FREE Christmas Assistance In McDowell County, NC

FREE Christmas Assistance Programs Offer Free Gifts and Free Food in McDowell County, NC – Christmas is right around the corner, so you need to start thinking about what you’ll give as presents or bring for your loved ones. You could have just been lucky enough to buy a few gifts and get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in McDowell County, NC, that will come in handy, but most likely, they still need to be at your fingertips.

Or it would help if you were busier to go out searching for the best deals, so you have no choice but to shop online. No matter your reason, don’t fret because there are plenty of ways to get your hands on Christmas gifts without all the hassle.

There are sites out there that will offer a wide range of gifts and food items that would come in handy this holiday season. This list is not exhaustive but should cover any needs you may have for the upcoming holiday season. After a difficult year on the financial front, Christmas can bring about feelings of dread and despair, although it is supposed to be a time of good tidings and cheer. With all of the gloomy news that we’ve been reading about in the news of late, it’s now up to us to stay positive and look for ways to keep the spirit of giving alive.

These organizations are here to help those in the community who are in financial need. They don’t want your money, only that you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

Organizations that Provide Free Christmas Gifts for Children in McDowell County, NC

The Salvation Army program McDowell County, NC

They put together a Christmas gift list for needy families. They also have an online application form for parents and guardians of children who are in need.

The organization also provides gifts to kids during the summer, so they only go with them if they lose their jobs during the holiday season. Their services include providing children with winter coats, holiday meals, and gift basket items free of charge. Everyone who visits their office is able to donate their Christmas food basket project.

Another agency you could use is the Children’s Holiday Gift Program of The Salvation Army. They have several offices in McDowell County. These offices include thrift stores and the main facility, where they accept toys, clothes, and food donations. They also provide their client’s free counselling and guidance services on budgeting, debt reduction, and alternative finance options. This can greatly help those who find it hard to make ends meet at the end of each month.

A Christmas help program is available for children younger than 12 through the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army asks for proof of income and the number of family members during the application process, typically in written form.

Their agency also helps with filing for utility assistance and provides free advice on making it through difficult financial times. They will even connect you with organizations involved in food pantries, rent assistance, and government grants. For those who are part of a faith-based group, they have an on-site chapel where you can receive support from both family and friends.

Many families that need help have limited means, and this is where the charities that offer Christmas gifts for children in McDowell County can come to the rescue. They can also serve as a resource to parents raising children on their own; these charities may provide food, clothing, and other essentials they need daily.

Organization Name Address Phone Website Rating Organization Type
Salvation Army Thrift Store Salvation Army Thrift Store, 2240 NC-226, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 659-2522 4.1 Thrift store
Salvation Army Services 0026 Worship Salvation Army Services 0026 Worship, 420 W Fleming Dr, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 430-8392 3.7 Social services organization
Salvation Army Services Center Salvation Army Services Center, 220 Postal St, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 262-1005   Social services organization
The Salvation Army Center of Hope The Salvation Army Center of Hope, 204 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 253-4723 4.4 Homeless shelter
Salvation Army Thrift Store Salvation Army Thrift Store, 412 W Fleming Dr A, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 439-8080 4.1 Thrift store

The Salvation Army also provides the following for kids in McDowell County:

  • Christmas gift program for children under 12 years old
  • Counselling services for single parents, even if they do not need financial help
  • Emergency financial assistance and case management (for those who qualify)
  • Many other great services like clothing closets, furniture banks, food pantries, and thrift stores. The Salvation Army has been serving the area for many years and can provide you with the resources you need to achieve a better financial situation.

The Salvation Army’s main goal is to help you out of your situation by giving you tools to get you through and become self-sufficient.

Each year, many children in the United States do not receive a Christmas gift, which is why it is so important for local citizens to participate in helping these children. The main goal of Christmas help charities is to provide food and gifts free of charge so that they can make this special holiday season memorable. No matter what age they are, not every child receives a present on Christmas morning.

This is why it is more important than ever before to get involved and help these kids. You can also enter their names and birthdates on the charity’s Christmas list to get free printable materials for your family. The Salvation Army is another great help source that provides food baskets and gifts. The Salvation Army program also provide free counselling services to those who need financial assistance. If you are interested in doing something nice for your community, this program could be just what you’re looking for.

In this difficult economy, everyone needs to lend a helping hand to those in need. Even if you can’t give your time or money, there are other ways to contribute.

One of the best ways is to volunteer at one of the free holiday assistance organizations in the area. These charitable groups need volunteers whenever they can get them, especially during the Christmas holiday season. You’ll feel great knowing that your time and talent have been appreciated by those less fortunate than you.

Christmas in Clinch field McDowell County, NC

Christmas assistance charities also help children that are from families of low income. The children might be orphans, they are suffering from illnesses, or they simply don’t have enough to eat.

The gifts might be because their parents don’t have enough money to buy presents for the children or because the children are living in difficult conditions with parents who don’t care about them. In any case, these Christmas aid programs provide warm clothing and other items that kids need. Christmas in Clinchfield is a gift-giving ministry run by Clinchfield Baptist Church. It gives away free presents to local kids.

It provides a free toy store where parents can come to shop for presents for their children, and it is open to the public. November is the only month in which applications will be accepted.

Christmas in Clinchfield is a great option for those who are looking for help around Christmas. They offer several different programs that are available to the public. Some include free toys and games, food baskets, Christmas day meals, gifts, financial assistance, and even free children’s clothing.

They have several facilities in the area that serve children in need. They also offer holiday meals to families that are in need. They don’t discriminate against any race, religion, or age. Clinchfield Baptist Church runs the Christmas in Clinchfield Foundation, and they have been helping children of low income for many years.

They provide free presents to kids who might otherwise not receive them, and they make it possible for them to have a merry Christmas without worrying about material things like toys, clothes, food, etc. The Christmas in Clinchfield is a unique program because it gives gifts to children’s families who are in need. The fast is for kids only, but the program has proven to be very effective in providing children with toys, clothes, and food on Christmas day.

Santa Pal McDowell County, NC

Fill out an application or call to allow them to find out how they can serve you. This will allow them to help you find the perfect gift for that little boy or girl in your life. For more than eight decades, The Optimist Club of Asheville’s Santa Pal program has made it possible for less fortunate children in the state of North Carolina to receive Christmas gifts.

In addition to the application, parents are required to submit their Medicare and Social Security cards. However, the Santa Pal program is not limited to those who need financial help. Several other agencies provide Christmas gifts and food baskets for children in McDowell County.

One example would be the Hope Mission Network. This organization provides around-the-clock services to the community at no cost to them. They also receive no government funding to continue their important work, but they do it anyway because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. They are one of the first places to go if you need help.

They have a food bank where you will receive all the food and meals you’ll need for your family. They also have a closet where you can get clothes for yourself and your kids to look presentable for job interviews. Remember their gift closet, where there are toys and gifts that you can use for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

Instead of purchasing a pre-packaged toy, why not make the gift personalized? You can create the perfect gift for your little one by adding a personal touch. You can enter their name and birth date on an online registry, where you can get free printable Christmas gifts they’ll treasure yearly. Or you can attach a photo of them to a hand-made ornament or knitted scarf they will enjoy every time they look at it.

Agencies That Distribute Free Christmas Trees in McDowell County, NC!

Project Christmas McDowell County, NC

Families with children who are not yet in high school can participate in the school-based program known as Project Christmas, which provides them with gifts, food, and Christmas trees.

Families with children who are not yet in high school can participate in the school-based program known as Project Christmas, which provides them with gifts, food, and Christmas trees. This charity offers free Christmas presents to families suffering from financial difficulties. They also provide clothing for kids and food for those who need it.

This charity offers free Christmas presents to families suffering from financial difficulties. They also provide clothing for kids and food for those who need it. Project Christmas’s main goal is to offer free Christmas presents for families suffering from financial difficulties in the local community.

This organization offers several different services, just like the Salvation Army, but they also provide free Christmas gifts for kids. Their main objective is to serve families with low-income children, and the service runs during November only.

They have a Christmas outreach program that encourages families with children who need extra help on Christmas day and gives them gifts for their kids. They also run a service that provides Christmas presents to families with severe financial difficulty.

They strive to help children and their families by providing gifts and food baskets to impoverished children. Who can participate? The only people who can participate in this Christmas project are families with low-income babies, children, or teenagers living at home with their parents. One of their main objectives is to give presents to children from low-income families. This organization also provides free Christmas meals and food baskets.

This program was established to help all the children in the Clinchfield community, especially those living in extreme poverty, by offering them the Christmases they deserve.

They provide various services including free Christmas presents and food baskets, holiday meals, and clothes for kids. They also provide kids with free toys, books, and gifts during November.

Soup Kitchens That Serve Free Meals on the Holidays and Christmas

Soup Kithcen Name Address Phone Website Rating Organization Type
Friendship Home For Women And Children – Food Distribution Center Friendship Home For Women And Children – Food Distribution Center, 124 Fleming Ave, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 659-6490   5 Food bank
Food Hub Food Hub, 263 Barnes Rd, Marion, NC 28752     5 Non-profit organization
Mission Ministries Alliance – Center for Men Mission Ministries Alliance – Center for Men, 804 State St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 659-3981 4 Non-profit organization
Dominoes Dominoes, Burkemont Ave, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 430-0673     Soup kitchen
Lenoir Soup Kitchen Lenoir Soup Kitchen, 1113 College Ave SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 (828) 758-1411 4.7 Social services organization
Mcdowell Mission Ministries Mcdowell Mission Ministries, 124 Fleming Ave, Marion, NC 28752 (919) 390-2550    
Loving Hearts Bear Closet Loving Hearts Bear Closet, 5 Summit St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 803-8790 5 Non-profit organization
Burke United Christian Ministries – Food Distribution Center Burke United Christian Ministries – Food Distribution Center, 305 B W Union St, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 433-8075   Food bank
Lenoir Soup Kitchen – Food Distribution Center Lenoir Soup Kitchen – Food Distribution Center, 1113 College Ave SW, Lenoir, NC 28645     5 Food bank
Big Booty Cafe Big Booty Cafe, NC-194, Boone, NC 28607       Soup kitchen
Episcopal Church Food Pantry Episcopal Church Food Pantry, 2840 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher, NC 28732 (828) 684-6266 4.8 Food bank
McDowell County Department of Social Services McDowell County Department of Social Services, 145 E Court St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-3355 3.5 Social services organization
Freedom Life Freedom Life, 130 Logan St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 559-2224 4.6 Non-profit organization
Don Taco Don Taco, 5360 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher, NC 28732       Soup kitchen
Grace Community Church Grace Community Church, 5182 US-70, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 724-9599 4.8 Baptist church
Hickory Soup Kitchen Hickory Soup Kitchen, 110 2nd St Pl SE, Hickory, NC 28602 (828) 327-4828 4.6 Social services organization
Skyland United Methodist Little Food Pantry Skyland United Methodist Little Food Pantry, 1984 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 684-7283 5 Food bank
McDowell Local McDowell Local, 23 N Main St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 559-0654 4.4 Restaurant
Hospitality House of Boone – Food Distribution Center Hospitality House of Boone – Food Distribution Center, 338 Brook Hollow Rd, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 264-1237 4.2 Food bank
Loving Food Resources Loving Food Resources, 123 Kenilworth Rd, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 255-9282 5 Non-profit organization
NC Farmers of the Foothills   (828) 652-8104   Agricultural cooperative
Beloved Street Pantry Beloved Street Pantry, 121 US-74 ALT, Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 571-0766 3 Food bank
Root Cause Farm – Food Distribution Center Root Cause Farm – Food Distribution Center, 26 Joe Jenkins Rd, Fairview, NC 28730 (828) 276-1156   Food bank
St Johns Episcopal Church St Johns Episcopal Church, 289 S Main St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-4144 4.7 Episcopal church
Grace Baptist Church Grace Baptist Church, 930 Shady Ln, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-8184   4.8 Baptist church
Bruce’s Fabulous Foods Bruce’s Fabulous Foods, 63 S Main St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 659-8023 4.7 American restaurant
The Hunger 0026 Health Coalition – Food Distribution Center The Hunger 0026 Health Coalition – Food Distribution Center, 141 Health Center Dr, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 262-1628 3 Food bank
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, 2491 Sugar Hill Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (980) 987-7298 2.6 Restaurant
AB tech kitchen AB tech kitchen, Magnolia, 30 Tech Dr, Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 398-7900   Soup kitchen
Burke United Christian Ministries Burke United Christian Ministries, 305-B W Union St, Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 433-8075 4.7 Non-profit organization
New China Buffett New China Buffett, 2845 Sugar Hill Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 559-2555   3.8 Chinese restaurant
Mc Dowell County Dss Adult Services Mc Dowell County Dss Adult Services, 486 Spaulding Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-3355   Social services organization
Pay It Forward Food Pantry Pay It Forward Food Pantry, 2058 Harper Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645 (828) 572-4441   4.9 Association or organization
A Simple Gesture- High Country A Simple Gesture- High Country, 141 Health Center Dr # C, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 262-1628   Association or organization
Glenwood Baptist Church Glenwood Baptist Church, 155 Glenwood Baptist Church Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 738-4998 4.9 Baptist church
McDowell Chamber of Commerce McDowell Chamber of Commerce, 1170 W Tate St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-4240 4.5 Chamber of Commerce
West Court Food Center West Court Food Center, 399 W Court St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-7535   4.8 Grocery store
West Court Food Center 2 West Court Food Center 2, 6080 US-221, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 738-3497   4.4 Grocery store
Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church, 214 Pg Baptist Church Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 724-4383 4.6 Baptist church
Hunger 0026 Health Coalition Hunger 0026 Health Coalition, 141 Health Center Dr # C, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 262-1628 4.6 Social services organization
Centro Unido Latino-Americano Centro Unido Latino-Americano, 79 Academy St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-0727 5 Non-profit organization
Bounty 0026 Soul Bounty 0026 Soul, 999 Old US Hwy 70, Black Mountain, NC 28711 (828) 419-0533 4.9 Non-profit organization
MANNA FoodBank MANNA FoodBank, 627 Swannanoa River Rd, Asheville, NC 28805 (828) 299-3663 4.7 Food bank
Grace of God Rescue Mission Grace of God Rescue Mission, 537 W Main St, Forest City, NC 28043 (828) 245-9141   4.2 Mission
Hoke County Open Door Soup Kitchen Hoke County Open Door Soup Kitchen, 320 Turnpike Rd, Raeford, NC 28376 (404) 971-7408 5 Soup kitchen
Country Diner Country Diner, 2429 US-221, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-4461   4.4 Diner
IAM – Food Distribution Center IAM – Food Distribution Center, 310 Freeman St, Hendersonville, NC 28792 (828) 697-7029 3.7 Food bank
Louise’s Rock House Restaurant Louise’s Rock House Restaurant, 23175 221 Linville Falls Highway, Newland, NC 28657 (828) 765-2702   4.3 American restaurant
Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina, 338 Brook Hollow Rd, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 264-1237 4 Non-profit organization
Jalapeño Fresh Grill Jalapeño Fresh Grill, 1582 Rutherford Rd, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-5154   4.6 Mexican restaurant
Marion Moose Lodge Marion Moose Lodge, Hwy 10 0026 Bill cook Dr, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-2540 4.6 Fraternal organization
Ingles Market Ingles Market, 625 W Henderson St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-8588 4.3 Grocery store
Harvest Drive-In Inc Harvest Drive-In Inc, 861 N Main St, Marion, NC 28752 (828) 652-4155   4.1 American restaurant

Churches and Ministries Offer Free Food During Christmas and Holiday Season

Grace Community Church

This church serves free meals to needy community members with little or nothing to eat. They also offer a free automotive repair service for those who have major repairs that they cannot afford.

Families in need can receive meals from Grace Community Church, which provides this service. They also have a “Gingerbread Christmas” program that makes holiday deliveries to struggling people. The free Christmas meal service is available for anyone with difficulty paying for their food. Grace Community Church offers free meals to anyone who needs assistance, especially seniors and families with children. This organization provides free clothes to low-income families and individuals who need clothing.

They offer free Christmas gifts for children whose parents are experiencing financial difficulties and they provide them with food baskets during the holiday season. Don’t hesitate to contact the Grace Community Church if you need clothes or help to buy furniture for your house or apartment.

Old Fort Area Crisis Ministry

This is an organization that assists those in the community who are struggling to make ends meet. They offer free Christmas and Thanksgiving meals to children and adults in McDowell County.

They are located in Marion, North Carolina. If you live in a low-income neighbourhood and have children, this is the organization you need to contact if you need help with food during the holiday season. They also run a free clothing program for families that need assistance.

This program aims to help those in need during the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons. The demand for these meals is high, and usually, you will have to call ahead of time as they do not accept walk-in clients. In addition, the community has a limited budget, so if more than 50 people show up simultaneously, they may not be able to provide food assistance. Families with limited financial means can receive food from the Old Fort Area Crisis Ministry and various other charitable services. This ministry is only open to people who live in the Old Fort community.

Call them if you want a free Christmas meal from the Old Fort Area Crisis Ministry or have any questions about their services. Old Fort Area Crisis Ministry’s main goal is to help those in need in the community.

This is a non-profit organization, and they offer free holiday meals. These services are only available for those who live in McDowell County, North Carolina. If you are looking for a free Christmas meal, you will be able to receive food from the Old Fort Area Crisis Ministry, which offers free meals and can provide food baskets for those who need help during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Remember to check out FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in Lenoir, NC!

Victory Christian Ministries

This organization provides free non-perishable food to the people of McDowell County. They also provide free clothing and work with local churches to provide financial assistance when needed.

The Victory Christian Ministries is just one of the many shelters for people in need of help in the community that can provide a free Christmas meal in McDowell County. Residents can use the food bank run by Victory Christian Ministries, which is open to the public.

They might also be able to provide aid over the holiday season with food appropriate for the occasion. Much of the food they offer is free and can be used by low-income people. If you are in need of food, you should contact Victory Christian Ministries.

They also assist with fuel cards and rent payments for those who have to pay more than half of their income on rent and utilities. This organization provides financial aid for furniture for those who have to pay $150 or more a month on bills, deposits, or rent. The Victory Christian Ministries’ main goal is to assist those in need in the community.

If you need financial assistance and are looking for a free Christmas meal, contact Victory Christian Ministries. You may receive assistance with food or money from this organization. This non-denominational organization provides services to those in need who live within McDowell County. If you need help, the first thing that you should do is contact the Victory Christian Ministries and discuss your needs with them face to face.

This is a charity that provides free Christmas food to those who are in need in the McDowell County area. They also run a clothing store where they sell clothes, shoes, and school supplies at a reduced price during the holiday season. This organization is located in Marion, North Carolina.

This program aims to assist families with children who live in McDowell County and may not have enough money to pay for food during the holiday season.

Dysartsville Food Pantry

This charity helps families and individuals living in low-income neighbourhoods. They also provide holiday meals to low-income residents of the county. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, individuals in need can pick up boxes of food from the Dysartsville Food Pantry within the United Methodist Church. We ask that you enter the building through the rear door.

This charity also provides food for families in need. Their service is open to everyone. They also offer food boxes and canned goods that you can use to make soup if you are struggling to afford your meals. This organization needs a little donation from you, depending on your income, but they will provide the food for free. Dysartsville Food Pantry also provides meals and food baskets during the Christmas season.

If you are low-income or have a family that consists of a senior citizen or children living in poverty, contact this charity immediately, as they can assist your family. You can pick up free food from the church every other Tuesday and Thursday during the holiday season. You will have to call ahead and let them know that you will be coming in. They will have a list of names that you can check off. They also provide assistance to those who have no money or that are in need of help with food and clothing.

The only people who will be able to use the food provided by this charity are agencies, social service agencies, government programs, churches, and schools. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the Dysartsville Food Pantry. This charity is open for student referrals as well as adult referrals.

Salvation Army Christmas

The Salvation Army offers free Christmas meals. This organization provides food baskets for children and kids with low-income families. They also come to your door every other month and deliver a food basket to your children so they can receive Christmas treats and food. Those staying in the shelter over the Christmas holiday are treated to festive holiday meals prepared especially by the Salvation Army.

Feeding the hungry is a priority for the Salvation Army. They offer free Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving dinners all around the United States. Their free meal program is dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals. The Salvation Army offers many services to local people, including holiday meals, a clothing bank, and utility bill assistance programs. They also provide shelter during cold weather, soup kitchens, and community centres where people can gather together to exchange gifts freely without having to pay an admission fee.

If you are facing financial difficulties and experiencing hunger, contact the non-profit support organization. Salvation Army Christmas cover various counties in North Carolina and South Carolina. The Salvation Army will help you with food assistance, as well as other services focussed on active seniors and individuals who need help.

Call the Salvation Army if you live in low-income housing or have recently discovered that your utility bills have increased dramatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are people offering as Christmas gifts?

If you want more information, you can call a charity working with your local government office, but they may need help to tell you. They may refer you to the Salvation Army or another charity that works with the county government.

How to get cheap toys and gifts?

Most large toy stores have a “green section” where they sell toys made from recycled materials and other sustainable manufacturing sources. These might be the best choices for you.

Where can family and friends donate gifts for a needy family?

If you want to find out more information, you can contact a charity that is working with your local government office or you can contact the Salvation Army. If you are looking for an organization focused on Christmas donations, you should call.

Where to donate food items?

You should contact your local food bank or social service agency. Many of these groups will be able to provide a free Christmas meal for those in need.



Many other charities in the United States can provide a free Christmas meal to needy families living in McDowell County. You could also contact your local church and ask if they will provide meals for the needy, or you could call your local food bank or social service agency.

If you need help, there is no reason to go hungry during the holidays and your children do not have to be without a present under the Christmas tree. These great charities provide free Christmas meals, clothing and food to those in need. Low-income families can tune in to the local news to learn about the services donated in your area. You can also contact your local government office and ask if they have any food programs available. Sometimes they give out vouchers, boxes of groceries, or vouchers for food at Christmas time.

If you need FREE Christmas Gifts and Food in McDowell County, NC, you can call the charities listed above and see what assistance they can provide. Many of these organizations will work with other charities in the community to ensure that everyone receives a free meal over the holiday season. You can also contact your local food bank or social service agency.

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