Lasalle County FREE Christmas Holiday Assistance

Lasalle County FREE Christmas Holiday Assistance in Lasalle County, IL offer Free Gifts and Free Food in Lasalle County, IL – The Lasalle County Sheriff’s Office each year sponsors a Christmas toy and food drive to support the needy. This is done by providing a Christmas tree in each county’s five townships with tags to write down your name and address if you would like to receive a gift or donate food.

If you are interested in being one of those recipients or would like to donate some canned goods, please feel free to come on over and fill out a tag. The generosity of the community is something we greatly appreciate. Every year, it is difficult for families living in LaSalle County, Illinois, to celebrate Christmas the same way other families do. Unfortunately, many families are forced to live on a poor salary. As a result, they cannot afford to put presents beneath the tree or prepare a special meal for the family to enjoy together.

What are parents supposed to do when they cannot provide their children with the same memorable holidays everyone else does? In LaSalle County, several charitable groups and local companies have pooled their resources to assist local families in meeting their basic needs over the holiday season.

The Lasalle County Sheriff’s Office has started a toy and food drive as an annual tradition. Each year, the Sheriff’s Office places a Christmas tree in each county’s five townships with tags attached so that people can sign up if they need assistance or wish to donate their gifts to the needy.

LaSalle County Police Department

Every year, the LaSalle County Police Department participates in a program called “Operation Santa,” which aims to provide Christmas presents to low-income and otherwise disadvantaged families. These presents are donated by community members and given to families who have signed up for the opportunity for their children to receive a toy.

The LaSalle Police Department is comprised of a group of exceptional professionals, both male and female, who are committed to serving their community with the highest possible standard of law enforcement services. Those who have the honour of serving as officers in the LaSalle Police Department believe that it is their responsibility to guarantee that the City of LaSalle is a secure location where people can live, work, and visit.

The LaSalle Police Department has the best reputation in the Illinois Valley, although it is not the largest law enforcement organization in the region. It is known for being the most progressive, innovative, and proactive law enforcement department in the Illinois Valley. They were the first organization in the region to launch a variety of brand-new programs, including the following:

  • Participation in the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team, their most powerful tool in the fight against the spread of illegal drugs inside their community.
  • A School Resource Officer is working at LaSalle-Peru Township High School on a full-time basis, which serves to protect their children and contributes to the maintenance of a secure learning environment.
  • The local schools have implemented a program to combat truancy to encourage their youngsters to continue their education.
  • Checks of a person’s place of residence to identify and confirm whether or not they are a sexual offender currently living in their community.
  • Impounding the vehicles of drivers whose licenses have been suspended, revoked, or suspended for DUI is one way to help keep their roads safe.
  • Program for Safe and Drug-Free Housing
  • The Nuisance Abatement Program is being carried out in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General of Illinois about drug and persistent criminal properties.
  • Program to reach an agreement with local property owners over trespassing.
  • The members of the LaSalle Police Department are not only committed to the battle against severe crime, but they also take great satisfaction in assisting every citizen or visitor to their town who may require police services of any type, regardless of how little those needs may be.
  • To progress toward their shared objective of bettering the standard of living in their community, they not only promote but also anticipate and require the participation of their community members. Please take some time to go through their website and educate yourself further about the LaSalle Police Department.

Credit cards can now be used to pay some fines and penalties associated with violations, such as those associated with the impounding of vehicles. For further information, please get in touch with the local police department.

La Salle is a historic city that upholds excellent living standards for its citizens and encourages expansion within the municipal limits by exercising effective and unwavering governance. To realize this objective, La Salle aspires to create an atmosphere that is sanitary and secure for families, maintain a healthy economic structure, and offer a variety of chances for the organization’s further growth.

Name Address Phone No Website Google
La Salle Police Department La Salle Police Department, 745 2nd St, La Salle, IL 61301, United States +1 815-223-2131 3.9 Police department
LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office, 707 E Etna Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, United States +1 815-433-2161 2.3 Police department
Lostant Police Department Lostant Police Department, Lostant, IL 61334, United States +1 815-368-3461     Police department
Tri County Drug Enforcement Tri County Drug Enforcement, 128 W Walnut St # 200, Oglesby, IL 61348, United States +1 815-883-3302 1 Police department
Tonica Village Police Tonica Village Police, 308 Uncas St, Tonica, IL 61370, United States +1 815-442-3200     Police department
Illinois State Police Illinois State Police, 2971 E 350th Rd, La Salle, IL 61301, United States +1 815-224-1171 2.8 State police

This city will take full responsibility for any governing decisions and acts taken in a manner that is just and economical for the benefit of the community. Open communication will be an essential component of their relationship with the public, and they will gratefully embrace constructive input to learn from it and advance as a group.

They will prioritize the preservation of their city’s historic district while simultaneously promoting economic expansion and stability across all markets.

Their trusted officials and volunteers will encourage education, safety, and enforcement to protect lives and property for productivity, commerce, and, most importantly, happiness. This will be done in the name of the greater good.

Last but not least, they will not take for granted the trust that their community places in the leadership of La Salle to uphold these values and achieve the goals they have established for the well-being of their friends, families, and neighbours. This trust is something that they will not take for granted.

LaSalle County Operation Elf

The Elf operation Residents of LaSalle County students in the Mendota School District are eligible to receive assistance from Operation Elf during the Christmas season. Residents must have a valid Medicaid card, and children who are already enrolled in or potentially enrol in one of Mendota’s schools in the future. They give away free toys, bags of groceries, and Christmas decorations to local households, all of which are sourced through donations from community members.

In this day and age, parents must know where their children are. It is best to drive them to school, pick them up immediately after classes end, and organize activities that do not include other children.

Operation Elf, a non-profit organization in LaSalle County, provides resources and education in the following areas: prevention of abuse, substance abuse, and dependency, infant mortality- decreased infant mortality, and identification and intervention of neglected/abused children.

They partner with the Illinois State Police, Child and Family Services (BCFS) Bureau, and local law enforcement agencies to assist needy families. Most children experience their youth as a time filled with wonder and enthusiasm. On the other hand, the experience might not be as joyful for people living in transitional housing or precarious situations.

The mission of Operation ELF is to rekindle the enthusiasm and restore joy in the lives of the children and teenagers served by the organizations they fund.

Operation ELF gives these children, who otherwise would not receive anything for the holidays, the opportunity to experience the magic and cheer of the season thanks to your support. Their charitable organizations can vouch that Operation ELF is the only organization that will grant these children’s wishes.

Operation Elf on the Shelf’s mission is to bring happiness and magic to the lives of children living in potentially dangerous circumstances. By facilitating the connection between their kind sponsors and the children whose wishes they grant, they are dedicated to igniting the spark of compassion in the broader community.

Over the previous two decades, Operation ELF has granted the wishes of more than 1500 youngsters each year for the holiday season. They are humbled by the fact that their efforts have impacted more than 30,000 children and adolescents throughout New England.

They receive assistance requests from various organizations and shelters that sponsor the program. These organizations have attested that the children in their care if it were not for the support of Operation ELF, would not receive any gifts during the holiday season.

They are given the particular desires of each child, which are then communicated to kind sponsors such as yourselves, who are eager to bring enchantment to the children’s holiday celebrations. In most cases, sponsorship costs fall between $40 and $60.

The true magic of ELF lies in the organization’s sponsors. A community seems like a family when individuals with aspirations of becoming elves, such as yourself, approach their neighbours, friends, co-workers, and families to request that they join them in granting a child’s wish. It takes a great deal of magic to fulfil these children’s requests.

Word-of-mouth communication has been the primary means through which Operation ELF’s goals and objectives have been disseminated throughout its history.

Salvation Army program LaSalle County 

Every year during the holiday season, the Salvation Army puts on a spectacular program known as the Angel Tree. They facilitate the connection between needy children and benevolent contributors eager to provide a child’s Christmas desire. They give these kids gifts such as toys, clothing, and gift certificates to various stores. Please visit the Salvation Army website if you want to learn more about the Angel Tree program or register your kid for it.

Salvation Army’s main goal is to advance its religious and charitable programs to benefit anyone who needs assistance, regardless of religious affiliation. They offer various programs that are both non-specific and specific to their mission. For example, they provide a haven for the homeless at The Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre in Chicago.

Name Address Phone No Google
The Salvation Army of Ottawa IL & Northern LaSalle County 516 W Madison St, Ottawa, IL 61350, United States +1 815-433-0798 4.5
Social services organization
The Salvation Army Tri-City Corps & Joe K. Anderson Community Center 1710 S 7th Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174, United States +1 630-377-2769 4.8
Evangelical church
The Salvation Army of Sterling IL 409 Avenue F, Sterling, IL 61081, United States +1 815-625-1622 4.6
Social services organization
The Salvation Army 360 Life Center of Streator 126 S Bloomington St, Streator, IL 61364, United States +1 815-672-2746 4.2
Thrift store
The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center 1590 Douglas Rd, Montgomery, IL 60538, United States +1 800-728-7825 3.7
Thrift store
The Salvation Army 360 Life Center of Pontiac 112 N Division St, Pontiac, IL 61764, United States +1 815-844-5005 4.1
Thrift store
The Salvation Army Aurora Corps Community Center 550 Redwood Dr, Aurora, IL 60506, United States +1 630-897-7265 4.2
Evangelical church
The Salvation Army Dekalb Corps Community Center 830 Grove St, DeKalb, IL 60115, United States +1 815-756-4308 4.6
Evangelical church
The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center 2067 Lincoln Hwy, St. Charles, IL 60174, United States +1 800-728-7825 3.9
Thrift store
Salvation Army of the Illinois 1102 1st St, La Salle, IL 61301, United States +1 815-223-4600 4
Social services organization

They also offer assistance to veterans, such as food, shelter, bus passes, and gift cards. Another example is offering financial assistance regarding employment training or after-school care for children, like the Salvation Army After School Program.

Another example of the various programs offered by the Salvation Army is the Holiday Assistance Program. The program’s main goal is to provide gifts for families facing tough times during the holidays. They want to help them prepare for and celebrate Christmas without worrying about buying presents for their children. This was the main reason for creating this program, which allows families to provide a nice Christmas for their kids.

Another example of the various programs offered by the Salvation Army is the Angel Tree. The Angel Tree program is one of several world-famous programs for providing gifts for kids during the holiday season.

They give children presents at Christmas time and allow them to select a gift from their wish list. They donate toys, clothing, and gift cards to children at no cost to their families. They also offer assistance to families in need during the holiday season.

Volunteerism is a way of life for them. They evaluate areas where there is a high need so they can create volunteer opportunities with the local community through such programs as the Angel Tree Program and Public Shelter Programs.

LaSalle County Toys For Tots Program

The Toys for tots Program Does not cover LaSalle County Toys For Tots Program. User can choose near by county to find free toy donation location. The program operates within all fifty states, assisting every year to 2 million children. Toys for Tots can be found in most communities around the country. They want to provide kids with much-needed holiday items for a better Christmas. If you would like to learn more about Toys For Tots or register your child to receive toys from them, please visit their website.

Christmas 4 Kids LaSalle County 

This initiative is geared toward giving children from LaSalle County the opportunity to go shopping. To be eligible for their services, these children’s households must have a low income or be destitute. During the shopping excursion, the children in this program are allowed to spend the monetary donations given to the program by community members in the form of cash donations.

They also receive gift cards provided by the organization, and they can choose what they want to purchase.

These gifts will, in turn, be distributed to the children through a Christmas 4 Kids LaSalle County warehouse. If you’d like to learn more about the organization or register your kid for this program, please go to their website. This initiative is geared toward giving children from the LaSalle County community an opportunity to receive toys and gifts during a shopping excursion.

The program services homeless children between birth and teenage years, with low income or needing the program. The toys given to these kids will be provided by Christmas 4 Kids LaSalle County and donated by community members. They also provide various other services to families and children here in LaSalle County.

Volunteers are needed all the time, and they are willing to help anyone in need. They received a grant from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and they can provide financial assistance, referrals, information, and counselling regarding veterans’ issues. The organization serves veterans aged 18 and up as well as their spouses. This program assists with job training, housing assistance, and monthly support payments.

A Servants Heart

They connect families living on a low budget with resources that can assist them in acquiring the things they require. Giving those in need items such as clothing and furnishings, food, drink, and presents for the holiday season. Please visit the A Servants Heart website if you require any further information regarding A Servants Heart.

If you’d like to help, there are many ways in which you can get involved in the efforts of this charity. You can contribute financially or volunteer your time and talents. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please go to this website’s “Volunteer” section for more details about how you can contribute your time. If you are interested in donating to the organization, please go to their website’s “Donate” section for more information on how to donate.

A Servant’s Heart is a non-sectarian, Christian 501(c) 3 not-for-profit public charity (EIN 57-1170024) that works to aid the homeless and disadvantaged in LaSalle County by coordinating the efforts of public and private agencies and organizations as well as churches to assist.

With the guidance of their Lord Jesus Christ to unite appropriate individuals and organizations to satisfy resource requirements, the A Servant’s Heart ministry was established to provide crisis intervention to the homeless and needy in LaSalle County.

This ministry’s goal is to serve LaSalle County. Additionally, the ministry assists persons in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as the flooding (2013) and tornadoes (2010) that struck LaSalle County in recent years.

The ministry helped individuals and families in need by providing them with clothing, furniture, home items, and some food and drink. There is never a price for any of the services, including those about food, furniture, and other objects often found in households, and there is also never a charge for any other services.

Finding homes, paying for utilities, and donating clothing, furniture, and other household items to those in need are some of how A Servant’s Heart can provide a helping hand. Not only have they covered the fee for the GED exam, but they have also provided them with the opportunity to take advantage of their tutoring services (a volunteer is available to tutor their clients who need extra assistance).

In addition, this ministry runs a soup kitchen that serves meals five days a week between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at the Evangelical Methodist Church in Ottawa, Illinois, which can be found at 1116 Illinois Street. A food pantry is located in the area, and there is also a local organization called A Servant’s Heart that offers supplemental food on the days the food pantry is closed. Whoever wants to partake in the meals and cuisine can do so at no cost, as no fees are involved.

The A Servant’s Heart ministry has the long-term goal of offering free-of-charge life skills and computer training classes in the future to anyone interested in taking advantage of these opportunities. There is now one employee working in Client Services, one supervising the Soup Kitchen, and one working in the Store Sales Clerk position.

There is a wide range of potential funding avenues; some of these are as follows: Donations given by churches and individuals; grants from corporate foundations; grants from corporate foundations; various fund-raising projects; the largest of which is the annual chili cook-off, which raises approximately $1,000 to $1,200 for the year; sales at their resale store Donations given by churches and individuals; grants from corporate foundations; various fund-raising projects.

Currently, the ministry does not receive any financing from the public sector. It is important to emphasize that their customers will never be expected to pay for any products or services they provide.

In conclusion, it is important to point out that the profits made at the resale shop cover most of the overhead expenses incurred by the store and the office. This ensures that the majority, if not all, of the money donated by the church and private individuals, can be put toward the direct care of patients.

You could get free food in Lasalle County.

Illinois Valley Food Pantry

The LaSalle County citizens who need food assistance can receive it from the Illinois Valley Food Pantry throughout the year. They will offer you Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes depending on the size of your family, and they will give you food boxes throughout the year. Please visit the food pickup centre if you would like additional information regarding the Illinois Valley Food Pantry.

Illinois Valley Food Pantry also runs a free summer meal program for kids during the school holidays. There are numerous financial assistance programs in LaSalle County, Illinois, administered by non-profits, charities, and churches.

Illinois Valley Food Pantry is one such non-profit. You can get free food, free clothing, children’s toys, school supplies, and furniture through this Illinois Valley Food Pantry if you need financial assistance. Please visit their website for more information about the Illinois Valley Food Pantry. The time limit for applying for these resources is 12 months. To qualify for the grant, you must be one of the following:

There are some basic criteria for getting this grant in LaSalle County, Illinois. To qualify for the program, your gross income can amount maximum of $22,000 per annum (80% of median income). The average amount of money provided by the program is up to $570.00 and is provided twice a year on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

To qualify for the program, you must have dependent children. The amount of money you’ll receive is determined by your family size. You can get emergency financial assistance only once in 12 months. According to Social Security Administration standards, you can also get emergency financial help in LaSalle County, Illinois, if you’re an unemployed resident with a disability. The LaSalle County Human Services Department will administer this program.

The program will help you with rent payments, mortgages, utilities, and fuel bills. This is not a grant program; instead, it’s an assistance program that will cover all your basic needs if you have a documented disability. You can get financial support for up to 15 months if you are disabled.

There are some basic requirements for applying for the Emergency Assistance Program for christmas in LaSalle County, Illinois.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get help with Christmas for kids in Lasalle County, IL?

For those of you who live in LaSalle County, Illinois, and have kids who will receive presents this Christmas, you can sign up for Christmas 4 Kids to get some help. The program will connect you with families who have low incomes or are on a very low budget and can receive assistance from community members. Please visit the Christmas 4 Kids website to learn more about the program.

What is A Servant’s Heart? How can you get help?

The A Servants Heart initiative works to assist in LaSalle County, those needy families in need of aid during the holiday season. Through their initiative, they ensure families living on a low budget or living in poverty during the holiday season get their most basic needs taken care of. 

This is done by providing them with food, drinks, Christmas presents, and other things. If you are one of those people who has been affected by poverty and other issues and needs a helping hand from your community members during the holiday season, please visit the Servants Heart website to learn more about their services and how to sign up for any program.

How do you get help with food in LaSalle County?

If you are a resident of LaSalle County and have been having trouble finding enough food to sustain you and your household, you can contact the Illinois Valley Food Pantry during the holiday season, which is the time of year most people feel the pinch because of financial constraints. 

You can also call them throughout the year whenever you need help with grocery shopping (food boxes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays). Just visit their location to find out how to get more information about this program.

How can you get great advice on how to live in Lasalle County?

If you need help with your life and know that you want to become a full-time resident in Lasalle County, please visit Ask Lasalle and ask them all your questions concerning the area. By simply visiting the website, you’ll be able to learn about all of the different opportunities that are available in this community.

How can you get help with baby items in Lasalle County, IL?

If you are a Lasalle County resident and have a baby who needs some basic items, such as clothing and car seats, some organizations will be able to give you free baby items throughout the year. One of these organizations is called Angel Tree, and they’ll be able to hook you up with what your child needs. To learn more information about them or sign up for their program, please visit the Angel Tree website.


With all that you’ve read, it’s easier to understand how Lasalle County, Illinois, is a great place to live in. This place is one of the best counties in America to live in. As you can see, Lasalle County residents are some of the luckiest people on earth because they have access to more welfare-related programs than most other counties do.

If you happen to be living in LaSalle County and need help with food or clothing, these programs will be able to assist you throughout the year. If you live in this county, please get in touch with one of these charitable organizations.

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