Christmas gifts Idea for boyfriend who has everything

What gift to give Boyfriend on this christmas – Original Christmas gifts for your boyfriend that you can make yourself Christmas is approaching, and you have no idea what to get your boyfriend. The same boring, unoriginal options are always available in stores, and you run out of ideas. You will only need to use your own hands and your heart to find the best detail for your Christmas gift if you want to drive your boy crazy. Your effort will be worth much more than all those expensive fragrances. You will be speechless and overwhelmed when you see it.

Check out these 8 original Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend, all of which you can make yourself. What’s the best of them all? Many of them can also be done on other special dates.

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Handmade Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend

Jar with 365 love notes

The detail is a perfect Christmas touch, original, unique, romantic, and, without a doubt, very significant. The only thing you’ll need is a transparent glass bottle and 365 post-it notes. To show your love for your boyfriend, you must write a message in each one for each day of the year.

You can use the memories and unforgettable moments of the relationship that you have shared, phrases or fragments from songs that you both like, or all the reasons why you love him. The following year, your boy will be able to pick a note at random from the pile every morning and start the day without stopping to think about you. 

A Personalized photo album of Memories

You can give your boyfriend a beautiful Christmas present by creating an album of pictures of your time together. Whenever you have taken a photo during an important moment of your relationship (trips, birthdays, anniversaries, special evenings, etc. ), print it out. Attach them to the album and decorate them with beautiful love phrases. Your boy will be delighted when he sees it!

Love Coupons, The Perfect Christmas Gift

Generally, love vouchers are given to couples, but they can also be given to very close friends as a special gift. To get started, all you need is a large poster board, scissors, and colored markers.

Make checks by cutting out cardboard, decorating them, and writing a redemption plan for your boyfriend on each of them. Good for a massage, “Good for a night without mobile phones”, “Good for a spicy night or a crazy night”. Arrange all the vouchers together to form a checkbook. Moreover, he can redeem the coupons whenever he feels like it. He will hallucinate when you give him this as a Christmas gift. Isn’t that a great idea?

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Box of the five senses

By investing very little money, you can make this gift for yourself. Each of the gifts is associated with a different meaning and is prepared in a box. If he has the sense of sight, you could give him a calendar with your photos, a Christmas love letter, tickets to a movie or a play, or a trip to see the stars.

Listening to the sound of the sea can be accomplished with a conch shell, tickets to a concert or an original CD by your favorite artist. He might love some chocolates, candies, or lacasitos that he loves, or an invitation to his favorite restaurant… If he enjoys touch, you can give him a massage, give him a stuffed animal, or take him to the spa for the afternoon. For the sense of smell, you should opt for a good cologne, a scented candle, or a T-shirt that smells like you.

Kit for a movie night, an original gift for your boyfriend

Is there anything better than watching a movie together on the couch on a Christmas afternoon? To make the most of your cinephile moment, give your boyfriend a pack. Put some popcorn, a bar of chocolate or nougat (this is one of the sweets that are most desirable at this time) and some soda into a cardboard box. The only thing you need to do is choose a movie and press play.

Envelopes “Open when” 

It is very easy and simple to make this Christmas present for your boyfriend! Put the order of opening each envelope in the envelopes that you buy for your boy. You can open it when you are hungry, when you miss me, when you are sad, and so on. Inside the envelope, place the reward corresponding to your immediate need. If you open the envelope marked “Open it when you are sad,” you can include a voucher for a hug, and if you open the envelope marked “Open it when you are hungry,” you can include an invitation to your favorite restaurant. It was a very sweet gift!

Chocolate truffles, delicious Christmas gift 

If you are talented in the kitchen, then make some delicious chocolate truffles! Men are said to be conquered by the stomach, so if you are good at cooking, you should try it! You will only need a few chocolate cookies, some cream cheese, and some chocolate noodles for decoration. We show you how to do it in the video below.

Christmas photo tree

Are you sick and tired of common photo frames? Don’t worry, we’ve got an alternate option you’re going to love: a personalized Christmas tree. You will only need to replace the classic Christmas balls with some special photographs that you have taken together. This is the most original gift you can give to your boyfriend this holiday season! 

How about these gift ideas for your boyfriend on christmas holidays, enough to make the christmas memorable? if you have something exciting to gift to your boyfriend let us know !!

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