Free Christmas holiday assistance New Orleans

Get FREE Christmas Holiday Free Gifts and Food Assistance near New Orleans : Some organizations give low-income families free Christmas toys, gifts, or clothing. They can refer those families to other resources in any Parish, such as Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, or St. Tammany Parish. During the holiday season, whether it be Christmas or Thanksgiving, people in New Orleans have access to various forms of assistance. Find out where and how older adults, low-income families, and single parents can get free holiday assistance from charities and churches in the New Orleans area. A pantry in the city of New Orleans may also provide you with a hot holiday meal (for either Thanksgiving or Christmas) or a gift card that can be used to purchase food.

In addition, there are free food boxes and coupons that can be redeemed for free goods. You could also apply to the local Toys for Tots or Angel Tree programs and Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near New Orleans, which provides gifts for Christmas to children from low-income families.

During the holiday season, there is an extremely high demand for assistance. A New Orleans-based charity offers whatever assistance it can during Christmas on a first-come, first-served basis. It doesn’t take long for people to grab the presents that are up for grabs, particularly toys, Legos, video games, and gift cards. We would appreciate you donating some time or money.

The volunteers from the charities in the New Orleans area want to spread holiday cheer to the youngest and oldest residents of the homes and apartments in the region, so they prioritize those homes and apartments that either have children living there or an elderly member living there.

The following is a list of some of the most important organizations in the area that can assist, as well as coupons, gift cards, and other types of goods. Consider that the application process for Christmas resources usually starts in the late summer.

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Gifts and Toys in New Orleans, Louisiana

Toys For Tots

During the holiday season, Toys For Tots in New Orleans collects toys from community members and organizations to make the holidays more enjoyable for children living in Jefferson Parish.

When a family enrolls in this program, they are given a basket full of toys for each of their children, and some of the children are also eligible to receive a brand new bicycle and helmet. For families to be eligible to receive toys, each of their children between the ages of newborn and 14 must be registered with the program through the request toys link found on their website.

Another service that accepts donations. Young children, infants, and mothers who are either new to parenting or parenting alone may receive Christmas gifts or a food basket for their child.

You can apply for this free toy program in Jefferson County and the greater New Orleans area by calling 211. The number is toll-free. There could be clothing, personal hygiene products, video games or consoles, food, sporting goods, or other presents. Toys For Tots donation also runs several other regional programs, such as clothing drives and weekends of service.

Find out how you can apply for resources with this charity, their hours, and other details. You can also see what resources are available during winter by visiting their website or calling the number above. A charity that provides toys, toy vouchers, clothing, and holiday food baskets to young children in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area. This organization can also provide some of the in-kind materials that they need.

Second Harvest Community Kitchen : This charity is the main food bank organization in the New Orleans area. They may be able to provide free food, vouchers for diapers, formula, and other necessities for infants who are not being fed formula or who have lost their mother’s milk.

The Louisiana Food Bank is one of the few charities in the region that can assist with food or groceries during a shortage. This organization also offers financial assistance to families who use their services through charities such as Salvation Army or Catholic Charities.

This is the main food bank in New Orleans. This organization can provide free groceries for children enrolled in the program. A full-service thrift store based in New Orleans and now with locations throughout southeastern Louisiana, The Thrift Shop has been operating for the past three years. The store provides gift ideas and works for unemployed people throughout New Orleans and other local communities. Only those with low incomes are eligible to receive meals. 

The elderly population can receive assistance in the form of food deliveries to their homes on Thanksgiving and Christmas, frozen meal boxes, and even Christmas food deliveries. An application for their food assistance program can be filed by going to the website or calling them. The thrift shop also accepts donations.

This program offers free holiday meals and groceries to New Orleans residents in need. They may be able to provide food for families with children under the age of 18, and all of the meals are gluten-free or low-carbohydrate diets to meet those who have special dietary needs. 

Second Harvest Community Kitchen also has a food and clothing bank where many needy people can receive free help. Another option is to provide information on low-cost groceries or groceries offered at discounted prices through their partner, Feeding America. Call this organization for more details on contacting them for assistance and hours of operation if any such information is available.

This organization provides food boxes and other resources to children in the New Orleans area who might be unable to feed themselves due to illness or poverty. Second Harvest Community Kitchen’s main mission is to feed everyone in the New Orleans community who may need a hot meal. Their food bank can provide meals and groceries to low-income people, including the elderly. The main goal of this organization is to fight hunger and reduce poverty in New Orleans, with an emphasis on children.

This is a charity that also has information on programs that may be able to help some members of their community pay for their rent or their mortgage payments, depending on their income.

Address: 700 Edwards Avenue, Elmwood, LA 70123. 

Contact: (504) 734-1322

Times-Picayune Doll and Toy Fund

This charity is for children up to 18 with serious illnesses. They can provide Christmas gifts and toys as part of their efforts to help the community’s children.

Another service that can help with rent and utility costs. This organization provides financial assistance, including money for furniture, clothing, food, and rental assistance. The amount you get depends on income level and family size. This service is available in all parishes surrounding New Orleans, including St. Tammany and Jefferson. Applications can be submitted and registered online at their website.

Toys, dolls, scooters, and even the opportunity to “meet” Santa Claus are distributed to thousands of children at this event. They also have locations in Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes and may be able to help when there is a need, such as during the holidays.

This is a charity that provides food to children who are facing life-threatening medical conditions, including cancer and other diseases. They can provide Christmas meals to these individuals and their families who need assistance paying rent, utilities, or medications. Tasteless Meals can also provide other in-kind resources, such as food boxes if a family needs additional resources.

A program that can provide toys and other resources to children living in poverty. This organization also provides information on several resources for parents, such as help with job training and housing programs.

Some programs they offer include educational scholarships, childcare services, and public school supplies for children. They may also be able to provide a toy drive or Christmas meal for families who come from a low-income situation or who have a child with an illness or disease who is undergoing treatment.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Children whose parents cannot afford Christmas gifts are eligible to receive free ones from the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans. The community and the organizations donate all the remaining unused and unopened gifts.

Children living in households with a low income often compile lists of things they require (or desire). This charity is based in a church and may provide toys, gifts, shoes, games, books, and more. There will likely be free holiday food boxes, Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars, and other forms of support, with an emphasis on those who are low-income, single parents, or otherwise vulnerable.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans also offers summer lunches, free clothing (including free school supplies and backpacks), and help for senior citizens. The address below is the main branch of this organization. Call them or stop by the office to see all the regional programs they offer.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans’s main goal is to help those with no place to live and nowhere to go and several other low-income individuals. Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans is a charity that can assist families in the New Orleans area seeking a new home for their children or relatives. Renters can receive free housing, emphasizing children and single parents. Free housing may be offered to single parents, but this is case-by-case.

The staff members of New Orleans area charities are available year-round to help with any housing needs. They can also assist those who need help with their rent, mortgage, or utility payments. This agency may have the funds needed to prevent evictions and foreclosures if you live in an apartment or single-family house with a low income.

Address:4700 Pineda St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70126

Contact: (866) 891-2210

Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near New Orleans

Organizations Offer Free Christmas Gifts and Toys in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

SVDP churches – Society of Saint Vincent

The society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization that has been around for hundreds of years. The agency supports low-income families in the parish. There are some holiday assistance programs as well. They offer food, clothing, and vouchers for Christmas toys to qualifying families who can’t afford needy items. There are also referrals and other support (including financial assistance) available.

In Jefferson Parish, several food banks provide groceries to families and individuals. The focus is on the holiday season, but they may have toys during Christmas or summer. Many distribution centers will provide food vouchers to people struggling with paying their bills and needing help putting food on the table for their families. There are a few of them.

They assist people with low incomes, those without jobs, immigrants, and others. Free holiday programs, social services, and financial assistance are also available. This could be in the form of gift certificates, presents, or toys for children, Meals on Wheels for the elderly, or any number of other programs. Food for Thanksgiving and Christmas may be provided.

Several other non-profit organizations operate holiday programs for low-income children and families in the Jefferson Parish area. Some people who need help with meeting their basic needs are often referred to them by charitable agencies.

The programs include the following resources. Volunteers or donations usually provide the toys and presents; along with Angel Tree volunteers, there is an option available that allows people to purchase a gift for a child – these gifts will be delivered for free.

Salvation Army

This organization assists those in need throughout the area. They have several distribution centres around the country, including one in Jefferson Parish. The following programs and services are offered: holiday assistance, food banks, housing assistance, emergency help, and more.

This charity provides free Christmas gifts to children in Jefferson Parish who may be facing a tough time financially. Some available items include Christmas toys, dolls, and hand-me-down clothes for families who have lost everything due to a fire or other loss. There will be distribution centers around the parish, and families can visit these sites to receive gifts for their children. This is just one of many holiday programs administered by the Salvation Army in Jefferson Parish each Christmas season.

They offer essentials, including food, clothing, and household goods, to those who need help paying bills and other expenses. In addition, they have a food pantry on-site and financial assistance for rent and energy bills. The Salvation Army in Gretna extends an invitation to low-income families in the area who have children between the ages of newborn and 14 years old to apply to their holiday assistance programs. The Adopt-A-Family and Angel Tree programs are available to participate in by interested parties.

The Silver Bells program is geared toward senior citizens, and the Angel Tree program is geared toward children. Thanks to these two resources, help is available in Orleans for people of all ages, including seniors, newborns, and adolescents. Donors may give stocking stuffers, small toys, gift certificates for a few dollars, free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, or even free Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Thanksgiving assistance is available for families with children between the ages of two and 14.

The Salvation Army also offers free bags of groceries to those who need assistance paying their bills. Those who qualify will also receive other gifts, such as a first Christmas package containing a new winter coat, a new pair of boots or warm clothing, food and groceries, toys, books, and small household items. 

They may also provide utility bill assistance to qualified clients in the area through them. There are numerous distribution sites in Jefferson Parish and the neighboring areas. The agency also has emergency funds for paying rent, energy bills, and medications. They also may have free furniture and household goods available. Church members volunteer with this program, so their hours of availability do vary with each site. Some sites operate every week, while others operate on a monthly schedule. Most locations are open in Jefferson Parish from 9 am-noon and 1 pm -4 pm.

Address: 4526 S Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70125 

Contact: (504) 899-4569

St. Augustine’s Metairie

St. Augustine’s Parish helps families in need with necessities such as food, clothing, and household items. Hand-me-down clothes are also provided. St. Augustine’s will also provide a Christmas toy to children from birth through the age of five that may need toys for Christmas.

St. Augustine’s has several locations throughout the area and operates a food pantry on-site to help those in need who have children between the ages of one-month-old to two years old. St. Augustine’s Metairie in Metairie offers the Angel Tree program to low-income families who cannot purchase holiday gifts for their children and cannot access other assistance.

Each family contributes a list of items that each of their children would like, and then members of the community or organizations buy the items on the children’s wish lists. Afterward, the organization will wrap the presents for the family, and volunteers will bring them to the family one week before Christmas.

St. Augustine’s Metairie will also hold food distributions every week during December, January, and February for those in need who are school-age through 19 years old.

The agency runs free diagnostic testing and medical appointments for medically underserved individuals without insurance. They assist with obtaining medication and paying utility bills that may be overdue. St. Augustine’s also helps with rent assistance from the program to families in need who are struggling with housing expenses each month.

Jefferson and Orleans Parish toy programs

The Angel Tree program is a toy giveaway program designed to provide gifts for children whose families may struggle to make ends meet in the parish. The Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office hosts the Angel Trees program each year. Children between the ages of newborn to 14 years old are eligible to participate. These charities also administer toy distribution programs in Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish.

Donations and the efforts of volunteers ensure that they remain operational. There may be free books, games, electronics, Chromebooks, and additional items. Some clothing and most charitable organizations also participate in the Toys for Tots program. This effort is coordinated by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and the volunteers of these charities.

All across the country, people from all walks of life donate toys to those in need. The toys are distributed by several agencies, including those that provide Christmas assistance for children and people who are on low incomes or struggling for other reasons. Each organization will have different application requirements for the assistance programs. To get assistance and gifts for Christmas, a referral is usually required from one of the following sources:

They offer a variety of assistance programs to struggling families, including those with children. Services offered include clothing, food support, financial help with bills and other expenses, daycare support, and more. They also run the Angel Tree program in Jefferson Parish.

Celebration Church

This organization is for the Jefferson Parish community. They can provide free Christmas meals, gifts, and even winter clothing to those in need.

This charity may also assist with school supplies, uniforms, and other goods for school-aged children in poverty. The agency is focused on providing food assistance and goods to low-income families with a focus on infants, children, and seniors. The agency also works with local communities to feed thousands of people throughout Louisiana during the holidays. Any family having trouble making ends meet in Jefferson Parish and the surrounding areas are encouraged to apply for the holiday assistance programs by Celebration Church in Gretna. 

Through this organization’s assistance program, low-income families are connected with local community members willing to provide the family with necessities such as clothing, food, toys for the children, and other small gifts. This charity also provides Christmas and Thanksgiving meals to the needy in Jefferson Parish when needed. The organization’s goal is to help those most vulnerable in the region and ensure everyone can enjoy the holidays.

This organization supports those living in Gretna, including those who are elderly or disabled and those who may suffer from medical conditions. They operate one of Louisiana’s largest free Christmas meal programs. Celebration Church also has a clothing closet where parents can get school supplies, winter toys, and books for their children.

They may also be able to offer Christmas assistance as well, such as if a family has lost everything in a fire or other disaster. Celebration Church’s main aim is to provide free clothing and support to those less fortunate in their community. However, they receive donations from the public and often have what are considered “new” items. 

Certain items that are distributed include winter coats, shoes for children, medical supplies, and household goods. Several social services are also offered at this location. If a family is struggling with paying for food or medications, they can offer help and advice on other resources that can assist them in their time of need.

New Orleans Mission

The New Orleans Mission helps the needy in Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish, and the surrounding areas. Services include a food pantry, clothing, and shared housing. The charity also provides other support services to individuals who are struggling. They focus on providing Christmas programs for their customers and the homeless, including children. Additionally, there are resources available for veterans. You’ll be asked to donate some old clothes, inexpensive toys, or food. They have a great deal of furniture and household items they can provide at no charge.

They offer free material assistance to the homeless, including a food basket and other gifts geared toward the holidays. They also handle referrals for low-income individuals experiencing homelessness in Jefferson Parish. The agency also provides free maternity clothing, healthy baby formula, food, diapers, and more. New Orleans Mission also provides other support and services to the poor. They can help people apply for assistance programs, provide referrals, and crisis assistance in an emergency.

Several other clothing closets are located throughout the parish. Some of them only have a few items for families in need, such as coats and blankets for the winter or a few school supplies. Others may have toys available during Christmas or warm clothing during the fall, winter, and summer. New Orleans Mission’s main aim is to help those in need and ensure that the children are cared for throughout the year. Their main Christmas assistance program is to provide toys to children. They provide toys for all ages, from newborns to five years old, including gifts for birthday parties (birthday gifts), B-days, and Christmas.

Many other organizations also run clothing closets that provide basic hygiene items such as diapers and baby bottles, as well as diapers for adults, for people who may not be able to afford these items.

Address:1130 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, Louisiana 70113. 

Contact: (504) 523-2116

Organizations and Programs offer Christmas Holidays Free Food in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Christmas Giving Program

The program provides several services and programs to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families, which include food baskets, toys, clothing, and household items.

Some supplies are distributed on an annual basis to people who need help. The Christmas Giving Program aims to assist as many individuals and families in New Orleans as possible. Some services include financial assistance for utilities, rent, and housing expenses. They also assist those who may have lost their job. The Christmas program is a volunteer-run organization that assists those who have lost their homes. They can assist with rent, utilities, and other expenses for individuals living in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

This organization serves the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana area. Some of the services they offer include clothing, food, and assistance with transportation and rent. The Covenant House’s main goal is to help young people find a way to get back on their feet and return to school.

United Way Referral Service

The United Way is a large organization that can offer referrals and information on resources in the community and helps people apply for assistance programs. They have several resources available to people who need help. Read more information on United Way assistance programs.

Jefferson Parish Louisiana Families may qualify for free clothing from non-profits and charities in Jefferson Parish Louisiana or school supplies from your school district. In an emergency, the Food Stamp program can provide free food and meals to people. There are some restrictions on the amount of food provided, but it will meet young children’s daily nutritional needs. 

It’s also possible that a family may qualify for free groceries if they have lost income due to a disaster or other circumstances. United Way Referral Service also has information on the Food Stamp program and how to apply. See if you qualify for financial assistance programs in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. While they do not provide money to pay bills directly, many agencies, charities, and churches can help people apply for public aid. Get help paying bills, including energy costs or rent, from your local pantry. Learn about other resources that offer financial assistance for rent, housing, or utility bills. Find how to get help with rent in Louisiana. 

The charitable organizations in Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish assist needy children and their parents. Toys, games, and gift distribution services are all part of the holiday assistance programs. These programs, along with others such as “Adopt a family,” “Christmas gift donation programs,” and “Free Boxes of Groceries,” are all in place. Dial 211 to get more information on the resources in your area.

Free holiday assistance in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, from charities and other non-profit groups may provide holiday toys, food, and clothing for low-income families. Several programs are available to help with the cost of the holidays. Help pay bills, including energy costs, or rent from your local pantry. Find other ways to get help with bills in Jeffco. Get information on government grants and financial aid for expenses that may be a burden during the holidays.

Total Community Action: This Texas-based charity can provide funds to pay utility bills and rent and to buy holiday presents for children. The funds are only available to families at or near the federal poverty level. Applicants must be able to prove that they are below-poverty line and eligible for government assistance under Section 8. Additional money may also be provided in cases of extreme hardship.

Free food is available from food pantries in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, that provide reduced or free food during the holidays. There is a possibility of referrals to programs that help people find adoptive families. In addition to this, they provide monetary aid, grants, and other forms of urgent assistance. The charity can also provide the following:

  • Free and reduced-price holiday food baskets.
  • Toys for children.
  • Baby clothing.
  • Groceries.
  • Other support for less fortunate families.

Several agencies run the program, including various churches and local non-profit organizations. While these services are provided to those in need, other forms of assistance may also be provided within the community.

Address:1420 S Norman C Francis Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70125. 

Contact: (504) 872-0334

Connect a Family – Church Without Walls

The organization runs the “Connect a Family” program, a referral service. The agency will provide advice or help people apply for assistance programs. Programs administered include housing, utilities, and food. Get details on Jefferson Parish Louisiana Connect a Family assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, can provide emergency assistance to low-income families and the working poor in Jefferson Parish and others throughout Orleans and coastal southeast Louisiana. A Christmas and holiday program on a more intimate scale. They may have free toys for children, treats for the whole family, decorations, ornaments, and other items, depending on the donations they receive. The Connect a Family holiday program brings donors and needy families to the Orleans Parish area.

Covenant House provides clothing, food, and case management to the needy in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and Greater New Orleans.

Jefferson Parish Louisiana non-profits and charities use volunteers to help operate the program. This is done to help those less fortunate by giving them a hand up in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. While financial assistance may be limited, other services are offered.

Address:3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

Contact: (504) 232-7607

Fischer Community Church

The event takes place on the second Sunday of December. Volunteers will be cooking meals for the community. Lunch is served for free to the first 200 people. There may be a meal consisting of turkey and ham, stuffing, potatoes, pies, and a regular meal in addition to desserts. The meals are provided at no charge or on a sliding fee scale, depending on income and household size.

Fischer Community Church also offers Christmas gift distribution programs. They are a participant in the Toys for Tots program. Children younger than 13 years old who are members of registered families are eligible to receive free Christmas gifts, toys, and presents. To qualify, visit the church and pick up an application.

Volunteers sign up to take part in the annual Christmas Hamper program. Gifts are distributed to children ages 0-12. A family can only receive assistance once a year. The poor, needy, and low-income may also apply for help from the church.

These are just a few of the many programs that help provide food, clothing, gifts, and other forms of help to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families from their neighbors in the community.

Address: 1737 L B Landry Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114. 

Contact: (504) 364-5707

St. Clement of Rome

The St. Clement of Rome network of food pantries can provide free food for low-income families. Several pantries assist those who don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs. Other items, such as diapers and formula, may also be available.

The agency provides referrals and support to low-income families, while other programs offer assistance in many ways. The charity also runs the Angel Tree program in Jefferson Parish, which is an easy way to help a child that may be going through hard times. There are referrals, financial assistance, and other programs available.

Food banks can also be great places to find holiday gifts for children and have them delivered. The church of St. Clement of Rome in Metairie may be able to provide food assistance to low-income individuals, people without homes, and senior citizens. They might also be able to provide ingredients for holiday meals.

There are a few pantries that run holiday assistance programs. Volunteers and staff can provide free items, such as toys and gift certificates, for the winter holiday season. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides clothing, food, religious items, and more for people who need help in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Love Outreach Christian Centre

They provide the community with a food pantry. They may provide free food or free groceries to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families.

The organization provides children’s Christmas gifts such as toys, clothes, and other items. These are distributed through the Mount Carmel United Methodist Church in Central City, Louisiana. According to their website, they will distribute to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana families with children under 18 years old who need assistance. A place where people can get free food and soup. It’s possible that you can get a free holiday food basket for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Love Outreach Christian Centre also provides food and clothing to the needy and helps families in need.

With so much to do, many volunteers for these programs to provide Jefferson Parish, Louisiana families with holiday baskets. Not only does it reach those in need, but it helps out the volunteers as well.

The Salvation Army holds a special Christmas program. The Christmas Stamps of Love program provides free toys, groceries, and coats for every child participating in a special school program. Love Outreach Christian Centre’s main mission is to help the community and be active in the holiday-giving process.

Provides services to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families, including emergency food, clothing, and Christmas gifts. Funds are raised through baskets brought together by volunteers. The baskets are great for holiday shopping, but they also distribute them to clients who may need them at Christmas. They have distribution centers around New Orleans that serve Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, residents free of charge.

Address: 501 Opelousas St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70114. 

Contact: 504-366-1050

The Good Samaritan Ministry

The Good Samaritan Ministry provides clothing, food, and toys to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families through its Christmas Program. Volunteers and donors help give needy children free Christmas presents or small toys.

The Good Samaritan Ministry also assists with the Toys For Tots program. A selection of holiday meals is available, from Thanksgiving to Christmas dinner. In addition, there may be small presents, stockings, or toys for children, and seniors or people who are homebound in New Orleans may have a meal delivered to their homes. At Christmas, there are gifts such as books, games, and toy trucks for boys, and there are also gifts for girls.

These Jefferson Parish Louisiana charities and non-profits provide community members with various services. Some operate gift distribution centres, which offer several items to Jefferson Parish Louisiana families. Many of these organizations also have clothing distribution centres that include food banks and food distribution centres in the community.

The Charity Distribution center allows the community to help others by providing resources to help various causes around the New Orleans area without paying commissions or fees.

Address: 910 Cross Gates Boulevard, Slidell, Louisiana 70461.

Contact: 985-641-6421

Saint Tammany Project Christmas

Provides a free Christmas dinner, gifts, and other holiday items to families in need in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The project is located in Slidell, Louisiana, serving the Baton Rouge area.

The St Tammany Project Christmas has provided thousands of children with toys, clothing, furniture, and household goods each year. During Christmas time, they provide families with clothing. The organization also assists with food baskets or bags distributed to families struggling during the holidays.

They also provide access to shelter for women and children who need help. They assist senior citizens in addition to children and teenagers who are younger than 18 years old. There is a selection of Christmas presents, including clothes, books, games, and more. Applicants are only eligible for participation in this particular holiday program; they cannot be accepted into any others.

Saint Tammany Project Christmas runs its services through several partners, such as the Methodist community, churches, and non-profits. They do not provide several holiday meals; rather, they attempt to provide as much food as possible for families at Christmas time. There are also separate food pantries in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana that address the different needs of adults and children.

Address: PO Box 4043, Slidell, LA 70459

Contact: 985-259-5770

Central City Christian Fellowship

The program provides gifts, toys, and Christmas dinners to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana needy families. Volunteers help deliver the presents to their homes.

The program operates under the Toys For Tots umbrella and is a great place to donate new, unwrapped toys, books, or games. These will be distributed to children in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana children who may not have received anything for Christmas.

Most of it consists of food, groceries, and special occasion meals. Easter baskets, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with a turkey, Christmas dinner, or small treats for the children and other people. Some small toys may be available depending on the number of volunteers and donations received. Most of it is food.

While each of these Jefferson Parish Louisiana non-profits and charities in the area is different, many operate Christmas programs that involve visits to Jefferson Parish Louisiana homes. There may also be other forms of aid, such as groceries or gift cards, as well as bags of clothing. Charity distribution centers may distribute a limited number of food baskets to the needy and needy families who are homeless.

Address: 2201 Fourth St, New Orleans, LA 70113

Contact: 504-891-5721

Operation Homefront

They provide disaster relief, education programs, and holiday assistance in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. They also support military families in the United States facing challenging situations such as injury, illness, and unemployment.

The organization provides educational opportunities for individuals currently attending school or planning to do so shortly. They also help to provide financial assistance for those individuals and families who are experiencing emergencies or who are struggling with bills.

Operation Homefront assists with providing holiday programs and Christmas toys to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana children. They provide various programs and specific services, such as the Family Fun Nights and Trainings. The organization provides educational scholarships to military families, a medical team that serves military families affected by illness, and an emergency fund for any individual or family in the United States currently facing a crisis.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana

The organization helps to provide youth and families throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, with aid in various ways, including educational materials and financial support. They also provide various services such as tutoring, a summer camp, health education, healthcare, and support for families affected by disasters.

This program provides education and prevention programs for children and teenagers in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, who are at risk of joining gangs. They also provide social service information for families at risk of losing their homes. This is one of the organizations that help young people with their education and training. They offer educational scholarships to Jefferson Parish Louisiana students, day-care, tutoring, and food pantry assistance.

Address: 320 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119. 

Contact: (504) 566-0707.

Covenant House

Covenant House provides Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, with donated Christmas baskets and presents. This is one of the organizations that help families around the New Orleans region. They do not provide much clothing; however, they provide food to families, including school lunches, frozen meals, fruit, crackers, and peanut butter.

The Christmas basket program allows people to shop for several items, such as gloves, coats, and toys. Their main goal as an organization is to focus on issues affecting youth, such as homelessness. Covenant House seeks to improve the lives of those in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, who are experiencing homelessness. The goal is to improve young people’s education and give them hope for a brighter future.

The Covenant House food pantry has helped to provide meals for many years and is a small collection center that provides food in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Only those currently staying at the shelter can participate in the holiday programs. Don’t forget to check out the Guide to volunteer and holiday giving opportunities this holiday season!

Address: 611 N Rampart St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70112. 

Contact: (504) 584-1111.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jefferson Parish Department of Human Services?

The Jefferson Parish Department of Human Services offers several services to the public. They provide financial assistance to low-income families with supplemental food aid and utility bill help. The organization provides needy families with rent help, clothing, and Christmas programs. This department also helps individuals facing challenges with job training, homeless prevention, child care, and adoption.

What are some of the programs offered by the Jefferson Parish Department of Human Services?

The Jefferson Parish Department of Human Services offers various services to those who need them most. They offer help with food, utility bills, and rent assistance. They also provide Christmas programs and toys to local families.

What is Christmas assistance?

Christmas assistance programs are beneficial to families. These programs provide families with the items they need for a good holiday season. Many of these organizations provide food, toys, and Christmas gifts to children in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, who need assistance. Many organizations help local families with one-time financial support, while others offer additional services such as health insurance and job training skills.

What is Toys For Tots?

Toys For Tots is a local non-profit organization that provides services to families throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. It provides Christmas toys to children who are poor in the area and a donation of toys to less fortunate families across the nation. This great organization helps provide gifts for children and teens throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, who otherwise would not be able to receive them during this holiday season.


The holiday season is a time for joy and goodwill. It is a season when people tend to think about others who are less fortunate than they are. Nearly half of the United States population will participate in charitable giving once per year.

There are many opportunities to help those individuals and families that need assistance during the holiday season throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Numerous non-profit organizations offer different services throughout the year and play an important role in helping those who need it most. Many resources are available throughout the region, and individuals can take advantage of these services. The aforementioned non-profit organizations assist families who need help during the holidays and throughout the year.

If people want to make an impact during this holiday season, they can take advantage of the programs provided by these organizations to Get FREE Christmas Gifts and Food near New Orleans and make a difference in a person’s life. These Christmas programs provide several valuable services, and children throughout Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, can use them anytime they want.

This is the time of year when family members want to ensure that their loved ones are having a good Christmas. There are plenty of ways that everyone can help out during this time. Individuals can do their part to provide several services, such as Christmas food baskets, toys, clothing, and other gifts for people who live in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. By taking advantage of these programs, people will be able to impact those who need it most during this holiday season.

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