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What to give your girlfriend for Christmas (if you have been together for a short time or a long time) Romantic, inspiring and very Christmas ideas for your girl Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with gifts for Christmas. We promise ourselves every year to do it in advance, to search for them weeks in advance, and to come up with the best and most creative idea.  Christmas, however, has arrived and we don’t have much choice, and most importantly, we don’t have much time!

No matter how long you’ve been together or how short you’ve been together, what should you give your girlfriend at Christmas? Do not worry! No matter your situation, we have something perfect. During Christmas assistance help’s search for ideas, we divided them into two categories: those who have been dating for a short time, and those who have been together for a long time. Let us know which one you like the most and we will suggest the same for her. It will become much more apparent to you after you have read them what it is that you will be giving him to spend a Christmas season of 10. Look, look!

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What to give my girlfriend if I have been with her for a short time?

The couple has been together for a short time, they started seriously a few months ago, and they are afraid that the gift sounds too serious or does not have any certainty of success. The second fear is at the other extreme: what if I fail? No need to worry, here is a list of ideas you will love and will suit your needs perfectly.

A show

Although these types of gifts can always be given no matter how long they have been together, the truth is that when you have only been going out for a few months it is more important to create memories without the pressure of giving the typical gift given for these occasions (like a gem!) There is another positive about this gift, which is the variety of prices and choices. You do not have to choose the show but you can choose what kind of show you want to see. There is always something to enjoy, no matter where you go, whether it’s monologues, plays, or musicals.

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A getaway

There is always a good option, no matter how special or how ordinary the occasion may be! Spend a magical night in a transparent dome in the middle of the forest, or relax in a room with a private pool. For nature lovers, there are also cabins with hikes and for those seeking more than relaxing weekends, there are hotels in front of waterfalls.

Something technological

There is a possibility that in some of your discussions, you mentioned something you would like: wireless headphones, speakers for the living room, speakers for the shower, a tablet, a digital clock. At present, there is a wide variety of gadgets that can simplify our lives. The only thing you have to do is look at them all and choose the one that best suits your partner (and is also practical). Which is the best? Surely she doesn’t expect it!

Wish box

So you can still play to fulfill a box of wishes with her while you still have a lot to live together. It involves putting in things that you would like to do, live, or even some fantasies that you may have. It would be best if you could write it without her knowledge (that is, without consulting her and just because you know or have discussed it). A piece of paper will be taken out of a box every now and then to see what it plays. This is a gift that can continue indefinitely.

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What to give my girlfriend if I’ve been with her for a long time?

In a long-term relationship, it may seem that you have already given everything away and your ideas have run out, but that’s not the case! You can still surprise yourself with a lot, but you can also give yourself everyday items that are worn out or ruined that are still useful. Check out some ideas.

Attentive to what you ask

Open your ears wide as the first thing you should do. There is a good chance that as Christmas approaches, she will drop items that she needs. I love this leather jacket!” or “My colony is running out!” are things he is not likely to accidentally drop.

Brand clothes

A good way to give more than what we usually buy ourselves every day is to give something more thoughtful this Christmas. An expensive brand shirt, the oversized sweater you have been longing for but have yet to buy, or even the sweatshirt you have been lusting over but never bought.

A special dress

Paying attention to how our girl dresses will make it easier for us to guess what kind of dress she likes: shirt dresses, tight, daring… Giving her a dress she can wear to go out over the weekend may be a good idea.  dinner or daily to go to work. You choose!

Something intimate

Look! If you are going to choose a gift for her, you should make sure it is something that she really likes, as it is a gift for her! It is not a gift for you. If you are giving something intimate that you know he really wants or has a whim, make sure it is in keeping with what he really wants.

Coat, jacket or raincoat

You can get a lot of joy out of having a different jacket, coat, or raincoat in the closet if you dislike having variety in your closet.

Christmas Jewellery or Ornaments for Girlfriend

With enough time you have gotten to know whether she wears more gold or silver, if she wears earrings or bracelets or if she changes a lot of necklaces. There is no better occasion to give a jewel, and we stick only to giving a jewel (we cannot tell you when it is the right time to ask for it).

The gymkhana of gifts

It is great to receive gifts, but it is even better to know that all the details have been taken care of. For example, you can organize a gymkhana with different gifts. There must be a bunch of small things: nail polish, makeup, some smaller, some larger, some cheaper, some more expensive (all according to your budget) and you must bury them in different parts of the house: some in the bottom of the tree, some in the bathroom. Her goal is to discover each gift and then get to the next by following a small note. You can also prepare it as an Advent Calendar with different boxes and holes if you do not want to do it as a gymkhana.

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An unforgettable day

The perfect Christmas gift doesn’t have to be material, and giving an unforgettable day is a wonderful idea. The idea is that he will be surprised minute by minute with what you have prepared for him all day (like the entrances to see something or the restaurant menus for eating) and that it will be a great day.

You shouldn’t have any doubts now, are you already clear on what you are going to give?

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