Flagstaff and Coconino County Salvation Army assistance programs

Flagstaff and Coconino County Salvation Army assistance programs – When help is required, the Salvation Army in Flagstaff is available to provide it. In a natural disaster, they provide help and food and monetary assistance from a social service division for things like rent or utilities. Additionally, they provide case management and a variety of additional options.

In addition, some programs provide meals, free job coaching or school supplies, shelters for the needy, and money or toys for Christmas. People who do not have the resources necessary to take care of themselves will benefit from the services supplied since they will have a better chance of meeting their urgent and fundamental needs. Volunteers and staff members are available at all times. In addition, there will be food lines in place from time to time for people who need help obtaining groceries. Veterans can also get assistance and connect with transitional housing or other support services.

What documents are Requeired To Participate in Flagstaff and Coconino County Salvation Army assistance programs?

When you are seeking food assistance from these organizations you might be required to provide some documentation for identification. The specific documents can vary but there are some common types of documentation which might be requested.

  • You need to demonstrate that you live in this area served by the organization. It can be in the form of utility bill lease agreement or any other official documents.
  • Some organizations might also ask you to provide a proof of your income or financial situation first up this can include your unemployment documents or benefit statements.
  • You need to provide a valid ID proof to verify your identity.
  • At times you need to do the details about the number of people in your household including their ages might be requested to determine the amount of assistance that you need. If you have an ebt card then it can be a valuable tool for accessing special assistance.
  • If you or your family member have special diet needs you need to inform the organization in advance.

Special dietary considerations

As every individual is different the diet needs might also be different for everyone and some might require specific considerations because of health or personal preferences. The best part is that there are several food assistance programs in Flagstaff and coconino county which are sensitive to the needs of people and also look forward to provide options for everyone.

  • Some food assistance programs offer vegetarian and vegan friendly options.
  • If you or your family member have any disease or you require a gluten free diet then you can ask about the availability of gluten free food items.
  • Organizations today are completely aware about the food allergies. If you have any specific food allergy communicate the information the staff so that they can help you accordingly.
  • Food assistance programs look forward to provide a lot of nutritious food to support your overall health. This can include fresh fruits and vegetables and other staples.
  • Accessing holiday assistance and lot more in Flagstaff and Coconino county
  • In Flagstaff and coconino county there are several communities that come together during Thanksgiving and Christmas but also throughout the year to provide you assistance if you are in need.

Holiday programs and events

No doubt Thanksgiving and Christmas are very important holidays with special assistance program but you need to know that there are other community events and programs which can bring joy and support during different holidays for

  • Easter assistance is given some churches and it includes distribution of food Easter basket giveaways for kids and lot more.
  • For people celebrating Hanukkah the community events and programs might be available to provide you support including traditional holiday food and festivities.
  • Before the school year begins there are several programs that offer school supplies, backpacks and even food assistance to ensure kids are well prepared for the studies.
  • During the summer months when school is out some organizations end up running meal programs to ensure children have access to nutritious food.

Donations and volunteer opportunities

  • There are several organizations that accept donations of non perishable food items. The items can include canned goods pasta rice and other shelf stable foods. You can check with your local food organization to see what items they need the most.
  • Donating funds to food assistance programs can make it very easy for them to purchase essential items and expand the services.
  • If you have time to spare you can consider volunteering. Organizations generally need helping hands to sort and distribute food so you can help them.

Throughout the year there are different drives organized by schools and community programs. You can participate by donating food items during these drives

The County of Coconino may also have some financial or rent help for families with an immediate crisis, such as a fire, foreclosure notice, or eviction notice on their property. Anyone who needs advice on how to deal with a crisis can call anytime.

Flagstaff Salvation Army

The Family Store

The Family Store is a second-hand retail establishment. It is not only a location where people can buy things (furniture, clothing, school supplies, and so on), but it also offers people the opportunity to volunteer or gain work experience. The employees have the opportunity to improve their self-esteem, acquire skills applicable in real life and the workplace, and receive ESL instruction at the center. You might also apply for the government’s free job-counseling services. The local population can shop in an environment that is respectful of their dignity, thanks to thrift stores. The organization’s main goal is to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people.

The organization will work hard to help you overcome your problem and regain control of your finances. Support services are available for families needing basic items such as food, clothing, or personal hygiene supplies. Thrift stores in Flagstaff and other areas of Coconino County will gladly accept your clothing or household items.

The Family Store Can help with food, medical needs, and funds for rent, utilities, medications, and other necessities. Qualified individuals need to contact the agency to request assistance but may be eligible to receive help. Applicants must provide income and residency status proof to qualify for financial aid.

Coconino County Salvation Army women and men ministries

The women’s and men’s divisions of the Salvation Army in Coconino County provide support through positivity, mentoring, and general assistance. This has many different aspects, depending on the client’s requirements.

The team will act as guides and mentors for the victims and provide free counseling. The staff members of the church-based group are excellent listeners, making them available to anyone who requires their assistance. Most of the resources offered by the non-profit are free, but there are some charges. This organization will help with emergency services and utility bill assistance too.

Contact the Salvation Army office in Flagstaff or one of the satellite offices in other areas of Coconino County. Staff members are ready to listen and provide guidance and advice. Coconino County Salvation Army women and men ministries offer various services, including food and groceries, legal aid for veterans, counseling, job referrals, and more.

The Salvation Army provides several resources to help clients get out of their financial situation and back on their feet. These programs will provide free food, clothing, meds, or money. They also offer financial assistance and help with rent or utility bills too.

Seasonal services for the low income

Salvation army programs

The Salvation Army is well-known across Coconino County and the rest of the country for its Red Shield service, including all the above mentioned activities. The mission is to protect people from harm and assist them in regaining their footing so they can lead stable lives.

The agency assists countrywide, especially in emergencies. The mission of the Salvation Army is to help people attain food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities of life. During the holidays, they will distribute gifts to families who may not be able to afford much. If you need help paying your bills or getting through a tough time, this is where you can turn to.

Salvation Army in Flagstaff and Coconino County assists people who need food, shelter, clothing, or other necessities of life. This charity organization can help people with free food, job coaching, school supplies, housing, and utilities.

Cash aid is also offered to struggling families or individuals. The Salvation Army can provide vouchers for a motel room or bus fare. They also offer utility bill assistance, prescription medications, clothing, and school supplies. No financial needs are too small to receive help from the agency.

The Salvation Army provides various assistance programs for housing, utility and rent assistance, food and clothing, job coaching, and other support. The organization is dedicated to helping individuals with their essential needs.

There are so many benefits that come from going with the Salvation Army. Aside from accessing services, residents in Coconino County can also receive gift cards for food purchases at their local grocery store or other retailers. This is a nice way to get fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be very beneficial for people who do not have much time to cook.

You can also receive a money card, which would allow you to pay rent or phone bills. You will be able to purchase items that you need with this money. In case you need immediate financial help, they also provide grants to help people maintain their homes or find new housing.

The Salvation Army also provides a program known as Family Services, specifically for women, children, and men. The Family Services help with housing assistance, food assistance for kids and families, clothing assistance for women and children, and case management to provide referrals needed to accept clients into the Flagstaff shelter program.

They will also refer clients to local assistance programs from Coconino County that can help with their eviction defense cases or provide other assistance.

Salvation army angel tree

Angel Tree is the primary program providing aid throughout Christmas. Donors are asked to “adopt a child from a tree, which will be placed in various public locations in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The donor will then purchase the part or all the items the child has requested, such as clothing, a toy, games, or other items. The Salvation Army, together with other volunteers and corporations, contributes to the administration of this program.

The charitable organization will organize a response in the event of a fire or any other natural or artificial calamity. They provide free counseling and referral services, as well as free food, meals, and personal care supplies. Other social services can provide help as well. They will also help people find work and assist with food and clothing, housing, utility bill assistance, rent help, transportation assistance, and other general needs.

Many families need financial assistance to pay their rent or their mortgage payment. The Salvation Army will provide them with grants to pay those bills or put money on their meters. There are also programs for energy bill assistance.

Some of the other emergency services, case management, and referrals are available for those in need. Children can also receive clothing vouchers, formula, and food for their families. There are also diaper and baby products and shelter assistance.

Financial assistance is offered to people who are facing a crisis. They will provide them with cash assistance to pay rent, cover utility bills, or even pay for school lunches. This organization will help children thrive with education efforts, help seniors live independently, and provide job training.

Some programs are administered by the Salvation Army to help families achieve self-sufficiency. The goal is to help people get back on their feet. Other services provided by the Salvation Army of Arizona include clothing and financial support, application assistance for SNAP benefits, and utility bill payment assistance.

The Salvation Army provides housing assistance in Flagstaff and Coconino County, AZ. They also have programs for job development, help with utilities, holiday meals/supplies, and more.

Free food and financial aid Flagstaff and Coconino County, AZ

There is a possibility of receiving financial support for an emergency but only on a limited basis. The money provided by the Salvation Army in Flagstaff, Arizona, can be used to pay for accommodation, rent, utilities, or water bills. The distribution of any funds is done individually and is contingent on available money. Making an appointment is always going to be necessary. On-site resources include a Flagstaff and Coconino County free food pantries and a distribution center for material goods. There is a process for applying; some criteria include residency, income, and others.

The amount of non-perishable food and free goods that each family in Coconino County can take home from the Salvation Army is based not only on the size of their family but also on the inventory currently stocked on the shelves. The potential answers are shown down below.

Food as well as groceries

The cupboards may be stocked with prepacked cereals, dry beans, bottled pasta or soup meals with meat, tuna, or chicken, jelly, peanut butter, trying to stuff, oatmeal, fruits, veggies, non-perishable breakfast foods, pasta sauce, and much more. The pantry may also be stocked with a variety of other foods. A soup kitchen will typically offer hot meals as well.

Free hygiene supplies and personal items are available at the material facility run by the Salvation Army in Coconino County. These goods include feminine hygiene products, nappies, baby wipes, furnishings, toilet paper, toothpaste, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, soap, and brushes. Other supplies include tables and chairs, diapers, and baby wipes.

Programs that provide aid (for pupils) with emergency clothing or purchasing back-to-school supplies are offered individually. Those in need who do not have other options can get shoes, winter clothing, and other types of clothing through this organization. Alternatively, kids, including immigrants, are eligible to get free resources for the school.

Food as well as groceries can also not shop at the second-hand story second-handy; you will need to bring birth certificates for all the children in the family and photo identification for each adult.

Referral services are included in a variety of other social service programs. Because the staff is knowledgeable about area medical clinics, demonstrated with the help of prescription drugs and Arizona government benefit programs (such as SNAP, job placement, welfare, and other similar services), they are aware that all of these can be successful in assisting a client.

It is possible to request help with your rent and utilities, transportation, food pantry, and other resources.

Employment services are available at the Salvation Army of Arizona. The goal is to ensure people are enrolled in the right work program that will get them back up on their feet. A staff member will be able to try and find a job for someone or provide them with career counseling with GED programs and job placement services as well.

The Children and Family Services program helps those in a crisis. Families come to the center and get help with their utility bills. This can also include budgeting advice, child care, food, or advice on gifts to buy for family members. In some cases, there are funds available for savings or checking accounts.

They will also provide holiday meal information if you want to contribute to our programs & services. They can use your contribution to help someone in need! A contribution is not a request nor a work requirement. It can be part of a donation to the Salvation Army.

These centers are also used as job training sites, homeless shelters, and community action agencies. So there is a wide range of other potential services that the Salvation Army may offer in Flagstaff, AZ.

Get Free Food In Coconino County, Arizona

Full Circle Peoples Pantry 

The Full Circle Peoples Pantry welcomes anyone in need to their food pantry every Wednesday through Sunday from 3 to 7 pm Families who are struggling financially are welcome to make one trip each week to the food pantry. They can choose the fresh dairy products, meat, eggs, and vegetables their households require the most.

 To be considered for their services, applicants need to present a current and valid form of identification, as well as the social security numbers and birth dates of every member of the household, as well as evidence that they are residents of Coconino County. Don’t hesitate to contact Bill Packard at (928) 699-7831 if you want additional information regarding the services they provide.

The need for food assistance is growing, and the pantry is doing its best to keep up with the demand. The pantry’s long-term goal is to meet all of Coconino County’s emergency food needs, meaning they will help people whenever they are in a crisis or emergency situation.

In addition to free food and groceries, the Full Circle Peoples Pantry also offers additional resources and referrals. They can offer information about other local charities, non-profits, and government programs.

Find places to turn to for free food, groceries, and other forms of assistance in Flagstaff, AZ. There are numbers below that can help people across the local area. At the same time, some of the services may be limited based on their funding, volunteers, or other factors.

You can call one of these food pantries for help. Be sure to ask about the number of days that you will be allowed to pick up free groceries and perishable items from them.

Flagstaff Family Food Bank

Low-income families residing in Flagstaff are encouraged to visit the Flagstaff Family Food Bank, where they are given a monthly supply of one box containing perishable and non-perishable food items. Families can collect food boxes on Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. 

In addition, they provide free hot meals to families that need further assistance every day from 4:00 to 5:30. Applicants are required to present proof of residency along with a valid form of identification to be considered for their services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (928) 526-2211 if you have any questions about the services they provide.

Appointments are required for non-emergency food boxes. Please phone the number below to learn about the application process. Flagstaff Family Food Bank distributes free dinner meals to the seniors and elderly of Coconino County. In addition, they offer a lunch program called “Lunch on Wheels,” which delivers meals to seniors unable to leave their homes due to age or disability. This service is provided by an all-volunteer crew that travels in an air-conditioned bus.

Over 8,000 meals were delivered to seniors and the elderly in Flagstaff, AZ, through the Meals on Wheels program. The senior citizens and elderly can call the food bank if they would like to apply for this service.

They also distribute free food boxes filled with non-perishable foods every month. This program provides vouchers to low-income individuals and benefits such as SNAP, TANF, SSI, and other government-funded programs. Recipients can use this allotment to buy groceries at various local stores and supermarkets in Flagstaff, Arizona, including Safeway.

Coconino County Social Services

Families that are struggling financially and live in Coconino County can receive assistance in various forms through Coconino County Social Services. They provide referrals for food boxes and clothing, assistance with paying utility bills, essential home repairs, and emergency food boxes stocked with non-perishable food items. 

To be eligible for the assistance, applicants need to provide evidence of their income and the costs of maintaining their household, a valid form of identification, social security cards for every household member, and proof that they are currently residing in Coconino County. Please call this number (928) 679-7425 if you have any questions or want to arrange an appointment.

Coconino County Social Services charity provides free meals and food boxes to low-income families in Flagstaff, Arizona.

They support the less fortunate’s basic needs and distribute free food boxes through local churches and charities in the city. In addition to hot meals, they also provide clothing, blankets, and other items. Many of those who struggle with poverty are often forced to do so alone. Charity organizations such as Coconino County Social Services are there to help and are prepared in case of a crisis.

Many of these charities assist people in need with utility deposits, rent, and heating bills. There are many other forms of assistance offered by charities, including free food and groceries, free clothing and furniture donations, and money grants.

Non-profit food pantries such as Coconino Community Action Program (CASA) can offer non-perishable food items such as canned goods, bread, pasta, peanut butter, and canned meat. In addition, they also offer perishable items in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits. They may offer cooking supplies and other grocery items from time to time. Individuals need to meet income requirements to receive food from them by having an Arizona EBT or welfare card.

Sunshine Rescue Mission

Low-income families can receive free food and clothing boxes from the Sunshine Rescue Mission between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. In addition, individuals who require further assistance can take advantage of the three meals provided each day at 7:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. 

To be eligible for their services, applicants are required to present a valid form of identification, a birth certificate for each child living in the home, a social security card for each adult living in the home, evidence that they are permanently residing in the area that they serve, and a statement detailing the income and expenses of their household.

Other options are available if you need help from a food bank, government program, or other charity. These programs provide emergency outreach and cash assistance to exhausted families struggling financially. Some of the options include emergency food boxes distributed by “Community Action Agencies” (CAAs) and emergency cash assistance provided by “Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program” or LIHEAP.

Sponsors can also be a big help to those with low incomes and struggling with poverty. Sponsors can provide emergency financial assistance, including grants and loans. Some avenues available to help include government-funded emergency funds such as TANF and SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), which are emergency food boxes provided through an EBT for those with low income.

Many other charities can provide immediate relief in the form of food boxes. There is a list of them below. In addition, other charities serve the same purpose. You can also check into these services:

Many of the programs listed above operate shelters where families who struggle with poverty can get help with their basic needs. There are large shelters for those who need temporary shelter in which many individuals can stay and receive meals and serve as a warm place to go for food or clothing.

Sedona Community Food Bank

The Sedona Community Food Bank extends an invitation to any families living in Sedona, Cornville, the Village of Oak Creek, and Page Springs struggling to make ends meet to visit their food bank. On Wednesday, between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, food products are distributed. 

To be eligible for food assistance, applicants are required to fill out the assistance application found on their website, provide proof of residence in the organization’s service area, list their sources of income and household expenses, choose their preferred foods, and list every member of their household, including their birth dates and social security numbers. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (928) 204-2808 if you have any questions about their services.

Sedona Community Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides emergency food assistance to families who struggle with poverty in Sedona, Arizona.

They distribute fresh produce, canned and dry goods, meat, and other healthy food. They also provide some meals each week for the entire Sedona community. The following are just a few services offered by the non-profit agency:

  • They offer emergency food boxes distributed through the food bank to low-income families. These boxes include fresh produce and other healthy grocery items.
  • They offer educational programs such as Cooking Skills, Child Nutrition, and Food Safety and Nutritional Guidelines.
  • A soup kitchen is also open for three meals per day. In addition, they also offer clothing and household goods.
  • They offer emergency food boxes distributed to low-income families through the food bank. These boxes include fresh produce and other healthy grocery items.

Flagstaff Shelter Services

The Flagstaff Shelter Services provides numerous programs for Coconino County families currently suffering homelessness. They are giving out clothing, helping people find jobs, providing a safe place to stay, three meals a day plus snacks, and referrals to other nonprofits and community centers. 

To be eligible for their assistance, applicants need to be homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless, and they also need to present a valid form of identification. Please phone this number if you want more information about their services or if you would like to arrange an appointment: (928) 225-2533.The city of Flagstaff provides free and reduced-cost clothing for families and children and other services, including housing. In addition, some free dining services are available to those who need help with their food needs:

They offer a food pantry where pantry goods are distributed through the YMCA. Flagstaff also has an abundance of government-funded clinics that provide medical and dental treatment to people who need help with medical insurance during the low-income months or without any medical insurance. Flagstaff is home to the following clinics:

Flagstaff is home to numerous charities and non-profit organizations that serve as helpful resources for individuals who are struggling with poverty. Some of these organizations include the following:

There are also numerous charities in Flagstaff that can be helpful for those who need assistance with their basic needs, including clothing, housing, medical care, utilities, and more. Some of these places include:

Flagstaff has numerous shelters and homeless programs that provide individuals with temporary shelter and assistance. This includes temporary housing and even meals. For example, the following organizations offer this type of assistance:

The Salvation Army in Flagstaff provides multiple programs for individuals who need help. Some services include utility bill assistance, food boxes, a food pantry (open six days a week), free clothing, a thrift store, shelter and shelter referrals, residential care/independent living apartments for seniors, and alcohol and substance abuse program referrals.

Get Free Christmas Gifts In Coconino County, Arizona

The Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Law Enforcement

By organizing annual toy drives and collecting new toys from community members and organizations, the Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Law Enforcement agencies can offer Christmas presents to more than 750 children yearly. They make the delivery to low-income families in Coconino County one week before Christmas, bringing the toys with them. 

Those in need who want to participate in their program are required to go to the Flagstaff police department or get a referral from a social services organization, have a valid form of identification, and have birth certificates for all children in the household who are under the age of 18 to do so. Please call the Flagstaff Law Enforcement office at (928) 774-1414 if you want additional information regarding their services.

This organization provides free toys for children ages 7 to 12 during the holiday season. To do this, they need new, unwrapped toys in the original packaging. The program works all year round to collect new toys and offers them to children in the community. For more information or to donate, visit their website.

Each Christmas season, this non-profit organization provides new toys for the children who live in Coconino County through its Operation Christmas Child program. This program is funded by donations from the community and other areas that give toys and money. The program is free for families to participate in, but they ask that families have a toy drive during November.

Salvation army angel tree

The Salvation Army runs an annual program called Angel Tree, where they give each child a present they can unwrap on Christmas morning. One week before Christmas, all of the children in the town are given presents that members of the community and organizations have generously given. 

Additionally, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, they provide cooked holiday dinners at their soup kitchen and holiday dinner boxes that include turkey or ham and all of the traditional holiday fixings. 

To be eligible for their services, applicants need to have at least one child who is under the age of 12 living in the home full-time, have a form of identification that is not expired, and have social security cards or birth certificates for all members of the household, and have proof of income and household expenses to verify that they are eligible based on their income level. Please visit their website if you would like additional information regarding the services that they provide.

As one of the largest providers of social service and community resources in one location in Coconino County, they offer various resources to individuals and families within their community. These services include: The above sources do not include all the resources Coconino County offers. For example, numerous government programs provide free housing, food, clothing, and more to those in need.

Flagstaff is also home to many organizations and non-profit organizations that provide many other types of services to their community and people who need assistance in general. Examples of these include:

The Salvation Army in Flagstaff provides support for economically disadvantaged individuals. It has an onsite chapel and main administration building that serves as the administrative center for the Salvation Army. There is also a large auditorium and gymnasium, which are both used for recreational purposes in addition to the educational facilities that are found onsite.

Society Of St. Vincent De Paul 

The Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program is available in each of the 80 distinct parishes found across Coconino County by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The members of the community and the organizations in the community sponsor families and buy gifts for each member of the family, including clothing, toys, games, gift cards, and other goods. These gifts are then distributed in the days leading up to Christmas. 

To participate in the program, applicants need to have a valid form of identification, social security cards for everyone in the household who is over the age of 18, birth certificates for everyone in the household who is under the age of 18, proof of address in Coconino County, proof of income, and proof of the expenses incurred by the household. Please dial 211 to be connected to the Community Information and Referral system so that you can receive a referral or obtain additional information regarding the provided programs.

Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program is a non-profit organization that provides Christmas presents and holiday meals to children who live in the Northern Arizona region. In 2017, they distributed presents and meals to over 1,800 families.

To achieve this, local organizations and community members sponsor families in the Northern Arizona region who will be in need for Christmas. These organizations and local community members buy toys, clothes, shoes, haircuts/shaves, food gifts (including turkeys), and more for every family member.

The program is offered in every county of the state and all cities. The Salvation Army provides these services, but they also receive a donation of toys and other needs items. Troops available in this area include: There are also community members who donate directly to needy children around the town. If a child is not already growing up in the United States, they are likely to be in one of the four counties.

The connective tissue between two or more organizations and communities with different cultural backgrounds. This includes the following groups:

The center of each county is located in the heart of the city. Each year, Salvation Army provides a Christmas meal with a full dinner item, dessert, and appetizers. The organization also provides hygiene products to those in need and supports homeless Veterans.

Trinity Heights United Methodist Church

During the holiday season, families struggling financially are assisted by Trinity Heights United Methodist Church by receiving gift cards, petrol and grocery vouchers, toys, and other little items. 

To be eligible for their holiday program, applicants need to provide proof of residency in their service area, proof of income and proof of household expenses, a birth certificate for each child living in the home, a social security card for each adult living in the home, and a valid form of identification. Please phone this number if you would like more information about their services or if you would like to book an interview.

The Salvation Army in Flagstaff provides many social services, but they also admit to paying customers who require a bed and a place to stay in the area. All of their locations offer limited lodging, and some offer overnight shelter and food to people who do not have a place to stay or do not have any money to pay for food.

They also provide outreach services such as food pantries that are open regularly, sandwiches/bags of groceries, hot meals served daily, and meals distributed at various times throughout the year.

Trinity Heights United Methodist Church Offers meals and social services to the community daily. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian organization that builds homes for needy families. The organization within the state of Arizona builds or renovates homes or apartment buildings. They provide housing to those in need and build homes to prevent homelessness.

Assistance League

Residents can get free Christmas gifts this year in Coconino County, Arizona. Children of school age who live in low-income households are eligible for vouchers for thrift shops, clothing, shoes, and toys.

Operation School Bell is a program that gives students not just a free book but also a new health kit to take with them to school. To be eligible for assistance from this organization, applicants must have at least one child living in their home enrolled in a school in Coconino County.

Furthermore, applicants need to provide evidence of their income and household expenses so that the organization can verify their eligibility based on their income level. For parents to enroll their children in this program, they must first obtain a referral from either the institution in which their child is enrolled or a social services organization. Please contact them at (928) 779-3009 if you have any questions about the services that they have to offer.

Operation School Bell is an organization that provides free school items to children living in low-income households in Coconino County. The program assists children from kindergarten through twelfth grade and provides them with the following:

School kits include backpacks, pencils, protractors, and other supplies needed for school. Now families can focus on spending time together without having to worry about whether they have enough supplies for their child’s first day of school. Assistance League of Flagstaff offers this program through their Flagstaff office.

Operation School Bell is now available in all four counties that are located in the state of Arizona. This program was established to provide free school supplies to children who are living in low-income families. Please contact the agency directly if you want to apply for this program or have any questions about it.

Toys for tots program

During the holiday season, Gifts for Tots holds toy drives annually to collect toys for families living on low incomes. One week before Christmas, every child is given brand-new, new toys that members of the community and organizations have generously donated. To participate in this program, applicants must click the link on their website that says “request toys” to register each child. 

In addition, applicants are required to provide proof of residency in Coconino County, have a valid form of identification, have social security cards for all adults in the home, have birth certificates for all children living in the home, and provide proof of income and household expenses to verify that they are eligible based on their income level. Please visit their website if you would like additional information regarding this program.

Toys For Tots is an organization that provides toys to children living in low-income families. This organization was established to collect toys through toy drives and then redistribute them to other children living with their parents in households that cannot afford adequate child care.

Toys For Tots collects and distributes new, unwrapped toys throughout Coconino County each year. Most Toys For Tots’ bagged assortment is obtained from donations from local businesses and volunteers, although the group also purchases some of its gift items for redistribution.

Applying for resources from Salvation Army Coconino County

Although the Salvation Army in Coconino County is primarily a religious organization, people of all faiths, races, and other categories are welcome to use the location for assistance with finances, food, or guidance. Call (928) 774-1403 or visit 507 N. Humphreys Street, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001, to obtain additional information or to submit an application for assistance.

What kind of assistance does Salvation Army provide in Coconino County?

The Salvation Army provides support, including emergency housing, food vouchers, financial aid, and free clothing, to anyone who applies.

Who is eligible to receive Salvation Army services in Coconino County?

Anyone in need can receive their basic service.

How does one become a member of Coconino County?

Membership is offered to anyone interested. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an e-mail with step-by-step instructions and a link to download your membership card. You may also pick up another copy at the welfare or volunteer services office.

Volunteers and staff from The Salvation Army provide some of the services. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, and minors under 18 must have parental consent before being allowed to work for the organization.

What are the requirements for Salvation Army?

To receive assistance, they must fill out an application, be a Coconino County resident, and have proof of address and identification.

How do you contact them through e-mail/phone?

The Salvation Army maintains a website that allows you to contact them through e-mail, phone, or mail for more information about their programs or assistance available for your family or individual needs.


The Salvation Army has been an active provider of support to the Coconino County community for many decades. When a person is down on their luck and is facing homelessness, hunger, or other issues that can severely impact their quality of life and put their health at risk, they can turn to the organization.

They will provide people with services to encourage stability and self-sufficiency. Whether it helps with rent or shelter, numerous options can be provided.

Every day hundreds of individuals rely on the generosity of others to gain stability at home. As long as there are people who need assistance, the Salvation Army will continue its efforts to find ways to provide aid to those in need.



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