Free Christmas and Holiday Assistance Programs in San Bernardino County

Free Christmas and holiday assistance programs in San Bernardino County : Free assistance is available over the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays from charitable organizations and churches in the San Bernardino area for families with financial difficulties. There is a possibility that people will be giving away Free Christmas and holiday assistance programs in San Bernardino County, toys, gifts, turkey dinners, clothing, and holiday food baskets.

Other items can be presents for the youngsters or meals sent to the homes of the elderly living in the area. During the Thanksgiving holiday, some of the centres may also give away free turkeys, complete with all the trimmings, as well as meals. As a general rule, the enrolment time for these cost-free programs in San Bernardino County, which include Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family, and Angel Tree will begin in the fall. Assistance will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to those who meet the eligibility requirements and Free Turkeys in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving (And More Thanksgiving Giveaways).

Christmas and holiday assistance programs in San Bernardino County

Be sure to sign up if you live in San Bernardino County, satisfy the requirements, and have a family member or friend who could need some assistance over the holidays. It is common practice to request evidence of income in addition to meeting other conditions. When it comes to the Christmas holiday, consideration is given first to the county’s children. They could receive clothing, toys, games, books, or possibly even school necessities. Even though the available resources are limited, each year, there are thousands of children who come from homes with poor incomes who are given some form of assistance.

It is not just a matter of wanting to give these kids presents. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), at least 80% of children who receive gifts from sponsors throughout the year anticipate receiving them during Christmas. During the summer, hungry families with young children may be interested in getting their kids enrolled in a free school lunch program. The Meals on Wheels program is a way for seniors and people who cannot take care of themselves to eat nutritious meals.

This is the perfect option for families with no one but the parent or kids who are old enough to make their own decisions. There are food pantries where people can go and obtain free groceries. Several social assistance programs help with rent, utility payments, and other costs as well. In the San Bernardino area, there are numerous other free meals, including free breakfasts and lunches for senior citizens. Many seniors will go to a series of churches to receive their meals. The needy can also get free Thanksgiving dinner in the county and free Christmas dinner.

Many of these locations offer holiday food baskets and also some type of toys and Christmas presents. Some shelters provide free Christmas gifts for families who are having a difficult time this holiday season. Numerous agencies, churches, and charities in the San Bernardino area may have free toys and gifts in their possession. The focus is on children who come from single-parent homes or low-income households. However, all of the locations cannot be mentioned because the list would be too long to compile.

Toys for Tots

There are more than 200,000 children who do not have a present for Christmas this year. These children and their parents can receive help from the Toys for Tots donation organization located in San Bernardino and Santa Monica. In addition to getting toys, families may also receive a food basket, a gift card to the local supermarket, and even some clothing.

The San Bernardino County government has partnered with the Salvation Army of San Bernardino to provide food vouchers to families around Christmas time. The Salvation Army will collect and distribute the food in December to more than 30 agencies.

The Santa Cruz County Department of Education provides many families around Christmas time with gifts such as school supplies, clothing, and small toys. They also provide holiday food baskets. A few of the locations are located in the area, such as in Van Nuys and Calimesa, which is on the border of Riverside County. 

Toys for Tots is an organization that gives children in need gifts during the holiday season. The High Desert features multiple access points and sites of interest. The majority of Toys for Tots programs need participants to register online. You can find more information by looking it up on the website. There is involvement from both the Marine Corps and charitable organizations. Toys for children under 13 are given away by them for free during the Christmas season. Support is available for people who do not understand English, are raising children alone, and are underemployed. 

Those who submit their applications promptly are eligible to get a variety of goodies, including toys (including games, gifts, apparel, shoes, Legos, video games, and Hot Wheels vehicles, among others), among other things. Applications can be found on a variety of websites. They may also be available at your local library. There are numerous charitable organizations affiliated with Toys for Tots. They provide toys, books, clothing, and other products to children who are less fortunate than themselves. 

Some of these organizations that may have free Christmas gifts are all over the San Bernardino. One location is in Los Angeles County in Placentia and can be searched on various websites. The Toy Tots Foundation is another one of the locations that have gifts available for children who are less fortunate than others.

Save the Children, Barstow, CA

The Barstow, California location of Save the Children is a premier provider of social services in the surrounding area. They take children from low-income families to see Santa Claus and give them gifts during the holiday season. They may be able to provide you with information regarding meal programs and other Christmas programs that are available in the county. They are a gateway for needy families to access local Christmas gift and toy programs in their community. 

Submitting an application to them will get you referred to programs suitable for you. You can reach them at (909)771-9074 if you need further information. San Bernardino passes out toys and other presents to children at Christmas time. It is recommended that you visit them in person at the address provided.

Free holiday meals – Some people do not have enough money for an entire meal on Christmas Day. The Salvation Army will provide them with a free meal on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday. Although you need to be qualified, it can be a great way to get some extra nourishment before the holiday begins. 

Save the Children also provides holiday care for single moms at Christmas. A number of these dads are in jail or homeless and looking to receive tangible support from the program. If you need additional information regarding these types of services, call them at (909)540-6530.

It offers a variety of financial services and assistance programs in San Bernardino, California, thanks to its commitment to assisting those who are struggling economically and emotionally due to a variety of circumstances throughout their life. Save the Children’s main aim is to help with educational expenses and provide free Christmas gifts to needy children.

Another service you can receive from the organization is information about getting assistance with housing or utility bills. Assistance may be provided even if you have a low income as long as you qualify for assistance. Their Christmas program is also a popular option for many people seeking assistance since it provides vouchers for gifts and food during the holiday season.

Can You Get Food Assistance? Although The Salvation Army has many programs that offer free food, it is important to note that the meals can only be used by someone well over a certain level of need. These qualifications are often based on income and assets. 

When you apply for help, they will ask you if you have any money in an account. If so, they will not let you use those funds to purchase any food items when you are applying for assistance.

Address: 832 South 2nd Ave. Barstow, CA 92311

The Salvation Army – San Bernardino

This organization is chiefly concerned with assisting the needy by providing volunteer foster care and assistance to those who need it. Several families may be eligible for help. Some families include single, divorced, or widowed parents and their children, as well as homeless children and adults. In addition to the assistance that they provide, they also conduct numerous programs in their day-to-day operations.

Applications for the Christmas Basket Program can be found on various websites. The best approach is to go directly to the websites of the Salvation Army in San Bernardino or look up the organizations on Google. You may be required to register before you can apply. The Salvation Army, located in San Bernardino and Santa Monica, may have a good voucher for food. They have several families that may be eligible for assistance. Applications can be obtained by visiting the website and providing some personal information. There are several different programs offered by The Salvation Army – in San Bernardino. 

Both the Angel Tree and the Adopt, a Family Christmas programs are ones that the location in San Bernardino takes part in. Additionally, they provide a Christmas supper every year to families and individuals in need. You can receive more information by calling them at (909) 888-1336.

Several different help programs are run. There is a food bank and a clothing closet that are both free to use. Angel Tree and Adopt a Family is two additional holiday-themed activities. Receive free Christmas presents in the form of toys or gifts, technological goods, books, and other goodies for both boys and girls. 

Food, home-delivered meals to the elderly, and gifts for children are some of the services available to migratory workers and immigrants alike. For example, the staff that is employed at The Salvation Army – San Bernardino can assist with food and preparation for Thanksgiving. They may also be able to assist with power bills, water bills, and rent. Additional services include the following:

These programs are designed to assist people in several areas of life, including employment, family development, and education. Special services such as emergency assistance are provided by the Salvation Army to help with food and shelter. Social service professionals have experience in counselling as well. Other services offered include career counseling, health care, child care services, and vouchers for meaningful work. Their programs are designed to meet the needs of those willing to participate.

The Salvation Army is involved in several different social service and charity initiatives. In addition to helping those in need on an ongoing basis, several other programs they run assist people throughout the year.

Address: 2626 Pacific St San Bernardino, CA 92346

Mary’s Mercy Center

The non-profit Mary’s Mercy Centre organization is located in San Bernardino. It helps numerous families – children, teens, and adults – deal with their emotional and substance use problems. In addition to accepting financial donations, the organization partners with other charitable organizations like Hope Outreach Centers to provide free clothing and food baskets.  

The Mary’s Mercy Center hosts an annual Christmas party and provides a free Christmas supper to the community. Over 1,300 youngsters and approximately 600 adults are served each night at dinner. Every child receives candies and a brand-new gift that has been wrapped. 

In addition to that, they will organize a drawing for the kids. The lucky winners each receive either an upgraded gift or a brand-new bicycle. Adults and adolescents over 16 years old are eligible to receive a small box containing toiletries and a little gift, which may include cologne, a wallet, or a scarf. The Christmas program does not impose any prerequisites for participation to be eligible.

In addition to the Christmas feast and celebration they host, they offer free meals six days a week at noon and run a program that distributes emergency food bags that hand out approximately one thousand bags of food on Wednesdays during the last three weeks of each month.

They are open from Monday through Thursday, from 9 to 4 in the afternoon. You may obtain additional information about any of their programs by consulting their website or calling them at (909) 889-2558.

A Christmas party consisting of a giveaway, meal, and celebration is held annually. There is the potential for hundreds of children in San Bernardino County to get free hot meals, little gifts or free toys, a food basket, and other forms of assistance. These children may be immigrants or Spanish speakers. 

They are hard at work spreading Christmas cheer. The Catholic Charities of San Bernardino County and Partners in Care sponsor the program. This year, more than 250 volunteers will serve food to the homeless and needy. Many families with children who are at a low-income level are eligible to receive assistance from the Christmas supper.

Address: 641 Roberds Ave San Bernardino, CA 92411

Pathway From Boys to Men

This is a 12-week program that is designed for men only. They are provided with educational and job support through the program. This is available to individuals who have significant barriers to employment.

Domestic violence survivors (male and female) have resources available to them. There are seven locations where professionals can refer to victims at The Salvation Army in San Bernardino. Most of the activities supported by Pathway From Boys to Men are associated with employment, such as job searches and career advancement. 

Despite this, they run a Christmas program every year that gives presents, educational resources, food, and even clothing to people struggling to make ends meet throughout the Inland Empire. In contrast to what one might assume based just on the business’s name, female customers are also welcomed. You can reach them at (909) 838-5623 if you need further information.

The Salvation Army in San Bernardino is involved in several different social service and charity initiatives. In addition to helping those in need on an ongoing basis, several other programs they run assist people throughout the year. In addition to providing help to anyone who needs it, The Salvation Army – San Bernardino holiday-themed programs help people during the holidays. For example, they may have a toy for children at the Angel Tree program.

Address: 10533 Beech Ave, Ste 4 Fontana, California, 92337

Get FREE Christmas meals and food from these San Bernadino, CA agencies!

Barstow Senior Centre

Barstow Senior Centre offers several benefits to the local senior citizens who reside in their community. The service they provide is free of charge. The services and programs include social, recreational, educational, and health-related activities. Many of the social services they provide have been adapted from programs provided by the City of San Bernardino. They aim to help low-income families with basic needs, such as paying utility bills and providing food for holiday meals throughout the year. 

Lunch is served to seniors who visit the Barstow Senior Center, and meals can also be delivered to the homes of seniors who are disabled or otherwise unable to leave. Seniors unable to leave their homes receive dinner on Christmas. The applicant must be at least 55 years old and a resident of Barstow, California. They must also be confined to their house or have a disability. You can obtain additional details by going to their website or contacting them at the following number: (760) 256-5023.

This organization provides emergency shelter and services to the homeless population in or around San Bernardino. The community’s residents can be eligible for food, clothing, and other social programs. 

Many of these programs centre on providing one-on-one counselling and support to each individual who qualifies for assistance. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website. They also offer a hotline where you can leave a message, and they will return your call within 24 hours. They also provide other social services such as financial assistance, individual and family counselling, crisis intervention services, and job training to homeless men in the area. This initiative is designed to help homeless men learn how to secure employment independently.

Address: 555 Melissa Ave Barstow, CA 92311

Montclair Senior Centre

This organization is a senior centre that offers a wide range of services for the residents of Montclair. Their goal is to provide individuals with the tools that they need to live independently. The services and programs offered include transportation, classes, meals, and much more. They also offer nutritious food and hot meals to those who are disabled, aged, or otherwise unable to prepare their food. 

A Senior Centre in Montclair, located in San Bernardino County, gives Christmas baskets to low-income families in the surrounding area. In addition to that, they give youngsters toys for Christmas. 

You are required to either be a resident of Montclair or have a kid enrolled in the Montclair school system to be eligible. They will ask for evidence of domicile, proof of income, birth certificates, and Social Security Numbers for every family member. On Monday through Thursday, they are open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; on Friday, they are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Their number is (909) 625-9483 if you need to reach them by phone.

This Association provides food and social services to the residents of San Bernardino that are in need. There are several free or low-cost programs and services for children, the elderly, and people who have disabilities. They run a food pantry that provides meals for people with low incomes. They also provide clothing and household goods to those in need.

Address: 5111 Benito St Montclair, CA 91763

Our Lady of Hope – Donas Kitchen

This organization has offered emergency assistance to the needy in their community for many years. They provide services and programs geared towards helping the homeless and poor people by providing food, clothing, and shelter. They also run a thrift store where people can sell their used clothes, food, and other items they no longer require.

 The goal of this program is to provide people with the tools that they need to improve their quality of life without having to resort to a shelter or sleeping outside to find safety. Our Lady of Hope – Donas Kitchen is a charity that helps those in need by providing clothing, hot meals, and emergency food. They also make holiday baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (although they are closed for lunch) from Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. They do not have a webpage. For further information, you will need to contact them at the number (909) 884-6375.

It provides an array of services to the homeless. The goal of this organization is to provide someone with a place to stay while they are in the process of rehousing themselves. They also run several programs that help individuals develop and maintain skills, such as job training, confidence-building workshops, and life skills classes.

Address: 6885 Del Rosa Ave San Bernardino, CA 92404

Victor Valley Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission runs drives for the homeless in their area. It offers emergency housing, crisis intervention services, and job training.

Many of the social services that are provided to clients over the course of a year are designed with the same goals and objectives in mind. The goal is to allow those who live within their community to have a chance at turning their lives around. Homeless people and those with extremely low incomes can receive meals and other assistance. 

This initiative assists low-income families by providing them with a Thanksgiving meal, a Christmas feast, clothing, books, and toys. This is a standard service that they run every year as a way to help needy families. Eligibility requirements are not as strict with this program; however, there are still certain criteria that must be met before you can avail yourself of the assistance. 

For example, you will not qualify for assistance if you have an income and are already receiving benefits from other sources such as food stamps and welfare. Additionally, they will close your file permanently if your application is denied and you do not appeal the decision within three days of receiving it. If you believe that you should qualify for assistance, but your application was denied, it is a good idea to review your case file to make sure that there are not any mistakes on it. If you have a child in the home, they will also determine how much impact they will have on your income requirements.

People who are homeless and have very little income are the focus of services provided by Victor Valley Rescue Mission. They also offer a variety of other services, including meals. 

The holiday programs they offer consist of a Thanksgiving meal and a Christmas meal. In addition, they give away clothing, books, and toys to families in need. You can find additional information by visiting their website or calling them at the number (760) 955-5958.

This Centre believes in a holistic approach to assisting its clients when it comes to getting the assistance they need. In addition to offering financial and cash assistance programs, there are also emergency shelters, food resources, job training services, and career development. 

All of these services are available for those who qualify for them. They work with each individual to determine the best way for them to gain the skills and education that they need to secure sustainable employment.

Address: 14800 Seventh St Victorville, CA, 92395

Christmas Meals at City Link

The name of this charity is the City Link. They are a Salvation Army-sponsored charity that provides food, meals, and clothing to the needy in San Bernardino County. They provide Christmas dinners for low-income, seniors, and others who need assistance during the holiday season. There are several locations available in Southern California. Their services offered include Christmas meals for children, families, and individuals.

This organization offers many social services to low-income families and individuals within the community. They offer programs that help families gain self-sufficiency, including skills training, education, and counseling. They also provide emergency services to residents who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

A food pantry is one of the numerous services offered during Christmas Meals at City Link. Other programs include assistance for the homeless and training on financial literacy. In addition to that, they run a food distribution program throughout the holidays. 

The Water of Life Community Church is responsible for its operation. They are open from 9 in the morning until 4:30 afternoon, Monday through Thursday, and from 9 in the morning until 1:30 afternoon on Friday. Visit their website for further information, or give them a call at the number (909) 803-1059.

It is a charity that provides social services to children, families, and the elderly in San Bernardino County. They run several programs and assist with housing, food, and other common needs among the homeless or poor. Some of the services offered at this location include food distribution and rental assistance. They also run a Senior Care Program. This program provides help to seniors who are 60 years old or older.

Address: 8440 Nuevo Ave Fontana, CA 92335

The Way Station

This centre offers various services to the residents of San Bernardino, including those who are homeless. The programs that they offer include shelter, food, and clothing. They run two shelters in southern California: one in San Bernardino and one in Loma Linda. They are also responsible for distributing food and providing meals to people in need who live in the area surrounding San Bernardino. 

A Christian outreach effort is what is known as The Way Station. They offer a free cooked lunch in the morning, in addition to a continental breakfast. They provide access to a food pantry. Their holiday activities include food and referrals from Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes. They are open from Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. For further information, please visit their website or contact them at the following number: (760) 366-8088.

This organization provides housing, food, and social services to the low-income seniors of San Bernardino to help them become self-sufficient. They offer programs such as dinners, social activities, and transportation. They also run a Christmas food basket program and provide gifts to needy families during the holidays.

Although this organization does not operate a shelter for the homeless, they provide an array of services aimed at reducing homelessness in the area. 

They run a hotline for those who are in need. When you call them, you can get information about services available to homeless individuals or families. You can also call them to get advice on addressing certain homelessness-related issues. They are also responsible for distributing federal government food and nutritional assistance vouchers, Christmas meals, gift baskets, and other necessities such as clothing.

This agency provides housing and social services to the low-income and homeless residents of San Bernardino County. They run a program that enables individuals to acquire permanent housing. They also run a food pantry and provide emergency assistance in food and shelter.

Another organization runs several programs to help the homeless or at risk of homelessness. They assist those who need financial assistance in addition to food, clothing, and other necessities such as toiletries and furniture.

Address: 61722 Commercial St Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Solomons Ujamaa Centre

This organization is a non-profit that helps low-income families and individuals in San Bernardino County. They operate the Housing Wrap-Around program. This program helps homeless individuals and families who are in need. The program provides rental assistance, referrals, and counseling to benefit the client. They also provide a food pantry and free groceries to those needing them.

In addition to that, they run educational programs aimed at helping those in need. The Solomons Ujamaa Center does not have an online presence in the form of a website. Their Facebook page does not contain a lot of useful information. According to some of the sources, they make recommendations and conduct a Christmas Winter Wonderland program. You can reach them by dialing (909) 880-3200. Thank you. The Christmas Winter Wonderland initiative is being executed right now. Could provide referrals to other organizations like Catholic Charities, for example.

There is an organization that coordinates and supports several social services that are aimed at helping low-income and homeless individuals. They run several programs, including a Christmas dinner and food pantry. There is also a program that helps people get back on their feet. It provides employment assistance, training, and education to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Although this organization does not provide emergency services, they assist with important basics such as food, clothing, and shelter. The organization offers support to single and pregnant women and free legal assistance.

Address: 1505 W. Highland Ave., Ste. 10 San Bernardino, CA, 92411

Chino Fairgrounds

This shelter provides shelter to those in need. It also runs several programs that help homeless individuals acquire permanent housing and financial assistance. A full description can be found on their website. In addition, they run a grocery store where homeless people can take food or clothing to reduce their chances of being targeted by thieves. As this is a facility, it offers safety as well as security. It also has trained social workers and counselors available to the residents 24 hours a day. 

There are several Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas programs for Spanish-speaking people. Toys, free Christmas gift cards, food, dinners, holiday garb, and the spirit of the season are some of the things that are included. A program also provides access to social services, food, and supplies. There are also clothing and personal hygiene items. The program’s goal is to help homeless people get back on their feet.

It provides shelter throughout the year for those who are homeless temporarily. There are dormitories available for individuals or single parents in need of shelter. It also runs a public kitchen where people can get hot meals. There is also a program that provides tutoring and counselling to help those at risk of homelessness. Several other agencies provide services to the homeless in San Bernardino County. They offer other programs, including thrift stores and clothing closets. These resources sell second-hand clothing, household items, and furniture, with prices ranging from $1 to $5 per item.

The Salvation Army in San Bernardino County provides various services to the homeless 24 hours a day. These services include food, clothing, and gifts. Some programs can help people get back on their feet. They run a transitional housing program that helps those in need obtain permanent housing. They also run an emergency shelter program as well.

Address: 5410 Edison Ave, Chino, California, 91710. 

Contact: (909) 628-5282

Samaritans Helping Hand

This organization helps the homeless in San Bernardino County. They run a program that provides food to those in need every week. A clothing collection bin also offers donated clothes for those at risk of becoming homeless. Other organizations provide services to the homeless, such as a thrift store, which is aimed at helping people reduce their chances of falling into homelessness by providing them with inexpensive second-hand items. It is located in Devore and Riverside.

An organization that provides social services to those who have less than others. People may hand away turkey dinners, other foods, small gifts, or gift cards over the give back holiday season, which includes Christmas. Free items such as clothing and blankets for the homeless and referrals to other sources of assistance are provided.

Some agencies provide several services for the homeless in and around San Bernardino County. These include food, clothing, shelter, and other essentials that can be provided to help individuals who are in need. This can help them address their social needs as well as their physical ones. There is also a program that helps single parents obtain permanent housing. They provide furniture, counselling, and safe spaces where they can discuss problems with others experiencing similar hardships. Several other services can be provided.

The San Bernardino Salvation Army is an organization that provides shelter, food, and clothing for those in need. It provides all of these things daily, but it also offers other services like job training, tutoring, and counselling at its social services offices. They provide all of these things to the homeless 24 hours a day.

Water of Life Community Church

It provides shelter, food, and clothing for the homeless. There are also holiday meals that are provided. The goal is to provide these things to help people experiencing homelessness better achieve their goals and gain self-sufficiency. Numerous other organizations provide services for the homeless in and around San Bernardino County. These organizations run soup kitchens, thrift stores, mobile food vending units, mobile showers, clothing closets, and other resources. These resources are available to people who are in need.

It is a non-profit organization that provides shelter to those who need it. This includes homeless individuals, disabled adults, and senior citizens. It also runs an emergency shelter program and several other programs that provide social services such as counselling, job training and placement, healthcare, substance abuse treatment, and financial assistance. The goal is to help homeless individuals such as these become self-sufficient again. The only meals available at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are those prepared using heat.

Numerous other organizations assist the homeless. These include homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and thrift stores. Mobile food vans and other resources can also be used by those who need help. There is a mobile program that offers nutritious meals to homeless people. Those who meet eligibility requirements will receive $20 per day in exchange for volunteering 30 hours each month at this site during the winter season and 15 hours during the rest of the year.

Address: 7625 East Ave., Fontana, CA 92336. 

Contact: (909) 463-0103

Assistance League of San Bernardino

This organization helps the homeless in Inland Empire. It provides clothing, personal hygiene items, and household goods. There are also other services, such as counselling and referrals. Visit their website to learn more. The goal is to help single parents obtain stable housing while receiving their GED or vocational training certificate. They also provide financial assistance to help those enrolled in a vocational training program pay for childcare and transportation fees. 

It is possible to receive anything from free Christmas assistance to free Christmas assistance, presents, clothes, books, and more. Students, children, and teens from difficult households can obtain aid. This organization can assist the homeless. This includes food and clothing. There are also other services, such as job training and referrals offered.

Free meals, medical assistance, prescriptions including birth control, mental health counselling, and more are available to single parents in need who are homeless or otherwise at risk of becoming homeless. The goal is to help these individuals regain self-sufficiency by providing them with housing and other forms of help. Assistance League also helps clients by referring them to other local providers.

The goal is to help low-income individuals in the community gain stable housing, which can help them lead independent lives again. They do this by connecting them with affordable housing programs, including constructing new homes for homeless families or those at risk of becoming homeless and repairing and rehabilitating foreclosed or condemned homes. Their main goal is to find people good housing.

Several other programs can be provided, such as medical supplies and referrals. This can help many people regain self-sufficiency in the area by providing them with free food, clothing, and other essentials. It is possible to receive assistance once per month at the drop-in centre or individually by calling the office.

Address: 580 W 6th St., San Bernardino, CA, 92410. 

Contact: 909-885-3085

Dorothy A. Quesada Community Centre

The organization provides free clothing to the homeless. Those who need these items can get them on a first-come, first-served basis. Donating new or gently used clothing items to this organization is possible. Numerous other resources can also be provided, including referrals and case management. This will assist those who need to deal with the problems that they are facing. The goal is to find these individuals’ help, stability, and self-sufficiency again.

The goals of this organization are to provide shelter, food, and clothing to the homeless in the area, with an emphasis on children. They also provide advocacy services and referrals. There is a special Christmas program that provides gifts to children who are experiencing homelessness during the holiday time. The items include toys for children’s Christmas stockings and new clothes for those who lost everything during the year. It is possible to obtain referrals, food, and other amenities.

They provide emergency food, clothing, and other support for those experiencing homelessness. One of the most common issues is homeless children whose parents lose jobs and cannot afford a quality living place. The goal is to help these children obtain stability once again. They also provide referrals for potential clients as well as case management services.

They operate two shelters as well as a food bank. There are also various other services.

This organization runs a food bank that helps people who are experiencing homelessness by providing them with food. Numerous other benefits include financial assistance, clothing, and household goods. Case management is available to help deal with the various issues these individuals may face, such as transportation problems, child care, and mental health issues.

Address: 1010 S Bon View Ave, Ontario, CA, 91761. 

Contact: 909-930-3344

Veterans Memorial Park

The goal of this organization is to help veterans in the community who are experiencing homelessness by providing them with housing. This is done by offering new housing constructed by the ‘Road Home program, including rehabilitating and repairing foreclosed homes and referrals to other organizations that can assist these individuals. There are also other programs available.

This is a non-profit organization that assists in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. They offer emergency shelter, financial assistance, help with childcare expenses, and finding permanent housing, as well as free food. Families in San Bernardino with modest incomes may receive holiday things such as a ball of choice, a delicious Christmas supper, and a backpack full of goodies throughout the holiday season.

This organization helps the homeless in San Bernardino County, including Hemet, Chino, and other local areas. They provide them with free food, clothing, and a hot meal. Other services include case management and referrals. The goal is to provide those currently experiencing homelessness in Upland, California, shelter, food, clothing, job training, and employment assistance. They also provide support programs, including referrals and case management.

This organization helps the homeless in the area that is experiencing various issues, such as addiction, mental illness, and others. They offer services such as food and housing. They also provide food to hungry people by placing it in drop-off bins across the city. This organization provides free but nutritious meals to children experiencing homelessness or who come from families with a high risk of homelessness.

Address: 1259 E D St, Ontario, CA 91764. 

Contact: 909-815-1005 or (909) 395-2000

Outreach Nation

This organization has a food and clothing closet available to the needy. This is a non-profit that provides clothing, furniture, and various other resources to those who are in need. This organization has a food pantry that provides free food. 

They also provide free toys to low income children during the holidays and hand out hygiene kits and school supplies during the school year. The organization also helps children get back on their feet when struggling with poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Christmas celebrations are held. You may get free meals, clothes, and toys for the kids, as well as free household goods, dinners, and breakfast.

This organization operates a clothing closet available to the low-income, poor and homeless in San Bernardino. It’s possible to receive free clothes, including outerwear and surplus items in good condition. They also provide winter coats and backpacks for students to keep school supplies safe and secure. There are also free diapers for mothers who need them and occasional furniture for those who need them for their homes or apartment.

This organization provides shelter to the homeless, including moms and kids experiencing domestic violence. This is done by providing emergency shelter and necessary medical and legal services.

This non-profit provides free food to those experiencing homelessness or lack income. They operate a food pantry for those struggling to manage the basics of life, including housing, healthcare, and food. A small percentage of these funds go toward producing the meals provided daily throughout this assistance program in San Bernardino County. The mission of the Outreach Nation is to “strengthen and serve the people of San Bernardino County by delivering basic human services in a spirit of volunteerism and community.”

Their programs are to aid individuals and families, including young children. They make it possible for those struggling with poverty, hunger, or homelessness to have a sense of hope and security by providing food, clothing, free household items, and other essentials.

Santa Claus Inc.

This is one of the best Christmas charities. It runs a toy distribution program. This gives families with children in need the ability to enjoy Christmas. They also offer a gift wrapping program, a toy repair center, and stock local food banks with toys during the holiday season.

This is another organization that helps provide basic needs for those experiencing financial hardship or are currently homeless in San Bernardino, California. Through a clothing closet and food pantry, the goal is to aid these individuals. This organization works to provide basic needs for those who are living in poverty or who have no housing. The children of these individuals may also receive toys.

This non-profit organization helps the homeless with access to health care, temporary housing, food, and much more. They also provide volunteers with the ability to help at special events and fundraisers. This organization provides a food pantry, shelter, and clothing to those experiencing homelessness. They can provide them with good quality used items such as furniture and appliances, clothing, and food.

This organization aims to provide homeless youth a safe place during the summer so they can stay off the streets and continue their education.

Address: San Bernardino, CA 92406.

Contact: 909-885-0090

Don Day Community Centre

This new family-oriented organization provides services to children experiencing issues such as hunger, health care, and others. They also run a free breakfast program for anyone who needs it during the year.

This organization is designed to help low-income families. They provide food, clothing and a variety of other necessities to their members. In addition to basic needs, they can provide things like Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving helps, and other holiday things. During the holiday season, the charitable organization offers assistance. 

Programs are managed, and they may consist of a free dinner or a food basket, presents or stocking stuffers for children, toys or clothes, or any combination of these things. Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are available to everyone who needs them, including senior residents and people on the streets.

This organization helps provide medical care and food to members of the community who need help. It provides free breakfast and lunch as well as free medical assistance. They may also be able to assist with household items such as furniture, appliances, and other household items in return for work done by their clients.

This charitable organization is a non-profit that provides services for those experiencing homelessness or a lack of income in San Bernardino County, CA. The homeless may have access to emergency shelter, food, clothing, and much more.

They provide clothing and food to families who are struggling to meet their basic needs, as well as housing support. This includes help with shelter, apartments, and other housing forms. Caseworkers assist with finding a permanent home for those who need it. Children may also have access to free toys or clothes at this centre. This organization provides holiday meals for members of the community who need assistance as well as also helping seniors who live in low-income situations.

Address: 14501 Live Oak Ave, Fontana, CA, 92337. 

Contact: 909-349-6997

Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County

This organization is a non-profit. Their mission is to provide essential services for those who are disabled, elderly, or living in poverty. They may offer food and clothing, medical care, and case management for those who need it. This charitable organization helps the homeless with food and housing and other things like job training, counselling, and others.

This organization helps facilitate seniors’ needs by providing various things like counselling services, meals on wheels, visits from Santa Claus, and more all year around. This charity offers assistance for those who are struggling with low-income, low caseworkers. The non-profit helps the elderly with community services, tax preparation, and housing assistance as well.

This non-profit organization can help those in need with many of the basics they may not be able to afford or otherwise obtain. They include free food and meals, clothing, and other things that can help them on their road to self-sufficiency. 

They offer free programs during the holidays. Families in San Bernardino County working poor, unemployed, or otherwise struggling will receive assistance from Adopt A Family in obtaining holiday food, Christmas presents, clothes, and other necessities. 

There may be educational activities, arts and crafts, and even assistance with financial emergencies. Adopt A Family is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families in San Bernardino that need help. There may be more than one-holiday giving program run through this charity. In addition, to Adopt A Family, it might be possible to receive assistance from the San Bernardino County Association of Realtors Foundation. This will provide funds for emergency needs and financial counselling within the community. 

It’s important to understand that these programs only work with people approved by social workers and financial counsellors. Don’t forget to check out Where To Find Free Turkeys in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving 2022 (And More Thanksgiving Giveaways)!

Address: 696 South Tippecanoe Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Contact: (909) 723-1500 or 909-723-1558.

Blythe Emergency Food Pantry

This non-profit organization provides those in need with free food, holiday meals, and more. This is a government-funded program that provides temporary cash assistance to families who are struggling. They also help low-income residents and the unemployed as well.

This organization helps people in the community by providing them with clothing, food, hygiene items, and other basic needs. It may also provide access to medical care, housing services, and other assistance. This non-profit organization is focused on homeless individuals and families in San Bernardino. They offer a variety of programs that will help with basic needs such as food, affordable housing, and the basics for a healthy life.

This is a group that provides free food for anyone who may need it during the year. Many different organizations may have a holiday meal or other programs as well. They do run targeted programs around holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Address: 181 S Main St, Blythe, CA, 92225. 

Contact: 760-922-8836

Seventh Day Adventist Church – Valley Fellowship holiday party

The Adventist Church of San Bernardino county offers holiday meals for the needy in the community. The meals are free to family members who qualify for state benefits. There may be a variety of other holiday-related programs as well through this charity. It’s a church-based organization that provides services to those in need throughout the year.

Additionally, FLDS members will receive $500 directly from local businesses and non-profits, such as those listed above, who want to make a difference in the community by helping out during the holidays. The City of San Bernardino has also established an initiative called the “Holiday Food Mission,” which will provide over 2,000 meals in San Bernardino County to families and seniors.

Many organizations are involved in helping those who are experiencing hardship during the holiday season. Whether or not they will be able to do so depends on funding, volunteer effort, and other things. Many of these programs may require a referral from a social service agency or other organizations. Another charity serving the local community provides gifts, toys, meals, referrals, and other assistance on-site by staff and volunteers. They help children and seniors who need it the most.

This non-profit organization will provide the basics of life to the poor, needy, and homeless. They may have programs and services that will help families out during holidays and other times throughout the year. In addition to their regular programs, they also run “Saving Santa Christmas” for single-parent families who need assistance. Families can bring their children free Christmas gifts from Santa Claus.

Address: 1696 N G St, San Bernardino, CA 92405. 

Contact: 909-883-2400

Social Services Centers

The San Bernardino County Social Service Centres offer several services that may help those in need. Each location will provide resources such as food, clothing, and other services to qualified individuals. Assistance is provided on a first-come first, served basis. There are centres available throughout the county in multiple locations.

They are the most prominent social assistance organization in the area and provide applications to several Christmas gift and toy programs. Additionally, there is the Adopt A Family program. It provides low-income working families with children the opportunity to meet Santa Claus and receive some gifts. There is also the possibility of receiving recommendations for Christmas parties and meal programs throughout the county of San Bernardino.

The page also includes the holiday meal schedule for all of the Holiday Meals offered in San Bernardino, California. Other services and locations may also be available, depending on funding and availability. The San Bernardino Salvation Army is a great location to contact if you need assistance or information on local programs offered this holiday season. The non-profit organization will partner with other organizations to help those in need during Christmas. There may be toys, gifts, meals, and other forms of assistance available to qualified individuals.

Gonzales Community Centre

This is a government-funded program that provides emergency food, school clothing, and warm meals to the community. They may also have information on financial assistance programs available to low-income families. This is a charity organization for realtors in the area. This charity has been around for many years and was originally started by San Bernardino County Realtors. 

The charitable organization gives away free Christmas baskets packed with various goodies, including food, toys, personal hygiene products, food, and canned goods, among other things. Gonzales Community Centre also works with other charities in the community to receive donations. They also hold a warm clothing drive at the beginning of the winter to help people stay warm during the cold season.

Many residents of San Bernardino are unaware these services exist, and many others don’t think about them until it’s too late. That can be especially true during holiday seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Even though many programs are available, most low-income families need to be made aware that they exist or need help. Gonzales Community Centre’s main aim is to help lift the needy in the community and make them aware of these services.

This is one of the leading charities in the county. The non-profit organization assists children, seniors, and other individuals in need. Assistance is provided with shelter, food, clothing, and other basic needs. Additionally, they offer several Christmas programs that have been designed to meet the needs of families throughout the community.

Address: 660 Colton Ave, Colton, California, 92324. 

Contact: 909-370-6153


Where are the best neighborhoods in San Bernardino?

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in San Bernardino include Glen Helen, East Side, and Crestline. These communities offer large spaces and a very peaceful environment. They are also known for being very safe.

What is Christmas assistance?

Many of the Christmas programs that San Bernardino residents can rely on  come from charities and non-profit organizations. These community-based organizations are in charge of helping families during this important time of the year. Those who qualify may receive food, gifts, toys, and other assistance from these groups.

What is Toys For Tots?

Toys For Tots is a charity organization providing Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. Last year it was reported that they collected more than 20,000 toys. That’s a big number, and it’s only the beginning of what they will be able to accomplish this year.

What are free Christmas programs?

There are many free Christmas programs charities, and non-profit organizations offer. These programs include toys, gifts, assistance with meals, and more. The most common assistance is given out in the form of food, as many low-income families need assistance to feed their families on Christmas day.

What is the Home For The Holidays Program?

The Home For The Holidays program is a great solution for those with limited access to resources and nowhere else to turn to for help.


San Bernardino is a very diverse and vibrant city with lots to offer. There are many places to visit and things to do while actively participating in the community. Getting online today will make sure you take advantage of all the great opportunities that are possible in this community and get Free Christmas and holiday assistance programs in San Bernardino County. 

You should also check with some local charities and non-profit organizations. They can provide you with information on programs offered during the holiday season, including Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, gifts, toys, and other forms of assistance. If you are in a position to help, becoming active in the community will make it a more enjoyable experience and bring you closer to your neighbors. Not only that, but you will also be able to receive all kinds of benefits that would otherwise go unmentioned.

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