The Joy of giving Local Charities that need you this holiday season

The Joy of giving 10 Local Charities that need you this holiday season Around us, many people want to help the people who are in need. Are you one of those people who want to help people in their community? If yes, then you can help the people who are homeless, hunger, disabled, or facing many difficult challenges in their life. Even the wintertime is the best time to help those types of people. If in this holiday season, you are in the mood to help those people, then you can donate or help them by volunteering through one of these worthwhile Seattle-area non-profits. You can look for organizations in your local area that allows you to help the whole family, by managing the one-time events and helping programs. So, you can help the whole family or individuals who need your help in this holiday season.


Treehouse is an organization that helps every year more than 7,000 kids. They help the kids in foster care each year, they provide those kids many basic facilities which help them in different ways, such as provide them necessities, support, education, and the best and important childhood experiences. Treehouse gives you many opportunities for volunteering, such as you can take tickets to the Holiday Carousel to sorting donations at the Wearhouse. This is the store in Seattle where you can go and shop for free. If you want to know more about this organization or place then you can visit their website, email them on [email protected], or you can also make contact with them by doing a call on 206.267.5117. Now, you can contact them as you want and get full information to help the kids.


The YWCA is a charity that helps for more than 100 years. They help the women who are homeless, the victim of violence, and discrimination. They help those women with their services which include emergency shelters, affordable housing, youth programs, and many other programs by which they can get help. You can get the opportunity to help them by volunteering as a “Holiday elf” at their Central District Toy Shop, here you can also donate gifts for them and make their winter season some relaxation. To know more about this charity you can visit their website or email them on [email protected], or make contact on-call on 206.490.4376.

Lake City Holiday Project

Meadowbrook Community Care sponsored a program named as Lake City Holiday Project. This is the project that helps more than 600 kids every year, who belong to low-income families. Along with this they also support multiple community nonprofits, which include food banks, housing groups, and community centers. At the starting of December, volunteers used to pick up and deliver the gifts at the Maple Leaf LCHP store, and they have to this work in the first two weeks of December. There some other ways by which you can help out with this heartwarming community project. You can help with drop-site hosting, gift purchasing, and gift bagging, and with lots of other ways. To make contact and know more about this site, you can visit their website or make a call on 206.524.2448.


Farestart does the best work for the people who are homeless or live in a shelter. They serve them food 365 days a year. They did this work with the help of volunteers (no need for driving). They help the people with their program in Seattle. The volunteers also help in preparing food and deliver it to local shelters. As well as the Farestart chefs and students help to serve the dinner at the Downtown Emergency Service Center. To know more about them go on their website, or make a call on 206.267.7614. You can email them at [email protected].

Youth Eastside Service

Youth Eastside Service provides their help to those families and kids who are facing many difficulties in their life. That means those who are suffering from a mental disorder, emotional distress, substance abuse, and violence. The Yes Adopt-a-family program matches with low-income families and helps them in many different ways. They sponsor YES services to those families who receive help such as gift cards that help them to buy groceries, presents, and other necessities things during the holiday season. If you want to do work as a volunteer then they also have the volunteer service at their Bellevue office. To find out more about them visit their website, or can make a call on 425.747.4937.

Katherine’s place

Katherine’s place is home to 25 families in Seattle Rainer Valley, including those with disabilities, immigrants & refugees, and previously homeless families. People get help in developing residents and stability, and also self-sufficiency, while they also take participate in different programs like the fun programs which include night movies, etc. Katherine’s place has many facilities for those who want to take part in their program and help the needy people by adopting families, in this holiday season, and bring some happy changes in their life. They also have volunteer opportunities who want to help as a volunteer. To know more about their services, you can visit their website, or make a call on their contact number 206.722.3351.

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline is a charity program that helps many people to get food on daily basis. They provide food in schools, shelters, food banks, and after-school programs to the needy people, by making contact with restaurant and grocery stores and manufacturers. They use the food which may be going in the waste, even it is better to eat. Apart from this, the volunteers require checking the food and pack the food and also inspect the food at their Shoreline warehouse. If you want to get started to help as a volunteer then you have to check for the dates and the availability that when you get this opportunity or you can check for the volunteer schedule.  You can also visit their website, to know more about them and their service.

Westside baby

Westside baby is a charity that works for the kids. They are located in White Centers and work for the kids in different ways. They provide many things to them such as free diapers, cribs, clothing, and safety gear for babies and children. If we truly say, that more than 120 local charities and agencies are dependent on the Westside Baby program to get help for low-income families, in their need. The Westside Baby expects that they help up to 2,300 children in the holiday season. These children are facing domestic violence or are homeless. If you want to know that you can help the local families in their tough times then you can visit the website of Westside Baby, or also make a call on 206.767.1662.

Emergency Feeding Program

The Emergency Feeding Program is a program that helps every year more than 1,800 clients. Not only this but they also deliver food to more than 20,000 people who are homeless and who are hungry throughout the night. They provide them Emergency food packs in their need. The Emergency Feeding program is always looking for the volunteers, or the staff who help them with the distribution of the food, hosting food drive programs, and also who help them to pack the food at their Renton warehouse. If you want to help any individual or a family then you can drop-off food or also donate $20 online. This donation can feed a family for up to two days and help them to live with proper food. For getting more information about them, you can visit their official website or email them at [email protected], or also make contact with them over the call on 206.329.0300.

Tacoma Rescue Mission

The Tacoma Rescue Mission is helping people for more than 100 years. They help the people by providing them food, shelter, and other assistance. They help those people who are homeless, live in shelters, and others coping with difficult life challenges. The rescue mission helps low-income children and people. They accept donations and feed the people who need their help. They also offer service sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, which are both long-term and short-term. So, you can help them by volunteering for the time that you want. To know more about their services and facilities, visit their website, email them on [email protected], or you can call on 253.383.4493 ext. 1500.

Final Verdict

There are lots of charities, organizations, and assistance programs that help needy people by feeding them, providing them shelters, and also help them in many other ways. So, if you want to help someone or a family in your local area or any nearby location then you contact those organizations by visiting their website link or making contact on call. They will give you all the information that how you can help someone in their crisis.

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