FREE Christmas Toys & Food in Union County IL

FREE Christmas Toys & Food in Union County IL – Plenty of free Christmas items and food are available in our community; this website will help you find the best place to go and get your stuff! If you’re looking for a place to pick up some free Christmas gifts or food for yourself or someone else, Union County is the place for you. Union County has plenty of opportunities for giving this holiday season, from food giveaways to charity toy drives. The list below includes the places hosting these events and other local businesses with great deals during the holiday season. Event details and times are subject to change. Please call the organization in advance to confirm.

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Food In Union County, IL

Jesus Es El Senor Union County IL

Jesus Es El Senor extends an invitation to their Joe’s Food Pantry in Union County to anyone who has trouble buying food. Visitors can take free food and other supplies for their homes that have been donated to the food pantry by members of the local church and community.

Jesus Es El Senor‘s main goal is to serve the community and help people in need. They provide food, clothes, and a place for people to get off the streets. The pantry serves Union County residents by providing free non-perishable food items to families throughout the community. There is no set schedule for visits at this location. Jesus Es El Senor has a few hours of food donations every Tuesday.

If you’re interested in helping out, call the Jesus Es El Senor to schedule a visit. They also accept donations of non-perishable food items. You should donate if you want to help a family in need or if you’d like to see your donation directly helping people in our community. YOu can reach Jesus Es El Senor Union County, IL using below Contact Informations

Address : 7780 Old Hwy 51 N, Cobden, IL 62920, United States

Contact no. : +16188932050

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Bethany Village Union County IL

The food pantry in Bethany Village is open to low-income residents of Union County, Illinois. Residents get canned, packaged, and frozen items once each month, and the amount of food supplied depends on the household size of the resident. To take part, residents must meet DHS income standards, produce confirmation of residency, and have a valid form of identification.

ID must include the date of birth. Bethany Village serves Union County residents by providing free food to low-income families. Everyone can receive a bag of food each month; regular bags are for children 1 year and older, and large bags are for children under the age of 1. The pantry’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information and times, please call Bethany Village.

Bethany Village also has a couple of other family resources. You can participate in the parent class, receive free parenting information, or register your baby at the free baby shower.

Bethany Village is an outreach ministry that provides food and clothing to Union County families in need. They also provide winter coats, heating fuel, and blankets to Union County residents referred by church and community leaders. Bethany Village has a group of volunteers that meet weekly to assist Union County families in need. This group is the “Bethany Village Outreach Committee,” They often look for new members to join their team.

Bethany Village is the home of Union County’s food pantry. Their goal is to run the program in a friendly, open manner that allows anyone to feel comfortable coming in and seeing them for help. Bethany Village is currently working on its ideas for a new food distribution centre, which will be able to help a larger number of residents. They have also started a monthly clothing distribution, and they might be able to help you if you need help finding Christmas gifts for your family. You can contact Bethany Village Union County, IL using following contact informations

Address : Bethany Village Union 414 E Davie St, Anna, IL 62906, United States

Phone No. : +16188331777

Website :

Union County Community Shelter

The Union County Community Shelter offers a food pantry to low-income families in Union County to provide a temporary solution to the problems faced by these families and to meet their needs. The shelter runs the pantry in Partnership with public aid agencies and charities to help needy families meet their basic needs, including food.

The pantry serves Union County residents by providing low-income individuals and families with a small number of groceries at no cost. The Food Pantry is open from 8 am to 4 pm. If you are looking for a way to support other families in Union County, this is the place for you. Volunteer at the food pantry and help serve people in our community. Union County residents of all ages can visit the Union County Community Shelter to receive free food and other items.

The shelter also carries non-food resources like diapers, baby food, clothing, and blankets for babies 0-4 years old. You can also donate money or clothes if you want to help out this great organization. Union County Community Shelter is part of the Illinois Coalition for the Homeless.

The Union County Food Pantry is a 24-hour community outreach ministry of Union County. The pantry provides a way to get free food to families in need throughout Union County. You can reach Out Union County Community Shelter Using Following address.

Address : Union County Community Shelter 160 Meadow St, Monroe, NC 28110, United States

Website :

Phone No. : +17042895300

Organizations Offer Free Toys In Union County, IL

Toys For Tots program’s Union County, IL

Toys for Tots sponsors an annual toy drive to gather toys for needy children in Union County. Once the collection of donated toys is complete, all children registered for the program one week before Christmas are given free toys.

Parents must show proof of residency, birth certificates for all of their children currently residing in the home, a photo ID, a list of their income and expenses, and a photo of themselves. Participation is restricted to children younger than 12 years of age only.

The program’s goal is to offer a helping hand to families in need and help these children have a happier Christmas.

Since the program began, it has collected more than 3,400 toys for Union County kids. Once all the toys have been collected, they are distributed to needy children in Union County. Toys For Tots is a nationwide organization that provides toys and other items to needy children. They also offer monetary assistance to families in need.

The Toys For Tots organization is open to Union County residents of all ages. Toys For Tots program’s collect new and used toys every year and make them available to needy children, like the kids of Union County or anywhere else around the country that needs them. The program is open to anyone who wants to participate, even if you are not a legal resident of Union County.

Salvation Army program Union County, IL

The Salvation Army provides various services to low-income citizens of Union County, Illinois. One of these is the Angel Tree program, which ensures that families in need receive free presents, clothing, toys, and gift cards from generous sponsors.

As well as the food pantry, locals receive free bags of groceries that nourish every household member. Additionally, the soup kitchen delivers daily meals with special festive dinners on Christmas. To qualify, residents should have children under 12, provide proof of residency, have valid documentation and social security cards for all family members, and meet their income limits.

Angel Tree is a branch of the Salvation Army that exclusively serves Union County. Salvation Army provides various services to families in need throughout Union County. One of these services is that they have a food pantry program for seniors who may be living alone for whatever reason. Residents must attend a free nutrition class; once this has been completed, they can receive free meal packages. Angel Tree is the local branch of the Salvation Army that serves Union County.

The Salvation army’s main goal is to better the lives of Union County residents. They have a soup kitchen, clothing closet, Christmas program, senior citizen food pantry, and an emergency assistance center.

Salvation Army provides services to help Union County families in need of assistance. They also have an emergency assistance program that works with qualified families. Qualified families can receive a grant to pay rent and bills, provide utility services, or buy medications they cannot afford right now.

They also have a homeless shelter program that allows families to stay for a night or two at no cost. The Salvation Army offers various other programs to Union County residents. Salvation Army provides the following services for Union County families in need: Senior citizen food pantry, holiday meals, emergency assistance, and clothing and toys. To participate in their program, you must provide proof of income, proof of residence, and identification.

Salvation Army non-profit organization is a place that provides emergency assistance for Union County residents. The organization provides emergency assistance to many Union County families relying on public assistance, a food pantry, and free emergency housing programs.

One of these services is the Emergency Assistance Program, where qualified Union County families can receive up to $1,000 or more in assistance. That money can be used to pay rent, utility bills, or buy medications they cannot afford on their right now.

Organization Address City State Zip Phone Google Rating Type
The Salvation Army Union Family Store 215 S Mountain St Union SC 29379 +1 864-427-0656 4.3 Thrift store
The Salvation Army Crisis Help Center 750 3rd Ave Pl SE Hickory NC 28601 +1 828-322-8061 4.7 Non-profit organization

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Shawnee Developlment Council – Food Distribution Center

Shawnee Dev-Anna offers the Project Share program for low-income people of Union County. Donations made by members of the community as well as organizations enable this program to provide financially disadvantaged families with gifts such as cash, toys, holiday food baskets, and other items. In addition, they assist during times of crisis by paying up to $175 directly to the providers of necessities such as food, gas, clothing, and other necessities. This can be used to help families get back on their feet or to meet an unexpected expense.

Another service offered by Shawnee Dev-Anna is the collection of old clothes, shoes, and other usable items that are free of charge, then made available to Union County residents as part of a clothing closet. Shawnee Dev-Anna also has a program that offers assistance to families with children by providing them with food boxes.

The goal of Shawnee Dev-Anna is to empower Union County residents with low incomes by helping them to obtain the resources they need to make ends meet. They help families at risk of homelessness, unemployed, and others who are struggling financially.

Shawnee Dev-Anna supports those in the community through various other programs such as a clothing closet, meal programs, financial assistance, and the distribution of food boxes with items like fruits, vegetables, and meat. Reach Out them using following information : Shawnee Developlment Council 1000 N Main St, Anna, IL 62906, United States1000 N Main St, Anna, IL 62906, United States, Phone no. +16188337431.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find free toys in Union County, IL?

Give the needy a warm welcome in your home this Holiday Season, and check out our free Christmas Toys online. Whether you’re looking for a fun toy to give or some new toys for your kids, visit Toys for Tots online to see what is available. You can also check out our Union County free food, holiday toys, free food, and free toys list to see what is available in Union County.

Where can you find free food in Union County, IL?

Donate food to help your local church and community at a Union County food pantry! Many food pantries in Union County, Illinois, offer free food. They welcome your non-perishable food items, canned goods, and other random items you may have to lie about around the house. Be sure to call before you donate to ensure what is needed and an address for drop-off.

Where can you find free holiday-related items in Union County, IL?

Thousands of children who do not have adequate food, clothing, toys, and gifts during the Christmas holidays are helped yearly. This is why we all need to give back to others and volunteer our time for a good cause. The above-listed Union County organizations help children in need daily during the holiday season.

Where can you find free financial aid in Union County, IL?

Local charities help people who need financial aid by offering cash grants, grants, and other social services. There are many charities in Union County to help you this holiday season. Visit websites for a full listing of these organizations that help the needy in the area.


Union County has plenty of free food and Christmas toys this year. But don’t forget that the holidays can also be a time to give back to your community. Try volunteering or donating to charities and causes in your neighbourhood or community. If a family needs help, offering a helping hand can make the season brighter for everyone.

Union County is home to more than 10 million people and several programs that are open to the public. Please comment below if you have questions about these programs or other local services.

If you are looking for a place to pick up some free Christmas gifts or food for yourself or someone else, Union County is the place for you. Union County has plenty of opportunities for giving this holiday season, from food giveaways to charity toy drives. The list below includes the places hosting these events and other local businesses with great deals during the holiday season.

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