How to Donate a Toy to Toys for Tots Every year Toys for Tots work for needy people and children in the holiday season. They start their campaign in October that works till December. There are dozens of ways to give toys to families in need. In that time you can visit the campaign and donate something here to help the needy people and children, to make some changes in their life. You can make donations in many ways such as donate money, donate food, donate toys and gifts, and other items that are listed on the wish list. Even you can also help the organization by doing work as a volunteer and in many different ways. In this article, you will see that how Toys for Tots work and how you can also support them in helping people in need.

You can donate at Toys for Tots and with this help, you can make a change in someone’s life who needs help in the holiday season for living their life. Many organizations like Toys for Tots are organized toy donation drives. With this program, they aim to provide gifts, books, new popular toys, and many other things to the kids during the holiday season, and make them happy.

Toys for Tots is a charitable organization that works nationwide. This is the program that managed by the United States of Marine Corps Reserve, whose offices coordinates donation in every state of the nation. Toys for Tots are given to needy families direct, even some of the non-profit organizations help the people who are in need.

You can also look in your local area, there Marine is in charge of organizing the Toys for Tots campaign. Toys for Tots is organized from October to December, so you can donate here toys, gifts, books, clothes, unwrapped gifts, or also buy gifts for the children. Those children may be newborn to the age of 16 years. After that, you can choose a drop-off location or also host a toy drop-off event. Even one can also apply here for getting Christmas assistance for their kid on Christmas eve.

How to Donate To toys for tots

Toys for toys work with many other organization which are helping hand for this organization, there are lot of things which toys for tots accept as a donation, There are various ways to donate things with toys for tots which you can find below

  1. If you want to donate to toys for tots the best way to donate is to find the list during christmas time which will share the information about drop off locations nearby, you can choose any of these location and can drop off your donation.
  2. or else you can visit the official website of toys for tots and can find a drop location by searching either your country or a pin code under the find your local campaign tab.
  3. You can directly contact the organization either by call (703) 640.9433 or by mail using this address

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
The Cooper Center, 18251 Quantico Gateway Dr
Triangle, VA 22172-1776

How toys for tots Help For Needy family works

Looking for the family who will take advantage of their need from Toys for Tots. As we all know that in our local area many needy children live, who live their lives in poverty. If you want to help them then you can help them through Toys for Tots. This works with multiple organizations and charities, which includes, local organizations, churches, faith-based organizations, other organizations. Apart from this, many social services and also individuals, who help to find the families who need help and they will get the advantage of the services and programs that are managed by Toys for Tots and make some hope for getting assistance this Christmas. Here are some of the ways which help to find needy families, and these are:

  • Parents who apply to get toys for their children
  • Many social workers apply for the toys and gifts for the children who belong to their families but are poor.
  • People who work as food stamp worker or food share workers, ask for the food donation for the needy families
  • People who visit church daily and they tell that they are needy and share their problem with the religious clergy, and they ask for the toys to those families.

Apart from them, many people also request help, such as neighbors, teachers, or friends. They also request food, toys, and gifts for the families or children who need their help

Indeed, many of the families are not able to provide gifts and toys for their children who are less than 18 years old, because of their financial status, they can apply at the Toys for Tots. Those families are eligible to apply or request at Toys for Tots. 

Here is some more information that will help you to know more about Toys for Tots Suggesting a family for help from the toys for tots is not just a single way, but there are many other ways to include in Toys for Tots. For making contact, donations, and give answers to more questions, you can read this article continue and get all the information about Toys for Tots above.

Toys for Tots Hosting a drop-off location

You don’t need to be a part of other programs, even you can host your drop-off location program. It is your choice that where you want to host the programs, for example, you can host the program at your home, office, workplace, or any other community location. You can also encourage your friends or colleagues to donate any unwrapped toys. Even you can make it part of the next year’s holiday season program or for any birthday party. You can also involve your children to encourage them to host a drive of their own. If you involve them in a donation process by contacting the cub scouts, girls scouts, and other youth community service groups.

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Selecting Types of Toys to Donate

If you want to donate toys at the Toys for Tots, then you can see there that there is already a big wishlist’s for the popular toys. These toys one can donate for kids of all ages. Here you can see the popular toys list which includes sporting equipment, books, hand-held electronics, board games, backpacks, radio control cars/ trucks, and skateboards or helmets. You can choose any of the Christmas gifts from this wishlist’s to donate to the kid. But never donate a toy or gift that looks like realistic weapons or food items.

Volunteering your time and resources

Many of the Toys for Tots locations get benefit from the volunteers who work for the organization to help them. For example, you will become the volunteer by your choice for sort toys, or you can also drop-off signage and collection bins at retail locations. Along with this, Toys for Tots needs the restaurants and individuals who will donate food for the volunteers. If you also want to work as a volunteer then you can contact your local organization and learn about the new volunteer opportunities.

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Find a Toys for tots drop-off location near me

Many of the organizations like Build-A-Bear workshop, doctor’s office, police stations, local libraries, car dealerships, and others are usually working as a drop-off location in the communities for the Toys for Tots. Apart from this, other drop-off locations are also helpful for families who need help in the holiday season. For example, Build-A-Bear is a workshop that donates its bears to families who need help or assistance.

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What other Things I Can Donate with Toys for tots

Many of the times, we cannot understand that what we have to donate. At that time, you can choose the option of donating money online with your credit card. When you donate something online that it will become a memory or a tribute to someone. Even when someone giving an in-memorial donation, then they will receive a personal Thank You card. If you want to make any monetary donation then you do not need to wait for the holiday season, because monetary help can be done anytime in the year.

If you used toys on the eBay site to sell your toys, then you can donate 10% to 100% of your final sale price, to the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation. The donor also gets the tax deduction, as well as a credit on eBay selling fees.

Apart from this, if you have any vehicle like a car, bike, or a truck that you do not use then you can donate it for the Toys for Tots and also claim for your tax deduction for your donation. The organization, Toys for Tots will sell the vehicle and those proceeds will give the benefit to the organization. So, you can make donations in various ways.

When does toys for tots start

The toys for tots Donation start at the time of christmas but The toys for tots start from first day of October, This is the time when they seek help from sponsors and donors, from first day of October they collect unwrapped toys, gifts, cars and the process continue in Nov and DEC too Till christmas season. The donation collected during these months Sent to needy people, low income families and kids at the time of christmas. anyone who wants to donate can contact toys for tots from 1 October.

Where can I Signup For toys for tots

Do you want to signup for toys for tots this christmas to you or to your family, the steps are very easy as we are here helping you with steps that can help you.

  1. To signup with toys for tots you need to visit the official site of toys for tots organization
  2. After visiting the site go to the request a toys section for kids, There are lot of people that are seeking help from toys for tots we recommend anyone who is applying for toys dont waste time and apply as soon as possible.
  3. Once you have chosen the above option the site will redirect to a drop down menu there you will need to fill information like your country and state.
  4. Once you select your country the state’s will be available there choose them carefully.
  5. After choosing your state and country , the site will be redirect to a new page there you will get your toys for tots center and in charge details, you can contact them to receive donation from local toys for tots campaign.

What Information Needed To Apply for Toys for tots Programs

Don’t worry the toys and tots dont ask for confidential information the information which they ask is listed below

  1. Applicant Name
  2. Names of Family Members
  3. Address proof or a resident proof to prove your citizenship of a country
  4. Income Information, Electricity bill etc.
  5.  A brief explanation about why you need toys for tots help and why toys for tots should help you

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