FREE Christmas Holiday assistance in Genesee County MI

FREE Christmas Holiday assistance in Genesee County MI – Look for organizations and places of worship in Genesee County, Michigan, such as churches and charities, that offer free assistance during Christmas and other holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter.

FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Genesee County, MI programs such as Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, and Adopt a Family will be available to children in Flint and the surrounding county. You could also get free food boxes and lunches and dinners for families, turkey dinners on Thanksgiving, and holiday meal delivery service for seniors and people who are homebound. Find free Christmas assistance in Flint and the surrounding Genesee County area below.

Toys, clothes, winter coats and boats, Christmas trees, Legos, computers, and other items may be given to low-income families and homes run by single mothers. These families may also receive other items that may be given away. The direct assistance programs you can apply to are listed below and check Central Southern Michigan Free Holiday Assistance.

These programs include Angel Tree as well as Toys for Tots. They assist the city of Flint as well as the towns and cities that are in the surrounding area. It is important to remember that many organizations will communicate with one another to ensure that families do not receive holiday assistance from more than one location simultaneously.

Toys, games, presents, games, electronic goods, free holiday turkeys or meal boxes, and a great deal more could be among the things that are up for grabs. In assisting during the holiday season, each church, charity, and social service department in Genesee County focuses on meeting its requirements first and foremost.

So each program varies. Some run for just one or two months, some are open year-round, and some include assistance during the holiday and other times. Many low-income families cannot care for their children during Christmas because of financial issues. You can help these and other families that need presents by applying to donation boxes that are a part of each program.

You can fill out a form asking for contact information and any concerns about the family you care for. You will be contacted with the address of the charity organizing the donation box. This organization will provide the child with Christmas presents. However, it is important to remember that no one should be sent more than one gift to prevent duplication of effort on behalf of donor agencies.

FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Genesee County, MI

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Toys In Genesee County, MI

The Salvation Army program 

The Salvation Army in Genesee County, MI, provides seniors with a Christmas dinner and other assistance. If you are having difficulties paying for your child’s Christmas presents, the Salvation Army can help. Ask for a volunteer or call them at an emergency number if you need support during the holidays.

The Salvation Army program  is an organization that provides several services for people in need across the United States. Salvation Army is familiar to many as a charity that helps with Thanksgiving meals, clothing, and toys for kids during the Christmas season. Many people also know them for their books, food, and furniture, which they provide during the holidays.

During the winter holiday season, the Salvation Army assists low-income families, including children younger than 14 years old. They contribute by purchasing gifts for less fortunate children in the Angel Tree program. You can enrol your child or children in the Christmas Assistance Program by submitting a completed application at any of the Salvation Army’s locations in Genesee County.

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If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an invitation in December to go to “Christmas town,” which can be found at the Kearsley location of the Salvation Army. At that location, youngsters can take pleasure in the holiday spirit while selecting toys and other presents for the holiday.

You can reach the Salvation Army at 810-232-2196 if you need additional information or have questions regarding the program. Additionally, if you would like to be kept up to date on the programs that they have available, you can follow them on their Facebook page.

Those with low incomes, those in need, and those who are poor who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays receive assistance from The Salvation Army. Free meals, gifts, toys from Adopt-a-Family, and free food will be free. Additionally, there will be free Thanksgiving meal services available.

A faith-based organization such as a Christian church offers a free program to assist those in need during the Christmas season called Angel Tree. Those with low incomes, those in need, and those who are poor who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays receive assistance. Free meals, gifts, toys from Adopt-a-Family, and free food will be free. Additionally, there will be free Thanksgiving meal services available.

To participate in the Angel Tree program, you will need a referral form from your local social service organization. You can contact a social service agency to obtain this form. The Angel Tree program is open to all individuals, regardless of religion or background.

Address: 211 West Kearsley Street, Flint, Michigan 48502. 

Contact: (810) 232-2196

Old Newsboys Of Flint

During the holiday season, Old Newsboys of Flint focuses on helping children from low-income families and senior citizens. Giving them free Christmas boxes stuffed with sweatsuits, socks, coats, underwear, toys, books, small gifts, and a variety of personal care items was a great way to show our appreciation. For their children to receive a free box, parents are required to enroll their children.

Since 1924, this organization has helped more than 850 thousand children to ensure that they can celebrate the holidays like their classmates and friends. Call the Old Newsboys of Flint at the following number: 810-744-1840 if you have any questions about how to enroll your child or how to become a sponsor for a child. 

The free Christmas box program is beneficial to the local community. Gifts include hats, socks, sweatsuits, coats, undergarments, books, winter hats, dental hygiene products, and other headwear and accessories. Children of the appropriate age and people in their senior years are eligible for assistance.

Old Newsboys Of Flint also helps people in Genesee County, MI, who are homeless and those who the recent economic downturn has struck. During the Christmas season, Old Newsboys of Flint also organizes a Christmas party for children up to 17 years of age. Old Newsboys Of Flint’s main goal is to help children and seniors.

Address: 6255 Taylor Drive Flint, MI 48507

Contact: (810) 744-1840

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a social service Charity that provides help and assistance on christmas to homeless families, battered women, and other low-income households. They do this by providing food and Christmas presents. Catholic Charities also provides Christmas presents to children through their Angel Tree program.

Catholic Charities is an organization that will assist those in need. They are committed to working with people who are poor across all areas of the United States. Catholic Charities will help those impoverished or on a low income in Genesee County. They offer to pay rent or address their clients’ needs.

Children in Genesee County who are in need are given the gift of a new toy for Christmas and clothing for the upcoming cold season by Catholic Charities. Adults receive presents, including brand-new towels, hats, socks, scarves, toiletries, and hygiene products. This event can be held on Christmas Day at The North End Soup Kitchen.

There are many different assistance programs available. Visit a food pantry to receive free groceries as well as hot meals. Additionally, there are components or provisions for the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Help is also available for immigrants and people who speak Spanish, and there might even be some toys for children to play with.

There are many different provisions and assistance programs available in Genesee County. This can include help with paying rent, food, utilities, and heating bills. Become aware that there is help available during the Christmas season of 2021 at no cost or cost to you.

During the Christmas season of 2021, you can expect to see the following services:

  • The distribution of food boxes.
  • The distribution of groceries.
  • Social services.
  • Medical services.
  • Various resources may apply to low-income families.

There will be an opportunity to donate food, toys, and other items. Moreover, there will be a Christmas dinner that can be received. You can find additional information about this event at the main website of Catholic Charities in Genesee County or call them at (810) 742-7400. The community center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Toys For Tots program

Toys for Tots is a charitable organization that donates toys and necessary items to needy children throughout Christmas. Toys for Tots will help local children impacted by the recent economic downturn.

The organization does this by giving out new, unwrapped toys and books to Genesee County, MI children. The toys cannot be returned or exchanged as stipulated on their website. You can donate directly to Toys for Tots at any of their centres in Genesee County.

Toys for Tots is a nationwide organization that helps meet the requirements of low-income families all over the United States. No exception exists for families living on a low income in Genesee County. They prepare donation boxes and organize toy drives to ensure that less fortunate children celebrate Christmas with the toys that are rightfully theirs. During the holiday season of 2021, Toys for Tots supported 3,666 children and distributed 34,093 toys to them.

It is necessary for you first to register your child or children before they can take part in the activity. Children under the age of 15 who come from low-income families can apply for assistance through a program run by the Marine Corps. They will receive a Christmas present that is brand new and unwrapped or possibly a gift certificate.

In addition, they collaborate with various other community organizations in the Flint, Michigan, area. You can get free Christmas presents, decorations, toys, games, arts and crafts, hot wheels care, and other items. The program is run by several charities in Genesee County, Michigan, and is open to children between 6 months and 17. You must be eligible for assistance under federal or state welfare programs to participate. You will be responsible for arranging this directly with the charity in Genesee County to which you wish to apply for assistance.

Members of the Marine Corps have given toys and Christmas presents to many children impacted by unemployment or other forms of financial distress during the holidays. Marine Corps members across the nation participate in this activity. This is an opportunity for the children of the area to have a merry Christmas and to be able to celebrate the occasion with their families.

Flint Eastside Mission

Flint Eastside Mission is a charity organization giving food and Christmas presents to needy families. They have a program where they will provide toys, clothes, and other items to children ages 6 months to 17. When you work with them, you must apply for assistance. Be sure to include documentation proving you are on a low income. 

Families that reside in the 48506 zip code are eligible to receive holiday assistance from the Flint Eastside Mission. Families that meet the requirements can shop in the mission’s inventory and select holiday gifts. You are required to submit your application in person at 1917 Delaware Avenue, Flint, Michigan 48506.

Be sure to bring your identification, a piece of mail bearing your name and indicating that your zip code is 48506, and a birth certificate or Medicaid card as proof that you are the child’s legal guardian. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment with the people at the organization by calling them at (810) 742-6800.

Flint Eastside Mission provides services to low-income families in Genesee County. They also provide Christmas presents to children of low-income families during Christmas time. Families with children under 18 can apply for assistance from Flint Eastside Mission through this charity organization’s program.

Christmas Day is fun, exciting, and special for many children. But there are still some children out there who may not have anyone to celebrate with them on Christmas day. Children living in Genesee County who may not have any family to celebrate the holiday season with will be able to receive help from Evening Star Mission. Evening Star Mission provides Christmas presents for these children and other gifts so they can have something under the tree during the holiday season of 2022.

United Outreach Ministries

United Outreach Ministries provides free food to families with children from 6 weeks old to 2 years of age in the city of Flint, Michigan. The families must be low-income to qualify for these services.

Food from the United Outreach Ministries is distributed throughout Flint, Michigan. Their service mainly consists of providing food to children ages 6 weeks and 2 years of age and clothing for the children in these families. This program is available to children under 18 throughout Genesee County and the cities of Flint, Michigan, and Birch Run, Michigan. 

It is conducted twice a year on August 23rd and December 16th. Families with low incomes can receive free clothing and toys through such programs. There may be Christmas toys, boats, winter coats, and more. Children and senior citizens, single mothers, and people with low incomes are among the groups that receive assistance.

Address: 1249 Roosevelt Ave, Flint, MI 48503. 

Contact: (810) 309-9319

Volunteers Of America

Volunteers Of America provides help to over 60,000 families in Genesee County. The organization has several different programs that assist low-income families. As a part of the Christmas 2020 campaign, Volunteers Of America will distribute food baskets and toys.

The Voluntary Action Centre in Genesee County can help low-income families with food, toys, clothing, and other goods. During Christmas time, the Voluntary Action Centre helps children by giving them toys and Christmas presents. Christmas Day is a special time of the year for many people worldwide. In Genesee County, you may have noticed that many community centres are filled with people from all different backgrounds and cultures during this holiday season. 

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Volunteers of America organizes a program called “Adopt-A-Family.” Through this program, low-income families are matched with generous sponsors who wish to assist in reducing the stress that the families experience during the holiday season.

The sponsors are given a wish list by the family, which may contain items such as toys, presents, and clothing. The sponsors either purchase the items directly from the list or give the family gift cards so they can purchase them on their own. Individuals, companies, sports teams, organizations, and even other families can be other sponsors.

They run a program called Adopt a Family across the entire state. Enjoying the holidays is made possible for low-income families, single mothers, and others in need thanks to the efforts of corporations, non-profit organizations, and the community. Receive food, gift cards, free Christmas presents, shoes, sneakers, games, dolls, toy trucks, and more.

The Flint Michigan Community Action Agency runs the Families First Christmas program. It is a holiday toy distribution event held annually by the United Way of Genesee County and the Community Action Agency in Flint, Michigan. 

Many agencies are involved, including churches throughout Flint, Michigan, and the United Way of Genesee County. For 20 years, they have helped more than 5000 children and their families to have a happier holiday season. This special event is available to low-income children in Flint, Michigan.

Address: 1135 N Belsay Rd, Burton, Michigan 48509. 

Contact: (810) 223-0420.

Covenant Community Outreach

It supports low-income families and individuals in Genesee County. Their services include warm meals, clothing giveaways, and Christmas bags for children and families. Funding for this charity organization is primarily derived through private donations made by local individuals and businesses.

The Covenant Community Outreach is based in Flint, Michigan. This charity organization consists of churches and private individuals who have come together to create a mutual help society. 

Donations from local businesses and churches throughout Genesee County also support the organization. It has been functioning for several years, and it has served many families over the years. It provides food bags for children and their families during the Thanksgiving season and gives children toys, clothing, shoes, gifts, and much more on Christmas eve.

They make sure that every child receives a Free gift for Christmas. Even though children in Genesee County have a lot of things to celebrate in their lives, many still don’t have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

Charities Offering Free Food In Genesee County, MI

Durand First United Methodist Church

Durand First United Methodist Church has a Christmas program. The church spreads cheer to needy children by giving presents, food baskets, and clothing. 

They provide gifts for needy children during the holidays with their community outreach program each year. This area is where money from community grants helps start up programs that help those in need. The Salvation Army also has a Christmas Toy Program where volunteers will bring out food baskets and toys for kids to donate for Christmas.

It has a Thrift Shop that accepts clothing, shoes, and cribs. They sell items. Volunteers also work there and collect toys, clothes, and diapers for children. In addition, they have a food pantry where they distribute food to the needy. They will only provide complimentary Thanksgiving meals consisting of turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings. 

People who are working poor, jobless, homeless, and others frequently visit this establishment. During Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, the Durand First United Methodist Church provides free meals featuring turkey with fillings and all of the traditional holiday fixings.

Durand First United Methodist Church’s main aim is to assist the poor and needy. Food and clothing distribution is a vital part of their charity work. They provide healthy, nutritious food, as well as clothing. Durand First United Methodist Church also cares for the elderly and others living on a limited income.

Address: 10016 E. Newburg Road, Durand, MI 48429. 

Contact: (989) 288-3880

My Brother’s Keeper Of Genesee County

My Brothers Keeper is a charity organization that assists low-income families, women, and children. It provides food to needy families. The charity organization distributes grocery bags, food baskets, and essential household supplies during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

My Brother’s Keeper of Genesee County helps families in need by providing them with gift cards for clothes and gifts for Christmas. On-site amenities include a clothing closet. There may be warm clothing, small toys or presents, and other things in the box. While Christmas is the primary focus of some of the assistance, other programs operate continuously throughout the year.

The Salvation Army assists anyone in need. They offer financial support for housing, medical expenses, and food, among other necessities. There is also a focus on social services and Christmas assistance. The United Way may even provide Christmas toys for a child in Genesee County. The local branches of the Salvation Army will distribute gifts to underprivileged children and their families during the holiday season.

Address: 101 N. Grand Traverse, Flint, Michigan, 48503. 

Contact: (810) 234-1163

Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities of Genesee County, Michigan, is a wonderful organization giving food to needy families. They also provide clothing for the children in these families. It is a federal program that provides people with financial assistance to help pay for rent, utilities, and other basic needs. Catholic Charities may have Christmas programs as well. 

The charity organization can provide Christmas gifts, toys, and food baskets if they have enough money left after paying all the other bills. Catholic Charities provides free meals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. 

Meals for the citizens of Genesee County during the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving are included. At the North End Soup Kitchen, guests of all ages are invited to take a break from the winter weather and celebrate Christmas with a hearty meal. This program is held annually every year.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Flint helps low-income residents with clothing, food, and holiday programs. They provide meals, shelter, and thrift stores for all age groups. They also offer personal care products at the Thrift stores, including soap, shampoo, and other hygiene supplies. Some temporary assistance programs in Genesee County include energy bill payments. The Salvation Army is a local non-profit organization whose charitable programs strive to help those in need.

Community Action Agency

The Community Action Agency has a food pantry. They may also have some Christmas meals and toys for children in Genesee County. Apply for food stamps and ensure your family gets help during the holidays through the local Community Action Agency Food Pantry in Flint, Michigan. 

Examples of what the Food Pantry offers to include canned goods, bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. They even have a weekly food delivery program. This service is offered once every other month. When you receive a Community Action Agency food stamp card, you can use this to buy groceries, including fresh produce, meat, and fish. 

As of January 1st, a Community Action Agency card costs $23.50 per person per month. The current federal spending limit for one person is just under $130 per month, so if you want free groceries, the only option is through SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). 

The Community Action Agency has a transportation program that can help with substance abuse prevention and other life-changing issues. Don’t forget to check out Free Christmas Help in Wayne County, MI!

Soup Kitchen of Genesee County

The Soup Kitchen of Genesee County provides affordable food to poor and needy families. The cost of soup or feeding is either free or low, depending on your income level and family size. The Soup Kitchen provides nutritious meals for all age groups, including infants, children, the elderly, and seniors. 

They also give away clothing to residents in need. Apply for Christmas financial assistance, food stamps, and other aid from the Soup Kitchen of Genesee County. They serve dinner every day, including on Christmas and Thanksgiving. The soup kitchen program relies on donations from the community, government grants, and money raised during special fundraising events to continue feeding the hungry.

Volunteers Of America

The event starts at the beginning of September and continues through December every year. Generous sponsors choose a family to adopt and then provide them with a holiday meal and present for Christmas.

Caring for Hunger

Caring for Hunger is a non-profit organization that helps the needy in Genesee County. The group works with churches, local food pantries, and other charities to help the homeless, low-income families, and senior citizens in Genesee County. 

They provide groceries and meals to people who need help. Free food may be offered in a crisis, including Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners from time to time. However, emergency assistance is limited. Caring for Hunger also assists local churches with delivering food to the needy. Volunteers are also needed to help gather and deliver food to the poor.

The non-profit organization aims to provide emergency assistance to Genesee County residents in need. If you have a crisis, the program staff will try to find a solution. Some services include access to a clean trailer for living arrangements, gas and air conditioning units for shelter and furniture for families moving in or out of their homes. Caring for Hunger’s main aim is to give people a better quality of life.

The non-profit organization provides food, clothing, and other necessities to needy families in Genesee County. In addition, they can provide gifts to children on Christmas Day. For many struggling families in Flint, Mich., a Christmas without their child is something they will never be able to forget. The organization helps prevent children from living in homes with drugs and alcohol.

Flint Eastside Mission

The Flint Eastside Mission is a non-profit organization that provides clothing, food, and basic needs to the poor people of Genesee County. They offer financial assistance for rent, utilities, and other life essentials from time to time. 

They also provide free meals and snacks to the homeless community. Call them if you need help paying for power bills or if you need help with your rent payment in Flint, Michigan. On Christmas Day, residents of Genesee County with low incomes are invited to a free Christmas feast hosted by the Flint Eastside Mission. The meal is served between 11 and 1 in the afternoon. Before you can be served, you are not required to provide any documentation or satisfy any eligibility requirements. Just remember to bring your stomach.

The mission of the Flint Eastside Mission is to provide the poor, disadvantaged, and homeless with relief services, free meals, and shelter. The mission’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing social services for Genesee County residents. They offer counseling, free food, and groceries for people in need.

The United Methodist Church of Flint

The United Methodist Church of Flint has a Christmas program serving more than 1,000 families yearly with holiday meals. They offer a festive meal with all the trimmings, including fresh fruit, roasted turkey and ham, chocolate cake, and apple pie.

There will also be homemade cookies, and other desserts served before the meal. At the end of the program, children will receive a small gift from Santa Claus. The best part of Christmas is meeting new friends at church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food do they serve?

They serve a full Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.

Can you get food at the soup kitchen if you don’t have yours?

Many people live in poor homes and don’t receive food stamps. You can get help from the Soup Kitchen of Genesee County and the United Methodist Church. You will need to let them know that you are a Flint, Michigan, resident and need some financial help.

Do these organizations offer any other services?

They also provide children with free clothing, household items, and Christmas toys/gifts. They can also help with referrals to charities throughout Genesee County. The Salvation Army provides many programs to residents. Some of them are:
They provide utility bill assistance, gasoline vouchers, clothing, and referrals to other assistance programs. They also offer transitional housing assistance or shelter for single parents and individuals struggling in the county.

What is Salvation Army?

Genesee County Salvation Army is a non-profit organization based in Flint, Michigan. It is part of a worldwide organization that helps the needy and less fortunate. Their mission is to provide for people in crisis and their basic needs.


Find FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Genesee County, MI. Many charities, churches, and community action agencies help children receive gifts and meet Santa Claus. Genesee County Salvation Army programs also provide information on various government assistance programs. Get help with your mortgage payments, energy bills, heating bills, and free food. Other resources include clothing closets and holiday assistance (They offer a free hot meal on Christmas day.). They partner with local non-profits, churches, and other charities.

Donations and church offerings fund the programs. The Salvation Army is a government agency; they rely on donations from churches, individuals, and businesses to help families in need. They also rely on volunteers from the community to help them serve the less fortunate.

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