Salvation Army Assistance Programs in Ouachita Parish

Salvation Army Assistance Programs in Ouachita Parish : The Salvation Army’s assistance programs are services and resources to meet people’s immediate needs. These programs can include food, clothing, and more. Please visit the Salvation Army website to learn more about available Salvation Army assistance in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

One of the many ways that the Salvation Army helps is through assistance programs that help those who are in a financial crisis or with other hardships. The Salvation Army offers a small range of social services in Ouachita Parish.

Clients from the City of Monroe, Louisiana, as well as the parish, have the opportunity to apply for or be referred to a wide variety of social services, ranging from assistance with emergency rent or electric bill payments to free groceries, a homeless shelter, or vouchers for gasoline.

In addition, the Salvation Army assistance programs in Ouachita Parish collaborate with other organizations to ensure that children from low-income households in Ouachita Parish can receive Christmas gifts, a Thanksgiving meal, and school supplies used as educational resources. Find below information on how to get assistance from the Salvation Army in Monroe, Louisiana.

Donations from community members, grants from the government, and proceeds from the sale of items at the thrift store are frequently used to cover the costs of the programs.

However, the faith-based organization will make every effort to assist throughout the year, although the available assistance will change depending on the many different factors. The intention is to offer counselling, support, and concern to anyone with difficulty. However, due to the high level of demand, the Monroe, Louisiana, center is restricted in the services that it can provide.

However, anyone can check to see if there is assistance available. There is a possibility of assistance being made available to people in a variety of situations, including those who are homeless, jobless, seniors, veterans, and single parents. The Salvation Army will ask that people first use up any other resources. However, the organization may be able to help if all other avenues have been exhausted. This could include free Christmas gifts, school supplies, and groceries.

In addition to the financial assistance available from the organization, there are also several community centers where people can get support. These locations include the family resource center, which is located on Union Street in the old Cool Springs Elementary School building, and the food pantry on Melvin Ave. Both of these agencies are open to the public every day.

The Salvation Army helps ensure that a wide range of support is available in Ouachita Parish. In addition, there are many locations, including the agency’s thrift store, where those in need can receive assistance.

The Salvation Army offers a number of different forms of assistance through its food pantry, including free food for seniors on a fixed income and those who have had difficulties managing their finances for some time.

Free seasonal Salvation Army assistance programs

Programs specific to a given season come and go throughout the year. Some or all of the following can be found in Ouachita Parish.

  • Free school supplies will be provided to students coming from low-income households this year.
  • Help for Monroe households that include children can be requested during the holiday season. Guests may receive token gifts or holiday meals.
  • Other forms of assistance during the holidays, such as food baskets for Thanksgiving and Easter, will be provided by The Salvation Army.

All of these programs depend on community members’ kindheartedness and financial contributions. The Salvation Army receives donations from corporations, church groups, the Red Kettle in Monroe, Louisiana, and other resources to give items away and give back.

The Salvation Army thrift store regularly features some of the items being donated. It provides a valuable service to the community by recycling goods that may otherwise have been thrown in the trash. While there is not a year-round emergency shelter for people who spend time on the streets, there is help available for those who are in need. There are many other ways that people can be assisted, including free food from the food pantry and school supplies from the donation centre.

Those who need shelter can obtain free bedding, toiletries, and referrals to health services from the thrift store. There is also a chance that referrals to social services such as housing, financial assistance, and medical care may be provided by the charity. The Salvation Army has been involved in several different programs over a year. A large number of offered programs means there is always something to consider.

There is a possibility that people who are in Ouachita Parish will receive Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving day food and clothing, and school supplies from the thrift store. However, it will be available only for some years. The location can change depending on the season and the availability of items.

The Salvation Army encourages all community members to give back by volunteering their time. The volunteer programs could include working alongside the charity at a local center or delivering meals to senior citizens in Monroe. Volunteers must also work alongside the staff in the thrift store and the commissary during its closing hours.

In addition to paying its employees a minimum wage and offering benefits such as health insurance, The Salvation Army also offers employee discounts on the Thrift Shop and Thrift Store. Remember to check Ouachita Parish free food pantries!

Get help with bills, short-term housing, and financial resources in Ouachita Parish

The Salvation Army is a leading charity in Monroe. Therefore, there are many ways that people can donate.

Most of the financial donations made to the organization are used to help families and individuals in the Ouachita Parish area. There is also a choice of what type of donation to make. There is a possibility of making after-death bequests, cash donations, or major gifts to The Salvation Army.

A place to stay for a short time, usually just for tonight or the next couple of nights, can typically be found in a homeless shelter. In the northeastern part of Louisiana, there is a center for men, including veterans. Those staying at a Salvation Army shelter have access to the organization’s other services. The guest will be provided piping hot meals or beverages, as well as toiletries and clothing.

Housing is intended to meet temporary requirements. While they are there, residents will learn about resources that are available to them in Ouachita Parish that will assist them in addressing the cause of why they are homeless.

These residents will learn about these resources while they are there. After that, referrals can be made to local transitional housing centres, which is typically the next step in the process of rehousing those who have been displaced from their homes. Financial assistance will also be available once they move into transitional housing. There are referrals to financial assistance programs, including social services and mental health counseling, that can assist people in Ouachita Parish who are struggling with living costs or are in danger of falling into poverty.

Many people who rely on criminal activity or substance abuse cannot afford the medical care they need. This is why it is so important for them to reach out and ask for help. Those who are in need of shelter can be referred to the thrift store for bedding and other items.

For those who are finding it hard to manage day-to-day household expenses, there are job placement services that can help people gain a few hours of employment each week. Sometimes, the Salvation Army will pay a nominal fee for the job or pay some portion of the salary, depending on an employer’s offer.

The organization provides resources such as food, toiletries, and clothing to those in need. People who are homeless can get help from charity, including temporary housing and referrals to social services. The Salvation Army provides vouchers for food for people in Ouachita Parish. There is a smaller selection of food items than would be available from other programs. Therefore, they need to use up their vouchers before receiving more items. They can access their food stamp benefits through the online application form.

The Salvation Army provides various services and resources in Monroe, including free food and clothing. There are also opportunities to volunteer. Like other locations throughout Louisiana, the location works with social service agencies such as the United Way and Habitat for Humanity to provide referrals for clients who may benefit from assistance in getting back on their feet.

Help with paying one’s rent and utility bills is frequently in high demand in the city of Monroe, Louisiana. If funds are available, only nominal sums of money will be distributed. Additionally, the financial assistance is only intended for use in urgent, short-term circumstances where the applicant has been confronted with an unexpected crisis.

  • Tenants can seek assistance in paying a portion of their rent.
  • In Louisiana, social workers with the Salvation Army can assist individuals in the application process for energy bill assistance programs such as LIHEAP or in exploring payment plan options.
  • There are several programs in Louisiana aimed at preventing homelessness and finding people permanent housing.
  • The thrift store in Ouachita Parish can be utilized to meet additional housing requirements, such as reasonably priced furniture or appliances.

The Salvation Army offers various other services and resources in Monroe, Louisiana. Some other available services include the following: The Salvation Army offers information on local non-profit, government, and charitable resources, including those that may be able to provide financial assistance with rent, heating or utility bills, and prescriptions.

The social workers from The Salvation Army can help people in Monroe apply for Louisiana Rent Assistance and the weatherization program.

This is a social services referral service for people in Ouachita Parish. The agency will assist in exploring available resources, including those available from government agencies and other non-profit organizations.

The Salvation Army should be reached through the following information: The center is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. There are also several soup kitchens where people can receive free meals each day of the week, including Sunday.

Ouachita Parish Salvation Army free food programs

Faiths That Feed is another local organization that provides free meals and other free food donations to the Monroe community. Their regular hours of operation are from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. They also offer several soup kitchens each week on Sunday. A pantry and a soup kitchen contribute to the Salvation Army’s efforts to provide free food to those in need in Ouachita Parish.

One of the two may give away a box of groceries. The feeding site is another alternative to consider. Whoever has a need for it can get a hot meal served to them without any questions being asked. Some patrons travel from northeastern Louisiana to eat here. The location also assists in gathering food donations and provides supplies for shelters, soup kitchens, and meal programs. Therefore, for those in need, there are several ways to obtain help.

Faiths That Feed is an important resource for the Monroe community to have available throughout the year. Call the location if there is a need for extra food or clothing. This facility can also be used as an emergency shelter facility while they wait for another site to open up. Food programs and clothing may be available, depending upon what is donated and how much the location has at its disposal. Whether someone can get groceries or clothes, this service can help with the immediate crisis a person is facing.

Many agencies and non-profits in Louisiana may also offer assistance with paying rent, utility bills, food, and housing expenses. Find ways to get help with bills and rental assistance programs.

The thrift store: The Salvation Army can also assist Monroe and Ouachita Parish people who need food, water, or prescription drugs. The social workers will assist those with a housing or financial crisis and refer them to further resources to help them with their situation.

The Salvation Army provides free food, clothing, and companionship for the elderly. The facility may be used to assist the elderly with the following: The meals that are served at the center are specifically designed to suit an individual’s nutritional needs. The Salvation Army centers can be reached through these resources: DeSoto Parish has a Salvation Army thrift store and centre for newly pregnant women. New mothers will receive a free crib, other baby supplies, and free prenatal care, which can help women have healthier pregnancies and healthy babies.

Anyone in or around the northeastern Louisiana area is welcome to shop at the thrift store. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so, and in some instances, volunteers may be able to pick up the items, provided they have been used only lightly. The shop may sell clothing, school toys, furniture, and more. Find a thrift store in your area that sells items at a low price in addition to the other available options.

This shelter can be reached by calling the following information. They are open Monday through Thursday; 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and Friday; 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Located in Monroe, anyone who needs a safe place to stay can come here. Men and women are welcome; free food and clothing may be available as donations, while others will receive health care or financial counseling services. This social services agency is responsible for: The Ministry of Human Services is a major agency in the state of Louisiana which can provide resources and assistance with housing, prescriptions, food, and shelter. Depending upon their specific location, they can offer information on new mothers who need help with the available benefits.

Senior Citizen Social Services:

Also known as Cuts Across the Board, this non-profit provides services such as food and shelter to all who need it. Clients may have their rent or heating costs paid and may be able to buy groceries at other locations as well. The Salvation Army is also a major resource for the local elderly who have difficulty getting by independently. Depending on the client’s needs, this can include social services and housing assistance.

Ouachita Parish provides senior citizens with access to a variety of social services. The only source of income for people of this age group may be social security or another form of fixed income, such as a pension; as a result, they frequently have trouble paying their bills.

As was mentioned earlier, they are eligible to submit an application to the Salvation Army in Monroe for financial assistance, and the organization also offers counseling and companionship programs.

Some volunteers may bring the older adult a meal. They will also check up on them during this time frame to ensure everything is going well and possibly share a laugh or smile with them. In many cases, the Salvation Army can help address feelings of isolation while also assisting with meeting basic needs. A free box fan could assist during the warmer months when it is necessary to keep a room cool.

The Salvation Army provides additional support that is not monetary as well. There are ministries geared specifically toward men and women and programs that build moral fiber, provide assistance in an emergency, and run summer camps for children. All of these things can be used to assist the client in becoming more self-sufficient.

If you are concerned about where your next meal may come from or need free food and groceries, the following agencies and pantries can assist. While they may not be able to provide a free meal or vouchers for free food, they can help put you in touch with resources that offer this. Find additional ways to get help with bills, including a phone bill credit check, another resource for those seeking more information on how to pay their monthly bills and expenses.

Housing and rental assistance: If you need aid and want to find a way to get rent paid or utility assistance, the following resources are available. People who need free groceries can find assistance from the following agencies.

In addition, other social services may be available to assist an individual during times of crisis. This can include emergency funds or emergency shelters, which can help people avoid homelessness.

Contact information for applications

In addition, provision is made for various assistance programs and fundamental requirements. 105 Hart Street, Monroe, Louisiana 71201, is the primary center in Ouachita Parish. The primary telephone number is (318) 325-1755.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is an international, non-denominational Christian church. The organization’s purpose is to preach salvation and assist those in need.

What services are offered?

The Salvation Army offers shelter and food to homeless people and can provide various programs such as education programs, counseling, and financial assistance. Many people also turn to them for employment opportunities and career guidance.

How to get help from Salvation Army?

All potential assistance recipients from Salvation Army must complete an application form and attend an interview. The facilities will check for references and conduct background checks to ensure their clients are eligible for their services. They will also require photo identification to verify that all information provided on the application forms is accurate.

Is the Salvation Army’s services free?

Not all of the help they offer is free; however, they provide limited cases and assistance. They also have stores where clients can purchase merchandise or other items to help them pay for food and rent. Some of these stores may also have vouchers that can be used with participating vendors.


The above are the main Salvation Army assistance programs in Ouachita Parish centres in Monroe, LA. However, there is also a food pantry in Bastrop La and one in West Monroe. Feeding America is a non-profit that works to help people who live in poverty or are struggling to pay their bills and provide for their families have access to food. This can include free groceries, perishable items as well as meals. While this may be provided at a church or other place of worship, it will be available to anyone who needs help.

The following food banks can help those who need assistance finding free groceries. They offer programs, and most of them provide free food and perishable items to anyone who is indigent. Find additional ways to get help with bills, including a phone bill credit check, another resource for those seeking more information on how to pay their monthly bills and expenses.

In addition, the Association of Faith-Based Charities works with churches and non-profit organizations to offer resources from an array of agencies dedicated to helping people in need. This can include financial assistance for utility bills, credit counseling services, and legal advice. Become a member and access other resources such as foster care, food pantries, and other emergency aid. While some do not have locations listed in Ouachita Parish, they can assist the state.

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