put an Angel Trees, which is, covered with ornaments and they request specific items.

Through the individual local branches, the Salvation Army runs a program in the name of Corps Community Center. You should enter zip code in the Salvation Army Location Search page. So, after that the Corps community Center will contact you. The guidelines by the Corps Community are that the Child should be 12 years or under that.

Toys for Tots

One other best organization that you can connect with is Toys for Tots. It provides toys to children in need. It is also connected with US Marine Corps. They accept donations and toys from individuals, then they decorate it under the Christmas trees and distribute to around 7 million kids every year.

No matter you want the gift for your children or help other children get the gifts, you can easily sign a family up for in Toys for Tots. You can also search for a local branch that can help. Children are required to be 12 or younger, but there are some individual branches also that give gift to teens as well. And, the most important you should register early.

United Way

This is also one of the best organizations that helps the needy families and children in getting toys. All you need is to put up a zip code and then search for United Way tool. Different branches will operate or work differently. Among the donated toys, many parents opt for shopping. There are community members or businesses that can donate toys and money at their branch.

There is a registration form that parents have to complete as per the guidelines. That too the form needs to be filled early and if they approve then they will contact you and help the children’s in need or your children to receive the gifts. Most of the branches give gifts to kids that are under the age of 16 years.

Where can I get free Christmas gifts for my child

Child’s School

Another best place from where children can get the gifts is from schools. You can call up the school and speak with a social work teacher or children psychologist, or guidance counselor. Apart from that, there are people who understand the fiscal hardships of the students and try their best to connect with a child. The PTA or the PTO runs gift programs. You can ask for the help directly. Schools may not have that great a offer, but if you visit the school early in October and tell your ideas about gifting the kids and that donations are required, then they can call up the parents or a PTA meeting and ask the parents to donate. Apart from that, then from such donations they can buy gifts for the students and other children in need. This way they can help the families.

Religious Organizations

Religious organization is another best source from where one can get gifts for Christmas for children. Again, here all that you have to do is go the church, meet the archbishop or father of the church and suggest your ideas of gifting the children in need and other children of the church some Christmas gifts. Then, after that the father will organize for fund raising and with the help of that funds they can get Christmas gifts for the children. The church even helps the non-members. You will have to share about the children and also their situations like the needy and the struggling ones. Plus, your ideas and suggestions needs to be convincing one.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

This is a national organization aimed at helping underprivileged children. Local holiday assistance is offered by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and they also run holiday toys drives for the kids to help them and its their individual branch. Make sure to check that your branch helps or participates and give your zip code to find a club and then connect with them. There are certain rules that the club has and parents have to prove that their income is below 150% current U.S. poverty level. These branches help the kids who are under the age of 18 years. So, this is one of the best ways of finding a perfect gift for your child. If you wish to donate money or gifts to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, you can do so at your local branch or through the national website.


Another such branch that has toy drives idea is the YMCA. It is one of the best places that you can look for is the YMCA. To know about the local branch in your area make sure that you enter your zip-code. Some of the branches have toy drives every holiday season. The guidelines for free toys depend on the guidelines provided by them. Age requirements also vary. If you want to donate, connect the local branch.

Make the Holidays Special

Sometimes, there simply isn’t money in the budget to buy Christmas gifts for the children in a family. If that’s the case, doing your homework to find an organization to help can make the holidays special for everyone.


One of the best ways to give gifts to small children is to contact the following organizations, donate, connect, fill up the form, and get the gifts for kids. Some of the best places for asking for help is to ask the teachers, school, and religious organizations as they can help a lot by organizing for the funds and then giving gifts to small kids. YMCA, toy for tots and others are also one of the best organizations where one can assist and also connect to get the help for giving gifts to small children. Other ways are also there where you can get the help.

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